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You Can Speak Yourself Free! (A Louisville gospel group is taking Chicago and Dallas by storm!)

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Louisville, KY—December 7, 2011—Do you believe that you can speak yourself free? If you are a part of Robert Jamison and Victory’s gospel ensemble, this may very well be the case. Robert Jamison has taken Chicago by storm, with only a dream, a four track introductory c.d., and the legacy left by a mother who played with the likes of gospel greats such as James Cleveland, and Thomas Whitfield. The legacy of Mrs. Annetta Ballew Haygood . Jamison was determined to carry on the legacy left by a mother who was dedicated to ministering to others via the power of gospel. Jamison goes on to state…My mother’s death stirred something within me that sparked the desire for me to form my own music ministry. Armed with a family who was raised up on the style of traditional gospel, Jamison submitted to the desire within and formed Robert Jamison and Victory in 2009. In just two years, the ensemble has toured major parts of the Midwest and has plans to expand their yearly tours as far east as New York and also to hit states as far west as Texas. Taking on the big cities. So, how does an unknown group from Louisville, Kentucky, conquer two big cities like Chicago and Dallas? They do it with good ol gospel music. The title track of their introductory c.d., aptly titled Speak Myself Free, has been given more than its share of airplay on Chicago’s and Dallas’s major Christian radio stations. Lyrics such as, I speak myself out of poverty; has inspired many to believe in the power of the tongue. Jamison has been working hard to keep up with the demand for the track and has planned another trip to Chicago to put on another concert, after the first one was well received. For additional information and or booking inquiries, contact Robert Jamison at 502-445-9373 or forward an email to ###

Minister Robert Jamison… Minister Robert Jamison was hesitant, at first, about the call that God had put on his life. As he exclaims, I did what a lot of us do when we hear God calling us into the ministry. I ran from my call; however the death of my beloved mother ushered in a need for me to take the call that God had given me, more seriously. Jamison responded to this need by forming the gospel ensemble, Robert Jamison and Victory, in 2009. He is also proud to say that he preached his initial sermon on March 27th, 2011. Jamison is a native of Louisville, KY; however during his early twenties and thirties he traveled extensively and had stints as a manager and promoter of some major R& B acts of the seventies and eighties. Even though he enjoyed the pace of the entertainment business, there was still a deep desire to go back to his roots. He had grown up in a family that was raised on traditional gospel and his mother had played with the likes of Jamison’s favorite gospel artist, Mr. James Cleveland. I wanted to continue the legacy that my mother had instilled in me. A legacy that honored God, ministered to others, and shared the hope of salvation via the power of a music ministry. Jamison’s mother, Mrs. Annetta Ballew Haygood was a high spirited woman who told her son that one day, he would submit to God. Now, Jamison is proud to say, that this day has come. If you were to sit down and talk with Minister Robert Jamison, you would know that he is a man of God. He is pleased to announce the release of his first CD titled “Speak Myself Free.” Robert Jamison understands the importance of music as a ministry. A music ministry must deliver the word of God in song. The message brings others to Christ as well as encourages one to continue on. He says, “It fills my soul when I sing songs of praise.” This comes from a man who knows the truth about God’s saving grace. As this was the same God, that saved him from the stronghold of alcoholism. Currently, Jamison is proud to say that his ensemble has performed at several engagements and have blessed the souls of many. His short term goal for Victory is to increase the spiritual growth of each choir member. His long term goal is for Robert Jamison and Victory to become national. Whenever Robert Jamison is not praising God in song or preaching, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, friends and family. Jamison goes on to say, I am nothing without Christ and His grace and mercy. I pray the Lord’s continued blessing on the vision, faith and mission of Victory, and my ministry.

Robert Jamison and Victory Media Kit  
Robert Jamison and Victory Media Kit  

Robert Jamison and Victory Media Kit