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SIOUX FALLS Gorgeous waterfalls, sculptures, wineries, breweries and restaurants are just some of the things that can be found in scenic Sioux Falls.

FAITH-BASED AND NON-PROFIT Charity is a labor of love, so whether your group is looking to take a pilgrimage or visit an historical site, everyone will be impressed with the dedication that has made and continues to make these attractions special.

STUDENT TOURS If you are tired of reading about a subject, then consider visiting that subject. Doing so is guaranteed to remind you why you love to learn. AMERICAN BUS ASSOCIATION

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RAIL AND SAIL Whether traveling by land or by sea, tour groups can enjoy a ride with beautiful scenery and local history at these locations.

GAMING You cannot win if you do not play, so bring your group to Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, where there is a gaming option for everyone.

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by Dr. Charleen Jaeb


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Cover Photo Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, located in North Judson, Indiana, offers train rides and museum tours. Visitors can travel in a coach or on an open-air car while enjoying northwest Indiana’s Kankakee River and its environs. Do not forget to check out the museum’s exhibits, including a model of how North Judson looked in the 1950s. ROBERT BARCUS. BUS TOURS MAGAZINE (ISSN 0199-6096) is published six times annually by National Bus Trader, Inc., 9698 W. Judson Road, Polo, Illinois 61064. Subscriptions, $15 (in US funds) annually, Canadian & International $20 (in US funds). Printed in U.S.A. Periodicals postage paid at Polo, Illinois 61064 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to BUS TOURS MAGAZINE, 9698 W. Judson Road, Polo, Illinois 61064. Change of Address: Please send old mailing label (or old address and computer number) as well as new address. Advertising: Display advertising rates sent on request. Advertising deadline is the last day of the second month preceding publication. Founded in 1979, BUS TOURS MAGAZINE is the oldest independent magazine in the bus and group tour market. Circulation includes bus and group tour planners in the United States and Canada regardless of affiliation or whether commercial, private or corporate or group leader. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without the written consent of the publisher. The name BUS TOURS MAGAZINE and the logo incorporating the passengers, bus and destinations are trade marks of National Bus Trader, Inc.

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 3

Rail and Sail

Mid-Continent Railway Mid-Continent Railway Museum

forests of rural Sauk County. Group rates for

train rides are offered from May through mid-

North Freedom, Wisconsin

seating are $16 per person for groups of 29

October, and free bus parking is available

Motorcoach tour groups will be trans-

to 39 people or $15 per person for groups of

on-site. For more information, phone (608)

ported back in time when they arrive at

40 or more. Tour group leaders and bus dri-

522-4261 or phone toll free (800) 930-1385

Mid-Continent Railway Museum, located

vers ride for free. Reservations are required

or visit

at E8948 Museum Road in the small town

for group pricing, and payment is due at the

of North Freedom, Wisconsin. Travelers will

time of arrival.

East Troy Railroad Museum East Troy, Wisconsin

step off the bus just outside the 1894 small-

Nothing is finer than dinner in the diner –

town railroad depot. From there, guests can

something you can experience for yourself

Bus tour groups will get a special view of

enjoy a self-guided walking tour of the

aboard Mid-Continent’s dining trains.

Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine country aboard

museum, which is filled with more than 40

Onboard dining is offered on select dates

this scenic rail line running between the pic-

restored railroad cars and locomotives dat-

throughout the operating season. Come for

turesque towns of Mukwonago and East

ing from the late 19th and early 20th cen-

one of the scheduled dining trains or charter

Troy. It is the last original remnant of The Mil-

turies. The museum also includes an out-

your own. Pricing for dining tickets range

waukee Electric Railway & Light Company

door rail yard, an indoor display shed (with

from $37 to $87, depending on menu selec-

(TMER&L Co.) interurban rail system, which

a second display shed slated for completion

tion and ride duration. Dining tickets

once operated more than 300 miles of track

in 2018), a water tower and other structures

include a train ride, food and beverages,

in southeastern Wisconsin.

typically found around a small-town rail-

both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and

Located 35 miles southwest of Milwau-

way. Tour guides are also available with

advance payment is required for dining

kee via Interstate 43 and just 14 miles north

advance notice.


of Geneva, East Troy Electric Railroad allows

The highlight of the group’s visit will be a

Mid-Continent Railway Museum’s loca-

bus tour passengers to experience travel as

seven-mile, round-trip train ride aboard his-

tion in south-central Wisconsin is within dri-

it was 90 to 100 years ago. Its offers a reg-

toric coach cars. During the 55-minute jour-

ving distance of many other group travel des-

ular schedule of weekend rides, with each

ney, uniformed conductors will share histor-

tinations, such as Ho-Chunk Casino –

train stopping at the popular Elegant Farmer

ical information about the train and railroad

Wisconsin Dells, Circus World Museum and

– a store and deli – and two parks along the

as the train passes through the farmland and

House on the Rock. The museum is open and

15-mile round-trip route, which offers a

4 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 â&#x20AC;˘ 5

Guide: Rail and Sail

East Troy Railroad Museum

beautiful view of Lower Phantom Lake. Dinner and pizza trains and themed holiday trains are offered throughout the year. Group rates are available, and customized charters can be run any day of the week to match your schedule and preferences, including dinner and luncheon trains. Historically, interurban railroads extended their service territory by operating some of the earliest bus networks. By bringing your motorcoach tour to the East Troy Electric Railroad, you will complete the first step in recreating this historic experience for your clients. Group reservations are required. For more information on rates, schedules, charters, meal options and more, phone (262) 642-3263 or visit

6 â&#x20AC;˘ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Guide: Rail and Sail count of $2 off each train ticket. HVRM is open year-round to the public on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST. Train excursions run from May through October and during special holiday events, such as Easter Trains and Santa Trains. There is limited handicap accessibility. Group events (including school groups)

Hooser Valley Crossing

can be arranged for weekdays by contacting HVRM’s marketing specialist at marketing@ or by phoning the depot at

HVRM offers 10-mile, round-trip excur-

(574) 896-3950. For group excursions taking

Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum

sions to the small town of English Lake,

place on Saturdays, advance notice is appre-

North Judson, Indiana

crossing the Kankakee River before returning

ciated. There is free, on-site parking available

If you are ready to take a journey into a

to the depot. Passengers can ride in a vintage

at the depot, and fees are waived for motor-

bygone era, visit the Hoosier Valley Railroad

coach or in an open-air car as they travel

coach drivers. Meals may be enjoyed at one

Museum in northwest Indiana. Situated near

through the historic Grand Kankakee Marsh,

of several restaurants in the area. For more

the former junction of the Erie, Pennsylvania,

rural farm country and neighboring wood-

information, please visit

Chesapeake & Ohio, and New York Central

land areas.

Hy-Line Cruises

railroads in historic North Judson, HVRM

In addition to the 45-minute trip, HVRM

offers visitors a unique opportunity to expe-

offers a museum tour with docents stationed

of Hyannisport Harbor

rience the sights, sounds and smells of rail-

at various points of interest. The museum

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

roading during its heyday.

houses the C&O 2789 steam locomotive; a

The best way for your group to see the

WWII Pullman Troop Car; Grasselli Switching

memorable sights and beauty of Hyannis is

Tower; a diorama of North Judson in the

by sea. Relax and enjoy the views while your

1950s, with its four railroad lines; the largest

guide explains the various points of interest.

collection of working railroad signals; a

It is a fascinating (and sometimes comical)

replica C&O depot, which houses an authen-

history that includes aspects of our maritime

tic ticket office and gift shop; along with var-

industry, the people who established our

ious buildings and static displays of vintage

waterfront community and some of the area’s

locomotives, rolling stock and railroading

most interesting sights.


Points of interest include: Great Island;

The museum is always free, but there

the Kennedy Memorial; St. Andrews-by-the-

are fees for the train excursions, and cash,

Sea; Squaw Island; Point Gammon Light and

check, credit and Paypal are all accepted

the historic Kennedy Compound in Hyannis-

forms of payment. The group rate is a dis-

port. It is an experience that will certainly be

Hy-Line Cruises

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 7

Guide: Rail and Sail one of the highlights of your trip to Cape Cod, and it only takes an hour.

Other attractions worth visiting are the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, the JFK Hyannis

The vessel, Jonathan Lewis, is handicap-

Museum and the JFK Memorial. All of which

accessible. Assorted beverages, beer, wine

are perfect additions to your tour itinerary

and light snacks are available. The depar-

and will help you to make the most of your

ture point, Hyannis Inner Harbor, is bustling

day in Hyannis. Group discounts for cruises

with activity – ferries to the islands, fishing

are available. For more information, please

charters and more. The mid-Cape is a great

contact Dee Forand at (508) 815-2255 or

choice for those who would like to be cen-

trally located and enjoy a bit of everything

the Cape has to offer.

8 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017


visit ❑

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


outh Dakota’s largest city is centrally

located at the junction of interstates 29 and 90, offering drive-in conve-

nience for visitors to explore distinctive attractions, dynamic arts and culture, a flavorful culinary scene and more. Visited by people from around the world and located in the heart of downtown, Falls Park is still the must-see attraction in Sioux Falls. The 123-acre park features a triple waterfall, visitor’s information center, five-story observation tower, the Overlook Café and historic ruins located on the banks of the Big Sioux River. At the Stockyards Ag Experience, Falls Park’s newest attraction, visitors can learn

Falls Park span the width of the Big Sioux River, rising

are more than 700 restaurants throughout the

about agriculture through interactive learning

70 feet above the water. The design pays trib-

city that feature everything from ethnic, farm-

experiences that highlight history, science, cul-

ute to those who have dreamed, are dream-

to-table, patisserie treats, to favorite Midwest-

ture and economics. In 2019, a new perfor-

ing and will dream.

ern staples. There are also hundreds of events

mance venue, Levitt at the Falls, will debut

Visitors can explore local wines at two

that take place year-round and a variety of

near the western edge of Falls Park and offer

unique locations. At the Strawbale Winery,

shopping opportunities to fill any free time. In

50 free concerts of various genres each year.

wine tastings of more than two-dozen grape

fact, a new lifestyle center is in development

Groups can stroll down the bike trail that

and fruit wines are offered in a building made

on the west side of the city. It currently includes

runs through downtown to the Washington

from straw bales. The Winery also hosts

construction plans for shopping, dining, hotel

Pavilion, where a wide variety of exhibits are

musical events, such as Sangria Sundays,

and residential buildings. Retail tenants will

located in an historical setting. Once the city’s

Summer Porch Series and Folk Off. Prairie

include Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, Marshalls,

first high school, the Washington Pavilion is

Berry East Bank, where a well-known South

Ross Dress for Less and DSW.

now one of the few facilities in the world to

Dakota family produces award-winning,

South Dakota's newest state park, Good

bring under one roof performing arts, visual

locally produced wine, offers homegrown

Earth at Blood Run, located just outside of

arts, and interactive science and educational

Miner Brewing Co. beer, as well as tastings,

Sioux Falls, is a national historic landmark

venues. It houses the Kirby Science Center,

sample flights, kitchen and Epicurean Bar.

because the river, abundant wildlife and fertile

Wells Fargo CineDome, six art galleries in

Six craft breweries now call Sioux Falls

flood plains made the area a crossroads of

the Visual Arts Center and the Mary W. Som-

home. The heavy metal inspired Hydra Brew-

Native American civilization. The park has

mervold Hall, known for attracting Broadway

ing Co., located on the southwest side of

made big strides to complete an interactive

shows and musical talent and for serving as

Sioux Falls, serves such beers as Pale Horse

visitor’s center. Other attractions worth visiting

the home of the South Dakota Symphony.

and Death Breath. Recently they opened a

in the area are The Outdoor Campus and But-

Located between the Washington Pavilion

taproom downtown as part of the expanding

terfly House; Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge

and Falls Park is SculptureWalk, an exciting

Brewer’s Row, so currently all six craft brew-

Museum; Pettigrew Home and Old Courthouse

year-round exhibit of 55 sculptures created

eries have locations within a few blocks of

Museums; the grand Cathedral of Saint Joseph;

by artists from around the world. The sculp-

each other. Monk’s House of Ale Repute was

and the new Denny Sanford PREMIER Center,

tures are owned by the artists but loaned to

the pioneer of craft beer in the city; Fernson

which seats 12,000 and has hosted major

the exhibit for one year. From May to Sep-

Brewing is the largest distributor serving the

country acts, rock stars like Paul McCartney,

tember, the public votes for its favorite sculp-

region; Prairie Berry Winery and Miner Brew-

and nationally recognized dance and comedic

ture, and at the end of the exhibit year, the

ing Co. serves wine, beer and charcuterie;

performers. The Sioux Falls Convention and

winning sculpture is purchased for the city's

WoodGrain Brewing Co. specializes in barrel

Visitors Bureau is here to assist groups with

permanent collection. Each year the exhibit

aging; and Remedy Brewing Co., the newest

complimentary tour planning services, includ-

displays new sculptures, and all of the sculp-

brewery, offers clean crisp German lagers

ing customized itineraries that ensure guests

tures are for sale to the public. In 2018, the

and fruity brown ales.

have a memorable experience. For more infor-

Arc of Dreams will become part of Sculpture-

In addition to wineries and breweries, Sioux

Walk. This resounding steel structure will

Falls is brimming with culinary stars. There

mation, phone (605) 373-2028 or go to

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 9

Escape to The Midwest The Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum Rockport, Indiana The Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum is a memorial to Abraham Lincoln's 14 formative years (1816-1830) spent in Spencer County, Indiana. The site is comprised of a museum and 14 log cabins that represent

Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum

places that were important to Lincoln and that helped to shape the character of the man who would become America’s 16th president. The museum is filled with artifacts that represent Lincoln’s life and times, particularly the time he spent in Spencer County, and is home to a cabinet built by Lincoln for Josiah and Elizabeth Crawford and a dress that belonged to his sister, Sarah Lincoln Grigsby. Lincoln Pioneer Village opened on July 4th, 1935, becoming one of the first living history museums in the United States to be built by the Work Projects Association. More than 80 years later, the village is still a cultural gem in southern Indiana. However, the site does not just cater to historians; it also has something to offer movie buffs. The film The Kentuckian, directed by and starring Burt Lancaster and debuting Walter Matthau, was filmed at Lincoln Pioneer Village in 1955, so visitors can enjoy a walk through a real Hollywood set. From May through October, Lincoln Pioneer Village is open seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and at additional times by appointment. Tours can be self-guided, or tours with guides and demonstrators dressed in period costume can be arranged with advance notice. The front entrance is handicap-accessible, but the village itself is not. However, there is a video presentation for patrons who cannot tour the grounds. Admission for tour groups is $3 per person, payable upon arrival. Both cash and credit card are accepted, but the selection of credit incurs a small processing fee. Boxed lunches can be ordered in advance, or groups can dine at one of several local restaurants. Parking is free and

Today, the Route 66 Association Hall of Fame & Museum has made

souvenirs are for sale in the museum’s gift shop. For more information

Pontiac a must-stop for bus groups making a Route 66 journey. Here,

about the site and neighboring attractions or to book a reservation,

tour passengers will learn the history of the Mother Road in Illinois,

phone (812) 649-9147 or visit

through photos, stories, exhibits and thousands of pieces of memorabilia from the glory days of the country’s first transcontinental high-

Route 66 Association Hall of Fame & Museum Pontiac, Illinois

way. Its collection includes gas pumps, booths from the first Steak ‘n’ Shake, neon signs, advertising, vehicles and more. Among the museum’s most treasured items is a VW van, owned

This bus-friendly town in southern Illinois is the perfect stop for

by the late Bob Waldmire, who has been called the Johnny Apple-

motorcoach tours traveling Route 66. Named for a much-admired

seed of Route 66. Waldmire, a hippie who ran the Hackberry General

Ottawa Indian chief, Pontiac was settled in 1829, and became the

Store on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona, traveled the Mother Road

county seat after Livingston County was established in 1837. It thrived

in this van. The whimsical drawings and large murals he created

as an agricultural community, and later, its economy was enhanced

of the sights along the highway stirred national pride in the historic

by manufacturing facilities. Its prosperity grew even more in 1926,

road and led to its preservation. The town in the Disney Pixar ani-

with the arrival of Route 66. Although the road ran around rather than

mated film Cars was based on Kingman, and the character of Fill-

through Pontiac, the community provided services and amenities

more, a hippie VW van, was inspired by Waldmire, who died of

that drew travelers to stop.

colon cancer in 2009.

10 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Escape to The Midwest Many of his reproduced drawings and

town’s renovated old city hall/fire station,

or overnight, Pontiac’s tour professionals

murals are on display here, along with one

which was built in 1900 and listed on the

can recommend a selection of attractions

of his original Route 66 road maps. Waldmire

National Register of Historic Places. It also

to meet your needs. They can arrange for

was commissioned to paint a mural in down-

houses the Livingston County War Museum

docents, schedule tram rides, help with

town Pontiac, but his illness prevented him

and Old City Hall Shoppes.

meal reservations and more. For groups of

from following through. Instead, he designed

Route 66 Museum

Tour passengers will want to experience

30 or more who stay overnight in Pontiac,

another Route 66 landmark in Pontiac: the Old

the tourism office can offer a range of

Log Cabin Inn. The restaurant faced the original

evening entertainment options. Each group

highway, and when it was rerouted behind it,

member gets a complimentary “goodie bag”

the owners jacked it up and turned it around.

with maps, brochures and a souvenir gift.

While in Pontiac, bus groups can also visit

Tour planners, be sure to ask about the VIP

the Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum,

(Visitor In Pontiac) program. Your clients

showcasing the history of the Pontiac brand

will receive a collector’s souvenir VIP but-

built by General Motors from 1926-2009, and

ton, and by wearing the button as they

the Oakland Motor Company, a division of

travel around Pontiac, they will receive pref-

General Motors from 1909-1931. Exhibits fea-

erential treatment and special considera-

ture antique, vintage and rare Oakland and

tions from local merchants.

Pontiac models, beautifully restored and pre-

For more information about bringing your

served, along with advertising memorabilia,

tour group to Pontiac and the Route 66 Asso-

the 66-foot map and it was painted by the

designer sketches, an oilcan collection and


public during a special festival.

more than 5,000 road maps. Right next door

is the International Walldog Mural & Sign

or contact Tourism Director Ellie Alexander at

2004, is open daily, and admission is free

Museum, with indoor and outdoor murals that

(815) 844-5874 or

(donations accepted). It is located inside the

chronicle the history of outdoor advertising.

The Route 66 Museum, which opened in

Downtown Pontiac boasts a unique collection of murals that depict the town’s cul-





John G. Shedd Aquarium Chicago, Illinois

tural, economic and social history. Tour

Located along the shoreline of Lake Michi-

groups will also want to check out the town’s

gan, Shedd Aquarium has delighted visitors

historic swinging bridges, three pedestrian

with its exhibits of aquatic creatures since 1930.

bridges that cross the Vermillion River in var-

In 1991, Shedd added the Abbott Oceanarium,

ious locations.

which exhibits dolphins, beluga whales and

Pontiac, Illinois welcomes tour groups,

sea lions and holds live presentations regularly

and its tourism department is ready to work

in the Rice Amphitheater. At Polar Play Zone,

with travel industry professionals to ensure

visitors can view the underwater action that

that your group has a great time. Whether

takes place in the Abbot Oceanarium, as well

you are stopping for a few hours, a full day

as penguins. In 2003, the Wild Reef exhibit was

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 11

Escape to The Midwest built underground and gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy stingrays and sharks. Additional exhibits include Waters of the World, Carribean

John G. Shedd Aquarium

Reef, and Amazon Rising. Currently, Shedd is home to Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea. Each sculpture in the collection depicts an aquatic animal or scene and is constructed from plastic refuse (bottles, combs, toothbrushes) that once littered the West Coast. The exhibit hopes to raise awareness of the amount of plastic that clutters Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beaches and waterways and to encourage citizens to adopt habits that will reduce waste (Stella the

Seahorse alone weighs 1,600 pounds.). The sculptures are placed throughout the aquarium and a special PDF map is available online to assist visitors who wish to see all of them. New sculptures will be unveiled in

12 â&#x20AC;˘ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Escape to The Midwest November 2017 and again in April 2018, but the exhibit itself is limited and will remain at Shedd only through September 2018. Shedd is open year-round, seven days a week, but please note that there are special closings scheduled throughout the year. General admission includes admittance into the aquarium and its exhibits, including Washed Ashore and the presentations in the Rice Amphitheater, but not into the 4-D Experience, which requires a small additional fee. Tickets may be purchased online, and special rates for tour groups with 15 or more people are available. Starbucks is served at the Soundings Café, and lunch is served at The Bubble Net. The Soundings Restaurant, Stingray Touch and the Deep Ocean Café are open seasonally. For more information, phone (312) 939-2438 or visit

Galesburg, Illinois Located in Knox County, Illinois, the Midwest community of Galesburg is a great destination for lovers of American history. Named for George Washington Gale, Galesburg was settled in the mid 1830s by Gale and fellow settlers from upstate New York. Gale and his comrades were staunch abolitionists, and together they made Galesburg a sanctuary for slaves wishing to escape to freedom. In addition to being a stop on the Underground Railroad, Galesburg was the location of the fifth Lincoln-Douglass debate. It was also home to several members of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, a regiment made almost entirely of African-American soldiers whose story is recounted in the motion picture Glory, and the birthplace of Carl Sandburg. Lovers of Victorian architecture will enjoy Galesburg’s historic district, which has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In Seminary Street’s commercial district, visitors can enjoy restaurants, a day spa, bakery, coffee shop and the Galesburg Antique Mall. The rail industry, which has played a large roll in the history of Galesburg, can be explored at the Galesburg Railroad Museum, Knox College’s Old Main building was the physical site of the aforementioned Lincoln-Douglass debate, and the old Knox County Jail is currently run as the Underground Railroad Freedom Station, a museum dedicated to the history of the Underground Railroad. The Orpheum Theater has showcased acts since 1916, and among its list of past performers are such greats as Houdini, Jack Benny and George Burns. Poet, folk singer, Lincoln biographer and journalist Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg in 1878. Today the cottage where he was born is a state historic site that offers tours from April through November. In the nearby garden, visitors may pay their respects at “Remembrance Rock,” the stone marking where the ashes of Sandburg and his wife Lillian are buried. The local CVB offers a complimentary planning service, welcome bags, and even step-on guides. For more information, please phone them at (800) 916-3330 or visit their Web site at ❑

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 13

Gaming Potawatomi Hotel & Casino Milwaukee, Wisconsin For high-energy gaming, award-winning dining, bars, live music and luxurious accom-

Room. Bingo players will love the expansive

tions at The Buffet, which features crab legs

1,440-seat Bingo Hall, where they can play

two nights a week. Canal Street Café, located

up to 180 cards electronically. Daily payouts

in the hotel lobby, is open for breakfast, lunch

average more than $75,000.

and dinner and serves American comfort

modations, gather your group and plan a trip

Seven unique restaurants provide guests

to Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee,

with an amazing variety without having to

The award-winning Dream Dance Steak

food favorites.

Wisconsin. With more than 150,000 square

leave the property. The newest eatery, Bella

offers a twist on the traditional Wisconsin

feet of gaming space, Potawatomi provides

Italiana, serves beautiful Italian cooking at

steakhouse, with seasonal menus and a retail-

non-stop gaming for more than six million

feel-good prices. Guests can enjoy all-you-

priced wine list. The Fire Pit Sports Bar and

guests annually. There is never a dull

can-eat offerings from the seven action sta-

Grill features 34 high-definition televisions and

moment on the casino floor, which offers

serves typical sports bar fare – open until bar

more than 2,500 slot machines in the latest

time. Menomonee Valley Food Court houses

themes and denominations from 1¢ to $100.

of which are open late. Finally, RuYi

One hundred table games

four different quick-service eateries, many


offers delicious grade-A sushi and


sashimi, along with authentic

plenty of choices,

Asian noodle and rice dishes.

including blackjack,

If you are planning to

craps, roulette, bac-

attend the ABA’s Annual

carat, Fortune Pai

Meeting and Marketplace

Gow Poker® and

in Charlotte this January,

more. Guests can

visit Lisa Pederson at the

also enjoy an exciting game of poker in the comfort of the luxurious 20-table Poker Room or live racing action from the 200-seat Off-Track Betting 14 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Wisconsin Cheese Booth to see how Potawatomi Hotel & Casino can accommodate your group, or phone (800) PAYSBIG or visit





OVER $90 MILLION IN RENOVATIONS The all-new Tropicana featuring $90 million in renovations including renovated casino and hotel rooms, the all-new AtlantiCare LifeCenter Fitness, new retail shops in The Quarter and the spectacular free Multimedia Light and Sound Show on the boardwalk daily. Plus, the possibilities are endless with 24 restaurants, 25 shops,18 bars, IMAX Theatre plus bluemercury makeup, skincare & spa all under one roof. For immediate assistance and to book your day or overnight trip, call our Tour Department at 1-888-275-1212. Call now to customize packages for your groups.


1-800-THE TROP | TROPICANA.NET BRIGHTON AND BOARDWALK, ATLANTIC CITY, NJ 08401 Must be 21. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.


n I Corinthians 13:4 the word “love” is sometimes rendered as “charity,” suggesting love and charity can be identical

concepts. For those who run non-profit organizations or participate in faith-based activ-

ities or serve at religious sanctuaries, this insight has long been internalized, for only love or charity or the two in one could inspire people to labor for something greater than personal gain. If you wish to be part of such love-charity, then consider visiting one or all of the following sites.

Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation Carey, Ohio The Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation is a place of great peace for pilgrims paying homage. With roots in Carey, Ohio and the small country of Luxembourg, the church has stood as a beacon of hope and a source of comfort for almost 150 years. First built as St. Edward Church, Father Joseph Peter Gloden, an early pastor, convinced both parishioners and the bishop to change the name to Our Lady of Consolation. He then commissioned a statue identical to the one in the cathedral in Luxembourg, where he had studied.

Our Lady of Consolation

The statue first arrived in Frenchtown, a parish about seven miles from its new home in Carey. The events surrounding its transfer would prove to be the beginning of its miraculous history. In May 1875, rain clouds gathered and let loose the night before and the day the procession was planned to move the statue to Carey. According to Gloden’s own account, “As soon as the statue was

Non-Profit and Faith-Based Attractions

brought out of the church, the sun pierced the clouds and was shining on the whole

casts as witnessed proof of the powerful

ways and beautiful landscaping, provides a

line of the procession all the way” to within

intercession of Our Lady of Consolation.

natural setting for the Stations of the Cross.

a mile of Carey. The rain, Gloden said, did

The Shrine welcomes thousands of visi-

The Shrine’s gift shop has religious books,

not fall until the statue was safely inside its

tors each year, and August is particularly busy

rosaries and gifts for sale and is open seven

new home.

during the Novena preceding the Feast of the

days a week (closed on holidays). The Shrine

From that time, the church, now a Minor

Assumption. Visitors may attend daily Mass

offers a cafeteria on the grounds and a retreat

Basilica, has attracted hundreds of thousands

in the Basilica or just enjoy some time for pri-

house for pilgrimage groups and overnight

of pilgrims. Many have claimed miraculous

vate prayer in the original Shrine Church. The

retreats. Our Lady of Consolation also sched-

cures and have left crutches, stretchers and

30-acre Shrine Park, with its shaded walk-

ules a number of special events throughout

16 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Special: Faith-Based and Non-Profit

the year. No deposit is required and all are welcome to visit at any time. For more information, please phone (419) 396-7107 or visit

National Orphan Train Complex Concordia, Kansas Recently branded “The Orphan Train Town,” Concordia is home to the National Orphan Train Complex, which includes the museum, research center and restored train car. The museum tells the story of the Orphan Train Movement, which lasted from 18541929. During those 75 years more than 250,000 orphaned or aban-


Groups of 25 or more receive a group discount. Inquire today! 805-577-2704

Tickets include admission to the Reagan Library. Touch an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall, and climb aboard Air Force One & Marine One!

40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, California 93065 ∙ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 17

Special: Faith-Based and Non-Profit doned children from New York were placed

A guided tour at each attraction takes

tries. Documents prove that in 1613 pilgrims

in all 48 states. The National Orphan Train

about an hour, and five of the six attractions

on their way to Altötting made a stop in Erl

Museum is the single biggest reason visi-

in Concordia are within a 10-block area (POW

to see a passion play. The 32 weekend per-

tors stop in Concordia. It is estimated that

Camp Concordia is two miles

one in 25 people know or are related to an

out of town on a paved

orphan train rider.

road.). Group tour-friendly

During WWII there were 16 POW camps

Terra-Lu Römer mit Soldaten

dining options are located

in Kansas, and the one located in Concordia

nearby, and attractions and

was the largest. It housed 4,000 German pris-

restaurants often comp one

oners and a thousand military and civilian

tour director and the motor-

personnel. Visitors can see the stone guard

coach driver. Payment for all

tower, the guard post building and tour the

attraction admissions or

museum located inside T-9 warehouse by

donations may be made to


Cloud County Tourism by

Other attractions located in Concordia

credit card or check. For

include: the Nazareth Convent, home to the

more information, phone

Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, Kansas,

Susie or Marian at (785) 243-

which was built in l903 and currently listed

4303 or visit cloudcounty-

on the National Register of Historic Places;

the Cloud County Museum, whose exhibits

formances in 2019 will include 600 of the

include a 1928 Lincoln Page bi-plane, a

Upcoming Passion Play Perfor-

1,450 inhabitants of Erl. Holy Mass will be

Martha Washington letter and two rooms

mances in Germany and Austria

celebrated in the Passion Play Theater on

devoted to POW Camp Concordia; the Brown

In 2018, 400 of the 600 inhabitants of the

Grand Theatre, built by Colonel Napoleon

Franconian village of Sömmersdorf will pre-

Bonaparte Brown in l907; and the Whole Wall

sent a passion play on their open-air stage.

Mural, the longest sculpted brick mural in

The theater can accommodate an audience

the United States.

of 1,900 spectators and is located in the mid-

Cloud County Tourism will make all the

dle of a forest, giving the play unparalleled

arrangements with the attractions and be

natural beauty. Sömmersdorf’s Passion Play

your personal step-on guide while you are

tradition is a little more than 80-years-old,

visiting Concordia. “It's our job to keep you

dating back to the first performance in 1933.

happy, get you where you need to go and

Performances will be held on weekends

keep you on schedule. We provide Welcome

throughout the summer.

Bags for all visitors and a surprise treat on

In 2019, the community of Erl in Tyrol,

your departure,” says Susie Haver, tourism

Austria will perform the oldest passion play

director. “There is no charge for our services.”

performed in the German-speaking coun-

18 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Sunday mornings, three hours before the play begins.

Special: Faith-Based and Non-Profit Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

Though 2020 is still years away, tour oper-

Lourdes, France

ators and travel planners can prepare for the performance of the Passion Play in the little

Born in 1844, Bernadette Soubirous first

town of Oberammergau, Germany. The Ober-

experienced visions of the Madonna at the

ammergau Passion Play is not just a theatrical

age of 14, and it was during these visions that

performance but also a promise that dates back

she uncovered a spring in the grotto that has

to 1633. In the middle of the Thirty Years War,

the power to heal. When she retired from

after months of suffering from the plague, the

public view, she went to live with the Sisters

people of Oberammergau swore an oath that

of Nevers, eventually becoming Sister Marie

they would perform the "Play of the Suffering,

Bernard, and remained with them until her

Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus

death in 1879 at the age of 35. She was made

Christ" every 10 years. The plague ended, and

a saint in 1933.

one year later the townspeople kept their

Currently, pilgrims are welcome to visit the

promise. That first Passion Play was performed

grotto and participate in numerous activities

on a stage constructed above the cemetery of

offered at the sanctuary. During the pilgrimage

the plague victims, and for centuries, this Bavar-

season (from April through October), the Inter-

ian village has carried on the time-honored tra-

national Mass is held in the Underground

dition. In 2020, more than 2,000 villagers will bring to life the story of Jesus of Nazareth.

Grotto at Lourdes

Basilica of St. Pius X on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Visitors can even join the

Visiting a Passion Play is the perfect

you with the best local contacts, and once

choir by arriving at the organ an hour before

attraction for every bus tour visiting in

you plan a trip to the Passion Plays, keep the

services. Confessions are heard every day at

Europe. As a specialized business-to-busi-

Fairy Tale Road or a tour of German brew-

the chapel of Reconciliation.

ness supplier of Faith Travel in Europe, Terra

eries in mind as well. For more information,

Lu Travel, based in Germany, can connect

please visit

The Eucharistic Procession, started as a tradition in 1874, is performed every day,

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 â&#x20AC;˘ 19

Special: Faith-Based and Non-Profit when weather permits, during the pilgrimage

nuns, and an outdoor

season at 5 p.m. The Marian Procession is

sanctuary (seating

held at 9 p.m. Begun by Father Marie-Antoine

700 worshippers)

in 1863, this procession, unlike the Eucharis-




tic Procession, is held regardless of condi-

offered on Saturday

tions. During the Marian Procession, visitors

afternoons and Sun-

are invited to sing the Ave Maria of Lourdes

day mornings from

as they carry a candle.

Memorial Day week-

Pilgrims may visit The Grotto of the Apparitions and drink water from the spring at the

National Shrine of Cross in the Woods

end through Labor Day weekend.

Fountains of the Sanctuary. The icon of Mary,

Located at 7078

perched above the grotto, stands as a reminder

W. M-68, less than

of the spot where Bernadette often saw the

two miles west of Interstate 75’s Exit 310, Cross

After the original fourth century Basilica was

Madonna. The baths, where visitors can sub-

in the Woods offers free admission, ample free

razed, Donato Bramante erected a new struc-

merge in the spring’s water, are open during

parking for cars and buses, guided tours, if pre-

ture. When Bramante died before the

the pilgrimage season. While in Lourdes, visi-

arranged, and a gift shop with a large assort-

church’s completion, Michelangelo shep-

tors can tour the Museum of St. Bernadette and

ment of souvenirs and religious items. In addi-

herded the project, even designing the dome,

several locations connected with Bernadette’s

tion to being a National Shrine, Cross in the

and when Michelangelo died before the

life, including her birthplace. For assistance

Woods is a fully functioning Catholic parish of

dome was completed, his student Giacomo

250 families, staffed by Franciscan Friars. A

Della Porta finished it in 1590. The façade of

virtual tour and a drone video are available at

the Basilica was engineered by Carlo

National Shrine of Cross, and tour planners can

Maderno and finished in 1614.

in the Woods

schedule a visit at

with group pilgrimages, visit

Indian River, Michigan

bus-form, under the “Events” tab.

Situated on a beautifully wooded, 14-acre campus on the shores of Burt Lake in northern

St. Peter’s Basilica, The Sistine

Lower Michigan sits the largest outdoor crucifix

Chapel and the Vatican Museums

in the world – Cross in the Woods. The 55-foot-

Vatican City, Vatican

tall cross was hewn from a 2,000-year-old red-

Under the Lateran Pacts, The Vatican

wood tree, and the seven-ton bronze corpus

became a sovereign nation in 1929. Today it

of Jesus affixed to that cross is a production of

is known as the residence of the Pope, who

Michigan’s renowned sculptor Marshall Fred-

reigns as its monarch; the heart of the

ericks. Also featured on the property are shrines

Catholic Church, and the site of St. Peter’s

of several other popular Catholic saints, an out-

Basilica. The current incarnation of St. Peter’s

doors Stations of the Cross in the woods, a Nun

Square and Basilica is a testament to the

Doll Museum with 550 dolls dressed as Catholic

genius and tenacity of the Italian masters.

20 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Bernini engineered St. Peter’s Square, which was constructed from 1656 to 1667.

Special: Faith-Based and Non-Profit However, Domenico Fontana placed the

The Vatican has many galleries and

obelisk that stands at its center on the site in

museums. The Pius-Clementine Museum

1585. The square features two fountains, one

houses the Vatican’s collection of classical

by Bernini and the other by Maderno, and the

art from Greece and Rome. It has rooms

two semi-circular colonnades exhibit 140 stat-

dedicated to animal statuary, Roman busts

ues of the saints, all sculpted by Bernini’s stu-

and even the Muses. Patrons can visit the

dents. The roadway that leads to the square,

Pinacoteca, which houses the combined pri-

Via della Conciliazione, was added in 1950.

vate collections of past popes, with art dat-

St. Peter’s Basilica

ing from the Middle Ages through the 1800s, or tour the four rooms that Pope Julius II had redecorated by the painter Raphael. Additional spaces worth visiting include: The Chariot Room, the Borgia Apartment, the Gallery of Maps, and, of course, The Sistine Chapel, which features masterpieces by Michelangelo, Botticelli and Perugino. Other museums include: the Missionary Ethnological Museum, the Gregorian Profane Museum, as well as the museums dedicated to Egyptian and Etruscan art. For more information about touring the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica or the Vatican Museums, visit

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n a life dedicated to life-long learning, nothing could be better than to engage with one’s subject directly. If the subject is the history of the United States, architecture, agricutlure or prehistoric life, then

one of the following sites is guaranteed to give the consummate student intimate insight into their field of study.

Tudor Place Historic House & Garden Washington, D.C. No tour of our nation’s capital is complete without a visit to Georgetown, the cobblestoned historic district that predates the rest of Washington, and no visit to Georgetown is complete without a tour of Tudor Place, where “America’s Story Lives.” Completed in 1816 for Martha Washington’s granddaughter and her husband, Tudor Place is one of the nation’s finest neoclassical estates and was among its first National Historic Landmarks. Its designer, Dr. William Thornton, incorporated neoclassical influences in the mansion as a salute to the young republic. The elegantly domed temple portico, Thornton’s signature icon on the home’s south façade, is said to be unique in the domestic architecture of North America. Through six generations, more than 187 years, just one family called Tudor Place home. These Washington descendants carefully preserved for posterity their home, belongings, collections (including more than 200 items from the Washingtons’ Mount Vernon), and 5.5 landscaped acres. From kitchen utensils to fine arts to potted plants, almost everything they owned remained in the house for the public to enjoy and learn from today. As the estate passed through the generations, its owners became its curators, ultimately deeding it in 1983 to a public foundation, which has operated it as a museum since 1988. Led by informed docents, house tours at Tudor Place offer something

Tudor Place

Stu dent To urs

pleasant respite from city crowds and busy streets. For more information, phone (202) 965-0400 or visit

for everyone: architecture, decorative arts, everyday artifacts and horticulture. History weaves through all, with stories and objects that touch

Landmark Park

on political, military, art, technology, immigration and labor history from

Dothan, Alabama

the agricultural to the digital age. The mansion is seen by guided tour

On the outskirts of Dothan, Alabama sits Landmark Park, a 135-

only, welcoming groups of 15 to 45 people, who are divided into sub-

acre site dedicated to preserving the agricultural history of the sur-

groups of no more than 15 people, each with its own guide. In the gardens,

rounding area, known as the Wiregrass Region. It serves as Alabama’s

visitors can wander leisurely, using printed map or audio tour, enjoying

official museum of agriculture, and memorable experiences await

beautiful horticulture and landscape design and connect with local history

motorcoach tour groups that visit here.

through the 1794 smokehouse and, in the estate’s garage, which houses

The region is named for wiregrass, a wiry, native bunch grass that

a deluxe 1919 Pierce-Arrow motor car. In Fall 2017, the site debuted a

grows in parts of southern Georgia, southeastern Alabama and the Florida

new smartphone audio tour of the garden and outbuildings.

Panhandle. It is a favorite food of quail and the gopher tortoise. It does

For group tour operators, Tudor Place offers tea-and-tour and

not grow north of South Carolina.

picnic packages, as well as special tours – by advance arrangement –

Many of the structures at

on topics such as women, labor, and the George and Martha Wash-

Dothan’s Landmark Park are

ington Collection. The property’s beauty and the staff’s knowledge

more than 100 years old. Cele-

earned wide praise on social media, including on TripAdvisor, where

brating 40 years in 2017, the park

Tudor Place was in the top 100 things to do in Washington, D.C. With

began when the last remaining

its green, shady arbors and garden rooms, Tudor Place provides a

farmhouses in the area were being torn down to make room

22 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

Landmark Park

Special: Student Tours for Dothan’s Ross Clark Circle. The Waddell

remembering these structures from their child-

House once stood at a prominent corner in

hoods. Visiting the Martin Drugstore is a special

Dothan. Rather than tear down this 1890s

treat, open Wednesday through Sunday and

farmhouse, a group of concerned citizens

serving ice cream, sodas, floats and milkshakes.

rallied together and had the house moved to

An interpretive center hosts an audito-

60 acres of donated land. The intent was to

rium, special exhibits of live reptiles and a

use the house and the property to educate

gift shop. A covered pavilion adjacent to the

the public on the agricultural history of the

playground provides a perfect site for picnics.

area. From those humble beginnings, Land-

The full-dome Digitarium Planetarium pro-

Mammoth Site concentrations of mammoth remains in

mark Park has grown to 135 acres, with a

vides shows exploring the magic of the night

the U.S. The current count is 58 Columbian

working farmstead complete with historically

sky and movies about space, Mondays and

and three woolly mammoths. The site also

accurate buildings, heirloom crops and her-

Fridays at 3:30 p.m.; Saturdays at 11 a.m., 1

contains bones of other vertebrates, includ-

itage breeds of animals. Farming methods

and 3:30 p.m.; and Sundays at 1 and 3:30 p.m.

ing peccary, bear, coyote, camel and

used at the Wiregrass Farmstead are all typ-

Down along the nature trail, bus passen-

rodents. Its four acres were designated a

ical of those used in Alabama in the 1890s. Across the red dirt road from the Wiregrass

gers can see a preserved section of a massive redwood tree.

Farmstead is a townsquare, featuring a church,

Because Landmark Park simulates the

National Natural Landmark in 1980. Enclosed and protected by a climate-controlled building, the sinkhole and mammoth

one-room schoolhouse, general store and drug-

rural environment of the 1890s and provides

bones are displayed as they were discovered,

store and soda fountain. These buildings were

a natural setting, some areas of the park have

in the now-dry pond sediments. Walkways

all moved to the property over the years from

limited accessibility. While the Interpretive

allow bus passengers a close-up view of the

surrounding towns. Visitors from the area often

Center, elevated boardwalk and several his-


reminisce when they visit Landmark Park,

toric buildings have ramps, others do not.

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Located at 1800 US 18 Bypass, the Mam-

Nature trails, spaces between buildings and

moth Site of Hot Springs is open daily year-

open areas may have unlevel terrain, tree

round; check the Web site for seasonal hours.

roots or sandy areas that may pose minor

Motorcoach groups are welcome, and dis-

challenges to those in a wheelchair.

count rates are offered.

Buildings that are handicap accessible

Admission cost includes a 10-minute

are: Waddell Farmhouse, Martin Drugstore,

introduction video; a 30-minute guided tour

Shelley General Store, Stokes Activity Barn

around the sinkhole; and entrance into the

and the Interpretive Center. Handicap-acces-

Exhibit Hall, featuring full-size replicas of

sible picnic tables are located in the Play-

mammoths and a giant short-faced bear. For

ground Pavilion and the picnic area. A limited

additional information, visit online at

number of wheelchairs are available upon

request. Contact the park office for details.





The park is open daily, Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday noon to 6 p.m. (closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for children, and $3 for planetarium shows. Customized tours can be arranged for organized adult groups of 15 or more. For details, visit or phone (334) 794-3452.

Mammoth Site Hot Springs, South Dakota An active paleontological dig site, the Mammoth Site contains one of the largest Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 23


id you know that consumers are more likely to spend their money with companies that belong to pro-

fessional or industry associations? Consumers trust companies and believe they have a better reputation when they belong to an industry organization, like the American Bus Association (ABA). Membership in ABA is much more than just a logo on your Web site or company stationery. ABA offers its members the tools they need to take their business to the next level, whether through educational opportunities, networking events, crisis communication assistance, regulatory and legislative monitoring or industry data and scholarship assistance – ABA is your one-stop shop for your

Let ABA Help You to Take Your Business to the Next Level

business needs.

Educational Opportunities Abound ABA realizes that your and your employees’ time is precious, but education is important to you. With its members in mind, ABA has created a number of educational opportunities for members that can be pursued in-

case studies and how to take the next step

person or virtually throughout the year.

in putting your business over the top.

Councils Did you know that ABA offers several

Also during the event, attendees pressed

councils for its members (and non-members)

ABA’s Annual Meeting & Marketplace

for time can get a quick dose of education at

to join? ABA councils provide added value


ABA’s Education Bites. These short informa-

to your membership, as they are a perfect

tion sessions on the Marketplace floor last

avenue for you to meet people in the industry

During ABA’s Annual Meeting & Marketplace in Charlotte, North Carolina, from Jan-

between 14 and 30 minutes.

uary 26-30, 2018, ABA offers more than 50 quality seminars conducted by top-rated national speakers and industry experts. Educational sessions fall within three tracks:

who also want to network and grow in their business community.


• Bus Industry Safety Council (BISC):

Missed a session at Marketplace that you

The mission of the BISC is to continually raise

wanted to attend, or want to hear more from

the level of safety in the intercity bus and

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our Marketplace speakers? You are in luck.

motorcoach industry through collaborative

you to develop specialized and unique skills

Most of ABA’s Annual Meeting & Market-

efforts of professionals in a workshop and

to assist you in your personal career growth.

place speakers also participate in ABA webi-

educational environment.

• Technology: Helps you to improve

nars throughout the year. ABA offers a num-

• Bus Maintenance & Repair Council

your technological skills in the ever-chang-

ber of webinars each month geared toward

(BusMARC): The BusMARC addresses the

ing, fast-paced business environment. Train-

your business needs. Each webinar can be

need for continuing maintenance education

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venue for equipment, parts and service

advanced uses for common computer-based

again as a refresher, you can find all past

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webinars on ABA’s Web site. Webinars are

• Entertainer Motorcoach Council

• Sales and Marketing: Delivers unique

truly a great resource to allow you to con-

(EMC): The mission and purpose of the EMC

and innovative approaches to the science of

tinue professional development without hav-

is to inspire a level of confidence in the safety,

selling. You will be introduced to new niche

ing to leave your office.

reliability and quality of service for the oper-

markets, focus on successful cutting-edge 24 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

ations of entertainer coaches employed on

Special: ABA a charter or lease basis; actively promote the high-quality services

and tourism community to the first conference of the year – the industry’s

of EMC members and more.

premier business event – ABA’s Annual Meeting & Marketplace.

• Hispanic Motorcoach Council (HMC): The HMC promotes

ABA’s Annual Meeting gives operators the opportunity to hear

the continued growth, fellowship and development of the Hispanic

about the state of the association and elect its board of directors. With

business community in the motorcoach industry. It serves as a

legendary networking and social events, attendees turn conversations

resource center and forum to promote safe motorcoach operations,

from the conference floor

encourage interaction among operators and transportation planners

into long-term business

and advocate for Hispanic and minority-owned businesses.

relationships. Couple this

• Women in Buses Council (WIB): The mission of the WIB

with leading education

Council is to recognize and advance the role of women in the motor-

seminars and the indus-

coach industry through networking, education and mentoring pro-

try’s largest exhibit hall,



Each council provides its own educational tracks and meetings




unmatched as the best

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industry event each year.

ABA Entry-Level Driver Training

many times over, and a can’t-miss annual reunion with colleagues

More than a meeting, ABA is a valuable investment that pays for itself

In December 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

and friends, old and new.

set out a final rule for new training standards for individuals applying for a CDL license. By February 2020, all new driver entrants must take both theory (knowledge) and behind-the-wheel segments.

You Need a Voice in Washington, D.C. While you are busy providing safe and reliable transportation to

For the theory training, instruction must include all applicable ele-

your customers, ABA’s Government Affairs & Policy team is in Wash-

ments, and driver trainees must receive an overall score of at least

ington, D.C., talking to legislators and regulators about our industry

80 percent to pass. Good news for members – ABA, with support from

and your needs. ABA’s team pursues opportunities by closely moni-

North American premium coach manufacturer Prevost, is helping

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business regulation and keeps members informed.

The new ABA Driver Training program offers a variety of courses

ABA works with members throughout the year to comment on

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motorcoach companies in the industry. These safety leaders created

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• Class B Vehicle Basic Operation

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For more than 90 years, ABA has been the largest and most respected voice in the industry. Membership in ABA allows you to drive your company in the right direction, with a team of professionals ready to help you at any time.

Networking Helps Businesses Grow

ABA’s Annual Meeting & Marketplace 2018 will be held in Char-

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lotte, North Carolina from January 26-30. Visit online at

working opportunities ABA offers its members throughout the year. In

to register and to learn more about the many benefits of a mem-

addition to council meetings, every January, ABA welcomes the travel

bership in ABA.

Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 25

New, Improved and Different Diggerland USA

information or to make your group reservation, phone (856)

West Berlin, New Jersey

768-1110 or e-mail

One of the most unique adventure parks in the country, Diggerland USA is 14 acres of construction-themed fun for all ages. Here, adults

Bigfoot Zipline Tours

and children (height minimum of 36-42 inches) can drive, operate and

Wisconsin Dells

ride on heavy construction machinery in a safe, family-friendly envi-

For a completely unique view of the Wisconsin woodlands, tour oper-

ronment. It features more than 25 attractions, and the majority of its

ators can take their passengers to Bigfoot Zipline Tours in the Wisconsin

rides are real, modified construction equipment.

Dells. Here, they will zip among tall trees along a steel cable suspended

Group visitors can operate a backhoe, diggers of all sizes or a

between two towers, anywhere from 10 to 100 feet off the ground.

dump truck. Smaller children can use mini-diggers to bowl or snatch

Fast-paced, fun and exhilarating, the course takes riders from

toy ducks from a pond. Ride on a mini Land Rover – a version of

tower to tower through a canopy of majestic oak and stately pine

the Mars Rover – or a five-ton military transport vehicle. Among

trees, high above the forest floor over Bigfoot Island and around

the one-of-a-kind amusement rides: a carousel of excavator buck-

Sasquatch Lake. On a zipline, riders are tethered to a pulley via a har-

ets; the Sky Shuttle, a JCB 540-170 Telehandler which moves up to

ness and glide through the air down a sloped steel cable. Tours, which

15 guests at a time 50 feet straight up and away into the air; and

last approximately two hours, take zippers on a course that includes

the Spin Dizzy, a specially designed three-ton, high-torque JCB

more than 6,000 feet of cable over seven separate ziplines – the largest

JS220 that lifts and spins riders at dizzying angles. More adventurous

in the Dells. There is even a double zipline for racing.

tour passengers can challenge the ropes course or climb the 32-

On-site amenities include a gift shop, roomy passenger seating area,

foot-tall rock wall. Other attractions include a playground, arcade,

snack bar, tiki bar and male/female and family restrooms. While no

barrel train and stunt show. The all-new Diggerland XL allows

snacks or beverages are allowed on the ziplines, water stations keep

adults (18 years and up) to operate unrestricted, full-sized construction equipment alone with one-on-one radio instruction from an actual construction foreman. The park offers discounts for groups of 20 or more, with one free admission for every 10 paid, and concierge check-in and free parking included (with dedicated bus parking near the entrance). Concessions and a dining pavilion are on site, and groups can take advantage of several food package options for an

Diggerland USA

additional charge per person. A 25-percent deposit ($125 minimum) is due two weeks

prior to your event date and a final head count is required three days prior to arrival. Final payment is due the day of your visit in cash or credit (sorry, no checks for final payment). Diggerland USA is located at 100 Pinedge Dr., West Berlin, NJ, approximately 30 minutes from Philadelphia, 50 minutes from Atlantic City and 90 minutes from New York City. Take Exit 4 from the New Jersey Turnpike and Exit 36A from Interstate 295. For 26 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

New, Improved and Different Bigfoot Zipline Tours

riders hydrated, and a portable restroom is located on the course. Each participant is fitted with a helmet, harness, pulley system, gloves and lanyard and should wear close-toed shoes, comfortable clothing and no jewelry; long hair must be pulled into a ponytail at the base of the neck. A Bigfoot Zipline Tour rider must be in reasonably good health, not pregnant, free of back, foot, heart and respiratory problems, and sign a waiver that acknowledges the risks. He or she must also be able to ascend and descend stairs, walk along the ground, and attach and remove carabiners, harnesses and pulleys. Rides take place in the rain, as long as no lightning is present; visitors should dress for the weather. Rides book quickly, so reservations are recommended; participants should arrive 20 minutes early for outfitting and instruction. Groups of 10 or more receive a discounted rate;






at or phone (608) 2546080. Visitors can receive fare and tickets discounts by booking additional adventures on the Dells Army Ducks and Wild Thing 1200HP Jet Boat Ride, which depart from the same site.

Kregel Windmill Factory Museum Nebraska City, Nebraska Bus tour groups can better understand the important role of wind power in the history of American agriculture with a visit to the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum. The windmill is an icon of the farmer, and was especially vital in helping to farmers in the Plains states to succeed. The Kregel Windmill Factory Museum houses the last intact, historic windmill factory Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 â&#x20AC;˘ 27

New, Improved and Different The Kregel Windmill Factory Museum houses the last intact, historic

workers are just

windmill factory in the United States. The first commercially successful


American windmill was invented in 1854 by a New England mechanic


named Daniel Halladay. To take advantage of a growing market to the

guides detail the



west, he relocated his business to Illinois. By the 1870s, windmills were


being used across the Nebraska Plains. Via the windmill, Nebraska farmers


harnessed the power of the constant wind of the plains to tap into the

stops at various


vast supply of underground water in areas with little or no available

stations. Short

surface water. Thus, they were able to provide water for gardens, livestock





and crop irrigation. Windmills were also used to power feed grinders.

Kregel Windmill Factory Museum

The Kregel Wind Mill Company made wind wheel water pumping

equipment and

windmills in Nebraska City, Nebraska starting in 1879. Located at

how it was used.

1416 Central Avenue, the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum provides

The Kregel Windmill Factory Museum welcomes bus tours. Prior

a tangible way for visitors to understand how Americans through the

notice is required for all group tours. Groups of 10 or more receive a

years have used innovation, resourcefulness, hard work and thrift to

20 percent discount; reservations need to be made at least one week

live successfully through changing times.

in advance. Payment must be made on site with the tour group leader

Tour groups that step inside the modest, one-story structure enter a

or planner making a lump sum payment. Driver and escort are admit-

world that few have experienced: the manufacture of windmills as tools

ted for free. Free bus parking is available in front of the museum, and

of modern technology circa 1902. Everyday things such as ledger books

on weekends, additional bus parking is available in the adjacent park-

on shelves, telephone, pencils and pens on the desk, even an overcoat

ing lot across the street. No on-site dining facilities are offered, but

on a hook, remain where they were last used. The building appears much

five restaurants in Nebraska City welcome large groups.

as it did in the 1930s, when invoices were written by hand, correspondence was typed on a manual typewriter and local phone calls were placed through an operator. The museum is like a snapshot in time, as if the

28 â&#x20AC;˘ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

The Kregel Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. Tours last approximately 60 minutes.

For more information, contact the Kregel Museum at (402) 873-1078. â?&#x2018;

Social Marketing for Tourism by Catherine Heeg

Seven Ways to Shake Up Your Social Shares

clients. These videos can live on your Web site, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.

Do you have a plethora of photos? What about a variety of videos? How about a bunch of blogs? What do we do with it all? Many of us in the travel, tourism and hospitality world have bits and pieces of content floating around, waiting to be pulled together into shareable content. This re-worked content can take on new life in a variety of different social and traditional marketing campaigns. Let us put on our “Content Production” hats and dive into the types of content that will generate brand awareness and business. You can use these ideas to analyze your own existing content. Then, if you would like, adjust your content library and future content strategies.

Advanced Level Tour Operators: Conquer the content production arena by incorporating your photos, videos, blogs and presentations into a series of imaginative content & infographics that showcases your expertise. Not sure what to blog about? Find 25 ideas to get the creative juices flowing at

Novice Level Tour Operators: On your next site inspection or group trip, focus on taking photos that showcase the destination or product. Try shooting some of these ever-popular sites: • • • • • •

Destinations & Suppliers: Ignite your audiences with a mix of usergenerated content, your own quality content as well as professionally produced content. Action Steps: Galvanize your content production by using an editorial calendar to organize your messaging across your social and traditional platforms. Mix up the types of content so as to attract viewers who prefer different mediums. Shareable Content Overview

Sunsets Beautiful beaches City views from unique angles Vistas, viewpoints and venues Food and wine Quirky local flavor

Destinations and Suppliers: How about capturing some active shots at events and festivals? When you uncover the unexpected in photos or video, your social marketing engagement will skyrocket. Action Steps: Think about producing content that can be used in a variety of venues; blog, social posts, video, marketing presentations. Pull your still photos together into a video slide show with text, music and voice over. Voila – you have a short video! Follow the easy steps at There are some easy to use tools available that give you really professional results. More about these tools here: Intermediate Level Tour Operators: Ramp up your content production by interviewing your suppliers, clients and colleagues. Capture the interview on video. Destinations and Suppliers: You can easily accelerate your engagement by involving your fans and followers using live-streaming video. Have you considered using Periscope or Facebook Live at your next event? Find out how at Action Steps: Use this great new content in your next video blog, social post or newsletter. Consider a series of videos that can be turned into a video library and used as reference material for colleagues and

How do I use this? Now that you have created, collected and combined your valuable content, what can you do with it? We all like to be able to get as much “bang for our buck” by using, repurposing and refreshing our content easily. Wouldn’t it be great to reinvent our hard work in a variety of ways? Starting with one piece of your unique content, you can easily amplify it across your social sites. Consider breaking each piece of content into three key points, then creating posts, tweets and microvideo about each one. You now have a way to fine-tune your messaging to each audience and save time. More time savers: are available at The next step is to take each of the posts you have created and spread it further afield to your other social and traditional markets. Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 29

Heeg Go ahead put on your Content Production hat and get more mileage from your existing content by breathing new life into your hard❑ working content.

Catherine Heeg, international speaker and trainer, focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Join the conversation and connect

Remember to include micro-video, live streaming and live-casting opportunities. Track & Analyze As you master these strategies and embrace some new media, remember to track and analyze your successes. You can then begin creating specific content for specific audiences and target markets. I bet you will find that certain types of content are more effective in each platform. As you dial in and leverage the art of repurposing, you will find you have more time to devote to creating just the right type of content for each type of traveler. Just imagine how your content will be shared organically by a broader audience of new brand advocates. Plus, you can target your advertising even more strategically with this plan.

30 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

with her at and socially.


The days of operation for C&O Railway Heritage Center (“Rail and Sail,” July/August issue of B US TOURS MAGAZINE) were incorrectly listed. The center is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Phone (540) 862-8653 or e-mail

20 Tips For Bus Tour Planners by: Dr. Charleen Jaeb

Review of 200 Tips from March, 2016 to November 2017 Since 2005 I have been challenged to come

I once considered after reaching 1000 tips

turning off incandescent bulbs when you leave

to publish them in a handbook which includes

a room, using shorter road test routes, increas-

other relevant material such as legal or insur-

ing use of green fuels and rechargeable batter-

up with 20 tips for fellow bus tour planners in

ance issues, lots of lists and bus anecdotes or

ies. Save time by batching errands and tasks.

each issue of BUS TOURS MAGAZINE. Happily, with

free-lance writing of wisdom accumulated,

3. For Bus Tour Escorts – July-August,

my column on Botanical Trips, my goal of using

writing a memoir or just relaxing.

all my readers’ tips on topics to write about was accomplished. Coincidentally, my parents were

Here are highlights of my columns from March 2016 to November 2017. .

2016. A good bus escort likes people and traveling. They keep their passengers happy, safe, informed, on time, entertained and motivated

garden club members and eventually so was I.

1. Famous and Free Ohio Trips –

to take another trip with the escort and/or the

My father spelled out SPRING IS HERE with yel-

March-April 2016.Art museums, state parks,

bus company. The escort should make a bus

low crocuses every year in our front yard.

the state capitol, churches, temples, mosques,

check list. Arrive at least one-half hour before

Retiring is tough, especially if you retire

flea markets, factories, casinos, Federal

trip departs. Walk through bus and meet the

from a job you love – secretary, encyclopedia

Reserve Banks, city greenhouses, Amish coun-

driver. Check in passengers before they board.

sales manager, professional student, profes-

ties, holiday parades on land and water,

Dress professionally. Count heads each time

sor, planning and escorting bus trips or getting

Christmas lighting displays and shores of Lake

passengers board bus, etc. Tips were also given on how to be hired as a paid bus tour escort.

a chance to write about them. I am so grateful

Erie are free places to visit in Ohio. Because

to Larry Plachno and wife Nancy for taking a

of the expected influx of visitors to the Repub-

4. Planning Scary Bus Trips – Septem-

chance on hiring me. I appreciate them and

lican Convention, 12 tips were on places in or

ber-October 2016. Do you ever dare to scare,

the staff, especially Karla Nagy and Laura

within a two hour’s drive of Cleveland. Dozens

frighten or startle passengers? Many of my most

Wagenknecht, for their support, suggestions,

of famous non-free attractions such as Cedar

memorable trips did. Amusement Parks, Pris-

patience and friendship. I would be honored

Point Amusement Park, Cleveland’s Rock &

ons and Prison Cells, Murder Mystery Theaters

to do the same for my replacement.

Roll Hall of Fame, Canton’s Pro Football Hall

and Trains, Rides at Niagara Falls, Animal

There are several reasons for this being my

of Fame, U.S. President homes and monu-

Encounters, Rodeos, Ghost Walks, White Water

final 20 Tips column. I am becoming slower and

ments, top national sports team games and

Rafting, Concentration Camps, Holocaust

less agile, am no longer employed by a bus com-

facilities were covered as well.

Museums, and watching life-threatening feats

pany and am looking forward to transitioning

2. Going Green – May–June 2016.

were examples I experienced. Some attractions

into the giveback phase of life. I will continue

Dozens of simple suggestions for bus compa-

in United States add Halloween scare specials

writing a monthly newsletter for retirees of Cuya-

nies and individuals were given to save time,

in late September and October.

hoga Community College started in 1998 and

energy, money, water, gas and lives by recy-

5. Review of Past 400 Tips – July 2012

continue to chair the Canton Lincoln High School

cling, reusing, reducing transportation and

to October 2015, November-December

Class of 55 65th Reunion. Dan and I still enjoy

repairing, and promoting bus travel as the

2016. Covered Culinary, Manufacturing, Dinner

bus trips as passengers, traveling with friends

“greenest” form of transportation. A few exam-

Show, Patriotic, Adventure, Educational, Faith-

and family, and helping organizations we belong

ples include saving energy by adjusting ther-

Based, Celebrity and Student Trips. Also Girl-

to set up trips by bus, car pool and on foot.

mostats higher in summer, lower in winter,

friend Getaways, Electronic Devices, Games, Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 31

20 Tips Unusual and Specialty Buses, Marketing Without Money, Art of Gifting, Teaching and Training, Photography, Packing and Giving Back. 6. Planning Holiday Trips – JanuaryFebruary 2017. Advantages of booking early in the year and booking late. Ten national holidays where employees get day(s) off with pay. Major sporting events and parades on holidays. Mentioned bus passengers who are lonely without friends or family may enjoy holidays with new friends. My Thanksgiving family photo was included in the article. 7. Touring Canada – March-April 2017. Canada was named top travel destination for world travel in 2017. Consider weather and seasons when planning. Summer is high season. December through March ski resorts are open. Comply with border crossing laws. Places described included Nia-

Charleen and Dan spend their winters at Vencie Beach, Florida, where they enjoy the sun and their many friends.

gara Falls, Montreal, Quebec City, Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards

10. Botanical Trips – Sept-October

Thank you for your kindness, letters and

Island, Toronto, Vancouver, Canadian Rock-

2017. Awesome botanical trips can be made

suggestions. I have enjoyed meeting many of

ies, Banff National Park and Lake Louise.

in almost every major city, state and country.

you at Lakefront’s offices, on buses, at travel

8. Touring Alaska – May-June 2017.

Examples included tours of greenhouses,

conventions and at your attractions. You can

Alaska is the largest state, larger than all but

botanical gardens, zoos, butterfly houses,

reach me at We spend

16 sovereign countries. People visit Alaska

national parks, state parks, arboretums, retail

winter on Venice Island in Florida, where I set

to experience its scenery, wildlife, mountains,

gardens and desert gardens. Some are open

up parties for our “senior dorm.” (Since I

glaciers, tax-free shopping, sights above the

year-round. Others such as Tulip Time in Hol-

started college at 39 with a husband and four

Arctic Circle, Denali Tundra Wilderness Tour,

land Michigan in May or the Rose Bowl

children at home, I never lived in a dormitory.)

lodge in Talkeetna, panning for gold, hunting,

Parade and Float Decorating tour package

Happy Thanksgiving. I will be celebrat-

hiking, fishing, dog sledding, seeing the Trans

around January 1 occur in less than a week.

ing my 80th birthday with our family on

Alaska Pipeline and meeting Alaskan natives

that day.

and learning their customs. Alaska is on the bucket list of people who want to visit all 50

With degrees from four universities, Dr. Charleen Jaeb was a business professor at Cuyahoga

states and it is the “last frontier.” Its history

Community College. After her retirement in 2000, she became a trip planner for the CCC

and major cities are detailed.

retirees and Middleburg Heights Women’s Club, filling as many as 15 buses each year. Jaeb

9. Naming Your Bus Business – July-

and her husband escorted trips for Lakefront Lines in Cleveland, Ohio. She says, “It was won-

August 2017. Choosing the right name for

derful and somewhat unbelievable in retirement to be able to do what you love to do and get

your bus company, travel agency, or group

paid for doing it.”

can be the most important decision you will make. Start by making a list of your busi-

A Thank You and Farewell

ers who said that Charleen Jaeb’s column was

ness’s purpose and objectives. Decide the

to Charleen Jaeb

their favorite or the first they read in BUS TOURS

people you want as customers. Consider

It is with a heavy heart that we take a

MAGAZINE. Having retired from teaching in 2000,

enlisting expert help. Do a trademark search.

moment to offer our thanks to Charleen Jaeb

Charleen has decided to retire from writing to

Consider an easy-to-pronounce short name,

for her years of writing her “20 Tips” column

spend more time with her husband, family and

a one-word name, an adjective-noun phrase

for BUS TOURS MAGAZINE. She started in 2005


or a proper name. Choose best ways cus-

and soon became a favorite of our readers. We

There may be several reasons why Charleen

tomers can find you, including the Internet.

have long ago lost count of the number of read-

Jaeb’s column has been so popular over the

32 • Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

20 Tips years. While she is modest about her accom-

and the people in it. To her, bus tours were both

good column for tour planners even if it meant

plishments, Dr. Charleen Jaeb is very well edu-

a vocation and an avocation. She repeatedly

extra work or time on her part.

cated and was a college professor of business.

went out of her way to help passengers, tour

Thank you Charleen for all you have done for

She also spent many years in the bus industry

planners and others in the industry. Charleen

our readers. Thank you for being a part of our

was known and respected by many in the bus

Bus Tours Family. We will miss you and I am

tour business and she insisted on producing a

sure that many of our readers will also miss you.

planning and escorting bus tours. I suggest that Charleen’s success is best explained by her love of the bus tour industry

––Larry Plachno, editor

20 Tips Articles by Dr. Charleen Jaeb – September 2005 to December 2017 Fabulous FAM Trips

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Designing a Web Page

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Famous and Free Ohio Trips

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Religious Trips

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Going Green

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Marketing to Baby Boomers

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Being a Trip Escort

July-August 2016

Controlling Clutter

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Scary Bus Trips

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Tips Review July 2012 to Oct 2015

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Traveling Abroad

July-August 2011

Botanical Trips

Sept-Oct 2017-

Questions and Answers

Sept-Oct 2011

Tip Review Nov 2015 to Nov 2017

Nov-Dec 2017

Plus List of All Articles Written Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017 • 33




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zine of Bus Tours and Long Dis-

tance Charters

Down The Road Coming events of interest to readers of BUS TOURS MAGAZINE. Submissions for the department should be directed to the editor. Unless otherwise indicated, events are not open to the general public.

January 26-30, 2018. American Bus Association Marketplace. Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information visit February 16-18, 2018. Heartland Travel Showcase. Hyatt Regency, Buffalo, New York. For more information visit March 18-21, 2018. Travel South Showcase. Mississippi Coast Convention Center, Biloxi, Mississippi. For more information visit April 18-21, 2018. NTA Contact. Charleston, South Carolina. Register online beginning October 31, 2017 at

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Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad . . . .5

National Orphan Train Complex . . . . .18

U.S. Army Band . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Dancing Horses Theatre, The . . . . . . .12

Our Lady of Consolation . . . . . . . . . . .17

Visit Mississippi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27

East Troy Railroad Museum . . . . . . . . .7

Outlets of Mississippi . . . . . . . . . . . . .28

34 â&#x20AC;˘ Bus Tours Magazine / November, 2017

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Nonstop Bingo Action 100 Table Games

Poker & Off-Track Betting 7 Restaurants Live Entertainment 19-Story Luxury Hotel For day trips, contact Lisa Pederson at 414-847-7982 or LPEDERSON@PAYSBIG.COM. For overnight stays, contact Sales & Catering at 414-847-8600 or SALES@PAYSBIG.COM. See Lisa at the Wisconsin Cheese booth at the ABA Meeting & Marketplace in Charlotte this January!


To show you an exquisite culinary scene with renowned chefs and local flavor.

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