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Congratulations to the Alberta Export Awards 2016 finalists! ~ The management and staff at Absolute Completion Technologies 2015 Winner – Oil & Gas Service/Supply





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Table of Contents Leadership 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . Leduc-Nisku Economic Development, Kudos Inc., Central Alberta: Access Prosperity, Alberta Canola Producers Commission 7 . . . . . . . . . . . Granify Manufacturing 8 . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Blue Process Equipment Inc., Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd. 10 . . . . . . . . . Itres Research Limited, Ketek Group, CNC Industries Ltd. Oil & Gas Service/Supply 12 . . . . . . . . . Sulphur Experts, Canalta Controls Ltd., Hunter Well Science 13 . . . . . . . . . High Arctic Energy Services, Stream-Flo Industries Ltd. Clean Technology 14 . . . . . . . . . EPT, Sirius Instrumentation and Controls Inc., Canadian Humalite International Inc, Genics Inc. 15 . . . . . . . . . Solex Thermal Science Inc. Consumer Products 16 . . . . . . . . . Oh! Naturals Flavoured Snacks Inc., Champion PetFoods, Aqua Contracting Ltd., RAM Manufacturing Ltd. 17 . . . . . . . . . Aliya’s Foods Agriculture Food & Beverage 18 . . . . . . . . . Aval Engineering, Hunterwood Technologies, Sunterra Meats, Columbia Seed Co. Ltd. 19 . . . . . . . . . W. A Grain & Pulse Solutions Professional Services 20 . . . . . . . . . Russell NDE Systems Inc., New West Opportunities Inc., SealWeld Corporation 21 . . . . . . . . . AOG International, The Uncomplicated Family Advanced Technology & Innovation 22 . . . . . . . . . Meggitt Target Systems Canada Inc., Innova Global Ltd., Evtech Solutions Ltd. 3-DP 23 . . . . . . . . . NanoSpeed Diagnostics Inc., Willowglen Systems Inc. Emerging Exporter 24 . . . . . . . . . Azgard Corporation, Integrity Products & Supplies Inc., Mill Frame Inc. 25 . . . . . . . . . DFC Diesel, OneSoft Solutions Inc.


• Leadership Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association


Kudos Inc.


he Leduc-Nisku Economic Development Association supports and educates companies on export opportunities in markets such as Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America, and connects companies with organizations that support their export needs. “We are motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit in Barbara McKenzie the Leduc-Nisku region,” says Barbara Engelbart McKenzie, executive director. “We are inspired and energized with each interaction, company tour, business lead and new startup. We are in the best position to support business growth regionally, provincially and internationally. Canadian goods, services and expertise are highly valued across the globe and Alberta must take advantage of export opportunities to help them diversify their business beyond the domestic market.”

udos Inc. is a technology company that develops and exports client engagement software. The company’s primary export is Social Recognition Software as a Service (SaaS). CEO and co-founder Muni Boga, who joined Kudos in 2011, was both delighted and surprised to hear Kudos was an Muni Boga Export Awards finalist. “When I hear about the impact we are making around the world, it’s humbling and exhilarating all at the same time. The world needs to know more about the innovative spirit that lives in Alberta.” He encourages other entrepreneurs, “Always think global – right from day one! Find the similarities between the various markets and build for these similarities whenever possible.”

Central Alberta: Access Prosperity

Alberta Canola Producers Commission


entral Alberta: Access Prosperity is an organization that promotes economic growth in the province’s centre region. “I managed my own consultancy company prior to joining Access Prosperity, and felt there would be a greater impact with assisting local companies through a regional organization dedicatPam Steckler ed to building a solid economic foundation,” says Pam Steckler, investment attraction officer. “Alberta offers some of the highest quality and technologically advanced products and services in the world. Our multifaceted portfolio extends far beyond what Alberta was once known for as an oil and gas-centric province. Our companies are leading the way in the areas of agriculture, innovation in manufacturing and technology, as well as the energy sector.” Alberta Export Awards | 6


ormed in 1989, the Alberta Canola Producers Commission works to help canola growers by providing research, promotional activities, education programs and market development support. General manager Ward Toma explains, “Alberta Canola was created by a group of canola farmers Ward Toma who wanted to grow. Most of our customers live beyond the borders of Alberta and only by developing export markets was this possible.” He advises, “Use Alberta and Canadian government staff in your target markets. Those folks have an abundance of contacts and local information that is invaluable.”



primary exporter of technology, Granify maximizes revenue for global retailers by harnessing the power of data science to provide the best experience for each online shopper. CEO Jeff Lawrence launched Granify in 2012 after seeing a need for a technology that could optimize the online shopJeff Lawrence ping experience. Lawrence was surprised and pleased to be an Export Awards finalist. “The importance of exports,” he explains, “is that it can support the diversification of Alberta’s economy by boosting the market size for technology companies. Generating revenue from global buyers and putting it into the pockets of Albertans by creating jobs here is the perfect scenario.”

Proud sponsors of the Alberta Export Awards

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 Alberta Export Awards. Supporting the visions of entrepreneurs one story at a time

When you shine, people notice. At Grant Thornton LLP, we’re proud to be ongoing supporters of the Alberta Export Awards and are delighted to sponsor this year’s award for Oil & Gas Service and Supply. We heartily congratulate the winners and finalists in all categories. Your dedication, hard work and passion are outstanding, and you truly deserve this esteemed recognition. © Grant Thornton LLP. A Canadian Member of Grant Thornton International Ltd

Alberta Export Awards | 7

• Manufacturing

5Blue Process Equipment Inc.


Blue Process Equipment Inc. is exporting oil and natural gas processing equipment to a few international clients, but the company currently has active proposals in more than 10 countries around the world. Kelly R. Smith, 5Blue’s founder and president, spent 35 years “involved in the manufacturing of custom-engineered products,” but saw an opportunity to share Alberta’s technology and expertise. Smith built on the connections he made during his career and looked to other countries, especially those in the Middle East, for new opportunities. His first foray into the international markets took him to Pakistan, which turned out to be “our most successful market for 20 years.” Smith believes exports can help “smooth out the highs and lows that are constant in the Alberta oil industry.” He also sees exports as essential to growing Canada’s economy. “Canadians have to participate in exporting our products,” he says. “We need to do our part in supporting an enhancement to the Canadian economy.” For Smith, there’s more than economics on the line. By looking outside Alberta’s borders, he says we can raise the profile of the entire nation as well. “The ultimate ‘thrill’ was proving that we are good,” he notes. “We have know-how equal to or better than many countries that have typically been the well-known exporters.”

Kelly R. Smith

Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd.


Patrick Rabby

Alberta Export Awards | 8

ounded in 1986, Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd. designs and manufactures blowout prevention equipment for the oil and gas industry worldwide. Particularly known for their expertise in the conventional and top drive drill stem market niche, their primary exports include top drive drill stem safety valves (DSSV) and hydraulic rotary actuators. Focusing on agility without compromising quality is what company president Patrick Rabby describes as key to the company’s global success in the industry. “Custom solutions can be engineered and shipped in a matter of weeks. Our parts and equipment ship globally, and from our customer’s standpoint, they have to be perfect. Their safety and productivity depends on it.” Exports have played an important role in advancements in the oil and drilling industries. Rabby explains, “We are proud to have pioneered products that are of benefit to top drive manufacturers, owners and operators. We helped revolutionize inside blowout prevention and drill stem valve actuation in our industry. Our dual ball valves are used on the largest offshore rigs in the world.” “We were thrilled to be considered an Export Awards finalist,” concludes Rabby. “My thanks goes to all our valued customers. Without them, this company would not have enjoyed the success we have had over the past 30 years. I also express my thanks to our employees for their dedication and commitment to our company and our industry.”

“We are proud and honoured to be finalists in the Alberta Export Awards. We share this recognition with our valued team, as well as our clients. Their dedication has contributed to our success”. ~ Kelly Smith, 5Blue Process Equipment Inc. WE ARE 5BLUE 5Blue Process Equipment Inc. provides the oil and gas processing industry with high quality, custom engineered products worldwide. Focused on client performance, our team thrives on adding value by designing innovative solutions to meet technical and operational challenges. With a combined 200+ years of experience, our team of experts provides solutions for a diverse group of clients ranging from start-ups to the biggest oil and gas corporations globally.

2303 – 8th Street Nisku, Alberta T9E 7Z3 Phone: 780-955-2040 • Fax: 780-955-7479 •

Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd Phone: 780-435-1111 Email: “Thank you to all our customers, staff and partners whose support and contributions have allowed us to continue to expand our international presence and be selected as a finalist for this year’s Alberta Export Awards.” Alberta Export Awards | 9

• Manufacturing ITRES Research Limited

Ketek Group



ncorporated in 1979, ITRES is a commercial hyperspectral company that designs, constructs and exports imaging systems for space, aircraft, unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV) and ground applications. Tyler Ivanco, PhD, president of ITRES, notes, “We are constantly evolving our product line to meet the needs of our varied clients throughout the world. Exports provide Albertans with a means to develop beyond the extraction of natural resources to that of our intellectual creativity. Our future depends on the renewable resource of our people’s ingenuity, driven by the export of our products and ideas.” He advises, “Know your export regulations well, engage partners in your target locations, and be patient and creative in the use of financial tools.”

etek Group provides industry-leading services through a variety of divisions, from manufacturing to environmental solutions. The company’s primary export includes thermal oxidizers. Excited to be an Export Awards finalist, CEO Richard Abel describes launching Ketek in 1979 after seeing “an opportunity to Richard Abel enter into business in an exciting industry.” “Alberta is a wealth of innovation,” states Abel on the importance of exporting, “and as we continually reach for lower cost, more efficient or less environmentally impactful solutions, we have an obligation to share them with the world.” Abel’s advice to future exporters is, “Know your market. The world market is significantly different than the local one. A lack of understanding of this will lead to failure.”

CNC Industries Ltd.


ounded in 1985, CNC Industries supplies specialized heavy equipment parts. Their primary exports include wear components for mobile mining equipment and downhole tools for the oilfield. Motivated by “making quality products and providing solutions for customers in some of the most exciting industries on the globe,” Perry Gill VP of operations Perry Gill joined CNC in 2005. “Alberta is recognized around the world as an innovative and quality-oriented province,” quotes Gill. “We are only furthering this esteemed reputation when we export goods and services.” Gill’s advice for future exporters is, “Use all the tools, services and support systems that are offered by the government or private agencies. They can help to save time and money as you go.” Alberta Export Awards | 10

Proud sponsors of the Alberta Export Awards

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 Alberta Export Awards. Supporting the visions of entrepreneurs one story at a time

•O  il & Gas Service/Supply Canalta Controls Ltd.

Sulphur Experts


ulphur Experts is a process engineering company that provides specialized testing, analytical and engineering support services to the gas processing and refining industry. President Jamie Swallow, who joined Sulphur Experts in 2003, says, “I am motivated by travelling to the many areas of Jamie Swallow the world in which we conduct business, and meeting with customers. Alberta is a limited market, and in order to grow, you need to look outside your boundaries.” Swallow’s advice to future exporters is that, “Barriers to trade will not be the ones you initially expect. Be prepared to expend a lot of energy and time on seemingly trivial things.”

Celebrating its 30th year in operation, Canalta Controls Ltd. has grown to be one of Alberta’s premier exporters of natural gas metering and control equipment. CEO Michael Clark is excited about the future and the “tremendous opportunity to expand on the initiatives and momentum already underway.” Michael Clark Clark’s advice for other Alberta companies getting into exporting is to work regionally with good partners while thinking globally. “A focus on exporting Alberta’s products and services is vital to maintaining and increasing the opportunities for not only our current citizens, but also the generations to come,” he says. “The world will only benefit from increased access to the abundant knowledge, talent, experience and resources that Alberta is blessed with.”

Hunter Well Science


Lane D. Roberts

Alberta Export Awards | 12

unter Well Science develops and manufactures downhole logging solutions, with downhole wireline logging tools forming their primary export. Lane D. Roberts, CEO and president, launched Hunter Well Science in 2009 after noticing a need for better technologies to be brought to local independent service providers. “The global wireline logging business had long been dominated by three or four multinational service companies,” Roberts explains. “There was a need in the market to provide similar or better technologies to the many local independent service providers worldwide. We saw an opportunity to bring a suite of new technologies required by the global oil and gas companies.” Now, says Roberts, Hunter Well Science is motivated by seeing Alberta-made technologies successfully implemented around the world. “We feel a responsibility to help lead Alberta energy-based manufacturers to broaden their client base beyond Canada and beyond North America.” “We operate in a global economy,” states Roberts as he explains the importance of exporting Alberta’s goods and services. “Geographically constraining your market will ensure your obsolescence because your global competitors will not.” Roberts’s advice for future exporters is, “The strength of your company must be your core. Your core must be excellent and must continuously improve, then your international clients become your best salespeople.”

Stream-Flo Industries Ltd.

High Arctic Energy Services


ith a 20-plus year history, High Arctic has grown from a small startup with three employees to a publicly-listed international oilfield services company with approximately 800 employees. Headquartered in Calgary, High Arctic operates in Canada and Papua New Guinea, providing well servicThomas Alford ing, drilling, snubbing, nitrogen services and equipment rentals to its customers. High Arctic is the largest operator of heli-portable drilling rigs in Papua New Guinea and employs approximately 300 local employees in the country. Thomas Alford joined High Arctic as a director in 2014 before being appointed interim president and CEO in August, 2016.


tream-Flo manufactures wellheads, gate valves, check valves, valve automation and controls in Edmonton, and provides innovative support services for the oil and gas industry. The family company is run by Duncan, Mark and Doug McNeill. “Manufacturing and exporting these technologies and Duncan McNeill products not only creates jobs in Alberta, it develops highly-specialized engineering and manufacturing expertise for Alberta companies,” the owners note. The management team believes exporting is so important that it transcends their own needs, leading them to support and encourage other companies. “We look to give a helping hand to fellow Canadian companies to get into the export game. Diversifying helps the economy, employment, security and the viability of our business.”

Calgary-based developers and manufacturers of Cased Hole Logging solutions, Hunter Well Science provide a range of products and support services that enable independent service companies to offer comparable technology to the majors. In addition to becoming the preferred product partner and supplier for a growing number of Wireline Logging Service companies, we also fill an important role as their “R&D” team and technology developer. Continued growth of our export sales market has resulted in Hunter equipment now being used in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and China. World-Class Products. World-Class Support.

Proud supporter of the Haiti ARISE Technical & Professional School, providing quality technical and skilled trade education. Alberta Export Awards | 13

• Clean Technology EPT


Sirius Instrumentation and Controls Inc.


PT and its vice president, Peter Dufresne, are reducing carbon footprints around the world. By exporting lubricant purification technology for critical rotating equipment, such as turbines, EPT’s clean oil products makes energy production more efficient. Dufresne believes AlberPeter Dufresne tan ingenuity can solve problems for industrial facilities here and abroad. “The challenges we face are similar,” he says. “Having the ability to improve operating efficiency at some of the largest industrial facilities in the world has been very rewarding.” For up-and-coming exporters, he recommends finding strategic partners. “Once your technology and product is 100 per cent, leverage your expertise by using strategic partners to fill any gaps in your business.”

irius Instrumentation and Controls Inc. provides solar-powered chemical injection systems, AC chemical injection systems, environmentally-friendly tank systems, solar products, and emission reduction instrumentation to the oil and gas industry. The company’s main exports are chemical injection systems and solar Mike Smith power skids. “We have a sales process that digs right into the root of the customers’ needs to ensure the solution will save them money and bring value to their organization. We are a solutions provider, not just a product provider,” notes Mike Smith, vice president, sales and marketing. “Alberta has top-notch expertise which creates great products and services that solve customers’ problems. This needs to be shared outside of our country.”

Canadian Humalite International Inc.

Genics Inc.


anadian Humalite International Inc. (CHI) is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty soil amending products. CHI takes humalite, an organic and distinctly Albertan raw material, from the ground and transforms it into soil products for agricultural communities around the world. CEO Andrew Clark Andrew Clark states, “The biggest motivator is the knowledge that our products are having a measurable impact. We are helping growers around the world adopt more sustainable agricultural practices, to protect their livelihood and to act as responsible stewards of the earth. That’s a big deal for us.” CHI is proud to represent Alberta in the global marketplace and to play a role in diversifying Alberta’s economy. Alberta Export Awards | 14


enics Inc. specializes in wood treatment products that are used in a number of industries, including utilities, farming, railway ties and construction. Joe Chinyavong (business development) is helping the company expand to reach new markets and potentially new heights. “The idea of growth moJoe Chinyavong tivates me in life and this business,” Chinyavong says. “There is a lot of potential with the innovative technologies and research that is occurring here.” He believes companies in Canada should focus on quality and doing what they say they will do. “If you have a good product or service accompanied with great customer service, then it will speak for itself, adding value in the marketplace.”

Solex Thermal Science Inc.


olex Thermal Science is a heat exchanger manufacturer that applies thermal science to find efficient solutions for heating, cooling and drying free-flowing bulk solids. Solex primarily exports high-efficiency heat exchangers. President Paul Crawford joined the business in 2010 after meeting the innovative Solex team. “It is an interesting company that is making a difference in the area of energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of many companies around the world,” he says. “We feel grateful and excited that we are being recognized for the great accomplishments of our people and our products worldwide. “Alberta has an abundance of world-class business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovative professionals who can expand the province’s customer base in the world by providing them with the products and services they need. The globalized economy is ever growing and fostering an innovative culture. Our strength as a company depends on our ability to compete on a global stage.” Crawford’s advice to future exporters is, “Exporting can quickly propel your business to the next level. Make sure that you are willing to devote the necessary time, effort and resources, and have a clear plan on what you want to achieve. Flexibility is important as any part of your plan may need to be adapted as export market environments are ever-changing.”

Paul Crawford

The most efficient commercial and industrial heat exchanger technology on the market. 90% less energy. Near zero emissions.

We are finalists because of our brilliant staff. Thank you, Solexers! Suite 250, 4720 - 106 Ave S.E. Calgary, AB, Canada T2C 3G5 • 403.254.3500 1.866.379.3500 • Alberta Export Awards | 15

• Consumer Products Oh! Naturals Flavoured Snacks Inc.


Champion Petfoods


h! Naturals Flavoured Snacks manufactures 100 per cent fruit and vegetable snacks, offering a healthy, affordable, tasty snack choice for all ages. Oh! Naturals Snacks are preservative-, glutenand nut-free, and also suitable for vegans. “As a child, I disliked most foods, textures and Rhonda Goldberg smells. I barely survived and was force-fed to keep me alive!” admits Rhonda Goldberg, company president. “There were two food groups that helped with me survive: banana and potatoes.” Today, all of Oh! Natural’s products are based on banana chips and sweet potato fries. Oh! Naturals Flavoured Snacks are exported from Alberta to a variety of retail chains across Canada, and thanks to industry trends, this company is growing fast.

hampion Petfoods provides Alberta-made pet food to pet lovers in over 80 countries. President and CEO Frank Burdzy had an extensive career in the agri-food industry, which made him the perfect fit to join Champion in 2010. Under his leadership, Champion has grown by having an unwavering commitment Frank Burdzy to its Biologically Appropriate™, fresh regional ingredient, never-outsourced mission. The Champion team worked to become market entry specialists, and continue to open up new markets worldwide. Exporting Alberta-made goods is a point of pride for Burdzy. “The made-in-Canada [label] is recognized and reputable everywhere,” he says. “Exporting Alberta’s goods shows the world how proud we are of our Canadian brand.”

Aqua Contracting Ltd.

RAM Manufacturing Ltd.


qua International Trade provides high-quality, reliable and effective natural products to global markets. They specialize in unique, natural Mediterranean, Anatolian, French Polynesian and North American organic cosmetics and oils. As well as unique organic hair, skin and spa products, they provide Didem Erman custom product manufacturing and spa menu design services for clients. Their products have been used in high-end spas and hotels since 2009. Aqua listens to businesses’ needs and provides solutions through global sourcing of products and markets. With Canada serving as the international sales office for OQON and SARU, they are introducing these products to international markets such as China, Iran, Unites Stated, Taiwan, Russia and more. Alberta Export Awards | 16


AM is a provider of residential and commercial elevators and lifts. “We actually make products that help people, so the overall fit [I was looking for] in a technical, challenging business with a mission is great,” says Graham Kawulka, head of commercial operations. Graham Kawulka “I believe that although energy is a major component of our local economy, natural resources can’t be the only offering Alberta has. We have an extensive depth of talent in engineering, manufacturing and logistics in the province. Highlighting these aspects and how we can leverage them to diversify the economy through exports is key to what I believe will help keep Alberta strong and vibrant.”

Aliya’s Foods


ndian food is probably not your go-to idea of Albertan cuisine, but many people around the world are enjoying authentic Indian meals made right here in Alberta. It’s all thanks to Noorudin and Anis Jiwani and their company, Aliya’s Foods, which exports frozen Indian appetizers and entrées. Noorudin Jiwani The Jiwanis founded Aliya’s Foods when they noticed “a big gap in the market when it came to authentic Indian food.” They started the company to fill that gap. Today, their foods are shipped all over North America. They encourage all businesses to start exporting from Alberta. “It is not as difficult as people make it sound,” Noorudin Jiwani says. “[Exporting] diversifies and strengthens our economy.”

Proud sponsors of the Alberta Export Awards

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 Alberta Export Awards. Supporting the visions of entrepreneurs one story at a time

“Congratulations to the Alberta Export Awards 2016 finalists” ~ Darryl and Warren Nelson, Nelson Environmental Remediation Ltd., 2015 Winner – Clean Technology

Nelson Environmental Remediation is an Alberta based environmental solutions corporation. Our Thermal Desorption technology is an innovative ex-situ process for remediation of contaminated soils, sediments and sludges. Thermal desorption safely recycles contaminated soil from liability to valuable asset for reuse. Soil is preserved while eliminating liabilities of transportation, long term disposal and backfill importation.

Alberta Export Awards | 17

• Agriculture Food & Beverage Aval Engineering


Hunterwood Technologies


val Engineering’s services include project engineering, construction management, material management, field engineering, procurement and controls, quality assurance, material inspections, as-build recording and compliance consulting. CFO Jeremie Lavoie is excited about the company’s momentum. “Expanding in new markets in different Jeremie Lavoie cultures is also something I have learned to deeply enjoy,” Lavoie notes. “With a population of educated, dynamic people constantly demonstrating entrepreneurship, there is a need to look outside our borders and sell those new products and vast expertise to areas that need them,” he says of exporting from Alberta. He was also quick to acknowledge his co-workers when he heard Aval was an Export Awards finalist. “This is a team accomplishment … we collectively win!”

unterwood Technologies supplies industrial agricultural equipment to the global forage export market. The company was incorporated in 1995, after Rick Littlewood, president and owner, recognized a need for equipment that could efficiently and reliably double compress forages. “Providing industry-leadRick Littlewood ing equipment that meets the demands of our client base and leads in areas of technology, production, practicality and safety are what I see value in,” says Littlewood. “Exporting made-in-Alberta goods to global markets gives buyers reliability and technological advantages that help drive our local, provincial and national economies.” He advises, “Believe in your idea. Develop a strong plan, surround yourself with the right people, and be open to learning and developing.”

Sunterra Meats

Columbia Seed Co. Ltd.


unterra Meats has been serving the people of Alberta and export markets for nearly three decades as a part of an innovative food group with farming, processing and retail operations. Ray Price, president, says the company was started because the Alberta families who owned it “believed that Ray Price our high-quality products from our farms were not reaching domestic or international consumers.” Price says Alberta’s companies need to be resilient in export markets, noting businesses should “stay committed to the market through the ups and downs. In the new Alberta economy, exporting can diversify the economy, create jobs in Alberta and add value to products that would otherwise be sold as a commodity.”

Alberta Export Awards | 18


olumbia Seed Co. Ltd. has been exporting seeds to international markets since 1964. Jörg & Petra Klempnauer bought the company in 1996 to gain access to foreign markets. Today, the company exports specialty seeds around the world. Their processing plant can sort 12 metric tons of seeds Jörg & Petra Klempnauer per hour, making them one of the largest seed exporting companies in the province. Klempnauer is straightforward when he talks about why exporting is important for Alberta. “We can produce the best quality for the best price,” he says. For anyone who’s thinking about getting into exporting in Alberta, Klempnauer says you need patience and good relationships. “Start small, focus on quality and listen to your customers.”

W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions


lberta’s agricultural scene is far more diverse than just Alberta beef. W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions has been contracting, processing and exporting pulse crops, plants grown solely to harvest their dried seeds, for nearly a decade. Founders Chris and Tracey Chivilo say Alberta needs to develop foreign markets to secure its economic Chris Chivilo future. “The domestic Canadian and American markets for Alberta commodities is not large enough to absorb the vast amounts produced,” she explains. “Until there is more value-added processing, we have no alternative than to export.” The founders feel honoured to have their company selected as an Export Awards finalist and say their real motivation is “creating jobs and doing what people say can’t be done.”

Proud sponsors of the Alberta Export Awards

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 Alberta Export Awards. Supporting the visions of entrepreneurs one story at a time

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Alberta Export Awards 19 2016-10-03 12:23| PM

• Professional Services

Russell NDE Systems Inc.


ussell NDE Systems Inc. has over 40 years of experience in non-destructive testing (NDT), and primarily exports instrumentation for the non-destructive testing of materials. “I am motivated by a feeling of contributing to world progress, in this case high technology, in my trade,” says David E. Russell, president, who launched the company in 1972. “A province or country is judged by the products or services it exports. We cannot grow our economy by remaining as sellers of our natural resources alone. It is important for our growth to make secondary products which offer added value to our customers and to do so in a world-class way.” He advises other entrepreneurs looking into exporting, “Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Canada has excellent resources to assist exporters, and even to insure foreign receivables for reasonable rates. If your goods or services have sold well at home, then they will likely sell well abroad. Be careful not to grow too fast, and choose your export markets carefully. Start with the United States.” Russell is pleased the Russell team has been chosen as an Export Awards finalist. “We feel very proud that someone thought well enough about our contribution to Alberta exports to nominate us!”

David E. Russell

New West Opportunities Inc.


ew West Opportunities Inc. provides business development and energy-related project management services. Under the guidance of senior partner and COO Shane Pospisil, New West accelerates clients through energy sector strategy and supply chain optimization, project development and management, regional and community economic development, Shane Pospisil strategic communications and branding, and export market development. Pospisil enjoys the, “International competition and the feeling of representing top-notch Alberta business interests on the global stage.” He advises future exporters to, “Identify the international opportunities which match your core competencies, assess and evaluate your relative value proposition within these markets, then target, execute and be relentless in making it happen.”

Alberta Export Awards | 20

Sealweld Corporation


ealweld® reduces pipeline valve leakage through innovative products. The company exports industrial lubricants, sealants and fittings for use in oil and gas pipelines to over 90 countries. “Being a family-run business has us putting people before profits,” says Andrea Arient, president. Andrea Arient “Our export strategy has been a cornerstone of our financial performance through this recent economic recession. We have seen growth due to our diversification in different markets. This has enabled us continued growth where most of our competitors are facing downsizing.” Arient cautions, “An export marketing strategy is also a long game, not something that can be won overnight, so it takes dedication to see the results of such efforts.”

A big THANK YOU to EDC for nominating us for this prestigious award. The last 30 years have gone by in a blur, thanks to the opportunities that have come our way to invent new products. There seems to be a never-ending procession of non-destructive testing applications that need a solution, and we have the team to dream-up the answers! From robots to sensors. From corrosion detection under insulation to inspection of boiler tubes 100 feet up, the Russell team has delivered innovation to the world. Thank you team! You are awesome! Your humble leader Dave Russell President of Russell NDE Systems and PICA Corp.

(780) 468-6800 •

AOG International


OG International is a freight forwarding and project logistics company. Established in 2003, AOG focuses on exporting products to customers using the best shipping solutions, and ensuring all regulations and sanctions are correctly followed. Christina Forth, president and CEO, was excited to be named an Export Christina Forth Awards finalist. “I love the industry. It’s amazing to see all of the new manufacturing we have in Alberta.” Exporting is important, quotes Forth, because “We are innovative, and other countries are looking for the knowledge and technology that Alberta has to offer.” Forth’s advice is, “Make sure you are aware of what Incoterms are when it comes to shipping your products, work with the Canadian Trade Commissioners and make sure you know your partners abroad.”

The Uncomplicated Family


he Uncomplicated Family Corporate Group is a health innovation company that focuses on enhancing quality of life for individuals and families who are affected by disabilities. Founded in 2006 and joined by Communities Uncomplicated in 2013, The Uncomplicated Family’s primary exports include Teleroo™ technologies, Robyn Henderson alongside professional training and support. Founder and CEO Robyn Henderson was thrilled to find out they are an Export Awards finalist. “Alberta has the potential to lead the world in health innovation,” she states. Henderson’s advice for future exporters is, “Just do it! We are in the age of information and knowledge-based businesses. The global economy allows for tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to share their vision on a world stage.” Alberta Export Awards | 21

• Advanced Technology & Innovation Innova Global Ltd.

Meggitt Target Systems Canada Inc.


eggitt Target Systems (MTAS) provides unmanned air, land and surface vehicle targets for live-fire training and weapon system tests and evaluations. “MTAS primary exports target systems and services to Canada’s allies in NATO as well as many Pacific Rim countries,” informs David Sabados, David Sabados director of operations. “In some instances, we train the end user to operate the equipment, and in other instances our customers use the skills of our field operatives.” He is pleased MTAS is an Export Awards finalist. “Due to the nature of the business, we work in relative anonymity. It feels very nice to know that what we do is being noticed, and recognized.”


nnova Global is an engineering, fabrication and construction management company. Launched in 1992, Innova designs and supplies specialized equipment for the reduction of air contaminants, noise and waste heat. “Alberta has grown abundant intellectual talent and energy industry exHarold (Harry) Wong perience in a spectacular natural setting,” quotes president and CEO Harold (Harry) Wong. “Exporting our goods and services not only creates and preserves jobs and intellectual capital in Alberta, but it also gives Albertans an opportunity to showcase technology that benefits the environment.” Wong’s best advice for future exporters is, “Work with Canadian government embassies to establish export market contacts and your own presence in the market.”



Evan Hansen

Alberta Export Awards | 22

ased in Calgary and servicing clients as far as Mongolia, 3D-P provides excellence in mission-critical communications for the mining industry to address complex integration and networking challenges. Formed in 1996 after four partners recognized the need for automation in the mining industry, the company’s main exports include rugged computers and wireless communications technology. David Fisk, vice president, sales & marketing, explains, “3D-P is motivated by maintaining technical leadership in our chosen market and meeting our customers’ needs with leading-edge technologies.” One of 3D-P’s innovative technology solutions is Intelligent Endpoint™ – a rugged computing and integration device engineered for use in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments. The company’s product lineup also includes a hybrid fuel cell and solar trailer. The generator monitors the battery charge level and recharges it, and automatically switches to standby when required. 3D-P’s products are backed by services such as site surveys, custom engineering, training, and turnkey network design. With a full range of products and services deigned to keep mining companies connected, it’s no wonder 3D-P has enjoyed success for over 20 years. Fisk’s advice for future exporters is, “Recognize that every culture is different, and it is up to us to understand the culture of the people we are dealing with, and to develop a local support in the market.”

NanoSpeed Diagnostics Inc.


anoSpeed offers Test4D™, the world’s first point-of-care vitamin D deficiency test that allows patients to safely test for vitamin D deficiency/ sufficiency levels on the spot in the doctor’s office, or in the field without any equipment. Test4D is distributed throughout Europe, China, India, the Philippines and most Rajan and Seema Gupta parts of the world. Doctors Seema Gupta, president, and Rajan Gupta, senior advisor, say, “As health-care costs are escalating around the world, our mandate was to develop and market point-of-care medical diagnostics that provide immediate results, are less expensive than traditional tests, create almost no biological waste and are less costly to develop.” NanoSpeed is currently developing tests for calcium and iron deficiency, and thyroid profiles.

Willowglen Systems Inc.


illowglen Systems provides turnkey industrial automation solutions and deploys products in every province in China – driving power grids, metro-rail networks and power plants. Willowglen’s technology controls gas distribution in Singapore, the oil and gas networks for the country of Bahrain, Wayne Karpoff provides power for Canada’s North and is used to operate the world’s largest petroleum pipelines. “As an entrepreneur, I recognized the opportunity we could have on challenges facing the world today – from lowering environmental impact to boosting operational efficiency,” says Wayne Karpoff, president. “What gets me to work daily is watching our team step up to the challenges of our mission and seeing the impact of that effort on the world.”

Alberta Export Awards 2016 Finalist

High Performance Mine Networks 9

Global Customer Base


Wireless Networks for the Mining Industry


Mine Systems Integration


Global 24/7 Customer Support


Network Provider to the World’s Largest Mining Companies

3D-P is a Calgary-based technology company with offices in North and South America, as well as Australia. Through a complete range of wireless connectivity solutions, 3D-P ensures high performance of its customers’ wireless network and real-time access to their critical production and asset health data, while 3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoint (IEP) product line provides powerful edge computing, for optimal management of their operations every day.

To learn more, call 3D-P at + 1.403.203.3018 or visit Alberta Export Awards | 23

•E  merging Exporter Integrity Products and Supplies Inc.

Azgard Corporation


zgard Corporation is a testament to the ingenuity of Albertan exporters. Founded in 1981, the company supplied steam stimulation services in the oilfields, but had to pivot when the price of oil dropped. Azgard then spent the next 20 years designing and manufacturing pipeline anchors, helical piles Neale Johannesson and above-ground storage tanks, becoming one of Alberta’s fastest growing companies. Seeing another opportunity, however, led to a second pivot in 2010: solar energy. Today, Azgard Corporation develops and builds solar energy projects. Changing and adapting is a major part of any business’ success. For Azgard, knowing when to change has made them one of Alberta’s most recognizable exporters.


ntegrity Products creates, manufactures and distributes products for industries worldwide, including their primary export, Integrity Plugz™ Inspection Ports. Integrity Products is “a young and growing Alberta-based company that’s energetic, inventing new products and providing real solutions Andrew LeMoine to specific challenges facing industries,” says Andrew LeMoine, vice president, strategy and structure. LeMoine explains Alberta’s exporting industry is important for “creating jobs, attracting talented people and increasing our tax base.” “Do your homework well in advance,” he advises future exporters. “Having a well-developed plan will be key to keeping you organized and on track, and have the flexibility to adjust your plans based on new information.”

Mill Frame Inc.


ill Frame has only been open for a year, but in that time they’ve built an impressive and successful business. Specializing in structural wooden components and professional labour, Mill Frame was created to fill a gap in the market, providing the supplies and the labour to help finish construction projects in Western Canada and the Western United States. “We saw that there was a huge opportunity for our services in the Western United States,” Richard Blair Nutting, VP sales and marketing, says. “There is a multi-family housing building boom in Seattle and California right now and an acute shortage of labour to complete the projects.” For anyone thinking about entering the export business in Alberta, Nutting recommends doing your research, starting with Export Development Canada, and seeking value in transactions. “Look into the programs that Export Development Canada offers. They have a lot of great programs to reduce the risk for Canadian exporters,” he says. “Research the market, the competitors and make sure you have enough financing to fund your growth.” He and his team are pleased to be an Export Awards finalist. “We were very excited to be recognized,” he says. “We expected that our business was going to do well, but we didn’t expect it to go this well!”

Richard Blair Nutting

Alberta Export Awards | 24

DFC Diesel


FC Diesel is a production manufacturing facility specializing in building and re-manufacturing select models of Dodge, Ford and Chevy diesel engines. Matt Adams, owner and president, began building diesel engines as a subcontractor before founding DFC Diesel in 2010. His passion, he Matt Adams describes, involves finding unique ways to build more efficient, higher-quality engines. As the company mandate explains, for DFC Diesel, their quality is their success and their mission is to use the highest level of standards and the most advanced machining equipment to produce the highest-quality precision engines in the industry.

OneSoft Solutions Inc.


neSoft Solutions Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, OneBridge Solutions Inc., provides revolutionary, Microsoft cloud-based software solutions for oil and gas pipeline operators. OneBridge’s Cognitive Integrity Management (CIM) application has the capability to analyze multiple historical Tim Edward in-line inspection data sets, using machine learning, predictive analytics and other data science tools. Tim Edward, president, has been developing innovative pipeline software for more than 20 years. Along with Brandon Taylor, CTO, the company’s mission is to develop disruptive new technology that can ultimately prevent pipeline failures, through automated processes involving advanced analysis of the significant amounts of structured and unstructured pipeline data that already exist.

PA S S I O N / E X P E R I E N C E We are honoured to be a 2016 finalist in the Alberta Export Awards and share this recognition with our valued customers and employees. Our continued success is based upon our teamwork, drive and attention to detail by all of our employees.

~ Blair Nutting, VP Sales and Marketing

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• International Business Studies Scholarship Duncan Pardoe


Kara Lee


s a University of Calgary Business student entering his third year of business specializing in international business, Duncan is incredibly passionate about global markets, international business strategy, and cross border transactions. During his time at the Haskayne School of Business (University of Calgary), he has had the Duncan Pardoe incredible opportunity to connect with, study, and contribute to the international business community in Alberta. Duncan plans to participate in an international academic exchange to either the Quinn School of Business in Dublin, Ireland, or travel to the University of South Australia to participate in an international exchange to expand and diversify his knowledge of international business and the global import/export community.

hrough her time at the Haskayne School of Business, Kara took numerous international business related courses such as Global Strategic Management, International Trade, and Global Environment of Canadian Business. Additionally, Kara studied up to the intermediate level of the Spanish language. Kara Kara Lee was fortunate enough to participate in an International Exchange program to study in Adelaide, Australia for five months. While overseas, Kara focused on International Tourism and Marketing where she was able to work with Australian companies and professors to gain a greater understanding as to how they do business. Her time spent studying in both Calgary and Australia has given her a broad knowledge base and strong outlook into the field of International Business.

Nicole Misener

Shaheer Tariq


icole is a recent graduate from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, General Management Degree. Also, a candidate for the Masters of Global Business program at the University of Victoria, and will be entering her first year of studies in September 2016. During Nicole’s studies she Nicole Misener worked fulltime as an international shipping manager for Carmanah Signs, a digital sign manufacturing company, and was responsible for managing their inventory and export/import documentation. During her graduate studies she will be attending universities in Victoria, Canada; Montpellier, France; and Seoul, South Korea.


haheer has actively pursued opportunities to internationalize his degree since his first year at the University of Calgary. Shaheer realized early on that in an increasingly globalized and intertwined world, understanding the global economy through international experience is crucial. In Shaheer’s first year, he was the Vice Shaheer Tariq President of Sponsorship for a student-run organization that connects students with international internships, and most recently after the end his second year, spent a month interning in China. Shaheer was among the first Albertan students to intern in China through CRCCs program, and hopes that by showing students how rewarding it can be, is not the last. “My goal is to continue expanding my horizons by working abroad next summer “.

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