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Joy Global Inc. Shifting into Overdrive

With a major acquisition under its belt, Joy Global is forging ahead to expand horizons and establish a clear presence in its latest market Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Bobby Meehan



A Joy Global Service Center in Minnesota.

As a leading provider of worldclass service and equipment, Joy Global is one of the biggest names in the mining equipment sector. The U.S.-based company specializes in high-productivity solutions for surface and underground mining. Its machinery is used extensively for the mining of coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands, gold and other minerals. And while Joy Global has already established itself among the most innovative equipment manufacturers in the world, the company isn’t finished yet. With a major acquisition under its belt, Joy is forging ahead to 4

May 2015

expand horizons and establish a clear presence in a new market for the company: hard rock. The company’s vision for the endeavor includes a central focus on operational excellence coupled with a refined approach to safety and environmental stewardship. Entering a new market Last year, Joy Global acquired the underground hard rock mining assets of Mining Technologies International Inc. (MTI), including all assets associated with MTI’s hard rock drilling, loaders, dump trucks, shaft sinking and raise bore


A Joy Global employee stands in front of an LT-650.

product lines. The $51MUS acquisition set the stage for Joy Global’s move into the underground hard rock mining sector. “The acquisition provides a unique blend to our broad portfolio of products and it’s a substantial entry point into this market,” said Josh Wagner, Joy Global’s general manager of hard rock underground equipment. Joy Global also recognized it needed to secure the most important part of MTI’s success: its employees. “From day one we knew we needed to get those people on

board,” said Wagner. “Thankfully we were able to hire the necessary staff and everyone has been very responsive to us. They understand we’re investing in them and where we want to take this business.” By combining MTI’s range of complementary products with Joy Global’s proprietary technology and global direct service, the acquisition represents an exciting opportunity for the company to make a significant impact in a new market. Immediately after the acquisition, Joy Global began working to upgrade MTI facilities and improve conditions. w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m


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Proud Supply Chain Partner of Joy Global Hard Rock for Over 15 Years.

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“We needed to inject some capital to get the two facilities up to a manageable, workable level,” said Wagner. “As we start growing, all those values and opportunities will drive our industrial footprint going forward.” “What we’re doing now is getting everything ready to set the stage for things to come,” said Wagner.

Global. “It’s a cultural approach and it’s ingrained into our employees on a daily basis.” Based on a lean philosophy, the company is focused on eliminating waste and streamlining current processes. According to Maki, the company strives to simplify and automate processes and keep people safe. “One of the things we noticed in Vision for excellence our service centers is the potential Joy Global has a clear vision for its to eliminate waste and make things hard rock business. more efficient. We wanted to clean The company is currently rolling that up—rearrange and reorganize— out its Joy Global Business Systems to ensure we are operating as (JBS) operational excellence lean as possible. Our goal is to be initiative, a program dedicated running as efficiently as we can, to ensuring operations in every internally and externally.” department run as smooth and Although still in the beginning efficient as possible. stage of integrating the new hard “We’re introducing new practices rock division, Joy Global is already to improve the organization as a implementing its JBS initiative into whole,” said Evelyn Maki, Marketing the process. Communication Director for Joy

“Our goal is to be running as efficiently as we can, internally and externally.” – Evelyn Maki, Marketing Communication Director for Joy Global. w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m


Let Brannon SteeL Be your Strength Q u a l i t y S i n c e 19 6 8

Supplying parts-to-print to OEM’s and fabricators in Mining, Off-Road Equipment, Nuclear, Agriculture, Forestry, Material Handling, Railway, and Military from our 200,000 sq. ft. facility.

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“One of the things we stand by today is taking our curriculum and lessons learned elsewhere at Joy Global and applying them to part of the integration process,” said Wagner. “We want to take this approach to our customers and help them run their mines to maximize production, while achieving zero harm. This essentially feeds into our goal of delivering world-class performance and operating at the best level possible.” Another important component of achieving Joy Global’s vision for the future is its Environmental Health Safety (EHS) program. The company is committed to an incident-free culture and believes that EHS is a key indicator of organizational excellence and sustainability of its business. “Starting the process post-acquisition, we wanted to identify, evaluate and assess our current situation in terms of overall environmental health and safety metrics,” said Wagner. “We started from square one. We implemented our key initiatives with a focus on getting out in front of identifying lead indicators.” According to Wagner, production, quality and EHS are among the most important goals for the company. “We launched our recording field-level risk assessment program about five months ago and it’s already provided 300 lead indicators. It really provides a lot to our employee base and allows them to take a step back and understand all the risk associated with performing their tasks.”

Ted Doheny, President and CEO

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m



A Joy Global employee (yellow hat) checks in on equipment at an underground mine in the UK.

In addition, employees perform an array of safety initiatives before starting a job. The most notable is the company’s Safe Start initiative, which takes place before each and every shift and project. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure 12

May 2015

employees assess their current working situations and engage in discussions of potential hazards for the job. “The program is critical to helping employees from a situational awareness aspect,” Wagner said.


When incidents do occur, Joy Global is quick to address the situation and implement new focus and training courses for employees. “We try and learn from every situation,” said Wagner. “As things pop up, we tailor new programs to address aspects that may have been lacking before.” Wagner added, “We also strive to empower our employees to speak up and record safety hazards. We want our people to be heard and able to voice their opinions in regards to safety.” The next chapter Joy Global’s move into the hard rock sector is part of its evolving focus on markets and service. The company is built on a history of providing high-performance equipment, but its goal is bigger than that: to solve mining’s toughest challenges in a variety of markets through a variety of means. New methods will include a greater reliance on data and automation, to help customers maximize production while keeping people out of harm’s way. Through its established direct service network and smart, connected products, Joy Global is partnering with its customers to adapt quickly to change, reduce downtime and drive results. “We want to enhance our products and services through our JBS op-ex program, and then grow beyond our traditional markets,” Wagner said.

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Mining and Metals HEADQUARTERS

100 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 53202 FOUNDED


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Mining and Metals

w w w. j o y g l o b a l . c o m


JOY GLOBAL INC. 100 East Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53202 Tel. 414-319-8500

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