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evin MacLeod learned about financial investing the hard way – he lost more than he made by trusting the advice of strangers. Once bitten, twice shy… During his early 20s, MacLeod borrowed $21,000 to invest in an RRSP. The bank referred him to a stockbroker and inside of two years, his entire investment was gone. But MacLeod still had to repay the loan. Fast-forward a few years later, MacLeod sold his successful retail business for a handsome profit and once again went in search of investment advice. At the time, he and his wife were raising a young family and he needed to secure their future. This time, he listened to many advisers. He spent time listening as they all tried to sell him what they thought he needed. However the advisers neglected to ask MacLeod a few key questions: how should he best plan for the future based on his individual needs? What was the best way to

protect his young family, protect their assets and secure their future? Discouraged but not deterred, MacLeod decided his best option was to seek his own counsel and pursue a career in financial planning. In the late 1990s, he landed a job and after three years, he had earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. “Anyone can become a financial planner simply by saying they are a financial planner, but the CFP designation takes many years of industry experience, coursework and continuous education to earn,” remarks Kevin MacLeod, president, “And when I started to think about getting into the business, that first experience proved to be a valuable lesson: I would never do that to someone,” says MacLeod. “I couldn’t live with myself by taking that kind of risk with someone’s hard-earned money.” | 15 Years

He continued to work in the industry and by 2007, he opened Financial Ltd., a business dedicated to helping people develop a three-fold approach to investing: how to plan, protect and prosper. Period. Today, MacLeod brings 15 years of experience to his clients and is an independent business, not a franchise or subsidiary of a national company, which allows to offer totally unbiased advice. And when you meet MacLeod, his approach is refreshingly different. He doesn’t bombard you with industry jargon or a menu of investment options. He listens, asks questions and listens again. also offers integrated accounting solutions (through their sister company, Pi Business Solutions) and they have recently partnered with a mortgage specialist to further assist their customers. “We specialize in retirement income planning,” adds MacLeod. “We want to work with individuals who value a long-term relationship – someone that is accountable to them personally. As MacLeod has observed, there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ approach when it comes to planning an individual’s or a couple’s future. “Retirement to me and retirement to you are defined in two very different terms,” he says. “I don’t call my clients with the latest, greatest investment…we look at what they need, what they want and a host of other factors that will contribute to securing their future,” MacLeod notes. “And we look at those things that need to be set up just in case they lose their job or life throws them a curve ball – we put safeguards in place to protect them,” he continues. “Many people are totally confused by all the jargon and they really don’t understand what they should be doing. There is a value-system to how I run the business,” asserts MacLeod. specializes in individuals who have an asset range of $100,000 to $1,000,000 plus. However, they

also work with smaller companies to help maximize their earnings and minimize taxes. “Both of these investment groups have been abandoned by the larger firms – largely because they don’t have enough capital to qualify as a client or the firms don’t provide the specialty knowledge that’s required when working with small business,” says MacLeod. “These two sets of demographics are the people who we help the most.” Looking forward, changes in the industry are going to see disclosure of information – something MacLeod completely supports. “I am in favour of all the new regulations, having more education, minimum standards and disclosure. All of these things are going to contribute to a higher level of advice being given to people – and that’s really how this business should operate, it’s how we run our business” he says. recently launched a new interactive website that provides tools, quizzes, spreadsheets and information all geared to help demystify ‘retirement and financial planning.’

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For more information or to book a free one-hour consultation with MacLeod and his staff, visit their website or call: Kevin MacLeod, Financial Planner, Worldsource Financial Management Inc. #4, 11010 46th St. SE • Calgary, AB (403) 214 – 7215 • Toll Free (877) 552 - 1211 • Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds provided by the Fund Companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Other products and services are offered through Financial Ltd. | 15 Years

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