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Bob Rachuk needed a box liner, so he created a company. That’s the type of passion that keeps a company going for over 30 years.

with Passion: Buzz Box Liners Turns 30


hirty years! Has it really been 30 years?” Kim Rachuk of Buzz Box Liners & Truck Accessories can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by since the company opened its doors, but it’s true. The first wooden box liner was produced by Bob Rachuk three decades ago, setting in motion a chain of events that has spanned three generations – so far. Bob Rachuk was larger than life. His passions were simple: he was a family man and he loved to customize trucks. In 1985 he needed a wooden box liner but the options in Edmonton were limited. He couldn’t get the liner he wanted done in the time frame he needed. Annoyed, he opened his own truck liner company. “My dad lived life to the fullest. If he wanted it done he would get it done,” smiles his son Darcy Rachuk who started working at Buzz Box part time in 1987. “I built box liners in the evenings. I left it for a year to go to college and came back to do installs and work in the back.” Darcy married Kim in 1996 and by 1999, Kim was working at Buzz Box too. Not that she needed much persuasion. “I couldn’t see myself doing anything else! I’ve always been into trucks. I drive a big truck and I love my vehicle.” For a few years, everything was wonderful. Bob and Joyce (Darcy’s parents) ran the company with Kim helping to update everything to the new computer system and the shy Darcy in the back working on trucks. Then everything changed. Bob passed away suddenly in 2001.

“My dad lived life to the fullest. If he wanted it done he would get it done,” smiles his son Darcy Rachuk who started working at Buzz Box part time in 1987. “I built box liners in the evenings. I left it for a year to go to college and came back to do installs and work in the back.” Buzz Box Liners | 30 Years | 1 71


Buzz Box Liners on your 30th Anniversary! We wish you many years of continued success! JK McKenzie Holdings Ltd 17523 107 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1E5 780-483-6042

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It was unexpected and it broke the hearts of the family, the Buzz Box team and the hundreds of friends and clients that loved his huge heart, his sense of humor and the unique ability he had to customize any vehicle to a client’s specs. With the family reeling from the news, Darcy slipped away and sat in his father’s office. He looked around at the familiar trappings; the garage in the back where he had worked side by side with his father, the personal items that made the office a second home. The phone rang. “Where are you?” Kim was worried. “I’m at the office.” “What are we going to do?” “I don’t know.” At first he was lost, but the Rachuk spirit was strong. He took a deep breath and thought about his family, the staff and the hundreds of loyal Buzz customers. “We go on,” he decided. So they did. Darcy quietly assumed command. With Kim by his side and a team of loyal employees that immediately stepped up to ensure the Rachuks had time to grieve while they kept the company running, Buzz Box Liners thrived. Today, the company is buzzing with demand for custom accessories of all kinds. “People look at our name and automatically assume we just do box liners. Yes, we just did that when we started but now we go from suspensions to towing products. We do fuel tanks, headache racks and lighting. When you see a fancy done-up

Darcy and Kim Rachuk

truck, anything you want from ground up, that’s what we do,” Kim explains. Buzz Box Liners does far more than what you can pick out of a catalogue (even though their catalogue is thousands of pages long). “We tackle any project from something as small as tires to putting a supercharger on. We don’t shy away from anything. If it can be put on a truck, we give it a whirl,” says Darcy with pride. This includes parts and upgrades other customizers say can’t be done. Well, many have said, “we can’t do it. Check over at Buzz Box.” For example, some truck owners are not ready to part with their vintage models but aging has made it difficult for them to get into the truck. Not wanting to spoil the look with running boards, Buzz Box can add a discrete step that enables the owners to enjoy their ride for many more years. For Kim and Darcy, it’s all about those little details. “It’s an extension of your personality,” says Darcy of why people choose to lift, enhance, accessorize and customize their trucks. “It’s not just for guys either. Girls do it too.” Kim points out her truck that is lifted, supercharged and has hints of pink inside and out. There is also a practical aspect to customizing. “The commercial guys need a mobile office and everyone needs to protect their investment.” “We trust and stand behind every product we sell,” Darcy notes. “If it’s a new part, we test it on our own vehicles first.” Being trustworthy has paid off many times over. In fact, on Queen Elizabeth’s latest visit to Edmonton, Buzz Box Liners was selected to help customize the vehicle that took her around the city. Darcy and Kim heap praise on their staff, and consider them a part of their family. “Buzz is a group. It’s not just one person,” Darcy says. Kim has plenty of praises to sing as well. “Bob was a huge part of the company and [after his death] we moved forward because of Darcy. The way he mentors and leads is to work side by side with the staff. They see his honesty and hard work. Even through emer-

Congratulations Buzz Box Liners on 30 great years! We are proud to be a part of your success!



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gencies, they stepped up and ran the company. Our staff is one of our greatest strengths. They have passion and loyalty.” Passion. The company is buzzing with it. You feel it from the moment you step through the doors. The atmosphere is clean, bright and friendly. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. The showroom gets you thinking about customizations you didn’t even know were possible, and when you meet Kim and Darcy, they light up the room. The company was founded on a passion that continues to shine every day. It’s what pushes the Rachuks to do customizations others deem impossible. It’s what got them to their feet when Bob passed on and it’s what keeps customers coming through their doors decade after decade. The company is thriving. The legacy continues. The vehicles they customize are outstanding and every day the team embodies their slogan, “Buzz Duzz.” Bob would be pleased.

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