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To protect your house, car or business, look for the professional standard, an insurance professional with a CIP or FCIP designation. Chartered Insurance Professionals (CIP) and Fellow Chartered Insurance Professionals (FCIP) are dedicated


Supporting the visions of entrepreneurs one story at a time. Volume 5 | Number 12



 Technology and Innovation will Build a more Diverse Economy By Josh Bilyk



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 Genuine Consultation Needed on New City Taxes in Edmonton By Paige MacPherson

 Edmonton Chamber of Commerce  B OMA Edmonton News Winter 2016



 reg Kirkwood on G Choices, Chances and Being an Entrepreneur Having to choose between an emerging startup and continuing his post-secondary education had the founder of 310-DUMP at a crossroads. By Nerissa McNaughton







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Supporting the visions of entrepreneurs one story at a time. Volume 5 | Number 12



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A  quarian Renovations Celebrates 25 Years



B  OSS Lubricants

There are some exceptional people who struck it rich with nothing more than a high school diploma and a great idea. For everyone else, continuing education is the best bet for future success By Zachary Edwards

Celebrates 25 Years

M  cLean & Shaw Insurance Brokers Inc. Celebrates 60 Years


Self-Made Millionaires: Why Heading Back to School is Still the Radical Thing to Do


Donor Dollars add up to Saved Lives What might be a couple dollars or an event ticket to you can profoundly impact someone else’s life By Nerissa McNaughton

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Technology and Innovation will Build a more Diverse Economy BY JOSH BILYK


ooking back at 2016 in the Alberta business world, one word comes to mind: diversification. With oil and gas prices in the tank, everyone wants to see Alberta businesses find and develop new products and find new markets to help nudge the province away from its heavy reliance on the energy industry. The road to a more diverse economy inevitably leads to, in part, manufacturing – and thankfully there’s a great deal of strength in the sector. There’s strength, but also significant challenges. We’ve seen through this downturn that the impacts of low oil prices have sent shockwaves throughout the supply chain, and the discount our energy producers receive for their products due to lack of pipelines to seawater undercuts the competitiveness of our oil and gas assets. But at the end of the day, it’s about being tied to one commodity. While the economy is more diverse than many give it credit for, there’s still much we can do to build a more resilient economy. Canada’s global ranking in terms of manufacturing output has been declining since the 1980s. According to the United Nations, Canada was the 8th largest manufacturing producer in the world. By 2014 we fell to 14th spot, sliding behind countries like Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Spain and Indonesia – largely due to cheaper labour and few environmental, health and safety standards. So what have countries that are outperforming our own done to improve their output? Advanced economies like the United States and Germany are embracing new, advanced manufacturing technologies to create new products and to

improve productivity, quality, speed and flexibility in their processes. This gives them a competitive edge. That’s not to say there aren’t some incredibly innovative manufacturers already in Alberta. Alberta Enterprise Group member DIRTT – a Calgary company that uses threedimensional design, configuration and manufacturing software to build prefabricated interior structures in-house – immediately springs to mind. We just need more DIRTTs in Alberta. So how we get there? According to a recent study by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, one of the top issues facing the sector is attracting or retaining skilled labour. Now, with unemployment the way it is currently in Alberta, that might sound a little bizarre, but manufacturers play the long game and many see labour as a key issue. While governments and the private sector can partner to develop the workforce of the future, access to skilled labour will never be our comparative advantage over the likes of Indonesia and Brazil. Canadian companies need to outpace our competitors in terms of developing and implementing new technologies. Companies need cash to invest in new technology, and they need to recoup that investment relatively quickly. This is where government can play a positive role – both levels of government can help design tax policy that incentivizes investment in new technology. Let’s hope business and government can work together to create an environment wherein a prosperous economy can develop. ALBERTA ENTERPRISE GROUP IS A MEMBER-BASED, NON-PROFIT BUSINESS ADVOCACY ORGANIZATION. AEG MEMBERS EMPLOY MORE THAN 150,000 CANADIANS IN ALL SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY.



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Genuine Consultation Needed on New City Taxes in Edmonton BY PAIGE MACPHERSON


ill a city charter mean new, higher taxes for Edmonton residents?

After stakeholder sessions and two public consultation sessions in Edmonton, we still don’t have an answer. City charters are special agreements between the big cities and the province that could give new tax powers. Whether city council gets new tax powers should be decided by Edmontonians. Steadily increasing property taxes including this year’s 4.2 per cent residential and 2.1 per cent non-residential property tax hike should give the province enough of a reason to require a referendum. A city sales tax or gas tax – two possibilities with a city charter – would have substantial impacts on businesses and residents alike. However, instead of giving Edmontonians a real, binding say in the matter, the province and city have embarked upon “information sessions” to hear from the public and stakeholders, while the city charter is being drafted. So far, there have been two kinds of sessions: consultations with stakeholders and information sessions for the public. The problem is, many people left the sessions with no more information than before. Attendees were given a 25-page document to review. The document included a long list of incredibly vague “enabling proposals” that could end up in the charter. Of course, it’s impossible for anyone to give meaningful feedback on a series of proposals if they have no real idea what those proposals actually mean.

At the public sessions, sticky notes with concerns about new city tax powers were posted for all to see. But the sessions offered no information about new city taxes. Government representatives have said the “fiscal stage” of the city charter process will come later. But the timeline is incredibly rushed. The city and province told stakeholders they hope to have that fiscal stage posted online in 2017. The plan is that draft city charters will be posted in the spring, then 60 days later, they’ll approve it. That means there will only be 60 days for Edmontonians to review and understand the city charter and communicate their feedback to the government, then for government to review and understand all that feedback and incorporate any changes. Why the rush? No matter what the “fiscal framework” looks like, residents should be genuinely consulted before it is imposed. That takes more than 60 days. When Vancouver residents voted on a municipal sales tax increase in a referendum last year – which they overwhelmingly rejected – Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson was quick to say it was silly to hold the vote in the first place. If the city and province are going to maintain a referendum is unnecessary, then it is absolutely necessary they provide an adequate amount of time for Edmontonians to understand the city charter and offer their feedback. For now, the consultation has been anything but meaningful, and city businesses and residents are still in the dark.






Two Big Wins for ATB: A Number 1 Ranking and Meeting a Fundraising Goal The Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ (CFIB) Battle of the Banks is over for this year. Every few years, the CFIB polls small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) to find the most business-friendly financial institutions in Canada. The Battle of the Banks ranks financial institutions on things that are critical to SMEs, such as access to financing, affordable fees, account management and customer service. This year, ATB Financial® has taken 1st place in Alberta. The agile banking institution is also pleased to have jumped from 10th place to 2nd place among all Canadian financial institutions. “This is awesome. We’re very excited to see these results,” said Teresa Clouston, executive vice president, ATB business & agriculture. “Over the last two years, we’ve made a conscious effort to improve the way we listen to and serve Alberta’s small and mid-sized business owners, and we’re thrilled it’s making a difference for them.” Part of the success for ATB comes from the institution’s investment in technology, people and process improvements, all in an effort to find unique solutions for Alberta’s entrepreneurs. “Our people and the solutions they provide are the keys to our improved ranking,” added Clouston. “As well, we continue to look for unique ways to support entrepreneurs beyond what is typical of a bank. We won’t slow down. We’re committed to continuing to find ways to make banking work for entrepreneurs in this province faster and in the best way that meets their needs.” In 2016, ATB announced free banking for 2016 startups and opened ATB Entrepreneur Centres in both Calgary and Edmonton. ATB also ramped up ATB BoostR, its crowd funding service, and launched its crowd lending solution, ATB LendR.

Achieving high rankings in the CFIB Battle of the Banks challenge is not ATB Financial’s only achievement this year. The institution not only met a lofty fundraising goal in support of United Way, but they also did so with a whopping 70 per cent participation across the company. This is up dramatically from the company’s previous 55 per cent participation record. United Way is passionate about creating a future where children and youth can achieve their full potential, individuals and families can achieve financial stability and everyone can enjoy a strong connection to the community; and to meet these goals, donations are integral to the success of the United Way. It only took ATB two weeks to raise $700,000 through team member donations and fundraising events across Alberta, and the bank put the “fun” in their fundraisers with over 100 separate campaigns, which included axe throwing, an eating contest and escape room challenges. ATB customers also donated at the bank’s branches and agencies. The funds will help United Way continue to support agencies and programs that better the province’s communities. ATB continues to lead the future of banking through a combination of progressive service offerings aimed at emerging and growing entrepreneurial enterprises, excellent service and giving back to the community.






PCL’s Successful Succession PCL, whose North American headquarters is in Edmonton, Alberta, is a group of independent construction companies that carries out work in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Australia. PCL’s group of companies have an annual construction volume of $8.5 billion, which makes PCL the largest contracting organization in Canada, and one of the largest in North America. In November, PCL group of companies was pleased to announce a leadership transition. Dave Filipchuk has been appointed president and CEO, making him the eighth to hold the role in the company’s 110-year history. Filipchuk comes to this role from his previous position of deputy CEO, and before that, president and COO, Canadian and Australian Operations. He takes over from previous president and CEO, Paul Douglas. Filipchuk holds a BSc degree in civil engineering from the University of Alberta; he attended the Ivey executive program at the University of Western Ontario, is Gold Seal certified and a member of APEGA and has an impressive 32 years with PCL. He has worked for PCL in both Canada and the United States. “I am extremely proud and excited to assume the position of president and CEO at PCL,” said Filipchuk. “Guiding a company with such a storied and successful history is an opportunity I look forward to enjoying well into the future. I would like to thank Paul Douglas for his tireless work and dedication in leading PCL for the past seven years, and I congratulate him on an amazing career in construction and on his new role with our company.” Douglas now moves on to assume the role of chairman with PCL Construction’s board of directors. “Succession planning is all about having the right people in the right place at the right time,” said. Douglas about the change in the company’s leadership. “We take succession seriously at all levels of our organization and make sure an appropriate amount of time is provided for a seamless transition to preserve continuity

“GUIDING A COMPANY WITH SUCH A STORIED AND SUCCESSFUL HISTORY IS AN OPPORTUNITY I LOOK FORWARD TO ENJOYING WELL INTO THE FUTURE.” ~ DAVE FILIPCHUK in our business. Dave Filipchuk has my, and the entire board of directors’, full support in officially becoming the eighth CEO of this great company.”






“I WORKED HARD AND FOUND I MOVED UP QUICKLY IN THE ORGANIZATIONS I WORKED FOR. I BARELY HAD TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT TOO MUCH BECAUSE THINGS JUST KEPT MOVING ALONG – BUT IT WAS BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS TO THINK THAT ONE DAY I’D BE CEO OF THE LARGEST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN CANADA!” ~ PAUL DOUGLAS In a cover interview with Business in Edmonton magazine in 2015, Douglas quoted, “I worked hard and found I moved up quickly in the organizations I worked for. I barely had time to think about it too much because things just kept moving along – but it was beyond my wildest dreams to think that one day I’d be CEO of the largest construction company in Canada!” Douglas leaves an impressive legacy. During his 31 years with the company, he led PCL to some of its most

successful years. Douglas has also received a large number of well-deserved awards and recognitions, including the Canadian Construction Association’s General Contractor Award of Excellence—Robert Saunders Memorial Award. He was inaugurated into the Canadian Design-Build Institute’s College of Fellows, is a proud owner of an Alberta Congress Board’s Distinguished Workplace Leader Award and received one of only 38 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals.







“A Man who was Generous in Time and Spirit”


n Edmonton teacher recently donated nearly half of his sizeable estate to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and the University Hospital Foundation. The donor, Orest Kotyshyn, left the six-figure donation because “he wanted to leave something that would continue to help people,” according to his nephew Terry Kotyshyn. Terry helped his uncle organize the estate donation and says it’s in keeping with his uncle’s character. “He never married or had any children, but he always had time to help other people,” Terry says. “He would usually keep it ‘on the QT.’ He would go down to the hospital and visit patients, for example. And if he knew someone wasn’t doing too well, he would go and visit them.” Orest spent much of his life as a math teacher and made frequent visits to all of his family members to help tutor his nieces and nephews. “Some of us were more willing than others, myself included,” Terry says with a laugh. “It was who he was. He always made ample time for the people he loved.” Those tutoring sessions, and seeing Orest’s passion for teaching, inspired a few of his nieces and nephews to become educators themselves, Terry included. “He was always encouraging me to go the academic route,” Terry recalls. “Seeing how much time he made for his students, always making himself available to them for extra help, really inspired me to follow in his footsteps. I know that’s true for my cousins as well.” Teaching also gave Orest a firsthand look into the importance of children’s health. His donation is, in part, to help the parents and their kids get back to their regular lives. Terry also says his uncle hoped the money would leave a “lasting impact on the people in the community.” Terry enjoyed a lifelong friendship with his uncle, whom he describes as “one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met.” They would often travel together to see other family members or simply to go on impromptu vacations. Terry remembers his uncle not planning where they’d stay, which led to some interesting predicaments. “We went to Banff the winter after I graduated high school,” Terry recalls. “We arrived at Lake Louise at about midnight and ended up sleeping in the car. Orest slept soundly the entire night but I kept waking up and turning on

Terry Kotyshyn

Orest Kotyshyn

Orest Kotyshyn in his early 20’s

the car to keep us from freezing. The next day, he was so excited to get up and go hiking, just full of energy. All I wanted to do was find a place to unthaw!” While Orest liked to vacation by the seat of his pants, he was more prudent in his investments. Originally, he was a mineral engineer in the Northwest Territories and made some sound investments throughout his life that led to his large estate. Plans for what to do with the estate are still being finalized, but the estimated $600,000+ donation will hopefully include a room at the hospital dedicated to Orest’s life and generosity. “The Stollery is hoping to convert some of their ICU into actual rooms instead of a curtain,” Terry explains. “They want some space to accommodate parents who need to be with their little ones.” Terry hopes his uncle’s story and generosity will inspire other people to do the same. “I hope other people will be inspired to look beyond themselves and make donations that will provide long-term benefits to others,” he says. “I hope people who knew him, either as an educator or member of the church, know that he cared about individuals and society as a whole.” The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation advances and transforms children’s health care by funding excellence at the Stollery Children’s Hospital to give the sickest kids the best chance, anywhere in the world, to live a long and healthy life. Excellence comes in many forms: specialized equipment; sub-specialty education to train the brightest medical minds; research to discover new treatments and cures; and specialized pediatric programs that improve family-centred care, and patient and family outcomes at the Stollery.

To learn more about the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, please visit or call 780.433.5437 (KIDS).








ill Gates. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. Titans of their industry and ludicrously wealthy, they managed to make billions without finishing a college degree. Thanks to our startup culture and social media, these types of success stories are getting shared more and more. Every video and clickbait headline reinforces the idea that all you need to succeed is your wits, some business savvy, and one really, really good idea. The statistics, however, paint a different picture of your average high school graduate. A study by the Ministry of Labour in 2012 concluded that 47.3 per cent of high school graduates without further education are classified as low income. Average per hour wages are lower across the board for those without post-secondary training of some kind. While Alberta’s unemployment rate remains low, even compared to other provinces, Stats Canada reports that “the unemployment rate is inversely related to education. In all provinces, a person with more education is less likely to be unemployed.” The most recent statistics show that in Alberta, unemployment for high school graduates was 4.7 per cent, while those with any certificate or post-secondary training had a rate of 3.5 per cent. Heather Christensen, associate dean at the University of Alberta’s executive education department, says postsecondary education is extremely important to success. “As the market gets more competitive, people need to do extra to set themselves apart from everybody else,” she says. “A certificate or specialized training could be the thing that gets them that next promotion.” Michael Maier, associate dean of master’s programs at the University of Alberta’s School of Business, agrees. “It depends on what program you choose, of course, but continuing education is absolutely worth it,” he says. “In our program, after you factor in opportunity costs, tuition and everything, our students pay is back in less than two years, on average.” Bearing in mind that MBA graduates are a highly sought after group, this is not the case for every program. Certain degrees don’t offer as clear a path to success as specialized training, but there are plenty of programs that can set you on an entirely new career trajectory in just a few short months. Even just brief training in specialized skills statistically improves a person’s income level.


Continuing education courses don’t necessarily have to move your career path, either. For many, it’s about taking the next step in their careers by getting in-demand skills that will set them up for their next big promotion. “We have a lot of people who come into the program who are looking to make the move to management,” Maier says. “They’ve been electrical engineers or working in a specific industry and they need some practical skills to help them get that next promotion.” The continuing education programs offered at the executive education department are designed around the demands found in the marketplace. In general, Christensen says





the soft skills and the technical skills. The approach really has to be part science and part art.” To this end, the school offers short classes and certificate programs that give students practical leadership and communication skills. Students can take courses on presentations, management, and other studies that help them lead and succeed. Maier suggests thinking about why you want to take extra training or education before picking out a program, as there are many reasons to head back to school. “We have people coming here to switch careers, certainly, but many come in for many different reasons,” he says. “Most of our students have been out in the workforce and either want to further their career, develop their skills, or simply go back and learn, which is just as valid a reason as the others.”

“MOST OF OUR STUDENTS HAVE BEEN OUT IN THE WORKFORCE AND EITHER WANT TO FURTHER THEIR CAREER, DEVELOP THEIR SKILLS, OR SIMPLY GO BACK AND LEARN, WHICH IS JUST AS VALID A REASON AS THE OTHERS.” ~ MICHAEL MEIER companies are looking for people who can lead and people who can communicate. “Companies have long sought governance skills and managerial skills. These have remained in demand consistently in Alberta, even through the economic downturn – anyone who can oversee change, projects, and employees.” Soft skills are still necessary as well, which Maier says are lacking in the professional world. “We hear about soft skills the most. The ability to interact with other people in a gentle but firm way. It’s about producing top performers who have

No matter the reason for heading back, Christensen says there’s no time like the present. “Now’s a great time to go back and pick up some extra skills and credentials,” she confirms. “Alberta’s economy is changing and many people are retraining to make themselves more hireable.” Most people who head towards continuing education have a vague idea of what they want. Both Maier and Christensen recommend meeting with actual people in the department for additional guidance since they can point you towards the program that gets the results you want. “Most people start with a Google search,” Maier says. “I recommend people come and talk to our advisors before they settle on anything. We’ll ask them what they want out of the experience and point them to the right programs. If their goals can’t be achieved through our programs, we’ll point them to MacEwan University or the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, or another institution.” The cost may not be as much as one might expect, either, as programs are available for students and organizations to get the training they need. The Canada-Alberta Job Grant, for example, reimburses students for two-thirds of their tuition on certain continuing education programs, up to a total of $10,000. “All of our programs that are three days or longer are applicable for the grant,” Christensen notes. “It’s a great opportunity to get those extra skills or try something new.”






This money isn’t just available for individuals. Companies can also take advantage of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. The program reimburses up to two-thirds of the education costs, up to $300,000. Christensen says many companies have been taking advantage of the opportunity. “It helps to transform a business,” she says. “When a large group of people take a program together, it can really help to create a common language, shift the behaviours, and improve the culture.”

While many people love the idea of becoming a self-made millionaire, often the best path to success is equipping oneself with the right skills. A recent article in the Financial Post warns that “no recovery [is] in sight for Canada’s 100,000 unemployed oil workers,” which means our economy needs to change, and its workforce along with it. That means tangible skills combined with great ideas, not just one or the other. As tempting as the Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world may be, their story is the exception, not the rule.












n 1995, Greg Kirkwood was studying economics at the University of Alberta and had an idea for a small business that he could run during the summer. Just over 20 years later, he doesn’t have a degree in economics, but he does have a thriving and very successful business. What does he owe it all to? Rubbish. No really. Rubbish. It started when the student saw an ad for a $3,000 loan from the Federal Business Development Bank (now the Business Development Corporation) for students wanting to start their own summer business. Kirkwood applied, was approved and spent the money on an old 1976 Ford truck. He dubbed the venture “Rubbish Express” and promised reasonably priced, reliable junk removal for contractors and constructions sites. Business boomed – and it didn’t let up when he was supposed to return to school in the fall. At first, Kirkwood tried to be both a student and a businessman, but there came a time when he had to decide. Knowing this decision would affect his future, he thought carefully and… “…you’re leaving school to become a garbage man?!” his parents and friends were not (initially) impressed. Fast forward 22 years and there is no doubt that his family and peers are extremely proud of the entrepreneur. In 1999, he changed the name to 310-DUMP and rolled out the yellow trucks and bins that are seen across Edmonton and

Calgary daily. His clients are no longer just construction industry related or junk removal customers, but are now also businesses that require regularly scheduled waste and recycling services. To date, the company has serviced more than 100,000 customers. “‘310-DUMP is the Westjet of waste and recycling’, is what the Edmonton Journal proclaimed in 2009,” Kirkwood says, “because we are still flying high these days! We continue to have steady growth and continue to be a smaller company compared to the large publically-traded companies; but being the smaller guy in a huge industry is okay with us. Our goal is to be excellent at what we do, and to give that personalized service that is often hard to find nowadays.” It’s this attentive service that has kept the bright yellow trucks on the road at a time when many companies in Alberta are shutting their doors. “In today’s challenging economic environment, we continue to deliver on our promises. We just want to be great at what we do, and operate with a customer-centric business model. Perfection might not be possible, but in the pursuit of perfection, we can achieve excellence,” smiles Kirkwood. He’s determined to keep the company at a size where personalized service remains the focus. “Many waste companies have come and gone over the 22 years since 310-DUMP started; some companies have folded in tough economic times, some small, well-run independent companies have been acquired by the large publically traded





It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been incredibly satisfying, and every speedbump that slowed him down was just, to Kirkwood, a life lesson that he used to keep the company moving forward. He’s happy to share what he’s learned in 20+ years in business:

companies. 310-DUMP has had a number of companies come knocking over the years; however, my long-term vision and love for the business and industry endures,” Kirkwood points out. “Perhaps, by 310-DUMP’s 40th anniversary, my sons could be involved in the business, growing the company and continuing our mission to innovate and do what is best for our environment and future generations.” With two sons born within 16 months, the entrepreneur, who had stared out with a dream and an old truck (and he had to reinforce the box on that truck to boot) is more than pleased to have both a growing business and a growing family. “Right now, 310-DUMP is the oldest independently owned, full service, waste and recycling company in the Edmonton area,” he says with pride. “Operating in Edmonton and Calgary, most Albertans have used one or all of our services over the years. No matter if it’s a small or large project, our customers have benefited from our scheduled waste and recycling services, dumpster rentals, and our full service junk removal (bulky items) service. Our competitive advantage continues to be that we are a customer-centric company that delivers big-time service at competitive pricing. “Of course, being born and raised in Edmonton is a huge advantage, too,” he smiles. “People enjoy dealing with someone they know and trust. People love that we are a local company, and they often know the people they are dealing with by name. We have been fortunate to always have our headquarters in Edmonton, and in turn, we have been able to support and re-invest in the communities we serve.”



“Have a vision. As a leader, I can inspire and motivate by communicating our vision in a clear and concise way. Communicating what our vision is and how to get there has been tremendous in obtaining the buy-in from our team. When I had my pilot’s licence, I learned that knowing where the destination was and planning on how to get there were essential to effective, efficient, and safe travels! Lead by example and show competency – I strive to be a leader who is and shows commitment, competency, and hard work, and who inspires others to strive and achieve excellence. “Creating a positive environment and looking after our people by being there when they need us is an important fundamental that we improve on every day. Our people are our most valued assets (without people, we are not leading) and by getting to know them (what drives them, what scares them, and what their dreams are), we are creating the environment for them to succeed. We trust them and provide our people with the right tools and flexibility to win. They are critical to our success. “Focus on the customer! Leadership is less about politics and more about focusing on the client at all costs. As leaders, we make the point of discouraging office politics and always remembering that the customer comes first. “However, I have also learned that you have to have passion because passion and commitment are contagious! Over the years, our team has shown me that the more that I show my passion, and the more I see it reflecting on our team, the better the environment it creates and the more successful we are. “Also, reputation means the world to me. Effective leadership means being leaders in the marketplace, and I

You’re looking out for their future. We’re looking out for yours. As a physician, decisions made today will have a significant impact on your future. That’s why MNP is committed to every stage of the professional cycle. From start up to succession, we are continually developing programs and strategies that ensure you’re always ahead of the curve. Contact Calvin Carpenter, CPA, CA, Vice President Professional Services at 780.453.5360 or



am always being ethical and dealing honestly with all of our stakeholders, whether they are customers, employees, or suppliers. I probably spent more time on this than anything. Having a good reputation as an honest and passionate leader who empowers teams is important to me. Our reputation has been a key to our success!” Being so young when he started the business, and creating a niche in what was, at the time, a nearly non-existent market, meant that he didn’t have leaders in the industry to mentor and guide him. That’s why, these days, Kirkwood is very happy to share lessons that are applicable to all entrepreneurs, no matter what industry they are in. “Have fun! I love what I do!” he says, showing his enthusiasm and passion for his business. “I have fun at work and while working with our team. Whether we are expanding our company or purchasing new equipment, or giving back to our community, having fun is consistent with the way I do business. We love what we’re doing, which makes the chances for success much greater. “Have confidence. I have learned to trust my gut feel instincts, trust my colleagues and business relationships, and I show confidence in everything that I do. Entrepreneurship is about showing trust and confidence to succeed. “Be present. Live in the moment. Those are lessons I learned throughout my career. I live every moment of my life fully and strive to help my team join together towards our common vision. In business, my attitude has helped me to be cautious but quick when I needed to take decisive actions that have paid off. When I first started the business, and as a young entrepreneur, I used the same philosophy to build our lines of business. We now trust our experience, intelligence and guts and don’t hesitate in deciding which direction to go with a project, acquisition or marketing campaign. That determination has kept our momentum strong! “That being said, you absolutely must take a break and recharge. This is a lesson I learned after years of excessive work hours without breaks. I now take time off to recharge and spend more time with my young family while trusting our team to continue forging ahead. We encourage and expect all of our employees to do the same, to enjoy time away from the office to spend it with their families and friends.



“Last but certainly not least, reward yourself. We celebrate all wins, big and small. We get excited about any and all wins that we can celebrate with our team. It is often that we will celebrate wins on a weekly basis!” Kirkwood can’t say enough good things about his staff. “We have great, talented, loyal and dedicated employees who appreciate our pursuit of customer service excellence.” After more than 22 years, does he ever wonder what his life would have looked like if he had chosen the other path? If he had decided to retire that old Ford truck, hang up his gloves and turn his back on the stress of those early, long, back breaking days? He could have gone to a job in a high-rise office tower, perhaps even be in that corner office by now. Not a chance. There’s nothing he loves more than being in his offices in Edmonton and Calgary, greeting his team by name, celebrating each new customer, keeping the established ones happy and always being ready with that signature yellow bin or truck the moment the phone rings. “Edmonton is such a terrific city with amazing people,” he smiles. “We have served so many friends and customers over the years, and many customers have become close friends. Many of our first customers still use us today. “We offer a same day or next day service guarantee. If you call for service, we guarantee to meet your needs when and where you want it. Our customer service team typically answers the phone within 60 seconds or less during business hours. We have online booking available every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We take great pride in our record of meeting 100 per cent of our customers’ scheduled waste and recycling collection pick up dates. Most business owners are busy growing their businesses profitably, but we want to save our clients time and money so we make their dealings simple and easy, and at fair prices. We are all about two things: great service and fair pricing. If we can accomplish those two things, most customers are very happy.” The next time you see those big yellow trucks roll by with 310Dump proudly displayed on the side, know that you are seeing the product of a young man that sat down to make the choice of a lifetime – and that he clearly chose the right path.

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t’s been a long-held belief by some that The Age of Aquarius means a global paradigm shift that sees the world becoming a more holistic, artistic, peaceful and integrated place. This shift is said to affect everything on the planet, from industry to art, from warfare to peacekeeping. Doug and his wife Marie were firm believers in this paradigm shift and devoted their lives to art and altruism; and this became the foundation of a fascinating company whose history winds through the lives of two artists who built a corporation. “Doug was a second-generation builder,” says Marie. “His family built high rises, subdivisions, houses and apartment buildings – you name it. When we started our company, we wanted to take a different approach, even though we always had a construction project on the side. Our company was about creating art. It was about working together to create something bigger than the both of us. It was based on ideas that would make a difference in the lives of other people, including reaching our full potential as human beings. We wondered what that could look like at the level of a corporation.” Both Doug and Marie lived lives full of artistic pursuits and adventure. She left Canada in her 20s to teach in Compton, scoring the job on the same day as the famous tornado struck. He created beautiful paintings and sculptures. Together they created a series of peace-pot world globes, two of which reside in the Aquarian office today.



“The company started as a real ma and pa, his and her, company,” reminisces Marie. “We operated it out of our home. When we were doing our art work, we had shops where we manufactured our products. The renovation and construction part was done on the side. “Between 1997 and 1998, we closed down our shop and set up the Aquarian office in our home. We operated out of our home until 2012. Then we moved here,” she notes of the sprawling office on Edmonton’s west side. “Once we started getting busy with renovations,” Marie continues, “we hired staff. I was still working full time in my education career. Soon I couldn’t write more letters and do administration work, and Doug couldn’t do all the construction. We hired carpenters, a book keeper and an office administrator, and the company grew from there. We became involved with the Canadian Home Builders AssociationEdmonton Region (CHBA ER), and we studied how other renovation companies grew and we learned. We hired a business coach and we worked hard to build and clarify our systems to ensure our practices worked and the company evolved.” And then a massive change rocked the couple, and the company, to the core. Doug was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. MARIE SOPROVICH

For two souls that were as intertwined as they were, Marie couldn’t separate herself from the man, the dream and the business, even though fate was dictating otherwise. “‘Where do we go from here?’ became the big question,” Marie says with tears in her eyes. “We had such a good group of people. We were able to manage – crisis management, really – for a good year while that process was in transition. The option to shut the company down was put out to me, but I could not do that. I took a leave of absence from my education work and it became clear I had to let my career or the company go. So,

eventually, I took early retirement from the education system and fully immersed myself in the leadership of Aquarian.” Carrying on the business, and life in general, without Doug stung Marie to her very core, but the lady brave enough to take on Compton teens when she was barely out of her teens herself, the woman that looked at the entire world as a place she wanted to heal and embrace, wasn’t about to let this speedbump change her trajectory.


She does admit, however, that there were some uphill battles to be won. “Here comes the wife of the former business owner. Let’s see what she can do,” she smiles, recounting the uncertainty among the staff, clients and vendors when she took over the company. She quickly proved her staying power however, and the might of Aquarian. “We are doing alright. We are not going anywhere. We are here to stay.” Marie and Doug had always channelled their vision of Aquarian into everything they did, and the renovation company is no exception.

In addition to professional renovations, Aquarian does custom home builds and works with a variety of high-end vendors to include all the elements (sculptures, marble, imported tile) that make up their client’s dream home. “Aquarian is a company that is in the people business,” smiles Marie. “We solve problems, we listen to the dream people have for their home and living experience. We work with our clients to achieve the results they want. We are a family-focused company building relationships based on trust, results and problem solving. We build our ‘how can I help?’ attitude.”

“Through renovating, we are creating something beautiful. We are connecting people to their dreams and goals. We are growing people within the company and watching them realize their full potential. [Inside and outside of the company] we connect people with what’s possible, and we are getting results beyond what they can imagine. It’s beautiful. We celebrate our results.”

They build community, too. Aquarian is heavily involved in charitable building projects in and around Edmonton. They donate. They volunteer. Marie brings a voice of the renovation and building industry to committee work with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s construction engineering program, and she is a founding member of the Women Presidents’ Organization’s (WPO) Edmonton chapter.

For example, one of the mandates of Aquarian is to help people “age in place.”

While many construction and renovation companies are feeling the pinch of the sluggish Alberta economy, Marie, ever

Aquarian sees homes as special places where families are nurtured, dreams are born and children are raised. The thought of leaving the walls that echo with the delighted laughter of children, where the meals were cooked and shared and where memories abound, is truly painful for many seniors. Yet, the thought of living in a home with dozens of steps and echoing, empty rooms is equally impractical. Being a people company, Aquarian addresses these needs with beauty and practicality, introducing elevators, opening rooms to create libraries and studios, overhauling bathrooms for accessibility and reimagining spaces so that the occupants gets a full, second life out of their home – a home that has been completely redone to suit current needs while retaining each treasured memory.

C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S Aquarian Renovations on 25 years of success!


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Providing Commercial and Residential Plumbing and Heating Service and Renovations in Edmonton and surrounding area with over 30 years experience.

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the “how can we help” enthusiast, has a novel plan to keep her crews busy. “I invest in properties, then build on them and sell them,” she admits. “If I see that we are going to be in a lull, I ensure I have a project on the go at all times, so if we don’t close a contract, we have other work for the guys. I look after my people. There is nothing more heartbreaking than not having enough work or having to let someone go.” It’s this level of care internally and externally that has enabled Aquarian to grow steadily for 25 years. RENOVATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD.

“I brought roses for the staff today,” Marie says. “The card says, ‘have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?’” Seeing the company come up on 25 years was an emotional time for Marie. “I think, 25 years ago, we wouldn’t have imagined that I’d be here alone; but we created something that has value and helps people and moves lives forward. We contribute. We do our best. We are looking forward to the next 25 years! We celebrated our milestone anniversary in June with a party here at the office. We invited past clients,

sub trades business friends and we even invited some competitors! It was a lovely night.” The company leader has learned many lessons during her journey from then to now. “Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of work. To truly make an entrepreneurship work, you have to love what you are doing. A deep, deep sense of purpose has to be there. “Leadership is also absolutely essential. I have a masters in educational administration, and leadership has been a personal passion of mine for a very long time. I’ve studied leadership. I follow the career paths of great leaders. Leadership is so important in this day and age and we lead primarily by example, then it’s important to hold others as accountable and allow them to grow into their own. Good leaders build other leaders.


(780) 465-6531


(780) 930-1520

“Teamwork is another essential. An entrepreneur must share the work with the team, learning what you are good at and what you are not so good at is a good place to start. Then build on the strengths of the individuals and make sure that your

Congratulations Aquarian Renovations on 25 Years! For all your Heavy Glass needs, contact us today 9100 Yellowhead Trail NW • (780) 477-3521 •


people are in the right or best roles for what they bring to the team. Synergy is far more likely to happen from that place and the team works well together and things get done.”

“Doug was so intent on creating a business that really worked on values, impeccable quality and a passion for creating beauty. He spent countless years developing systems that worked and set up a business that was in line with our vision.

How does she balance it all? She doesn’t. “Work/life balance? It’s not always there and I’m okay with that. My work has become my life and there is something beautiful about that. Kahlil Gibran wrote, ‘work is love made visible’ – I love that quote. I have enough balance in my life…it just looks different perhaps!” Marie also knows the company’s current success is due, in part, to the people, influences, experiences and organizations in which Aquarian immerses itself, along with the firm foundation Doug gave the company before his passing.

At Cristal Tile World, we specialize in retail tile sales, kitchen and bathroom renovations and installations, basement remodels and renovations as well as commercial tile installations.

“The Canadian Home Builders Association-Edmonton Region (CHBA-ER), and particularly the renovation committee, has also been instrumental in the growth, recognition and ongoing industry support for Aquarian. My active involvement with CHBA-ER and with the renovation committee and RenoMark have added a professional level of organization, quality and a network of outstanding companies in this industry. Together we all get better at what we do. The collaborative work supports the industry and the renovation companies that are a part of this organization. Ultimately, this supports the homeowners in our Edmonton community so that they know where to find reliable, trustworthy and professional contractors for their


Aquarian Renovations on your

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“Shore 2 Shore is Aquarian’s choice for complete Home Automation, Audio/Video and Security Solutions that will enhance and simplify your lifestyle” With our amazing “Sophie System” you can control your home by the touch of a button locally or from anywhere in the world! 1377 Breckenridge Dr. Edmonton AB T5T 6M2 780-705-8105

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Home Theatre • Multi-Room Audio/Video • Smart Wiring • Security • Lighting & Blinds Control


renovation projects. CHBA-ER is an essential element in the growth and sustainability of the new home construction and renovation industry and is an important factor in the Aquarian success story.”

the company and to continue demonstrating excellence in home renovation and new construction. We are developing a presence with infill, building leadership capacity in the staff and creating room for so much more.”

Aquarian has won the renovator of the year award three times, in addition to dozens of awards and recognitions from CHBA, clients and industry partners. Marie also has awards from her teaching career, and the team is happy to display service and volunteer recognitions around the office.

According to astronomers, the Age of Aquarius happens when the precession of the equinoxes causes the identity of the pole star to change over time. Simply put, that which seems fixed and eternal (the heavens) is actually shifting and moving all the time. While the change may be at times gradual (shifting pole stars) and at times rapid (comets), the end result is a massive change that affects the earth year over year, century over century.

“[Our awards] show the culmination of incredible teamwork and incredible clients,” smiles Marie. “These awards capture a small part of the character of who we are.” In early November, Marie was elected to a seat on the board of CHBA-ER, making her both the only woman on the board, and the first woman of a renovation company to sit on the board. The past 25 years have been both challenging and incredibly rewarding; its been a time of personal discovery and growth for Marie and a time of transition and, ultimately, success for the company. “The name Aquarian is very deliberate,” closes Marie. “It’s a name Doug and I chose to guide the transformation of a paradigm about how to do business. We are in the people business. The future for Aquarian is to grow and sustain

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Aquarian aims to have this effect on the staff, clients, community and every life it touches. Slow changes, fast changes, constantly evolving and always shifting to keep balance as the sands of time ebb and flow, Aquarian uses the talents and tools at its disposal to always be in the positon to answer the question, ‘how can I help.’ Whether it’s an elevator so an aging couple can stay in their home, or a team of carpenters donated to build a community gazebo, Aquarian will be a steady presence in Edmonton now, and will leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

11428 142 STREET, EDMONTON, AB T5M 1V1 P: 780.481.7671 | FAX: 780.488.7640 WWW.AQUARIANRENOVATIONS.COM



Brad Flegel, Jarrett Flegel, Murray Flegel, Kien Luong, Gray Savage and Steve Jakubec.

Celebrates 25-Year Legacy by Rennay Craats

BOSS Lubricants | 25 Years

BOSS Fleet at the Calgary Facility.


uch has changed in the 25 years since Murray Flegel opened the doors of BOSS Lubricants. The company has grown, expanded, and established itself as one of Canada’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer and wholesale supplier of premium engine and transmission lubricants, natural gas compressor oils, greases, and glycols. With coverage from coast to coast and an impressive head office and manufacturing facility in Calgary, BOSS is proud of its Canadian roots. BOSS was and remains 100-percent Canadian owned with products that are developed for the challenging Canadian climate. Back in 1992 it was a true family team effort. Murray’s wife, Arlene, did the bookkeeping and invoicing while Murray took care of the sales and operations. Murray’s knowledge in the lubricants industry was obtained while spending more than 20 years with Texaco and Turbo after his professional hockey career came to an end. While getting their education and business degrees, sons Brad and Jarrett worked part time to help their dad out. “I worked my way up through the company doing pretty much every job except accounting, working for $5.70 an hour,” says Jarrett Flegel, current President and COO of BOSS Lubricants. In 1996, Murray brought in a silent partner, Bill Dickson, whose business expertise and vast knowledge helped guide the company to the size and success it enjoys today. Since Bill’s passing, the company has dedicated the “Make it Happen” award to a recipient within the company that demonstrates Bill’s passion for a “Can Do Attitude.” “As the company grew, so did our workforce and delivery fleet which offers industry leading service,” says Murray Flegel, founder and CEO of BOSS Lubricants. In 1999, Jarrett graduated from Mount Royal College with a Small Business and Entrepreneurship degree and extended his education years later attending Queen’s University’s Executive MBA program. He was also the first Canadian president of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA). Older brother Brad graduated in 1993 from University of Calgary with a Commerce degree and went into the oil and gas industry, holding various positions with companies like Barrington Petroleum, AEC, ENCANA, and Niska Gas Storage. Brad is currently the Vice President of Properties & Logistics at BOSS.

2 | 25 Years | BOSS Lubricants

We have been using BOSS Lubricants products for 10 years. We are very pleased with the professional friendly staff. The availability of technical information is very quick and the delivery service is very valuable to our company. We have had great success with the engine oil and hydraulics in our Canadian climate and we are always being supplied the right product for our situation. Since using the BOSS products we have had no failures in engines or hydraulic pumps. ~ Peter Martens, Greg Penner Construction Ltd.

BOSS’ first taste of expansion came in 1996 when BOSS acquired Service Station Supply in Red Deer, which is where they met current 20-year employee Kien Luong. On a daily basis, Kien co-ordinates shipments to and from clients and suppliers, ensuring adequate amounts of materials are on hand for in-house blends, pricing, purchases, and order on all products. He also reviews the results of quality control testing and identifies and troubleshoots areas where BOSS can save costs and improve operating efficiencies while ensuring that the integrity of BOSS Lubricants product line is maintained. Over the years and through ongoing customer growth and other opportunities, BOSS has been strategically positioned in Surrey, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon and Toronto. BOSS’ diverse product offerings and service area coverage has been able to overcome challenging economic times. Today, BOSS services over 4,500 customers across Canada and supports over 150 distributors and has recently expanded its exporting position internationally. With service being at the forefront of BOSS’ business model, BOSS boasts one of the largest internal delivery fleets in Canada and is provided with dedicated shipments from its partly-owned highway tractor and trailer company BOSS Hauling. Operated by the Linn family, BOSS Hauling has successfully delivered product on the same and/or next day to BOSS Lubricant facilities since 1998. In 2006, Gray Savage was brought in as Vice President of Finance to oversee the development of the company’s financial position and to ensure BOSS’ ability to facilitate expansion. Gray in his 10 years with BOSS says, “I have had a lot of fun along the way!” Also lending strength to the company is Steve Jakubec, General Manager and Controller, whose initial focus when brought on board in 2008 was to upgrade systems and standardize processes throughout the company. Steve works closely with the sales team in achieving operational goals. “We have implemented a custom system that is tailored to our unique manufacturing process, allowing BOSS to better control costs and operational efficiencies to better serve our customers,” Steve says. The company moved into its location on 30 Street SE in 1996 with 26 tanks. Today, BOSS has over 99 tanks ranging in various sizes from 8,000 litres to 100,000 litres. Raw materials are pumped in, blended, tested, packaged and distributed from this facility. It produces everything from gas engine oils, diesel engine oils, gear oils, tractor fluids, grease, environmental products, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, and synthetics. BOSS Lubricants’ Edmonton facility handles all anti-freeze and heat transfer fluid blending, packaging, terminalling, and storage. By keeping tanks out of Calgary’s extreme elements and in a more controlled environment, BOSS can manufacture a higher quality product.

BOSS Lubricants | 25 Years | 3

Tank Farm in the Calgary Facility.

“Water or condensation is the evil enemy of lubricant so we ensure we don’t have any outside elements in our manufacturing processes,” says Jarrett. Two years ago BOSS purchased the Calgary head office and warehouse facility, which now sprawls 80,000 square feet. It has expanded to include five blending tanks capable of blending 10 million gallons of product each year, with the ability to increase output if required. BOSS can fill tank trucks, drums and totes. The company has invested in some leading edge technology to fill 1 litre, 5 litre, and 20 litre pails. Quality is an essential core value for BOSS, and the company’s commitment to this is reflected by their “No Non-Sense Warranty.” “We take pride in our specs and our quality. We lab test everything before it goes to market,” Murray says. Products are sent to an independent facility for testing to ensure they meet or exceed OEM specifications before BOSS will put their label on it. The company has worked hard to earn its reputation for quality and strives hard every day to maintain it in every product produced. There are more than 200 industrial oils and lubricants in BOSS’ repertoire that cover a vast spectrum of requirements for a variety of industries. BOSS is proud to be able to meet the needs of its diverse retail, industrial and commercial clientele. In order to better serve these valued customers, BOSS introduced a secondary line of products.

4 | 25 Years | BOSS Lubricants

BOSS Lubricants has been a great partner to Bounty Onsite Inc / Bumper To Bumper. Canadian owned and operated allows them to adapt to Canadian climates and our ever changing conditions. They have shown a willingness to help us grow our business in many areas. They are willing to walk through doors with you to help gain an advantage over competitors. The product quality speaks for itself. ~ Bob Hamilton, Manager, Bounty Onsite Inc. Bumper to Bumper

“We’re always looking to expand our product lines to meet customer demands based on industry trends,” says Steve. BOSS has recently become the exclusive Western Canadian distributor for Mag 1 products, which features aerosol glass cleaners, brake cleaners, and leisure products. This makes it more convenient for BOSS customers to get everything they need from one location while complementing BOSS’ already extensive product line. Under this one-stop shop strategy, the company recently launched a full line of batteries called BOSS Power. Customers needing batteries for everything from large highway trucks to jet skis can get them at BOSS. Customers’ needs come first at BOSS. In order to be more competitive, BOSS bought the six-car rail spur behind the facility for easy access to raw materials. This strategy has given BOSS an economic advantage. Competitors may bring in one trailer per week of materials by road while

BOSS Lubricants | 25 Years | 5

MAG 1 OILS, LUBRICANTS, AND CHEMICALS The MAG 1 family of products was created to be a high quality, full line offering that would be flexible enough to fulfill the demanding requirements, conditions and tests of multiple markets and equipment manufacturers. MAG 1 products can be found in many retail locations, service bays, bulk suppliers and distributor warehouses around the globe. Our desire to continually improve our products and manufacturing processes keeps MAG 1 performance levels consistent across all categories. This strategy keeps our quality levels high and our production costs low. MAG 1 lubricants are built using Superior Chemistry to achieve Superior Performance in the market place. We use the highest quality base stocks and advanced additive systems. Our API licensed fluids meet or exceed all testing, ensuring long term performance you can count on. MAG 1 products offer advanced technology and protection to help consumers and industry drive forward around the world. Thank you for selecting MAG1 products! We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help you ignite performance and protect engines, vehicles and equipment.

Quality Means Doing it Right When No One Is Looking. Fleet/ATF/Gear Oils

Fueled by excellence. Formulated to excel. Motor oils. DISTRIBUTED BY/DISTRIBUÉ PAR : BOSS LUBRICANTS



Manufactured And Blended To the Highest Industry Standards. Hydraulic/Industrial/Agricultural Fluids

Superior Chemistry. Superior Performance. Greases/Specialty prodcucts

Consistent High Quality Products Ensures Repeatable Performance. Chemicals/Power Steering Fluids/ Brake Fluids/Small Engine Aerosols

BOSS Lubricants is the exclusive distributor of Mag1 in Western Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia)

Tank Farm in the Calgary Facility.

BOSS is bringing in four to seven railcars per week. Some of the tanks can hold an entire railcar worth of product, so it can order in bulk and pass the savings along to customers. “It’s important for our customers to get that value discount as a result of our buying power,” says Jarrett. BOSS stands for Bulk Oil Sales and Service, and it is that second “S” that really sets the company apart from the competition. Despite the size of BOSS’ client base, it still uses the small family business approach. Part of the culture at BOSS is the expectation that its employees answer the phones within three rings rather than having a call centre or patching callers through to automated directories. BOSS cares about customers and their needs, and this is just one way to show it. Account representatives go see clients in person to build and foster business relationships. They want to show existing and potential clients the value of the BOSS brand and how the best quality doesn’t always cost the most. “As a small business there’s a misconception of our ability and capabilities,” says Jarrett. “We can do what the big boys do – we don’t have the branding or the billboard signs or fancy marketing, but we offer exceptional service and support, all the while offering a quality product at a very competitive price.” Sometimes it is difficult to switch away from a major branded product, so management encourages clients to test out the product or perform an oil analysis if they are not convinced—and with the best

8 | 25 Years | BOSS Lubricants

Thermo King Western (Calgary) Inc has been using BOSS Lubricants for the past five years and acknowledges that our experience has been excellent overall. Our BOSS Lubricants Industrial Account Representative has responded timely to our needs and addressed any and all concerns quickly and effectively. We would recommend BOSS Lubricants to anyone looking for a quality lubricant, quick service and great customer support. Dan Lafaut, Parts Manager, Themo King Western (Calgary) Inc. warranty in the business, what’s the risk? Once customers give the products a chance, they are glad they did. BOSS works hard to earn its clients’ business and works even harder on keeping it. “We prove to them day in and day out that they made the right decision,” says Steve. BOSS, on average services 150 customers per day. In fact, many customers have been with Murray and BOSS since it started 25 years ago. Management is proud to have long-term customers. That dedication comes from the top down at BOSS. Management fosters and perpetuates an environment that encourages teamwork and accountability. The culture at the office is one of family. The Flegels value their employees and enjoy getting to know them during office hours and outside of work. Through staff barbeques, parties, lunches and family events, as well as friendly conversations and greetings throughout the workday, management lets employees know they are important and cared for. In return, the staff is loyal to BOSS and is invested in its success. “This year alone I have six ten-year watches to award and five five-year plaques,” says Murray. “Some others have been with us for 15 and 20 years too. The tendency is for employees to stay long-term. We’re really proud of that.” BOSS is also proud of its commitment to lessening the company’s environmental footprint. The Regina location has a drum reconditioning plant and the Saskatoon location operates a tote reconditioning plant. The company gives back to causes that are important to BOSS as well as its customers. Murray was the President of The Rotary Club of Calgary South in 2015/16 and supports many of its charity events. BOSS also supports Youth Unlimited and The Motive Action Foundation, which help provide youth and adults gain access to fundamental work and life skills. The company also donates oil to local community initiatives and charities. Each year employees across the country volunteer time at The Food Banks and support various charities including many Cancer Foundations, The Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Aga Khan Foundation. “We are proud to support our communities and actively participate in charitable causes and events,” says Jarrett. BOSS management and staff are enormous sports fans, and the company supports sports teams from four-year-old Timbit hockey players and adult recreation teams all the way to professional local sports teams. The sports focus is no surprise considering Murray Flegel’s first career was on the ice, not in the business world. As a member of the Montreal Canadiens minor league, Murray played professional hockey for 10 seasons and was awarded the International Hockey League’s (IHL) Governor’s Trophy two years running as the top defenseman in the league. He has brought these two passions together in his Calgary office. Upstairs is more museum than workplace, as

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Jarrett Flegel, Murray Flegel and Brad Flegel.



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Battenfeld Battenfeld Grease (Canada) Ltd. 68 Titan Road Toronto, Canada M8Z2J8 (416) 239-1548

Congratulations to BOSS Lubricants on 25 Years! We are proud to be a part of your success. “QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE”

As a business owner, specializing in all types and sizes of trailers from utility to commercial trailers, I have been using BOSS lubricants for the past 2 years. I couldn’t be more satisfied than I am with the BOSS product line. My customers are the true testimony as they experience less wear and tear on their equipment, hence saving them in moving part replacement. The BOSS product line speaks for itself not only in reliability but in pricing too. I have found that the staff providing me with these products whether it be gear oil, hydraulic oil or grease are knowledgeable about the products and are able to make recommendations of which product is best suited for all applications. I highly recommend the BOSS line of products. ~ Fred Kenmuir, That’s Truck’n Repairs Inc.

Murray has his incredible collection of hockey memorabilia displayed on the walls and in cases to share his passion with the staff. “After all, this is our home away from home. We spend more time at the office than at home,” says Jarrett. But Murray may soon be spending more time south of the border than at the office. After devoting a quarter century building BOSS Lubricants, he’s beginning to plan for partial retirement. “I don’t know if my dad will ever let go fully. We’d like to see him spend more time down south with his friends because he’s earned it. He deserves it,” Jarrett concludes.

Congratulations BOSS Lubricants on 25 years! Stewart Warner Alemite Canada 349 MacDonald Ave. Belleville,ON K8N 5B8 1-800-267-8022

Machine Repairs, Machine Installs, Machine Moves, Conveyors, Air Lines Millenium would like to congratulate BOSS Lubricants for their 25 years in business! We look forward to a continued relationship with them for many more years to come.

We wish you many more years of continued success. Thames River Chemical Corp. distributes chemical products in specialized markets across North America. As a member of Responsible Distribution Canada we value the protection of health, safety and environment and ethical business practices.

Thames River Chemical Corp. would like to thank BOSS Lubricants for 10 years of partnership and congratulations on your 30th Anniversary! May our relationship prosper and grow for many more years to come.

RR6 Site 4 Box 1, Calgary, AB T2M 4L5 • Phone: (403) 463-5551

Your Maintenance & Installation Problems Are Over!

5230 Harvester Road Burlington, Ontario L7L 4X4 Canada | T: 905-681-5353

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Murray and long time friend Gordie Howe.

BOSS Lubricants - Edmonton, AB 12832, 184 Street NW Edmonton AlbertaT5V 1T4Canada Office: 780-489-9104 • Fax: 780-489-9164 Email:

Chemical Products – Commodity and Specialty | Logistics and Regulatory Service | Custom Blending and Packaging - Liquid or Dry | Commitment to Health, Safety, and the Environment

Congratulations to BOSS Lubricants on 25 years! We wish you many years of continued success.

Box 619- #1 - 56 Avenue Thorsby Industrial Park Thorsby, Alberta T0C 2P0 Phone: (780) 984-0286 •

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In Uncertain Times, a Clear Advocacy Agenda

2016 Board of Directors Executive

Chair: Bill Blais Vice President, Land Development, MacLab Enterprises Vice Chair: James Merkosky Partner, Tax Services, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP Treasurer: Len Rhodes President & CEO, Edmonton Eskimo Football Club Past Chair: Jerri Cairns Partner, Parlee McLaws LLP


Bryan DeNeve Senior Vice President Finance & CFO, Capital Power Dr. Glenn Feltham President & CEO, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Crystal Graham Partner & Licensed Interior Designer, Kasian Architecture Interior Design & Planning Ltd. Dawn Harsch Owner, Exquisicare Inc. Alyson Hodson President & CEO, zag creative Elan MacDonald President, Impact Consulting Scott McEachern Vice President, Engineering & Projects, Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Craig Thorkelsson Manager of Corporate Taxation, PCL Constructors Inc.

Chamber Executive

Janet Riopel President & CEO Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Max Frank Vice President, Membership & Operations Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Ian Morris Vice President, Finance Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Danuta Woronowicz Vice President, Policy & Outreach Edmonton Chamber of Commerce


Edmonton Chamber of Commerce #600 – 9990 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB T5J 1P7 T: 780.426.4620 F: 780.424.7946

By Janet M. Riopel, President & CEO


t’s been a tough year for Alberta by any measure. At a time when certainty and clarity are desperately needed, the path ahead remains rocky and unstable. As we close out 2016, we continue to play the waiting game. Key decisions from all three levels of government will most certainly affect us as businesses and individuals, yet we don’t have the details needed to help us understand the extent of their impacts. Many changes are on our radar, including: • • • • •

Changes to the Municipal Government Act The introduction of city charters for Edmonton and Calgary Rising wage and payroll costs Higher corporate and property taxes The ripple effects of the provincial carbon tax.

The end of this month brings a decision on a key pipeline. The Trans Mountain expansion project awaits approval by the federal government. As an intervenor at the National Energy Board hearings, the Edmonton Chamber voiced our strong support for this project and urged government to pave the way for access to new markets for our resources: markets that are eager for our people, products and services, markets that are prepared to pay more for the quality we can provide. Meanwhile the status of the Energy East pipeline is mired in uncertainty. Hearings are stalled in Montreal, and there is no clear process for re-engagement. Thanks to the diversity of our local economy, and because of the significant construction activity we enjoyed over the last few years, Edmonton has been somewhat shielded from the effects of Alberta’s recession. A large portion of our workforce is engaged in non-resource sector areas like health care, education, technology, and government, so our unemployment rate hovers around 8 per cent, which is still far higher than during the 2010 recession. The City of Edmonton’s Chief Economist, John Rose, says that unemployment in Edmonton has likely bottomed out. Good news? Perhaps. But Rose also points out that private sector investment in new construction projects is drying up, and he sees very soft conditions in that sector throughout 2017. This view aligns with what we have been told by our members, who are finding it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to be able to make the capital investments required to grow their businesses in this economy. In our most recent quarterly survey, 71 percent of our members said they were not planning to make capital investments in the next year. Throughout the past year, the Edmonton Chamber has offered the collective voice of business to policy makers, commenting on areas of critical importance affecting Continued on the next page... BUSINESSINEDMONTON.COM // BUSINESS IN EDMONTON // DECEMBER 2016


businesses. We will continue to offer all levels of government constructive advice on climate change proposals, on the ripple effect of costs to business, on infrastructure proposals, and on competitiveness and productivity. We will propose alternatives to policies that would detrimentally affect Edmonton and Alberta’s economic recovery, and we will bring new solutions to the table. The Edmonton Chamber will champion investor confidence, access to markets, and partnerships that will help us achieve our goals. As we head into 2017, we are both optimistic and realistic. With certainty I can tell you that we are stronger when we come together, when we raise our collective voice, when we offer better policy solutions to decision makers. We need and value the advice and guidance of our business community as we work towards identifying new ways to bring clarity, stability, and confidence back to our environment. The Edmonton Chamber would like to know what challenges and priorities you see ahead in 2017 for your business. You can contact us by email:

Year in Review in Pictures


Mayor Don Iveson faces the press after his annual State of the City address to the Edmonton Chamber in April.

Getting in front of decision-makers: Premier Rachel Notley and CEO Janet Riopel after her annual State of the Province address in April.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion approval is expected by year end. The Edmonton Chamber is an ardent advocate of trade-enabling infrastructure that will get Alberta’s people, products and services to new markets.

The Fort McMurray wildfire added to Alberta’s woes in 2016, but also demonstrated the generosity and resilience of Albertans. The Edmonton Chamber offered free office space to businesses displaced by the fire and contributed generously to the Alberta Chambers Relief Trust Fund, established to assist the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce as they work to support their members amidst the challenges of business disruption.


AMVIC Licensed

Presented by

An Evening of Brilliance


he chill of the ice will do little to cool the sense of anticipation and excitement you’ll feel as you arrive at the 2017 Chamber Ball at Edmonton’s hottest new venue, Rogers Place.

From the moment you arrive at Rogers Place on Friday, January 27, 2017, you will be struck by your spectacular surroundings. As you glide along the Ford Hall concourse, you’ll enjoy watching guests arrive in style to celebrate the new business year. This is a night for gowns and suits. A night where elegance and style come together to showcase the vibrancy and creativity of our City. From gloriously dramatic dresses to the latest trends in men’s suits, this is a night for fashion.

Edmonton Chamber President & CEO Janet Riopel welcomed guests to the 2016 Chamber Ball. Always a hot ticket, the 2017 Chamber Ball at Rogers Place will entertain up to 2000 guests.

You are joined by your friends and the Edmonton business community and are swept down to the ice level in a wave of excitement and anticipation.

This year Edmonton’s most prestigious business social arrives at the capital’s most anticipated venue. The evening’s program begins, and you are inspired by the vision and talent of the business community in your midst. You charge your glass in celebration



The 2016 prestigious Northern Lights Award was awarded to Cameron Developments, with the 2017 award to be presented to the 2017 winner, Oilers Entertainment Group at the 2017 Chamber Ball.

of the Northern Lights Award winner, Oilers Entertainment Group, whose contribution to the revitalization of Edmonton’s business landscape needs no introduction. And just when you think you have experienced enough show-stopping activity, you hear the heartfelt vocals of platinum-selling musical guest Johnny Reid, inspiring you to take to the dance floor and dance the night away.

You’re making new connections. You’re making new friends. You’re making memories that will last a lifetime. This truly is ‘An Evening of Brilliance.’ Attended by 2000 plus of Edmonton’s successful business leaders, this is an occasion that represents a unique opportunity for local business people who work so hard throughout the year to serve their

Always a red carpet event, the 2017 Chamber Ball will welcome guests in style as they enter Rogers Place for the first event of it’s kind to be held in the venue.

customers, grow their businesses, and enrich their communities. Finally, the tables are turned and it’s your turn to be the catered-to-customer. It’s your turn to be served with elegance and a smile. It’s your turn to enjoy ‘An Evening of Brilliance.’

Platinum-Selling Musical Guest

Johnny Reid

Since arriving on the music scene over 10 years ago, critically acclaimed singer songwriter, Johnny Reid has captured the hearts of fans and audiences around the world. Born and raised in Lanark, Scotland, the blue collared soul singer is widely known for his lyrical honesty and musical ability, as demonstrated by album sales totaling over 1 million units, countless awards and multiple SOLD OUT national arena tours. Connecting with audiences of all ages, Reid thrives as a performer and songwriter sharing his stories and songs around the world with incalculable influence. He’s a modern day working class hero with long standing collective appeal – one that captures the hearts of many one song at a time.

Members in this Issue University of Alberta in Self-Made Millionaires on page 22 University Hospital Foundation in Donor Dollars add up to Saved Lives on page 58



Connecting Business Minister of Municipal Affairs, Danielle Larivee Luncheon Members & guests take the opportunity to connect before welcoming Minister Larivee to the podium for this sold-out luncheon.

Minister Larivee welcomes questions as she addresses luncheon guests on the proposed changes to theMunicipal Government Act.

Enjoying a lively discussion over lunch with colleagues & members of the Edmonton Business Community.

Connecting Business Creating Healthier Communities in the Digital Age

Bill Blais - Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Board Chair, Janet Riopel Edmonton Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, Josh Blair - Executive VP of Telus Health.



Chamber members & guests gather to hear the role innovation & collaboration play in healthcare with Josh Blair from Telus Health.

Connecting Business Small Business Week 2016 Chamber members & guests exploring the many vendors on show at the Mixer & enjoying the amazing food coming out of the new Purple Pear cafe.

Our Policy Committee members were able to connect with other members for a thought provoking roundtable discussion.

One of the many trade exhibitors on hand to showcase the innovative & diverse range of products & services available in Edmonton.

Members participating in the ‘Thought Leadership Roundtable’ event were able to share valuable insight into the areas that impact our policy positions and drive our advocacy agenda.

Moderator Carrie Doll engaging with CEO’s from Booster Juice, Fountain Tire, & World Health prior to our panel discussion on ‘Building a Bigger & Better Business’.



Panelists Blake MacDonald, Dale Wishewan & Brent Hesje share stories of their challenges and successes, with guests enjoying the insight and amusing stories.


Small Business Week 2016 kicked off with a bang at the Telus World of Science Edmonton Mixer & Trade Show.

Networking bringing people & opportunities together at the Mixer.

Working the core with Chamber member World Health Club before being treated to healthy meal from Fresh Fit Foods.

Downtown City members & guests reaching new heights at ’Networking With a Kick,


Presented by

An Evening of Brilliance

FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2017 Doors: 5:30 p.m. • Program & Cocktails: 6:00 p.m. Dress: Black Tie or Business Formal Tickets: $260+GST Members • $340+GST Non-Members Tables of 10 available

BUY KETS YOUR TIC TODAY! nChambe Edmonto ll a rB /Chambe

Celebrating Northern Lights Award Recipient

Platinum-Selling Musical Guest








ith Christmas on the way, our hearts and minds turn to thoughts of giving, and there are no shortage of charitable and non-profit organizations in Edmonton that routinely benefit from the generosity of Capital City residents. Two of the most wellknown non-profit organizations in Edmonton are focused on saving lives, and today they give us a look behind the scenes at what happens when we make donations to STARS and the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation. STARS

STARS was founded by Dr. Greg Powell, after he lost a young mother who was being transported from a rural area to Calgary by ground ambulance. With less than half of Western Canada’s population living in major urban centres, STARS has become a critical link between accident victims and rapid access to care services. There is a direct correlation between the time the patient receives treatment and their recovery; and the economic



benefits provided by helicopter ambulance missions wind up outweighing the costs by an astounding 6-1. “Last year, STARS flew 1,814 missions in Alberta alone. That’s nearly five missions per day from our three bases in Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie,” points out spokesperson Kady Hobbins. “By supporting STARS, you are helping us continue to provide time, hope and life-saving transport on what is often the worst day of someone’s life. The generosity of our donors has funded everything from operational mission costs to radio infrastructure improvements, high fidelity mannequin simulators for medical crew training, new ventilators, ultrasound technology, and more.” Hobbins notes that even with the current economic climate, Albertans are still very willing to give. “Like all non-profit organizations, STARS is feeling the effects of the economic downturn in Alberta. That said, with the help of very generous Albertans, we were able to sell out our STARS lottery this spring for the 23rd year in a row! We continue to be grateful for the unwavering support of our donors and take every measure to properly steward donor dollars.”


In addition to providing easy access to donate online at, the organization hosts several major fundraisers throughout the year, including the upcoming 23rd annual Petroleum Services Association of Canada STARS and Spurs Gala, which will be held on January 21, 2017, in Calgary. There will also be a unique purse and jewelry auction fundraiser called A Pursenal Mission, which is coming up in Edmonton on May 7, 2017. Additional information can be found on the STARS website. “Thank you for your generosity and unwavering commitment to our life-saving mission. Because of you, we have flown more than 33,000 missions since 1985 and can continue to be there for the next patient who needs us,” Hobbins says to donors past, present and future. THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA HOSPITAL FOUNDATION

Robert Bessette, president, Bessette Wealth Management, chair, University Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees, was happy to inform Business in Edmonton readers on why donating to the Foundation is so important.

“The University of Alberta Hospital site – which includes the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic – is integral to the health of Albertans, and the world class care it provides would not be possible without community support,” says Bessette. “The University of Alberta Hospital serves Albertans from Red Deer north, as well as parts of Northern British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and the Northern Territories. As Northern Alberta’s only Level 1 trauma centre, the hospital provides specialized care that millions of patients cannot find anywhere else. “In spite of the challenges of serving a geographic area the size of Western Europe – or perhaps because of the innovation such a challenge inspires – the University of Alberta Hospital has achieved a world-class reputation for specialized care. Our hospital is the top academic medical centre in Western Canada, and one of the busiest hospitals in Canada. It has established centres of excellence in cardiac care, brain care, and trauma services, and was recently named the best transplant centre in Canada.





“This reputation would not be possible without community support. “The University Hospital Foundation has contributed, in full or in large part, to every major capital and technological investment at this hospital, and are often the full funders of advanced medical technology and equipment. “For example, the Foundation raised $68 million to help build and equip the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. One in four dollars that built the Institute came from the community, and that generosity has not stopped. In the last four years, the foundation funded Canada’s first purposebuilt hybrid OR, expanded the CVICU and funded the ground-breaking Servier virtual 3D heart. “Most recently, through our brain centre campaign, we have raised $17.5 million to build Western Canada’s first gamma knife and 3T MRI centre; and in November, the Foundation will bring Canada’s first stroke ambulance to the University of Alberta Hospital. This made-for-Alberta vehicle will be the first stroke ambulance in the world to care for patients beyond a major urban centre.” The Foundation is grateful to its donors, even though everyone is feeling the pinch of the economy. “Although Alberta’s depressed economy has made fundraising more challenging, the University Hospital Foundation has maintained the support of our donors and supporters – people who believe in our mission, and continue to give as they are able,” continues Bessette. “I think of our Festival of Trees sponsors, companies like Landmark, Jatec, Creekwood and CCI Thermal, who continue to support the Festival year after year. We are so grateful for their support, and the thousands of donors who continue to give to the Foundation. The Festival of Trees is the Foundation’s most popular fundraiser, and one that is hotly anticipated in Edmonton each holiday season. “Now in its 32nd year, the University Hospital Foundation’s Festival of Trees is firmly established as Edmonton’s signature



kick-off to the holiday season and the flagship fundraising, and friend-raising, event for the University Hospital Foundation,” smiles Bessette. “Funds raised at the Festival of Trees (over $18.5 million to date) have impacted every area of care at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic.” The Foundation is happy to support initiatives outside of its care centres, too. “As well as supporting patient care, the University Hospital Foundation raises funds to support innovation and research that has a direct and tangible impact on patients at the University of Alberta Hospital. Foundation donors have contributed $15.8 million towards the creation of new knowledge since 2004. “A recent example of this is Dr. Ian Paterson’s breakthrough discovery in preventing heart damage in breast cancer patients. This donor-supported research will lower the rates of heart weakening, and will in some cases obliterate the heart failure common in cancer patients.” Bessette thanks donors on behalf of the Foundation, “This loyal, generous giving is a reflection of the Foundation’s commitment to sound financial practices, and to stewarding every dollar with care and integrity. As a point of context, the University Hospital Foundation is a philanthropic leader, having raised more than $150 million in the last 10 years to support patient care, advanced technology and clinical research. We have been included among the most efficient and high performing healthcare philanthropies in North America by the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy.” EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS

Chances are, you’ve bought an event ticket, a pin, a cookie, or handed over a $20 bill in support of charitable and nonprofit organizations in Edmonton. Each cent you generously gave has come back a thousandfold in the form of improved products and services that save lives, support Albertans and create stronger, healthier, happier communities. Thank you for giving.




dmonton buildings were well represented at the TOBY (The Office Building of the Year) Awards held during BOMA’s National Conference in Regina on September 22. Coming away with National TOBY Awards were Triffo Hall (Historical Building) and the Air Terminal Building (Corporate Facility). Triffo Hall is a University of Alberta Building that has BOMA BEST Gold Certification while the Edmonton International Airport’s Air Terminal Building also has BOMA BEST Gold Certification. The regeneration of Triffo Hall and the expansion of the of the Air Ter-

minal buildings is a testament to the commitment by the University and EIA to sustainability and the environment. Contractor Reid Jones Christoffersen’s (RJC) restoration work at Triffo Hall represents the rebirth of one of the most historic buildings at the University of Alberta. Originally constructed in 1915, the Hall was an underused and neglected building in the heart of the main campus. The existing envelope consisted of an uninsulated brick wall, single-pane wood windows and sloped, single-pane clerestory windows, which run the length of the building. The redesign exposes previously hidden windows and aligns the new

Driving innovation in commercial real estate services Avison Young’s integrated approach to commercial real estate engages deep expertise from a broad range of professionals to deliver intelligent, best-in-class solutions that build competitive advantage for your enterprise.

A growing multinational presence Triffo Hall, University of Alberta | BOMA Edmonton Newsletter | December 2016



Edmonton International Airport Terminal Building Expansion

interior street with the clerestory of the south bay, which provides circulation on the main floor and a view corridor on the second. Interesting interior spaces maintain the elegance of the building and make delightful use of natural light. Portions of the Second-Floor structure were replaced to address areas of significant deterioration. Modifications to remove areas of the Second Floor provided a new feature stair at the main entrance of the building. Fully restored and back in service, Triffo Hall is a high quality work environment, and a fine example of sustainable design principles applied to the restoration of a heritage structure. Sustainable design elements include the reuse of an existing historic structure, maximal use of daylighting, minimal application of additional materials, capture and reuse of rainwater, and high performance heating and cooling systems. Ninety-eight per cent of the existing building fabric was retained. Triffo Hall is one of the many BOMA BEST certified buildings and was a major renovation as the University works to make its portfolio energy efficient and a sustainable resource for Alberta.


December 2016 | BOMA Edmonton Newsletter |

This fast track, BOMA BEST Gold Certified airport project consists of a two-story, 41,430-square-metre (446,000-sq.-ft.) expansion to the south terminal building, and 15,500 square metres (167,000 sq. ft.) of renovations. Functional highlights include seven new passenger gates, 14 boarding bridges, six new elevators and moving walkways, over 100 security doors, and advanced baggage handling and scanning systems. Contractor PCL’s client demanded that the trans-border passenger experience be uninterrupted during construction. To accomplish this, PCL engaged an in-house peer-review team and developed a comprehensive schedule, resulting in challenging but achievable milestones. To maintain the quality of trans border passenger experiences during construction, PCL built six temporary gates and a connecting corridor prior to demolition. PCL achieved all project milestones, and through strong Construction Management practices, delivered a high-quality project, under budget, that exceeded client expectations. Both TOBY Awards winners are now eligible to go to the BOMA International Awards being held at the BOMA International Conference in Nashville Tennessee, June 24 – 27, 2017.


t their recent National Conference in Regina, BOMA Canada proudly released BOMA BEST 3.0. BOMA BEST (Building Environment Standards) is a fully integrated building operations management system that provides certification to building management and operations personnel that are seeking verification that they are operating their building(s) in a sustainable fashion BOMA BEST® is the largest commercial and institutional building sustainability certification program in Canada. It is a unique, voluntary, national, made-in-Canada program designed in Canada to assess environmental performance and management of existing buildings, and is as a service to all commercial and institutional (public and private) building

owners and managers across Canada. With its low cost and high value, Canada’s leading private sector property managers have embraced the program and see ongoing environmental improvement in their buildings’ performance as a result. In September 2016, BOMA Canada launched BOMA BEST® 3.0, which will provide a complete overhaul of the program. BOMA BEST® 3.0 will include new and dramatically improved IT as well as updated content, including a Universal Module which will be applicable to all commercial and institutional buildings not covered by the other modules, i.e. office, light industrial, open air retail, enclosed retail, multi-unit residential and health care. Thus, BOMA BEST® will be positioned to certify buildings irrespective of the asset type.

they | | 780.428.9508 Janitorial Services | Sanitization Plus Program | Carpet Cleaning | Window Cleaning | Technical Trade Services & Energy Management Disaster Recovery | Event Support Services | BOMA Edmonton Newsletter | December 2016


The Program provides a consistent framework for owners and managers to critically assess six key areas of environmental performance and management: • Energy • Water • Waste Reduction and Site • Emissions and Effluents • Indoor Environment • Environmental Management System Properties receive third party-verified BOMA BEST® certification in five levels: Certified, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each certification level demonstrates a higher level of sustainability performance starting with Certified and ending with Platinum, which only the top 5% of buildings in Canada currently achieve. Each year BOMA Canada publishes the National Green Building Report, which provides a public report on the performance of properties that were certified to BOMA BEST® in the previous year. The next report will be issued in November/December 2016. Copies can be obtained by contacting the BOMA Edmonton office. Finally, BOMA Canada has recently unveiled its newest offering, BOMA BEST® Sustainable Workplaces. This new program, the only of its kind in the world, engages with building occupants to ensure that they do their part in maximizing the sustainability of the buildings in which they work. This program has already been embraced by key environmental organizations and is emerging as a key way to take building and organizational sustainability to the next level. One of the key features of BOMA BEST® is that there are demonstrated results proving that certification leads to re-

4 December 2016 |

BOMA Edmonton Newsletter |

duced environmental impact of existing buildings and related reductions in GHG emissions. • The average BOMA BEST® certified building uses less energy than the national average. • The average water use intensity of a BOMA BEST® Office building is steadily declining –from 1.13m3/m2/yr in 2008 to 0.68m3/m2/yr in 2014. • On average BOMA BEST® Certified Platinum Office buildings consume 44% less energy than BOMA BEST® Certified Silver Offices.

On behalf of the building owners, managers, developers, facilities managers, asset managers, leasing agents, brokers, and the product and service providers to over 2.1 billion square feet of commercial real estate in Canada, BOMA Canada addresses issues of national concern, and promotes excellence in the industry through information, education advocacy and recognition. The success of the BOMA BEST program has been encouraging as the newly introduced Portfolio Program allows owners/managers to manage large commercial real estate in all asset classes in a resource and cost effective way. The university of Alberta has embraced the portfolio program and has been able to certify nearly 40 of its over 260 buildings with an eye to certifying the rest of their buildings in the coming years. As well, national owners/ managers of property in all asset classes are eagerly signing up for the portfolio program for their office, retail and industrial buildings.

And for the first time, ever, BOMA BEST® will be expanding outside of Canada, with agreements in place or under negotiation in the USA, China and Korea. BOMA BEST® is, in other words, poised to become a Canadian environmental champion and a global environmental brand ambassador for Canada’s sustainability leadership. The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada is the voice of the Canadian commercial real estate industry with over 3,200 members in regional associations across Canada. On behalf of the building owners, managers, developers, facilities managers, asset managers, leasing agents, brokers, and the product and service providers to over 2.1 billion square feet of commercial real estate in Canada, BOMA Canada addresses issues of national concern, and promotes excellence in the industry through information, education advocacy and recognition. Our Local Chapter, BOMA Edmonton (Building Owners and Managers Association) was formed in 1967 and represents the interests of the Edmonton and Northern Alberta commercial real estate industry.

INTRODUCING THE NEW AND IMPROVED... We’ve refreshed our brand! For the most up-to-date information on all of our properties, please visit our new website; | BOMA Edmonton Newsletter | December 2016




atrons of Edmonton City Centre will be greeted with a brand new food court that will provide customers with a much more modern, bright and inviting space to relax and dine. Branded ELEVATE Food Fare, the new food court is located on the top level of the mall. The $41.3-million redevelopment investment project for the new revitalized food court is expected to serve the customers of the mall as well as the new condo and office tower residents in the surrounding area. “Starting today, our customers will have better food options in a more welcoming and comfortable space to complement their shopping experience,” says Lindsay

2014 BOMA Canada National Pinnacle Award - Customer Service



December 2016 | BOMA Edmonton Newsletter |

Whyte, Property Manager. “ELEVATE Food Fare is the first phase of our major revitalization and will be an integral part of the greater renaissance of downtown Edmonton.”

The new Elevate Food Fare Restaurants include: A&W Burrito Libre Edo KFC McDonald’s New York Fries OPA! Of Greece Paramount Fine Foods Shanghai 360 Subway Thai Express Edmonton City Centre will be running special events for the month of November called Good Taste Tuesdays. For example, on opening day, for every meal purchased during lunch, Edmonton City Centre will match the cost of your meal with an equivalent donation to the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton to provide a meal to those in need for the upcoming holiday season. “In the coming months, our customers can expect to see even more positive changes at Edmonton City Centre,” says Whyte. “We are making significant investments in our elevators and escalators, adding much needed parking.” The repurposing of the concourse levels to parking will help drive foot traffic up to the street and pedway levels creating more vibrancy which aligns with the vision of the city. Between now and the end of 2018, over 65 stores, or about a third of the mall’s 150 retailers, will have been relocated, renovated or, in some instances, be entirely new to the centre. Oxford Properties is in talks with a number of national and international retailers that are interested in opening at Edmonton City Centre, and it will announce new retailers as permitted.

Proudly Independent for 60 Years By Nerissa McNaughton


“It’s really our responsiblity to understand the needs of our clients,” Laird points out. “We are the professionals in risk assessment, and it’s our duty to assess, identify, evaluate this risk and offer solutions to our clients.”

He was right. Sixty years later, McLean & Shaw’s shareholders may have changed, but its independence and unwavering commitment to customer service have never changed.

They take this responsibility very, very seriously. For example, if they hear about a life change for one of their clients (for example, addition to the property, growing family, extensive travel, downsizing, business growth) they get in touch with questions to ensure the client is adequately insured.

hen Al McLean registered his insurance company in 1956, he was not aware of the changes that would transform the industry six decades on. However, he was aware that general insurance brokerage, coupled with outstanding service that focused on the needs of the clients, was the key to success.

Gail Tory, CEO, bought the business in 1994, and Doug Laird, President, joined Tory as a partner in 2011. “We are a boots-on-the ground organization that works very hard for our clients and our insurer partners to make sure that we are all successful in our endeavours,” says Tory firmly. “We are very proud of where we are today, an in-depth brokerage firm serving the needs of our clients,” adds Laird. “Independence means there is no ownership of any kind from suppliers in our organization. We have the independent ability to place our clients with the appropriate coverage and insurer, without having any obligations to any particular insurer.” McLean & Shaw services clients throughout Western Canada with cross-border and international insurance requirements.

Thank you for the strong partnership and congratulations on 60 years.

8830 126 Ave NW Edmonton, AB. Canada T5B 1G9 Tel: 780.479.1955 • Fax: 780.474.9325 •

“We anticipate and ask about the client’s needs,” says Tory. “We don’t ask questions to be snoopy, it’s to ensure we can do our job properly.” “More and more, we are acting as a claims advocate for customers,” Tory adds. “This is part of the service, not an add-on, and it’s important in the world of brokering.” This means that if a client has trouble with a claim, McLean & Shaw are on hand to follow up and keep the process moving as smoothly as possible. McLean & Shaw ensure it is aware of new, trending and emerging products. For example, “Up until this year, overland water flooding on personal homeowners insurance was not available, but now most insurers have come up with a solution to address the needs of homeowners.” This was something that was needed in the industry for a very long time, and a policy of which all homeowners should be aware. For the agile company, it’s more than matching products and services with clients. The CEO and the president both know the company must be efficient from the inside out, and that means embracing technology, having great HR policies in place, building the right team and taking care of its people. “As entrepreneurs, we are sitting here dealing with 23 year olds and 50 year olds. Their needs and expectations are different. It’s a challenge for an entrepreneur and employer to be able to meet those needs and expectations, but matching people with their passions in a commercial environment to keep them engaged in areas that support their interest is exactly what we do,” says Tory. “When I look at myself at my stage of life

McLean & Shaw | 60 Years





and career, in my experience, which spans 45 years, my big responsiblity these days is mentoring and helping people think through what has to be done. Mentorship is a key factor for any entrepreneur. You’ve got to take advantage of the old guys with the experience!”

McLean & Shaw and started AgPro Insurance Brokers. Bonnie Kluthe has joined as president of AgPro, and we will build that company as managing general underwriter. One of the beauties of being independent is that we were in a positon to provide flexibility and choice without any insurer influence.

Turning 60 hasn’t slowed down McLean & Shaw’s growth.

Tory and Laird take social responsibility as seriously as their corporate obligations. Tory is a supporter of Dreams Take Flight, and the company has completed several charitable initiatives, including supporting Edmonton’s Ronald McDonald House.

Tory informs, “Four years ago we brought on two partners, Pierce Krol and Otilja Majewski. Krol was looking for an opportunity in Grand Prairie. He now has a staff of six and is close to reaching $1 million in commissions. About four years ago we also took all the farm and equine business out of

Tory also enjoys empowering and supporting other leaders. “I joined a group of CEOs called TEC Canada that get together


Congratulates McLean and Shaw for 60 amazing years of outstanding client service leadership.

60 years of success. Congratulations to McLean & Shaw Insurance Brokers on celebrating their 60 year anniversary. You should be proud of your accomplishment! HOME CAR BUSINESS

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once a month to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly in our businesses. We really get down to the nitty gritty as to how we solve industry issues. We seek guidance and mentorship from our fellow members. It’s all confidential.” She smiles with pride. “I’m the only female in my group.” McLean & Shaw is extremely proud to have clients on the roster that have been with the firm since their predecessors first opened the doors 60 years ago, and some of these clients joined the firm for its 60th anniversary celebration. “Our celebration was to share the success and to say thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to meet this milestone,” smiles Tory.

Congratulations to McLean and Shaw Insurance Brokers on 60 years in business! We’re proud to be your partner in customer protection, and we look forward to working together for many more years to come.

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One such client is Sokil, a transportation group that has provided complete logistic solutions for more than 65 years. “Congratulations, McLean & Shaw on your 60 years in business!” praises Greg Sokil. “We have dealt with McLean & Shaw for over 60 years both personally and corporately. We have found the experience and knowledge of their staff (personally and commercially) to be amongst the best in the industry. They are well respected in the community for their innovative ideas. All the best in the future and another 60 years!”

SIX DECADES STRONG Congratulations and thank you for 60 years of stellar service.

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Northbridge Insurance is proud to partner with McLean & Shaw Insurance Brokers. Congratulations on 60 years of success!

The president and the CEO conclude, “Those that work with McLean & Shaw know they can trust in the fact that we are going to follow through. What we are selling is a future promise to pay in the event of a loss. What we are selling is intangible. When someone has a claim, they need to make sure we are delivering – and we do. We will continue to build on our existing foundation and look for opportunities like what the company has done in the past, including mergers and acquisitions. We remember our roots, how we got here and will continue to build on the relationships we’ve earned over the last 60 years. Laird concludes, “Our business has been built on a strong referral platform and that word-ofmouth endorsement is a privilege we never take for granted.”

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Congratulations to

McLean & Shaw Insurance Brokers on your Diamond Anniversary.

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60 years of success in the insurance industry.

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