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Does your car suit your job title? Richard Maloney Richard Maloney is the Author of “The Minds of Winning Teams – Creating Team Success through Engagement & Culture.” He has worked across 12 diverse industries and has been associated with eight elite sports teams. He has assisted 39 teams to Grand Finals for 24 ‘Premierships’ or ‘Championships’ wins. Richard specialises in the development of high performance teams, individuals and organisations. He currently leads a team of engagement specialist coaches as CEO of Engage & Grow.

We respect people’s choice to commute in the first car they owned (back in the 80s or 90s, maybe?) but it may be time for an upgrade. We’ve done the research for you and ranked the top executive cars in Australia. There are cars ranging from practical and familyoriented to ones that would be comfortable on – and probably own – the racetrack. Contributor Richard Maloney, author and manager of 24 Premiership-winning teams, shares the lessons he learned on the pitch that are also applicable in the boardroom in his article “Bringing Premiership Success to the Boardroom – How to Fast Track Wins in Your Business.” And just like in sport, teamwork is as important in the office. Rounding out the editorial this month is a feature on Australia’s impressive IPO year so far, a review of Amazon’s Fire Phone (including speculation on when it may be available Down Under) and a fun piece about successful uses of augmented reality in marketing. Enjoy the issue!

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FEATURES This month we focus on the customer experience with the latest technology

26 Marketing

Best Uses of Augmented Reality in Marketing

6 Leadership

Bringing Premiership Success to the Boardroom

14 Finance

Australia’s Breakout IPO year

20 Technology

Amazon’s Firephone

34 Top 10


Executive Cars

COMPANY PROFILES MINING 46 Liebherr Australia 56 QCC Resources 66 CITIC Heavy Industries 78 UGM Group 84 World Coal Association (WCA) 90 Pilbara Regional Council

EXPLORATION 96 TAG Oil 108 Webster Drilling & Exploration Ltd Projects


August 2014

114 Mosman Oil & gas limited



172 Rhino Tanks

120 Liftronic Pty Ltd 128 Hiflow Industries Pty Ltd


160 John Holland Rail limited



180 Anywhere Healthcare

136 The Pancake Parlour 144 German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GAC)

ENERGY 150 AJ Lucas


Shore Gold



John Holland Rail


World Coal Association


Hiflow Industries Pty Ltd



Rhino Tanks

AJ Lucas





Bringing Premiershi Success to the Boardroom – How to Fast Track Wins in Your Business

Author and business coach shares the seven steps to total team engagement W R I T T E N B Y: R I C H A R D M A L O N E Y , A U T H O R O F “ T H E M I N D S O F W I N N I N G TE A M S – C R E ATI N G TE A M S U C C E S S T H R O U G H E N G A G E M E N T & C U LT U R E ”


October 2014



LEADERSHIP A STRONG CULTURE is critical for the success of all teams, whether it be in sport or in business. It’s always been a key focus for sporting teams, both elite and amateur, and yet when it comes to business, 70 percent of the Australian workforce is currently disengaged. In sport we see passion, purpose, shared vision, spirit and unity – it’s infectious! People usually play for the love of the game and the love of their team, rarely just for the money. On the other hand, most disengaged employees would change employers right now for as little as a 5 percent pay increase. So what are we missing? While all businesses aspire to ignite similar levels of enthusiasm and dedication in their people, this has always been a challenge in the business world, until now. Having started out by helping 39 sporting teams to grand finals, with 24 going on to win Premierships, it’s become abundantly clear to me that there are striking similarities and common links between their success and the success of high-performing businesses. In sport and in business, the number one key to a teams’ success (or failure) is its people. And 8

October 2014

Identify the seven neurological motiv what’s the number one key to the success of your people? Engagement. Most forward-thinking organisations now appreciate the importance of investing in engagement strategies and implementing standard reward and recognition programs to motivate and reward good behaviours and attitudes. While these types of solutions certainly have their place, they can only be effective when operating

vators to gain momentum for achieving success. as part of a broader strategy. The first step in the right direction is the creation of a winning culture. Strong culture and engagement are integral to each other’s survival. A quality culture can be defined as one united group with the same positive mindset owning and working towards the same winning vision. Many organisations believe that strong leadership and an exclusive focus on the development of their leaders is

the key to a winning culture. They are mistaken. It is the people and their contribution that will make or break your business. Organisations live and die by the people they employ – no matter what industry. Without actively engaged people, the leadership message cannot be heard. At the center of the most successful teams is the strategic empowerment and development of all team members, ensuring a clear pipeline to leadership and engagement. 9


You and your employees are in this together - make sure everyone is held accountable.

In sport, the best teams know that success relies heavily on the contribution of everyone in the playing group. The trust and camaraderie within the team keeps them aligned and on track, and all players have the necessary skills and knowhow to be accountable, support their team and embrace any level of pressure. While business would 10

October 2014

benefit from adopting this sporting methodology, many attempt to do so with limited or short-lived success. Many of us understand the power of this line of attack; in theory it’s great. It’s the adaptation and implementation that businesses struggle with. So how do we get there – and quickly? We start by putting the right system and strategies in place to ensure massive,


rapid and sustainable change. Below are the seven steps to total team engagement. Neurological Momentum There are seven neurological motivators that are imperative when it comes to creating change and achieving rapid success: pain, pleasure, reward, recognition, self improvement, self direction and transcendent purpose. What we feel is influenced by what we truly value. It is one or more of these seven motivators that advances your ability to effectively motivate people to rapidly achieve peak performance in work, sport and life. Collective Accountability Critical for fast and sustainable

“While all businesses aspire to ignite similar levels of enthusiasm and dedication in their people, this has always been a challenge in the business world.�

success. It’s about ensuring everyone is regularly and publically held accountable in the right environment. All involved should commit to, and regularly report on, these key accountabilities of which they set for themselves. This will ensure new habits are nurtured and old habits are purged. Inspired Equality Necessary to ensure team unity. The traditional hierarchical structure is not the most efficient option for businesses these days. Instead, successful companies are moving to an organisational structure that empowers, allowing employees to make more of their own decisions and avoid the rigidity of traditional

To ensure your leadership style if effective in the long term, make sure your successses as a leader are habitual.



The two most important parts of a body - and a business - are the heart and the brain.

models. This cultivates long-term buy in and ownership. Habitual Leadership Mainstream leadership training is generally knowledge based, not action based. Habitual leadership is ongoing and is all about actions. Leaders are not usually held accountable for the long term, which is why current leadership training strategies generally fail. We too often fall back 12

October 2014

into bad habits when returned to an unchanged environment. Sustained success requires consistent reflection and improvement. Innovative Systems There are two fundamental requirements when building a thriving organisation: 1) quality systems, processors and game plans, which I call ‘the brain’ of the organization; and 2) quality leadership, engagement and


“Ninety percent of today’s business leaders think an engagement strategy has a positive effect on commercial success, yet only 25 percent of them have a game plan.”

Dynamic Flow Good communication is the bloodline of any successful business, and if communication is slow, then the organisation cannot flow. In larger businesses, departments often struggle to cross-pollinate relationships because individuals don’t know who their colleagues are, only what they do. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

culture, which I call ‘the heart’ of the organisation. The two most important organs of the body are the brain and the heart, and we cannot survive without them functioning. They will work on small portions of blood flow, but they will be working harder than they should be, and it’s not sustainable long term. I liken this analogy to most organisations that are just surviving. If you have an unlimited amount of blood flow and are full of fresh oxygen, the brain and heart will work in unison at full capacity, and it will be better equipped if there are problems. This creates a thriving body (or in this instance, organisation).

Engagement Acceleration For an organisation to accelerate forward ahead of their competitors, engagement must come first, naturally flowing in to leadership development and a power culture. Ninety percent of today’s business leaders think an engagement strategy has a positive effect on commercial success, yet only 25 percent of them have a game plan. In today’s competitive world, your people are your edge. Old school business strategies and ‘knowledge dumping’ training programs are no longer sufficient when it comes to employee activation. The game has changed. Have you changed your game to keep up? 13



With Australian IPOs on track for the best year investigate what this new trend means for bus W R ITE N BY: LAU RA C LO SE


October 2014


r in over a decade, we siness in the region.


FINANCE JUST IN THE first five months of 2014, Australian businesses had set a new record for money raised in public floats – five times more capital raised than in the first half of F2013. Larger deals that have happened from June on have put the country on track to have its biggest IPO year since 1997, when the privatization of Telstra began. Companies raised close to $3 billion in sharemarket flotations through May – with the capital raised so far equally more than that raised in all of 2011 and


October 2014

2012 combined. What has led to the enthusiastic IPO market in Australia, and what is currently driving it? With the Asia-Pacific region looking lackluster compared to its Australian counterpart, and historically low interest rates in the country, Australia is setting itself up to be a bright spot in the region’s economy for years to come. Companies Taking the Plunge Back in May, Spotless Group Limited raised $955 billion after posting strong

A U S T R A L I A’ S R E C O R D I P O Y E A R

after-market performances. The integrated service company provides cleaning, catering, laundry services, facilities management and non-core business support to Australia and New Zealand markets. According to analysts, moves by companies like this have encouraged vendors to go public on the market instead of selling privately, and that Australia’s sharemarket is trading at an all-time high, buoyed by historically low interest rates in the first half of the year. This also gives private equity firms, which have held onto mature assets through less favourable years, the chance to offload these stocks. Healthscope, one of Australia’s largest hospital owners and operators relisted on the ASX in July. The company was previously removed from the ASX in 2010 after its takeover by US private equity firms TPG Capital Management LP and Carlyle Group.

Its F2014 results were astronomically improved over 2013, giving the company the confidence to go ahead with reenlistment. The state-owned health insurer Medibank Private was just approved for privatization at the end of August, which will see the company listed on the ASX before Christmas of this year. Like Healthscope, Medibank is expected to fetch a market value of around $4 billion when it lists in December. Australian retail investors now have the opportunity to preregister for a share offer prospectus. Investment banks including Macquarie Capital, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs are involved on the float as joint lead managers. And Hoyts, Australia’s second largest cinema chain, has appointed the investment bank UBS as advisors to go ahead with a minimum $700million offering. The company



is currently owned by Pacific Equity Partners, a Sydney-based private equity firm which paid $440 million in 2007. Like Medibank, Hoyts will be listed on the ASX this December, after more financial advisors are hired and an investor roadshow of sorts through Asia, Europe and North America occur in November. Hoyts has undergone a series of recent restructuring moves in preparation for a change of ownership. These include the promotion in February of Damian 18

October 2014

Keogh from Val Morgan to Hoyts CEO, the shelving of plans to launch a wholly-owned online video operation, Hoyts Stream, and the departure of a number of senior executives. Australian Optimism With all of the positive market activity coming out of Australia, the country has become a bright spot for economy and commerce in the Asia-Pacific region. According to data from Thomson Reuters, if the Medibank IPO goes forward in 2014, it will cement the

A U S T R A L I A’ S R E C O R D I P O Y E A R

“People keep having these good experiences [in Australia], they keep looking for the next opportunity to invest in,” said Andrew Stevens. year’s IPO activity as the biggest for Australia in nearly 20 years. “People keep having these good experiences, they keep looking for the next opportunity to invest in,” said Andrew Stevens, joint head of equity capital markets at UBS. UBS has managed the floats of Spotless and Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Ltd, which at the halfway point of the year were the country’s biggest. As mentioned previously, Hoyts has also hired the firm to advise on their IPO journey as well. “Rather than being a bubble, the rush of IPO activity is due to a cocktail of previously withheld supply and the quality of businesses that are on offer,” summarized John McLean, the head of capital markets origination

at Citi in Sydney. “I don’t think it’s too good to be true ... We’ve had fairly subdued levels for a number of years, other than the second half of last year. Other countries within the AsiaPacific region are having less than stellar years, allowing Australia to really shine. Dozens of deals have been cancelled or withdrawn completed due to volatile equity markets, unrest in Thailand and a hesitation to approvals in China. “Australia has become a bit of a highlight regionally,” said McLean after agreeing that IPO activity in broader Asia has remained somewhat subdued due to the variety of factors. Equity markets in mainland China reopened this year after a 14-month hiatus. Initial expectations for a boom in China IPOs were high, and the increased activity in Hong Kong is still expected to boost listings in the region. However, expectations have since been scaled back as regulators have been tentative about approvals. IPOs in Singapore so far this year have had a slow start. Since Thailand’s military launched a coup, volumes have plunged. 19





Amazon’s first smartphone has been released in the US, provid Australia an understanding of the positives and negatives of the W R I T T E N B Y: L A U R A C LO S E

AMAZON’S INTRODUCTION TO the mobile phone market was met with excitement, confusion over some of the features and a lot of anticipation for a release. The phone has now been out in the US for a month and the reviews are pouring in. When this phone becomes available in Australia, should you make the switch?


October 2014

New Features Amazon has brought some innovative, helpful features into their first mobile. Before the phone was announced, speculation was swirling about the possibility of 3D technology. The company instead introduced “dynamic perspective,” which gives the illusion of 3D. The feature allows the user to “tilt, auto-scroll, swivel and peek to



ding Business Review e new device.

navigate menus and access shortcuts with one hand,” said the product summary from Amazon. Dynamic perspective has brought new options and innovations to apps and games - like allowing the player to peek behind a corner before continuing on in the game. The interesting perspective mode (which can be switched off if the user

doesn’t like it) is made possible by four cameras in each corner on the face of the phone. These cameras scan the location of the user’s eyes in respect to the phone so the image on the phone adjusts accordingly. “Firefly” technology seems to be the most helpful new feature offered on the Firephone, especially those who are dedicated Amazon users and 21

TECHNOLOGY shoppers. Firefly identifies printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR and bar codes. Many mobiles can do this, but the Firefly goes a step further. Because of Amazon’s media prowess, the Firefly option also identifies 100 million items like movies, TV episodes, songs and products. Of course, once these media options have been identified, the app takes you to Amazon for purchase opportunities. The Mayday feature is available on the Kindle Fire, so it’s not necessarily a new innovation to the Fire Phone. There’s a separate button on the device that connects the user to free, live support with an Amazon expert, 24/7, 365 days a year. The


October 2014

service doesn’t even need the user to schedule an appointment. A huge free option (at least for the first year) is a subscription to Amazon Prime. Mobile users receive unlimited streaming and downloads for thousands of movies and popular TV Shows, millions of songs and over half a million books. When ordering from Amazon, users will have free two-day shipping on most orders. Specifications The Fire Phone will be offered in Australia with 32 or 64 GB of storage. With the media capabilities of the mobile, it makes sense that a measly 16 GB isn’t an option. The free unlimited photo storage in the cloud compliments the 13MP camera with a fast 5-element wide aperture f/2.0 lens. There is a dedicated, separate button on the side of the mobile specifically for the camera. This feature is especially helpful, as holding other mobiles to snap a picture by touching some portion of the screen can be awkward. Data from the phone is automatically backed up to Amazon’s cloud drive, so you can access it even if you do not have your


Amazon Fire Phone’s firefly mode. phone. The apps and tools on the phone are Android-based: a proven, reliable system for your applications from Google. As the reviews pour in from the US release, the rating of the Amazon Fire Phone is what many would expect out of a first-generation mobile device. A lot of the reviews are positive and many believe future generations of the smartphone will be on-par, but many point out there is something to be left desired with Gen One of the Fire Phone. What Users Like One of the most commented-on features is the high-quality sound

system. It’s a Digital Dolby Plus, so a decent set of earphones will have you enjoying your tunes. In fact, the earphones that come with the device have a magnetic pad, which draws the earphone together to reduce tangle. Users would probably get better sound from a more expensive option, but the functionality with the included headphones is hard to pass up. The Mayday option is great for those who are less tech-savvy. Several users in the US who have been confused by the hand gestures and lack of a back button in some apps have found the Mayday button to be very helpful. Others have shared that the customer service Amazon is providing on their 23

TECHNOLOGY phone, from questions to replacements to returns, has been impeccable. Although the design is a bit lackluster, the Fire Phone is sturdy. Reviewers on Amazon’s page about the project have mentioned its design is similar to smartphones from a few years ago, but that it can take some tumbles and still keep working. A case for this mobile device would be more for design than for protection. For yearly subscribers to Amazon Prime, several of Amazon’s options for media and past Kindle users will find this phone to be right up their alley. What Users Don’t Like One of the most common complaints about the new Fire Phone is the lack of several Android apps that users once had on other Android phones and tablets. Since this is a first generation phone and was just released recently, and perhaps because Amazon does not want to offer all of Google’s Android apps, the Amazon App Store is missing several apps like YouTube, Gmail, Chrome and other widely used apps. As was mentioned earlier, the Fire Phone is really designed for the user to consume media on the device. However, when streaming video, 24

October 2014

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, with the A the Mayday button.

“The free unlimited photo storage in the cloud compliments the 13MP camera with a fast 5-element wide aperture f/2.0 lens.”


up to user error; however, this is a commonly held complaint from new Fire Phone users. Swiping over the screen and flicking your wrist while holding the phone are supposed to help a user navigate back to the home page of the phone, but many found this impossible.

Amazon Kindle Fire, which also has

users have pointed out that the battery dies very quickly. Another concern of current users is the heat that the battery gives off when streaming videos, TV shows or music. Several users have complained that the phone was almost too hot to touch. Hand gestures made by the user should be able to operate certain aspects of the Fire Phone, but some reviewers say this feature falls flat and doesn’t work all the time. To be fair, this problem could be chalked

Should You Buy a Fire Phone? The Fire Phone has a lot of potential, but unless you are an avid Amazon user and shopper, you may want to wait until they work out some of the kinks in the later generations, and offer more widely-used apps than they currently have available now. If you’re looking for something a little more interesting and challenging to operate than an iPhone, this could be a good option. According to current users, operating the device isn’t intuitive, and takes some time to get used to. Experts believe the phone will be at least $150 or so more expensive than the US version, so if you are interested in the phone, keep that in mind. Although there is no determined release date as of this publication, I expect it will be released sometime in October, or at least before the holiday season. 25






October 2014




MARKETING THE CONCEPT OF augmented reality (AR) has been around for longer than you would think. L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, thought up the “character marker,” electronic display/spectacles that could overlay data onto real life (and specifically in this case, people). Since the beginning of the 21st century, innovations to the field have been made in leaps and bounds, culminating in Google Glass, which perhaps is the best-known recent example of augmented reality. Google Glass showcases the opportunities that augmented reality can provide, but the product is not readily accessible and has been controversial from the get-go. And if your company is interested in using augmented reality for marketing, you’re going to want a larger audience. As of 2013, two-thirds of Australians owned a smartphone, and we can only expect that number to increase. Mobile phones have become the go-to device for augmented reality marketing, and that isn’t looking to change any time soon. By focusing AR marketing efforts on mobile phone apps, your business can begin creating a 3D immersive experience for your customers. 28

October 2014

AR technology can help make a decis

AR Marketing Successes So Far The purpose of using augmented reality for marketing can be as simple as a way to get your company’s name out there. However, the more useful, interesting and entertaining the technology is, and the more your customers can get from the experience, the more reward you will see from its implementation. Augmented reality doesn’t just have to be able pushing a product – ultimately, it can and should be about connectivity. For a consumer, AR technology can help them make a decision during the buying process. A major appeal of AR is the “try-before-you-buy” setup.

sion during the buying process.

This can be used with any product a consumer can “try on” (and no, it isn’t limited to just clothes!). To promote their Forevermark diamond brand, De Beers introduced the “Forevermark Fitting” AR technology to its customers in 2011. The download allows shoppers to try on the collection through a webcam, showing the potential buyer how certain pieces of jewellery would like in different lighting and skin tones. This example is a little more intensive than some, as the consumer would need to print and cut out images to use to interact with the AR technology. IKEA’s AR catalogue technology is even simpler. When the company

released their catalogues in the middle of the year of 2013 and 2014, the magazine included the ability to enable shoppers to visualise how certain pieces of furniture could look inside their homes. Once the consumer’s free IKEA Catalogue App for iOS or Android was downloaded, they could use a smartphone or tablet to select certain products from the magazine. Once the app recognizes the product, consumers were told to place the catalogue where they wanted to see the piece of furniture. A virtual version of the furniture pops up on the screen, allowing the user to see the product in their home. AR marketing has several other 29


AR technology is helpful for tours and maps, allowing users to see the world around them in a different light. uses. One of the more helpful apps is IBM’s Augmented Reality Shopping Advisor. IBM has found that 58 percent of consumers want product information in-store before they purchase, and that nearly 20 percent of customers will browse their mobile devices whilst shopping. IBM Research developed the app to give in-store 30

October 2014

shoppers instant product details and promotions through their mobile device. The app captures images and uses its advanced processing technologies to quickly identify the product. Details and display information pop up on the screen, providing the shopper with the price and nutritional value.


An AR Marketing Campaign for You If you want to implement your own AR marketing campaign, consider how you want to do so first. Do you want to develop the technology in house? Your company will need to invest development resources, potentially hire developers and have

‘Once the consumer’s free IKEA Catalogue App for iOS or Android was downloaded, they could use a smartphone or tablet to select certain products from the magazine to view in their own home.’

a dedicated team of professionals to get it up and running. The other option partners you with a company specialising in the technology. If the price is right, this would be the easier of the two options. These companies already employ experts in the field of augmented reality – all you’d need to do is break down exactly what you want from the app for your consumers. Creating apps has turned into a multi-million dollar venture in Australia, and there are several companies out there that can help you develop the best product. Pixel Natives brings their AR expertise to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. With home bases in Australia and Germany, Pixel Natives employs professionals with backgrounds in an array of digital 31


IBM’s AR app gives shoppers an easy way to learn more about the products on the shelf. disciplines. Their AR mobile app expertise is grounded in iOS and Android. For architecture projects, Pixel Natives can simulate planned construction projects, which would show how buildings in their surroundings would look once built. For companies with upcoming product launches, they can help your business unveil new products through virtual Easter egg hunts that 32

October 2014

lead consumers throughout the city. Only Augmented is another specialized AR technology company, based in Sydney. The company collaborates specifically with media groups, brands and PR agencies to deliver innovative and interesting AR marketing options for companies worldwide. With several high-profile clients like Audi, Coca Cola and


Perhaps the most well-known augmented reality device, Google Glass. Maxim Magazine, Only Augmented has created game-changing marketing campaigns for some of the world’s leading businesses. By using augmented reality technology in your marketing campaigns, your company can bring product awareness and create a fun company culture and experience for its consumers. Whether your marketing

department plans to use AR to superimpose points of reality onto your brand, is looking to improve customer experience via an AR mobile app or wants to create a 360-degree immersive experience for a product or your business in general, they know the technology will definitely create a splash in your respective industry, and give your brand a potential leg up over the competition. 33

TOP 10


E o

Business Review and fastest cars


OP 10 Hottest

Executive Cars of 2014

w Australia researched the most luxurious, attractive s on the market – see if your favourite made our list.

tten by: Laura Close 35

TOP 10 10. Volkswagen Toureg V6 TDI Volkswagen’s second-generation Tourareg SUV was unveiled earlier this year prior to the Beijing Motor Show. Building on its predecessors, the new Tourareg has been given subtly restyled headlights, a new 4-bar grille, refreshed tail lights and new bumpers. The addition of a post-collision braking system to prevent secondary impacts and nine airbags increase the car’s safety standards. And with features including camera monitoring, lane keep assist, blindspot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and three different engine options, this higher-end SUV is great for either family or business outings, and would be perfect for transport of executives to and from the airport.


October 2014

9. BMW 5 Series The ultra-smooth ride of the 2014 BMW 5 Series is just one of the reasons its perhaps the most accomplished centrist among midsize luxury sedans. With five different levels offered in the series (4-cylinder 528i, 6-cylinder 535i, turbodiesel 535d, V8-powered 550i and ActiveHybrid 5), just about anyone can find a car they enjoy. On top of the model options, there are also numerous packages and features to be added including various performance enhancements, dual rear video screens and a 16-speaker 600-watt premium audio system. Performance is impeccable, and the rich interior materials and restrained dashboard design have the driver sitting in ultimate luxury.


8. Lexus IS 300h Executive For the executive looking for a luxurious ride, the Lexus IS 300h Executive is the way to go. Features totalling close to four grand have been added to

the existing Luxury model with no extra cost to the customer, making it a deal. Leather upholstery, a Lexus nav system front and rear parking sensors, dusksensing HID headlights, autodimming rear view mirror and dual-zone climate control are just a handful of the 300h’s features. As one of the few executive cars offered in a hybrid, the Lexus Hybrid Drive system returns impressive official fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures, but won’t sacrifice on performance.


TOP 10 6. Porsche Cayman

7. Mercedes S Class Coupe In what must be a first for a final product, the 2015 S-Class Coupe is virtually unchanged from its concept version. Its 449-horspower V8 biturbo engine gives the driver exhilarating driving dynamics, with futuristic acceleration technology called their curve-tilting function. The car comes with some of the world’s most innovative driving assistance systems like Intelligent Drive and DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist. A one member of the board at Mercedes-Benz Cars said, the S-Class is “as exclusive as it gets – the ultimate in aesthetic sportiness.”


October 2014

The Porsche Cayman is the ultimate sports car. This model has more aluminium and highstrength steel in the chassis, making it lighter and more rigid. The new engines improve performance as well, making the car 15 percent more fuel efficient than past models. Details are upscale throughout, with the cockpit is in every way as cosy as that of a sports car, but still holds adequate room. One of the best features is the two trunks: a shallow and wide rear trunk and a deep front

TOP 10 CARS OF 2014

5. BMW M5 Sedan trunk are perfect for weekending. Whether you’re looking to cruise comfortably or charge at racetrack speeds, this is your vehicle.

To celebrate its 30th year, BMW has created a special edition BMW M5 anniversary model. It’s heralded to be the most powerful production car the brand has ever produced, and will be released towards the end of this year. The limited edition model comes standard with the competition package, as it is sold as standard in Australia. The company is only building 300 of these special cars between July and November, and BMW has secured 15 for local Aussie customers. This could be a great addition to your garage if you’re willing to pay a small premium over the standard car’s $229,900 asking price.


TOP 10

4. Range Rover Sport SVR The 550-horsepower Range Rover Sport SVR will allow you to enjoy both a smooth ride to work and an exhilarating off-road experience in your free time. The supercharged machine can do 60 in 4.5 seconds before reaching its top speed of 162 mph and features the ZF’s acclaimed eightspeed automatic. The company claims shifts can occur 50 percent faster because of this upgrade. The front and rear fascias are more aggressive than previous models, and the cabin’s contrasting colour scheme is an interesting design addition. It’s hard to pass up a vehicle that’s perfect for both work and play like the Sport SVR is.


3. Jaguar XF Portfolio The XF Portfolio from Jaguar combines performance, luxury and contemporary on-road appeal into an invigorating, stylish car any executive would enjoy driving. The high-quality leather faced seats are heated and cooled for both driver and passenger, and the rest of the interior – with knurled aluminium and gloss fingered ebony – is just as high class. The combination of the 3.0 litre V6 turbocharged diesel engine with helpful, fun features like heated exterior mirrors, navigation system with HDD mapping and Bluetooth audio streaming from the Meridian™ 380W Sound System creates a stunning all around product.


TOP 10



arev Alexander /

2. Audi R8 CoupĂŠ The Audi R8 CoupĂŠ marks the first time the mid-engined supercar has been given a face lift since its inception. And now the car, which is more suited to the track than ever before, has shed 85 pounds to give the driver a little extra speed. It shares some structural components and its V-10 engine with the Lamborghini Gallardo, which helps it go from 0 to 60 in an estimated 3.5 seconds (the quickest start on our list) and up to a top speed just shy of 200 mph. The sport seats and aluminium shift paddles (an optional feature) highlight an interior that emulates the typical design of a racing car cockpit, but this car as a whole is anything but typical.


TOP 10

1. Mercedes C Class The Mercedes Benz C Class is the best-selling executive car in Australia, and for good reason. The latest model has an uncluttered interior with an iPad-like screen for your information and entertainment interface. The interior has improved, with more room than its predecessors, and no complaints from the drivers who have tested it. All cars come with “agility select,” allowing the driver to pick between ‘comfort, eco, sport, sport and individual’ modes, which set the C-Class up with different settings for the steering wheel weight, engine rev limit, airconditioning priority and suspension. With a high safety rating and the ability to handle Australia’s challenging roads with little fuss, you’d definitely have a winner with the C Class.




Liebherr-Australia: Technology Driving Efficiency in Manufactu

The company’s high quality, 100 percent Liebherr-mad company culture. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: James Hayes

y and Innovation uring for Mining

de products exemplify Liebherr’s



MINING IS A MAJOR part of Liebherr-Australia’s business plan, although the company has several other divisions successfully operating in the country. Since the onset of the mining boom, Liebherr has been extremely successful with earth moving, mining and crane sales, leading to an expansion of their facilities, including a recently completed, dedicated remanufacturing location in Adelaide. Liebherr-Australia, part of the global, family-owned company Liebherr Group, began its tenure in Australia in the 1970s with the dealership network. In 1981, the 48

October 2014

Australian affiliate of the company was officially incorporated, and the commencement of their own operations under the Liebherr name. Liebherr-Australia Head Office moved to the current location in Adelaide in the 90s. Remanufacturing c allows Liebherr to repair of all of their own components, which offers the customer a quality end product at a reduced cost. Liebherr promotes a vertical integration model which allows l control of our cost and component life, in turn reducing costs for the end-user. “Our key customers that


Liebherr-Australia predominately work with are tier-one mining houses which largely deal in iron ore and coal said David Pichanick, the general manager of sales and marketing at Liebherr-Australia. “The company has been very successful with the likes of BHP, Glencore, Fortescue Metals Group, Leighton Group, and Downer to name a few. We’ve put such a big installed population of machinery out in those two commodities of late, and that machinery is working even harder now, despite the price of both coal and iron ore dropping. Both our parts and support

business will continue to grow” New Facilities Liebherr-Australia recently invested over $170 million to complete new support facilities in Sydney and Newman Western Australia. Existing properties in Mackay, Mt. Thorley, and Perth were expanded to accommodate the company’s goal of continuing to meet our customer needs. The crowning jewel of the company’s expansion efforts is the remanufacturing facility in Adelaide. Construction started in January of 2013 and was completed in August w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /



Avoid bucket to truckload mismatches and boost productivity byAvoid up to $3m in revenue per unit, per annum! bucket to truckload

mismatches and boost

UNBEATABLE COMBINATION IMAGE - Liebherr R996B with the CQMS Razer N6810 Castproducts Lip NSW on Australia “We haveStingray trialled both site and we have

productivity by up to $3m in revenue per unit, per annum!

now fullytrialled completed conversion of all “We have both products on site andour wemachines have now to the CQMS Razer product based on the benefits fully completed conversion of all our machines to the we have CQMS Razer product based on seen”. the benefits we have seen”. MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT – STEVE HOWELL

MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT IMAGE - This is a Leibherr 995 Back Hoe. ??? Bucket, with a CQM Razer Stingray lip Marccola NSW Australia



Why choose CQMS Razer? •

Highly engineered products to maximise productivity

Lower maintenance costs of frontline assets

Why choose CQMS Razer? • Reduced downtime boosts profitability

engineered products to maximise • Highly World beating technology proven in theproductivity field Lower maintenance costs of frontline assets Market leading benefits

CQMS Razer Stingray and HD cast lip ranges leadStingray the world in productivity, CQMS Razer and HD cast lip ranges lead the world and in productivity, profitability profitability dependability and dependability

manufacturers CAT and Liebherr. Through our knowledge and close onsite collaboration, we have lead the way to breakthrough solutions eliminating the causes ofwith lostcustomers, revenue today’s Through our knowledge and close many onsiteofcollaboration we mine lead operators are to facing. have the way breakthrough solutions eliminating many of the causes

of lostproducts revenue offer today’s mine operators are solutions facing. for dramatically reducing Our proven, quantifiable downtime, and boosting profitability over competitive products. Our products offer proven, quantifiable solutions for dramatically reducing downtime, and boosting profitability over competitive products.

Ourtechnical technicalsales salesmanager managercan can Our conductaafull fullreview reviewof ofyour yourfleet fleetand and conduct prepareaaconversion conversionprogram programthat that prepare canbegin beginboosting boostingyour yourprofitability profitability can from nowyour to book fromday dayone. one.Call To find localan appointment on XXour XXXX XXXX. representative visit website.

Working with theirof site team, we optimised Widest range cast lips

the rigging and bucket set-up for each Dragline, achieving up to 16% CQMS Razer has the widest range of cast lips for excavator productivity improvement, plus 19% decrease in drag buckets ensure exact matching energy, to plus longer campaign life.of bucket to truckload, minimizing over and under loading.

Widest range of cast lips

CQMS RAZER RAZER IS IS GLOBAL GLOBALMINING’S MINING’SPROVEN PROVENINNOVATOR INNOVATORininHEX HEX lips lips Dragline bucket bucketproductivity productivityand andwear wearsolutions. solutions.Our Our massive investment and Dragline massive investment in in R&D R&D has has produced produced aaline-up line-upof ofinnovative innovativeproducts productsproven proventhe theworld worldover overfor unbeatable performance, reliability and profitability. for unbeatable performance, reliability and profitability. CQMS Razer is the global innovator with over (? 30) years experience working CQMS Razer is the global innovator with over 30 years experience working side-by-side with the world’s leading mining companies and heavy machinery side-by-side with theand world’s leading mining companies and heavy machinery manufacturers CAT Liebherr.


CQMS Razer Draglines are engineered Reduced downtime boosts profitability for profitability. We move up to 12% more dirt than our competitors per World beating technology proven in the field hour. For one of our major partners that translated into 10% of their EBIT in the last financial year.

Exact match yields massive productivity gains of up to CQMS Razer has the widest range of cast lip excavator 20 more truckloads per shift than a competitor’s bucket buckets to ensure exact matching of bucket to truckload, inminimizing the same dig–a staggering $10m of additional product over and under loading. per Up machine. to 20 more truckloads per shift than a competitor’s bucket in the same dig, which can amount to around $10m

Best in field support of additional product from one machine.

Customer research based engineering, innovation

Best field support andintesting • Superior Customer research based engineering, manufacturing standards offeringinnovation the largest and testing single pour capability in the southern hemisphere • Superior manufacturing standards offering the A highly sales and support team largestexperienced single pour capability in the southern hemisphere Long established trusted industry partnerships •

A highly experienced sales and support team

Long established trusted industry partnerships

Global Mining’s Most Trusted Solution BRISBANE BRISBANE DALLAS DALLAS





LIEBHERR-AUSTRALIA of this year to a cost of around $80 million. The facility will be hiring around 138 new employees over the next year and a half out of the South Australian job market. “The rebuild centre focusses on all of our major components for our mining operations in Australia and New Zealand,” said Pichanick. “All of the spare parts and components from the machinery will be sent back to Adelaide for remanufacture and then go back into the distribution outlets around Australia. Our business had a very decentralised model previously; however we are now consolidating everything under



the one roof. The disassembly area includes a wash-bay, shot-blast, disassembly work-cells, quality control station and machining. There are over 2,000 locations for pallets in the SEU warehouse, as well as cylinder and rod storage, a place for REMAN planning and a production office. The assembly area includes a paint booth, another quality check station, 12 wall-travelling cranes and four overhead gantry cranes. 100 Percent Liebherr Vertical integration is one of Liebherr Group’s strategies. As the Liebherr family built the brand


We deliver a complete range of tailored services to meet the individual needs of your project, application and industry environment. Partners on the ground, in the field, we are committed to service quality, speed and reliability. From first fit solutions and staff training, to custom fabrication and condition monitoring, we guarantee service and support excellence, everytime. Website:

w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /


STATE-OF-THE-ART TRANSPORTATION SERVICES McAleese Heavy Haulage and Lifting provides over dimensional transport and logistics support solutions to assist Liebherr Australia service their customers across all mining regions throughout Australia.


McAleese Heavy Haulage and Lifting 102 Farrellys Road, Paget, QLD 4740 T: (07) 4955 3388

F: (07) 4955 1316

“The location will be a total rebuild centre for all of our major components for our mining operations in Australia and New Zealand,” said Pichanick. “All of the spare parts and components from the machinery will be sent back to Adelaide for remanufacture and then go back into the distribution outlets around Australia. We used to use various subcontractors to take care of this process, but now we will be able to do everything in house.”

LIEBHERR-AUSTRALIA and the business, they have consistently found ways to develop the company’s own technology in house; the machinery the company offers is much more efficient and cost-saving for the end-user because of this business strategy. “The most important thing for us is controlling the quality and reducing the cost where we can,” shared Pichanick. “We can do this because of our vertical integration model. We want to be able to provide our customers with the lowest cost per tonne on the market through the product lifecycle You’ve got to have a good quality machine that’s reliable, but to maintain our reputation it has to be the most cost-effective machine on the market. Liebherr-Australia has built that reputation.” A way the company successfully reduces costs is through their innovation process. When a prototype is made, it’s already been well designed and engineered that it goes to work right away. With research and development undertaken in house, and a high regard for innovation, LiebherrAustralia are able to produce the


right machinery the first time around, instead of needing several prototype models. This success is only possible with direct customer feedback and input through the research and development process phase. Partnership with Detroit Diesel Although the goal of Liebherr is to design and produce 100 percent company-made products, they still work with outside suppliers on some components. Detroit Diesel is a major supplier for engines, and supplies the engine for the previous generation of the company’s electric powered mining truck; the largest in the world. “This specific truck is very dependent on the engine,” commented Pichanick. “The reliability and the innovation that Detroit Diesel supports us with is incredible. They make a very good product, and are on the same wavelength as Leibherr-Australia when it comes to making sure we are delivering what we need to for our customers.” Evolution of Product Life After fourteen years in production w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /


LIEBHERR-AUSTRALIA and over 350 units globally, Liebherr ensures its T 282 Series Haul truck continues to provide business partners the latest in technology, through strategic investment in product evolution. The highly efficient IGBT Drive System and its class-leading payload to weight ratio ensure maximum productivity and performance. In May 2014, Liebherr proudly launched the next exciting evolution for the T 282 Series Haul Truck: the T 282 C Extended Life Profile, which is the result of an extensive Liebherr international collaboration project, focussed on enhancing and increasing


the T 282 C product life cycle. This delivers increased economic machine life, resulting in substantial reductions in total cost of ownership for Liebherr business partners. A Passion To Work “The most important thing in any business is you have to value your people. A lot of companies forget they are successful only by the great people they have. You have to give them a career and an exciting and enjoyable place to work. LiebherrAustralia does that.” Pichanick was very passionate when talking about how the

“We want to not only in supply Australia, but the rest of the mining world with our product. Australia is the benchmark for the rest of the world of mining, so if we get it right here we can get it right for the rest of the world. There are a lot of Australian mining companies that are mining and other parts of the world. That’s why we put so much energy into doing so well in Australia.”

w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /


LIEBHERR-AUSTRALIA company treats its employees. Liebherr-Australia has many employees that have length of service dating 10 to 20 years at the company, and one man who just celebrated his 50 years of service with the company this year! “You know what sets Liebherr apart? We have a culture where everyone is driven by the customer’s needs and passion for the long term outcome. It’s all about our Core Values! “Our employees just want to be people that serve their customers” said Pichanick. They want to do a good job and are very proud of what they do. We all build trust in, and we respect each other for who we are and what we can bring to the company. If everyone’s committed 100 percent every day to giving the customer what is promised, and people enjoy what they’re doing, we consider it a success.”

customers coming back, Liebherr provides not only exceptional service but also high-quality customer support and interaction. The company provides almost complete visibility into the design process for the customer, allowing them to provide feedback throughout the process. “We listen to the customer and develop a product they really want,” said Pichanick. “There’s so much passion in the business, and that’s a big part of the reason we’ve become so successful and enjoy what we do. Everyone that works at the company is proud and really wants to become part of that journey to become successful. The customers really enjoy it as well; they get great visibility into our business. They see the simplicity: if there’s a problem, it gets fixed very quickly. That’s just the way the business works.” The Liebherr Way Liebherr-Australia doesn’t offer Like any successfully run company, the whole range of products their Liebherr is in the business of competitors have. Although they meeting the high expectations of manufacture for the niche market their customers. The company is of digging and hauling dirt, it’s not only selling a product, but the one of the most important parts support and maintenance of the of the mining process. Their goal product for its lifespan. To keep their throughout is to offer the most 56

October 2014


cost efficient and effective model that produces throughout its entire lifespan. By developing their products alongside their customers, they produce the product that the customers need and want, not a product the customer must adapt to. As for growth, the Liebherr organisation thinks long-term for the strategic plans. “The third generation of the Liebherr family is now coming through the business,” said Pichanick. “. We must continue to build our reputation in order to grow and continue our success. If the family continues to invest the way they do, we will always be one step ahead of the pack. All of the company’s research and development is self-funded. For an innovative, technological efficient company like us, this strategic plan will carry us far.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Para Hills West, South Australia FOUNDED



For the Future Liebherr’s goal is to be the best leading supplier and to support business for mining equipment. This goal isn’t just for Australia, either. “We want to not only to continue to supply the Australian market, but grow our product and position from a global perspective Australia is somewhat of a benchmark for the rest of the world in mining, so if we get it right here we can get it right for the rest of the world. As there are a lot of Australian mining companies that are mining and other parts of the world. That’s why we put so much energy into doing so well in Australia.”

$600 - $700 Million PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Since its inception in Australia in 1981, Liebherr-Australia has expanded rapidly, with offices throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company sells and supports a range of in-house designed, produced and maintained products include crawler cranes, mobile cranes, deep foundation machines, earthmoving equipment and mining equipment.

w w w. l i e b h e r r. c o m . a u /


QCC Resources:

QCC Resources teams up with Ravenworth north project

Andrew Swanson of QCC Resources discusses the c Glencore’s Ravenworth north expansion project inclu to successfully complete the mega project Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: James Hayes

h Glencore for

company’s recent completion of uding partnering with the company



Aerial View of Ravensworth North CHPP Project.

HEADQUARTERED IN ONE of the largest coal regions on earth, QCC Resources (QCC) is the essence of strategic consulting for coal processing. The Australian-based company specializes in design, engineering, operations and optimization of coal preparation plants throughout Australia, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada and Russia. “QCC Resources was born in 1987 at a time when consultants to the coal industry were a new thing,” says Andrew Swanson, Executive General Manager Strategic Consulting and Business Development. “Over time we’ve grown as the use of consultants, engineers and contractors has continued to expand.” In 2004, the company was purchased by Downer EDI Limited, becoming part of the company’s 60

October 2014

mining division. QCC, working with Downer Infrastructure, has become an established provider of Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) design and construction services to the coal industry internationally. The company recently completed one of the largest projects of its kind, working in unison with Glencore to deliver the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of the Ravensworth North Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) in Hunter Valley, Australia. Ravensworth North coal project: Known as the Ravensworth North coal project, the Downer/QCC portion of the project involved not only the establishment of CHPP facilities, but also the site wide electrical work, which required the relocation of a 330kV Transgrid transmission line requiring 48 new


towers plus construction of a new 66/11kV substation, relocation of a 66kV Ausgrid transmission line and various overhead and underground HV works including all 11kV site wide reticulation. To complete the project as efficiently as possible, Downer/QCC entered into an alliance contract partnership with Xstrata Coal, now incorporated into Glencore. “We set up an alliance partnership between Downer/ QCC and Xstrata Coal to form a good working relationship that could effectively deliver all the key aspects of the project in a timely manner,” says Swanson. “Our teams were onsite for two and a half years delivering two million site hours with over 650 people onsite at the peak of construction. Importantly no lost time injuries were incurred and the project achieved a total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) of 5.7.” QCC had been working with Glencore in alliance projects since 2005, including CHPP work at Mt Owen, Liddell and Mangoola, and started work on Ravensworth North back in 2009 when QCC

began assisting in the project for Xstrata Coal. “We started off in 2009 doing a concept study for Xstrata, that progressed into a pre-feasibility study, followed by feasibility study and then set the design and scope for the Ravensworth North project,” says Swanson. One of the biggest challenges in delivering the Ravensworth project was that it had to be constructed within an existing operational facility and was therefore governed by a wide range of constraints, incorporated within a large geographical area. The project provided a 3000 t/h raw coal delivery system, two new 900 t/h processing modules, rejects handling and product stockpiling/reclaiming facilities. According to Swanson, an interesting fact is that the project required 14 new conveyors to be designed and constructed. “The total length of the new conveyor network was over 9 kilometers. In addition, upgrades were required for existing conveyors which covered just under 5 kilometers, bringing the total length w w w. q c c r e s o u r c e s . c o m /


High Quality Products for Performance and Reliability Repipe Connection is a leading Australian owned and operated distributor of pipes, valves, fittings and machinery, providing products and solutions to the fire, water, mining, irrigation and general industries.

Sydney • Newcastle • Perth

1300 362 954


POLY PIPE FABRICATION • INSTALLATION • FIELD SERVICE PIPES AND FITTINGS • PONTOONS • MANIFOLDS Waterways of Singleton specialises in pre fabrication and installation of polyethylene piping systems up to 800mm diameter.

Ph: (02) 6571 1555

1/5 Enterprise Crescent Singleton NSW 2330 •

PPW Project’s Pty Ltd t: 02 6545 9977 e: w: 16 Hayes Street Scone NSW 2337 Australia

PPW is a leader in the engineering and construction industry Australia wide, providing outstanding performance in quality, safety and delivering “on time” projects, to satisfy the most stringent client schedules and specifications.

QCC RESOURCES of the entire conveyor network to an incredible 13.9 kilometers.” A key factor in overcoming the challenges was the deployment of QCC Resources team members from the recently successfully completed Mangoola project. The team brought with them high levels of technical expertise and valuable onsite experience. In addition, they were assisted by teams from Downer Infrastructure East who delivered all of the electrical work and some of the SMP work. Services The core of QCC Resources’ business lies in strategic consulting in coal processing, engineering and design, and project delivery. “We have a deep understanding of coal quality and processing,” says Swanson. “That’s what sets us apart and drives great results in our process plant design and in our construction projects.” In partnership with other Downer business units, QCC is able to provide an enormous wealth of capability to the coal mining industry. “We originally joined the Downer business so we would have the


ability to design, construct and supply whole coal preparation plants for the industry,” says Swanson. “QCC carries out the process work and delivers the plant designs, and with Downer we are able to offer a full suite of services from the early stages of a project (feasibility studies, engineering and design) to the execution.” “We are able to bring our experience across the whole spectrum of the coal development and production cycle,” says Swanson. “We’ve looked at all different types of coal and coal problems across Australia, and have also done a number of projects overseas. So when people engage QCC, all that experience comes as part of the package and this expertise is highly valued by our clients.” Tools of the trade Along with partnering with Downer, a key attribute of QCC is its wide array of experience in the industry. QCC’s team of employees brings a great depth of knowledge and expertise to projects, helping clients develop strategies and designs that will provide the optimum solutions. To keep its team as sharp as w w w. q c c r e s o u r c e s . c o m /


One of the largest, experienced engineering fabrication, design, manufacture and site services companies specialising in all areas of steelwork from structural, pipe, plate, complete fit-out, machanical, pressure vessels to conveyors. We offer a complete package with tracking system to constantly and accurately update clients through all processes. ENGINEERING PROTECTIVE COATINGS MINING EQUIPMENT

Phone: +61 7 3803 6188 Established in 1986, Brezac Constructions is a quality assured company versatile in all forms of steel fabrications and associated services to the resource, infrastructure and commercial sectors.




possible, QCC conducts a wide range of ongoing training programs. The goal is to maintain a high level of knowledge and experience within a wide array of specialty fields. “We have formal training programs including our young professionals initiative,” says Swanson. “We also provide employees with specific training courses as well as rotating them around different positions. Staff are allocated to various jobs so they can understand all aspects of the trade.” Technology is another vital aspect for QCC. The company

27-35 Calcium Court Crestmead, Qld 4132

incorporates a range of technological tools in its operations from designing to implementation. “From the design point of view, it was only 20 years ago when a project needed up to 100 draftsmen to design a plant,” says Swanson. “Now, we have AutoCAD, 3-D design, animation and other tools. It’s been a huge help in the design process.” According to Swanson, process simulation software has been essential to the company streamlining and improving the design of coal preparation circuits



and the selection of equipment. “With computer process simulation software, we can put together a detailed analysis of the design with all aspects configured in. That way, we can see what works and what doesn’t work. The software allows us to streamline the process and be more efficient but more importantly, we can simulate a slew of possible scenarios, helping us come up with a robust design.” “We’ve seen a huge improvement in simulation software and we’re continuing to make big investments in continuing to refine our system and models,” says Swanson.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Hunter Valley, Australia FOUNDED


The future In response to changing customer requirements across the resources sector, QCC is aligning its services with another of Downer’s resource focused companies, Mineral Technologies (MT), to deliver fully integrated process solutions for coal and minerals worldwide. These solutions incorporate services and equipment delivered across major coal regions with a focus on all stages of the project lifecycle from early concept and feasibility through process design and construction to ongoing plant optimization, operation and maintenance and decommissioning. Combining the technology and process skills of QCC and MT, with the construction capability of Downer Infrastructure, cost effective fully integrated process solutions can be delivered to the mining industry.

500-1000 REVENUE

Xxxxxxx PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Headquartered in Australia’s largest coal region, the Hunter Valley, QCC’s teams are located onsite at major projects, and in offices across the Hunter Region and Queensland. Over the past 25 years, QCC has delivered over 3,000 projects including the design, engineering, operation and optimisation of coal preparation plants throughout Australia, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada and Russia.

w w w. q c c r e s o u r c e s . c o m /


Citic Heavy Indu

CITIC HIC Continues to Domina Heavy Machinery Manufacture

CITIC HIC is a market leader in China with equipment op the world (including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and A Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: James Hayes


ate as a Mining and r

perating successfully in China and around Australia).



18500 kg Forging Press

CITIC HIC BEGAN its stellar track record of success back in 1958. After more than 50 years of evolution and development it has become a significant global supplier of mining, cement and metallurgical equipment. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Luoyang, China, and Pontevedra, Spain. CITIC HIC has offices in Australia, 68

October 2014

Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, South Africa and Spain. CITIC HIC is the second-largest manufacturing facility in China. As part of this, the Company is especially proud of its 18,500t forging press, which is the world’s largest, capable of handling a 400 tonne single piece forging. In addition, their large casting workshop can pour one of the



world’s largest single steel castings. “We have a melting capacity which is virtually unheard of in the western world, equaling 900 tonnes of molten metal that we can pour,” says Citic Heavy Industries CEO Rajiv Kalra. These robust and comprehensive facilities help enable the HIC to produce over 200,000 tons of quality

equipment annually. “We design equipment according to both standard designs and madeto-order designs,” says Kalra. “The made-to-order designs usually include large grinding equipment for applications in the mining industry, mainly copper, gold and other base metals.” CITIC HIC also produces premium w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m /



At the forefront of centralised grease systems & workshop lubrication service equipment solutions for over 70 years, Tecalemit offers a complete design, manufacture & supply package to key OE Equipment Manufacturers and end users including Rio Tinto, BHP & Caterpillar Underground. Automatic Greasing Systems for Fixed Plant • Mill Lube Gear Spray • Mill Bearing Lubrication • Crushers • Feeders • Stackers, Reclaimers and Shiploaders • Car Dumpers • Train Loadout Automatic Greasing Systems for Mobile Plant • Loaders • Dump Trucks • Excavators • Diggers Service Equipment • Grease Filtration • Air Operated Oil & Grease Pumps • Electric & Hydraulic Operated Grease Pumps • Hand Operated Grease Guns • Hand Operated Oil Pumps • Spring or Power Rewind Hose Reels • Oil Meters • IBC Oil Transfer Kits

Head Office: 6 Sheffield Street Woodville North, SA 5012

Fax +61 8 8445 6012 Email

CITIC HEAVY INDUSTRIES grinding mills, scrubbers, crushers, kilns, coolers, hoists, reducers, steam turbines and compressors. CITIC HIC also manufactures heavy castings and forgings, as well as electric/hydraulic control and lubrication systems. Their factory in Luoyang covers more than 3 million square meters, of which 2 million square meters is under cover. It has a total workforce of approximately 10,000 employees of which more than 1,200 are engineers.



Major Mining Equipment “The largest of the grinding equipment that we have supplied so far are 12.2 metres in diametre and 11 metres long,” says Kalra. “Each of these has 28 megawatt drives (28,000 kilowatts). There are six of these being supplied in Australia, two of these lines are in operation right now, and the other four are set for operation by the end of this year. CITIC HIC has the capability to design and manufacture Grinding mills up to 13.7 m (45 ft) diameter


The Profitability of the resource sector, relies more than ever on equipment reliability. Tecalemit has been at the forefront of centralised greasing systems, vehicle hoist and workshop lubrication service equipment solutions for over 70 years. Tecalemit Lubrication solutions are packaged for a variety of customers involved in the design, maintenance and reliability engineering of fixed and mobile plant. Tecalemit’s knowledge and experience cultivated over many years enables us to quickly identify customer’s specific needs and develop customised, cost effective equipment solutions. Tecalemit is now the preferred supplier for Australian and International Original Equipment Manufacturers. Tecalemit’s commitment to its customers and partnership with its suppliers is geared to total customer satisfaction by understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations. Web site: w w w. c o m p a n y u r l . c o m


CITIC HEAVY INDUSTRIES with 35 MW gearless drives and 12.8 m (42 ft) diameter with dual 12 MW drive geared mills” Mining Industry Jaw Crushers

“As far as the standard equipment is concerned, we also produce giant jaw crushers. These are used after the mining companies complete their blasting. They bring their blast material to giant dumpers, and the dumpers feed directly into our giant crushers. On average, the blast material is approximately 1 - 1.5 metres in size. Our giant crushers process the materials down to approximately eight inches in size,” explains Kalra. The Company also produces the


highly impressive CITIC-HIC AJ (Auto Jaw) Range of single toggle jaw crushers. These incorporate the use of a hybrid cylinder (patent pending) toggle system. The new design of toggle system has made the operation and maintenance of the jaw crusher is simpler and safer than other jaw crushers currently available in the market. The traditional tension rod system has been eliminated and replaced by a hybrid cylinder, the toggle arrangement not only allows for the equipment to be easily adjusted. This design also provides tramp relief for the equipment which adds another level of protection to the machine and minimises potential damage to the crusher when tramp material enters the crushing chamber. An added advantage of this system, the crusher is able to be adjusted while the machine is running reducing which improves the availability and productivity of the crusher. The toggle system has also been designed with maintenance in mind, the toggle system pivots outward to create easy access to the toggle area for maintenance purposes.

Largest Design and Manufacturing Kalra points out a unique element to the Company’s approach, highlighting that they are “likely the largest company in the world in our specific industry who does the design and the manufacturing”. CITIC STIRRED MILL (CSM):

CITIC STIRRED MILL (CSM) 3D MODEL CITIC has developed a range of vertical stirred mill with advanced features to handle wide range of regrind and fine grinding w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m /



16m Gear Cutter

applications. Three units of CSM1200 are currently under manufacture for project in South America, there units will replace the existing conventional regrind mills in copper mine. About Sino Iron Project: The massive Sino Iron project is being developed at Cape Preston, 100 kilometers south west of Karratha in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. It is the largest magnetite mining and processing operation in Australia. The Sino Iron project is focused on delivering 74

October 2014


a world class magnetite iron ore development which will add value to the Western Australian economy through significant downstream

Location of Sino Iron Project

Once operating, the project will mine about 140 million metric tons each year and the processing plant will handle approximately 80 million tons of material. This material goes through in-pit crushers before being transported to the concentrator. The crushed ore then enters giant grinding mills, the most powerful in the world. There will be six grinding mill lines, each using an autogenous (AG) mill 12.2 m (40 ft) diameter Ă— 11 m (36 ft) long with a 28 MW gearless motor followed by a 7.9 m (26 ft) diameter Ă— 13.6 m (44.6 ft)

processing, employment, community benefits and international technology transfer while balancing social and environmental considerations.

Magnetite concentration process

long ball mill, each with two 7800 kW motors (44 MW in each of six lines) and standing more than 17 meters high. The final product from these large regrind ball mills using small grinding media will be approximately 28 microns. The mills will produce a fine ore stream which enters magnetic separators to become a concentrate. The concentrate will be thickened and stored before being pumped 25 kilometers to the port, where it is filtered to reduce moisture. From there, the concentrate will be exported for use in steel making. w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m /



Technical Centre

The world’s largest AG mills (12.2 m diameter × 11 m long with 28 MW drives) and six 7.9 m diameter × 13.6 m long ball mills with dual 7.8 MW drives which are design and manufactured by CITIC HIC. CITIC SMCC Process Technology CITIC SMCC Process Technology Pty Ltd (CITIC SMCC) is a newly 76

October 2014

formed subsidiary company of CITIC HIC Australia, following the exclusive 100 percent acquisition of SMCC Pty Ltd and its IP by CITIC HIC Australia (100% owned by CITIC Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. China (listed on the Shanghai stock exchange) on 6th July 2012. CITIC SMCC is based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, and has


Company Information INDUSTRY


Luoyang Henan Province China FOUNDED


10,000+ REVENUE


commenced to provide technical services to various mining projects since January of 2013, mainly in the area of comminution circuit design, technology and equipment selection, and optimization of mineral processing plants. The formation of CITIC SMCC will expand the CITIC HIC’s current technical services and provide more complete solutions to its customers with the best suited solutions for milling technology selection, comminution circuit design and plant optimisation.

CITIC Heavy Industries Company Ltd (CITIC HIC) began in 1956 under the name of Luoyang Mining Machinery Plant. CITIC HIC is now the largest mining machinery manufacturer and one of the largest heavy machinery manufacturers in China.

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UGM Australia

Cost-effective options f

CEO Paul Hartcher discusses the company’s re how it’s set to turn the coal sector on fire Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: James Hayes


for coal producers

ecent acquisition and



System Pre-Commissioning Ashland KY

THE COAL INDUSTRY in Australia is seeing cost and production pressures and this belt-tightening has impacted upon the mining services sector, but one mining service company has used the buoyancy of the past to position itself to not only ride through current travails, but to continue the success of the past with additional, strategic, in-sector diversification. The Australia-based mining services company the UGM Group, which has a long history of specialized operational and 80

October 2014

advisory support and training to some of Australia’s largest mining companies, has acquired the ADDCAR Highwall Mining Technology from Arch Coal and the move for ADDCAR, from ownership by a coal producer to a contracting base (with Engineering and OEM capabilities) is seen as the appropriate melding of corporate focus and product delivery internationally. “We think there’s a grand opportunity for the ADDCAR technology, not just here in Australia and the traditional American market, but internationally as well”


said Paul Hartcher, Managing Director of the UGM Group.

licenses, patents and technology related to ADDCAR’s systems, including the manufacturing facility New beginnings in Ashland, Kentucky. UGM currently Beginning in 1997 as a single has four contract mining operations service provider for underground across the USA and Australia. mining, the UGM Group has built a “Whilst we acquired ADDCAR stout reputation for developing cost from Arch Coal in 2014, we’ve been effective and reliable relationships involved in the technology since with clients. The company, which 2008, and I have been personally offers a comprehensive range of involved since 1996” said Hartcher. underground mining services, “The strategy we’ve put in specializes in engineering, plant place for ADDCAR is to not only and equipment hire, projects incorporate it into our contracting and construction, safety and business but to also educate the environmental management, and industry as to the possibilities diesel services. this technology offers to optimize Headquartered in Australia, the resource realization across the globe company also has a Corporate as this system is the most productive Advisory arm, Engenicom, which and the leader in resource recovery provides mining engineering, through the patented guidance resource assessment, environmental, system that keeps the entries in line safety and project management and in-seam services to mining related industries The new addition also adds to such as rail, power, port and of UGM’s commitment to not only course, coal mines. providing quality mining services, but innovating and implementing ADDCAR new ideas. UGM completed the acquisition of “Whilst our underpinning business ADDCAR Technologies in February base is as a contractor, we have 2014 and the $21 million acquisition a strong tradition of focusing on from Arch Coal gives UGM all innovation and we are excited about w w w. u g m . c o m . a u /


UGM AUSTRALIA the opportunity this acquisition corridors from roadways has affords us to enhance the technology became an imperative and this and broaden the applications”. product delivers that outcome. Additional products such as INNOVATION the UGM Tow-Hitch, designed to UGM has developed the only nonbe attached to LHD vehicles and steel, FRAS (Fire Resistant Antiremove the need for operators Static) pipe for use in explosive to physically connect trailers, atmospheres such as underground will also be marketed in the USA coal mines. The ADDCAR building upon UGM’s knowledge acquisition will serve as a means to and experience in the underground introduce the product to the North mining sector. American market and ever since the ADDCAR Innovation is well events surrounding the Sago mine underway and despite the system disaster, removing conductivity being the only one that can mine greater than eight degrees and achieve 500 metres plunge depth, development is well underway to surpass the current capability of sixteen degrees. PRECISION MANUFACTURED PARTS, REPAIRS AND FABRICATION FOR OVER 35 YEARS! Riggs Machine provides fabrication, repair and design services to the coal, steel, power and petroleum industries.

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Mining Petroleum Coal Steel Mills Rolling Mills

Ph: +1 606 324 0090 3850 Belford Street, Ashland, KY 41101, USA

Working with Glencore UGM signed a five year highwall mining contract with commodities giant Glencore earlier this year. The deal is expected to help Glencore produce one million tons of coal a year at its operation. The company’s ADDCAR System equipment has completed its move from the Kentucky facility to Glencore’s Newlands Mine


in the Bowen Basin. With operations due to commence later this year, the ADDCAR System is helping lead the resurgence of Highwall mining in Australia. The new system in Glencore’s operations will provide: • • 90,000 tons per month consistently • • Productivity: 27/30 ktonnes per employee year • • Penetration: +500 meters • • Seam heights: 0.9 meters – 8 meters Future endeavors The future is looking bright for the UGM Group. The company, which has an array of projects lined up, is gearing up to take its ADDCAR technology to the next level. “What attracted us to the ADDCAR system is we knew what it was, and we saw it as a technology that if taken by someone who knew it, it could be enhanced,” said Hartcher. “Since 1993 the system has mined roughly 100 million tons of coal. I don’t think people realize the potential of this technology.” Hartcher adds, “We’ll have five more systems operating in the next three years.” With the new system in place, UGM is working to bring the combination of ADDCAR and engineering to Australia’s coal industry.

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Warners Bay, NSW Australia EMPLOYEES


UGM Australia is a diversified professional services company supporting mining and related industries including ports, rail and power generation.

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World Coa Association: The WCA is the global network for the

al : coal industry. 85

“OUR MISSION IS to defend and grow markets for coal based on its contribution to a higher quality of life globally, and to demonstrate and gain acceptance that coal plays a fundamental role in achieving the least cost path to a sustainable low carbon and secure energy future.” – Milton Catelin, Chief Executive, WCA The World Coal Association (WCA) is a global industry association formed of major international coal producers and stakeholders. The WCA works to demonstrate and gain acceptance for the fundamental role coal plays in achieving a sustainable and lower carbon energy future. Membership is open to companies and not-for-profits with a stake in the future of coal from anywhere in the world, with member companies represented at Chief Executive or Chairman level. 86

October 2014

The WCA has four core goals that shape our work. 1. To demonstrate that coal is an abundant, low cost energy source critical to meeting the energy needs of a low carbon world. 2. To demonstrate that coal is essential to building sustainable societies through the use of coal products, such as steel and cement. 3. To influence international bodies and national governments to support investment in low carbon coal technologies – including improved energy efficiency and carbon capture, use and storage – in support of international climate objectives. 4. To ensure that the World Coal Association and its Member s are recognised and valued as constructive and responsible participants in


Economic Forum and national governments. The WCA has been influencing policy at the highest level for almost 30 years.

international environmental, climate and energy security forums. The WCA provides a voice for coal in international energy, environment and development forums, presenting the case for coal to key decision-makers, including ministers, development banks, NGOs, international media, the energy industry, business and finance and research bodies. The WCA produces material that improves understanding of the vital role of coal, organises workshops, holds meetings with senior policymakers, and develops policy positions to inform international policy discussions in bodies such as the European Commission, European Parliament, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Environment Programme, World Bank, World

WCA Leadership The WCA’s leadership team is headed by a Chairman elected for a two-year term, currently

Milton Catelin handing out the award for Leadership on Mining Safety to a representative from the Shenhua Group.

w w w. w o r l d c o a l . o r g



September 2014

W O R L D C O A L A S S O C I AT I O N Harry Kenyon-Slaney, the Chief Executive of Rio Tinto Energy. There are three Vice-Chairmen and a Chief Executive, supported by an Executive Committee.


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WCA Work Programme The WCA’s activities are shaped by the work of two committees. Every WCA Member can sit on these two committees and have a major input into the WCA’s work programme. The Energy & Climate Committee’s role is to develop WCA policy on issues relating to energy access, energy security and climate change and to develop and oversee projects to implement those policies. The Resources Committee develops WCA policy on issues relating to coal’s sustainability as an essential resource in a modern economy and develops and oversees projects to implement those policies. WCA Members play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the global coal industry.




Chairman: Harry Kenyon-Slaney, Chief Executive Rio Tinto Energy,Chief Executive: Milton Catelin PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Non-profit, global industry association formed of major international coal producers and stakeholders.

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Pilbara Regional Council (PRC) Local government underpins regional change Written by: Tony Friday - Cheif Executive Officer, Pilbera Regional Council



Port Hedland Ore Ship

About the Pilbara region Spanning an enormous landmass, the Pilbara is remote by every definition. Remote from major capitals, remote from markets, and remote from labour sources. The environment is harsh, subject to cyclones and without ready access to fresh water. Despite these constraints, the Pilbara is also one of the most productive and dynamic regions in the country, supporting thriving communities that deliver a significant proportion of Australia’s wealth. This productivity means that 20% of goods exported nationally come from 0.2% of the population located in the Pilbara. 92

October 2014

History of the association The Pilbara Regional Council is a statutory local government created in 2000 to support the four local governments of the Pilbara region in Western Australia. Originally located within the Pilbara, the PRC’s head office was relocated to Perth several years ago in recognition of the growing role the organisation was playing in federal and state advocacy on behalf of the region. The goals and roles of the association The PRC undertakes a broad body of work on behalf of its member local governments; categorized


broadly into either bureau services or advocacy. These may take the form of active lobbying for Federal immigration policy change, through to the attraction of events such as the Adventure Film Festival to the region. Current legislation The Pilbara Regional Council is a statutory local government created by an Act of Parliament. The PRC is governed by a Constitution, and guided towards its objectives by a Council of nominee members drawn from within the member local governments. The PRC is regulated by the Western Australian Department of Local Government. Latest news and Industry ‘Hot’ topics It appears that we have reached the current peak of the mining boom (in terms of construction, as opposed to productivity), and are now about to embark on a new boom in the form of agribusiness across the region. Regional food security has been emerging as a significant national issue over the past few years, and has now gathered weight with our nearby neighbors

Tony Friday

questioning whether they will be capable of producing sufficient protein for domestic consumption in years to come. This offers both a regional security challenge, and a significant commercial opportunity for Australian protein producers. The Pilbara is well positioned in terms of market proximity, port facilities and ready access to (potential) plentiful water from mine dewatering activities. The challenge for the region and for our Federal and State policymakers is how to encourage both miners and pastoralists to enter a new age of active cooperation that goes well w w w. p r c . w a . g o v. a u


PHILBARA REGIONAL COUNCIL beyond the current disinterested coexistence. The PRC has been actively encouraging the Pilbara region towards greater degrees of sophistication in the packaging and marketing of foreign direct investment for the region in order to support a step change in the nature of the Pilbara primary industry. This has extended to advocacy for the formation of a special economic

Pilbara region mining site 94

October 2014

zone within the region. Australia is the only country around the Indian ocean rim that is not taking advantage of the benefits that a special economic zone can bring in terms of encouraging inbound investment. The Thailand car industry is a stellar example of the impacts of these zones – unfortunately to Australia’s detriment in that particular example. The Federal Government’s vision


for the development of northern Australia, and the Prime Minister’s task force, have both identified that substantial population growth is key to building sustainable cities in the north west of the country. The PRC has recently applied to be the proponent for one of Australia’s first Designated Area Migration Agreements, potentially allowing Pilbara regional employers to smooth the peaky labour market challenges associated with resource projects and global commodity prices, whilst acting as an enabler for a vibrant small to medium enterprise sector.

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Suite 5, 205 Bulwer Street Perth WA, 6000 FOUNDED


Tony Friday - Chief Executive Officer, Alexis Guillot - Deputy Chief Executive Officer. PRODUCTS/ SERVICES The Pilbara Regional Council is a statutory local government created in 2000 to support the four local governments of the Pilbara region in Western Australia.

w w w. p r c . w a . g o v. a u


TAG Oil:

TAG Oil: Canadian O New Zealand Run

Merging the best of Northern and South Written by: Ian Hanner Produced by: Wayne Masciotro


hern Hemisphere exploration 97


Aerial view of 2013’s Ngapaeruru exploration.

BY BLENDING PRODUCTION styles from Canada and New Zealand, TAG Oil has managed to find a sweet spot for operations in the Southern Hemisphere. TAG Oil was founded in Canada in 2002 by Alex Guidi with the express purpose of exploration in New Zealand. While trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the company invests nearly 100 percent of their capital in the development of projects in their host country. Though a relatively small company in the world of oil production, Chief Operating Officer Drew Cadenhead says the company has no problem 98

October 2014

competing in their niche market. “We are the most active explorer in New Zealand and have had good exploration success over the last few years,” Cadenhead said. “A very strong financial position [has us] positioned well for future growth into the next few years.” Cadenhead’s optimism is not without merit. TAG Oil has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. TAG Oil was “relatively inactive” for the first seven years of its existence, according to Cadenhead, who used to be the Chief Executive Officer. “We were just JV partners with


Hydrocarbon storage tank at TAG Oil’s Sidewinder Field

some other companies, so once we took control of things ourselves and we were getting much more active operationally, I switched from CEO to COO,” he said. “I relocated myself and my family back to New Zealand to run all of our operations here. Our CFO at the time, Garth Johnson, took over the role of CEO up in Vancouver.”

Cadenhead’s expertise comes from several decades of experience working for various exploration companies in both Canada and New Zealand. He also holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Geology from the University of Calgary. Now tasked with the direction of TAG Oil’s operations in New Zealand, he’s putting his skills to work.

“It is something that’s very important to us: our perception as a good corporate citizen; as a very safety and healthoriented company. Our record is impeccable here and it’s very important for us to maintain that record.” w w w. t a g o i l . c o m / d e f a u l t . a s p




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“Our niche here in New Zealand is to run our company as a small nimble junior company-- sort of like a Canadian model, not surprisingly,” he said. “What we found was that there were a number of Majors down here, [such as] Shell and some of the big Australian companies, mainly focusing offshore. No one was really focusing on-shore where there’s some really nice oil. In particular, shallow oil plays, so really kind of up our alley as far as what we were familiar with as Canadians working in Calgary.” One of TAG Oil’s strongest plays is in the Taranaki Basin. The only sedimentary basins in New Zealand to have been commercialized to date, the company has invested heavily in the region with three plants and a wholly-owned network of pipelines just east of the field. From there, everything ties into their mother facility, the Cheal plant. The drilling operations in that region produce between 2,300 and 2,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day, securing a steady cash flow. According to Cadenhead, TAG Oil will be producing in that region for years to come having only drilled

roughly 25 percent of the company’s total acreage. “If we were to stop drilling here today, the oil would keep flowing for about another 10 to 15 years,” he said. “They’re nice long reserve life, index fields. They produce very well.” Speaking about new drilling operations in the region, he added, “These wells will cost us about $3 million to drill and complete and tie in and we’ll get a net present value out of these wells of somewhere between $10 to 30 million. It’s really a great little play for us.” The success of smaller scale, but very stable operations in shallow plays like these, has afforded the company the ability to develop higher risk operations. With reportedly zero debt and about $50 million in reserve, TAG Oil is looking to explore deeper targets in the region. According to Cadenhead, there are numerous reservoirs situated at depths of between 4,000 and 5,000 meters. With larger pool sizes, he estimates the value of each of these wells would be closer to $20 million. With stable cash flow from the w w w. c o m p a n y u r l . c o m



Working in partnership with our customers providing safe, efficient and cost effective crane and transport solutions. Ian Roebuck Crane Hire Limited are proud to be associated with Tag Oil and Webster Drilling, supplying their crane and trucking requirements for the Drilling Programme throughout New Zealand.

Office (06) 758 7259 | Fax (06) 758 1827 105 Corbett Road, R.D. 3, Bell Block, New Plymouth 4312 PO Box 3086, Fitzroy, New Plymouth 4341




Since 2009

We specialise in onsite equipment servicing to the oil/gas and farming industries in the greater Taranaki area. We are well-known for the prompt, reliable and friendly service and our willingness to go the extra mile to get products and equipment to suit the client’s specific needs.


A leading petrochemical open systems integrator since 1997 Providing Process Control and Automation Services to the Oil and Gas Industry: • Control Systems Consultancy, Engineering and maintenance • Control Systems Technology Consultancy and Supply • Control Systems Integration • Functional Safety Consultancy and Engineering

140 Juliet St, Stratford

Ph: +64 800 123 553 Enquiries: 104 October 2014

P: +64 6 757 5562 | E: 166 Powderham Street, New Plymouth 4340, New Zealand


Taranaki Basin, the company has been able to turn its attention to other regions yet to be developed, such as the East Coast Basin. “[The East Coast Basin] clearly has a working hydrocarbon system,” Cadenhead said. “We know that because there’s 300 or 400 oil and gas seeps where oil and gas is actually gurgling out of the ground. So we know the kitchen is working there and we recognized that about five years ago and secured a very large land base-nearly 2 million acres.” He estimated it would take about three years to gather enough data and drill enough exploratory wells to prove commercial viability, but according to Cadenhead, several independent engineering assessments have indicated that the company is sitting atop reserves in the billions of barrels. “It just remains to be seen if it can be cracked,” he said. “We’re the only ones trying to crack it. It’s one of the main reasons the shareholders in TAG are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for a hit over there, as well as the good work that

we’re doing in the Taranaki Basin.” The small staff size at TAG makes the company’s successes thus far even more impressive. With only 25 employees in New Plymouth, TAG’s revenue for the 2014 fiscal year was just over $2.3 million per person. Over the last five years that the company has been growing, the staff has been hired on one-byone, with only two people leaving the company in that time span, according to Cadenhead. “We have a lot of fun here,” he said. “It’s a really loose atmosphere and because it’s such a small group, we don’t get bogged down in red tape and paper work. We just yell at each other down the hallway instead of sending memos around. We chat around the coffee pot. It really is a small family type of [operation] here.” As a foreign entity operating in another country, TAG Oil has to be extra careful about their perception as good for the community. With a very active role sponsoring both local academic and sporting organizations, the company tries to make it clear that they’re trying to give back to their host country.

w w w. c o m p a n y u r l . c o m



The process isn’t easy though. Cadenhead pointed out that in recent year, the oil and gas industry has come under scrutiny from the public in a way that it hasn’t before. “It’s probably one of the biggest challenges for us, to tell you the truth, and one of the biggest risks is getting permission and consent to drill wells,” he said. “It’s something we put a lot of effort into and I can honestly say many, many more times the effort than we [put into it] just four or five years ago. It 106

October 2014

just wasn’t a consideration. It has become a consideration. And that’s not just here in New Zealand; that’s a global phenomenon.” He added, “It is something that’s very important to us: our perception as a good corporate citizen; as a very safety and health-oriented company. Our record is impeccable here and it’s very important for us to maintain that record.” The natural gas produced by the company doesn’t just benefit New Zealand by introducing jobs and


taxable revenue. Since TAG Oil doesn’t own a facility to liquefy natural gas, all of the natural gas produced in the country is sold in New Zealand without the added costs accrued by shipping overseas. Meanwhile, the company’s crude oil is shipped to primarily Asian markets such as China, Japan and India, which require oils with very low sulfur content, and sold at a premium. From there the company imports cheaper oil back from the Middle East to refine into gasoline and diesel for use in New Zealand. “We’ve got the choice of either consuming that oil here or shipping it offshore,” Cadenhead said. “There’s an insatiable thirst for oil in the Southeast Asia part of the world. It’s a great place to find oil. It’s a great place to find high quality oil in particular. As I said, we’re netting back on our oil sales here probably close to $80 a barrel right now.” Cadenhead said he could see the company taking a number of paths in the decade to come. Most exciting would be proving commercial viability on their unconventional plays in the East Coast Basin. “If the unconventional play starts to work for us and we can have success with the proof of concept of being able to flow hydrocarbons from those multi-billion barrel reservoirs that we see over on the East Coast Basin, that’s a completely different ball game,” he said. “Most likely, TAG, at the size that we are, would get bought out by a Major at that point.”

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Vancouver, Canada FOUNDED



$57,546,899 (2014) PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

TAG Oil is a Canadianowned exploration and production company for both oil and gas that operates exclusively in New Zealand. By merging the styles of both countries, the company has been able to solve problems no one else has, becoming the busiest explorer in New Zealand. With a small staff size, the company is able to stay highly-adaptive to an evolving energy market and act fast to capitalize on growth opportunities.

w w w. t a g o i l . c o m / d e f a u l t . a s p


Webster Drilling & Expl Professional Drilling Services and Abroad

With a diverse range of services and above ave Webster leads the pack in New Zealand Written by: Laura Close Produced by: James Hayes

loration Ltd: for New Zealand

erage training,

W E B S T E R D R I L L I N G & E X P L O R AT I O N LT D .

WEBSTER DRILLING AND Exploration Ltd. was founded in 1983 as a company able to handle jobs across the spectrum of drilling operations. The company has carried out contracts covering a large number of services including oil and gas exploration, geotechnical, coal and mineral, environmental, landfill gas extraction, drainage drilling, rock anchor installation and water well drilling. With such a diverse range of offerings, Webster Drilling and Exploration (Webster) has been able to solidify a strong market hold in native New 110

October 2014

Zealand, along with a presence in Antarctica, Oman, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Canadian Arctic, Indonesia, Seychelles, Iran, Brunei, India, Turkey, Mozambique, Cameroon, Caribbean, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Headed by Bain Webster, Jeff Ashby and Peter Rutland, the company boasts a senior management staff with a combined total of more than 110 years industry experience. Service Offerings In 2011, Webster purchased a highly advanced VR-500 super


single cyber drilling rig dubbed Nova-1. In 2012, Nova-1 began drilling wells in the Taranaki basin under contract with TAG Oil. Nova-1 makes use of the latest technology to create efficiencies in well drilling, and is quick to move and rig up. This rig is equipped with BOP Lifter systems, Mechanized pipe handling systems, Volant casing running tools and more, all with the goal of increasing safety and efficiency. The company also maintains a wide range of more traditional drilling rigs, including truck and tractor mounted, trailor mounted, skid mounted, helicopter and

people portable rigs, workover and oil and gas well drilling rigs. One of the company’s most successful service offerings is anchoring services, especially in Wellington, New Zealand. Since 1997, Webster Drilling & Exploration Limited has completed 495 rock anchor projects in Wellington. These projects varied in size up from one to 265 anchors. Earthquake strengthening has been an increasing priority in Wellington in recent years and Webster Drilling specializes in tight access drilling equipment to get inside buildings for the installation of w w w. w e b s t e r d r i l l i n g . c o m /


W E B S T E R D R I L L I N G & E X P L O R AT I O N LT D . vertical seismic uplift anchors, with a recent project totaling 2,450 meters of vertical anchor installation inside an existing building. The company has also completed some very large anchor projects (400 plus) in other parts of the country. Webster Drilling is Wellington’s most experienced rock anchor installer. Able to anchor structures in rock or soil, Webster has become the go to provider for that service in Wellington. Continuous Improvement

Through a good portion of its history, Webster has managed HSE and operational risks by amalgamation into large multinational client HSE programmes. During the late 1990’s we recognized that in order to achieve a step-change improvement in safety and operational performance, we would have to formalize the long term experience and work practices within a structured framework represented by a management system. The development of an


effective management system was to ensure appropriate risk management efforts would be consistently applied by people at the worksite to manage major and other workplace hazards to ensure safe and reliable operations. Webster’s whole staff management team have completed courses including: First Aid, Site Safe Passport, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, Gas detection, Permit to Work, Schlumberger Injury Prevention, Schlumberger DriveSmart, Hazard Identification, Blow Out Prevention and Well Cap, IWCF, DICAT Drillers Training, Confined Spaces, Breathing Apparatus, Dangerous Good Training, Emergency Response Training, Explosives Handling, Helicopter familiarization, Helicopter Loadmaster training, Defensive Driving, Chevron Fatigue Management, Firefighting, Working at Heights/Rescue at Heights, Pick and Carry Crane certification, Antarctic survival training, Forklift License, Wheels, Tracks and Rollers training, Fall Arrestor, Heavy Trade License, Truck & Trailer License, BOSIET, and NEBOSH International General Certification. With such a diversified range of service offerings and an exceedingly well-trained management staff, clients of Webster Drilling and Exploration Ltd. can know they, and their developments, are in good hands with the company.

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Exploration World HEADQUARTERS

New Zealand FOUNDED


Webster Drilling and Exploration Ltd. is based in Wellington, New Zealand and has over 29 years experience in the drilling industry, safely carrying out operations in over 14 countries on five continents.

w w w. w e b s t e r d r i l l i n g . c o m /


Mosman Oil & Gas:

Mosman Oil & Gas on Track Discoveries is Australasia

Mosman Oil & Gas lends fresh eyes to neglected resourc Written by: Ian Hanner Produced by: Wayne Masciotro

k for Major

ce areas



Cross Roads-1 Wellsite

Established in 2011, Mosman Oil & Gas has risen quickly to become a major contender in the exploration industry of Australia and New Zealand. The company was founded by John Barr and John Young, two seasoned businessmen in the mineral industry. Mosman’s strategic objective is the acquisition of overlooked areas of resource potential and realizing value through the “development, joint venture or sale of the assets.” Mosman was listed on the London Stock 116

October 2014

Exchange on March 20, 2014. In 2013, the company’s board of directors added Andrew Carroll, an engineer with more than 30 years of industry experience, to the company as the technical director and a member of the board. According to Carroll, he was brought into the company while it was focusing on resources in Papua New Guinea. “I became involved because I had success in Papua New Guinea with Ampolex with the Kutubu project and managing InterOil upstream while we applied for permits and


Drillforce Rig #1 - rigging up

discovered a major petroleum system which is now being developed as second LNG project in PNG,” Carroll said. After reviewing the opportunities available in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the company began diverting focus on two major projects in New Zealand and Australia, the Petroleum Creek and Officer Basin projects respectively. “It’s a great opportunity,” Carroll said. “The company is totally oil focused and totally focused in New Zealand and Australia at this stage.”

Oil was discovered in the Petroleum Creek Project area in 1896 when railway workers were installing a new rail line near the coal developments at Greymouth. Small wells were drilled in 1902 and 1910, with production appearing to have mostly dried up shortly after. According to Carroll, production completely ceased in 1986 and no work had taken place in the area since. “We came across the project around two years ago,” he said. “The permit was held by a passive

w w w. m o s m a n o i l a n d g a s . c o m /


MOSMAN OIL & GAS investment company that couldn’t organize the funding required to keep up with the work program. We were able to acquire the permit and move ahead. We’ve now drilled the first two exploration wells. We’ve had discoveries on two zones on both of those wells.” The company’s other main development, the Officer Basin Project, consists of 22,527 square kilometers located in Western Australia. The company compares the suspected geology and hydrocarbon potential in the area to basins in Saudi

Arabia and Siberia. “The Officer Basin is an area I’m familiar with,” Carroll said. “I had an adjacent permit working with another company. It’s a really interesting large basin that’s somewhat unexplored; no exploration in that area since the 1980s. It has both conventional and unconventional potential. It’s still at an early stage. The block we have interest in is enormous; it’s bigger than Wales. We’re progressing that block, but it’s taking sometime to mature. It does have enormous potential.” The project is currently held up pending completion of the Native Title Act requirements which deal with “heritage clearance, land access and other traditional owner issues.” “Since the Mabo decision some 30 years ago, traditional owner rights have been recognized in Australia, though, there is a fairly well-trodden path now of negotiation,” Carroll said. “We are going down that path. So I was out on site in the permit in Warburton talking to the traditional owners earlier this year. We are planning the next visit and we expect that can be achieved in the next six to 12 months. There is a back up of an arbitration process, but we don’t


Company Information INDUSTRY


Mosman , Australia FOUNDED

Drill cuttings sample bags


12 months. There is a back up of an arbitration process, but we don’t think we’ll need that. We anticipate being able to reach agreement.” Mosman has been in talks for some time with Trident Energy to totally acquire the company and its assets. Among the most significant assets that Mosman stands to gain from this deal are highly anticipated land holdings in the Otway, Amadeus and Canning basins. It was announced Sept. 18 that the Trident Energy negotiations had concluded and that the takeover of Trident was unconditional and allowed the company the right to “compulsory purchase of remaining shares,” according to Proactive Investor. “We have completed yet another step in achieving Mosman’s objectives, and welcome the Trident shareholders to Mosman,” Barr said.


Mosman (AIM: MSMN) is an Australia and New Zealand focused oil exploration and development company with a strategy to build a sustainable mid-tier oil and gas business by acquisition and organic growth. The Mosman management team has extensive international experience in the oil and gas and resource sectors. They are experienced in the evaluation of oil and gas assets, in raising funds on international capital markets, in evaluating acquisitions and investment prospects and in the day to day management of public companies.

w w w. m o s m a n o i l a n d g a s . c o m /


Liftronic Pty Lt

Liftronic’s Innovation Moves Upward in Vertical Transpor

A trustworthy and experienced supplier of elevators, based on 30 years of experience. Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: Andrew Zhao


s Company Ever rtation Industry

, escalators, service and advice



Lift Shaft

ESTABLISHED IN 1985, Liftronic is Australia’s largest independent lift company, trusted by Government Departments, property developers, Bodies Corporate, and private home owners to design, supply, install modernise and maintain thousands of lifts and escalators across all major Australian markets. The company has grown to rival the strength, services and products of its competitors, through a relentless dedication to new technology, drawn from an international network of the world’s leading lift and escalator manufacturers. Managing Director & Founder 122

October 2014

Milan Debelak founded Liftronic 30 years ago. He is likely the longest standing Managing Director within the vertical transportation industry in Australia. “We started with a very small group of people, working out of effectively a tin shed where we were doing all the operations,” says Debelak. “We were performing installations, administration and management, sales and tendering, maintenance, and service work. And we saw that the industry was becoming globalised, and that there was space for personalised service with an Australian view rather than an overseas view. We saw a great


Vehicle lift

opportunity. I didn’t want to work for one of the larger, globalised companies. We decided to go out on our own and to give the industry a try. We found a lot of our existing relationships and customers from when we were working in the industry were very keen to work with us.” “We started as a two-man band and have grown to be the largest independent lift company. We have built up a strong reputation in the industry that now spans four generations both here and overseas.”

in the Australian market, Liftronic is in a unique position to draw on new technology from multiple channels from across the globe, which provides a much broader resource than is available to many other companies who are limited to their own technology. Liftronic people have access to a broad resource of technology, engineering solutions, knowledge and experience. We have participated in almost every technological advancement in the past quarter century. For example, Knowledge and Experience Liftronic was among the first As the largest independent company Australian companies to employ w w w. l i f t r o n i c . c o m . a u


L I F T R O N I C P T Y LT D machine-roomless lifts, energy systems, cutting-edge controller dispatching systems, remote fault diagnostic systems and observation and special application lifts. Liftronic’s customers can be confident that they are dealing with people with the highest levels of expertise, who have access to the broadest range of new technology and the latest engineering solutions. Quality People Keep the Company Going Up For 30 years Liftronic have

installed and maintained elevators and escalators across a broad spectrum of Australian operating environments. They are justifiably proud of the quality of their products, services and the expertise of their people. Liftronic’s people are some of the industry’s most highly regarded. Its management team is hands-on in Australia, available to respond immediately to the needs of its customers. “A number of years ago, as the directors were spread over a larger, growing business, we decided we needed a plan. We need people working with us that can have personalised and direct contact internally and externally. We’re very hands-on,” says Debelak. All the Company’s Directors are available to all clients in relation to any matters that affect the business. “We welcome this contact because it gives us detailed information on what our business is doing and what our clients need.” Liftronic is large enough to leverage size and scale, but still small enough that clients can pick up the phone and dial directors directly. “That’s something


extremely important to us. All our directors need to know exactly what’s going on in the business. It’s critical that we have that intimate contact with our clients. This way, we actually experience the issues.” This allows Liftronic to better understand, serve and anticipate. “The directors continue to maintain this hands-on approach, but as the business grows it becomes a little more difficult. Therefore, we established an Executive Management Team (EMT) that work with us to cover the growth in the business. Our EMT work with us and with our middle managers to run and grow the business.” “We develop strategies horizontally and vertically with our Management Team and all our staff,” says Debelak. Thanks to this approach, Liftronic has also been able to establish and groom its employees in a manner that creates and maintains an existing network to make sure no responsibilities are ever lost track of, and we promptly and effectively attend to our clients’ needs.

Capabilities Liftronic is committed to their Quality Accreditation and an uncompromising Safety Management System. Their responsive and highly trained staff are available 24/7 with access to local inventory of quality spare parts and the support of a customer centric “walk-the-talk” leadership culture. The Company’s unique position as the largest Australian company in the sector allows them to maximise the service, operational and financial deliverables that are valued by their clients and their customers, in retail environments, Government facilities, transport hubs, residential towers, office blocks and private residences. “We differentiate ourselves through products, service and innovation throughout the business offerings we provide. We have great flexibility across a range of products that satisfy all vertical transportation needs. As a company, we probably have the widest range of products one company can offer within the vertical transportation industry,” says Debelak. “Part of what makes us unique is w w w. l i f t r o n i c . c o m . a u




that while we have longstanding and substantial business partners and suppliers, we are not obligated to provide a fixed product that would, for example, suit a multinational’s parent. We have great flexibility that allows us to choose product that best suits the client. Also, we have complete autonomy in that all our decisions on products and services are done locally by people that run the business on a day-to-day basis with a strategic longterm view.� Liftronic is bound to an ethos that ensures their clients experience the highest levels of quality, safety 126

October 2014

and service. This approach has consistently delivered superior passenger comfort, increased uptime, and has extended the operational lifecycle of their products. Focused on Developing Technology and Growth Liftronic works hard to leverage their cutting-edge position while continuously looking for potential acquisitions, companies with good value within their organisations, whether they are directly lift companies or have similar synergies to their own. “Fortunately, we


have a good amount of available funds and facilities which allow us to make relatively large acquisitions,” says Debelak. Liftronic is currently focused on developing technology and looking for acquisitions for growth. “We have some substantial suppliers and contributors. We consider our suppliers our partners in our business. We are working with them in great detail to develop new products in our industry,” says Debelak. Liftronic’s products, engineered components and architectural finishes are drawn from multiple supply chains that connect their customers to the latest and best solutions in the world. “This means cutting-edge products are not only driven by multinational competitors, we are also driving technology and efficiency improvements within existing and new products.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


North South Wales, Australia FOUNDED



+$40 Million

Liftronic’s Future “The Australian market has huge amounts of opportunity for a company that is offering quality product and high levels of services. We see people that are hungry for that. In addition, the Australian economy has a very good base for growth. We see a lot of opportunity both within our existing and new markets.” Above all, Liftronic is instilled with a level of integrity that is the foundation of customer relationships that spans decades and will quite surely continue to add decades to its peerless track record.


Established in 1985, Liftronic is Australia’s largest independent lift company, trusted by Government Departments, property developers, Bodies Corporate, and private home owners to design, supply, install, modernise and maintain thousands of lifts and escalators across all major Australian markets.

w w w. l i f t r o n i c . c o m . a u


Hiflow Indus

A Leader in Australia’s

The award-winning company has excelled u and minimizing what doesn’t. Written by: Kevin Smead Produced by: Bryan Giles


s HVAC&R Industry

using its formula of maximizing what works



Headquarters Geebung Brisbane, QLD

FOR HIFLOW INDUSTRIES, keeping it cool it just part of the business. Drawing on 20 years of experience providing a wide range of air conditioning services to industrial and commercial clients, Hiflow is a recognized, award-winning leader in Australia. The company has two simple goals: maximize cooling potential and minimize energy usage, both of which are main factors in the reduction of costs. On top of all that, Hiflow is committed to sustainability and strives to go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring its 130

October 2014

operations are not only good for clients, but the environment as well. An Award Winning Operation At the center of the company is Managing Director Brett Saunders. Saunders, only 33 years old, received the Young Achiever Award from the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Building Services (ARBS) exhibition in January of this year. Saunders was recognized for his hard work and dedication not only to Hiflow Industries, but to the HVAC&R industry as a whole.


Safety is our number one priority.

While Saunders is integral to the success of the company, Hiflow as a whole stands tall and was even named an ARBS Outstanding Service and Maintenance Provider in 2012. Wholly Client Focused The company is known for its outstanding service, as they aim to always exceed expectations. Everything they do is client focused and the direction of their innovation is steered toward providing better service. They aim for quick turnaround times without sacrificing

quality. To ensure this happens, the company has employed an innovative system called HITRAC, a tracking system that offers maximum transparency for the client. “In today’s marketplace, clients want information, data, and service quick and for us as a business, we identified an opportunity to provide that service by introducing HITRAC,” Saunders explained. “Our guys have mobile reporting with the iPads out on site. They can upload all the information, they can take photos of the jobs at the time they have w w w. h i f l o w. c o m . a u


Ducted Air Solutions

Air Systems Hygienists Mould Remediation Specialists

- Service

- Sales

COOLING TOWER CENTRAL Leading “One Stop Shop” for installation, maintenance, service, rentals & spare parts servicing Australia wide, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea,

Our services include:

Pacific Islands and South East Asia.

- Australian Made Manufacturer Phone: 1300 133 440 | Email:

• Comprehensive site inspection, contaminant analysis and reporting • Risk assessment • AHU refurbishment • Manual and robotic cleaning and sanitising of all ducting • Internal duct restoration including painting and air leak sealing

• HVAC mould remediation • Perfection in environmentally sound site clean-up • NADCA trained staff • DAS QA is to AIRAH standards, validated with digital images and written reports

CALL 1300 561 390 |

Water Treatment Specialists Hydro Flow is an Australian company delivering an innovative approach to Water Treatment Management. We are staffed by a team of engineers, scientists, managers and technicians dedicated to providing world-class water treatment programs, services and systems to the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors across Australia.


Our Worry Free Water from a treated cooling tower


WORRY FREE WATER Industrial Water Treatment

Experience the difference. We invite you to contact us today!

Australia-Wide Coverage | Offices in Every State Phone: 1300 793 121 | Email:

“There are three key fundamentals we push through everyone at our business, from apprentice to senior management: reliability, communication, and presentation,”



completed it, get the clients to sign off, then it gets uploaded into HITRAC and the clients have access there. We build an online database of every job that gets performed.”Ultimately, this helps the client save money in the long term, since they can reduce the chances of failure and correctly select the correct asset replacement sequence. This is all part of Hiflow’s core value of maximizing efficiencies. “When the right climate is crucial to your business and downtime can be costly, now only does it lower everyone’s productivity, it leads to unforeseen expenses.”

To further its commitment to safety, Hiflow has introduced a new online risk assessment process. The system enables technicians to perform an online risk and safety assessments before beginning work, allowing for the safer and more effective completion of a job. Keeping its work environmentally friendly is another major priority for Hiflow. Much like its safety practices, it meets all legal standards and practices—but views them a minimal standard. Between its attempt to have a paperless office via the implementation of its HITRAC system or its trucks usage of LPG, it has Doing Business Better a number of measures in place to While clients are at the top of Hiflow’s ensure its operation is running as list of priorities, it’s also highly green as possible. committed to its team’s safety and Hiflow also performs energy the environment. audits on its clients to ensure their Hiflow operates within all systems are running as efficiently government standards, but aims as possible. The company is also to go above and beyond when it certified to manage indoor air comes to safety. All of its workers are quality, which ensures that clients’ initially trained on safety protocols, systems are running clean. Hiflow but it doesn’t just stop there. Safety says it has reduced airborne and regulations are updated regularly and surface borne bacteria by 97%, training seminars are held frequently making for a healthier, better air to ensure everyone is always up to conditioning system. date on safety protocols. w w w. h i f l o w. c o m . a u




October 2014


Toward the Future While Hiflow is already at the top of its game, the company is always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve. In addition to its headquarters in Brisbane, it also has offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The company is currently expanding into Western Australia. It’s also rolling a new national procurement program for its suppliers and subcontractors, hoping to further boost efficiency. According to Saunders, the business’ success comes down to just a few points. “There are three key fundamentals we push through everyone at our business, from apprentice to senior management: reliability, communication, and presentation,” he said. As Hiflow Industries continues to operate with these three key principles in mind, it looks toward continued expansion while still providing the top quality services it has come to be known for.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Geebung Brisbane, QLD FOUNDED




“In today’s marketplace, clients want information, data, and service quick and for us as a business, we identified an opportunity to provide that service by introducing HITRAC,”

Australian owned and operated, we are an industry leader focused on researching and delivering new and innovative online job management protocols that help our clients to achieve sustainability, energy efficiency and cost savings. We are specialists in air conditioning and mechanical services construction and installation, refurbishment, maintenance and repair, and we offer the following services: HVAC&R maintenance; Specialized maintenance; Online job management; Repair services; Refurbishments; Retro fitting; Construction. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, the Hiflow Industries team is well resourced, highly motivated and very knowledgeable. Our modern workshop facilities are well stocked with spare parts and our service vehicles are professionally equipped ensuring quick turnaround times and quality workmanship on every job.

w w w. h i f l o w. c o m . a u



Pancake Parl Taking On Social Media

Pancake Parlour Marketing Manager Nico brand’s strengths in social media to conne Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Andrew Zhao


ole Jackson discusses the iconic Melbourne ect with employees and fans



Fresh Strawberries

THE PANCAKE PARLOUR has been an iconic Australian restaurant institution for decades. Despite this legacy status, the company is committed as ever to staying fresh and up to date – it’s this dedication that has kept The Pancake Parlour at the forefront for the past fifty years, and will continue to carry it with 138

October 2014

consumers and employees alike well into the future. Building a Better Internal System “We’ve been around for fifty years, but we realized that it’s really important to stay relevant and move ahead with the times – especially when we have more than 600 employees mostly millennials,


Scotch Fillet Steak

and all using technology,” says Nicole Jackson, Marketing and Communications Manager for The Pancake Parlour brand. “To really stay ahead and stay focused with them, we needed to implement something that was going to be suitable and able to talk to that generation.” For The Pancake Parlour that something is Sherpa Systems, an

integrated web-based program framework that forms the basis of the restaurant’s fully customized internal communications tool “The Mix”. “We did a lot of research on what companies were out there and what programs and what web-based systems were out in the marketplace, and we really formed an alliance with Sherpa

w w w . p a n c a k e p a r l o u r. c o m . a u /


“Social media has become a digital form of traditional word of mouth advertising, and a picture tells a thousand words,�

T H E PA N C A K E PA R L O U R because we found that their vision and development of their system was on par with our vision for the company,” says Jackson. Set to roll out within the next couple of months, the company will be using “The Mix” as a complete employee management tool, ranging from recruitment training, rostering, payroll and task management to social communication between restaurants, managers, and employee teams. “Employees can access the tools they need from any device at any time, and they are in touch with the restaurant for all of their communication, rostering and workflow needs,” Jackson explains. “They can use it for swapping shifts, leave requests and staying in touch - it’s basically like a mini-Facebook group within the company with added management tools.” Award-Winning Social Media Expertise The Pancake Parlour is well familiar with Facebook. Using it is a cornerstone of the brand’s finely tuned social media strategy, executed fully in-house by the


brand’s social media team with the goal of keeping fans naturally engaged in The Pancake Parlour experience on a daily basis. It’s a big job, requiring a full-time commitment from The Pancake Parlour’s marketing and social media team, but that hard work has paid off with more than 250,000 Facebook fans for the group and a recent award for Excellence in Social Media from the Australian Restaurant and Catering Association. “I think that our number one strategy is really just keeping our brand at top of mind for Facebook users,” says Jackson. “We appear daily in their newsfeed with all sorts of key messages that are relevant for the time – whether they are coming for breakfast, lunch, or supper – and the thing about our product is we have fantastic images we can use.” That wealth of images has gone a long way in helping The Pancake Parlour develop its social media strategy, which revolves mainly around image-based mediums such as Facebook and Instagram. “Social media has become a digital form of traditional word-

w w w . p a n c a k e p a r l o u r. c o m . a u /



The Short Stack

of-mouth advertising, and a picture tells a thousand words,” notes Jackson. “We could do a radio ad that talks for thirty seconds about our Lemon Berry Pancakes, or you can see a picture in an instant and know exactly what it looks like and you 142

October 2014

can almost know what it’s going to taste like just by looking at the photo. So mouthwatering images work really well. The minute we post a chocolate pancake with whipped cream and ice cream and strawberries our fans are totally engaging with us and


sharing their experiences. So our strategy is really just about staying relevant to them.” The Pancake Parlour at Fifty The Pancake Parlour is at the precipice of a major milestone – fifty years in the restaurant business as of 2015. “With fifty years of history being a milestone, we’re launching a history book on the family business that will be coming out in 2015,” says Jackson. “It’s the story of how The Pancake Parlour has evolved, with a lot about the family behind the business as well.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Restaurant Group HEADQUARTERS

Melbourn Australia FOUNDED


Fifty More Years and Beyond Fifty years in business is an impressive feat for any business in any sector, especially in today’s global economy. But The Pancake Parlour isn’t just holding on to business – it’s thriving and growing, while remaining true to its roots. “We’re a bit of a Melbourne icon, and with our current CEO, Simon Meadmore, being the son of the original cofounders, it’s still very much a Melbourne family business,” says Jackson. “Fifty years is a great achievement, but we’re really making sure we’ve stayed relevant. We’re always looking at ways we can create new dishes, renovating for a new modern look, and building our strong social media presence to keep us more in tune with the current generation.” If its current efforts are any indication, The Pancake Parlour will continue to build its base and thrive for another fifty years to come.


Privately Held PRODUCTS/ SERVICES The Pancake Parlour is an Australian family-owned restaurant featuring ten restaurants in Victoria. Founded by Allen and Helen Trachsel and Roger Meadmore in 1965, The Pancake Parlour was created as a neighborhood restaurant for Melbourne residents to enjoy all-day pancakes and a friendly atmosphere. Today The Pancake Parlour continues to evolve for modern tastes, while retaining the quality food and family charm that made it a Melbourne icon.

w w w . p a n c a k e p a r l o u r. c o m . a u /



of Industry and Commer

40 years experience fostering Ge bilateral trade


rce (GAC):



G E R M A N - A U S T R A L I A N C H A M B E R O F I N D U S T RY A N D

Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Buildings Conference

SINCE ITS FOUNDATION in 1977 the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GAC) has become an important partner in fostering bilateral trade between Germany and Australia. The GAC maintains two offices one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. The governing body is the Council, 146

October 2014

which together with the Association of German Chambers in Berlin, appoints the Chamber’s executives. Since 2011 Kristian Wolf is the Executive Director of the GAC and the elected President is currently Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO. GAC’s mission is to facilitate connections between German

COMMERCE (GAC) and Australian businesses and we are the officially recognised focal point for contacts, information and expertise in both markets. Our vision is to help connect Germany and Australia through commerce and assist our clients to build and develop sustainable businesses. We promote both countries’ expertise whilst supporting our client’s needs. Our core values are Respect, Trust, Expertise and Flexibility. At the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we have almost forty years of experience and our competent team of experts and partners can deal with all facets of the Australian market. One of our main objectives is to advise German and Australian companies on market developments and to support them with the right market entry strategies to give newcomers the optimal chance of success. The German-Australian Chamber provides a wide range of services for members and non-members alike, particularly for small and medium-sized companies. These services start with tailor made address lists and go right up


to detailed market studies and business partner searches. We offer advice on setting up business within both Australia and Germany with services that include customs regulations information, assistance in sourcing employees or a complete business representation for very small start-ups. Knowledge about specific market information is essential for companies looking to successfully expand their business into Germany or Australia. Our research is tailored to provide them with a better understanding of the German or Australian market for their product or service. While Australia is a good export market for German businesses generally, a few industries have a particular need for German products and technologies. To help them fully take advantage of these opportunities, GAC’s Consulting Department “DEinternational” specialises in the following sectors: • Food and Agriculture • Education and Vocational Training • Mining and Raw Materials • Healthcare


G E R M A N - A U S T R A L I A N C H A M B E R O F I N D U S T RY A N D

Kristian Wolf 148

October 2014



• Environmental Technology • Renewable Energy • Energy Efficiency

Company Information

The Chamber is also a membershipbased organisation which offers an extensive networking platform for its member-companies. Our know-how combined with the expertise of our partners makes us a strong and competent partner for all business needs. In 2014 the GAC’s membership reached a total of some 370 companies, most of which are located in Australia. About half of these are Australian companies with business links to Germany and the remainder is largely German subsidiaries. The members come from diverse industry backgrounds and membership is available to every company involved in business relations between Germany and Australia. The GAC offers three types of memberships: “Corporate”, “Group” and “Premium Partnership” to facilitate and multiply our business networks. All members receive invitations to networking events, luncheons, seminars and conferences. Furthermore they can present their business to other member companies through GAC’s extensive media offer including on and offline publications. Membership with the GAC allows companies the possibility of finding partners and clients as we as access to industry experts, trade associations and government departments in both countries.







Since its foundation in 1977 the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) has become an important partner in fostering bilateral trade between Germany and Australia. One of our main objectives is to advise German and Australian companies on market development and to support them in the initiation of business relations.


AJ Lucas:

As it Grows, Lucas Maintain High Quality and Standards

By offering solutions, and not just services, Lucas is the p industries on an increasingly global scale. Written by: Kevin Smead Produced by: Wayne Masciotro

ns its s

partner of choice in a number of


Eastern Star Gas Narrabri


IF YOU WERE around for the founding of Lucas in the 1950s, you might not recognize it now. What started out as a building subcontractor is now a multi-faceted business with three distinct arms: investment, construction, and drilling—and a leader in each one. Lucas was a pioneer of horizontal drilling in Australia and is now a world leader in the highly specialized technique. It’s used this expertise to break into alternative sources such as a coal-seam gas and via its investment arm, has operations in the U.S., U.K., and around the world. Some things don’t change, though. After 50 years, Lucas is still a respected, trusted company. And while they certainly excel at the technical side of drilling, their approach to the industry as a whole really sets them apart. A Solution-based Approach It starts with Lucas’ belief that they

offer more than just services. “We’re seen very much as providing engineering solutions,” General Manager for Business Development Daniel Sweeting said. This is paramount to how Lucas operates, as it generally tackles jobs that require expertise and careful engineering. “We many companies can perform the easy jobs, such as setting up on one side of the river and coming out on the other. The jobs that we win are usually very complex and higher risk,” Sweeting said. “So, jobs like cascades, where we drill out of a Class-A nature reserve and intersect a tunnel that’s 70m below the ground 3m in diameter, 2.4ks away—those are the sort of jobs that we win. Lucas has a long history of completing those sorts of jobs in Australia.” Sweeting cited “the experience that’s been built up over the last

“Many companies can do the easy jobs, such as setting up on one side of the river and coming out on the other. The jobs that we win are usually very complex and high risk.” w w w. l u c a s . c o m . a u /


AJ LUCAS forty years” as what allows Lucas to not only take on more difficult jobs, but complete them in an efficient, smarter fashion. They accomplish this by tackling projects from several angles. “I think Lucas is really inquisitive by nature,” Sweeting said. “We look at different industries and the different technologies they apply. We seem to have quite a good history of cherry picking things out of different industries and then focusing that on our customer’s


need.” This allows Lucas to tailor the approach based on the project. “We don’t have necessarily a solution that says, ‘Here’s the Lucas solution and that’s good for everyone,’” Sweeting said. “We look at a client’s problem and take experience from various industries and apply it to that problem. The most prevalent example of that is taking experience from HDD (horizontal direction drilling) and applying it to long inseam holes for our mining clients.”


In our experience, CSG drilling operations should be best viewed as a manufacturing process. Our solutions enable engineers, DD steerers and geologists to supervise and control drilling operations from a distance. With our DMS system an emphasis is placed on iteratively improving the efficiency of lateral well designs and drilling procedures so that each consecutive well is cheaper to drill than the one before it. DMS provides integrity cross checking and comparative performance measurement capability. Website:


October 2014


Software Engineering Pty Ltd

Cost Saving Engineering Solutions for the Upstream Coal Seam Gas Industry

Drill Management Suite (DMS) A communications and skill gap often exists between drilling operators and geological and reservoir engineering departments. Moreover the former are often sub-contracting their services to the latter and therefore have to work across corporate boundaries. Problems can arise, especially in those areas that eclipse both disciplines. Often geologists need to make critical drilling related decisions and conversely drillers need to make decisions involving geology. DMS is designed to make these boundaries seamless so each can concentrate more fully on their respective expertise.

ENSPEC Software Engineering is an Australian company founded in 1999 and situated in Sydney, New South Wales. It is privately owned, totally self-funded and all profits are reinvested into research and development. We consist of a small core competent group of highly innovative engineers and software developers.

DMS Components • Drilling Engineers Console • Drilling Admin Console • Control Room Console • Drill-Site Surveyor and Guidance Console • Drill-Site Targeting / Ranging • Drill-Site Cross Hair Console - Drillers Guidance (in beta testing) • Drill-Site DAQ interfaces (available on request) • Data Transport and Publisher Services Why use ENSPEC? By utilising DMS and ENSPEC services you can measurably reduce the cost of drilling coal seam gas wells in a way that no other product or service provider currently can, especially as your operation scales up. We currently have quite a large store of yet to be developed product that has already passed the proof of concept phase.

Contact us today! We are motivated by challenges!

Unit 1, 16 Plant Street, Balgowlah 2093 Phone: +61 2 9907 0228 Email:


“Rather than saying ‘This is our portion of the work’ and being happy with that in isolation to everything else, we actually work with our clients to provide an end-to-end solution.” Ultimately, for Lucas, finishing a project is more than just ticking a box—it’s about finding a workable solution to an initial situation presented by a client. “We find more and more we’re not competing with other companies,” Sweeting observed. “We’re to finding solutions that fit within our clients very strict budget constraints.” A Culture of Values While working to find solutions, Lucas employs a strong set of values that permeate all aspects of the business’ culture, which was born from a consolidation of several different examples. On the drilling side, Lucas began as Lucas Coal Technologies in 2000. During the next few years, Lucas purchased three other drilling companies. This led to four different 156

October 2014

companies with four distinct cultures all working together. “Over a period of about 2 years, we combined it all together to create one culture,” Sweeting explained. Where Lucas saw the biggest improvement was in the implementation of safety measures. “We’re quite proud of our safety record,” Sweeting said. “Currently, we have a TRIFR score of about 7, which is industry best practice for our field.” Aside from reduction of costs, greater efficiency, and other benefits operating as a safe company affords, Sweeting believes it means more than that. “There’s a moral obligation,” he said. “We have people who work for us and it’s our obligation they have a safe working environment and go home as fit and healthy as the day


they started working for us.” Lucas has learned the best way to achieve this begins with a deep understand of what the project entails. “The fact is, if an employee understands the task they’re about to perform, the risk in that task, how to avoid it, and if we give them the skills to do so, not only will they be safe and have some control over their own safety, we’ve found that 9 times out of 10, it’s the most efficient way to do the job,” Sweeting said. “You don’t need to focus on safety by itself; you need to focus on the task and where the risks lie. By doing that, safety and productivity go along as one—they’re very much joined at the hip.” Another major concern of Lucas’ is the environment, especially when it comes to extensive pipeline jobs. “We’re constructing on sites that we have total responsibility for so it’s very important to us that we meet those standards,” Sweeting said. While having high environmental standards gives Lucas a better chance of getting more jobs in Australia, they aim to be an exemplar for the industry as a whole. “Part of the problem is when you find

a company that doesn’t adhere to the rules and actually causes a mess, putting a blight on the whole industry,” Sweeting said. “We certainly don’t want to be the company that gives some of the industry’s detractors a reason to be extremely negative about its ability to self-regulate.” This is particularly important, since Lucas often works on leases which are owned and operated by other companies. “Whoever it may be, we need to show that we have a system where we can regulate and demonstrate our group’s performance and the ability to actually mesh and uphold the standard they have committed to the local community or the government,” Sweeting said. Working Better Together Maintaining these high standards is important to Lucas, since they work with a lot of different partners across various industries. On the pipeline side, Lucas has had a joint venture for 17 years and counting with onshore pipeline and facilities contractor Spiecapag. “Where a pipeline job maybe too big for us, or for Lucas to perform w w w. l u c a s . c o m . a u /


AJ LUCAS in its own right, we’ll partner with Spiecapag to deliver to our clients,” Sweeting said. “It’s proven to be a very successful relationship that’s been fostered and valued within Lucas for many years now.” Lucas also holds several investments in subsidiaries, one of which is U.K.-based exploration drilling company Cuadrilla. Through Cuadrilla, Lucas has partnerships with a number of different companies, making it quite important to the investment

TAILORED TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS FOR THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY In Field Rig Moves, Casing & Tubulars, General Freight Supply Runs • Roadtrains • B-Doubles • Singles

• Jinkers • Skels • Body Trucks • Vans


Email: Depots in Brisbane, Moranbah, Toogoolawah, Toowoomba and Taroom

side. Lucas holds a 45 percent equity interest in the company and since 2007, has invested a net $91 billion in it. Other international partnerships include one with the China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, and both parties are of often in talks on where they can benefit each other from the relationship. “We’re currently doing a job in Hong Kong in which Lucas actually held key positions on HDD and we’re helping them deliver quite a technically challenging HDD project over


there,” Sweeting said. So, what makes Lucas a company in such high demand? According to Sweeting, it’s their willingness to deliver on a project from conception to completion. Sweeting gave the example of a client of ten years for which Lucas only initially performed one small part of the process. “Now we do the whole lot from beginning to end,” he said. “We give them forward budgets for each portion of the work, a timeline for completion, and we actually complete the total package of the work, commissioning the work ourselves and handing it back over to the client.” The process doesn’t end there, however. “We continue to monitor performance for them over time,” he continued. “Rather than saying ‘This is our portion of the work’ and being happy with that in isolation to everything else, we actually work with our clients to provide an endto-end solution.” More and more companies are taking notice of Lucas’ solution-based approach to operations, as well. While it hopes to maintain its high quality and standards in the short term, the long term outlook is to expand internationally on a more permanent basis, rather than just for a project. We’re being pursued by companies from South Africa, China, Russia, and Europe, to actually provide more directional drilling solutions as opposed to just exploration solutions,” Sweeting said. “We’re looking at all those now and looking at which may be best for us.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Queensland Australia FOUNDED




Founded in Sydney in the 1950s, Lucas was at first a highquality building sub-contractor. Subsequently, Lucas has nurtured its engineering intellect to supply specialist, niche engineering, construction, and drilling services to the key sectors of energy, water & waste water, resources (specifically coal) and public infrastructure.

w w w. l u c a s . c o m . a u /


John Holland Rail

Building Infrastructure and Comm

GM of Operations Richard Stewart discusses John Holland the corporate culture that helps the business and its comm Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Nick Ledue


d Rail’s most recent projects and munities thrive



John Holland Rail track services

WHEN YOU THINK of railways in Australia, you may think of John Holland Rail. As the owner and operator of 30 percent of Australia’s government- and corporate-owned railway networks, as well as the owner and operator of the largest and most technically advanced fleet of railway maintenance and construction equipment, John Holland Rail is 162

October 2014

the largest private operator of the infrastructure in Australia. With specialization in everything from planning and construction to maintenance, John Holland Rail offers a complete approach to railway infrastructure that sets it apart from the competition. “I do believe it is a very unique value proposition in the market – there are


railway operators, railway maintainers and railway constructors, but there is no other company that offers that full life cycle,” says Richard Stewart, General Manager of Operations at John Holland Rail. “We self-perform, and we have a very large in house engineering and project management capability. We have 2,500 John Holland people working on railway projects at the moment and another 4,000 subcontractors. So we are a large employer, and people are really at the center of our values.” Moving Projects Ahead with Efficiency As a major force in Australia’s railway industry, John Holland Rail’s portfolio is full of complex and vital projects significant to the country’s development – projects like Perth City Link. “If you’re familiar with Perth, its central business district is basically split right down the middle by its railway lines – Perth Central Station sits between an area called Northbridge and the actual business district of the CBD, and over the years it’s created a bit of a divide in the city,” says Stewart. With the Perth City Link project,

John Holland Rail succeeded in the daunting task of bridging that gap while keeping Perth’s commuters moving in the meantime. “The Perth City Link project was about sinking a section of the Fremantle rail line underground, so that the land above could be developed, effectively bringing the two parts of the CBD together,” says Stewart. “It was a very complicated project because we had to keep Perth Station and the train network operating all the way through the project. That meant several rail slews to divert the existing railway into temporary lines to open up areas we needed to work in to build a new cut and cover tunnel and railway infrastructure underground. That’s an exciting project, and I think it’s really changing the face of Perth CBD forever for the better.” Other notable recent projects from John Holland Rail’s portfolio include the Southwest Rail Link to connect new homes in Sydney and prepare suburbs for further development; the $4.5 billion Victoria infrastructure project – Regional Rail Link - that has John Holland completing two of six segments, the Southern Cross Station and the City to Maribyrnong w w w. j o h n h o l l a n d . c o m . a u




Businessfriend creates a digital eco-system that drives individuals and organizations to personal and professional success. Make connections, nurture relationships, and harness the strength of your social network with business utilities that take you beyond your connections. We operate under our BUSI platform, a Business Utility Social Identity, which gives you the opportunity to meld the strength and familiarity of your online social identity with the software-like tools you need to collaborate and conduct business.

JOHN HOLLAND RAIL River sections; and the recently completed Sydney Inner West Light Rail extension, which doubled the size of Sydney’s light rail system by adding nine new rail stops between Lilyfield and Dulwich Hill . “A key thing to note is that they have been completed significantly ahead of schedule,” says Stewart, explaining that the company utilizes an array of efficiency techniques, including modulization and prefabrication offsite, to meet these goals. For its Springvale Road Rail Alliance project, for instance, John Holland Rail engineers were able to condense a projected nine months of weekend work down to a finished project in 20 days back-to-back while still maintaining the needed quality of work. As with any industry that can potentially cause disruptions and disturbances in the lives and schedules of everyday citizens, John Holland Rail recognizes the importance of meeting and exceeding schedule projections. “When you’re causing these disruptions to local communities, the quicker you can get out of there and let them get back on with it, the better it is. I think we’re well recognized for achieving that that


among all the communities in which we’ve worked.” Focusing on People Railway construction may be John Holland Rail’s business, but the factor that drives that business is the people behind it. “Our tagline is ‘Powered by People’ – I think that is really the sentiment of our values,” says Stewart. “Innovation and care are two of our core values, and we are really connected to enhancing the wellbeing of all our people.” The best way to protect your employees is by offering them a safe work site, and John Holland Rail is committed to safety. “We have an unwavering commitment to safety – safety is at the heart of what we do,” says Stewart, noting that the business has developed powerful strategies to meet mandated global safety requirements. “All of our projects must ensure that they are meeting those requirements as absolute minimum standards. Our people are very clear about our expectations in relation to safety, and that is strongly supported by leading indicators.” It is through these strategies that John Holland Rail has reached such achievements as a w w w. j o h n h o l l a n d . c o m . a u


JOHN HOLLAND RAIL lost time incidence frequency rate of 0.08 per million man-hours. Building Communities But this focus on people does not solely apply to its employees, either – John Holland Rail is also committed to positively impacting and improving the communities in which it builds. “Community relations are something we’re very strong on,” says Stewart. “All of our projects have community initiatives embedded in their delivery – things like assisting skills within the local communities near projects

we’re working on, working with local community groups on initiatives that they’re looking to implement, and aiding healthcare organizations and local care centers. We spend millions of dollars per annum initiating these projects and monitoring them as part of our monthly board review.” John Holland Rail boasts several examples of this community outreach activity, including the work that its staff did at a neighboring elder care facility while conducting work on its Cronulla rail line upgrade and duplication


project. “We were duplicating a line from Sutherland to Cronulla, and we had a project office at Sutherland and those project offices were next to an aging care center,” says Stewart. “Our people on that project dedicated their own time to do some landscaping of the aging care home grounds, updating the kitchen and retiling, as a ‘thank you’ for putting up with us being next door to them for an extended period of time.” John Holland Rail workers have achieved a number of successful community initiatives, from raising $150,000 in donations for New South Wales-based children’s hospice care facility Bear Cottage to partnering with Camp Australia for a two-day program over school holidays for children of workers on John Holland’s South Morang Rail Extension project. “It was a very simple initiative, but one that was very powerful,” says Stewart. “We brought the kids in to a designated safe area within the construction site, introduced them to engineering and construction as a career and gave them backpacks filled with goodies including a children’s hard hat, vests, disposable cameras so that they could take pictures. We got some

different games going on, and were just trying to give a little back to the community – looking after kids for a couple of days during the school holidays, so that parents didn’t have to worry about child care for those days.” John Holland Rail also works extensively to promote diversity, from its commitment to increase female participation to 20 percent by 2015 to its extensive work with Australia’s indigenous communities through such projects as its Career Tracks Strategy. This program in particular works to provide education and training opportunities for indigenous peoples, especially those in rural areas. Stewart cites the company’s Roy Hill Rail program in Pilbara, Western Australia – a 390km railway running from the Roy Hill mine to Port Hedland – as a prime example of John Holland outreach. “There we have three groups we’re working closely with to see how we can leave a legacy there for those communities,” he says. “We also look to partner with local indigenous companies and work with them to help train them and get them up to the level we need to be able to work for us – and hopefully lead a legacy for them to continue working w w w. j o h n h o l l a n d . c o m . a u


Work on the Regional Rail Link in Melbourne is progressing well.

with others when we move out of the area when our projects are complete.” A Legacy to Uphold “John Holland is steeped in culture,” says Stewart, noting that the company has recently turned 65 years old. “Our founder John Holland was an incredible person – an engineer who 170

October 2014

served in the Special Forces during WWII, he really brought the values to the organization. That legacy still lives on in every one of our projects That pride in a job well done and a community linked closer together shines through in John Holland’s people to this day. “That’s one thing



Company Information INDUSTRY

Supply Chain, Rail HEADQUARTERS

Melbourne, Victoria FOUNDED




Rail Construction Projects / Infrastructure

I’m most proud of, that I get to be involved in some of these really life changing projects. To get involved at the start, when we come up with these concepts, and see them implemented and then to see the community taking them up – there is a lot of pride in me and the team to e able to see what we’ve done.”

w w w. j o h n h o l l a n d . c o m . a u


Rhino Water Tanks:

Water Storage Solutions for Au

Rhino Water Tanks provides products and services f rural and commercial customers. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: Wayne Masciotrio


for domestic,



Mt Thorley tanks in progress for Rio Tinto.

RHINO WATER TANKS is a privately owned and operated Australian company with over 20 years experience in the water storage industry. Currently Rhino Water Tanks is represented in all states and has a growing network of distributors and installers. Strategically the company is moving towards offering more options to contain various solutions, not just water. They are also looking at options to expand into more environmentally-orientated solutions and self-supporting 174

October 2014

systems for water, power and gas. Water Tank Specs These modular steel tanks range in size from 26,000 litres to over 2 million litres, and are available in Zincalume (a metallic coated sheet steel that offers two to four times the corrosion resistance of galvanised steel) or Colorbond (a product specifically made for Australian conditions and comes in a variety of colours). The whole tank and all of its components—including the Infinity


Rhino Water Tanks

tank liners—are manufactured in the company’s Western Australian factory. Rhino Tanks made this a priority for their company to be able to control the quality of every aspect of the tank manufacturing process. Infinity tank liner is a reinforced food-grade Metallocene coated liner that is UV treated and is suitable for exposed applications where a roof is not required. Products in Rhino Tanks’ line are approved for drinking water, as well as a range of other liquids including vegetable and animal oils, both high

and low pH water as well as sewerage, waste and recycled water. All of the wall sheets are corrugated and rolled for strength; roof trusses are hotdipped galvanised for durability. Continuous Improvement Rhino Water Tanks is a qualityendorsed company. All products are manufactured in the Western Australian factory under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001. Rhino’s quality management system aims to benchmark its w w w. r h i n o t a n k s . c o m . a u /



“The domestic water tank market is still our main focus and we use this as a base to grow into the other areas when it suits. To be around in five years time in the challenging manufacturing industry the main key is to keep being smarter, innovative and economical with anything you do and that is our main focus.” Beaufox Industries “Moulding a Future”

Beaufox Industries is proud to have been manufacturing plastic products for Rhino Tanks for the past 6 years.

27 Dellamarta Rd, Wangara Western Australia 6065 Phone: 08 9309 9601 Fax: 08 9309 5595 Email:

products and services against the best in the world. The wellrecognised ‘Five-Ticks’ Standards Mark is proudly displayed to give customers the confidence that Rhino Water Tanks continually strives to provide cost effective, quality products and services that meet the customer’s individual needs and expectations. “Being an ISO 9001 accredited company, continuous improvement is what you strive for,” said Duane Crombie, CEO. “Furthermore, being a manufacturing business is always tough and gets tougher with every year due to rising expenses and materials and market pressure to make a sale that is mainly based around price and not quality and service.” The company has made key changes with their manufacturing systems, where Rhino has been able to increase productivity with the introduction of machines and robotics. Material usage and time management are the two main focuses to continual improvement and will continue to drive the business to better results.


A couple of Commercial Rhino Tanks completed for a warehouse in Canberra.

• Tank Inlet Domestic & Rural and • 20-year Warranty Commercial Water Tanks • Magnesium Anodes for Rhino Water Tanks provides Corrosion Protection products both for domestic and rural • 50mm Scour Drain needs as well as for commercial • Lockable Access Hatch sites. The company’s range of • 100mm Bell Mouth Overflow domestic and rural water tanks There are also a range of optional are specifically designed with the features: unique needs of the user in mind. • Additional Outlets and Valves The following features are included • Fire Fighting Coupling on each tank dedicated for domestic • Rainsavers – Tank Roof and rural customers: Catchment System • Rhino Infinity Tank Liner • Removable Internal/External • Bluescope Steel Corrugated Ladder Wall & Roof Sheets • Additional Inlets • Dust and Vermin Proofing Seal • Water Level Gauge w w w. r h i n o t a n k s . c o m . a u /



Some fantastic photo’s of three Rhino Tanks installed in Rio Seco, Peru.

...proudly supporting RHINO TANKS CLAMPS ®





L min

(SERM 50V (



• •

Company Information

Tank Roof Fascia Rhino Aqua Tub

Global Operations The global expansion is through Rhino’s sister company called Rhinex. The main factor that drives this is the need for cost-efficient storage that can be exported and freighted efficiently and then create a large water storage solution that is constructed simply with basic tools and expertise. This will continue as the demand for clean drinking water grows around the world and the flexibility in establishing a water point in difficult area’s or terrain. Rhino Water Tanks now has two distributors in United Arab Emirates, and has recently started shipping tanks to Afghanistan through their Dubai Distributor Protech General Trading program. In 2011, the company opened a location in Port Moresby, the capital city and largest city in Papua New Guinea. “We see the business growing still but into areas where it suits our business needs and not spread ourselves too thin,” said Crombie. “The domestic water tank market is still our main focus and we use this as a base to grow into the other areas when it suits. To be around in five years time in the challenging manufacturing industry the main key is to keep being smarter, innovative and economical with anything you do and that is our main focus.”


Manufacturing HEADQUARTERS

Western Australia FOUNDED




Rhino Water Tanks provides several different water storage solutions for the wide range of customers in Australia. The tanks are Australian made, owned and operated, and are built with the strongest materials on the market for the highest quality.

w w w. r h i n o t a n k s . c o m . a u /


Anywhere Healthcare

Anywhere Healthcare: Bringing healthcare to all of Australia

By enabling specialist healthcare via video consultations across the country, Anywhere Healthcare has made a name for itself in the future of healthcare. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: Jeff Soboleski >>>






| 181

Anywhere Healthcare Bringing healthcare to all of Australia


nywhere Healthcare, a subsidiary business of Medibank, is a health services organisation that provides a range of healthcare initiatives to the state and federal government and large corporate and non-profit companies. Because Anywhere Healthcare was developed in a governmentbacked environment, the organisation was not necessarily born out of a strong underlying business strategy. However, as innovators in their field, the Anywhere Healthcare team has worked to develop a model that is both scalable and sustainable. They have achieved the scale part of the equation, as the organisation now understands the dynamics of running a purely online medical practice. To make their operation sustainable, Anywhere Healthcare is looking to make the medical consultation process more efficient through a number of initiatives. Samuel Holt, director of online care, knows innovation is key: “The answer isn’t in just trying to replicate what happens in the face-


to-face world, it is in looking at healthcare and streamlining care so that maybe it can be potentially faster and more efficient.” Video consultation technology The core of Anywhere Healthcare’s service is to enable patients to connect with a healthcare provider via video. To encourage regional doctors to connect their patients in rural or difficult-to-reach areas with city specialists, there are incentives and other government funding available under the Medicare system. The organisation employs cloud-based practice-management software, used by clinicians and practice management staff to store patient referrals, images and scans provided by their network of 1,000-plus referring practitioners across the country. Vidyo, a video conferencing platform, make the video consultations possible. Technology moves fast, so Anywhere Healthcare is always looking for new and better solutions to improve their services. Australia does not have ubiquitous access to one backbone of Internet, so


Internet access can be relatively poor in less populated areas. The organisation is always looking for technology that can provide a more stable environment through which people can access consultations. Moving forward, Anywhere Healthcare is looking to provide patients with access to general practitioners and allied health practitioners for consultations. These services will be offered at a 100 percent out-of-pocket fee, as there is currently no funding for an individual to talk to a general practitioner or allied health practitioner online. This service focuses specifically on convenience and accessibility for patients in rural and regional areas. Anywhere Healthcare intends to use apps to provide additional and improved services to interested patients. Instead of making an appointment to see a specialist online, patients will be able to take a picture of their wound or skin lesion and, using an app, be able to collect the information required by a specialist to make a remote diagnosis. The process

would include capturing the relevant information, sending it to Anywhere Healthcare and having an appropriate specialist review the images and notes, with a diagnosis potentially being available in as little as 24 hours.




| 183

Australia’s most experienced medical transcription company run by doctors – for doctors Seamless integration with all leading practice software More streamlined operational workflow Reliable, affordable and available Accurate and cost-effective Inhouse, outsourcing or co-sourcing FREE electronic document delivery and distribution via OzePost Let our specialist consultants demonstrate how OzeScribe could be the answer to your transcription questions.

Call us: 1300 727 423 or visit:


Supplier Profile

Continuous Improvement OzeScribe Pty Ltd. Anywhere Healthcare is Established: 1999 constantly evaluating its practice and services offered to ensure Industries: Medical and Legal                                   that they are clinically relevant Our Focus:­ We attribute our success to  our fast turnaround time, accuracy and and appropriate. They have attention to detail ensuring that we can  engaged approximately 30 operate seamlessly in your business either with your typists, ours or both. specialists in varied fields of practice, and have 14 employees Our Clients: OzeScribe welcomes Anywhere who focus on the clinical, IT and Healthcare to its growing list of highly respected public and private hospitals as marketing aspects to support and well as the most esteemed specialists build the practice. Furthermore, located across Australia. to ensure the timely delivery of Website: patient-centre care, third-party vendors are also engaged to assist in areas of high service Visit us online: demand such as Medical Transcription. It is not hard for an organisation like Anywhere Healthcare to attract employees, as people like the work the company is doing. Their employees, specialists and referring GPs believe in equitable access to healthcare and in improving healthcare in regional or remote areas. Anywhere Healthcare enables specialists to work flexible hours, and to fit a telehealth practice around their other public and private practice commitments. Anywhere Healthcare also enables specialists to work from any location within Australia, provided

Anywhere Healthcare is looking to make the medical consultation process more efficient through the use of technology




| 185

Anywhere Healthcare Bringing healthcare to all of Australia

they have access to the Internet, which particularly suits specialists who have young children or who are winding down from the long hours generally required to maintain a full time practice, as well as those who wish to live in regional areas but do not have sufficient local patient demand to make it viable. Anywhere Healthcare has experienced strong growth; 186

since the practice was launched in October 2012, the number of consultations they conduct has grown on average by around 30 percent compound, month on month. Holt believes there’s significant untapped potential for health consultations online. Currently, approximately one percent of all psychiatry consultations in Australia are



Company Name: Anywhere Healthcare Industry: Healthcare

conducted online, and there is the opportunity for most areas of healthcare to reflect similar numbers. With more than 100 million consultations conducted in Australia each year, Anywhere Healthcare has a large market to target. In three to five years’ time, the organisation aims to be conducting somewhere between 300,000 to a million video consultations and asynchronous healthcare interactions each year.

Key People/Titles: Samuel Holt, director of online care Products:healthcareconsultationsviavideo Revenue: $5.9 billion Employees: 4,800

Visit us online:




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Business Review Australia - October 2014  
Business Review Australia - October 2014