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Advanced Coolant Branches Out Visionary owners take a former coolant recycling company to new heights with an expanded range of products and services. Photos and Editorial by Nerissa McNaughton ADVANCED COOLANT TECHNOLOGIES | 15 YEARS 75


lmer and Duane Bassani were asked to join Advanced Coolant Technologies in 2009. In 2010, Duane’s wife Rita joined the company. As two busy entrepreneurs seeking that elusive work/life balance, they saw the offer as an opportunity to get involved with an interesting, niche product while using their entrepreneurial skills and having more time to devote to family. They said yes and seven years later, they have never regretted that decision.

a lot of changes in the past few years – and a lot of growth. “We established a facility in Calgary in 2013. We always had a presence there but grew to the point where we needed a facility to service southern Alberta.”They’ve branched out too. The original founder set up ACT as a coolant recycler, but careful business strategy and customers pleased with ACT’s service enabled the husband and wife team, along with Elmer Bassani, Duane’s father and business partner, to expand their services and products.

Advanced Coolant Technologies (ACT) provides cost-effective solutions of glycols and coolants and recovering coolant products for their clients. Not only does this help companies save money, it keeps dangerous chemicals out of landfills and bodies of water. ACT processes automotive, commercial and industrial fluids; manages waste coolant and installs bulk coolant and windshield washer fluid systems. Depending on the application, ACT can provide virgin or recycled fluids. The company deploys their diverse range of services across many industries including mining, automotive, industrial and oil field. ACT also supplies glycols for heating systems in high rises, hospitals, government buildings, office towers and historical landmarks, to name a few.

While ACT still recovers coolant, the company only sells new coolant for engines. The recovered coolant is sent to the industrial market for a variety of eco-friendly applications. These days ACT provides an extensive variety of coolants, including: fully formulated, pre-mixed extended life, nitrite free coolants, methanol, heavy duty extended life, windshield washer fluid, and pressure testing solutions.

“ACT used to be based north of St. Albert,” Duane says, “but the company quickly outgrew that location.” In fact, there have been

The owners have greatly enjoyed expanding the business beyond its original concept, and clients have been quick to

ACT provides services for a wide range of industries include: pressure testing, equipment maintenance, beltwetting, ice prevention, dust suppressant, heat transfer fluid, glycol dehydration towers, collection and transportation of coolant, and so much more.


Duane, Rita and Elmer Bassani. ADVANCED COOLANT TECHNOLOGIES | 15 YEARS | 3

respond to what they have to offer. The fact that they are a mid-sized company does not detract from their ability to service nationally recognized companies.

honoured when a large company endorses us and is happy to have a one-stop solution to blend, deliver and pump the products they need.”

“We have an affiliation with a large oil company. That was very good for networking for us,” says Rita. “It opened a lot of doors for our industrial applications. We still service a wide variety of smaller businesses, lube shops, dealerships and commercial clients but this affiliation helped us expand into a much larger market.”

The business owners reflect, from time to time, on what affords them their continuous success and when asked what advice they would give to emerging entrepreneurs, they speak from many years of experience.

“We have the ability to service very large industrial projects for large industrial contractors,” confirms Duane, and servicing clients of all sizes isn’t the only way this company stands out. “We are able to produce, customize and deliver the product ourselves according to their unique specifications.”

“It’s best to work with your employees not above them. They have good insight and recommendations that should be taken into consideration,” counsels Rita. “It is important to also maintain a healthy respect for each other.” “Work hard and be involved, not at arm’s length,” adds Duane. “You have to be there with your staff.”

“Customer service is a big thing for us,” adds Rita. “We have received a lot of positive comments about our customer service. When you call you get a real person who strives respond to inquiries and fulfill order requirements as quickly as possible.”

As the first quarter of 2016 draws to a close, Duane and Rita are pleased with the progress ACT has made so far – and look forward to many exciting things for the company in the future.

Advanced Coolant is family owned and run. The values of teamwork, honesty, dedication and initiative drive everyone from the management team to the reception desk. “Our staff are valued and we have a great team. We work well together and appreciate their dedication,” acknowledges Rita of their hard working staff. Everyone here knows that the customers come first and they all ensure that the client’s needs are met.

“There is new technology in automotive coolant,” they are very excited about this development. “It’s a different type of coolant to work with changing engine specs. We are also excited about our growth and the latest facility in Calgary. Our focus now is to prepare for our future growth.”

As with so many other companies in Alberta right now, the plunging Loonie and price of oil have affected ACT, but the ever-resilient entrepreneurs don’t just see challenges. They also see opportunities. “The price fluctuates for our products based on the U.S. dollar,” Duane admits, “but we always work on getting the best pricing and being competitive in the market. We shop around and do our due diligence.” This strategy has paid off. “Lately we have brought on several new customers and big projects. We are always

Best wishes to Advanced Coolant Technologies for continued success on the occasion of their 15th anniversary. 1.800.565.8132

The experienced duo and their outstanding team of employees will no doubt experience that future growth, thanks to careful business planning, product development and putting the needs of their clients first.

22643 - 113 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5S 2S3 Phone: 780-488-0777 • Toll Free: 1-877-460-0779 •

Congratulations to Advance Coolant Technologies on 15 years in business. Your contributions towards building our communities exemplifies all that make Western Canada a great place to live, work and play. We look forward to helping you reach even loftier heights in the years to come. Edmonton Main branch / 12230 Jasper Avenue T. 780.424.4846 /


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