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Celebrating 25 years of service to the transport industry

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above left: Greg Woodley, managing director, Transport Refrigeration Services. above right: The early years.

Transport Refrigeration Services – Celebrating 25 years Refrigerated transport has become an everyday part of Australia’s logistics industry. Consumers today want their food in its freshest possible state and quickly, which means refrigerated trucks and trailers are on the road 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. But refrigerated transport operators need to have reliable equipment that is maintained to ensure the minimum disruption when something does go wrong. One New South Wales firm that has become a key element in keeping refrigerated trucks and trailers on the road is Transport Refrigeration Services (TRS) of Arndell Park in Sydney. Transport Refrigeration Services was formed 25 years ago . . . in the days when there were far fewer refrigerated vehicles around, compared to today. Founded by managing director Greg Woodley, TRS started in business by simply repairing refrigeration units on trucks and trailers. “We were repairing all types of refrigeration units on trailers and trucks in the Sydney area,” Greg Woodley said. “Initially, the business was just me, but as the client base grew, due to our reputation, we had to employ more people to handle the workload. “TRS developed a loyal customer base that had grown from when we started as a one-man band.” Greg Woodley said there were times when a unit could not be repaired, so he branched out into sales of second-hand units. “I became involved in importing second-hand refrigeration units and, as a result, Thermo King [a leading manufacturer of transport temperature controlled systems] approached me about taking on the New South Wales distribution of their products,” he said.

The dealership involved not just selling new units, but providing comprehensive product support that included servicing and supplying spare parts. It also meant a dramatic change in the company. “Taking on the Thermo King dealership in 1993 expanded the business from four employees to 10 overnight,” Greg Woodley said. The Thermo King distribution rights also created other opportunities. “We were approached by Anteo which is a leading manufacturer of aluminium tail-lifts for trucks and trailers,” he said. “Again we are the New South Wales distributor and we supply both new products from Anteo and support existing customers with service and spare parts for the equipment.” Expansion has been a keyword of TRS and a natural extension was to include refrigerated truck and trailer rentals. In 2001 a separate division was created which now offers a range of refrigerated vehicles on either a daily hire basis or long-term contract leases. “It was a service that our customers wanted and our expertise enabled us to offer a variety of trucks and trailers to meet this demand,” he said. As a means of expanding TRS client base, the company invested $1.5 million; expanded the workshop and installed a truck, trailer and bus washing facility in 2003. “It is an additional service for refrigeration customers, but we are attracting more and more clients outside our traditional area of specialisation,” Greg Woodley said. Providing additional related services and products to a growing customer base is showing strong growth for TRS. “Our growth has been 60 per cent in the past four years,” he said.

“We have become recognised as a leader in refrigeration services for the logistics industry and our growth comes from providing our clients with the products and services they need to run their businesses efficiently and profitably.” TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

The year 1981 at a glance... Estimated resident population of Australia reaches 15 million. Australian Institute of Sport opens at the National Sports Centre in Canberra. Centrepoint Tower opens in Sydney. Ron Grant runs across the Simpson Desert. Trevor Chappell bowls the last ball underarm in a World Series Cricket match against NZ in Melbourne to prevent NZ scoring the runs it needed to draw. Antivenene for funnel-web spider bites first used. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit Australia. National Bank of Australasia and Commercial Banking Company of Sydney merge to form the National Australia Bank. International airport opens at Townsville, Queensland. Parramatta wins Rugby League Premiership in Sydney. Some 50,000 truck drivers begin two-week stoppage. Men at Work group releases ‘Who Can It Be Now?’ National road toll 3321. Just a Dash wins the Melbourne Cup. Coal becomes biggest Australian export earner.

thermo king

 above left: Thermo King manufactures a wide range of refrigeration and air-conditioning units. top middle: An early Thermo King mobile refrigeration unit. above middle: TRS became a Thermo King distributor in 1993. above right: Ian Bell, NSW sales manager, TRS.

DESIGNED FOR TODAY’S TOUGH OPERATING ENVIRONMENTS “The largest, finest temperaturecontrol service network in the world.”

The story of mobile refrigeration starts in America just before World War II. In the hot summer of 1938, a Minneapolis trucking company executive was playing golf with Joseph Numero who owned a company making sound systems for cinemas. The executive had lost another load of meat due to the heat in the truck. Numero said his company could build a refrigeration unit for the truck in 30 days and turned to his business associate Fred Jones, a self-taught engineer. Using parts salvaged from local junkyards, Jones built a mobile refrigeration unit that fitted underneath the truck. It worked and orders flowed in. A new company – Thermo King – was formed to build mobile refrigeration units for trucks. The business continued to grow as more and more industries saw the advantage offered by refrigerated trucks and trailers. In 1958 Thermo King introduced diesel engines into the refrigeration units, which improved the engine life dramatically. The previous petrol engine-powered units had a life of 5000 hours, but switching to diesel units extended this up to 25,000 hours. The 60s saw the refrigeration units take on the shape they are today, located on the front of the truck or trailer rather than underneath.

Concern about the gases used in the units in the 80s resulted in Thermo King developing alternative environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R404A and R407C. Today, Thermo King manufactures a wide range of refrigeration and air-conditioning units that are used in trucks, trailers, buses, trains and shipping containers. Thermo King refrigeration units are designed for operation in today’s tough operating environments, TRS sales manager NSW Ian Bell said. “The introduction of scroll compressor technology is one example of Thermo King delivering performance with less use of energy,” he said. “The noise level of refrigeration units is a serious concern, but Thermo King has worked on engines, exhausts and intakes, as well as soundproofing to lessen noise emission levels.” Thermo King is constantly working on environmentally friendly solutions for its refrigeration units while maintaining efficient cost-effective operations supported by an extensive, experienced dealer network. TRS became a Thermo King distributor in 1993 and – in the manufacturer’s own words – the New South Wales company is part of the “the largest, finest temperature-control service network in the world”. TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

anteo tail-lifts

above left: TRS can match the right product to meet the vehicle operator’s requirements. top right: Anteo products meet all Australian and European safety standards. above right: All the tail-lift products are backed by a 12-month warranty that includes installation by TRS.

REDUCED OPERATING COSTS AND FUEL CONSUMPTION TRS became the New South Wales distributor for Anteo tail-lift equipment in 2001. The Italian manufacturer produces a range of tail-lifts that are made from advanced, durable, high-tensile alloy and high-strength steel. This delivers a strong, rigid tail-lift, but without the weight disadvantage of the pure steel competitor products. In fact, an Anteo tailgate is 45 per cent lighter than the equivalent steel product. Producing a lightweight, but strong tail-lift means savings for the truck and trailer operator. TRS Anteo sales representative Ken Adams said a lightweight tail-lift means reduced weight on tyres

and suspension, which lowers operating costs and fuel consumption – an important factor for today’s logistics operators. Being state-of-the-art, Anteo tail-lifts come with a host of innovative features such as foot controls, trolley stops and auto self-levelling which boosts safety when loading and unloading the contents of a vehicle. Anteo sales representative John Morgan said safety was an important factor when considering installing tail-lifts on a vehicle and Anteo products met all Australian and European safety standards. “Our extensive installation experience and product knowledge means we can match the

right product to meet the vehicle operator’s requirements,” Adams said. “TRS also holds a comprehensive range of spare parts and we also offer 24-hour, sevendays-a-week, roadside support services for Anteo products throughout New South Wales.” All the tail-lift products are backed by a 12-month warranty that includes installation by TRS. “We will support the products at any time of the day and anywhere in New South Wales as we know how important it is for transport operators to keep moving,” Morgan said. TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

Service, installation and maintenance

above left: The use of computer-controlled diagnostic equipment means a quicker turnaround time for maintenance visits. top middle: TRS offers a 24-hour roadside assistance service. above middle: Technicians are kept up-to-date with the latest products and installation techniques. top right: Customers are kept informed of the latest product developments. above right: Michael Lawlor, service manager, TRS.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS TRS has undertaken repair and servicing of mobile refrigeration units since the company was started 25 years ago. The 1800sqm workshop facilities are on a 1.01 hectare site with an 800sqm warehouse, which means there is adequate room for truck and trailer parking. There are four covered refrigeration bays outside the workshop which has five bays handling installation and maintenance of refrigeration units and tail-lifts. There is also a special bus and coach bay that can handle up to two vehicles at a time. “Some of the bays can be used for both refrigeration or tail-lift work which means we can handle up to 12 trailers at any one time,” TRS service manager Michael Lawlor said. “Similarly, we can handle between eight and 12 vehicles for tail-lift work depending on the workload in the refrigeration business.” TRS has 29 technicians working at the Arndell Park facility and this experienced staff has been accredited by both Thermo King and Anteo to work on the respective range of products. Maintenance of the Thermo King refrigeration units is made simple by the computer-controlled diagnostic equipment. “The technician plugs into this unit and downloads the service history and any faults that are occurring within the refrigeration units,” Lawlor said. “The technician can then quickly go to the part of the unit that is not working and fix it.” This means a quicker turnaround time for maintenance visits to TRS facility at Arndell Park. The company is taking the next step forward by equipping the technicians with iPaqs to download the data from the refrigeration unit’s diagnostic unit. Lawlor said the technicians undergo continuous

roadside assistance training to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest products and installation techniques. “We have three–to-four weeks training a year in-house in conjunction with the manufacturers,” he said. “Using our training room at Arndell Park, we also provide training and information sessions for our customers so they are kept informed of the latest developments with the products.” Outside Sydney, Thermo King and Anteo products are supported by the TRS 17 regional repair agents. “These agents are trained by ourselves, so they have the expertise to repair and maintain any Thermo King and Anteo product,” Lawlor said. The agents are available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week and are on call to undertake roadside repairs on equipment if required.” TRS can offer regular maintenance contracts for operators of refrigerated vehicles and these can range from daily to weekly or monthly service intervals. “We can customise the contract to suit the vehicle operator’s operating schedule,” he said. Health and safety is of paramount importance in the servicing department at TRS. “We are continuously monitoring the safety of the technicians in the workshops and when an issue is identified, it is quickly dealt with,” Lawlor said. TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

It is crucial when a refrigeration unit on a vehicle breaks down on the road, repairs are completed quickly, otherwise the load could be lost. TRS offers a 24-hour roadside assistance service to get vehicle operators back on schedule quickly. The 24-hour service is also available for repairs to Anteo tail-lifts. TRS sales & technical support representative Peter Kovac said if a breakdown occurs outside Sydney then the network of TRS agents will handle the roadside repair. “We can offer roadside assistance 24-hoursa-day throughout the state, which is comforting for our customers as they know they have that support behind them,” he said. “Because our service agents are guaranteed payment by us for call-outs, they will always turn out, regardless of the hour.” The TRS roadside assistance service can be contacted through a toll-free number: 1800 800 532. “Major clients, such as Toll, McKey Distribution, Versacold, Scott’s and Linfox, need their vehicles to be operating at all times and having this service offers peace of mind. Clients know that if a truck does break down, it will be fixed quickly and the valuable cargo will be saved,” TRS managing director Greg Woodley said. “This service and toll-free number is not just for major fleet operators, it is available to all transport operators with Thermo King units on board the vehicle. “It is delivering peace of mind knowing wherever the vehicle is in New South Wales; roadside support is just a toll-free number away.” TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

The team at LendCorp congratulate TRS in celebrating their 25th year in business.

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above left: TRS maintains a comprehensive stock of spare parts. top right: Adrian McKeon, spare parts manager, TRS. above right: TRS offers an “over-the-counter” parts service at its Arndell Park facility.

KEEPING YOU ON THE ROAD “TRS is dedicated to quickly and efficiently delivering the spare parts and accessories a customer wants to keep their vehicles on the road at all times.”

TRS maintains a comprehensive stock of spare parts for both Thermo King and Anteo products. “When we took on the Thermo King and Anteo distributorships, we had to build a comprehensive stock of spare parts to support the range of products,” TRS spare parts manager Adrian McKeon said. “TRS is responsible for providing parts on all models of mobile refrigeration and air-conditioning units and tail-lifts and we have to have the parts in stock at all times.” The company has more than 10,000 line items in stock at any time in the computer-controlled warehouse at Arndell Park. This is the equivalent of more than $1.5 million of Thermo King, Anteo and bus air-conditioning unit spare parts. Urgent Thermo King spare parts ordered from the USA or European distribution centres can be obtained in as little as three days, he said. Delivery of spare parts is also important to keep vehicles on the road. “We do offer same day dispatch of parts which usually means delivery that day in metro Sydney and next day in most parts of New South Wales,” McKeon said.

“We understand that, for an operator with a vehicle off the road, waiting for a part costs money, so we have made parts delivery a high priority, wherever the customer is based.” TRS also has an “over-the-counter” parts service with the Arndell Park facility open from 7am-5pm, five-days-a-week and from 7-10am on Saturdays. With the emphasis on customer services in parts delivery, TRS has recently launched an e-commerce facility for ordering spare parts. “A customer can order the part online and we will pick up the freight costs involved in shipping the part,” McKeon said. “Before a customer can use the service, we have to load the parts catalogue onto their computer system, but after that they can just email us the details of the part they want, including the part number, and we will dispatch it that day.” TRS is dedicated to quickly and efficiently delivering the spare parts and accessories a customer wants to keep their vehicles on the road at all times. TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

Refrigerated Truck Rentals (RTR)

above left: RTR offers all types of refrigerated trucks and trailers. top right: RTR can offer vehicles from daily rentals up to long-term leases. above right: The majority of vehicles are fitted with Anteo aluminium tail-lifts.

THE ONE-STOP SHOP FOR REFRIGERATED TRUCK AND TRAILER RENTALs It was just before the start of the Olympic Games in Sydney that a customer of TRS approached the company about renting a couple of refrigerated trailers for the period of the event. “We had the opportunity to put a couple of refrigerated trailers into the Olympics site for a customer and TRS had been looking for opportunities in the truck and trailer hire business,” RTR service support representative Michael Bale said. “This provided us with the opportunity to enter into this market. “It was a natural extension of our business and, after five years, has become a growing division of the company.” The new business, Refrigerated Truck Rentals (RTR), offers all types of refrigerated trailers from small units up to 45ft trailers. “Refrigerated Truck Rentals can offer vehicles from daily rentals up to long-term leases,” Bale said. “Flexible rental periods are in response to the growing demand from customers for different solutions that can be tailored to their various operating demands.”

Depending on the length of the vehicle lease, Refrigerated Truck Rentals can customise the truck or trailer, including painting the vehicle in the client’s corporate colours. The company will also build vehicles to suit a particular customer’s operating requirements. “Recently we built a specialist low refrigerated vehicle for a client that delivers to some heightrestricted supermarket loading bays,” TRS managing director Greg Woodley said. All of Refrigerated Truck Rentals’ fleet are equipped with a proven, state-of-the-art Thermo King refrigeration unit that is maintained and serviced by TRS team of experienced technicians. “We maintain the truck or trailer, handle insurance for the vehicle and look after consumables such as tyres. This is all covered in the rental fee,” Bale said. “It is a comprehensive service that supplies dependable, cost-effective solutions to customers’ short and long-term operational transport requirements.” Refrigerated Truck Rentals is a specialist vehicle hire business that has a growing fleet of units for lease.

“We are a one-stop shop when it comes to refrigerated truck and trailer rental,” Bale said. “The majority of our vehicles are fitted with Anteo aluminium tail-lifts to provide efficient loading and unloading operations, meaning quick turnaround times for the operator.” The team at Refrigerated Truck Rentals will work to find the perfect solution to a refrigerated operator’s requirements and will match the vehicle and hire agreement to provide the most costeffective and practical solution. “The success of Refrigerated Truck Rentals is because we are specialists in the area and are in contact with operators on a day-to-day basis so we know how to come up with the best solutions,” Greg Woodley said. “We will never compromise the quality of the vehicle or the specification because Refrigerated Truck Rentals is dedicated to providing a tailored, cost-effective rental solution to meet all logistics operators’ requirements.” TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

Truckleen – truck and bus wash facility

10 above left: TRS staff ensure all parts of the truck and trailer are cleaned. top right: The facility is big enough to clean any length of vehicle. above right: The facility meets the highest environmental standards.

looks are important “A professional image starts with how a company presents its vehicle and a clean truck or trailer reinforces that corporate goal.”

A truck or a trailer is a moving billboard for either the transport operator or the goods they are moving around the country. As the vehicle is a visible image of a company, looks are important. If it is dirty, with names and logos hard to read under the grime, this reflects badly on the operator and the product. TRS realised there was a demand for a cleaning facility in Sydney and installed a $1.0 million stateof-the-art Truckleen facility for transport vehicles at the Arndell Park site. “We decided that as the transport industry wanted to project a professional image of how it operates, clean vehicles were a subtle part of that campaign,” TRS truckwash manager Mark Roy said. “However, there were growing environmental concerns about people using lots of water for washing vehicles, so when we decided to build our facility, it was going to be to the highest environmental standards,” TRS managing director Greg Woodley said. The 32m-long drive-through automated vehicle wash facility with concrete surrounds enables easy access for drivers. Up to 80 per cent of the water used in the Truckleen washing facility is recycled, and the facility is monitored by Sydney Water to make sure

it meets the high environmental standards set by the state authorities. “The Truckleen facility was installed a week before water restrictions were introduced into Sydney, which meant we could offer an acceptable cleaning facility to truck and trailer operators,” Roy said. Truckleen is operated by eight fully equipped professionally trained staff, over a split shift arrangement, who ensure all parts of the truck and trailer are cleaned, even the hard to reach places. “The facility is big enough to clean any length of vehicle thoroughly at an affordable price,” Roy said. “And in around 30 minutes, Truckleen can have your vehicle back on the road in a pristine condition which is a credit to TRS staff. “A professional image starts with how a company presents its vehicle and a clean truck or trailer reinforces that corporate goal.” For TRS, the installation of the Truckleen facility has expanded its customer base outside the traditional refrigeration sector. “Truckleen is one of the non-refrigerated area’s of the business that is expanding,” Greg Woodley said. “It complements the refrigeration business and has enabled us to talk to other transport operators.” TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

goodyear hi-miler heater hose range.

norma constant tension clamp range.

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TRS Transit bus and coach AIR-CONDITIONING


above: TRS is servicing and maintaining more than 1000 bus & coach air-conditioning units in New South Wales. top left: John Lock, bus and coach sales and service representative, TRS Transit. top middle: TRS Transit will ensure bus and coach operators are back on the road quickly. top right: The company offers 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week roadside assistance.

A SERVICE RELIED ON DAILY Everybody who boards a bus or a coach today expects it to be air-conditioned. TRS commenced installing and servicing Thermo King air-conditioning units for the bus and coach industry five years ago. “We launched the service in demand from bus and coach operators who wanted a professional and reliable repair service to look after the airconditioning units in the vehicles,” TRS Transit bus and coach sales and service representative John Lock said. The division now employs eight fully trained technicians who can maintain and install airconditioning units in buses and coaches. Apart from servicing bus and coach airconditioning units at the Arndell Park facility, TRS also offers roadside assistance. “We offer 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week roadside assistance anywhere in New South Wales

through our network of TRS service agents,” Lock said. “This will ensure bus and coach operators are back on the road quickly and getting the most out of their fleet.” The TRS roadside assistance for air-conditioning units is used by a number of major bus and coach operators, including the New South Wales State Transit Authority. The other part of the bus and coach airconditioning business is installing new Thermo King units in vehicles as they are being built. TRS has two fully trained technicians who undertake the installation at the coach builder’s own facilities. “We install the Thermo King air-conditioning unit and the associated pipe work as the coach builder constructs the vehicle,” he said. “On completion of our work, the coach builder

can then enclose all the pipe work, which is the most efficient and cost-effective way to undertake the installation of the air-conditioning unit.” After only five years TRS is servicing and maintaining more than 1000 bus & coach air-conditioning units in New South Wales. And the number of bus and coach operators looking to TRS to install air-conditioning units keeps increasing. “It is a growing part of our business and we are installing air-conditioning units to another 550 buses for the New South Wales State Transit Authority,” Lock said. ““We have become a service that is relied on by hundreds of government buses which, in turn, are relied on by hundreds of thousands of passengers daily in the Sydney area.” TRS Keeps You In Top Gear



CPI Australia. From all of us at designed to perform refrigeration oils

JD & RD Customs Consultants


We have a full range of compressor lubricants, unique solest速 polyolester oils and polyalkylene glycols and alkyl benzene oils. CPI products are available at leading refrigeration parts suppliers. For further information visit us at CPI Australia tel +61 2 9939 9988 Fax +61 2 9949 9899 email

JD & RD Customs Consultants are proud of our long association with Transport Refrigeration Services and congratulate them on achieving their 25th anniversary. Contact us for all your Customs & Freight Forwarding requirements T 03 9337 8923 F 03 9331 2184 E PO Box 16, Moonee Ponds VIC 3040

Specializing in RefRigeRation lubRicantS

the future


top left: TRS will continue to look for innovative transport products and solutions. above left: The company will always remain in the mobile refrigeration business. above right: TRS offers a complete service for transport operators.

PROVIDING NEW INNOVATIVE TRANSPORT PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS “To ensure the highest levels of services to our growing customer base, we will continue to look for new innovative transport products and solutions to bring the best solutions to our customers’ transport needs.” Greg Woodley, managing director, TRS.

For 25 years TRS has been offering innovative products and service to the transport industry. TRS managing director Greg Woodley said the company has a business process and structure very similar to a motor vehicle dealership. “We are like a vehicle dealership in that we work across-the-board installing new equipment, maintaining vehicles and selling genuine spare parts,” he said. “To ensure the highest levels of services to our growing customer base, we will continue to look for new innovative transport products and solutions to bring the best solutions to our customers’ transport needs. “TRS will continue to invest heavily in technology, equipment and personnel while providing a safe working environment for our 55 staff.” Greg Woodley said the company has put into place a five-year growth plan which commenced in 2004. “This growth plan is on track and in the last financial year we grew by 18 per cent,” he said. “We will always remain in the mobile refrigeration business as we have established a significant reputation in our niche. “Our Anteo business grows from strength to strength with over 2000 Anteo premium aluminium tail-lifts on Australian roads.” The truck and trailer rental business continues to grow and the company is adding more vehicles to

the fleet to meet the growing demand. “Our bus and coach air-conditioning business also continues to expand as our reputation as a professional service provider grows,” he said. “We have found people want quality products that are maintained by professional companies and that is increasing the number of transport operators turning to us for solutions.” The Truckleen vehicle washing business has also brought TRS name to a whole new number of operators. Every month the facility washes more than 450 trucks and trailers. Greg Woodley said, with a smile, TRS offers a complete service for transport operators. “We fix the front end and the back end, and wash the middle.” As consumers demand fresher products, the demand for refrigerated transport services shows no sign of declining and the strong growth path at TRS looks set to continue for another 25 years. “We aim to offer the highest levels of customer service at competitive prices to the transport industry,” Greg Woodley said. “We will continue to be a leader and pioneer in the refrigeration industry in the future, with a commitment to delivering state-of-the-art transport products to provide innovative solutions for today’s logistics industry.” TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

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TRS Keeps You In Top Gear

Transport Refrigeration Services - 25 years in business  

Business Milestones produced a corporate brochure for TRS to promote 25 years in business.

Transport Refrigeration Services - 25 years in business  

Business Milestones produced a corporate brochure for TRS to promote 25 years in business.