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Little Elephant Pattern

Little Elephant is really quick and easy to make, either from felt or scraps of blanket or old felted knitwear. He’s all hand sewn so is fun to stitch when sitting down in the evening. You will need: Main body, head gusset and outer ears 2 x 8” square felt or felted (non-fray) fabric Under body 1 x 8” square felt or felted (non-fray fabric) Inner ears, 2 small pieces pattered fabric 2” square pink felt for heart on bum (optional) 1 skein embroidery floss Tiny amount black floss for eyes. Polyfil to stuff

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The templates

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To make up First cut all your pieces. Position your felt heart (I haven’t given a template for this) on the elephant’s bum part of one of the main pieces and stitch in place. Using 3 strands of embroidery floss join the underbodies to the main body pieces from A to B (going around the legs and tummy). Use half cross stitch and work in one direction first, then return in the other direction. This will give you seams extra strength as if one thread breaks the whole stitching won’t unravel. Then join the underbodies together along line A to B. Stitch around bottom of trunk and up as far as C (where the head gusset is placed). Stitch head gusset into place along bag down to bum. You may want to put some extra stitches where multiple pieces join for extra strength. Now stuff your elephant’s legs. Use small pieces of stuffing to avoid lumpiness and push into corners (but not too hard!). Stitch up the other side of the trunk, stuffing as you go. Then complete stitching the other side of the gusset, again stuffing as you go and checking for good shape and no lumpiness. Stuffing is really important and can really make (or ruin) the appearance of a toy. Place the ear pieces wrong sides (if there are any) together and stitch around curved edges. Position on sides of head and pin in place. Do this by placing the ear backs against the body and pinning flat. Then cross stitch straight edge in place. When you take the pins out you can fold the ears forward which will make them stand up nicely. Add eyes – French knots in 3 strands of floss – and a little plaited tail made from floss. Finished! Please respect my copyright – this pattern is not to be copied and redistributed on a commercial basis. Thank you.

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Little Elephant Toy pattern  

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