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Oulu Investment Guide 2023 Content Market Area Analysis ⊲ Page 6 ⊲ Page 22 ⊲ Page 26 Retail and Office Property Market Hotel Market 3.1 Market Description 3.2 Demand and Supply 3.3 Future Hotel Developments 1.1 Oulu in Brief 1.2 Economic Structure 1.3 Purchasing Power 1.4 Gateway to Arctic Europe's Investments 1.5 Tourism, Leisure Activity & Conferences 1.6 Future Development Areas 2.1 Market Description 2.2 Commercial Real Estate Development 1 2 3 2
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Welcome to Oulu, Finland!

Explore the commercial opportunities in the Oulu Area

Oulu is the most important commercial, logistic and cultural hub of Arctic Europe. It is a region of over 270,000 inhabitants that is best known for its technological expertise, that makes it a globally significant center in the Europe. Two universities, young population and year-round events makes Oulu vibrant. As a university city Oulu attracts tens of big international conferences yearly.

Oulu Region has been on the fastest growing city region in Nordic. Considering Oulu's availability of skilled workforce, status as a hightech hotspot, excellent connectivity and increasing population, the city has an extremely positive future outlook. The growth is accelerated by the spectacular increase in business in the region. The fifteen most recent companies to have established themselves in Oulu have invested more than €100 million in the region annually. The region is also a great hub for investments in Northernmost Europe totalling 160 billion in coming years.

Oulu is the biggest year round travel city in North Finland. Here the business and leisure travellers meet green environment, modern city and norhern hospitality. Of the total hotel overnights 55% comes from leisure and 45% from business visitors. Stable growth in tourism makes Oulu attractive for the hospitality business and investments. Occupancy rate in all accommodation has been around 60% or even more all year round from year 2015 except the pandemic years 2020-2021.

With this guide, we wish to provide you with an overview of the possibilities Oulu has to offer for commercial real estate investors.

4 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
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270,000 1 h

2nd inhabitants in the area one hour flight to Helsinki

busiest airport in Finland

5 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
STOCKHOLM 2:45 H PARIS 3:55 H NEW YORK 12:50 H TOKIO 14:00 H

1 Market Area Analysis

39 average age of the population

25,000 university students

6 Oulu Investment Guide 2023

1.1 Oulu in Brief

Oulu is an easily accessible city in Northern Finland by the Bothnian Bay. There are over 210,000 inhabitants in the city and 270,000 in the Oulu region. Oulu has one of the youngest populations in Europe: the largest age group is 20- to 24-year-olds and the average age of inhabitants is 39 years. In addition, 25,000 of the population

Why invest in Oulu

are university students. This vibrant city with a variety of events and activities all year round is an excellent destination for both business and leisure travel as well as conferences. Oulu is also an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding tourism centres and Lapland.

1 Location: Being the biggest commercial, logistic and cultural hub in Arctic Europe,Oulu is a gateway to the North.

2 Travel destination: Oulu is the biggest year-round travel destination in Northern Finland.

3 Hospitality performance: Oulu has a good record of long-term performance development in hospitality KPIs, such as occupancy, average daily rate and RevPAR.

4 Potential and opportunities: The demand for new hotel capacity is increasing in Oulu. A limited number of new concept offerings and international hotel brand presence means more opportunities.

5 Stability: Finland provides an economically and politically stable environment for business. The hotel market provides stability for longterm commitment and income generation, and potentially higher returns and yield levels than other property types.

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7 Oulu Investment Guide 2023 Market Area Analysis

There are 6 times more jobs in ICT industries in Oulu region compared to the same industry in the whole country.

3rd most venture capital in Europe per capita

No 1 in R&D investments per capita in Finland

8 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Measured with Balassa-Hoover index 2020

1.2 Economic Structure

Oulu is 15th in attracting venture capital per capita among the top 50 cities in the world. Robust ICT expertise has created a unique foundation for innovation and business in Oulu. ICT is one of the strongest Oulu industries. At the same time, it is a key enabler for many other industries. Together the global tech giants and the hundreds of SMEs operating in the city they form a strong Tech-cluster with high degree of expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. During the past decade, Oulu has attracted dozens of foreign companies especially related to technology research and development.

The emphasis of Oulu region’s economic structure is on services. Information technology services, other technology sectors, social and

Structure of Industries in Oulu region

health services as well as education are regarded as specialities of the region. The share of industrial jobs is lower than in the whole country on average, standing currently at about 13% of all jobs. Oulu is specialised in electronics manufacturing, and the services supporting it for example engineering, software and information services.

In addition, consumer potential is growing, as the amount of wage income tax has increased the most (+3.5%) of all Finnish cities. The population of the region will continue to grow. Population growth and the consequent increase in retail purchasing power creates a wide range of opportunities for commercial development and new investments in Oulu and the Oulu region.

9 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Market Area Analysis
Public admin. and services 26,6% Services 34,7% Industries 10,3% Logistics 4,6% Commerce 9,6% Construction 8,4% Agriculture, forestry and mining 1,4% Hospitality and catering 2,7% Other 1,7% Source: Statistics Finland, 2023

1.3 Purchasing Power

Oulu is a university city and a city of high level of R&D expertise. Relatively high salary levels and many success stories have brought prosperity to the city. At the same time, Oulu has become a commercial hub for the entire Arctic Europe region, attracting customers from a wide area. Despite general economic fluctuations, purchasing power in the area has grown steadily and has created a good basis for commercial

investment in the Oulu region. However, the most important driver of purchasing power has been the population growth in the Oulu region, which has been the fastest in Nordic city regions. Recently made survey about retail purchasing power (Ramboll 2019) estimated in neutral scenario that purchasing power in the Oulu region will continue to grow by about 25% between 2018–2030.

Population forecast City of Oulu

Households' disposable income

10 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Source: Statistics Finland 2019 205 000 210 000 215 000 220 000 225 000 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040
Source: Statistics Finland
37 000 38 200 39 400 40 600 41 800 43 000 Oulu Jyväskylä Tampere Turku 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
of work-aged population have an academic degree
11 Oulu Investment Guide 2023 Market Area Analysis 50/50
/ Women Population by gender Source: Statistics Finland 2019 6,000 0 16,000 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,000 4,000 2,000 Jyväskylä Tampere Turku Oulu per resident per dwelling
per capita and per dwelling in comparison regions
Purchasing power

1.4 The gateway to Arctic Europe's investments

Located by the sea, Oulu is a junction for sea, railroad and road traffic. Together with Finland's second busiest airport and largest general port in the Bothnian Bay, makes Oulu the most important transport hub for both passengers and freight in Arctic Europe.

Oulu is easily accessible by plane and train. There are around ten daily flights and train connections from Helsinki. All trains to and from Lapland make a stop in Oulu.

Oulu’s accessibility will be further improved in coming years with development projects in Oulu’s railway and bus stations and the port of Oulu. There have also been plans to make the railway connection from

Oulu to Helsinki faster by developing the rail network and accessibility to and from the port of Oulu. The fastest train connection from Helsinki to Oulu currently takes just over five hours and will be even faster in future.

Oulu is the gateway to Arctic Europe regions, which will see close to 200 billion euros invested over the coming years. The largest investments will be made in industry, energy, mining, infrastructure, tourism and other industries. By 2030, the number will be 160 billion. The largest investments will be made in construction, energy, mining, logistics, tourism and creative industries.

12 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
160 BILLION EUROS investments in Arctic Europe 2022–2030* Industry Energy Infrastructure € 75 billion € 50 billion € 27 billion *Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Briefing paper: Investments in the Barents region, business prospects and potential, Korkia Consulting Ltd 8 February 2022

Massive investments in industry

Major ongoing projects in the fields of technology and industry continue to enhance vitality and employment in Oulu in the near future. Projects scheduled for construction and completion in the next few years include a new Nokia campus (220M€) and a new production line to be built at the Stora Enso paper mill (1B€) and Junnikkala saw mill (80M€) and more projects in the pipe line.

Opportunities in Oritkari Port and Industrial area:

1 New land area in Port of Oulu from 40ha up to 200ha of new industrial site for e.g. Hydrogen economy.

2 Oritkari has the potential for major industrial investments and to increase the value added of sustainable industry production.

Ruskonselkä Industrial Area:

1 City owned existing industrial greenfield site 36ha with excellent connections to the power grid, district heating network and natural water.

2 Expansion area up to 200ha is under development.

Opportunities for sustainable industry in Oulu

Excellent synergies in Laanila Industry Park:

1 Highly integrated utility networks.

2 Steam and power production and available carbon dioxide on site.

3 Synergies with processes and operations between the companies.

4 Laanila offers unique synergies for chemical industry and hydrogen production. Size of the available site is 26 ha.

Bothnian Bay Hydrogen Valley

Arrow-Right Wind power production potential

Arrow-Right Potential hydrogen users

Arrow-Right Strong electricity transmission network

Arrow-Right Extensive district heating network

Arrow-Right Strong hydrogen research expertise

Arrow-Right C02 reduction

Hydrogen concentrations in the Bothnia Bay and planned Nordic Hydrogen Route

13 Oulu Investment Guide 2023 Market Area Analysis

Oulu is the European Capital of Culture 2026

The Capital of Culture year aims for a broad long-term urban development and it will bring international visibility to both Northern and the whole of Finland’s culture. With co-operation its 50 million budget will boost tourism, create new jobs and develop the region.

1 st 3 000 Finland is the number one country to travel in 2019

Source: Business Insider

total number of events yearly

14 Oulu Investment Guide 2023

1.5 Tourism, Leisure Activity & Conferences

A city of year-round experiences

Oulu is an extraordinary city from the perspective of travel & tourism. The city has a lot to offer for both business and leisure travellers, from attractions, activities and festivals to exotic arctic nature experiences all year round. Oulu region is a diverse nature destination. Within easy reach from the city of Oulu, you can find ski resorts, national parks and more. Oulu offers a variety of possibilities for day trips and connections to different tourist centres and Lapland.

Finland's leading destination for educational and technical visits

In Oulu you can explore world famous Finnish education system from elementary school to university level. There is a wide variety of educational visit programs both for education professionals and school excursion groups, for example on themes such as computer programming, sustainable development and learning English.

Surrounding tourist centres and Lapland

Arrow-Right Syöte Ski resort and national park , Finland’s southernmost fell area, 1,5 h

Arrow-Right Rokua national park and UNESCO Global Geopark , a rare natural environment shaped by the Ice Age, 1 h

Arrow-Right Liminka Bay, an internationally renowned, valuable bird habitat for migrating birds, 30 min

Arrow-Right Hailuoto, the largest island in the Bothnian Bay, 1 h

Arrow-Right Ruka Ski resort and national parks, Kuusamo, 2,5 h

Arrow-Right Snow Castle and Sampo Ice Breaker, Kemi, 1,5 h

Arrow-Right Santa Claus village and Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, 2,5 h

Pohjola route Pohjola route The Finnish northern scenic route 15 Oulu Investment Guide 2023 Market Area Analysis
more at

The European Capital of Culture 2026 is a lively event and tourism city

Oulu hosts around 40 international conferences in a normal year. Oulu’s strength in conference tourism lies in a strong science community and expertise. Oulu offers versatile facilities for meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

There are many different developments that will make Oulu even more attractive for both domestic and foreign tourists alikeas well as event visitors. Oulu new exhibition center opened in 2021 and a huge arena for up to

Biggest yearly event

10,000 guests is planned next to Oulu station. Two hotels and sea spa and saunas is under planning to the heart of city center. New investments appr. €100 million are coming to the seaside resort in Nallikari for example amusement park and leisure services.

The cultural scene of Oulu is strong and diverse. Over 3,000 different events in sports, culture or business are organised in Oulu every year and Oulu is known around the world for its original events such as the Air Guitar World Championships and Polar Bear Pitching. Oulu has been chose as the European Capital of Culture in 2026.

Biggest yearly fairs


Nallikari Seaside Resort

Hupisaaret City Park

Science Center Tietomaa

Turkansaari Open Air Museum

Toripolliisi Statue

Market Hall

Oulu Cathedral

Pikisaari Old Town

Botanical Garden of the University of Oulu

Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

Oulu Museum of Art

Oulu Automobile Museum

Nallikari Winter Village and Snowfest

Vauhtipuisto Amusement Park

Northern Photographic Centre & Gallery

Oulu City Hall

Kierikki Stone Age Centre

Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Event Month No. of visitors Lumo Light Festival November 100,000 Oulu Days June 55,000 Oulu August Festival August 40,000 Qstock July 40,000 Suomipop July 15,000 Oulu Music Festival March 7000 Source: Oulu Marketing
Event No. of visitors Northern Finland Outdoor Life Fair 38,000 Oulu Arts & Crafts Fair 14,500 Oulu Wellness Fair 12,000 Builder Oulu 8,559 American Car Show 6,500 Senior Fair 6,500 Hifi & Tuning Show 5,000 North Industry 4,200 Scandinavian Design Market Oulu 4,000 Home Fair 3,000 Work Fair 2,500 Source: Oulu Marketing
see & to do in
17 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
18 Oulu Investment Guide 2023 1.6
Credits: Arkkitehdit Kontukoski Oy

Future Development Areas

In accordance with its strategy, the city of Oulu's goal is to be a vibrant city, where happier and healthier citizens live. The city boldly makes choices for a better future in the north - ensuring the best conditions for citizens to live, and companies to renew and increase their competitiveness. Oulu´s City Centre Vision 2040 has ambitious goals. The plans include large projects that would help the city to attract mega events and increase tourism. Significant city centre development projects have been finished, still hundreds of millions of euros in investments, such as the Station Centre and several hotels, are yet to be realized. There are also several other areas of development that produce viable and sustainable investment opportunities.

Arena for events and experiences & Station Centre

The construction of the station centre area will create a connection between the city centre and the Raksila neighbourhood, increasing the appeal of the whole city and further solidifying the city structure. In the future, this area will offer modern and smart travel services for tourists and locals, as well as shops, a hotel, and venues and spaces for culture. The original, modern, and memorable architecture of the area and a cosy,

welcoming atmosphere will greet travellers coming to Oulu in the future!Planned for construction right next door to the station centre is a new multi-purpose arena for sports and events. After its realisation, the arena would allow culture and sports events or conferences to be organised on a whole new scale in Oulu. The arena’s location will promote the development of the nearby city centre and increase the vitality of the city. If the arena is built, it will serve a large northern section of Europe with 2.5 million potential event visitors.

Museum and Science Centre Luuppi

Museum and Science Centre Luuppi is a unique combination of history, art and science. Stories of life in the North, collected and cherished by Luuppi, unfold to the audience through history, science and art. Luuppi consists of nine destinations loved by tourists and locals alike. The Historical Museum, Oulu Museum of Art, and Tietomaa Science Centre are located near the city centre. The annual amount of visitors is over 200,000. Luuppi is working on new development plans to increase the number of visitors to 250,000 by 2026.

Delta and Sea City Oulu

Located right next to Oulu City Centre is the estuary of Oulu River.

With its waterways, islands, and parks, it is one of the most important destinations for development in the coming years. One of the islands is Kuusisaari, the venue for large outdoor events and mega festivals for as many as 40,000 attendees every summer. The surroundings and islands of Oulu River estuary are developed as a location for urban events around the year, aiming also to increase the selection of tourist services in the area. Pikisaari island is one of two big islands in the estuary, the district is protected and part of a popular island route for pedestrians and bikers. Pikisaari is being developed as a hub for services and experiences in culture and arts.

19 Oulu Investment Guide 2023

Oulu Area development projects

Credits: Architects Kontukoski



The development project of the City Centre, the goal of which is to realize a multi-purpose arena, hotel, restaurant premises and offices next to the Station Centre. The size of the project is 54,000 square meters and it is worth about € 130 million.

Credits:LUO Architects



Linnanmaa is a location of joint campus for the University of Oulu and the University of Applied Sciences with total 25,000 students. Nokia is building their new “Home of Radio” campus with R&D and production facilities total 50,000 m 2 , Oulu Radio Park will invest in Europe´s leading R&D&I and testing environment for RF-technologies ~35,000 m 2

Credits: Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects



Station Centre will be a functional and versatile whole where transport, jobs, services, and accommodation come together. The size of the investment will be approx. € 350 million and total building area around 100,000 m 2

Credits: Sitowise, Graphroot



Ritaharju area´s development includes both public investments to public services as well as private investments to residential and business premises. Ritaportti commercial area of 30 hectares is under planning.

Tourism & Leisure

Retail and Office


Credits: MUUAN Design Agency, Nomaji Landscape Architects



Credits: Linja Architects


One of the City's growth project Raksila includes new hyper market area and housing and offices. Total floor area consists of commercial space 25,000 m 2 and housing 2

Credits: UKI Architects, Lukkaroinen Architects, Tähti-Set Architects

The National Housing Fair Oulu is expected to showcase the future of urban living - a high-quality, healty and stimulating urban environment that promotes community spirit in the area. Housing Fair area is in the shore of Hartaanselkä, which is 25 000 hectares. Area consists mainly of residential construction, including about 350 new apartments and 600 residents. 8



The Future Hospital OYS 2030 programme is an extensive operational renewal programme, which will secure the position of OYS as a national and international top provider of specialised health care. Total project size is around € 1.6 Billion.

Oulunportti has a prominent location near the centre and Oulu Airport. There is 20 business plots in the area. Overall, 89,700 m2 of floor area have been allocated for building rights and about 500 new jobs will be created in Oulunportti.

14 10 11 20 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Airport Port Railway

Credits: Töölö Urban, OOPEAA



Development of the market square area includes two hotels: the so-called “market square hotel” is under construction and hotel Terwa Tower has been planned on the waterfront by the market square behind the library. Allas Sea Pool Oulu will be built on Kiikeli Island adjacent to Oulu Market Square and next to the tower hotel. The plan includes a sauna world, restaurant, and heated pools by the sea in the heart of Oulu.



Significant chemical industry area with access to sustainable raw-materials, green electricity and existing synergies e.g. for Hydrogen or Biorefining Investments. Available land are of 26ha.


Credits: Linja Architects



Nallikari resort has superb possibilities for developing and diversifying tourism, training and education, sports, leisure and recreational facilities. The Nallikari area is 95 hectares with a total building area of 75,000 m 2 Investment opportunity is approx. 100 million euros.


Oulu's largest and most important concentration of manufacturing industry. Available greenfield site of 36ha for industrial operations and new area up to 200ha under development.


Credits: Ramboll



Investment opportunities arising in Port of Oulu. In the biggest container port in Northern Finland new land area is forming, from 40ha up to 200ha of new industrial site is under development. Opportunity for sustainable industry and logistics operations.


Finland's second busiest airport in Airport City is located 10 minutes' drive from the center of Oulu. Airport City offers a prominent location and high-quality office space for technology and b-to-b companies, as well as plots for both office space and light industry.

2 km

2 3 5 6 4 7 8 9 12 13 1 21 Oulu Investment Guide 2023

2 Retail and Office Property Market

5 million visitors in Valkea Shopping Centre in 2022

22 Oulu Investment Guide 2023

2.1 Market Description

Office space market in Oulu has remained active. Newish, attractive, high-quality office premises stay in the demand. The amount of rented offices in Oulu has more than doubled over the last few years after dozens of new companies located their business in Oulu. Oulu also has a wealth of ideal business premises for companies in the retail and services sector. It is estimated that, by 2030, retail and services will need a lot of new space. Retail premises vacancy rate was 2,6 % (city centre 3,4 %) and office premises 5,5 % (city centre 3,7 %) in December 2022. There is a demand for modern office space projects in the City Centre.

The office space market in the city centre is increasingly marked by

conflicting demand and supply. There is demand for good-quality office space. Prime property gross rents are over EUR 20/m 2 . The rents of the best office properties have gone up slightly in the last couple of years.

Population growth in Oulu has also increased the demand for retail space. The City of Oulu has put strong efforts in making the city centre more appealing for citizens, service providers and investors. In the centre, various operators, property owners included, have worked hard to increase appeal. The City of Oulu has also invested in developing parking, public transport, and bringing city bikes to the centre, for example.

Vacancy rates, prime yields and prime rents

23 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
City Centre €/sq. m/month Retail 55 Office (new office/renovated) 23,5 Retail 18 Office 15 Retail 15 Office 15 Source: Catella Property Oy, Spring 2023 Rantakatu AleksanterinkatuTorikatu Kirkkokatu Isokatu Saaristokatu
Kauppurienkatu Hallituskatu Hallituskatu KajaaninkatuAsemakatu Albertinkatu Uusikatu Mäkelininkatu Rautatienkatu Retail Office Industrial/ Logistics Vacant space, sq. m 21,000 36,000 28,000 Yield, % 7.50 7.25 7.50 Rents, €/sq. m/month 55,00 23,50 10,00
Pakkahuoneenkatu PakkahuoneenkatuKauppurienkatu
Catella Property Oy, Spring 2023

2.2 Commercial Real Estate Development

City of Oulu has plans and ambition to significantly increase the number of jobs and residents in the city centre in the coming years. The main areas for growth is in city centre, market area and Raksila station centre.

Lots of development and renovation is happening in the city centre. Demand for rental offices has remained stable and the demand continues to focus on modern, high-quality offices. Retail space is still available in the city centre where rents have remained practically unchanged.

Arena for Events and Experiences

The Arena is a new building project in the City Centre of Oulu. The City of Oulu is looking for partners in the largest arena in Northern Scandinavia during the year 2023. The zoning of the area is about to start on the land owned by the city.

The project complex includes an multi-functional arena, full-size practice rink, restaurants, a meeting, event & conference hotel and office space. The total cost of the 54,000 sqm project is around 130 million euros. The arena will accommodate up to 13,000 spectators.

Ritaportti Retail Area

New shopping center and retail park area has total 30 hectares. Area is

under planning with several major domestic retail operators. It locate in the heart of north suburban area near university and new Nokia Campus.

Linnanmaa Technology Campus

Nokia is building their new “Home of Radio” campus with R&D and production facilities total 50,000 m2 for 2600 employees.

Oulu Radio Park will invest for facilities to host Europe´s leading R&D&I and testing environment for RF-technologies, ~35,000 m2. Also under planning for Linnanmaa area is printed electronics manufacturing facilities called OpenFab, 20,000 m2. Altogether these investments make total ~450M€

Kontinkangas Campus

Adjacent of Oulu University Hospital renewal project (1.6B€) is ongoing development for future health care innovation and R&D center, OYSTER. The area offers opportunities for eHealth and MedTech companies for setting up operations as well as real estate investors and developers for construction. There is availability of brownfield and greenfield sites.

Oulunportti Retail Area

Oulunportti is a major specialty trade area at the intersection of the motorway and the road to the airport.

24 Oulu Investment Guide 2023

There are numerous existing specialty stores already in the area, such as car dealers and hardware stores. In the new zoning plan, there is 89,700 m2 of building rights planned for the area. Around 500 jobs will be created.

Station Centre

Senate Asema-alueet Ltd, in cooperation with the City of Oulu, ware planning together new Oulu Station Center. The Oulu Station area will be developed into a centre for traffic, events, services and housing that will naturally connect the traditional grid city centre and the developing Raksila

area. The area is extensive and centrally located. This is an interesting and very large-scale renewal project by Finnish standards. This could be compared, for example, to the development and construction of Central Pasila in Helsinki. The estimated size of investment is 450–500M€.

Raksila Retail Area

Raksila is a traditional hypermarket area, completed in 1976. One of the City's growth projects is Raksila district that includes renewing the hyper market area as well as new

housing and offices. All Together the area includes around 60,000 m2 with commercial space 25,000 m2 and housing 20,000 m2

Port of Oulu & Oritkari Logistics Area

Port of Oulu is the biggest general port of Bothnian Bay. New land area in Port of Oulu will be available from 40ha up to 200ha of new industrial site for e.g. Hydrogen economy. Oritkari has the potential for major industrial investments and to increase the value added of sustainable industry production.

25 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Nokia "Home of Radio" Campus Credits: Ala Architects

3 Hotel Market

735 000 total overnight accommodation 2022

77 % OCC% rate 9/2022

26 Oulu Investment Guide 2023

3.1 Market Description

The hotel occupancy rate in Oulu is officially the highest in the country and new capacity is required to meet the growing needs of the visitors. The average annual occupancy rate of all Oulu accommodation establishments has been over 60% since 2015. The occupancy rates have been higher than in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio, Jyväskylä or Rovaniemi last years.

Travel to Oulu is evenly distributed throughout the year, and

approximately 20% of travellers are international and 80% domestic. Approximately 50% of the overnights in Oulu come from leisure travellers and 50% from business travellers. Peak season for leisure travellers is July-August, while the business traveller season is year-round. In wintertime, Oulu has big potential for leisure tourism and this aspect is currently being developed.

KPI performance in city hotels in Oulu

27 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Source: Statistics Finland, 2023
€ % (*includes VAT 10%) 0 35 70 105 140 ADR € Rev Par € 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 40 50 60 70 80 OCC % 2020

In recent years, the average RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) of all Oulu accommodation establishments has been 60–70 euros, higher than in Turku, Jyväskylä and Helsinki. The RevPAR of the hotels in Oulu in 2022 was around €74.

RevPar comparison

28 Oulu Investment Guide 2023 Source: Oulu Marketing, 2022 Hotels in Oulu No. of Rooms No. of beds Radisson Blu Hotel Oulu 235 620 Original Sokos Hotel Arina 152 259 Lapland Hotels Oulu 160 320 Scandic Oulu City 214 532 Scandic Oulu Station 207 527 Break Sokos Hotel Eden (under renovation) 170 340 GreenStar Oulu 119 234 Best Western Hotel Apollo 70 124 Nordic Art Hotel Lasaretti 49 118 Samantta Hotel & Restaurant 41 96 De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant 16 32 KierikinHovi 16 40 Total 1,556 3,607
Market Description
Source: Statistics Finland, 2023 (All rates exclude VAT) 0 20 40 60 80 Helsinki Jyväskylä Tampere Turku Oulu 2022 2021 2020 REV PAR

Occupancy rate comparison

In recent years, the occupancy rate of hotels in Oulu has been higher than in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere and Turku. The occupancy rate in 2022 in all accommodation was 62%.

29 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Terwa Tower –
(All rates exclude VAT) Source: Statistics Finland, 2023
Seaside Hotel
0 20 40 60 80 Helsinki Jyväskylä Turku Tampere Oulu 2022 2021 2020
Credits: JK Architects

3.2 Demand and Supply

Oulu is a great place for tourism business. Seasonal fluctuations are moderate and demand is high throughout the year. Hotel occupancy rates and prices have been at the level of the best cities in Finland for the past five years.

The city's business growth and international activities provide a solid foundation for continued growth in business travel. Leisure tourists' growing interest in tourist destinations in the North brings growth to Oulu, for example from Asia and Central Europe. Tourism in Oulu is also strongly based on the demand of domestic tourists. Oulu is also a city of thousands of different events.

Oulu and its neighbouring destination marketing organisations market the Oulu region through Visit Oulu cooperation. Oulu region with its surrounding tourism resorts has in total over 1 million overnights yearly.

30 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Hotel night
Oulu 0 100 000 200 000 300 000 400 000 500 000 600 000 700 000 800 000 Accommodations in Hotel 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 in Hotel Accommodation (e.g. Airbnb)
Statistics Finland, 2023
vs. all nights, hotels in

Guest nights by travel purpose

Overnights by country






Business 49.5 % Leisure 50.5 %

Source: Statistics Finland, 2020

United States

United Kingdom




Source: Statistics Finland, 2020

Oulu Investment Guide 2023

3.3 Future Hotel Developments

The main hotel development areas in Oulu are in the city centre and the Market Square area, the station area and the Nallikari Tourist Centre about 3 km from the city centre.

Arena Hotel

A new hotel is also envisioned in connection with the Arena for Events and Experiences. The approximately 10,000 m 2 meeting, event and congress hotel will serve Northern Finland's business life, events and tourism. Opportunity for operators, investors and developers to get involved in the most significant investment to be made in Arctic Europe to leisure, tourism and entertainment fields.

Terwa Tower – Seaside Hotel

Terwa Management Oy has received a design reservation for a building site owned by the City of Oulu, located at a superior building site in the vicinity of Oulu Theatre and the City Library next to the seaside. The building is called Terwa Tower and is designed to host a hotel, offices, a restaurant and conference rooms, co-working facilities, and privately owned City Suite apartments plus a spa section with a seawater pool. A meeting place is planned for the top floor with stunning views across the city and

the sea. Parking is planned under the building and the market square. Total floor space is 24,000 m2, with 250 hotel rooms and around 100 city suites. Investment opportunity of approx. €100 million.

Market Square Hotel

Oulu Market Square Hotel and a covered winter market have been designed next to the 110-year-old Market Hall. The hotel is planned to have four floors and 130-150 hotel rooms. The covered winter market space will serve yearround market activities and provide a sheltered space for a variety of events during the winter.

Nallikari Seaside Resort

Nallikari resort has superb possibilities for developing and diversifying tourism, training and education, sports, leisure and recreational facilities. The resort’s attractiveness and competitiveness in tourism will also be improved by supplementing available services with new functions, and by ensuring effortless accessibility with different modes of transport.

Nallikari has a beautiful seaside location, 3 kilometres from the city centre, with a beach, a wide range of outdoor, restaurant and recreational services, and a variety of events around the year, e.g. Nallikari Winter Village.

32 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Credits: Arkkitehdit Kontukoski Oy

The Nallikari area is 95 hectares with a total building area of 75,000 m2 Investment opportunity is approx. 100 million euros including hotel, themed amusement park, holiday villas, theatre, restaurants and other services.

Area is under construction. The first in 2023 will be completed children's amusement park, new holiday apartments and renewed beach boulevard with new shops and services.

Sport Hotel Oulu

An ice sports center is being developed in Linnanmaa, close to the university campus, about 5 km north from city center. The project includes a two ice rinks with additional training facilities, a gym, a hotel and a restaurant, as well as various treatment facilities next to


the current training ice rink. The hotel-restaurant is operated by Sport Hotel Oulu will have 79 apartments and 316 beds. The cost estimate for the entire project is approximately € 18 million.

Pikisaari Old Town

An idyllic wooden district, old industrial milieu and unique artists’ community awaits travellers who cross the pedestrian bridge from the Market Square to Pikisaari Island. Pikisaari (in English: Pitch Island) got its name from an old pitch works founded in the 17 th century. Besides that, the island has housed shipyards, a sawmill, a distillery, a wool mill, and a machine workshop.

Nowadays the island is the home and studio for many artists and

artisans. Unique accommodation businesses have also found home at the heart of the island, and there are charming restaurants, too. Pikisaari is developing as a center for companies in the creative fields, art and culture. The plans include new unique boutique hotels and restaurant services.

33 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
Credits: Linja Architects

Oulu – Capital of Northern Scandinavia – growth and development hotspot of Northern Europe.

34 Oulu Investment Guide 2023
DISCLAIMER This document has been prepared to assist prospective investors in making their own preliminary evaluation of investing in Oulu region and does not purport to contain all the information which a prospective investor may desire. In all cases, prospective investors should conduct their own investigation and analysis of any market of interest. None of the producers or financiers of this document provide any guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this document, including forecasts and market data.

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Oulu Investment Guide 2023
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