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Kirby Anderson, Kevin Morris and Dean Ransom.

Alberta Sound Exteriors: Edmonton’s One-Stop Exterior Shop By Nerissa McNaughton


e was the son of a fisherman who didn’t realize he was an entrepreneur. All he had was an idea, but within a few short years that idea had blossomed to impact all of the Capital Region. It all started on July 15, 2005, with a man named Kirby Anderson.

They say if you love something, make it your passion – so launching Alberta Sound Exteriors was a labour of love. Prior to working as an installer, Anderson studied commerce and auto mechanics, and the only construction experience he had was helping his dad build a boat and a house when he was kid.

“I was a siding installer by profession,” recalls Anderson. “I had two older brothers in the industry and I had worked for two other siding companies. I thought to myself, why not give it a shot and try it out on my own.”

“I didn’t know how to read a tape measure properly or lift a ladder!” he laughs, “But I quickly fell in love with the trade, working outdoors and every four to six days going to a new job site. The reward of completing something from start to finish was a phenomenal feeling.” He had found his calling.

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The Lee Ridge Valley townhouses get a classy, modern update.

Anderson credits his tenacity to parents, and there is a funny story as to why. Anderson hails from Aylmer Sound, Quebec, and his parents are Howard and Patsy Anderson. You might recognize those names from the news. Howard and Patsy are the only two people left in town. In 2008 the government shut down Aylmer Sound and relocated the citizens. Howard and Patsy decided they didn’t want to leave – so they didn’t. As their neighbours packed up and left, one by one, they held their ground. Now the town is empty except for the two of them, and Anderson couldn’t be prouder of his parents for holding on tightly to their dream of staying where they put down (unshakable) roots. Anderson opened his company in July – and promptly felt the sting every new company owner in a competitive industry falls prey to. Nobody wanted to take a chance on the new guy. A few months later, however, Lincolnberg Communities gave him a call, and the rest is history.

“Lincolnberg still remains one of our top tier customers due to their loyalty and their business practices. We’ve since built up many great customers since 2005, but Lincolnberg holds a special place in my heart due to their loyalty and giving us a chance,” smiles Anderson. From there it was rapid growth fuelled by successful projects and a growing reputation in the industry. Kevin Morris came on as a part owner in 2012 to lead the roofing division, after working for Anderson since 2008. Dean Ransom, the president of the framing division, joined in 2013. With exterior cladding roofing and framing departments all under one roof, Alberta Sound Exteriors became the place in Edmonton where you could expect consistent quality and workmanship across an entire building envelope project. “We are an exterior finishing company with the philosophy that we do each house as if it were our own, and our ultimate


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10 years “We strive to set industry standards through the Siding Contractors Association of Alberta and through the Alberta Allied Roofing Association. We continue to set installation and safety standards throughout the city and the province.” ~ Kirby Anderson goal is to protect the best investment of most people’s lives,” says Anderson with pride. “We continue to work with each customer, architect and designer to be innovative with both established and new and exciting products. We strive to set industry standards through the Siding Contractors Association of Alberta and through the Alberta Allied Roofing Association. We continue to set installation and safety standards throughout the city and the province.”

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The progress Alberta Sound Exteriors has made is truly remarkable when you consider their greatest challenge. “The exterior roofing, siding and framing industry continues to be an unspecified trade. If you’re a good salesman, you can create a false sense of trust,” admits Anderson. “When we are looking for workers, we get a lot people that are unqualified, but because there are no industry guidelines, they come to us with the impression that they are God’s gift to siding! We constantly fight between finding good, qualified installers and having the public realize that not just anyone can do this job. “Right now we are considered ‘unskilled’ labour, and that designation creates a false sense of qualification. Through the lack of government and insurance companies’ due diligence, there is an unfortunate cycle of poor workmanship. Anyone can slap a name on the side of a truck and go into the business. This is where the perception of the ‘bad contractor’ comes from.” Both Morris and Ransom agree that a big priority is only hiring workers who can do the job properly, safely, and fit in with the company’s teamwork culture. “I am quick to let prospective workers know if they are not qualified to our standards. As a result, the installers we do have are very skilled at what they do,” says Morris. “Even when we have lots of projects on the go and are getting hounded to send someone quickly to site, we don’t send just anyone. We always focus on quality first. We strive for 100 per cent customer satisfaction and don’t want to have any unhappy customers in the end. We do what it takes to make and do everything right.”


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Ransom agrees. “The best employees for us are the ones that show up every day and work hard,” he adds.

“First at Making Buildings Last”... Since 1986 Wade Engineering Ltd. Congratulates AB Sound Group of Companies on 10 years of Excellence!

The co-owners know the only way to consistently please their clients is to work safely as one cohesive team. “Continuously, from day one, we promote the idea of family to each of the staff members, in the field and in the office. We are all partners and there is no ‘I’ in team. It’s always WE. We are in this together and we are all aiming for the same goal. In fact, if I could tell my clients one thing, it is that we strive to make you happy and we achieve this as a team,” says Anderson firmly.


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On... 10 YEARS!!! Partners in Exterior Perfection for over a decade!

Congratulations Kirby and all your staff for a decade of success and, commitment to quality products and workmanship.

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Expert roofing and exterior cladding in a residential application.

Ransom adds, “Teamwork is even more important now that we have the three divisions. Sometimes we all are doing our jobs (roofing, framing and siding) on the same project. We are looking forward to doing more of that together.”

“I thought it was a job for myself as my own boss,” says Anderson. “I soon realized I entered into a new lifestyle. You give everything to make it a success. It does get a little easier, but it’s a lifestyle. Your family and friends suffer as you strive to make a financially stable business.”

Safety is another priority – and another accomplishment – for the company. Alberta Sound Exteriors can proudly boast of having no lost time incidences.

“Yes, you buy yourself a new life,” Morris agrees. “It’s a full-time grind. We eat, sleep and breathe what we do.”

July 15, 2015, was the 10-year anniversary of Alberta Sound Exteriors, and the three owners have a lot of fun in retracing their journey together.

It may be hard, time-consuming work, but the men love getting up in the morning to work with each other, the team and do what they do best.


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10 years The owners also realize the importance of remaining agile to the changing needs of the city. For example, during the last building boom, several large residential developments were improperly waterproofed, and this led to countless problems with water entry, mould and rot. “I love working for Kirby,” Ransom smiles. He had started his division with one crew of three tradesmen. Now he has 18 on his team. “I live for working with wood and have been doing it since I was 17.” The owners also realize the importance of remaining agile to the changing needs of the city. For example, during the last building boom, several large residential developments were improperly waterproofed, and this led to countless problems with water entry, mould and rot. Alberta Sound Exteriors is restoring some of these projects, enabling the residents to live in safety and comfort. The company is adept at both new, renovation and remedial construction. When Alberta Sound Exteriors is not busy expertly cladding buildings, you will find them giving back to the community with their expertise and their time. For example, one of their recent charitable projects included donating materials and labour for the Wellspring Edmonton cancer support centre. When Wellspring opens in the fall of this year, it will offer a nurturing environment for those in the city undergoing cancer treatments. With just over 10 years in business and countless productive ones ahead, and with the three divisions in place working seamlessly together, everyone at Alberta Sound Exteriors looks forward to the next evolution of the company: being the one-stop provider for roofing, framing and exterior cladding.

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Alberta Sound Group of Companies on 10 years of success!

All three owners wish to say thank you to their office and field staff, their families who have supported them on every step of the way, and their customers – those who took a chance on them in the early days and those who have recently come on board. They appreciate them all. “Our family, staff and clients are part of the team. We would be nowhere without them. Thank you for your ongoing support and partnerships.”

What’s in a name? When it came time to give the company a name, Kirby Anderson was adamant about having “Alberta” as part of it because he is fiercely patriotic and loyal to the province in which he lives. After tossing out the idea of Alberta Sound Siders (abbreviate that and you will see why) he and his team felt Alberta Sound Exteriors conveyed the right message – an Alberta company that provides sound exteriors to ensure safe, warm and efficient dwellings. It was the perfect fit. A little too perfect. Sometimes they have to tell callers that they don’t sell stereos.

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Creative, high-quality, beautiful exterior finishes for Carrington Communities’ Elements Windermere project. Credit: Carrington Communities.

If you are interested in a team that works safely, efficiently, and holds themselves to the highest quality standards, look no further than Alberta Sound Exteriors. This is the team with the attitude, knowledge, and skills to take any building envelope project to the next level; and they’ve proved this time and time again.


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