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You’re now holding the key to what to do and where to go in Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost and most beautiful region. This guide is full of specially chosen tips to help you make the most of our delightful province. Find out more at www.visitskane.com Oh, and don’t forget to check opening hours of shops, tourist attractions and restaurants before you visit. We’re really looking forward to meeting you.

Välkommen till Skåne!

Publisher: Tourism in Skåne AB Published: 2016


CONTENTS about skåne Small Scandinavian province

eat and drink 8


The pantry of Sweden

Getting here is easy 10 Getting around is easier 12


Farm shops


Take a break – go fika

All so close – but oh so different 14


Festivals for foodies

Sample Skåne from a glass 38 Skåne’s Vineyards 36

nature experiences The Great Outdoors 16

culture and history

Take a walk on the wild side 20 Bring the bike 22


Hey clay. Ceramics & handicrafts

5 ways to get close to nature 23


Art & design


Lights, camera, Skåne


The history of Skåne


Which castle are you?

city life Top 5 towns 24 Malmö - 24

things to do

Lund - 26 Helsingborg - 27


Life’s a beach. Enjoy Sweden’s riviera

Ystad - 28 Kristianstad - 29


Like golf? You’ll love Skåne


Family fun




Classic Skåne – Top 10 sites



Looking for beautiful sights, relaxation and cultural stimulation? You’ll find it all in Skåne. The small province in southern Sweden is the ultimate location for a Scandinavian getaway. A stone’s throw from bustling Copenhagen, Skåne offers stunning nature, long, white sandy beaches to explore, lots of space you don’t have to share and an array of fascinating things to see and do. With historical castles, world famous golf courses, unforgettable culinary experiences and much more, once you’ve visited Skåne, you’ll want to come back. Again and again.

-8Picture taken from above that captures the marvelous views of Kullaberg Nature Reserve in the North West of Skåne


Getting here is easy

”It’s an easy drive from anywhere in Europe”




Situated in the country’s southernmost tip, the province is Sweden’s gateway

Kristianstad Ven





to Europe. Fly to Malmö Airport or land at Copenhagen Airport, the largest hub in Scandinavia. It’s just 20 minutes away from Malmö over the famous Öresund bridge.

Take the train, drive on to the ferry. The easy way to Skåne is by train to Malmö, then on to wherever you want to go. Trains arrive from all over Europe, through Copenhagen and over the famous Öresund bridge before entering Malmö central station. You can even take your bike on the train and discover Skåne on two wheels. Or just jump into the car. It’s an easy drive from anywhere in Europe and you can take the ferry for the last part to save both time and fuel, and land relaxed and ready for your holiday.

- 10 -



Malmö The Öresund Bridge

Simrishamn Ystad Trelleborg





Take a stroll around Malmö at any time of year



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day ffle a W om Springblo

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ar ke ts r ev ent s Porpoi se safa ri

in 1 year





New year’s Eve




Art Circuit in spring



Autumn colours pples! Apples a on eas s t al ves Har tiv s e öf m l Ma

Traditional Midsummer celebrations in June


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PA le Food m arkets

Kayaking in the autumn

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punctual public transport that will take you almost anywhere you want to go. Or drive through unhurried roads and enjoy the undulating countryside.


Once you’re here, getting around is a breeze. Sit back and relax on high tech,




Go hiking all year round © BIRGER LALLO




Christmas markets in December

Enjoy the harvest seasons


Go on an eagle safari during the winter months

ri Ch



Grab a fika at one of the many summer cafes


Bike along winding roads with flowering roadsides in spring

Year round fun Every season here has its own charm. From white, crispy winter mornings, the burst of green buds in spring, to the fiery colours in the autumn woodlands. Bask in the sea, explore perfectly preened gardens, or enjoy the hustle and bustle of Malmö’s Lilla Torg piazza on the long summer nights. - 13 -

Canola blooming – springtime!

Lazy summerdays at the beach







– but oh so different

Try an elk safari. See roe deer and foxes in the deep, dark forest wilderness. Enjoy a traditional eel feast, or take a canoe trip. Stroll in the forests, fish, swim or paddle in the lakes or fill your lungs with fresh, clean country air. Get up close and personal with brown bears, elk and wolves at Skånes Djurpark Zoo, the world’s largest zoological park housing Nordic animals. If art’s more your forte, go to Wanås Art Centre, to experience art, nature and history with all your senses.

NORTH WEST Potter around the pottery shops, taste the freshness of the newly harvested veggies, or drive off from some great golf courses. Climb the peak of the rocky cliffs in Kullaberg Nature Reserve, take in the scent of 10,000 rhododendron bushes in Sofiero Palace Gardens or hop on a 15 minute ferry journey to Hamlet’s castle in neighbouring Denmark.

SOUTH EAST Österlen is Skånes own piece of paradise, where artists and writers come to get inspired by the beautiful landscape. Lose yourself in the romantic views over the land and the sea, drop by a quaint farm shop to pick up fresh food to eat overlooking the starry sky, or meander through fields carpeted in colourful flowers. Stay in an idyllic fishing hamlet and watch the fishermen returning in the early morning with their catch. And whatever you do, don’t miss the famous apple plantations.


- 14 -



Don’t miss Malmö, Sweden’s third biggest city that blends the medieval with modern ideas, from its castle to the exciting architecture of Turning Torso. The southwestern corner of Skåne also includes the beautiful university city of Lund, as well as long white beaches and quaint seaside villages along the coast. Bring out your inner Viking at Foteviken viking village and experience how the norse people lived a thousand years ago.

- 15 -





– right on your doorstep Enjoy a perfect day out in a national park. Take in fantastic views, lose yourself in the silence and tranquility of a forest, walk along fertile fields and ridges in the long, light evenings, or feel the soft, white sand between your toes. © JOHAN HAMMAR

Kristianstad’s Vattenrike

The cliffs of Kullaberg Nature Reserve

hilly, wooded landscapes for long trekking or adrenaline-filled mountain biking.

What do you like best? Craggy forests, dramatic views from high cliff faces or miles of sandy white beaches? From deep ravines to fields of flowers, Skåne offers so much beauty and right on your doorstep. Few other places have such varied nature in such close proximity. Go discover.

Just east of Helsingborg you can traverse the ridges, and survey the dramatic valleys and flowing streams of Söderåsen’s National Park, an area of breathtaking views. When you hike or stroll here, you’re walking through one of northern Europe’s largest protected natural broadleaf forests.

NORTH WEST SKÅNE For people with a passion for the great outdoors. If you like having your sense of wonder awakened, then wake up here. It’s the land of steep cliffs to scale, spectacular caves to explore, waves that whip off surfboards and

If you prefer bikes to hikes, hop on a ferry to Ven and cycle around the island on a rented bike while you take in the colours of the flowing fields in spring and summer. - 16 -

small area. Experience the Visitor Centre and 21 different observation towers, footbridges and open-air museums. It’s wilderness as only south Sweden can do it. Fish, canoe or take a safari, spot the lively cranes, catch a trout, or watch at the teeming life on the meadows. Summer is the time for gazing at colourful flowers, and pleasant boat trips.

NORTH EAST SKÅNE Natural tranquility Once a fierce battleground between Swedish freedom fighters and the Danish army, North East Skåne couldn’t be more tranquil nowadays. In fact it’s a wilderness of deep forests and rolling hills teeming with wildlife and beautiful flora and fauna. Try living like a Swede for a day at Ivösjön, Skåne’s largest lake. Explore the deserted islands around the archipelago, listen to the birdlife flirting around the woods, camp in your own private spot, and fish for your dinner. (Make sure you buy a fishing permit first).

Rent a canoe and paddle down leafy river banks, fish at Ringsjön, one of the area’s largest lakes, or watch the bears, wolves, elk and deer roam around Skånes Djurpark, (Skåne Zoo) which houses the largest collection of nordic animals in Scandinavia. Horse lover? Take a thoroughbred for a gallop, or enjoy a leisurely tour through the forests on an Icelandic horse.

The Biosphere Reserve, Kristianstad’s Vattenrike, in the city centre of Kristianstad offers a stunning diversity of species in a - 17 -


breathtaking nature spots:

Kullaberg Nature Reserve




top 3

Söderåsen National Park

Stenshuvud National Park


White sandy beach at Skanör-Falsterbo

KULLABERG NATURE RESERVE The craggy rocks and steep cliffs of the Kullaberg Nature Reserve offer superb views over the Kattegatt sea to the island of Ven and Denmark. Formed when the earth rose from the sea, this area of quartz and crystals rises more that 180 meters. Explore the more than twenty caves along the coastline, or climb the cliffs for an adrenoline rush. There are several companies offering guided climbs and cave exploration.

Undulating views at Brösarp hills, Österlen

SOUTH WEST SKÅNE Lazy days, laid-back adventures If bleaching your hair and bronzing your skin in the sun is your thing, head for this beautiful corner of Skåne. It’s a paradise for those leisurely summer days where you can swim and sunbathe in the white sandy beaches and clear waters around SkanörFalsterbo, or go sailing, kite, wind or wave surfing around the coastline. Hike along the Skåneleden long-distance path, pick up a bike, or join the hundreds of ornithologists who “flock to watch the flocks” of migrating birds every year.

SOUTH EAST SKÅNE Picture Perfect This is the place to admire the green countryside, picture perfect views and rolling white coastline with its ancient ruins and pristine gardens. Turn off the road and turn on to some great locally grown delicacies in one of the many farm shops. And while you’re here, don’t miss Stenshuvud in magical Österlen. A national park full of coastal hills, lush deciduous forests, pastoral heaths and beautiful beaches. This is also the home of awesome Ales Stenar, a 67-metre long megalithic monument formed like a stone ship where each of the 59 boulders weigh up to 1.8 tonnes. Then of course there’s Wallander. Walk the medieval, pastel coloured half timbered houses on cobblestone streets and sun dappled squares, following in the footsteps of Ystad’s famous detective.

If you’re into golf it doesn’t get better than this. With thirteen courses including internationally famous clubs like Falsterbo and PGA National just around the corner from each other, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

- 18 -

STENSHUVUD NATIONAL PARK You don’t see many national parks where you can chill on a beach as well as exploring spectacular countryside, but this one has. It’s a magical area in beautiful Österlen, South east Skåne that has a sandy heathland, stunning coastline and marked hiking paths for families of all abilities. It’s a year round place for hikers, cyclists and family fun. STENSHUVUD NATIONAL PARK

SÖDERÅSEN NATIONAL PARK The wild and the beautiful, all in one place. More than 150 million years old, Söderåsen National Park is an adventurer’s paradise. Legend says that the deep gorge was made by giants. What they left behind was gigantic views of incredible natural beauty. Visit Kopparhatten, a lookout spot and one of the highest points in Skåne and survey the large deciduous forests in the ravine, especially the spring and autumn colours.



the wild side

1180 km – 89 sections – 5 trails 1

Kust - kustleden


Nord - sydleden

– the coast to coast trail – the north to south trail


Ås - åsleden



– from ridge to ridge trail



– the Öresund sound trail

– the Österlen trail

A few rules for enjoying the Swedish countryside: Don’t walk in people’s private gardens. Respect animal and bird life. Close gates when you pass pasture land. Do not litter. Swim anywhere, except in private gardens. Don’t light a fire if there is a risk of forest fires. © MICKAEL TANNUS

Hikers enjoying the panorama from the viewpoint, Kopparhatten in Söderåsen National Park



Skåne is as good as it gets for walkers and lovers of the great outdoors. Whether it’s just a



50 Km

day out with the kids, the dog and the pushchair, or a week long walking break, you’ll be sure to find something to excite you. And with such fantastic landscape to explore, why sit around? Get your boots on and get out in the fresh, open air.

Signs will guide you along the trail ALLEMANSRÄTTEN

– The right of public access

More into crawling into a warm bed after a long day’s hike? There are lots of hostels and B&Bs near the trail. You’ll find where to stay, how to plan your trip and much more at www.en.skaneleden.se

And the best bit is that you’re never more than a 30 minute drive from the path, wherever you are in Skåne.

Walk across footbridges on the Skåneleden Trail

- 20 -

The right of Public Access gives you a unique opportunity to move freely in Sweden’s nature, but it involves respect for other people, and consideration for nature and animal life. You may not damage crops or other sensitive land. The right of Public Access is limited in nature reserves and national parks.


Food and accommodation If spending time under the stars is your thing, there are plenty of opportunities to camp along the Skåneleden Trail. Stay at one of the many camp sites with all the facilities you need, or wake up to the cool air, dawn birdsong and fantastic view under your own tree in the forest.

SKÅNELEDEN 1,000 kilometres of natural beauty The Skåneleden Trail offers experiences for all the senses. Put on your hiking shoes, pack your rucksack, and wander out into a 1,180 kilometre long trail divided into five sections. From dark, dense primeval forests, megalithic monuments, or the gorgeous gold of the rapeseed fields, you’ll witness stunning beauty from a whole host of fantastic locations.


to get close to nature © JOHAN HAMMAR

h t e bike g n i r B



PADDLE THAT CANOE, ROLL THAT KAYAK With so many opportunities, from still to surf to rapids, you just have to hire a canoe while you’re here. Enjoy the slow swish of paddling around the lakes and rivers in a canoe. Or hire a kayak and become one with the waters around its stunning coastline.


HORSE RIDING – SKÅNE BY SADDLE There’s no better way to discover Skåne’s countryside than on horseback. Ride in the whirling winter snow, or gallop through the lush green summer forests. Take a tour on Western saddles, gallop along on a full blood, or jump on an icelandic horse. Take a two hour tour, or a day long trek along white sandy beaches and golden leaved forests.




Kajaking in the Kattegatt sea

FISH THE LAKES, RIVERS AND SEAS With a long coastline that rounds the peninsula from west to east, and hundreds of inland lakes, you’ll find world class fishing at every turn. Whether you’re after that 10 kg salmon, course fishing for monster carp, or fly fishing just for the fun of it, it’s all here.

Horse riding at Österlen Pack a bicycle map and take off!

Biking along the coast of Kullaberg Nature Reserve

A saddle takes you so much closer to nature. Cycle through everything from forest glades, scenic villages, big city buzz and traffic free trails. If you’re into distance biking, go power the pedals along one of the long distance cycle paths. Enjoy a relaxing ride around the island of Ven, the most famous biking haunt in Skåne. Rent one of the yellow bikes, or go tandem if you like, and match the blooming canola fields on a beautiful spring day.

Did you know? It’s easy to take your bike on trains or buses. Don’t forget to buy a cycle ticket. Malmö was voted best cycle city in Sweden and sixth best in the world 2015. Windsurfers by the Öresund bridge

- 22 -

CLIMBING – ROCK ON! Helmet. Harness. Heights. Climb the rocky crags with all different grades overlooking the sea in Kullaberg, scale the famous ravine at Kjugekull, or scoot up the artificial climbing wall at Stapelbäddsparken in Malmö.

Climbing at Kullaberg © LEIF JOHANSSON

KATTEGATTLEDEN Cycle the west coast of Skåne You’ve got the bike. We’ve got the scenery. This long distance cycle path traverses the 370 km from Helsingborg to Gothenburg. Divided into seven sections ranging from 22 km to 74 km, it takes you along one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines with spectacular rock formations and dramatic cliffs while hardly ever crossing a road. Or seeing a car.

Fishing at lake Immeln © JOHAN HAMMAR

SYDOSTLEDEN From Simrishamn to Småland Sydostleden opened in 2016 and is a 270 Km cycle path that stretches around the south east coast, from Simrishamn in the south of Skåne to Växjö in Småland. Cycle through miles of varied countryside that takes in the smooth silky, sandy beaches of the south, to Småland’s deep, dark forests.

- 23 -

SURF’S UP Everyone knows that the best surfer is the one having the most fun. Whether you’re an expert or a complete beginner you can go surf-boarding, windsurfing or kitesurfing at centres in Helsingborg, Landskrona, Lomma, Mölle and Österlen. Everyone knows that you can go surfing in Australia and Hawaii but did you know that you also can do it in Sweden?


5 Kristianstad



3 Helsingborg

No stay in skåne is complete without visiting some of the characteristic towns and cities that add culture, pulse and vibrancy to this fascinating area. Here are five towns you should add to your itinerary.

2 Lund 1 Malmö 4 Ystad

Castle garden © ULF LINDGREN


Möllevångstorget, square

Stortorget square in central Malmö


1. MALMÖ local farms. The market is open six days a week. If you’re looking for a cosy night out, come on down to Lilla Torg, the town’s buzzing piazza. It’s a great place for lunch or ending a long day. Have dinner at one of the many cosy restaurants, take a drink with friends, people watch, or just stroll through the squares and admire the medieval architecture.

Full of energy, rich multiculturalism and refreshing green spaces, Malmö greets visitors with open arms. The city has become iconic for its focus on culture, innovative architecture and a vibrant social scene. With more pubs and restaurants per capita than anywhere else in Sweden, Malmö is the perfect place to stop by for lunch, a beer or an exotic meal. Visit colourful Möllevångstorget, known locally as ”Möllan”. Stroll among the open-air market stalls, and get your fresh, five a day greens grown in

Malmö museums and malmö castle is full of things to see and do. Experience Malmö from the middle ages, feel the thunder of - 24 -

Modern architecture and Turning Torso

”Malmö also called ’the city of parks’ is full of green spaces, small lakes and a network of canals.” city of tomorrow, Västra Hamnen as it’s called in Swedish, has been transformed into an exciting, sustainable urban environment. Stroll around and enjoy the innovative architecture before you hit the beach, Ribersborg which is a quaint, popular beach just a stone’s throw from the centre of town. Want a winter shock? Visit the open-air bath where people steam naked in the sauna, then hop into the freezing water. Go native. Go natural.

a volcano, drop by the aquarium and growl at the piranhas, or crawl through a real submarine. Malmö also called ”the city of parks” is full of green spaces, small lakes and a network of canals. With blossoming flower beds and well stocked vegetable gardens, the city parks create an intercity oasis, favourites with locals and tourists alike. When in Malmö, take a stroll in the Western Harbour. From industrial area to - 25 -


– A thousand years of history, all in walking distance © LEIF JOHANSSON

Lund is a vibrant city of contrasts. Among cobblestones and half timbered houses you’ll meet some of the world’s smartest people. The University and its close on 40,000 students make a big impact, with burlesques, student bars and lively cafes.

3. HELSINGBORG Quaint streets of Lund

Skåne’s second largest city offers a mix of metropolitan big city and charming idyllic small town. It’s full of history: ancient and modern, Danish and Swedish. Stroll through the boutiques and shopping centres, unwind at one of the cosy restaurants, or survey the architecture, from Middle Ages to modern functional. Drop in at Dunkers arts centre, with art gallery, urban and cultural history exhibitions, music and theatre, as well as an excellent restaurant.

Sofiero Palace and Gardens © BIRGER LALLO

Interested in how Swedish people lived life in the past? Visit Kulturen. This excellent outdoor museum satisfies the senses of children of all ages with its exhibitions of homes and clothing. Don’t miss Lunds Botanical Gardens for a quick break and a bite to eat in one of the city’s most picturesque places.

Dunkers arts centre



Right in the center of town is Lund Cathedral, Sweden’s most visited church, attracting over 700,000 visitors per year. Built around 1,000 years ago, the mighty twin towers dominate the skyline, while inside the artefacts and stools date back to the 13th Century.




Lund Cathedral © LEIF JOHANSSON

Sofiero Palace and Gardens on the outskirts of town is one of Skåne’s most popular attractions. Surrounded by velvety lawns and lush green trees, the castle gives you a stunning view over the Sound above a magnificent flowering ravine. The garden is an oasis of more than 10,000 plants, and 300 different varieties of rhododendrons with their spectacular flowers and vibrant colours. Add even more beauty to your life by visiting Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens and experience one of Sweden’s best open-air museums, complete with historic buildings and old town quarters.

Kulturen in Lund

Tropical beach, Helsingborg

- 26 -

- 27 -



5. KRISTIANSTAD – The small renaissance town with a big heart A stone’s throw away from the city centre you’ll find Kristianstad’s Vattenrike, Designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The Visitor Centre offers 21 different observation towers, footbridges and open-air museums. It’s wilderness as only south Sweden can do it. Fish, canoe or take a safari, spot the lively cranes, catch a trout, or watch the teeming wildlife in the meadows. Summer is the time for gazing at colourful flowers, and pleasant boat trips.

This historic city centre of Kristianstad,

Ystad Sandskog beach © CHRIS MARIS


surrounded by a moat, offers superb shopping in medieval streets in the old city centre. Right across the street from the train station you’ll see Trefaldighetskyrkan, considered the most beautiful renaissance church in the Nordics. If you’re a film buff, make sure you swing by the Film Museum to see the lights, cameras and still action of the early days of the Swedish movie industry.



Cobblestone streets of Ystad

Wallander tour

4. YSTAD – Not just the home of nordic noir

Once one of the region’s most important fishing towns, it’s now known as Sweden’s Hollywood. At Cineteket film centre you can

Cranes at Pulken

- 28 -


pastel coloured half timbered houses on cobblestone streets and sun dappled squares. Leap back in time and visit museums with different, sometimes off beat themes, visit the quaint shops and cosy cafés, or jump on a steam train and explore the beautiful countryside.

Take a stroll in Kristianstad city centre


find out all about film production, try out blue screen technology, create your own animations and learn about film making. Explore movie locations, such as the collection of Wallander Props and photo exhibition about ”The Bridge” television series. Go behind the scenes of Ystad Studios, or take a Wallander tour and see his house, where he drinks coffee and other locations from the films.

Ystad is a beautiful town with medieval,

Naturum, Kristianstad’s Vattenrike

Enjoy a day in a canoe

- 29 -





Bloom in the Park,Malmö © ÄNGAVALLEN

Master Class chef Daniel Berlin




Ängavallen Organic farm


Skåne is the perfect smörgåsbord for food lovers. With delicious locally grown produce © MIRIAM PREIS

in high ceilings and majestic settings. We promise you’ll feel spoiled by the full fairytale experience.

From Michelin stars to multi culti food trucks Fresh ingredients make masters of the people preparing them, which is why Skåne’s chefs and the food they prepare are becoming world famous. They create, cook and serve you at award-winning restaurants, taverns and farms throughout the region. It’s what makes Skåne such a popular food destination.

Bastard, Malmö © MIRIAM PREIS

from rich, fertile soils, prepared with love and care, you’ll enjoy every mouthful in any of the eateries around the region – come share the passion.

Gästgivaregård: Traditional coaching house fare Gästgivaregårdar are local country house hotels and restaurants that offer superb Swedish cuisine. Some even offer breaks for body and soul. Often steeped in a tradition that goes back for centuries, they’re all masters in the art of making delicious food seem easy.

Catch a meal in a castle If you want to try food fit for a king, have dinner in one of Skåne’s castles. Sit down, fix your napkin and enjoy haute cuisine

Master Class chef Titti Qvarnström

- 30 Saltimporten Canteen, Malmö

Mossagården farm shop




Olof Viktor farm shop and cafe

Ecological farming, Österlen


Some of the world’s greatest chefs come from Skåne, and


FARM SHOPS it’s probably because they’re used to working with the best ingredients. Locally cultivated, super-organic specialties, sold in hundreds of farm shops and food stores all across the region. So whenever you drive by a sign saying “Gårdsbutik” (farm shop), turn off the road and turn on to some delicious fresh meats, sausages, locally grown vegetables and tasty specialties from the surrounding area. Find out more about Skåne’s most popular farm shops at:

www.visitskane.com Nyrups Osteria

Mandelmann Gardens





Örnahusen farm shop

Höganäs market hall




Festivals for FOODIES Every year, skåne showcases the best of food and drink at its different food festivals. These fun, delicious fests offer a whole host of tastebud tempting dishes made from local raw materials. Enjoy some of Skåne’s most mouth-watering festivals. Get a taste of even more at www.visitskane.com. Come hungry.



Fricks Spettkaksbageri (pyramid cake bakery)

Bring local produce with you home

Although fika is synonymous for swedes with taking time out for a coffee, it is also more than that. From fair trade cafes to hipster hangouts, there are so many places to sit back, relax and enjoy that delicious home made pastry, or organic Swedish coffee served with love. Sit out in the garden, watch the waves, or survey the scene from the old square in the middle of town.


Höganäs market hall and cafe

SKÅNE’S FOOD FESTIVAL IN BRÖSARP – end of May Small village, big tastes. At Skåne’s Food festival in Brösarp, Österlen you can meetand-greet the chefs, the companies the growers and anyone else who’s passionate about food and drink. Sample, tipple, munch and crunch, then snooze at a local hostelry.

COZY CAFES AND COOL COFFEE SHOPS Olof Victors – Österlen Enjoy bread made the old fashioned way, try their award winning rhubarb dream, or relax over a coffee in the place awarded ”Best patisserie in Sweden” two years in a row.

Flickorna Lundgren – the Bjäre peninsula If you have a sweet tooth or just like sitting in a pretty garden, drop in at this lovely place that has been run by the seven Lindgren sisters since 1938. Koppi – Helsingborg The beautiful cafe oozes hipster cool: stuffed animals look down from the walls, buzzing laptops punctuate the vinyl jazz records, while people enjoy the deep chocolate notes in their wonderfully creamy cappuccino.

Slottsparkens trädgårdscafé – Malmö Situated right in the middle of a beautiful park and run by world famous chef Tareq Taylor, this fantastic cafe serves organic, locally produced food direct from the gardens outside. - 34 -

Try Skåne on a plate

KIVIK APPLE MARKET – last weekend of September Add some bite to your life by sampling scrumptious apples, browse the market stalls and enjoy dancing to the local music. Learn about delicious varieties of the greens and reds, and drop by Äpplets Hus by Kiviks Musteri where they’ll tell you everything you need to know and more. Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on Swedish Apple Must before you leave.

Every year a new artwork made of apples

- 35 -


Helsingborgs brewery - beer as local as it gets Learn about Skåne’s brewing culture on a tour of the brewery, and follow the entire process from malt crushing to bottle filling. Then taste the best beers brewed with authentic hops and malt. Tasting, tours and food market. www.oxhallen.se

Sample Skåne from a glass – IT’S AN ABSOLUTE MUST

Helsingborgs Brewery – founded in 1850

Sample the fresh juices, mouth watering musts, sensational spirits, well balanced wines and


Kiviks musteri - apples, apples, apples! Enjoy the gorgeous apples, fruits and berries lovingly nurtured for over four generations. This is the place to go if you appreciate beautiful scenery, good food and great drinks. Apple orchards, courses, displays, tasting, farm shop, café and restaurant. www.kiviksmusteri.se


bold tasting beers. Here’s a list of local manufacturers that open their doors to let your senses savour the very best of beverages.

Absolut vodka - absolutely the best vodka in the world Absolut Vodka is one of the best known names in the spirits industry. The small east cost village of Åhus produces one hundred million litres of the clear stuff every year. The name is short for “Absolutely pure vodka”, so while you’re in Skåne, try the true taste of vodka and find some new ways to enjoy it. www.visitskane.com/guidad-visningabsolut

Pick your own apples

Spirit of hven backafallsbyn - actually the best whiskey in the world


On the island of Hven located in the strait of Öresund between Denmark and Sweden lies Spirit of Hven – a small family owned distillery. In 2016, their whisky ”Spirit of Hven Sankt Claus” won the Whisky Advocate’s 22nd Annual World Whisky of the Year Award Taste six different types of home grown whisky, slurp on their winter and summer spirits, or try out their organic gin and aqua vitae. www.backafallsbyn.se

Sövde musteri - truly an apple sensation High Nordic air, crystal clear water and beautiful light nights. Just add apples and you have the ingredients to make some of the tastiest drinks around. Take the tour from apple to bottle, then try their calvados or ice pommeau. Farm shop and café. www.sovdemusteri.se

Apple must ready for delivery

Award-winning whiskey

- 36 -

- 37 -




The best way to titillate all your taste buds is to mix it with the right local wines. Try out wine tastings and take a winemaking course at several of the local vineyards. Enjoy a guided tour and follow the whole process from growing grapes to producing the lovely stuff in the winery.

Nordic Sea Winery in Simrishamn © MIRIAM PREIS

For an even more authentic wine experience, join in the harvest festival and help harvest the grapes. Once the grapes are in the winery, the festival continues with dinner accompanied by wines from the local vineyard. And spending the night at the local winery or nearby hotel or B&B makes your wine experience complete. Find out more on www.visitskane.com about where to treat yourself to excellent wines.


skåne’s mild climate and long growing season turns the dream of owning a vineyard into a reality. Where more and more growers are becoming experts in the types of vines that thrive in the soils and climate that are special for Skåne – to make crisp, creamy, complex vintages of reds, whites, sparkling and sweet dessert wines. Skåne even boasts its own wine route, the “Route du Vin”, which is made up of more than 20 wineries turning out what experts are calling “Skåne sensations”.

Vineyard in Klagshamn


SKÅNE’S VINEYARDS Vines on a line at Hällåkra Vineyard

- 38 -

- 39 -



ART & DESIGN Sweden has been famous for its open minds, and never more so than in the worlds of art and design. Skåne has been the hub of the Scandinavian design scene for years, with the many galleries and boutique stores in Malmö and neighbouring Copenhagen. Don’t miss the “Art Circuit”, a ten day art extravaganza where the artists all over Skåne open their galleries and display their art for the world, attracting more than 10,000 visitors every year.

the whole region is full of galleries, Keramiskt Center, Höganäs

Jar from Höganäs

HEY CLAY. Ceramics and Handicrafts. Maybe it’s something about the air, but the region buzzes with small entrepreneurs hand making magic from ceramics, textiles, metal, glass and wood. Browse through a great variety of attractions from open workshops and cooperatives, and regular exhibitions ranging from today’s transnational arts to historical objects with lots of stories to tell. there’s so much to choose from made with so much love and care. You can experience many of the arts and handcrafts in the design stores in Malmö’s small side streets around Lilla Torg. Drop into Form/Design Center and see a fantastic collection of industrial design, crafts, furniture and textile design.

The region north and south of Helsingborg is the ceramics capital of Sweden, where people have been creating works of art from potters’ wheels for centuries. The area has a 200 year history of ceramics thanks to the right geological conditions for producing clay.

Cruise through the landscape and keep your senses open. And remember the old adage: today’s handicrafts are tomorrow’s antiques.

Konsthantverkscentrum sells all sorts of handmade craft products made by artists from all over Skåne, with 800 affiliated artists. From textiles to glass, bags to broaches, - 40 -

art museums, installations and design furniture. And there are hundreds of artists working here, especially in Österlen, to take advantage of the area’s unique light effects, rolling hills and creative atmosphere.

ARTSY PLACES FOR design lovers: WANÅS ART PARK AND CASTLE World famous artists such as Yoko Ono and Roxy Paine have come to this place, soaked up the atmosphere and then developed a unique exhibition specifically for Wanås and installed it in the forest. Explore the art, buy your food at the organic farm, or pop into the shop and cafe to get refreshed. FORM/DESIGN CENTER MALMÖ Form/Design Center is a meeting place for ideas and projects in the field of design and architecture. The building shows exhibitions including industrial design, crafts, furniture and textile design, architecture, fashion, graphic design and illustration. Drop in the shop and choose from the very best in modern Scandinavian design. MALMÖ KONSTHALL Malmö Konsthall is one of Europe’s largest exhibition halls for contemporary art. It arranges exhibitions with an international focus encompassing both the classics of modern art and current experiments. There are about ten different exhibitions each year, attracting over 200,000 visitors. Exhibitions of well-known artists have included Edvard Munch, Van Gogh, Louise Bourgeois and David Shrigley. - 41 -







Hovs Hallar

Brösarp hills



The Öresund bridge


why not take a guided tour in the home towns of our most famous detectives? Let the industrial surroundings and large sweeping fields remind you of the drives taken by the tortured Branagh as Wallander or Sofia Helin as single-minded Saga Norén from The Bridge. But it’s not just modern exponents of film that have fallen in love with the landscape. Glance to the right to see more film settings in Skåne.


Nordic noir is the biggest thing to hit international tv for years, so while you’re here,

THE ÖRESUND BRIDGE The inspiration for the successful Swedish/ Danish criminal drama, and a fantastic piece of architecture joining two countries. Experience the bridge for yourself and take the train over the dark blue sea to Denmark. Just don’t stop in the middle to look for bodies.

HOVS HALLAR The most memorable scenes from Ingmar Bergman’s classic, “The Seventh Seal”, where Max Von Sydow plays chess with death, were filmed at the rocky cliffs of Hovs Hallar – the perfect backdrop for dicing with death. Spectacular sunsets make the cliffs a scenographer’s dream.

NANGIJALA IN BRÖSARP The original setting of Nangijala, “…a land of light where there are only happy adventures”, this piece of paradise formed the backdrop for Astrid Lindgren’s, (also the author of the popular Pippi Longstocking children’s books), critically acclaimed “The Brothers Lionheart”.

YSTAD The town is as attractive as it is portrayed in the Wallander films and tv series, with medieval, pastel coloured half timbered houses, cobblestone streets and sun dappled squares. Take the “In the footsteps of Wallander tour’ and solve some Wallander murder mysteries, or download a smart phone app. Photo from the shooting of the big TV success The Bridge

- 42 -

Streets of Ystad

- 43 -



THE HISTORY OF SKÅNE ALES STONES 500-1000 Sweden’s largest ship tumulus was built in Skåne around 1,400 years ago. This ancient monument consists of 59 massive boulders arranged in a 67 metre long outline located 32 meters above sea level with a magnificent view over the sea as a background. This is one of the biggest and most mysterious tourist attractions in Skåne. So don´t miss out.

80 Million years ago


THE VIKINGS 800-1050 Once upon a time the Vikings ruled Skåne. And they still do in some places. Set the time machine to the Viking Era and experience the age of the Vikings. Meet Vikings and craftsmen at Foteviken Viking Village, visit the awesome Viking Fortress in Trelleborg, or cook an authentic Viking dinner at The Viking Times open-air museum in Löddeköpinge.






Eighty million years ago, Skåne was home to plesiosaurs and dinosaurs. If you’re curious about this era, Visit Havsdrakarnas Hus in Bromölla where you can go on a fossil hunt and guaranteed to find real fossils.

Lund Cathedral is one of the most visited sites in Skåne. You’ll understand why when you stand in front of this imposing Roman cathedral, with its mighty twin towers above the roofs of central Lund. The echoing acoustics provide soothing music. Attend church services or enjoy the oldest Metropolitan Church in the Nordic region, with construction dating back to 1085.

SKÅNE BECOMES DANISH 970 Skåne was conquered by the Danish king, Harald Bluetooth in the 970’s. By establishing so called Trelleborg fortresses, large ring castles of garrisons of soldiers, he tried to unify and defend his Viking Empire. Today, the remains of one of the fortresses Harald Bluetooth built has been recreated in Trelleborg. This museum contains a Viking exhibition, café and shop as well as a Viking farm with a longhouse, pit houses and a garden. - 44 -

Lund University is now one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in northern Europe, consistently ranking among the world’s top 100 universities. It is also the first choice for international students studying in Sweden, with over 100 international degree programmes. The young population influences all aspects of life in Lund, from the daily rhythm of the city, to city planning, pubs and bars, museums and countless cultural and leisure activities.


ABSOLUT VODKA 1979 Absolut is the world’s third biggest spirit brand and is only distilled in the small village. Åhus on the east coast of Skåne. Absolut’s soft grain character comes from Skåne’s undulating fields of winter wheat, which has been proven ideal for making quality vodka. The glass bottle was inspired by old Swedish medicine bottles, and has become a famous design icon reproduced by many artists such as Andy Warhol. Book a tour at the factory in Åhus and hear about how this local vodka became one of the world’s most exclusive brands.




”The bridge” as all Swedes call it, was completed in 2000, and is a 16 kilometre long link between Sweden and Denmark to the rest of Europe. The Öresund Bridge is a combined rail and road bridge and 4km runs through the world’s longest undersea tunnel. Drive over by car or take the train, but whatever you do, make sure you get to see it when visiting Malmö. In the last few years, the bridge has become famous in over 170 countries thanks to the success of the drama series ”The Bridge”.


Now go plan that trip to Skåne!

SKÅNE BECOMES SWEDISH 1658 Skåne became Swedish for the second time in 1658. During the course of the next 150 years the people of Skåne underwent a comprehensive Swedification – not least linguistically. The Danes attempted to recapture Skåne on two more occasions – in 1676 and 1710 – but failed. Skåne was the province of the wealthy Danish nobility, and many castles were built here. Around 150 of them remain to this day.


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC 1981 The soccer miracle from Malmö is known by soccer lovers all over the world for his excellent football skills. Pay a visit to the Zlatan court in the outskirts of Malmö which was built by Ibrahimovic as a tribute to his home town. Or if you happen to have 1000 euro to spare, you can spend the night in the Zlatan suite located in the penthouse of Malmö Live Hotel and Concert Hall. Everybody in Skåne loves Zlatan and the legend is a great conversation starter if you want to chat with locals. Learn more about the history of Skåne at www.visitskane.com




Which castle are you? Full of fairytale charms, beautiful gardens, works of art, corridors creeping with age old intrigue, and the odd resident ghost, you shouldn’t miss the magic of castle living. And here in Skåne it won’t cost you a King’s ransom for your visit.

Kronovall Castle

Vittskövle Castle



rhododendron bushes planted by Sweden’s Queen over 150 years ago. Experience the magnificent grounds, tranquil sceneries and row upon row of immaculate must-see garden areas in some outstanding castle scenery.

Discover the romance and exciting history in some of the 150 castles in Skåne. Take a guided tour, spoil yourself with a royal night in, feast on a gourmet meal under a crystal chandelier, or savour the scents of the 10,000


Svaneholm Castle

Bosjökloster Castle & Gardens © CAROLINA ROMARE


Hovdala Castle


Interior, Kronovall Castle


Get married in a Skåne Castle!

Häckeberga Castle

- 46 Sofiero Castle & Gardens

Bäckaskog Castle


Skansenbadet, Båstad


Ängelholms Havsbad Tropical Beach, Helsingborg

With sea on three sides, and miles of soft sandy beaches, you can enjoy everything from quiet coves to lively party playas. Find your own place in the sun on the swedish riviera. down into some of the world’s finest grains. Wherever you want to bask, there’s a beach for you. This is the place for splashing around in crystal clear waters protected both by an EU guarantee for water purity, and lifeguards on certain beaches.

dive in from the high cliffs, lie under your own personal palm tree, or play with the kids on shallow shores that go on for miles. Slouch around on white, powdery sand with the warm sun own your back, or go find your own lake to swim in. Bathe on inner city boardwalks, hit the party places, or dig

Åhus beach Barsebäcks Saltsjöbad Stenshuvud National Park

Ribersborg beach, Malmö


Falsterbo beach

Mossby beach Sandhammaren beach

Visit one of the white, long, sandy beaches in Skåne

Ribersborg beach, Malmö

- 48 -


Colorful cabanas at Skanör-Falsterbo beach

Bring a picnic and find your own special spot

- 49 -




You’ll love Skåne

Most courses have a shop and several are built together with hotels, so you can wake up and tee off straight after a hearty breakfast. No wonder it’s been the breeding ground of past and present champions such as Henrik Stenson and Annika Sörenstam.

Barsebäck Golf & Country Club © PGA SWEDEN NATIONAL

Play year round thanks to the mild climate. In the summer you can start before 6.00 am to enjoy the early morning air, or play nine holes after dinner way into the evening.



With more than 70 top class courses all within a short drive of each other, Skåne is a golfers’ paradise. Whether you like parkland, seaside, links, flat or undulating, there’s something for everyone.


To Sweden in comfort and style.

10 of the best While you’re here you should try one of these:

PGA Sweden National Golf Club © MÖLLE GK

Barsebäck Golf & Country Club PGA of Sweden National Golf Club Falsterbo Golf Club Ljunghusens Golf Club Elisefarm Golf Club Vasatorp Golf Club S:t Arilds Golf Club Mölle Golf Club Båstad Golf Club Kristianstad Golf Club

Mölle Golf Club

- 50 -

This time is yours. Travel by rail from Hamburg to Sweden in only 5½ hours. Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) can take you up to seven times daily between Hamburg and Copenhagen. From there Malmö is only a stone‘s throw away across the mighty Öresund bridge. Discover Sweden rail. With the „Sparpreis Europa“ ticket you can travel from Germany to Sweden from only 39 Euro; in 1st class from 69 Euro. and information at bahn.com. -Bookings 51 -

Get in, relax.

In cooperation with



ANIMAL ADVENTURES These are the places to see our four legged friends as they should be seen: © SKÅNES DJURPARK

SKÅNES DJURPARK ZOO This park just outside Höör is the world’s biggest zoo for Scandinavian animals. See live elk, bears, wolves, wild boar, grey seals and more in their natural habitat. Shaun the Sheep just moved into the park. Visit “Shaun land” and enjoy his world from the TV series and films. See, feel and smell how Shaun lives.

Feed the seals at Skånes Djurpark Zoo © FREDRIK JOHS

TYKARPSGROTTAN CAVE Experience the enchanting world of Tykarpsgrottan near Hässleholm. This unique labyrinth of caves has been created by human hands over centuries and was made famous in the movie ”Ronia the Robber’s Daughter” by Astrid Lindgren.

Look for bats at Tykarpsgrottan Cave © TROPIKARIET

TROPIKARIET IN HELSINGBORG Tropikariet is home to lots of exotic animals from around the world. Walk through the rainforest at night or see the world’s smallest crocodile, a black widow and other creepy crawlies that will amaze the whole family.

Get close to a crocodile at Tropikariet

of all ages. Enjoy water parks, merry-go-rounds, go karts, skateboarding, zoos and much more. Skåne is the go-to getaway for curious kids who enjoy nothing more than romping around the countryside, playing with animals, and exploring adventurous things to do.


Skåne is the perfect destination for a family getaway and is full of activities for children

ALPACA SAFARI Alpaca Trekking has become a popular activity in Skåne and you can find hikes in almost every corner of the province. At Alpakahof Hultet near Hässleholm the kids get to trek the lazy winding forest roads with their own peaceful alpaca.

Say hello to an Alpaca at Alpakahof Hultet

- 53 -




Try these top suggestions for great family days out: © TOSSELILLA SOMMARLAND

Fun, fun fun in Tosselilla Water park


MALMÖ FOLKETS PARK Paddle in the pools and enjoy an ice cream. Children can see the snakes and reptiles in the terrarium, have fun in the huge play area and skate on the large ice rink in winter. There’s an open-air dance floor, several outdoor music stages and the Cuba Café, where you can dance to the salsa beat.

Action for the whole family at Tosselilla Sommarland

Take turns steering the trolley © ANDREAS LARSSON

STAPELBÄDDSPARKEN Just a stone’s throw away from the Turning Torso in Malmö is a gently curved, skilfully designed concrete park, with 1,800 m² of thrills for skateboarders. There’s also Boulderpark, the Nordic region’s only climbing park with boulders. The park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and entry is free.

Folkets Park – the perfect meeting place


Learn to skate on your visit in Skåne

FOTEVIKEN VIKING TOWN The museum and Viking town south of Malmö is a must for Viking fans. The village is built on a historic place that saw a great viking battle in 1134. Be a Viking for the day and take part in games, boat building, cooking, handicrafts and more.



Bring out the vikings, Foteviken

TOSSELILLA SOMMARLAND The Summer land near Tomelilla in Österlen is an oasis for families. Packed full of merry-go-rounds, a fun fair, water park and rapids, Tarzan jungle, gokart track and mini golf course. Just a great place for kids to let their hair down and run off all that extra energy.

GO TROLLEY WITH THE FAMILY Cycle an inspection trolley along the disused railway track in Österlen or Romeleåsen and take in the best of Skåne’s beautiful deciduous forests and landscapes as you go.

- 54 Skateboarding in Stapelbäddsparken, Malmö

There’s something for all ages in Folkets Park, Malmö

The Lodge




Ringsjöstrands Camping © ANETTE ÅBERG



SWEdEn € 27 FROM





hicle incl. ve er iv and dr © SVEN PERSSON

Ystad Saltsjöbad hotel

Fridens Farm tavern and room

Vitemölla Badhotell © CAROLINA ROMARE



From castle to cottage, luxury spa to a tent under the stars, there’s a place to stay that suits your style – and your pocket.

– find your place and book at www.visitskane.com Häckeberga Castle © ANETTE ÅBERG



Everyone deserves a break Book now on www.StenaLine.de or call (0180) 60 20 100**

* e.g. Sassnitz – Trelleborg, economy-tariff, one way for a vehicle and a driver, subject to availability ** 20 ct/call within fixed network, booking via telephone plus €15 fee Stena Line Scandinavia AB, Danmarkster minalen, 40519 Göteborg, Sweden

Karlaby Kro

Tomarps Countryside hotel

Kronovall Castle


There’s lots going on in skåne. Every month dishes up a whole host of festivals, fairs, sporting highlights and comedy. Check out the most popular ones below and plan ahead:






Swedish Open Tennis

The Art Circuit

LUND COMEDY FESTIVAL - SEPTEMBER Taking its inspiration from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Lund Comedy Festival attracts over a hundred artists, from the most popular home grown comedians, new talent and international stars. Hang out with people who love humour.

FALSTERBO HORSE SHOW - JULY With almost a thousand horses and riders, fifty different disciplines and over six hundred people working in the Falsterbo Horse Show crew, you soon realize Falsterbo Horse Show is not just an ordinary event. It is the week where world class equestrian sport meets summer, sun and holiday.

- 58 -



SWEDISH OPEN TENNIS, BÅSTAD - JULY See some of the world’s best players in action, watch the off-court struggles, and the off court strutting as the beautiful people take to the champagne.


KIVIKS MARKET - JULY Every year, over 100.000 people descend onto Sweden’s largest outdoor market. Scandinavia’s biggest fairground opens its doors, so after you’ve scooted around the stalls, you can whirl around on the carousels.

MALMÖ FESTIVAL - AUGUST Malmo Festival is a warm, friendly, sustainable festival that takes the city for a wild dance one week every year. Right in the heart of the city you’ll experience everything from ground breaking art, music and culture to a variety of food that reflects the intercultural vibes and people of Malmo.


Falsterbo Horse Show

THE ART CIRCUIT- APRIL Experience art in the artists’ own homes and studios and hear them talk about their work. Maybe you’ll find that special piece of art to take home? Visit one of the joint exhibitions, where examples of each artist’s work are displayed, and be sure to mark the locations of your favourite artists on the map before getting into your car.

ÅHUS BEACH HANDBALL FESTIVAL - JULY Over 1,000 teams and 50,000 spectators are attracted to Europe’s largest beach handball tournament held in Åhus. See Sweden’s elite teams do battle with top Danish and German Bundesliga teams. This festival for the whole family gives you the chance to rub shoulders with Handball’s celebrities.

YSTAD SWEDEN JAZZ FESTIVAL - AUGUST If you’re into jazz then here’s the place to be. With more than 40 concerts and events over five days, the Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival is full of sell out concerts and over 8,200 tickets sold.




JULY Kiviks market




September - 59 -

KIVIK APPLE MARKET - SEPTEMBER Displaying a huge apple artwork created using 30,000 apples, there’s some serious edible art to be seen here. Add some bite to your life by sampling scrumptious apples, browse the market stalls and enjoy dancing to the local music. Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on Swedish Apple Must before you leave.



CLASSIC SKÅNE – Top 10 sites We’ve put together the ten classics you have to visit, to make your choice easier.

Make sure you don’t miss those must-see Skåne sites. Snap those breathtaking views, trek that picturesque South Swedish countryside, visit those outstanding landmarks, then bring the memories back home to increase your bragging rights. Or post them directly while they’re fresh.

So sharpen your pencil, fill up your fuel tank and go tick off those places that make up your ultimate Skåne experience.

– Check off the sites you’ve visited!


- 60 -



ALES STONES If you want to be awed by the aura of a mystical spot that dates back to the early Iron Age, visit Ales Stenar. Built somewhere between 500-1,000 AD, “Sweden’s Stonehenge” consists of 59 massive boulders arranged in the 67 metre long outline of a ship majestically located on the ridge above the fishing village of Kåseberga. Scholars can’t agree whether it’s a grave monument, astronomical clock or resting place of the mythical King Ale. But we think you’ll agree that this is a great place to visit. Check out the fabulous views over Österlen’s hilly landscape and the Baltic Sea, and if all that walking makes you hungry, end your day at Kåseberga harbour with a sumptuous fresh fish supper.

VEN Legend has it that this small island between Landskrona and Denmark was formed when a giant dropped a lump of earth into the sea. The best way to explore the island’s beauty is by bike, which you can rent as soon as you step off the ferry. Don’t miss spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn, a resort with a four star hotel, gourmet restaurant and Sweden’s premier whisky bar.

GLIMMINGEHUS There’s a reason we often use the words “romantic” and “castle” in the same sentence. It’s called Glimmingehus. Built in 1499 as a residence for the Danish knight Jens Holgersen ulfstrand and his family, this is Sweden’s best preserved medieval chateau. Enjoy a guided tour strolling around the secret passages and features designed to keep out unwanted guests (not you), or try your hand at using the old tools in the courtyard – Medieval DIY.

KULLABERG NATURE RESERVE Kullaberg Nature Reserve is a place you just shouldn’t miss. Stroll through the dramatic, unspoilt countryside, or go fishing, bird watching, diving or rock climbing. While you’re there, check out the Nimis artwork, a famous installation by the artist Lars Vilks which is a collection of bridges, tunnels and lookout towers created from driftwood. Be careful, the path down to Nimis is steep and slippery when wet.

- 61 -



SANDHAMMAREN Life’s a beach, and the silky white sands of Sandhammaren match the best of the caribbean. In fact it’s been voted as Sweden’s best beach several times. The giant sandy area is perfect for taking in the rays and splashing around in the water during hot summer days, or for taking long beach combing walks all year round. Kick off your shoes and enjoy a barefoot stroll in your own piece of paradise.



LUND CATHEDRAL Join over 700,000 visitors and 85,000 worshippers each year and be wowed by the majestic towers and altar that dates back to 1398 at Sweden’s most visited church. It was consecrated in 1145 and is one of the main tourist attractions in the Nordics. The cathedral is right in the middle of Lund, close to lots of restaurants and cafés.

TURNING TORSO Take a towering selfie with the tallest residential building in the Nordic countries in the background. Designed and constructed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the twisted tower in the Western Harbour of Malmö is one of Skåne’s most popular tourist destinations.

- 62 -




SOFIERO´S CASTLE GARDEN Voted “Europe’s most beautiful park” in 2009, this is the place to bring a blanket, fill your picnic basket and enjoy the thousands of rhododendron bushes decorating the surroundings. Or book yourself into one of the summer concerts featuring the best of International and Swedish artists. Feeling peckish? There’s a cafe and one of Sweden’s top restaurants on site. The park was donated to the city of Helsingborg by King Gustaf VI Adolf in 1959 and has been open to the public since 1974.

SÖDERÅSEN NATIONAL PARK Skåne’s Grand Canyon is a green oasis that gets lusher every year. You’ll be blown away by the leafy deciduous forests, mighty scree with high cliffs, streaming watercourses and wide views. Especially popular are Skäralid, Odensjön and Nackarpsdalen and viewpoints at Kopparhatten. If you’re the exploring type try the park’s hiking trails, bike tours and overnight cabins. Just pack a picnic and go.

WANÅS Since its inception in 1987, world famous artists such as Yoko Ono and Roxy Paine have come to this place and developed a unique exhibition specifically for Wanås and installed it on site. Explore the art in the woods, buy your food at the organic farm, or pop into the shop and cafe to get refreshed.

- 63 -

r e i n s p i r at i o n g o t o m r o o f



- 64 -


Instagram: #visitskane Facebook: www.facebook.com/visitSkaneCounty

THIS IS SKÅNE You’re now holding the key to what to do and where to go in Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost and most beautiful region. This guide is full of specially chosen tips to help you make the most of our delightful province. Find out more at www.visitskane.com Oh, and don’t forget to check opening hours of shops, tourist attractions and restaurants before you visit. We’re really looking forward to meeting you.

Välkommen till Skåne!


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Welcome to Skåne - there's no place like it!  

From cultural, culinary city life to your own private piece of forest, Skåne offers you an enormous variety of experiences. From championshi...

Welcome to Skåne - there's no place like it!  

From cultural, culinary city life to your own private piece of forest, Skåne offers you an enormous variety of experiences. From championshi...