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10 years later:

The Story of Arrow Engineering Flying straight and true, a vibrant engineering firm uses new ideas to improve on an old industry. By Nerissa McNaughton


“We have always been profitable,” Burdett says “We have had strong growth over the years. In 2015 alone we won four awards”. With more than 50 competing engineering firms in the city, the fact that Arrow has thrived speaks to Arrow’s partners’ business acumen, their employees and their ability to take on projects with agility, experience and confidence. One of the monumental steps taken during the earlier years was welcoming the team from Kroening Consultants, an esteemed mechanical engineering group that had been in operation since the 1970s. “The decision for Kroening Consultants to join forces with Arrow Engineering to help build a great organization was simply about the people. The partners and staff have developed a corporate culture that I’m proud to be a part of,” explains Greg Kroening. Let’s take a look at how Arrow achieved their rapid growth. It started with opening in a sustainable way with a great part-


en years ago, Greg Burghardt, Paul Burdett and Robert Prybysh launched Arrow Engineering. “We wanted to build a great engineering company and believed that together we could do just that,” says Burghardt, president and CEO of the company. They started with a team of eight – the three partners and five valued and committed staff. Each of these original staff are still with Arrow today, working among the team that now numbers over 70. “We have a very low employee turnover rate, and a talented team” smiles Burghardt. The low turnover can only be due to one thing: employees that want to stay and who are worth keeping. Why do employees remain loyal to a company? Great working conditions, opportunities for personal and professional growth, outstanding projects and a diverse workload. Arrow Engineering provides all this, and more.



nership. The first services offered were mechanical engineering along with a limited range of civil engineering. Once Arrow established themselves in the industry, they added electrical engineering in 2010, followed by expanded civil services in 2011 and structural engineering in 2014. Ten years after inception, Arrow Engineering is pleased to offer their clients the full spectrum of engineering services for the building industry, along with sustainable designs and building information modeling (BIM). Projects Arrow has been involved in include the award winning Atco Gas NEOC facility, many schools and seniors’ facilities, as well as Procura’s Intact building, to name a few. “We have a very well balanced portfolio,” confirms Burghardt. “Continuing care facilities, schools, recreational facilities, emergency response facilities, multi-unit residential projects, renovations, energy upgrades, commercial, light industrial, institutional ….” Prybysh ticks off the extensive list of Arrow’s capabilities. “We do many, many projects of every size.” The company is humble about the 4,000 plus projects completed over the last 10 years and Burghardt confides one of the secrets to their great success, “We don’t necessarily go for those big landmark projects. We go after landmark people. We assemble the best team and enable those people to do a great job for our customers. That is what we focus on. We have a great, fun, proactive and solution-orientated team that works hard for the success of our clients.” “One thing we pride ourselves on is working with our clients to determine the best engineering solutions for them,” adds Burdett. “Their budget, their desired level of control and their input is important. We are collaborative and team-focused.”


Using this approach, Arrow has been able to compete with much older, more recognized engineering firms in Edmonton. How? The principals point to their diverse staff. They have a good generational blend, with very experienced senior staff actively mentoring future industry leaders with knowledge of what works in the various industries they serve and what’s new in ideas and technology. “We have very knowledgeable people,” stresses Burghardt. “We hire the best and invest in their growth.” He continues, “There is a misconception that younger firms can’t compete with the ‘old, big-boy firms’ but through our progressive approach of pairing the industry’s best people with a positive atmosphere, we have proven that we can provide the same – or even better – solutions.” It’s not just their clients that recognize the prowess of the young company. The industry itself has taken note. Recent



“My personal mission is to provide a great career experience for as many people as I can. Additionally, I find it very satisfying to know we’ve helped clients succeed on over 4,000 project,” notes Burghardt. The company founders look forward to celebrating their 10 years of service and sharing the joy of this landmark event with their staff and clients. “We are not coasting on our success,” concludes Burghardt. “We are always pushing forward. We get that our clients want to deal with us because we are accessible. We pick up the phone. We deliver on anything our clients bring to us. We have vision and a reputation for quality and solid design work that continues to impress. Because of this, we are thriving.” He pauses to formulate what he wants to say the most to Arrow’s staff, clients and supporters. Then he breaks into a brilliant smile and says with gratitude shining from his eyes, “Thank you for allowing us to succeed together.” For more information please visit


recognitions for Arrow Engineering include nods from PSMJ Circle of Excellence, Profit 500 Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies 2015, Zweig Group Hot Firm List and Zweig Group Best Firms to Work For, and recently, Alberta Ventures 2016 Fast Growth 50. In 2014, Burghardt was one of Business in Edmonton’s Leaders of Tomorrow, and a prairie-region finalist in the professional and financial services category of the prestigious EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program. “It feels great to be on these lists!” exclaims Burghardt. “We worked hard to get to the point where we deserve the recognition. It’s nice to get external confirmation that shows we are doing things right.” Another key to Arrow’s success is what happens outside of the company’s 600+ per year projects. “We [Burghardt, Burdett and Prybysh] are all family men and we encourage our staff to spend time with their families too,” says Burghardt, noting the importance of work/life balance. “We also support what is important to our employees. Habitat for Humanity, Wellspring, Inclusion Alberta and Little Warriors are a few of the many charitable organizations we are proud to assist.” When you are building a company using fresh ideas and innovative practices, the first decade goes by quickly. Arrow Engineering reflects on the past 10 years. “Being able to drive around town and see buildings that we had an integral part in, talking to building owners that are happy with what we have provided and knowing that we have lowered the capital and ongoing operating costs of those facilities, and did our part for the environment with our designs, is what I find the most rewarding,” reminisces Burdett.

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Congratulations Arrow Engineering on 10 years of success! Tel: (780) 423-2731 • Toll Free: (800) 661-8020

Congratulations Arrow Engineering on your 10 year Anniversary!

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Congratulations Arrow Engineering on your 10 year anniversary!


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