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HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCE IN OULU Companies 2022 | Oulu, Finland

CONTENTS OULUHEALTH.........................................................4 9SOLUTIONS..........................................................6 ADMESCOPE...........................................................8 AILEAN TECHNOLOGIES..................................... 10 BIOACTIVE BONE SUBSTITUTES ....................... 12 BITTIUM................................................................ 14 CERENION............................................................. 16 CGI.......................................................................... 18 CONSEPTAS.........................................................20 DENTVIEW............................................................22 DETECTION TECHNOLOGY.................................24 DIGIFUNDUS.........................................................26 ESKO SYSTEMS.....................................................28 FINNADVANCE.....................................................30 GERO NURSING....................................................32 GINOLIS.................................................................34 HALTIAN................................................................36 HEAD INSTRUMENTS...........................................38 HEALTH INNOVATION ACADEMY......................40 INNOKAS MEDICAL..............................................42 INNOMENTARIUM............................................... 44 ISTOC.................................................................... 46 KAILAMED............................................................ 48 KIPUWEX..............................................................50 LOJER GROUP.......................................................52 MECTALENT..........................................................54 MEDANETS............................................................56 MEDIRACER...........................................................58 MEDKIT.................................................................60 MEKITEC................................................................62 MONIDOR............................................................. 64 MOVESOLE........................................................... 66 NE DEVICE SW..................................................... 68 NEAGEN................................................................ 70 NEAR REAL............................................................ 72 NEUROSONIC.......................................................74 NUCU.....................................................................76 NUKUTE................................................................78 NUTRI-FLOW.......................................................80 OPTOMED.............................................................82 ŌURA.................................................................... 84 PARAS BIOPHARMACEUTICALS......................... 86 PEDIHEALTH........................................................ 88 PEHUTEC..............................................................90 PEILI VISION..........................................................92 PHARMATORY..................................................... 94 POLAR ELECTRO................................................. 96 PROWELLNESS.................................................... 98 QLU.................................................................... 100 QUIETON............................................................ 102 RANKA................................................................ 104 SCREENTEC........................................................ 106 SHJ GROUP........................................................ 108 SILVERBLIP..........................................................110 SKIIOT...................................................................112 SMART PD SOLUTIONS.......................................114 SOLANI.................................................................116 TECINSPIRE..........................................................118 TESTILABS.......................................................... 120 TIETOEVRY.......................................................... 122 TOPCON HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS EMEA..... 124 2 USBIMED............................................................. 126 VERKOTAN.......................................................... 128 HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCE IN OULU


MILLION EUROS will be invested to the infrastructure development by the city of Oulu in the coming years.

Oulu Metropolitan Area:

250.000 people




in R&D investment in Finland, among the top in the EU Oulu region is growing and developing fast, offering a comprehensive selection of business opportunities and a solid platform to launch them. Thanks to its ideal location, Oulu is – among other things – also a perfect gateway to large and evolving Nordic markets.



is the average age of the people in Oulu – that is one of the youngest in Europe


with university degree

HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCE IN OULU Health & life science connects disciplines from medical technology, e-health, bio and wellness sectors.


would like to present you with our comprehensive Health & Life Science Company Catalogue, which includes information about successful companies in the region. Take a closer look at the city offering in terms of business opportunities, research and innovations. I hope you will discover that Oulu with its professional know-how, unique test environments and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, is the perfect place to grow your business. The Oulu region, which is the second largest health tech centre in Finland, has developed technologies that are used daily by nearly 3 billion people. There is a high number of companies in the Health and Life Science sector, with many hi-tech companies. They offer world-class expertise and expand to international markets. These companies are connected to our OuluHealth ecosystem, which fosters cooperation between its stakeholders, supports developing novel solutions to global healthcare challenges, facilitates the creation of new demand-driven collaboration models and stimulates economic growth in the region. Oulu is a recognized leader in the field of digital health. This city boasts high expertise in medical imaging, printed electronics and artificial intelligence, which makes it convenient for companies to find the right resources to develop their solutions.

The Health and Life Science sector in Oulu is getting stronger and, undoubtedly, this field will see increased investment in the future. The companies will continue to grow and serve their customers effectively both on domestic and global markets. I warmly encourage you to join our international network and to discover the variety of possibilities that you can explore to expand your business.

Jenni Konttila

Key Account Director Health & Life Science BusinessOulu +358 40 832 2258

OULUHEALTH, MERGING HEALTH, LIFE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INTO INNOVATION The thing that differentiates Oulu is its unique OuluHealth ecosystem, one of the leading ecosystems in Europe. It seamlessly combines business and scientific disciplines from the fields of med-tech, diagnostics, e-Health, pharmaceuticals, bioeconomy, health, and wellness. The ecosystem also makes use of Oulu’s long expertise in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as well as micro- and nanotechnologies.


Providing the highest standard of health care requires intensive and close collaboration between partners from many different disciplines in an environment that stimulates development and spurs innovation. The OuluHealth ecosystem brings this idea forward by developing a shared strategy between health providers, such as Oulu University Hospital, research institutes such as the Centre for Health and Technology (CHT), scientists, industry partners, and the city of Oulu. Its stakeholders support




introducing innovations, creating health-tech business opportunities, and delivering more effective healthcare services for the benefit of citizens. In addition to this, the ecosystem stands for important economic growth in the region as it stimulates creating jobs in the private sector. In addition to this, the ecosystem stands for important economic growth in the region as it stimulates creating jobs in the private sector.

UNIQUE TEST ENVIRONMENT The ecosystem’s most significant component is the OuluHealth Labs, a one-of-a-kind, test and development environment, which consists of three test beds: OYS TestLab, Oamk SimLab and Oulu WelfareLab. They are all equipped with state-of-the-art pilot facilities to test products, services or procedures under authentic conditions and with genuine users. Additionally, the OYS TestLab includes a digital testbed for electronic health record integration.

Novel cutting-edge research is done in Oulu’s biotech labs. Biocenter Oulu is undoubtedly a leader in this field. The city is also home to the Northern Finland Biobank Borealis, which enables the research community to study high-resolution images instead of tissue samples. Oulu strives to maintain its position as one of the most innovative hubs in the world and the platform upon which future healthcare is being built. » More info:

Ms. Minna Komiu Network Director, Ouluhealth Ecosystem, BusinessOulu +358 50 591 7721

HELPING TO CARE 9Solutions is the leading provider of indoor location based safety, communications and smart care solutions.


e develop and sell a range of hardware, an application and a software and IoT system designed to meet the needs of our healthcare community to increase safety, efficiency and quality of care in care homes, hospitals and home care.

In addition we offer a comprehensive technology service platform for home care to support safe and independent living of elderly people. This includes care phone, smart care and eHealth systems and an alarm center software and mobile app for domiciliary care.

The 9Solutions system includes a real-time locating personal safety, nurse call, access control, asset tracking and patient transfer management systems.

Our mission is to provide leading technology solutions to our customers to secure safe, quality care, and ensure ageing with dignity. »




ADME-TOX – TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS Admescope Ltd is a privately owned, contract research organisation (CRO) providing the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary industry with premium quality tailor-made services to drug discovery and development in the area of ADME-Tox.


ur service offering is widely spread over the whole ADME-Tox area. Admescope’s top-notch expertise lies in in vitro & in vivo drug metabolism; including metabolite profiling & identification, drug-drug interactions, early pharmacokinetics and quantitative bioanalysis. The right assays are always available, whether in the discovery, lead optimisation or preclinical development phase. The level of data interpretation can also be customised according to customer preferences.

In addition to small molecules and peptides Admescope provides services also for large molecules. Service Offering • In vitro Metabolism • In vivo DMPK • Drug Interactions • Quantitative Bioanalysis • Permeability and Transporters • Physicochemistry and Binding • In vitro Toxicology • Biologics »




THE HEALTHCARE AI SOLUTION HOUSE Ailean is developing healthcare AI solutions for healthcare device manufacturers, pharmaceutical industry, international healthcare software companies and service providers.

Our offering focuses on medical imaging, biosignals, care need assessment, workflow improvements and process automatization. Ailean develops advanced predictive modelling solutions utilising tabular data, natural language, biomedical signals and images using Machine Learning with a special focus on Deep Learning. As a competitive advantage, Ailean is developing its own Healthcare AI Software Development Kit (Ailean SDK) to enable fast project trials, iterations and piloting, developing a variety of applications in different areas of healthcare.




The platform is built upon existing frameworks for Machine Learning and includes a large custom codebase tailored for medical data analyses. »

PIONEERING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN BONE REGENERATION BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes (BBS) is a biomedical technology company developing innovative next generation, biologically active medical device implants to be used in orthopedic surgery. BBS has its production facilities in Reisjärvi. In September 2015, BBS received an authorization for manufacturing medicinal substances from FIMEA.


BS’s core competence is in R&D and manufacturing next generation bone substitute implants. Currently the preclinical tests and clinical trial required for sales lisence, CE Mark, application have been done. BBS will initially enter the foot and ankle area and at a later stage it will expand to other areas such as spinal fusions. Pastes for bone substitute implants are to be used in bone healing problems. The implant is based on reindeer bone protein extract containing the whole spectrum of natural bone growth factors and proteins. The combination of the extract and optimized scaffold material is the solution of BBS for an ideal bone




substitute to be used in key indication areas as an osteoconductive/osteoinductive bone void filler. The products are aimed at orthopaedic, trauma dental, maxillofacial and veterinary indications. The trade name is ARTEBONE®. BBS is globally wellconnected with orthobiologic companies. The CEO, Pekka Jalovaara (MD, Ph.D., Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery), is an internationally highly recognized expert in the field of bone healing. The patent portfolio is comprehensive. »

CONNECTIVITY TO BE TRUSTED Bittium is a trusted Nordic high-tech company with over 30 years of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies and biosignal processing. The company creates connectivity solutions for reliable, secure communications, and provides medical technology solutions in biosignals measuring.


ittium offers medical technology in measurement and monitoring of biosignals for cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine. Bittium develops cutting-edge technology for cardiac applications such as holtering, cardiac telemetry and cardiac rehabilitation, as well as high-end EEG solutions for TMS-EEG and fMRI-EEG applications, remote monitoring EEG applications and emergency EEG applications. The products meet European Union medical CE requirements and the company’s quality system meets ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 directive MDD 93/42/EEC requirements.

Bittium also provides high-quality R&D services for Healthcare and Medical sector. Our offering consists of complete, customized IoT solutions, including endto-end development services and all components of the solution, such as monitoring devices with sensors and wireless radios, applications, cloud-based services, device management, and maintenance. On the information security side, the Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN solution helps healthcare organizations improve the efficiency of mobile care workers by ensuring simple and highly secure remote access to critical clinical systems. »




THE NEXT-GENERATION BRAIN MONITORING COMPANY Cerenion Oy develops the world’s first practical method for measuring the brain function of intensive care patients. Our patented Cerenion C-Trend® technology aims to reveal the status of the brain as one simple score – at the bed-side and without requiring any changes to the care of the patient.


n the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of hospitals today, the measurement of brain function is missing from the arsenal of vital signs available to the doctor. Yet, brainrelated complications are very common – between 50-80% of ICU patients are affected – and these greatly impact the care given. After extensive scientific research conducted at the University of Oulu and the Oulu University Hospital, we have developed the world’s first practical method for reading the “pulse” of the brain as a simple score. Our solution works by combining standard EEGmeasurement with advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.




Our clinically studied method provides the first truly objective and practical index for evaluating the condition of the brain and its recovery after a serious medical incident. The measure provides invaluable real-time information on the state of the brain that has far-reaching applications in all hospital environments as well as ambulatory care. The technology has the potential of improving both the quality and the cost of intensive care. »

EXPERIENCE THE COMMITMENT CGI is the fifth largest independent ICT service provider in the world and a trusted partner in health care and the welfare sector in Finland as well as globally.


inland is one of CGI’s most important R&D locations and health care competence centres, employing doctors, nurses and social care professionals among ICT professionals. By combining different kinds of professionals and local developer ecosystems, CGI ensures that the provided solutions serve the real client’s needs in the best possible way. With deep experience in developing and integrating business and in clinical and IT solutions for public and private sector health organizations across Europe and North America, CGI helps clients anticipate challenges and achieve real transformation. Additionally, CGI’s client proximity business model promotes understanding of local markets and political environments while leveraging CGI’s global capabilities and delivery systems to provide the best-fit and most cost-effective solutions. »




NEW MINDSET FOR NEW RESULTS! Conseptas design represents visual excellence and functional creativity. You’ll save some serious money by outsourcing your R&D onto our shoulders! We provide comprehensive R&Dservices to our clients. Our services include industrial, mechanical, hardware and embedded software design.


ith Conseptas, you’ll turn your products into commercial success stories. Collaborating with Conseptas turns your products into stories of success. With our creative input, you’ll transform your flow of idea into a flow of cash. In order to sell well, a class A product requires a class A design. With Conseptas, you’ll differentiate from your competitors. Our long experience in product consepting




and in the processes of creating functionality and usability helps you gain satisfied customers with significant repurchases! You’ll also significantly reduce the workload of your company’s claims department and the risk of having to call your products back from your vendors. In our projects, we follow ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality processes. »

EMPOWERING GENERATIONS OF SMILES DentView was founded to support oral healthcare in their shift from expensive invasive treatments to efficient preventive care using modern digital tools and empowering learning contents. DentView system is currently available tailored to the needs of public health services in the Nordic countries.


ral diseases such as dental caries and periodontal disease affect nearly 4 billion people annually. Oral health is said to be a window to our overall health, as problems in the mouth affect the rest of our body, too. Treating oral conditions is expensive and oral diseases hit the poor and socially-disadvantaged members of society the hardest. Good news is that most oral health conditions are largely preventable and can be treated in their early stages. WHO is calling for reform of oral health systems to shift the focus from invasive oral care to prevention globally.

Dentview has developed a system for preventive care comprising virtual kiosks for clinic use, home app for exercises at home as well as dataportal to support decision makers and professionals at the clinic. Our patents pending system exploits smart mirror technology to guide patients through different oral exercises, has interactive educational paths for different age groups, covers a number of user languages, and finally all user responses are saved and reused providing up to date information on the health of the population to decision makers. Thousands of clinic customers have used the system by now, with promising experience and feedback. »




FOREKNOW. FORESAVE. Detection Technology is the most trusted partner imaging the unknown by creating foresight capabilities quicker to discover and prevent threats. Our solutions contribute to the improvement of people’s health and safety daily.


e are a global provider of off-the-shelf and customized X-ray imaging solutions for medical, security and industrial applications. Our product portfolio ranges from photodiodes to complete detector systems with ASICs, electronics, mechanics and software. Our solutions meet the performance and reliability requirements of the most stringent applications, such as high-end computed tomography (CT) systems. We are one of the few companies selected by the largest medical CT manufacturers to supply high-performance CT detectors to the most stringent medical solutions in the world.

We know that tiny details done right make a big difference, and that’s why we are always pushing the edge of design for a better quality. When it comes to people’s health and safety, only reliable and robust solutions are acceptable. With 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of net sales we have exceeded the market growth for over five years. We have over 200 active customers in 40 countries. Detection Technology employs over 500 people in Finland, China, France and the US. The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland. »




EXPERTS IN EYE-DISEASEMONITORING SERVICES We are a leading provider of eye-disease-monitoring services in Finland. Our endeavour is to streamline the healthcare processes linked with eye diseases and to provide high-quality health care at competitive prices.


igifundus is focused on diagnosing, screening and monitoring eye diseases. We provide healthcare services for those with diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. Our quality standards are based on ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certification. The success of our company and the competitiveness of our services are the result of professional staff, effective operations and cost consciousness. We offer a high-quality, affordable and effortless solution for handling the screening and monitoring of patients.

Each year, we monitor approximately 100,000 people, with patient satisfaction levels at 98%. We also have excellent scores for customer satisfaction, having received the following comments: ‘Co-operation has been excellent’, ‘The package works fluently’, ‘Digifundus combines expertise, friendliness and functionality’. Operating since the year 2000, we have expanded across Finland, having a customer base that covers a population of about 2 million people today . We provide services in more than 140 municipalities within 13 healthcare districts. Now, we are working with our first customer in Sweden – and we’re looking forward to taking on more international projects and customers. »




PROVEN TO BE THE BEST Esko patient information system is being developed in cooperation with its users, that is, with health care professionals. Via our company publicly owned actors in the social and health care fields can join in creating agile information system solutions to support and enhance everyday work.


sko patient information system comprises over 50 information systems and products integrated into each other. This makes it an easily scalable and expandable information ecosystem. Esko is renewed continuously. It is used on a web browser or on a mobile device.

studies conducted in several years by the Finnish Medical Association (Lääkäriliitto), physicians have found our system to be the best patient information system in Finland. Health care personnel, such as nurses, have also given high marks on the Esko use experience.

The system is being developed with health care professionals, and it’s ease of use and operational reliability keep earning positive feedback.

Esko is well suited for use as an all-encompassing patient information system for the entire health care sector. We are currently developing a module for basic health care to be added to the system.

In user studies, Esko has repeatedly been found to be the best patient information system in Finland. In the






MIMICKING HUMAN BIOLOGY In the human body, cells make up different tissues, which have different mechanical properties. Finnadvance’s microfluidic approach enables replicating these biomechanical stimuli in-vitro, with precise control of flow velocities and 3D ECM stiffness. Finnadvance develops 3-D microfluidic organ-onchips that simulate the activities, mechanics and physiological response of organs and organ systems. The chips’ value proposition comes from being morereliable and less costly than existing pre-clinical models in different drug discovery and testing phases. »




HAPPY AND ACTIVE OLDER ADULTS AND WELL-BEING FOR SOCIAL- AND HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS GNC is a centre of research and expertise at the University of Oulu, providing research, education and networks for both the successful aging of older adults and the well-being at work of health care professionals. We represent the best available evidence-based expertise and practices in the field.


NC offers continuing education as online courses for everyone interested in restorative care of older adults. GNC has developed a 3-level online training tray of restorative care that cuts across the entire senior care system. All of these courses are available online in the Moodle learning environment and therefore the trainings are not place- or time-bound. Hundreds of social and health care professionals have completed our most popular GeroNurse-course. We want to reach all who work or act, in one way or another, with older adults or who are seniors themselves. Everyone should be aware of restorative care, because it is the key for successful aging.




The online courses provided by GNC are based on scientific research, which GNC also produces itself. We research restorative care of older adults from various perspectives in different environments, including digitalization, innovations and the leadership of elderly care. Restorative care is the best solution for older adults now and in the future – let’s give everyone an opportunity for healthy and active aging. »

PRECISION FOR WELL-BEING Ginolis is a global provider of premium-quality assembly automation, high precision dispensing and quality control solutions for the medical device and diagnostics industries.


he vision of Ginolis is to improve the well-being of people by creating innovative automation solutions for liquid handling and micro-assembly to ensure high product quality in the medical device industry. From standard products to fully customised systems, Ginolis offers a wide range of innovative production automation solutions based on its modular automation platforms.

Ginolis provides compact, modular solutions which combine flexibility and precision required within the medical and diagnostic device manufacturing industry.

The company’s unique desktop automation approach provides a small footprint compared to traditional automation, saving companies valuable space in cleanroom environments. Highly robust robot modules provide consistent production quality in a strictly regulated industry.


The modular approach and application-specific products reduce lead-times for delivery of customer solutions. The company’s scalable solutions allow customers to invest in automation at an earlier stage and scale their operations as they grow.




Ginolis was founded in 2010 and is privately owned. The company is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with offices in San Diego and New York, USA and Suzhou, China. To learn more, visit

MAKE YOUR VISION DEFINE TOMORROW Haltian is an innovative product development and IoT house with vast experience and over a hundred finished projects in product development.


ypically, health & wellness products require low power consumption,miniaturized design and the best possible user experience. We always apply our years of experience in creating beautiful and easy to use products. You can find many of our esteemed partners in this catalogue. We keep up with the latest development in the field, and we can create new, exciting and innovative solutions for life science customers which really make a difference in people’s lives. We provide our customers with a strong team either




enhancing their current in-house team or fill in the areas where they require support in. On top of that, we can do everything under one roof from concepting to mass production while working closely together. Many of our clients come to us with most of the ground work completed, but they need assistance completing the project whether that be concepting, prototypes, type approval or certifications. We can turn your idea into a product that will make your vision define tomorrow. »

SURGERY OF THE FUTURE The world of surgery is increasingly changing from exploration-oriented towards seeing and prescient surgery. Surgery itself is undergoing intensive technologization as greater demand for robotic devices arises.


ead Instruments develops the necessary tools to answer these needs. The company enables the research, clinical testing and commercialization of advanced surgical technologies. It gathers top experts in surgery, technology and research with the goal of improving the quality of people’s lives and wellbeing by offering more precise tools for hospital staff and patients. Head Instruments’ first product prototype relates to deep brain stimulation which is one of the most effective surgical treatments. It is a meter that is able to estimate




patient’s movement disorders and allows the application of adequate brain stimulation by adjusting its intensity. The interpretation of the results provided by this meter is an invaluable source of information for healthcare specialists and the solution itself greatly improves the daily lives of patients. Head Instruments enables a smooth cooperation across the science disciplines of surgery and technology. »

WE HELP HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS BECOME INNOVATORS Innovator skills are needed in every future healthcare and welfare job. Any health and social care professional can learn to solve problems, create new ideas, utilize technology and develop new products and services.


We are happy to hear our clients say our courses are energetic, interactive and empowering.


To all our courses there are no prerequisites. You can come as you are since anyone can learn to become a health innovator. Whatever your starting level is, we help you learn basic innovator skills and find your own developer spirit.

1. 2.


t Health Innovation Academy we create health innovators. Our top four courses are: Innovation skills for healthcare professionals Product and service development basics for healthcare professionals Creating an innovative co-creation culture inside healthcare organization Healthtech trends and ecosystems

We have trained hundreds of professionals. Our typical clients are: • hospitals • adult educators • business development organizations • tech, service and pharma companies • people curious to learn how to innovate

We also consult our clients on projects requiring healthcare innovation expertise. We utilize Finnish pedagogical know-how combined with modern business and customer development methodology (lean, co-creation, design thinking, flipped classroom, blended learning, coaching). »




Eeva Kiuru


HEALTHTECH EXCELLENCE SINCE 1994! Innokas Medical is your co-creation partner in medical technology. Together with our customers, we transform their ideas into a high quality medical products.


nnokas Medical’s strong experience on wide variety of different medical devices and their global market areas together with our ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and Canada ISO 13485 certificates as well as FDA registrations make us the preferred co-creation partner for medical OEMs all over the world. Our comprehensive service offering covers everything our customers would need for bringing a new medical product to the market. We offer our customers professional medical technology solutions by mastering the agile path from idea elaboration to high-quality design and product development, regulatory approvals and cost-efficient manufacturing of medical devices.




Innokas was founded in 1994 and annual revenues are about €26M. With over 200 employees in Design Studio, Manufacturing Operations and QA&RA teams Innokas has become a well-known service provider in medical device industry. You have an idea of a Medical Device? Let’s realize it together!racters including spaces. »

THE NEW ERA OF MEDICAL IMAGING. Innomentarium has developed its first product FeniX for updating analog mammography x-ray machines to the new era – to the digital age. Reliably and without compromising the quality, extending the lifecycle of machines for years to come by, with decades of experience.


eniX is a solution to digitize the analog mammography devices using state-of-the-art direct digital technology. This ensures high image quality and low radiation dose which are clinically validated. As a clever combination of old and new, it gives a better return of investment to the clinic. Due to faster workflow comparing to the analog one it increases the efficiency of daily work. The user interface is easy to use which helps the radiographers to operate quickly and smoothly.




The images are automatically transferred to the workstation display for image quality evaluation. Just a mouse click is needed to transfer the images to the image archive PACS system. FeniX is an ecological and affordable choice to the clinics who want to extend their existing device lifetime without compromising quality. »

MAKING THE MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS MARKET CONNECTED iSTOC has developed a disruptive mobile solution IDA (immediate diagnostics and analytics). The globally scalable end-to end solution has proven to be a powerful product and service, offering significant and innovative new business opportunities for iSTOC business partners and customers.


he iSTOC turnkey mobile Point of Care solution offers remarkable benefits not only for individuals but also for healthcare providers, society, relevant authorities and non-governmental organizations. The product provides immediate diagnostics without costly hardware setups and only a smartphone is necessary. Web applications in the IDA Secure Cloud ensure realtime medical guidance back to the mobile application user. No attachments, no additional hardware and no additional training or wires are required.

There is seamless data management integration into the client/stakeholder information systems. The product also provides disease surveillance and realtime epidemic alerts via interactive mapping, as well as lateral flow test quality control and quality assurance. IDA is all that iSTOC’s clients require for faster and more reliable diagnostics, analytics and care for any infectious disease such as malaria, dengue, Zika, HIV, hepatitis, norovirus and rotavirus. iSTOC has patentprotected the essential elements of its end-to-end solution. Its IDA solution also complies with relevant FDA and European regulation, and is also HIPAA compliant thus guaranteeing product safety and the data security of personally identifiable information. »




OUR GOAL IS TO EMPOWER AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO LIVE INDEPENDENT, ACTIVE AND EQUAL LIVES. We design and manufacture assistive utilities that support independent living at home during various stages and circumstances in life.

Klaimber is a Person Lifting Chair – an ingeniously simple utility to a simple but common problem: How does a person with diminished or weakened physical abilities get up from the floor quickly and easily? Klaimber is always ready for use, it works without electricity and can be used alone. Getting up with Klaimber happens with a gentle motion of the upper body, tilting your center of gravity left and right. The confidence of being able to get up in different situations enables new everyday activities and more independent living.




Klaimber is suitable for different kinds of living environments and uses. Klaimber’s Scandinavian furniture-like design helps it blend with interior decor. Klaimber also works as a regular chair: it becomes an assistive utility only when needed. Because Klaimber makes getting up from the floor possible without outside help in most cases, it may also reduce the possibility of infection transmission risks. »

KIPUWEX – IOT DEVICE FOR PAIN ASSESSMENT Kipuwex is a small wireless IoT device that continuously measures different physiological parameters from the patient digitally, and converts them with an algorithm into pain data and provides efficiently reliable measurements to healthcare professionals and home users.


here is pain in the world. In hospital environments manual pain measuring scales, such as Flacc, Comfort Behavior Scale and NIAPAS, can be used to prevent pain. The problem in these observations and assessments is that they are exposed to the possibility of human error, and hence, are not fully objective and reliable. Also, they do not monitor the pain level continuously. Kipuwex is a new technology IoT device for pain management. It provides continuous and objective health and pain measurements to treat pain timely manner. It can thus prevent pain and pain related traumas. Kipuwex improves pain management processes. It provides pre-emptive pain alerts even when a patient cannot express herself (e.g. infants, anesthesia patients, disabled and elderly). »




THE MEDICAL FURNITURE AND PHYSIOTHERAPY SPECIALISTS Lojer Group is a Finnish manufacturer of hospital and healthcare equipment. It is also the leading retailer of physiotherapy equipment and products in the Nordic countries. The company is nearly 100 years old and is still privately owned. Its manufacturing facilities are in Sastamala and Kempele.


he company manufactures operating tables, examination tables, treatment tables and hospital beds amongst other products. Furthermore, Lojer Group offers a wide range of high-quality physiotherapy products and world’s leading brands in all of the Nordic countries. Lojer Group employs some 150 people, being the largest Finnish employer in the sector. Its turnover is approximately 25 million Euros, of which around 60% comes from exports. Lojer’s products are used in more than 100 countries.

The steel parts of Lojer’s products are made using Finnish raw material. Lojer is the only hospital equipment manufacturer in Finland making products entirely in-house, using own foundry and the latest technologies such as computer-controlled laser cutting, machining, robot welding and automatic painting lines. Lojer Group is committed to giving healthcare professionals easy access to sustainable medical equipment and tools for effective patient care and treatment, right now and continuing into the future. »




YOUR PARTNER IN ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING Mectalent is a top expert in engineering, machining and equipment manufacturing. Our strengths are in precision mechanics, surgical instruments and implants, manufacturing security and monitoring devices – optomechanical devices and vacuum technologies.


e take pride in providing value for our customers by bringing solutions to challenging problems in a quick and precise manner. We can help you on your path to success by offering dependable contract manufacturing and design services for medical devices and mechanical components - from quick prototypes to full volume production. We have operated in the field of medical technology for decades and have manufactured highly demanding products for our customers. Our planning and production of medical devices are based on ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality systems, which demonstrate that we operate in a customer-oriented and systematic way in developing quality. Our clean rooms meet the ISO 8 class requirements. We ensure that our products fulfill all legal and safety requirements in various stages of their life cycle.




Our technical professionals work diligently to identify and implement the most appropriate and cost-effective manufacturing methods for your products. We will serve you comprehensively in each step of the production process: we brainstorm, design, analyze, prepare, measure, document and test. We can also take care of the CE-approval of your medical instruments, giving you a turnkey solution. »

DIGITAL CARE & HUMAN TOUCH Medanets helps healthcare professionals achieve safe and effective care through a point-of-care mobile solution. Medanets is the industry’s market leader in Finland and Sweden, while actively aiming to the new international markets.


edanets point-of-care application allows browsing and recording patient data to be performed in real-time via mobile device while with the patient. Data is transferred directly into the Electronic Health Record of the hospital or healthcare centre. Working at point of care with Medanets app reduces administrative overload, minimizes human error and enables quicker and more timely clinical decisions. Overall, the work of healthcare professionals becomes more meaningful as their daily workflow is smartly supported and time is freed for actual patient care.

Medanets mobile solution is used in 35+ hospitals and several healthcare centres; • Integrations to leading EHR systems in the Nordics • Connections to patient monitoring systems; Philips, GE, Siemens Dräger, Mindray, WelchAllyn. • Vitals, other patient observations, fluids, pain care entries • EWS with patient specific scales • Risk assessment forms, e.g. FRAT, Braden, NRS 2002 • Medication browsing and administration entries • Patient card • Care activities • Mobile photo »




TOTAL SOLUTION FOR ASSESSMENT OF PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHIES Mediracer specializes in point of care products in clinical neurophysiology. Our handheld nerve conduction solution helps medical doctors with diagnosing peripheral neuropathies at an early stage of the treatment path, ensuring prompt and right kind of treatment for patients.


erve conduction study by Mediracer® NCS solution enables testing, diagnosing and monitoring of most common peripheral nerve disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), ulnar nerve entrapment (UNE) and diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). It is an accurate, efficient and reliable tool for general practices, occupational health care, surgeons, healthcare professionals and allied clinical support staff. Mediracer diagnostic solution consists of clinical assessment, nerve conduction study and remote interpretation service. Testing method is non-invasive and is easy to carry out by using disposal electrodes. Mediracer platform for remote interpretation service allows clinics to obtain and specialist doctors to provide interpretation reports wherever located.




Mediracer products are developed in collaboration with our multidisciplinary team of experts, including internationally recognized medical specialists, biomedical engineers, software engineers and business professionals. Efficient treatment path reduces patients’ waiting time, loss of labour, cost for sick leave and risk of poor recovery. The reliability of Mediracer method is shown by clinical studies, sensitivity 94%, specificity 98% compared to conventional method. »

DIGITAL HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER MedKit Finland is a leading digital healthcare equipment and supplies partner. Its dedication to efficient and trusted customer service is based on extensive field experience, including experience in global catastrophe and emergency situations.


edKit Finland’s medical equipment and supplies expertise is based on co-founder M.D. Tuukka Toivio’s extensive practical experience of hands-on field service in international emergency situations. He has served in extreme locations such as the war in Afghanistan, earthquakes in India, the tsunami in Thailand and in medevac and emergency medical operations both in Finland and the Middle East. MedKit Finland serves healthcare and safety professionals globally with a constantly growing selection of over 5,000 products. Today over 7,000 health care and industrial organizations save costs by acquiring MedKit Finland’s healthcare equipment and supplies from its one stop webshop.




MedKit Finland serves big and small clients including large hospitals, local healthcare facilities, municipalities, businesses, police, sports teams, border guards, medical transportation and large industrial companies. Its clients can take advantage of its superior service to meet all their healthcare equipment and supplies needs, and save a significant amount of working hours and money in the process. MedKit Finland is dedicated to continuous innovation with a “Healthcare Supplies as a Service” model. Its new concept “Mobile Clinic & Hospital” was developed in cooperation with the Conlog Group. »

The Leading Digital Healthcare Equipment and Supplies Partner

FOR SAFE FOOD Mekitec is a global manufacturer of innovative quality control systems based on X-ray technology for the food industry. We are committed to ensure safe food by providing inspection systems with the best value in the industry.


ur X-ray systems are a part of the food production line guaranteeing the quality by detecting and removing food products that contain unwanted foreign objects or other defects by using the latest X-ray imaging and processing technology, resulting in 100% food quality control. »




IMPROVING IV FLUID THERAPY Monidor is a health-technology company specialising in the development of small, smart devices for digital health. Currently, we are developing Monidrop, a compact device to help nurses working with patients who need intravenous (IV) fluid therapy.


ur employees are experts in wireless communications, mobile software and sensor solutions. Monidor offers high-quality processes and a smooth work flow, following ISO13485 and FDA medical regulations. The Monidrop infusion monitor has been designed for use in hospital wards and home healthcare. It is a device that assists with the accurate administration of IV fluids to every patient. Monidrop thus raises the standard of basic IV fluid therapy, overcoming the inaccuracies associated with manual measurement.

Over 90% of hospitalised patients receive IV fluid therapy, which makes it one of the most common invasive treatment procedures and a critical component of modern medicine. In addition, Monidrop utilises wireless technology, thus permitting remote monitoring both within hospitals and at home. Monidrop addresses the shortcomings of traditional infusion-therapy devices, which are too complicated and too large to be used widely in hospital settings. The Monidrop device is small, light and simple to use. The remote monitoring option makes Monidrop an obvious choice for modern digital hospitals and the home setting. »




MOBILE DEVICE FOR GAIT AND MOTION MEASUREMENT MoveSole StepLab enables mobile gait measuring as it accompanies the user while on the move. The gait measurement system consists of a smart insole to the shoe and a mobile application. MoveSole StepLab is designed for healthcare professionals to visualize the measurement results for quick analysis.


oveSole StepLab was developed for healthcare professionals to enable gait and motion measuring outside of a laboratory in individuals’ everyday life settings. It is a mobile, easy to use measurement system for instant underfoot force measurements including MoveSole Smart Insole and MoveSole Smart Device wirelessly connected to each other. MoveSole Smart Insole measures forces and timing information under a foot from seven strategically placed force sensors, and sends the measured data to MoveSole Smart Device. Based on the received data, MoveSole Smart Device generates a visual report to show the measurement results.




MoveSole Smart Insole has been designed to be used in shoes. Because it is thin and light, it is comfortable to wear while walking and moving. A measurement session can be for example a test walk at a corridor, jogging according a training program or a measurement at the workplace. Use cases for MoveSole StepLab are almost unlimited and can include cases such as monitoring offload treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, following the recovery process of lower limb injuries or malfunctions as well as analysing the influence of performed activities among elderly people to support their quality of life. »

SEE PATIENTS EFFICIENTLY THROUGH EMERGENCY TRIAGE As emergency rooms face spiralling demand and mounting workloads, it’s important to triage patients efficiently. Our software application enables accurate measurements of respiratory rate and pulse upon arrival with just a camera and PC, saving clinicians’ valuable time.


ne of the best indicators of a patient’s condition is their breathing, which is traditionally assessed by counting the respiratory rate. This and other vital signs can be useful to monitor and assess periodically, as even small changes can give clinicians an early warning of deterioration. But both heavy patient inflow and obstacles in counting accurately can lead to these vital signs often going unmeasured and unrecorded. Patients may alter their breathing if they know they’re being observed. Furthermore studies have found a significant difference between actual respiratory rates and what was recorded.

Our solution lets the triage nurse obtain measurements without any physical contact, while the patient describes their symptoms and gives their details upon arrival. Our application analyses a live feed of the patient from a camera in real time and using computer vision, measures respiratory rate and pulse. These measurements can be easily transferred to an electronic patient record. This is designed for the real world, together with experienced clinicians, to fit into their daily workflow. It’s good for clinicians, good for patients and good for budgets. »




NEXT STEP OF MEDICAL IMAGING IS HERE Neagen is a medical imaging technology provider that excels in mending the clinical workflows. We create highly scalable, robust and secure software solutions for healthcare professionals to enable the next level of patient care.


ur long expertise in clinical imaging and standardbased non-proprietary IT can help you to resolve medical imaging challenges of today and tomorrow. Since 2003 our solutions are used to store and view radiology images, pathology digital glass plates, reports, signals, photos and videos in clinical setting. With Neagen, you can choose the solution you need, from clinical to enterprise, to reduce the complexity of your healthcare IT and gain freedom-of-choice, ease of use and secure future - thanks to our interoperable solutions.

All patient medical data should be archived in truly standard DICOM-format. This allows you to own the data, avoid vendor lockups, and it enables you to choose the solutions, imaging modalities, scanners, HW backbone or the whole architecture you want – best of each worlds. With our solutions we provide your team with a uniform user interface and intuitive technology that gives clinicians, technicians and specialists quick access to visualization on myriad information. Furthermore, regardless that the legislation and regulation are getting more complex, you can rest assured that Neagen solution comply even with the most stringent requirements. The next step of medical imaging is here. »




REMOTE HEALTH CARE SOLUTION Near Real helps doctors to meet and counsel their patients remotely. Our one-click solution enables high quality video appointment between a patient and a health care professional. It has been designed to work inside any health care service or portal with minimal integration effort.


he need for online healthcare services is booming globally. Near Real has launched a remote health care solution that is secure and super easy to use with computer, tablets and smartphones. With Near Real remote doctor gets almost the same information about the patient as in face-to-face contact. Both one-to-one and multiparty sessions between patients and health care professionals are supported. Solution can be utilized from anywhere because it has global coverage and it works behind different networks and firewalls. Near Real has a wide selection of telemedicine devices to enrich interaction.




Near Real solution integrates smoothly into the health care and patient information systems of today and tomorrow. It has been designed to work inside any existing and new system with minimal integration effort. Near Real integration is trivial and straightforward so health care patient information systems can be enriched by Near Real in a matter of days. There are already great reference implementations in the Nordic countries. »

NEUROSONIC – BACK IN LIFE Neurosonic is a Finnish, Oulu based wellness technology company and a manufacturer of high-end vibration devices. The Neurosonic solution offers help for stress related issues such as sleeping disorders, poor recovery and also for different kind of pains.


eurosonic is a manufacturer of high-end vibration devices and by devices we mean office, public space and home suitable furniture. At the time Neurosonic has six different furniture models from beds and mattresses to chairs and also by joint-venture two more products suitable especially for office use. All the products produce the the same solutions - better sleep quality, faster recovery, pain alleviation and also stressfree life. »




COMFORT AND STIMULATION FOR NEWBORN BABIES Nucu specializes in newborn baby wellness and development through multisensory stimulation. Established in 2016, NUCU developed a solution for newborns that provides multisensory stimulation through baby’s bed surfaces and re creates the womblike soundscape and sensations. The development has been in cooperation with the Oulu University Hospital and its test lab. Baby sleep and neonatologist professionals have praised the NUCU solution’s effectiveness in newborn care at home and with pre term babies who often spend many days inside neonatal ICU incubators after birth. The portable NUCUSense Core ™is inserted underneath a baby’s sleep surface, where it gently emits the gentle sounds and vibrotactile sensations.

The NUCU multisensory stimulation solution supports brain development, calming of the baby, and aids in establishing sleep patterns. Moreover, NUCU helps neonatal babies’ parents maintain a virtual presence with their baby while in the NICU incubator. »

Hear it & Feel it




BREATHING IS LIFE. Nukute offers something wonderful to over one billion people around the world. We believe our wireless human airway monitoring technology to be a worldwide game-changer in the diagnosing and treatment of e.g. sleep apnoea, asthma, chronic cough, COPD and ARDS.


ur own technological solution applies as such to the monitoring of all aforementioned cases of human respiratory conditions. The proprietary sensor includes an highly sensitive contact microphone, an ambient microphone, and a position sensor. The recorded data is sent wirelessly to our cloud service, where our algorithms, supported by machine learning, analyse the data. »




BALANCED NUTRITION BRINGS A GOOD LIFE. Nutri-Flow is an intelligent nutrition calculation software for personalised guidance. The software is designed for nutrition and healthcare organisations, educational organisations, companies, and for consumers.


utri-Flow provides deeper understanding into personal nutrition than any other online service avail-able globally. Calculations are based on nutrient density which means that more than 30 factors are taken into account, including protective nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and energy.

The new version of Nutri-Flow SmartEngine will have connectivity with healthcare systems and hospital kitchen systems. Nutri-Flow will be ready to implement with eHealth systems. Connectivity with healthcare systems also improves patient safety.

To record eating habits, kitchen units can be used. NutriFlow has built in Nutri-Flow SmartEngine, which handles imprecision and uncertainty present in a meal diary.





DIFFERENT NEEDS, ONE SOLUTION Optomed is the world’s leading manufacturer of hand-held retinal cameras. Optomed’s mission is to make eye disease screenings available for everyone, wherever needed. It develops and manufactures modern, mobile and easy-to-use retinal imaging devices that are suitable for any clinic.


he Optomed product portfolio consists of unique digital imaging instruments that provide retinal and eye anterior imaging with one portable device. Optomed’s key product is Smartscope® PRO, a modular hand-held retinal camera for screening and diagnosis of various blinding eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD. It is the smallest product on the market with a high image quality which fulfills international ISO 10940 fundus camera standard requirements. Smartscope is registered in major key markets: Europe, China, Russia, Japan, Korea and US. Smartscope has also been on the IAPB (The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness) standard list since 2012, and has become one of the world’s best-selling fundus cameras. Optomed has a global distributor network with leading distributors. Devices are used by private clinics, public hospitals, non-government organizations




and charities around the world. More than 5,000 clinics use Optomed’s products in over 70 countries. Optomed is a privately owned company headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with a subsidiary Optomed China Ltd., and sales offices in Southern Finland and in India. Optomed has over 80 employees. »

SLEEP WELL, GO FURTHER AND LIVE READY WITH ŌURA Oura Health Oy is the developer of ŌURA, the world’s first wellness ring and app. By analyzing your sleep quality, activity levels, daily rhythms and the physiological responses of your body, it helps you towards better balance and readiness to perform.


omfortable to wear everywhere and all the time, ŌURA brings you actionable insights about your wellbeing so you can be ready for what’s next.ŌURA offers a more intelligent, unobtrusive and constant connection to your body than ever before. By focusing on the balance between daily physical activity and mental load and recovery, ŌURA helps you understand how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep and performance. The new ŌURA ring is the first consumer-available wearable that gives circadian alignment guidance. ŌURA is the first ever and the best consumer wearable capable of measuring sleep quality and sleep stages (deep, light and REM sleep) close to laboratory level accuracy – as already proven by the Finnish Institute of




Occupational Health and Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in an independent validation study. The results confirm that ŌURA represents the leading edge of sleep tracking devices and that it can be used in sleep research and clinical use both in sleep labs and at home. The company’s HQ and major manufacturing facilities are located in Oulu, Finland. Other locations include Helsinki, San Francisco (CA), Boulder (CO) and New York City. In addition to the CES 2016 Best of Innovation award, the product has received among others the Fitness Award of the American Women’s Health Magazine in May 2016. »

OFFERING MICROBIAL BIOLOGICS CDMO, BIOSIMILARS & BIOPROCESS ENZYMES Paras Biopharmaceuticals is Finnish Biopharmaceuticals company, offering contract manufacturing of microbial biologics, and the development & production of biosimilars and bioprocess enzymes.


aras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy was established in 2012. The company main activities & offerings are in 3 major areas: 1. 2. 3.

Contract development & microbial biologics manufacturing (CDMO). Development & Licensing of Biosimilars & New Biologics Manufacturing for Clients. Recombinant Bioprocess Enzymes – TEV protease and Recombinant Enterokinase.

Paras Biopharmaceuticals has a fully equipped microbial production facility in Finland for the production of recombinant therapeutic products.




With a total floor area of 25,000 ft² and a classified cleanroom of 4,300 ft², other features include media and buffer preparation, live area (fermentation and harvest & extraction), purification suite (incl. +4°C cold room), final filtration and freeze-drying. Paras Biopharmaceuticals’ team has strong experience in developing biologics. The company has developed three bioprocess technologies (Diabrid Technology®, NobelCleav® Technology & Biomultifold® Technology) which enables production of complex biologics in an efficient & economical manner. »

HIGH QUALITY HEALTHCARE AND MEDICAL CARE TOOLS FOR PROFESSIONALS SINCE 1986 Pedihealth Oy provides both own-brand and imported healthcare and medical care products. Our customers are public and private healthcare provider, pharmacies, educational institutions and consumers.

Pedihealth’s product range has been built up to meet the client’s needs from the very beginning. We listen to the client’s needs and use an ongoing communication in order to find the best solutions. Pedihealth’s aim is to improve its clients’ work by delivering high quality products and cost-effective solutions. The company has been recognized for that and has received excellent feedback.

The company’s priority amongst the quality products is to deliver outstanding customer service. We build on that today and in the future. Pedihealth is known for the high quality products and professional staff who is easily reached. We believe that the selection matters- Pedihealth could be a competent partner for you as well. »




INNOVATION BY COMMITMENT We are R&D partner that solves various sizes of product development challenges for our customers. We provide services that turn ideas into successful products. If you are looking for a R&D partner for your idea, additional resources or consulting services for your development project, contact us.


e assist our clients with health technology product development. Through our expertise and experience, product development is carried out from concept to production without forgetting product maintenance. We have experience both in product development for wellness products and in more demanding implantable devices, including medical software. PehuTec has been awarded the ISO 13485 certificate, which is required for medical devices development. Our extensive experience in product development and agile operations ensure efficient product development without any extra work. Our way of working is transparent, allowing the customer to concentrate on developing their own business when we run product development.




We also take care of testing and type approvals, without forgetting the requirements of the required documentation. We have good contacts (e.g. with test laboratories) and we know the ways in which this industry works. We also help with regulatory requirements, as well as consider marketing arguments with our customer. Do you need help or technical support for your product design? Contact our experienced design professionals and ask us for more! We will help you find the right solutions! >>

NEUROLOGICAL REHABILITATION IN VIRTUAL REALITY Peili Vision has created a virtual reality solution for neurological rehabilitation. The application allows the therapist to create unique training environments customized to the patient’s rehabilitation needs. The whole rehabilitation process can be significantly improved with the data collected and analyzed.


eili Vision was founded in 2015 based on the idea of helping people in their rehabilitation process by utilizing virtual reality (VR) advanced technology. Its mission is to improve the neurological rehabilitation process with its VR solution. In the Peili Vision solution, gamification is used in the rehabilitation process to motivate the rehabilitee to practice. It is also remotely usable: the therapist and the patients can be at different places. Compared to current methods, the unique design gives clear feedback on the rehabilitation progress for both the customers themselves and for the therapy professionals.

The Peili solution in practice is a virtual reality software used with a virtual reality headgear and a tablet. The patient wears the headgear and enters a virtual world designed by the therapist. The rehabilitee sees a unique environment in VR that can simulate the real world or be a complete fantasy, whichever is best and most appropriate for the patient’s motivation and progress. The Peili solution measures the rehabilitation process, motivates the patient (e.g., gamification and individual exercises) and also enables exercises in short amounts and with multiple repeats. The content is digital and shareable. »




CUSTOM CHEMICAL DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURING Pharmatory is a private customer-oriented company providing small molecule synthesis, process R&D and cGMP contract manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The key component in all projects is high dedication to the customer’s success.


harmatory offers human and veterinary pharma companies a comprehensive range of chemistry services and solutions. The main field is process chemical R&D services and cGMP manufacturing of small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). We operate both in the fields of new chemical entities (NCEs) and generic market compounds according to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. Our facility is inspected by the European Medicines Agency (FIMEA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and regularly by our partners and customers.




Service packages: • route scouting • small scale synthesis • API process development & scale-up • contract manufacturing of NCEs • analytical services • ICH stability studies • degradation studies • contract manufacturing of generic APIs • full CMC package »

PIONEER OF WEARABLE SPORTS TECHNOLOGY We develop fitness and sports technology that helps athletes of all fitness levels reach their goals with truly actionable guidance based on decades of innovation and research. With Polar you don’t just get impersonal raw numbers, you get smart coaching. Polar is the innovator in heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking and GPS training computers. With 40 years of experience and a proud heritage in physiological and sports science research, we cater to active levels of fitness and sports by offering a comprehensive product range including cycling computers, wearable sports watches, fitness trackers and sensors that work elegantly with mobile training apps and online services.

We also provide group training systems for both the fitness club and pro-level team environments. Our award-winning training computers are the number one choice amongst top athletes, coaches, personal trainers and consumers worldwide. Headquartered in Finland, Polar is a privately held company that operates in more than 80 countries being sold through over 35,000 retailers globally. »




IMPROVING CHRONIC DISEASES CARE ProWellness develops modern eHealth solutions for the prevention, care and management of chronic diseases. Our mission is to provide best-of-breed tools to prevent the progression of long-term conditions and to improve patients’ quality of life.

The number of patients with chronic diseases is increasing rapidly due to changes in living habits and aging population worldwide. ProWellness provides health care organizations, solution partners and patients with modern tools for the prevention, care and management of long-term conditions, including e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular and heart diseases, endocrine disorders, COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases. Our awarded systems support multidisciplinary and integrated patient care, data analytics and audits on outcomes for service management, and assisted patient self-management.




The web-based, mobile, data-driven and AI enhanced systems give a holistic view of patients, enable early interventions, and improve the efficiency and the quality of patient care. The outcomes are reduced morbidity and hospitalization which results in lower health care costs and better patient productivity in life. ProWellness solutions are used in 50% of health districts in Finland and are also widely used in the UK and Ireland. In addition, the company is active in Asia and Middle East. »

HEARING ACCESSIBILITY SERVICES TO VENUE OWNERS Qlu provides expert services on hearing accessibility to the owners of premises and organizations operating in those premises to help them to improve the accessibility of their services.


lu’s primary product is the mapping service where the quality of the signal produced by a hearing loop system is characterized according to the IEC 60118-4 standard using a patented test method, converted into a visual format and then published as a quality map, locally in a poster and globally in the internet service. With the help of Qlu’s services, event organizers can find the appropriate premises where hearing accessibility is properly organized, so they can make sure their customers can hear all the details in the program. Qlu helps the end users to easily find the accessible venues and the best possible seat in the conference, concert, training, church and so on. This results in better customer satisfaction and increases business potential.




Qlu has special know-how, having considerable specialist expertize on hearing accessibility technologies and services. It provides hearing technologies related to consultancy, training, design and installation services to its customers. Its products and services include the hearing loop signal quality mapping service, consultancy services in hearing accessibility solutions, education services, design services and installation project management. Qlu also works in good co-operation with hard of hearing organizations. »

ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING EARPLUGS QuietOn Ltd. is an Oulu based private company that is an early-stage startup fully owned by the staff. Currently, the company has 10 employees. QuietOn innovates, develops and produces wellbeing products based on the need for quiet. The first product on the market is the world’s first and only active noise cancelling earplug.


eople are bombarded by a myriad of unwanted noises every single day which causes hearing loss, insomnia, increased stress levels and many other health related problems. A pair of QuietOn earplugs which combine advanced noise cancellation technology with acoustic noise attenuation quietens the world enabling one to find one’s own tranquility. QuietOn is small, easy to carry, wireless, has a noise cancellation performance of up to 40dB and features an astonishing 50-hour battery life. This makes QuietOn a perfect companion for work, study, travel or relaxation. The earplugs switch on automatically once removed from the charging case and are ready for use in no time at all. This product allows customers to enjoy the quiet, whenever and wherever they need it. »




A SPORT OUTFIT THAT IMPROVES BODY CONTROL AND PERFORMANCE Ranka is a technical sport clothing company based in Oulu, Finland. Our patented innovation is a sport outfit that improves body control, performance and increases calorie consumption. It is like a total body kinesio tape and compression clothing combined.


asciawear can be used for everyday activities as well as competitive and recreational sports. The product idea is based on an elastic band woven in line with human musculoskeletal system, the fascia network. This provides an amplifying compression that supports and corrects body’s natural movement and thus prevents injuries. Additionally, a light resistance from the elastic bands strengthens muscles and boosts calorie consumption.




The amplifying compression activates body`s tensegrity and increases body awareness, control and coordination. This makes maintaining demanding positions and movement easier especially in sports with high performance. »

YOUR MANUFACTURING PARTNER FOR MEDICAL ELECTRODES. Screentec is a contract manufacturer that is specialised in providing turnkey manufacturing of bespoke Disposable Medical Electrodes and Biomedical sensors. Screentec assists OEMs of disposable medical electrodes, wearables and other biomedical sensor devices with its manufacturing services. With 30 years of experience in the printed electronics industry and over 10 years of experience developing medical devices, Screentec is a reliable and flexible manufacturing partner. Our quality systems are ISO 13 485 certified and thanks to our flexible manufacturing processes we are able to rapidly scale our production according to our customer’s needs. We handle batches of 5-10 products up to millions per month and can upscale without the need for additional investments.




We try to assist our customers through every step of the production process, from design and prototypes to a fully functional product. Every step is carefully documented in order to make sure certification processes go quickly and smoothly. >>

SMARTBOX BRINGS FLEXIBILITY TO PICKING UP AND RETURNING PRODUCTS Smartbox manufactures comprehensive product pick-up and return solutions using intelligent pick-up machines. The Smartbox pick-up locker is always tailored to each customer’s needs, and is integrated into the customer’s back-end systems, so that the pick-up locker is smoothly part of the service.


martbox has built several different solutions for different industries related to picking up and returning products. In the health sector, there are solutions for the distribution and return of medical supplies and aids, as well as for pharmacies to product distribution. Smartbox pick up locker can enable the distribution and return of medical supplies and aids even 24/7 and without the presence of staff. In this way, the extended service time for customers can be multiplied many times over, because normally, for example, the distribution of care supplies is organized only once a week.

There are hundreds of pick up lockers in pharmacies across Finland. Pharmacies use the Smartbox lockers to distribute online orders. With pick up locker, customers can pick up their order from the Smartbox locker flexibly according to their own schedules and without the presence of staff. Smartbox pick up lockers are always integrated as part of the customer`s back-end system. For example, in the distribution of care supplies, Smartbox offers readymade integrations with some of the most popular backend systems. With the integration, the pick up locker smoothly becomes part of the service. »




SilverBlip Ltd

Sensor Technology and IP partner

SENSOR TECHNOLOGY AND IP PARTNER Experienced and effective business, technology and IP consulting for wearable, mobile and robotics in health, consumer, and industrial applications. Silverblip provides hands on approaches in challenges and problem solving, tools to find strengths and opportunities, and new ideas when needed. Over 30 years experience and expertise in sensors and measurement technologies and use cases. Numerous high qualified market and technology reviews have been prepared. Valuable IP projects, strategies and implementations have been executed with start-ups as well with global players. Silveblip provides unique technology knowledge combined with business and IP understanding: • Market and technology reviews for wearable devices, wrist devices, drones and mobile health and medical devices and solutions • Market and technology reviews for different sensors: motion, optical, magnetic and capacitive sensors, gas and environmental sensors, X-ray and other




• • • • • •

Business analysis and plans for sensor technologies and products using sensors IP strategy ,and execution plan for a start-up company IP landscape study, freedom-to-operate study Innovation and idea analysis, patentability study Competitor analysis; technology and IP Expert opinions in litigation cases


THE NEXT GENERATION WINTER SPORTS DIGITALIZER SKIIOT is a wearable IoT device specifically designed for winter sports.


he all-in-one SKIIOT skiing analyser answers a variety of challenges related to cross-country skiing. This seven sensor patented IoT device measures everything you need to know about your ski performance, surrounding conditions and technique. SKIIOT also provides a solution for objective ski performance testing. Same SKIIOT device serves all target groups from casual skiers, service staff, and professionals to B2B customers who offer facilities, such as ski tunnels, ski resorts, and skiing events. The SKIIOT application is compatible with iOS and Android. »




VITALITY AND WELLBEING IN PERITONEAL DIALYSIS The number of patients suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is increasing. Automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) is a successful dialysis modality to treat ESRD, and it enables patients to have home treatment with many advantages for their quality of life and reduced health care costs.


hronic kidney disease (CKD) is global health burden estimating that 10% of world population suffers from various stages of CKD. Today over 370000 PD patients worldwide are struggling with poor and inaccurate information on their treatment efficacy, which is weakening their wellbeing, clinical outcomes and expected lifetime. We believe in patients’ freedom to choose high-quality, smart dialysis treatment at home when suffering from end-stage kidney disease.

We develop tools for nephrology patients, clinicians and nephrology clinics to manage on-start kidney disease and dialysis products in order to increase the confidence to prescribe home dialysis and improve the patient adherence to the treatment. We stand for high-quality in product design and production, research-based knowledge and education, responsible and trustworthy business.. »




SOLUTIONS FOR ANIMAL THERAPEUTICS Solani wants to ensure that pets suffering from joint problems or undergoing an operation have sufficient pain management, and experience the minimum amount of stress when given a drug. Solani Therapeutics develops slow-release solutions for pets liberating owners from the sometimes troublesome daily oral administration of drugs. Our current portfolio consists of pain control solutions in the form of injectable gel depots releasing a painkiller from days to months, which are suitable for example for the treatment of osteoarthritic and post-operative pain. Our solutions help veterinary practitioners in their daily work and owners providing home treatment, help reduce discomfort and stress of cats and dogs, shorten healing periods and improve treatment outcomes.




Solani has a number of projects available for early collaboration and licensing.


MOBILE & WEB APP DEVELOPMENT WITH HEALTH EXPERTISE AND 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Our experienced team develops quality web- and mobile apps with agile methods. We are experts in utility apps, IoT, cloud & health solutions.We partner and work closely with our customers to deliver results,quality and value. 100% of our customers are satisfied and recommend us.


e boost your business by developing modern and easy to use solutions.

100% of our customers are satisfied, recommend us and feel that we have delivered value for their business. All our customer referencesare available via our webpage. Our experts have over 70 years of cumulative experience in software development, healthcare & cloud solutions, management and sales.




We are agile and use modern hybrid development tools. This means that your app can be used in all web browsers, Android- and iOS devices. Hybrid development is cost-effective, uses a single code-base and can access native features such as GPS & calendar. »

TESTING AND CERTIFICATION SERVICES TESTiLABS is a Finnish company founded by Nokia veterans, and our state-of-the-art laboratories were originally built by the Nokia firm. At TESTiLABS, we provide test and certification services to a multitude of customers in industries including wireless technology, healthcare and telecommunications.


ESTiLABS combines electronic devices and software testing services to provide a new, network-based business model. We are privileged to work in co-operation with many of the world’s leading testing laboratories and corporations to offer a comprehensive range of testing and analysis services. Our services include OTA, SAR, RF, EMC, audio, Bluetooth, and camera testing and tuning, as well as field, mechanical, environmental and software testing. We provide R&D testing and certification services, and test sets are customised to your needs.




Current key customers include operators, device manufacturers and R&D houses. Our experts have up to 15 years of experience in developing a wide range of testing services for all your requirements at different stages in the product-development process. Hundreds of products have been tested and certified in our labs. Our expertise has benefited many – and we can help you, too! »

INTEGRATED LIFECARE – A SEAMLESS CARE AND SERVICE CHAIN FROM BIRTH TO OLD AGE TietoEVRY aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. Healthcare and welfare is an important strategic area for TietoEVRY.


ietoEVRY is the leading healthcare and welfare ICT solution provider in Nordic countries. It helps healthcare and welfare organizations increase the efficiency of their services, while at the same time improving safety and quality. The company focuses on digitalizing healthcare and welfare services and opening new opportunities for integrated Lifecare – a seamless care and service chain from birth to old age. As the largest Nordic IT services company, Tieto provides full lifecycle services for both the private and public sectors. Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. TietoEVRY aims to be its customers’ first choice for business renewal by combining its software and services capabilities with a strong drive for co-innovation and ecosystems. »




THE MOST FUTURE-PROOF EYE DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Topcon Healthcare Solutions EMEA, formerly KIDE Systems, is a Finland based company founded in 2015 that specializes in providing modern webbased clinical data management and telemedicine solutions for eye care.


n April 2018 the company was acquired by Topcon Healthcare Solutions Inc., part of Topcon Corporation. More recently, Topcon started to enhance not only its hardware but also its software solutions. To become the leader in diagnostic software Topcon has developed a new strategic division, Topcon Healthcare Solutions, whose primary objective is to create world-class software solutions for the eye-care industry and beyond.




Topcon’s software solutions are aimed to solve existing data management and communication challenges that Optical retailers, Ophthalmology clinics and hospitals experience. The software solution also provides decision support, as it enables eye care professionals to analyse examination images through AI tools. To learn more, visit the product webpage or request a demonstration: »

PROMOTING SAFETY AND SUCCESS OF HEALTH TECHNOLOGY USBIMED monitors actively the trends and factors affecting healthtech or digihealth development and business domain. Multiprofessional background enables a holistic understanding of needs, possibilities and challenges of healthtech or digihealth.


SBIMED has deep knowledge about regulatory requirements (EU, US FDA) relative to medical devices (including software, digihealth), as well as safety related user interface design and usability requirements. Different actors of health tech domain benefit from high quality in house medical device regulatory and usability training, sparring and expert services. Company promotes also collaboration between clinical environment and industry. mHealth and mobile medical apps is speciality area USBIMED contributes as well having also active role at CEN/TC 251/WG II standardization work • Support and training services for medical device or software usability requrements, processes and methods




• Regulatory affairs training packages and sparring (EU, US FDA) • Support and development services to promote collaboration between industry and healthcare environments • mHealth and Health Tech workshops for healthcare professionals • Expert article writing for professional publications and other media. Expert presentations at events. • Planning and development tasks to promote health technology and digital health domain • Advisory board, mentoring and steering group tasks for associations, accelerators or research projects »

TEST RIGHT. DESIGN RIGHT. Verkotan is a Finnish testing and consulting company focused on SAR and OTA testing. We serve customers globally and our headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland. We see the world through antennas by providing wireless test solutions and services.


ur roots are in cellular phones R&D, covering all technologies from the 1st generation to the upcoming 6th generation. We can provide OTA, Beamforming Antenna, RF Exposure, and SAR-testing or comprehensively Tailored Test Solutions. We have developed our own active and passive antenna measurement systems based on NFFF transformation, which is an essential method for 5G beamforming antenna measurements. We are actively participating in EU R&D projects with research institutes and other leading companies and we are continuously seeking for new state-of-the-art solutions.




We are a fast, flexible, and reliable partner with our customers’ R&D and we always find the best testing solutions to match our customers’ needs. Our laboratories are located in Oulu Radio Valley, Finland. »

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HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCE BUSINESS SECTOR IN OULU Oulu in Finland is home to a unique ecosystem in the health & life science sector, OuluHealth. The ecosystem’s stakeholders form a strong network that spurs innovation and boosts economic development in the region. Oulu’s expertise arises from the successful collaboration between private companies, public health providers, academia and research organizations.

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