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A new axe bar is coming to Lakeshore Marketplace

2 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

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June Things to Do

Celebrity bartenders mix it up for Big Brothers Big Sisters Elected officials, business leaders and special guests ranging from Mrs. North Carolina to Panthers announcer Mick Mixon will duel for tips at the Ninth Annual Celebrity Bartending fundraiser June 14 at Alton’s Kitchen & Cocktails. All tips go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte. Cornelius Mayor Woody Washam and Huntersville Mayor John Aneralla will compete for tips as well as Mecklenburg County Commissioners Pat Cotham, a Democrat, and Jim Puckett, a Republican. Also ready to pour for a good cause are TV news personalities, Tonya Rivens and Joe Bruno, not to mention Cornelius Commissioner Thurman Ross, Davidson Mayor Rusty Knox and this year’s and next year’s chairs of the Lake Norman Chamber, Joshua Dobi vs. Tricia Sisson. Presenting sponsors this year are Cornelius-based Champion Tire and San Jose-based PayPal.

The event is part of Big Day at the Lake, which puts at-risk youngsters from Big Brothers Big Sisters and their mentors—also known as Bigs—out on Lake Norman for a full day of boating and tubing each year. The event culminates in a picnic at the Energy Explorium. Big Day at the Lake will be held on Saturday July 21. To register as a Boat Host, go to www. This year’s fund-raising goal is $110,000, according to Big Day at the Lake Finance Chair Jim Duke. “Right now we’re at $100,000 and climbing,” Duke said, “and this is before Celebrity Bartending.” Thanks to local businesses and individuals, Big Day at the Lake has been responsible for raising well over $1.15 million for Big Brothers Big Sisters during the past 14 years. The ad hoc organization has virtually no overhead, thanks to in-kind donations from a variety of restaurants, Duke Energy and AlphaGraphics, a printing company.

Golfing for Parker June 2 The 2nd Annual Pounding For Parker Foundation Golf Tournament will be held Monday, June 4, 10 a.m. at NorthStone Country Club. The golf tournament is a fundraiser for the Pounding For Parker Foundation which is dedicated to increasing awareness and funding for brain

tumor research and improving the quality of life of survivors. The foundation recently presented a check to Levine Children’s Hospital for $100,000. The fee to register is $150 for individuals. Visit

More local events every Thursday morning at 6am:

Adoptable Pets

Open for adoptions Tuesday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 5 to 7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to noon. Call for appointments 704-237-3602

Expires July 1, 2018 Convenient Online Booking

Ace is a five-year-old Lab mix who was recently surrendered to the shelter. He is friendly, affectionate and would make a great companion or family pet. Please come meet this sweet boy.

Remmey arrived at our shelter with her sister, Riley. She is about 4, sweet and calm, and doesn’t mind being held and picked up. Please come by the Cornelius Animal Shelter for a visit.

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 3

Table of Contents A4 W E A L T H A D V I S O R S, LLC

Ninety, the new 80? How about the new 70? These nonagenarians are going strong. Page 4

LKN FINANCIAL CENTER 16140 Northcross Drive | Huntersville, NC 28078 office: 704-509-1141

Women and Retirement

The gender differences when it comes to retirement planning

New Town Manager Andrew Grants an interview, likewise Wayne Herron Page 6

Mission work Joy and Thomas Boone visited war-torn Syria and returned to Bethel Presbyterian Church to tell about it Page 8

Cut-throughs and speeding Are commuters not just cutting through your neighborhood, but speeding, too? Page 10

Eat This Up Lobsters on a truck; kick axe at The Lodge Page 25

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If you are a woman who is planning your retirement, you may have noticed that you face some specific challenges that your male counterparts don’t necessarily experience. Women have to account for things like a longer life expectancy, the gender pay gap, shorter time in the workforce and higher health care expenses. While this isn’t all bad news, it does mean that you have to be much more prepared and have a strategy in place to help overcome these obstacles. According to the Employee Benefits Security Administration of the Department of Labor, of the 63 million women working in the United States, only 44 percent are participating in a retirement plan ( resource center/publications/women.pdf). This means that less than half of women are taking basic steps to save for their golden years. When it comes to retirement planning, every small bit you store away can make a difference. At A4 Wealth Advisors, LLC, we are dedicated to providing you with personalized financial solutions and making sure that your needs and goals are put above anything else – regardless of gender. We are committed to helping you close the retirement income gap that you may face, whether it is due to time spent out of the workforce caring for your children or accounting for the cost of future health care costs you may encounter. In a recent study by Prudential Financial, only one in five women felt that the financial services industry understood her needs (http://www., and we want to assure you that we aren’t like the others. We won’t charge ridiculous fees or speak in industry jargon that leaves you feeling left in the dark – this is your retirement, after all. We strive to provide you with the solutions that we believe align with your unique goals, and work with you to make sure your financial planning is on the right track to reach those goals. While retirement planning can be vastly different for women than it is for men, that doesn’t mean that women can’t reach the retirement they’ve been dreaming of. When you work with the right financial professional that can evaluate your unique financial situation and develop a plan tailored to you and your goals, you can overcome any gender differences.

Sincerely, John B. Balcerzak CFP® Advisory services offered through A4 Wealth Advisory, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor in North Carolina. Insurance products and services are offered through A4 Capital Management, LLC. A4 Wealth Advisory, LLC and A4 Capital Management, LLC are affiliated companies.

4 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

Getting old: With. The. Right. Stuff. BY DAVE YOCHUM If you plan to live to 100 and beyond, you might want to get some advice from Katy Hollingsworth and Bob Elliott. Both are thriving; Katy, at 91, and in Bob’s case, he’ll be 90 on July 4. They’re both strong and active. They’re also resilient and they have a habit of helping others, many of them younger than themselves. Both are long-time Cornelius residents, but neither one attributes their longevity to the local waters, although Bob is assistant director of the Lake Norman Marine Commission. Both say adapting to change is part of what

they do. At their age, some friends are gone. And the old ways of doing things are nowhere to be found. “Things change,” Bob says. While many of us remember Sept. 11, 2001, or when Martin Luther King died, or President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Katy and Bob remember events like FDR’s death, the start of World War II and even the depths of the depression. Katy was born in 1927. Bob in 1928. People who live to 90 or 100 juggle profound change around them against their own predilections. They’ve been social upheaval and the

Katy Hollingsworth defines upbeat

Katy remembers her family hearing about Roosevelt’s death on the radio—there was no TV. The daughter of a Wesleyan minister, she never smoked or drank. Her dad died at the age of 69 and mom at 73. One early memory is school being let out to watch President Roosevelt drive through town. Asked about her longevity she states: “I’e always been a real happy person and I came from a happy family. We didn’t squabble, and fuss like a lot of families do.” The family remains close; one son is nearby, another is near Mt. Mourne. She has eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. Katy and her late husband lived in Bahia Bay and Norman Shores before retiring to Fancy Gap, Va., then came back when his health was failing. Now she lives in a comfortable con-

do near the Police Station. Katy takes vitamin D—she’s had cancer twice—and exercises at least twice a week for an hour at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church with the OWLS group, short for Older Wiser Living Stronger. Katy, you see, is uber-good (in the German sense of uber) about driving people around. After a certain age, doctor visits come more frequently. Katy, who gets check-ups about every three months, tries to eat out once a day. Some people younger than her no longer drive—Katy will drive them to church or a doctor’s appointment in her new Chevy Equinox. She’s on the senior village committee at Mt. Zion where she’s known as a list person who gets things done. “I drive other people around…and pick up people who are a lot younger than I am,” she says.

loss of loved ones and forged on. Katy, who lost her husband, and Bob, who still has his wife Jacquelyn—a youngster at 87—are both hard workers, have close ties with friends, family and church and maintain a positive outlook on life. Asked the key to making it to (almost) 90, Bob says: “I just think positive attitude and a sense of humor…that all comes with the blessing of good health.” Here’s a closer look at both of these super successful, superannuated Cornelius residents.

Bob Elliott stays involved

Bob Elliott doesn’t golf as much as he used to. It’s not because he’s not active; rather, some of his friends are gone or no longer play. “As you might imagine most of my older close friends have died which included my golfer friends which is probably why I don’t play as much golf anymore,” Elliott says. That’s one tough cookie. He’s also a man who rolls with life’s punches and doesn’t get down. Rather than golf, “I play racquetball with my grandsons,” Elliott says. He looks like the fit 75-year-old that 60-year-olds hope to look like. “I have been active in playing some sport all my life starting with basketball, then handball and tennis, and now racquetball which I still play from time to time with my grandsons,” Elliott says.

He joined the YMCA when he first moved here and swims and works out early every morning. “I estimate I’ve swum about 2,500 miles,” Elliott says. On top of all that, he is the assistant director of the Lake Norman Marine Commission. Elliott, who was a junior in high school when Roosevelt died, went to Purdue University, joined the ROTC and then went into the Navy in 1950. His military service remains a defining point in his life: Elliott stayed in the Naval Reserve 26 years. He was a plant manager who climbed the ranks into top management positions in corporate America. He has almost never stopped working. In 1995 when he joined the Davidson Lions Club, which, along with several other Mecklenburg Lions Clubs own a factory in Charlotte called Lions Services, it was nearly bankrupt. “In order to help out I ran Lions Services one summer, and along with the board of directors which met weekly on the effort for a couple of years, managed to turn the company around,” Elliott says. Spoken like a true CEO. The Elliotts have three children, nine grandchildren and five-goingon-seven great grandchildren. What’s his secret to successful old age? “Undoubtedly having a wonderful wife and family, good friends, great church, good doctors and of course-without a doubt--God’s blessings!”

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 5

6 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

New town manager compares job to running a company “While the products of a local government may not be the same as goods or services of a traditional company, the principles of operating a successful business are just the same.” – Andrew Grant

BY DAVE YOCHUM Andrew Grant has been the Cornelius Town Manager understudy in chief for 15 years. He takes over the role from his boss Anthony Roberts who landed the top non-elected position in Huntersville after their town manager resigned this past winter.

Born at Ft. Bragg ​ and raised in Charlotte​, Grant will oversee a budget of $23 million-plus and growing. The town has a total of 119 employees, with police and animal control being the largest with 81. Administration and finance count for 10 people in Town Hall. A town manager is a little like being the CEO of a $20 million company. The products of a town are infrastructure and services—not widgets or insurance—but some of the challenges are the same. You need to lead people in the same direction and produce quality products from sidewalk maintenance to parks and public safety,

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and at the same time maintain the confidence of a board of directors. “While the products of a local government may not be the same as goods or services of a traditional company, the principles of operating a successful business are just the same,” said Grant, who graduated from NC State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Grant, who has three daughters ​ and lives in Antiquity, also has a master’s degree in Business Administration as well as Health Administration from Pfeiffer University. He was the town manager in Kershaw, S.C. Comparing citizens to shareholders,​Grant said town governments have ​similar ​performance markers: “Providing excellent service​ ; ​planning for growth and change​;​managing internal and external challenges and risks​;​achieving mission and vision goals with oftentimes limited resources​;​and collaborating—if not partnering—with other entities to gain accomplishments​. ”​ Of course, there’s politics, but ​ mostly it’s the office kind. Successful town managers steer clear of the political upheavals that can happen every two years and are adaptable to the idiosyncracies of each new mayor and each new set of commissioners. ​His f​irst job ever ​was as a c​o nvenie​n​ce store clerk when h ​e w ​ as 14​ , so he’s accustomed to long hours and, well, an interesting clientele. ​He says local government is fascinating​. “As a Town, we value creating a high quality of life for our citizens and an environment that businesses can be successful in​ ..​.we have the benefit of working with a wide range of stakeholders and partners, all of whom want to see the Town succeed​,” he says.​

Town Planner Wayne Herron getting new job at Town Hall ​Wayne Herron, 51, will ​stay in ​ his job right now as Planning Director for the Town of Cornelius, but he is moving ​up to Assistant Town Manager, a position held for more than a dozen years by Andrew Grant. Herron, an Appalachian State ​ University graduate who majored in Geography & Planning with a minor in Business Administration, will be staffing up the planning department while also functioning as assistant town manager. Everyone around him says the former Monroe City Manager has been an astute manager of the builders and developers who come before the town even as it approaches build-out. Planning is one of the key functions in Town Hall. Herron says traffic impacts every facet of our lives in Cornelius and has a direct impact on land use planning. “Residents want to reduce density and intensity of development and of course, developers want to maximize. Our challenge is to balance the growth knowing we have so many road projects in the next five years that will bring traffic capacity to our area that is greatly needed,” he says. The Charlotte​native graduated from Freedom High School​and went on to the planning department in Boone after college, then Monroe where he joined the planning department in 2001, then became City Manager in 2009. He joined the Cornelius Planning Department in 2012.

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8 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

On Religion

Rev. Boone’s Syrian mission trip perilous, blessed

ev. Tom and Joy Boone are just back from a mission trip to Syria, one of the most challenging political environments in the world. Their purpose was “to come alongside the churches there and to encourage them, hear their stories, and discover opportunities for partnership,” said Tom Boone, the senior pastor of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Cornelius. Known for its barbecue (the community-wide event is Sept. 27 this year) and mainstream beliefs as well as outreach and mission, Bethel Presbyterian is different in a thousand ways from Syrian Christian churches, but the same in the most important way. “When we get down to it, the entire Bible is a story of God’s plan to redeem and bless broken creation, and He invites us into the process,” says Boone. The Boone’s trip was sponsored by The Outreach Foundation, a Presbyterian mission agency. The first church they visited was in Aleppo, where the original church building was destroyed by terrorists in 2012.

The Battle of Aleppo lasted more than four years. Boone, who says there are 83 separate groups fighting in Syria—none of which are Syrian—explained there is a positive relationship between the Muslim and Christian populations. Bethel Presbyterian will host a Syrian Pastor from Damascus on Aug. 19. The community is invited to listen to his presentation Cornelius Today editor Dave Yochum asked Boone a few questions about the mission trip.

What Bible verse inspires you around overseas missions Boone: Different verses guide each opportunity the Holy Spirit opens before us. In the case of Syria, two verses guided our team. First, in line with Romans 1:11-12 we went to encourage the Christians who have been enduring eight years of war, to hear their stories, and assure them we have not forgotten them. Second, 2 Corinthians 1:20 tells us that in Christ all God’s promises are yes. By showing up despite the danger and risk, we were Christ’s “yes” to the people of Syria. Why Syria, and not West Charlotte or Appalachia? Boone: When God opens the door, we go through it in obedience not because it is convenient or safe. The visas came through just after—not before—the US, UK, and France responded with military action in April. This was nothing short of a miracle, and an obvious sign to us that God was saying “yes” by opening this door. Share a story from your mission trip. Boone: We stood on the rubble of a church in Aleppo that was bombed by terrorists. They bombed the church because the church was protecting four Muslim Syrian soldiers and refused to give them up. The Muslim soldiers are still buried in the rubble of that Christian church. Across the street is a large mosque that was bombed and in its ruins lie the remains of some Christian Syrian soldiers. How ironic. The Syrians are surprised by stories

they hear from their family members about the situation in the US and the EU where Christians and Muslims do not get along well. Did you ever feel that your life was in danger? Boone: The closest we came to real danger was when we visited one Christian town surrounded by ISIS and other terrorist groups. Fighting was 1 kilometer away. We were escorted into town by a civilian militia; we heard continual shelling and missiles being launched as we played with the kindergarten children at the church. It was an opportunity to

Pastor at Church of Aleppo reflect on the provision of God in the midst of war. What needs did you identify? Boone: Financial needs are immense due to the sanctions having a negative effect on the population and 60 percent unemployment. High emigration is also a serious problem. So, we’ve also been asked to help with a leadership development project with the goal of retaining young leaders in the country to stay and lead through their redevelopment. The third greatest area of need is in rebuilding. The churches will be part of this due to their positive relationship with the government. Has your trip resonated with church members? Boone: One of our confirmands was so touched that he used his birthday money to purchase 12 olive tree saplings. He offered to plant them for anyone interested as a reminder to pray for peace in Syria. One of the Syrian pastors described this as “a waterfall of hope” for Syrians.

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 9

10 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

Speeding, distracted driving are worrisome for residents

Brinkley Street plea BY DAVE YOCHUM Speeding—not to mention distracted driving—is apparently a problem across Cornelius. Antiquity resident Phil Bechtold, speaking at a Town Board meeting, said speeding on Old Canal, an east-west connector from South Street in Davidson toward Catawba and Main Street in Cornelius, is out of control. “Traffic is going too fast. Traffic calming has got to be done, it’s getting out of hand over there,” Bechtold said, at the same time calling for a traffic study before the town approves new development nearby. Historically, neighborhood streets weren’t just for speeding cars trying to beat traffic jams on I-77, Catawba or Hwy. 21. David Engwicht, in his book “Street Reclaiming: Creating Livable Streets and Vibrant Communities,” said they were once the center of community life, ranging from a game of catch to block parties. “These important functions have been slowly eroded as car traffic has exerted its dominance,” he writes. Some neighborhood streets are dangerous. Jetton Road near Harris Teeter has one of the highest accident rates in town. “This is particularly caused by left turns coming out of Jetton Village/Harris Teeter,” Mayor Woody Washam said. A lower speed limit—35 mph down from 45 mph, did not improve the accident rate. During some travel times, a majority

of cars are still traveling at 45 mph between Jetton Park and Catawba. “I am very concerned about this as I have personally witnessed at least two accidents in this area and observed several near misses,” Washam said. Speeding concerns likewise, have been raised on Nantz Road, said Mayor Pro Tem Michael Miltich. Back on the east side—on Brinkley Street—residents have painted “SLOW DOWN” on the pavement twice, once for each direction. In Robbins Park, parents have run down cars that shoot through Robbins Crescent to beat backups on West Catawba heading from Sam Furr to Westmoreland. Distracted driving is as dangerous if not more so than excessive speed, said Town Commissioner Denis Bilodeau. “ As the Jetton Road study indicates,

“We pack so much into just so little time that it makes us want to rush so much. Speeding on Nantz Road is dangerous. There is a blind corner just past the park, and there will be children in the middle of the road that you can’t see until right on top of them. I’ve asked for a ‘SLOW sign be placed. It is an NCDOT road and apparently it takes some accidents first to make it happen.” – Dr. Michael Miltich, Cornelius Town Board lowering the speed limit alone will not fix the problem,” he said. Nor would speed bumps, police say According to statistics compiled by the town, there have been eight accidents at the intersection during the past 12 months resulting in several injuries and 51 accidents between 2010 and 2017. Possible changes to the Jetton/Old Jetton intersection include prohibiting left turns or straight across movements. If the turn restrictions are adopted, motorists leaving the CVS/Brooklyn South parking lot will have to turn right, and make a U-turn at Catawba in order to head west on Jetton Road

into The Peninsula. This will require an adjustment in the traffic signal at the Catawba/Jetton intersection. Washam said citizens who see people driving at “very aggressive speeds or demonstrating unsafe movements,” should call 911. Residents can also request that police deploy speed detectors with live read-outs, as well as start their own neighborhood Facebook page for reports of egregious speeding. Be sure to include the time, date and make and model of the vehicle. In Antiquity, residents are concerned about more traffic coming from the proposed Antiquity Woods project on South Street near the covered bridge.

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12 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

News-e News from Marine group stocks lake with sterile carp

Father’s Day Specialists

May 14. By Dave Yochum. The world, according to sterile carp, is an aquatic environment with Hydrilla, and Lake Norman apparently has plenty. Look for a lot more fish—as in 10,200 more—in Lake Norman starting tomorrow, thanks to the Lake Norman Marine Commission. The fish, which will be placed in the lake at Blythe Landing starting at 8 am, will munch on the 500-plus acres of the invasive aquatic weed Hydrilla. It was found last fall by Duke Energy in the Ramsey Creek area in Cornelius. Invasive species can be an animal, plant or fungus. Typically, it’s a species that has been brought into a new environment and causes damage to the environment, the economy or human health. Hydrilla can get so thick it can stop a boat—or clog an intake pipe for cooling water at McGuire Nuclear Power Station. “There was a similar situation in 2004 when about 400 acres was found, the largest amount in Work Creek off Exit

33,” said Bob Elliott, a member of the marine commission. Some 6,000 grass carp were stocked, but it was apparently not enough, even though more grass carp were put in each year. “Since not enough were put in, the Hydrilla has returned and this time there are plans in place to put enough fish in each year to ensure it won’t come back again,” says Elliott, a Cornelius resident. Don’t eat them, of course, but catch and release is OK. Elliott says it is now illegal to catch the sterile grass carp.

Community Cupboard helps those in need Olivia , a third grader at Woodlawn, helped organize the cupboard.

120 Langtree Village Drive - Mooresville 704-230-4458

May 20. By Melissa Atherton. A helpful new community resource officially opened in Smithville on Monday. The Town of Cornelius Parks, Arts, Recreation & Culture (PARC) Department and the Smithville CommUNITY Coalition (SCC) dedicated the Cornelius Community Cupboard in the Community Garden. The Community Cupboard is a partnership between Woodlawn School and the town. The cupboard is free and open to anyone in need said Woodlawn parent

Nikki Howard. Woodlawn third graders and their families will stock the cupboard at first. Fellow community members are welcome to “pay it forward” by stocking the cupboard with toiletries and household products. Although Cornelius is a lakeside town known for its affluent neighborhoods, nearly 30 percent of the students at Cornelius Elementary receive free or reduced lunch.

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 13

News-e News from Firefighters getting $2 an hour pay raise Resident Michelle Ferlauto said nickel-and-diming the force is insulting to them and the community. “I am so disappointed in two of our commissioners conduct,” she said.

May 21. By Dave Vieser. More than two dozen firefighters, residents and TV reporters turned out tonight for the first public hearing on the proposed $23.4 million town budget. But even before the attendees had a chance to speak, town officials unveiled a revised budget which includes funds for a $2 an hour increase. The same budget amendment also reduced the amount of money to be used for the Exit 28 aesthetic improvements from $1.39 million to $1.1 million, with the new found $290,000 to be used for costs such as more pay for firefighters. Fire Chief Neal Smith asked for a $2 an hour pay increase to $15 an hour for firefighters. It would cost about $120,000 a year in a $23.4 million municipal budget.

Both expressed concerns about pay raises for firefighters. Miltich was caught on tape being critical of more pay for firefighters. The hue and cry over the budget and firefighter pay began when budget hawk Gilroy said $2 an hour more was too much in light of the growth of the fire department budget vis a vis the population growth. Commissioner Denis Bilodeau said he has been in favor of the Chief’s request for $2 from the start of the budget process. “The case for an increase is compelling when you consider the statewide average pay and excellent performance of our firefighters. There should never have been a debate,” he said. The official town budget must be approved in time for the beginning of the 2018-19 Fiscal Year July 1.

Retail project on W. Catawba at Knox stuck in traffic modeling right now May 11. The approval process for the new shopping center at West Catawba and Knox Road has come to a halt while the town’s traffic engineer compiles new data in conjunction with the NCDOT. Cornelius Planning Director Wayne Herron anticipates that the required hearings before the town Architectural Review Board, Planning Board and Board of Commissioners will not resume until late summer. Soon after the first public hearing in October 2017, the Town started the Traffic Impact Analysis, Herron said. “However, the DOT required the TIA modeling be done with a newer version of the transmodeler program. The town’s engineer, Kimley Horn Associates, needed some more up-to-date transmodeler files from DOT to complete the project. The DOT was able to

provide these files to the Town just last month. and we expect the TIA draft to be complete around the first week of June,” Herron said. The transmodeler program is a versatile traffic simulation package applicable to a wide array of planning tasks. Herron said once the TIA draft is complete, the applicant—Charter Cornelius LP—will be able to complete their site design.

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14 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

June 30, 2018

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 15

Home Sales

NEW LISTING $299,000 20405 Willow Pond, Cornelius

19129 Peninsula Point $2,950,000 These recent property transactions in Cornelius and Davidson were recorded by the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds.

Cornelius 4/13/18 $185,500 Joseph & Cynthia Young to Sherry Stevenson, 8949 Rosalyn Glen Rd. Unit 92 4/13/18 $450,000 Adam & Nicole Willea to Robert Holezman, 21226 Harken Dr. 4/13/18 $224,000 Joan McDonough & David Chitwood to Janet Manning, 19911 Marina Village Dr. 4/13/18 $480,000 Steven O’Connell to James & Amy Poin-

dexter, 7611 Dunsmuir Ct. 4/16/18 $441,000 Paul Bartman & Marlene Markey to David Himebaugh, 21136 Harken Dr. 4/16/18 $296,000 Kendra Sale to Valerie & Daniel Hart Jr., 11405 Potters Row 4/16/18 $192,500 Patricia White to Gerard & Karen Reid, 19705 Swiss Stone Ln. 4/16/18 $170,000 Rita Estes to Warrior Investments, 18036 Delmas Dr. 4/16/18 $265,000 Judith & Donald Gundry to Patti Cover, 20272 Amy Leed Dr.

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15905 Robbins Green Drive $605,000

Privacy & pond-view lot! Huge, open Living Rm & Dining Rm. Bright, open Kitchen. Stainless steel appliances. Breakfast room overlooks pond. Master Bedroom w/vaulted ceiling & completely updated Master Bath. 1 yr. Home Warranty Within Hough High boundary.

The Lake Norman Group RE/MAX Executive at the Lake

19600 West Catawba Ave Cornelius, NC 28031

(704) 701-7599 (704) 943-0559 Fax

16 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

1150 Concord Road

Rusty Knox Davidson (704) 641-7301 Rusty.Knox

Davidson, NC 28036

16802 Baywatch Court

Cornelius, NC 28031

Offered at $2,250,000

Offered at $1,700,000

Nothing else like this on the market. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Davidson history. “Knox Knoll” sits atop 6.5 tree-lined acres in the heart of Davidson. This custom-built home features five bedrooms, four and a half baths, formal living and dining rooms, library, sun porch and an expansive patio. Extensive moldings throughout the home complement all rooms including grand foyer and staircase. His and hers master baths complement the large master suite.

This outstanding custom waterfront home was built by Grainda Builders. Enjoy Lake Norman right out your back door. Walk to the Peninsula Yacht Club just around the corner. Play golf or tennis or work out at the fitness center, swim or dine at The Peninsula Club just a few blocks away. Ride your bike or walk through this resortlike, tree-lined neighborhood. Enjoy parks or shop close by.

Richardson-Birmingham Associates Lake Norman (704) 819-1027 RichardsonBirmingham



19301 Stableford Lane

Jan Cameron Lake Norman (704) 724-3792 Jan.Cameron

Cornelius, NC 28031

2615 Grey Road

Davidson, NC 28036

Offered at $1,000,000

Offered at $999,000

This home has the wow factor. Be prepared to be amazed with all of the updates. New paver walkway (front) and paver patio addition (back yard), new hardwood floors on lower and upper floors. New HVAC units, new windows in screened porch (porch can be used year-round). Bath remodel, laundry room upgrades (granite counter and tile work), new light fixtures and door hardware, new great room cabinets and tile work around fireplace, custom paint throughout and custom closets.

Classic farmhouse style custom home with standing seam galvanized metal roof on 7.5 acres in Davidson. Beautiful setting tucked into the trees but just minutes away from Davidson’s historic Main Street and the college campus. Quality and cozy comfort abounds with 5” hardwood floors, huge kitchen with vaulted tongue and groove pine ceilings, farm sink, quartz counters, center island with hickory cabinets. Master bedroom and office on main level.


Beth Knox Sullivan Davidson (704) 533-3475 BethKnox.Sullivan


CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 17

15705 Jetton Road

Cornelius, NC 28031

Offered at $1,595,000

Dixie Dean Lake Norman (704) 641-1465 Dixie.Dean

Breathtaking sunsets and miles of views make this extraordinary Lake Norman property one-of-a-kind. Surrounded by multi-million dollar estates on tony upper Jetton. This ranch with basement is sited on a gently sloping lot leading to approximately 1,725 square feet of grandfathered, covered deep-water dock and gazebo. Notable features include mantel beam from sunken ship, brick from an old mill and stone from an old farm. Master suite features granite and walk-in shower. MLS#3316153

17530 River Ford Drive

Davidson, NC 28036

Offered at $899,000

Anita Sabates Lake Norman (704) 562-2515 Anita.Sabates

This classic custom-built home by Karl Plattner has it all. Incomparable location overlooking River Run’s 12th fairway from your back patio and lush natural area from your covered front porch. Walk to nature trails, swimming pool and tennis courts. The neutral color scheme is relaxing, clean and timeless. Main floor master retreat offers coffered ceilings, spa-like bathroom and large walk-in closet. The home’s millwork is extraordinary. MLS#3385501

18 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018


Home Sales

• 2013-2017 Top Sales Associate

• 30 Years of 19108 Betty Stough Road - Cornelius

$1,375,000 MLS 3377586

Superior Service

704.533.0444 Broker/REALTOR®, SFR

7611 Dunsmuir Court $480,000

HOMES from page 15 4/16/18 $283,500 Cheri Contes to Jessie & Lara Hill, 9429 Magnolia Estates Dr. 4/16/18 $237,000 James & Torrie Thompson to Robert & Farrell Boone, 10713 Danesway Ln. 4/17/18 $245,000 Donna Brown & Robert Villegas to Jonathan & Melissa Ezell, 18722 Coverdale Ct.

4/20/18 $402,000 Ryan & Brianna Schuster to Jonathan & Donna Cone, 19021 Northport Dr. 4/23/18 $260,000 Marty & Nila Karriker to Janly Lahti, 17115 Graysac Ct. 4/24/18 $493,500 Epcon Nantz Road LLC to Michael & Lori Austin, 16108 Lakeside Loop Ln. 4/24/18 $676,000 Steven & Pamela Black to Ronald & Wendy Turber, 18213 Captains Cove Ln.

4/18/18 $374,000 South Creek Homes to Rodnet & Lisa Germer, 11532 Dublin Crescent Rd.

4/24/18 $360,000 David & Martha Mabie to Teresa & Raymond Burrows, 9212 John Hawks Rd.

4/18/18 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 220 Bailey’s Glen

4/24/18 $266,000 Paramount Realty Investments to Eduardo & Donna Arnaldo, 8818 Westmoreland Lake Dr.

4/19/18 $329,000 South Creek Homes to Jeanne Pennebaker, 11524 Dublin Crescent Rd. 4/19/18 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 332 Bailey’s Glen 4/20/18 $247,000 Carol Baker to Dale Yarberry, 19539 Danae Lynn Dr. 4/20/18 $218,000 Scott & Charity Ellis to Jean Ritchey, 22013 Torrence Chapel Rd. 4/20/18 $130,000 Natale Ficarra to Gal & Miri Sinclair, 19731 Feriba Pl. 4/20/18 $470,000 Andrew & Rochelle Eccher to Nancy Averill, 12211 Meetinghouse Dr.

4/25/18 $465,000 Nanette Lockwood to Nancy Poffenbaugh, 22247 Market St. 4/25/18 $769,000 Paula & David Sturgess to Ryan & Brianna Sensale, 17504 Cotton Baker Ct. 4/25/18 $880,000 Nancy & John Buttrey Sr. to Steven & Pamela Black, 177701 Springwinds Dr. 4/26/18 $317,000 Luigi & Judy LaPietra to Amy Lykins, 1039 Writers Way 4/26/18 $342,000 South Creek homes to Wanda Fitzpatrick, 17824 Coulter Pkwy. 4/26/18 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes,

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 19

Home Sales Construction to Sandra Burnam Wehunt Trust, 12119 Addi Ln. 4/27/18 $170,500 Carol Hager & Karen Harris, My Three Sons LLC, 18939 Coachmans Trace 4/27/18 $125,000 Bailey Forest Development to South Creek Construction, Lot 27 Bailey’s Forest 4/27/18 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 305 Bailey’s Glen 4/27/18 $231,500 Betty Blankenship to Lisa Rose, 19329 Pocono Ln.

19021 Northport Drive $402,000 Lot 301 Bailey’s Glen, Cornelius 4/26/18 $378,000 South Creek Homes to Ronald & Rebecca Stock, 11406 Dublin Crescent Rd. 4/26/18 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 352 Bailey’s Glen 4/26/18 $474,000 South Creek Construction to John & Kathleen Wages, 15129 Reese Finley Ln.

4/26/18 $325,000 John & Ana O’Brien to Eric Bagdikian, 17115 Graves Ct. 4/27/18 $177,500 Paul Hudson to Zachary & Jillian Jackson, 10045 Meadow Crossing Ln. 4/27/18 $610,000 South Creek

4/27/18 $372,000 South Creek Homes to James Stablein & Lindsay Sutherland, 11528 Dublin Crescent Rd. 4/27/18 $296,000 Elizabeth James to Alexander Winkler & Lauren Sanders, 17624 Harbor Walk Dr.

With You From

4/26/18 $125,000 Bailey Forest Development to South Creek Construction, Lot 37 Bailey’s Forest

4/27/18 $334,000 Wesley Dunaway to Anthony & Natalia Battisti, 17535 Harbor Walk Dr. 4/27/18 $2,320,000 William & Ericka Cain to Dennis & Nancy Franks, 18601 Peninsula Club Dr. 4/27/18 $305,000 Nurthahya & Kimiati Sambawa to Steven & Tracy Lyon, 17912 Caldwell Track Dr. 4/30/18 $247,000 Aaron & Kirsten Roer to Carlos & Julie Ruano, 104002 Caldwell Depot Rd. 4/30/18 $297,000 Alvah & Nina Simons to Gary & Bonni Leone, 20221 Beard St. 4/30/18 $517,000 South Creek Construction to Thomas & Terry Harakal, 14115 Boden Ct. 4/30/18 $105,000 Bailey Forest

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Start to SOLD You deserve expert, concierge-level service from the start of the buying/selling process until closing. Using my education & experience, I work directly with you each step of the way to achieve your desired results.

4/26/18 $360,000 Bradley & Jill Micallef to Jason & Lauren Norman, 17318 Harbor Walk Dr.

Call me today to get started!

Patricks Purchase - Private Lot, $1,369,000 UNDER CONTRACT

Sherry K Hickman, MBA 704.728.1905

21136 Harken Drive $441,000 Christie’s International RE Luxury Specialist

20 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

Home Sales

Kathy Day

Realtor/Broker Allen Tate Company 19460 Old Jetton Rd


19043 Meta Rd, Cornelius

Cell 704 668 9656 Office 704 896 5153 MLS # 3372040

Immaculate Home, in Sought After Peninsula Subdivision, in a Premier Community Located at Lake Norman. Renovated Home, Open Floorplan, Restoration Hardware Accents, Dual Grand Stairways w/Decorative Iron Accents, Great Rm w/Vaulted Ceiling, Stone Fireplace, Gourmet Kitchen w/SS Viking Appliances, Quartz Counter Tops, Custom White Maple Cabinets, Wine Rack, Wine Cooler, Double French Doors leading to Over-sized Deck & Screened Porch & Fenced Private Back Yard. Guest Suite on Main, Stunning Mastr Bedrm & Bath w/Dual Vanity, Centered w/Cast Iron Tub, Huge Bonus. New Roof 2017, New Fenced Back Yard, New Landscaping. Located Walking Distance to Jetton Park, Retail & Restaurants. The Peninsula Offers Golf/Swim/Sport Memberships and Yacht Club Memberships


16218 Sasanoa Drive $610,500

HOMES from page 19 Development to South Creek Construction, Lot 10 Bailey’s Forest 4/30/18 $237,000 Ralph & Adrian Alexander to Hecpal RomanLaborde & Ursula Romhany, 11113 Aprilia Ln. 4/30/18 $510,000 Richard & Elizabeth Baumgratz to Brade & Sharon Townsend, 18798 Nautical Dr. Unit 4 5/1/18 $740,000 Richard & Germaine Mayo to RC & N Marchelos, 22326 Country Club Dr. 5/1/18 $215,000 James Day to Matthew Levinsky, 19950 Crew Cottage Ct.

• Professional office space now available for lease on W. Catawba Ave near Chamber of Commerce, Goodwill and Bank of the Ozarks • Share with existing professional business approximately 2200 square feet in the Harbour Park Building • Spacious windowed office with separate reception area, secretarial space, two conference rooms, kitchen and restroom • 2nd floor condominium with elevator • Upgraded unit (formerly Wells Fargo Securities) • Seeking $950.00 mo. and share of common utilities Call Chera 704 892-2992 or Chris at 704 996-8722

5/2/18 $60,000 Mary Duggan to Ross Pittman Asset Group, 21008 Brinkley St.

5/4/18 $401,500 Stephanie Pierce to Henry Furches, 22225 Market St. 5/4/18 $376,500 South Creek Homes to Michael & Mary Ann Krueger, 17729 Morehampton Ave. 5/4/18 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 313 Bailey’s Glen 5/7/18 $610,500 Peter & Lisa Mojica to Brendan & Laura Kerr, 16218 Sasanoa Dr. 5/7/18 $270,000 Michael & Tiffani Thomas to Courtney Shamburger, 10036 Caldwell Depot Rd. 5/3/18 $255,000 Gary West to David Bailey II, 18701 Nautical Dr. Unit 201

5/2/18 $347,000 South Creek Homes to LuAnn & Carl Breitwise, 17717 Morehampton Ave.

5/3/18 $860,000 Gabriel & Erica Barnhardt to Christopher & Hunters Strianese, 18426 Peninsula Club Dr.

5/2/18 $70,000 Bluestream Partners to South Creek Homes, Lot 310 Bailey’s Glen

5/3/18 $175,000 Barbara Hager to Brandon Halsey, 19501 Coachmans Trace

5/2/18 $364,000 South Creek Homes to Roberta Jacobowitz & Sharon Irwin, 17840 Coulter Pkwy.

5/7/18 $887,00 Frank Sizer III to Gabriel & Erica Barnhardt, 18124 Nantz Rd.

5/4/18 $2,950,000 Vesta LLC to Robert & Laura Dougherty, 19129 Peninsula Point Dr.

5/7/18 $180,500 Donald & Mary

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The Peninsula’s Top Closing Agent Since 2012 THE PENINSULA








18518 Square Sail Road | $650,000

17119 Players Ridge Drive | $558,000

18300Spinnakers Invergordon Lane 17723 Reach Dr | $685,000 $999,800

Shearwater Point







19824 Shearwater point | $1,199,000

17528 Paradise Cove Court | $1,179,000







18806 Halyard Pointe Lane | $1,875,000






18231 Mainsail Pointe Drive | $1,645,000

17701 Springwinds Drive | $899,000

18518 Town Harbour Road $699,000




19201 Captains Watch DRIVE $579,000

18329 Harbor Light BLVD. | $1,645,000


15705 Jetton Road | $1,595,000 Christina Stone 704-740-0629

Dixie Dean 704-641-1465


22 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

We represent extraordinary homes in a variety of lifestyle categories and price points.

Home Sales

19807 Bustle Road MLS #3390766

21220 Lakeview Circle MLS #3393358

9034 Robbins Preserve Road MLS#3378307

18426 Peninsula Club Drive

HOMES from page 20 Frost to Gerald & Terry Noon, 10519 Trolley Run Dr.

Michelle Ivester Rhyne “Luxury is an experience, not a price point.

704.622.0626 c • 704.727.4170 o

5/8/18 $160,000 Nikolaos & Konstantina Sohoritis to Eric & Sarah Holloway, 17738 Trolley Crossing Way

19825 North Cove Road • Cornelius, NC 28031

5/8/18 $523,000 Epcon Nantz Road to Colin & Wanda Kemp, Lot 55, The Courtyards on Lake Norman 5/8/18 $177,000 Patrick Dawley to Kathy Adair, 21150 Kimbrough Ln.


100 VER

, Sports n io t a e r c e R Arts & Camps*! and Full Day Ages 4-16

5/9/18 $350,000 Jeffrey & JoAnne Bocach to Lawrence & Patricia Geise, 18623 Harborside Dr.

CE *LIMITED SPABLE A IL A V STILL A for select weeks only.

5/10/18 $260,000 Daniel & Teresa Valk to Edward & Emily Lash, 19411 Fridley Ln.

Register NOW!! 704.892.6031 ext. 160 GOLD SPONS


5/14/18 $292,000 Toby & Mindi Carnes to John & Elizabeth Pedone, 17440 Harbor Walk Dr. 5/14/18 $245,000 Jason & Tamara Voelzke to Matthew Gutowski, 18812 Victoria Bay Dr. 5/15/18 $605,000 Luis Torres & Ana Castellanos to Michael & Erica Tetuan, 15905 Robbins Green Dr. 5/15/18 $337,500 Noah Lazes to Samuel Yancey II, 27304 Lake Path Dr.

Davidson 4/13/18 $335,500 Jerry & Rediet Fletcher to Matthew & Kelly Klug, 17207 Summers Walk Blvd.

5/10/18 $280,000 William & Dawn Rasmussen to Wilson & Maria Flores, 10001 Caldwell Depot Rd.

4/16/18 $650,000 Geoffrey O’Donnell Jr. & Courtney O’Donnell to James & Kathryn Hardy, 18208 Old Arbor Ct.

5/14/18 $84,500 Joseph & Julie Miller to Fernancyh & Livier Garcia, Martha Gonzalez, 19528 Meridian St.

4/16/18 $586,000 Joseph & Cynthia Gregory to Matthew & Claire Gidaly, 13339 Robert Walker Dr.

5/14/18 $221,500 Jennifer Overton to Sylvia Jones, 11438 Potters Row

4/17/18 $709,000 JCB Urban Co. to Lauren & Richard Rasor Jr., 832 Patrick Johnston Ln.

5/14/18 $267,000 Bret & LIsa Picariello to Courtney Holliday, 18901 Victoria Bay Dr.

4/17/18 $702,000 William & Deborah Aull to Gerald & Sherry Craig, 19804 River Falls Dr.

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 23


Mooresville, North Carolina | | 704.727.4170

The location, the style, the feeling you get when you walk through the door – every aspect of your home should be a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been and the life you aspire to live. Your best life begins with a home that inspires you. Call us today and let us find your inspiration. 877.539.9865

Asheville | 828.277.3238 Banner Elk | 828.898.5022 Blowing Rock | 828.295.0776

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Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.

24 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

Modern Dad O n F a t h e r ’s D a y

Do as I say, not as I do Justin Rose won the U.S. Open on Father’s Day in 2013. My dad was in the hospital and I was staying with my mom that night while my wife and kids were at home. As I sat in my dad’s chair, Rose said this in his victory speech: “A lot of us come from great men and we have the responsibility to show our children what a great man can be.” I remember nodding in agreement at the first half of that statement and anxiety that washed over me when I thought more about the second part. Despite my efforts I’m not sure I’ll ever show Future Man and The Blonde Bomber what a great person can be. I try to show them and tell them about things that I think are important. They never listen but I tell them anyway. Some are big picture. Some are tactical. Some are outright lies that are meant to keep them from doing things that I don’t want them doing. This is my Father’s Day advice. It’s like Life’s Little Instruction Book but hopefully less trite. Here we go:

• If you start flossing your teeth three weeks before a dental exam then you can fake the hygienist into thinking you floss all the time. • Life isn’t a straight line on a graph that goes up from left to right, but rather a squiggle of ups and downs and forwards and backwards that, at the end, will hopefully be higher on the right side than it was on the left. • Mow your own grass. Pride of ownership is far greater when you do something with your own hands instead of paying others to do it. • Don’t ask your parents for a dog. Your dad will just end up having to walk it and pick up the poop because, despite your intentions, no kid has ever lived up to the promise of taking care of a dog. I didn’t when I was a kid and neither will you. • Smile when you see someone. A person’s face will generally mirror your expression and enthusiasm. If someone

”Stop doing something when it ceases being fun. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t persevere in the face of adversity. It means when that adversity is crushing your soul then it probably isn’t worth it.”

is frowning when you talk to them it’s probably because you look and sound like Eeyore. • Making out with a boy before marriage will automatically result in the gruesome death of Princess Anna, the horrific melting of Olaf and the glue factory slaughter of Sven the reindeer. • When the coach tells the team to run at practice always try to be the first one to cross the finish line. Effort is obvious, even when you finish last. • Learn to cook something. It doesn’t have to be everything. Just learn to cook a handful of meals well. It

doesn’t count if it comes in a box. • Spread out your thumbs and pointer fingers. The one on the left is an L, and L stands for left. The one on the right is a J, and J stands for Jon, who is always right. • Stop doing something when it ceases being fun. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t persevere in the face of adversity. It means when that adversity is crushing your soul then it probably isn’t worth it. • If you throw that lacrosse ball at our garage doors one more time then the doors will collapse and leave you pinned under there for eternity. • Study for the test. Care about the test. Feel joy when you get an A and disappointment when you get an F. But know at the end of the day, it’s only a test. • Hug your mom when she comes home from work. It makes her happy. • Keep asking your parents for a dog until they get you one. Your dad secretly wouldn’t mind walking the dog and it’ll be funny to watch The Mother of Dragons get angry when it pees on a rug.

Giving Every Customer The Service They Deserve! • • • • • •

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20619 Torrence Chapel Road | Next to Stein Mart

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 25

Eat This Up

Father’s Day Jack’s Corner Tap welcomes all fathers this Father’s Day

Lobster Dogs: Purebred chef expanding with second truck Chris and Beverly Yelton, owners of Lobster Dogs, have built their business on a simple concept: High-quality Maine chilled lobster served on a toasted split top bun. And from the window of their mobile food truck. It’s one of the most popular in Cornelius—Chris said it’s just about their home base. “Our connection with Cornelius runs pretty deep,” says Yelton, who, for ten years, has owned Sports Page Food & Spirits in Mooresville. The idea for a food truck grew out of a single slow night at their restaurant when someone said everyone was at a festival in downtown Mooresville— complete with food trucks. He purchased his first truck and staffed it with four employees and others who sometimes rotate out from his restaurant. That was three years ago. Now Lobster Dogs is a mainstay in Cornelius—Yelton was serving lobster from the side of a truck at the Butterfly Run at Aquesta Bank one morning in May, and at the Jazz Festival in Smithville that evening. The Yeltons have purchased a second truck that should be up and running in a couple months. They’ve also expanded their menu to meet demand, including a stuffed avocado filled with black bean corn salsa and pico de gallo. You can find them at the Second Friday Street Festival downtown, as well as The Old Town Public House on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. On June 2, a Lobster Fest will feature signature beer pairings with D9 Brewing Company, live music, and live painting.

The Lodge will open in Lakeshore Marketplace 8301 Magnolia Estates Dr Cornelius, NC 28031

FLEA MARKET First Saturday of every month 7:00am-2:00pm Good Food - Good Fun

It makes perfect sense: A bar where you throw axes. The Lodge will open in 6,000 square feet of space in the old Armin’s Catering space in Lakeshore Marketplace on West Catawba. They’ve signed a five-year lease, according to real estate broker and Lakeshore owner Gordon Allebach. While we weren’t able to axe operator Chris Durant any questions, he will capitalize on the newest trend in fun bars. Establishments that pair alcohol with sharp objects are a trend. After all, bars and darts go together like gin and tonic. The practice of hurling axes or hatchets apparently originated in Canada; now, ax bars are opening all over the country. Leagues bring like-minded people together: The National Axe Throwing Federation represents the sport of axe throwing on behalf of over 4,000 league members in over 50 cities and five countries, with a “mandate to promote safety, sportsmanship and competitive protocol.”

Sunday - Wednesday, 6:30 am - 12 midnight Thursday - Saturday, 6:30 am - 2am Now serving breakfast 6:30 - 12:00pm 7 days a week Eggs cooked your favorite way, Omelettes, Egg Sandwich, Waffles, French Toast, Pancakes, Breakfast burritos or Quesadillas, Biscuits and gravy

Spaces are Available Contact Martin to reserve your space today! (704) 779-0443 SELL ANYTHING!!!

Antiques • Collectibles • Art • Clothing • Furniture Cars/Boats • Electronics • Sporting Goods Sponsored by Lake Town Tavern and TNT Decorating

• Tuesday Cornhole @ 7:30pm • Wednesday Sugar Ray, Mr. Phil or Carmen Tate @ 7:00pm • Thursday Trivia • Friday DJ Harper • Friday Cornhole @ 7:30pm

Weekend Entertainment: Saturday Dugi-B at 5 pm

19708 W. Catawba Avenue

Sunday Dave and Woody at 5 pm

(across from UPS Store)

See website for upcoming events


26 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018

Business News

Burn Boot Camp buys office in Cornelius for headquarters

nAY E A eE t eY rN uE R SRS o F T

Big Day at the Lake

14 U







Joe Bruno




• CO M E J O I

U S • CO M E

Celebrity Bartenders OM




BY DAVE VIESER Burn Boot Camp, a nationwide exercise franchise designed specifically for women, has purchased a 20,000 square foot building at 17036 Kenton Drive for $3.15 million. The building, formerly occupied by Carolina Woman, will be Burn Boot Camp’s U.S. headquarters. Owners Devan and Morgan Kline, who have 300 fitness centers around the country in some three dozen states, expect to reach 1,000 franchise locations in the next few years. The new location is about four times larger than their current space next to Harvey’s in Jetton Village, said broker and real estate attorney Kimberly Thaxton. “This is a spectacular move for Burn Boot Camp. This new location has plenty of parking and room for outdoor activities and the gym is beautiful,” she said. Burn Boot Camp’s rented office space on Gilead Road will be closed. “Everything is moving really well, the market is hot,” she said. The assessed C o r n e l i u s

Woody Washam

John Aneralla

Tonya Rivens Rusty Knox

Tricia Sisson

Morgan Kline

Devan Kline

value of the Burn Boot Camp’s new building is $3.4 million. Burn Boot Camp was founded by the Klines in 2014. Devan played for the San Francisco Giants while Morgan pursued a marketing career. Eventually they joined forces around a specific mission: Helping women all across the country improve their health and wellness. The first Burn Boot Camp was held five years ago in a parking lot. After the business beefed up in Charlotte—there are also locations in Pineville, Matthews, Concord and Steele Creek—the Klines took the concept national.

p a r c

d e p a r t m e n t

p h o m ny y S i n t h e pa r k Pr es en t

Jim Puckett

i n g s po n s o r

Joshua Dobi

tham Pat Co

Brent Sparks

Bailey Road Park ark B Bandshell a n d s h el elll Sponsors

111536 1 53 6 B a i le ley yR d Bailey Rd

Saturday, June 23

Cornelius Media Sponsors

6:00 pm


Gates Open and KidZone

6:45 pm

lle Su


Thurman Ross

Jim Duke

Mick Mixon

5:30-9:30 pm Thursday June 14 Alton’s Kitchen & Cocktails 19918 N Cove Rd, Cornelius Tips go to Big Brothers Big Sisters

Supported by Business Today & Cornelius Today for Fourteen Years

Performance by Rockie Lynne Performance by Rockie Lynne

wine & Craft Beer! wine & Craft Beer!

8:15 pm

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra “Celebrate America”

Please rem


LKN Citize

Albert-George Schram, Conductor

Immediately following performance

FreeFree Parking and Admission Available • • Children’s Chiildren’s Activities Parking and Admission •• Concessions Concessions Available Activities

(Coolers and picnic welcome! NO glass bottles ororcontainers, tobacco products, smoking, (Coolersbaskets and picnicare baskets are welcome! NO glass bottles containers, tobacco products, smoking, e-cigs e-cigs, pets or open flames.)

For more information, contact the PARC Department: 704.892.6031, ext. 160 • For more information, contact the PARC Department: 704.892.6031, ext. 160 •

WAME 92. Truliant


CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 27

New Corporations 4/25/18 360 Renovations Inc., Iliana Marcano, 18720 Avery Park Dr. 4/25/18 BAS Global LLC, Amir Zarif, 10508 Quarrier Dr.

4/26/18 CNGB LLC, Joel A. Brown, 20916 Torrence Chapel Rd. Box B16


These are new corporations, as recorded by the NC Secretary of State.

Cornelius 4/16/18 XEL Operations LLC, Phillips Wiegand, 17433 Springwinds Dr. 4/17/18 Grandfather Oak Road POA, Joe Shipbaugh, 18605 Northline Dr. Unit I-3 4/17/18 Loop Financial LLC, Scott Rothenberg, 19512 Trintella Ln. 4/17/18 Papemore Real Estate LLC, Mike Wilson II, 19109 W. Catawba Ave. Ste. 100 4/17/18 RGP Holdings LLC, Reginald G. Pfaff, 18597 Vineyard Point Ln. 4/17/18 SoftWash LLC, Brian J. Dunning, 21329 Crown Lake Dr. 4/17/18 Twelve 31 Jewels LLC, Crystal Crowder, 9523 Renick Dr. 4/18/18 B Well Salon LLC, United States Corporation Agents, 20723 N. Main St. Ste. B 4/18/18 Pemvi Alternative Investments LLC, Jared A. Marks, 8225 Lake Pines Dr., Apt. 106 4/19/18 iT Box LLC, Leslie Barnett, 17500 Sail View Dr.

4/26/18 Edenton Storage LLC, Adam Will Foodman, 20035 Jetton Rd. 4/26/18 Rostam Properties LLC, Amir Zarif, 10508 Quarrier Dr. 4/27/18 D5 Management Group LLC, Martin E. Daley, 21321 Bethel Church Rd. 4/27/18 G&G Properties of Cornelius LLC, Katelin E. Taylor, 17045 Freshwater Ln. 4/27/18 HighPi LLC, Jon Michael Vezendy, 20723 Torrance Chapel Rd. Ste. 201 4/27/18 North Charleston SC Fitness LLC, Alan Huggins, 21323 Baltic Dr. 4/30/18 41st Street Realty LLC, Kevin P. Larkin, 18100 Arbor Pl. 4/30/18 Black Belt Properties LLC, Roger D. Love Jr., 20022 Northport Dr. 4/30/18 Dash Cabinet Company LLC, Brent Zande, 19701 Bethel Church Rd., Ste. 201 4/30/18 Sophia’s Voice Inc., United States Corporation Agents Inc., 19420 Laurel Glen Ave. 4/30/18 Union Chapel 129 LLC, Jesse C.

4/23/18 Graziadei Investments LLC, Richard Graziadei, 18826 Flat Shoals Dr. 4/24/18 Bule Investments Inc., Jason Bule, 18731 Ronceverte Dr. 4/24/18 Graziadei Fitness Investments LLC, Richard Graziadei, 18826 Flat Shoals Dr. 4/24/18 Mind Body and Soul Fitness LLC, Megan Murphy, 20109 Henderson Rd. Unit H

5/3/18 C J Hood Cleaning Services LLC, Celeuco A. Villasmil, 19415 One Norman Blvd. Unit F

4/16/18 Ascension Operations NC LLC, Michael Ringuette, 19105 Golden Bear Cir. 4/16/18 Baskets by Juli LLC, United States Corporation Agents, 10443 Singletree Ln. 4/16/18 Talbert Park Auto Body LLC, Adam Levinson, 19423 Callaway Hills Ln. 4/17/18 Arrow C LLC, Becky Cronan, 341 Watson St.

5/4/18 Carolina Financial Systems LLC, Mike Wilson II, 19109 W. Catawba Ave. Ste. 4/17/18 Pet Brigade LLC, Francie HartsogSlaughter, 15850 Kiser Corner Ln. 100 5/7/18 LKN Food Truck LLC, Margaret Dunn, 17100 Claret Ct. 5/7/18 LMN Opportunity LLC, Loren M. Nichols, 20917 Brinkley St. 5/8/18 Hillco Realty Inc., Jason Todd Hill, 17923 John Connor Rd. 5/8/18 Remarqueable Athletic Solutions LLC, Erin Marie McGuire, 20612 Bethelwood Ln. 5/8/18 TW’s Spot on Charters Inc., Toby Whealdon, 8602 Forest Shadow Cir.

4/17/18 Ramah Executive Park Condominium Development LLC, Richard Tucker, 11326 Harmony Woods Ln. 4/18/18 Sims Media LLC, Dustin Sims, 15931 Rose Glenn Ln. 4/18/18 Town & Country Fence and Rail of the Carolinas Inc., Rebecca S. Chaffin, 913 Hudson Pl. 4/25/18 A Family Affair Creation LLC, United States Corporation Agents Inc., 3300 Brackhill St.

5/9/18 TSI, MTD, Inc., John F. Hanzel, 19425 Liverpool Pkwy. Ste. G

DryMarina Boat Dock Storage

Call 828-238-5421 or email Winterizations

4/20/18 44 Mills LLC, Robert S. Stamey, 18525 Statesville Rd. Ste. D09

5/3/18 Batman and Robin LLC, Paul Dubois, 19501 W. Catawba Ave. Ste. 209


New Corporations online at


4/20/18 Window Genie Cornelius LLC, Thomas C. Jeter III, 18525 Statesville Rd. Ste. D02

4/19/18 WACM LLC, Michael D. Morgan, 19135 West Catawba Ave.

5/2/18 Pure Courage Inc., Robert Todd Armstrong, 18803 Silver Quay Dr.

5/11/18 Financial Marketing Group Inc., Michael Mullan, 19520 W. Catawba Ave., Ste. 200


4/20/18 PEDI SPA NAIL BAR LLC, Hong Hai Thi Nguyen, 17039 Kenton Dr. #103

4/19/18 True-Roof Inc., Juan Loreto, 18720 Avery Park Dr.

5/1/18 Vintage 18 LLC, Tina Edwards, 20428 Deep Cove Ct.

Thomas C. Jeter III, 18525 Statesville Rd. Ste. D-02

5/10/18 Fire Control Equipment Inc.,

Let the knowledgeable staff at Crown Harbor take the hassle out of selling your boat. Our brokerage specialists have the tools and resources to determine the fair market value and reach a targeted market. Your boat will be rotated on the outside slip with Hwy 77 visibility for maximum exposure. Our staff will handle the calls, questions, storage and test drives for you.

4/19/18 18364 Nantz Road LLC, Bret Chapman, 18501 Peninsula Club Dr.

5/1/18 CORE2LKN LLC, Charles W. Colston III, 20035 Jetton Rd., Ste. B 5/1/18 Very Brilliant Cleaning LLC, Vanilza Auxiliad Bona Budd, 10018 Switchyard Dr.

4/25/18 WOW Trucking LLC, Kaverin Vitali, 19420 One Norman Blvd. A


Jones, 19300 Statesville Rd. Ste. 302

Let us sell or store your boat!

Winter storage slips

available now October - April 1

and detaining available on site for more information. Annual boat storage facility with excellent service! Boat rentals on site now available. Call 704-936-7173 reserve Conveniently located in Cornelius, along to Hwy 77 a pontoon or an open bow. Weekday and senior citizen discounts.

21660 Crown Lake Dr. 21660 Crown Lake Dr • Cornelius, NC 28031 Cornelius, NC 28031 704-895-3723

Call 704-895-3723

28 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018


Your comments and opinions since 2006

Putting a spin on recycling

My understanding is that there is a centrifuge ​that helps sort different levels or numbers of plastics as well as paper and glass​ If that’s true, should FedEx envelopes with both plastic film, cardboard and paper be placed in recycling? Should plastic lids be screwed back on to clean glass jars? — via:​

Online headline: May 15

Response H ats off to you. We have some ​ avid recyclers in Cornelius! We went to the town for input, they kicked it up to the the Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Department. They responded with a gentle admonishment to start with: “We ask citizens to focus less on the numbers and remember to recycle plastic bottles, jugs and tubs.” Envelopes with plastic film, cardboard, boxboard (cereal boxes) and paper are all acceptable and can be placed in the same recycling container together. S​ ​ h ould plastic lids be screwed back on to clean glass jars? ​“ Yes”​ ​M ore info: ​w ww.wipeoutwaste. com

Town budget showdown: How will commissioners spend tax dollars? I think the FD should get the increased asked for and take it from the Exit 28 “beautification” bucket!! Let’s get our priorities straight! – Jayne

I think our first responders should be a priority and be paid the same as neighboring towns. – Barb

The firefighters’ union frowns on professional firefighters working part-time in smaller department’s because it allows towns and small cities to take advantage of them, as well as reduces the professional firefighter workforce. If every IAFF member left the three North Meck FDs, our towns’ leaders would --- themselves at the cost.

Lose at least 2” of fat at your very first treatment. GUARANTEED! Actual client lost 15” in 4 weeks with 4 treaments!

The BE SlimNow Program is the easy way to have the body you deserve. We use a patented, FDA approved light treatment that diminishes fat cells - instantly! • The average patient loses 3.5” of pure fat • Non-invasive. Pain free. No downtime • No side effects. Completely safe. • Results within one treatment. If you just want a little off your love handles for an upcoming event, or looking to change your life and whole body, We can help you achieve your goals quickly and painlessly.

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Please call to schedule a consultation 19401 Old Jetton Road • Suite 100 • Cornelius NC 28031 • (704) 655-2719 •

CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 • 29 Knock knock: Caution! Your comments and opinions since 2006

Osprey nest destruction To the person who destroyed and paid to have the osprey nest destroyed down Jetton Road, I hope you feel good about that decision. You destroyed a nest that had eggs in it and caused extreme stress to the mom and dad osprey that circled continously while this was happening. With all that you have why did you decide to destroy and harm one of God’s beautiful creatures? Couldn’t you have allowed them to get through nesting season before doing this? It broke my heart to witness this. —via


Wildlife violations should be reported to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. One of the wardens on and around Lake Norman is Sgt. Ron Robertson. Fish and wildlife issues fall under the sole purview of the NCRW commission. His cell number is 704-775-5757. There is also wildlife violation tip line: 1-800-6627137. Water quality issues should be reported to the NC Department of Environmental Quality 877-623-6748. If there’s a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the responsible individuals may be prosecuted, according to Billy Wilson, vice chairman of the NC Wildlife Federation

So I invited a magazine salesman into my house who said he only needed a few more points to win a sales prize and send his daughter back to college. Now my neighbors are saying he is a human trafficking victim. My husband says I should have asked for his permit. Yes I bought magazines. Do they need permits? Do they have permits? — via:

• Mercury-free dentistry

9700 Caldwell Commons Cir. Certified general cosmetic sedation dentists Cornelius, NC Children’s dentistry with a waiting room play area 704-896-7955 Comprehensive dental care services for the entire family

• Serving Lake Norman since 1993 • • •

• Experienced, caring service in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere


+We actually spoke to one of these door-to-door salespeople selling magazines in The Peninsula. The first thing we asked was whether he was doing this of his own free will. He said he was, that no one ‘owned’ him in any way, shape or form. He also said he was from Philadelphia, and part of a team that came to town to sell and stayed in “four- and fivestar hotels.” He said his commission was 85 percent and that he enjoyed talking “with other high-level sales people” who answered their door. We admit when we asked him if he had a permit, we took his word for it that he did. He kept a piece of paper folded in his white shirt, but we assumed something we shouldn’t have. We decided to contact Cornelius Police Dept. The dispatcher on duty immediately wanted to know where he was, as it was exceedingly doubtful he had a permit. We also contacted Major Kevin Black with Cornelius Police. He said the town does have an ordinance prohibiting soliciting door to door without first obtaining a permit issued by the Town. The permit requires the posting of $5,000 bond and the submission of a criminal records check, just to mention a few of the requirements. We do have several applications issued per year from companies such as Edward Jones and Spectrum” Black said. If you would like to look at the entire ordinance you can follow the link below, searching for Chapter 116, Peddlers and Hawkers.

30 • CORNELIUS TODAY • June 2018 TM��

Your comments and opinions since 2006 Online headline: May 11

Retail project on W. Catawba at Knox stuck in traffic modeling right now With gratitude to our clients who made our recognition possible.

• 2018 Barron’s Top Advisor Rankings: North Carolina, 12th.* • 2018 Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisor Ranking, 6th North Carolina.*

Advisors recognized on these lists typically are the founders of a practice who have remained steadfast and client focused during industry turbulence, mergers, and financial crises. They are passionate about what they do, would do it under any name, and undeservingly, get the credit that their teammates deserve. The rankings are based on data provided by thousands of advisors. Factors included in the rankings were assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record, quality of practice and philanthropic work. Investment performance isn't an explicit component

Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC

Shouldn’t you require connectivity to the Shops at Fresh Market? That would certainly help reduce traffic on Catawba Ave. I would think the adjoining land owners would find that to be beneficial to their property as well. —via comments on You clowns need a “Traffic Impact Analysis?” I have one for free, the congestion in this town sucks enough already but there you go, keep plugging more garbage in with no increase in road capacity. —via comments on Retail project on W. Catawba at Knox stuck in traffic modeling right now – Barb


And we need another shopping center because???????? Our lovely small town feel is being stripped away with every acre of land being scarfed up and developed. UGH – Adam This will make congestion near the Diverging Diamond even worse if they don’t make improvements to Knox Road. I’ve used Knox Road to get around traffic on that part of W Catawba, but a shopping center would eliminate that viaduct by adding traffic that...See More –Tami This is insane! Have the people planning this insanity live up here for a few weeks in the summer & see if they feel a need for yet another shopping center! WE DO NO NEED OR WANT THIS! Our infrastructure can ––Cornelius Today How do you prevent a developer (who has held the property for more

than two decades) from developing their property? – Lucia How about making the developer fix the roads to accommodate more traffic in the area. This should be part of allowing ANY kind of development – Doug Eminent domain. – Angelo Our NC General Assembly has made that illegal – Angela That’s what they did in Phoenix. Developers gotta put up. – Dave I don’t think they need the new transmodeler from NCDOT to tell you that our roads are inadequate. This project will just add to an already congested mess. – Jayne This is another example of NCDOT messing with Cornelius! Over 6 months to provide the update on the traffic model. Really!! I am not a fan of the entrance/exits on the curve for safety reasons. Also the entrance will impede traffic trying to cross Catawba/Knox Rd intersection. – Kathy Lee Paved paradise and put up a parking lot. – Larry I hope it stays stuck. The traffic is horrible already; do we really need another shopping area in Cornelius. Besides a considerable amount of wildlife lives in that patch of woods.


Thank you



• Provide a full day of fun for kids in Big Brothers Big Sisters • Raise money for an efficiently run non-profit • Recruit mentors for children in BBBS

Rotary Club of North Mecklenburg

Jim & Carolyn Duke

Bill & Ericka Cain CAPTAINS & COMMANDERS: Frank & Lynn Manis • Range at LN & Denver - Greg & Tricia Sisson • Duke Energy • Bank of America • Alpha Graphics • Christopher & Robin Davis • KS Audio Video • McIntosh Law Firm • CEENT/Dr. Miltich • Lake Norman Kiwanis Club • Eleven Lakes Brewing • Dobi Financial Park Avenue Properties - John Bradford • Jeff & Nancy Tarte • Paul Newton • Bentz & Associates • Lake Norman Realty - Abigail Jennings • Jeffry & Amy Sparks • O2 emc / O2 Energies/Joel Olsen • Morningstar Storage of Cornelius SKIPPERS & MATES Denis & Chantal Bilodeau • Rose Associates - Kathleen Rose • Margaret & Blair Boggs • Woody & Sharon Washam • Dixie Dean Chaz Beasley • Pamela Martin • Helena Lamb • Brian Harris and Scarlett Hays • John & Pamela Crutchfield • Bob & Lois Watson Tom & Ann Dutton • Chris and Sally Ashworth • John and Nancy Aneralla • Eric Worthington • Karen Tovar • Marvin & Carol Lee Pat Cotham • Andrew Fellows • Marvin & Vicki Lich • Patrick Penuch • Wendy Hartley • Sean Travis • Rob Bennett • Randy Stephenson FOOD & BEVERAGE VENDORS: Big Bite’z Grill, Brickhouse Tavern/Port City Club, Harvey’s In Cornelius, Midwood Smokehouse at Birkdale, Tenders Fresh Food, Dressler’s, Alton’s Kitchen, Mama’s Pizza

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for 14 years



JUST LISTED $3,100,000 | The Peninsula | Waterfront Amazing Kitchen | Huge Views | Private Dock

JUST LISTED $1,299,000 | Waterfront Lot Huge Views | Located in Cornelius



$2,999,000| Waterfront | The Peninsula | New Construction | Completed May 2018

JUST LISTED $689,000| The Peninsula | Boat Slip |4 Beds | 3 ½ Baths

$3,499,000 | Waterfront | Cornelius Private Dock | 4 Car Garage

$1,525,000 | Golf Course | Pool & Hot Tub Amazing Kitchen | The Peninsula

1,475,000| 6.29 Acres| Built by Ken Bealer 4 car garage| Pool | Covered Patio

$4,000,000 | Waterfront | Cornelius| Elevator 10,000+ sq ft | Just Reduced $500k


$5,600,000 | Waterfront | The Point| Pool & Spa 4+ car garage |13,000+ sq ft


JUST LISTED $929,999 | The Peninsula | Boat Slip 2 Bedrooms on the Main | Room for a Pool

Lance Carlyle 704-252-0237

Marci Carlyle 704-451-8399

$1,999,000 | The Peninsula | Waterfront Private Dock | Master on Main

Jim Carlyle 704-252-3047

Terry Donahue 321-402-8543

Terry Byars 704-728-9775

Blaire Cohn 678-591-6621

JUST LISTED $1,590,000 | 0.66 acres | Waterfront Lot Just off Jetton Road in Cornelius

Al Strickland 704-201-7244

Tammy Godwin 704-650-0296

Michael Green 704-954-4489

19520 W Catawba Ave Suite 113 | Cornelius, NC 28031 | 704-895-4676 Office |

Cornelius Today June 2018  
Cornelius Today June 2018