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Alberta Custom Metal Fabricators Ltd: THE SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR CUSTOM METAL WORK NEEDS By Nerissa McNaughton


ith 17 years in business, this company is a rising star in and around Edmonton.

You see their work all around you. A beautiful feature staircase with a modern railing, setting the tone for a home or business; a respectful monument that makes you pause and silently honour those it represents; a stunning piece of artwork that breathes life into a space. These metal works are forged in creativity, tempered in quality, worked on with passion and presented with pride. Here’s the story behind Alberta Custom Metal Fabricators Ltd (ACMF), and some of Edmonton’s most treasured fabricated metal artworks. When Brent Siermachesky, general manager, started at ACMF in 2000, he was an apprentice working alongside the owner and two other employees. It was a small operation, but one that was growing fast. By the time he was a journeyman in 2005, ACMF had moved to a larger bay and expanded to include nine employees and a handful of contract workers. With a firm belief in the people he works with and the products they sell, Brent took ownership of ACMF earlier this year – and he couldn’t be happier about his team, clients and the shop’s continued growth.

“ACMF started as a stainless steel custom shop. We created kitchen and hospital equipment and hand railings,” reminisces Brent, “but we have evolved to include any and all types of metals, such as mild steel, copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, titanium and more. We also evolved to fabricate a large variety of products – wine racks and custom beer line piping for restaurants, artwork, custom exterior building trim, and monuments. I like to tell customers that if we can draw it, chances are we can fabricate it.” In the past, ACMF has partnered with artist Wei Yew for a couple of projects. The company has also worked with the renowned firm Totino Busby Design, who is known for its stunning graphic illustrations and broadcast animations. “Partnering with artists of this caliber helps us create monuments and art sculptures that will enchant the viewers for years to come,” smiles Brent. “It’s nice to know that we can bring an artist’s vision to life. Because of these projects, we are increasingly known as the custom metal firm in Edmonton that is not afraid to accept a challenge that involves both art and metal fabrication.”

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Whether ACMF is creating a stunning monument, like the one seen in the Cross Cancer Institute’s Healing Garden, or a powder blue stair rail that provides both beauty and safety, each and every client gets the care, detail, attention and quality they deserve. To ACMF, every project is equally important. “We sit down with the customer to fully understand what is required and expected from us,” says Brent. Not everyone that comes through our doors has a detailed drawing. Sometimes it’s just an idea and a scribbled sketch on a napkin! “One of the best-known products that we fabricate is custom guardrails/handrails for residential applications. We fabricate and install tempered glass too, if it works with the design and the customer wants it.” Some of ACMF’s largest projects to date include the 28-storey, LEED® Gold certified EPCOR Tower where the company created all of the stainless steel work on the main floor, all of the exterior hand railings (including glass) and each balcony that has a stainless

steel handrail; the Edmonton Oilers’ dressing room entrance doors at Rogers Place arena; and the official memorial at the legislature grounds. ACMF is also pleased to have a longstanding (about 16 years so far) relationship with Booster Juice, for whom they create stainless steel sinks, ice bins and sneeze guards posts for locations across Canada. ACMF has also send some custom work to select Booster Juice locations in Dubai. The company is also pleased to fabricate items such as chairs, table dollies and dunk tanks and barbeques for Edmonton’s famous Special Event Rentals company. Brent knows these, and all their other projects, are successful because of ACMF’s outstanding corporate culture. “We are always open to new and exciting challenges while remaining focused on the sustainable practices that keep our base functions going,” confirms Brent. “Our ideal team members are those that take an interest in their job and have a genuine desire to help the company grow; therefore they go the extra mile with their work and our clients to make this happen. That describes the employees we currently have. ACMF would not be the company it is today if it weren’t for these amazing employees.” He goes on to note a challenge brought about by customer perception. “Our biggest challenge is keeping our clients satisfied with a small shop atmosphere. We don’t want any client to become ‘just another job’, and we don’t want our clients to think our shop is too small to handle larger projects. We know everyone we do work for by name and that is what keeps our clients coming back. “Our biggest reward is the satisfaction in going out into the great city of Edmonton and seeing our products and craftsmanship first hand, be it a hand railing downtown, counter guards in a store, artwork or a glass walkthrough door we fabricated.”


“OUR BIGGEST REWARD IS THE SATISFACTION IN GOING OUT INTO THE GREAT CITY OF EDMONTON AND SEEING OUR PRODUCTS AND CRAFTSMANSHIP FIRST HAND, BE IT A HAND RAILING DOWNTOWN, WINE RACK IN A RESTAURANT, ARTWORK OR BBQ’S AT LOCAL FESTIVALS.” ‑ BRENT SIERMACHESKY At Alberta Food Equipment, we are committed to fulfilling all your commercial kitchen requirements by matching the most efficient and functional equipment and supplies to your budgetary and space constraints. Serving Edmonton for 30 years!

Congrats Alberta Custom Metal Fabricators!

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ACMF has already made their mark in Edmonton in ways that make the city safer and more beautiful, but they are not done yet. “We have a great team, shop and process. We’ll always keep fine tuning to make our process even more fluid.” As ACMF enjoys its 17th year in business, Brent looks back to where and how it all began. “Rob Lysons started ACMF in the fall of 1999. He started the company from scratch and built it to the company it is today with the help of the employees. Rob trained me to his high standards and promoted me to be his right-hand man, eventually instilling the confidence I needed to purchase the company. Rob moved to Wainwright with his family and ran ACMF for a few years, travelling back and forth; and when the time was right, he left his legacy, this company, in my hands with the expectation that I would continue to run it to the benefit of the clients, staff and city of Edmonton.” And that’s just what Brent loves, and continues, to do, every day. To learn more, visit



Alberta Custom Metal Fabricators! We are proud to be a part of your success.

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Alberta Custom Metal Fabricators Ltd. has fabricated an extensive range of custom projects throughout the province of Alberta since 1999. We take pride in our crafted work for both commercial and private clients.

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