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Welcome Home With nearly 20 years of experience serving Calgary’s business crowd, The Green Bean is geared to grow in its new location Written and photographed by Camie Leard


rop by The Green Bean Restaurant’s chic new space on 6th Avenue SW during a weekday breakfast or lunch hour and you’ll be treated to a buzz of conversation, experienced staff providing impeccable service and, of course, fresh, handmade food to delight the palate. But this lively and beautiful space is only the fabulous new face of an organization that has a much larger scope and a long history of satisfying Calgarians’ hunger for quality and service. Steve Beddoe arrived in Calgary in 1973 with the whisper of “go west young man” in his ear and a recipe for success in his pocket. Trained as a chef at the Savoy Hotel in London, England and having worked in Europe, Beddoe’s passion for food fuelled his business mind and he immediately opened his first of many restaurants in Calgary’s core. Longtime Calgarians will remember the Bristol Room, Terrace 15 and the Piccadilly Grill as lunchtime favourites for the down-

town crowd. But the story of The Green Bean begins in 1995 with a small roasterie/café and dining room in the Herald Building on 6th Avenue. “My love of food is equalled only by my love of coffee and beer,” laughs Beddoe. “So it was a natural fit for me to open a coffee house.” The original Green Bean had a threepart model: part café/roasterie, part dining room and part catering. After a small fire exposed the hazards of roasting beans and the demand for catering services exploded, BedBed doe decided to first sell the roaster and then close the dining room to expand the catering department. Flanked by The Chowder House, another of Beddoe’s restaurants, The Green Bean found great success in its sandwich/coffee shop and catering services specializing in serving corporate Calgary in the downtown core. For more than 20 years Beddoe and his team served their customers from their location in the Herald Block. But, as the city concon

Floor staff in the dining room

Fantastic fish’n’chips with homemade tartar sauce

tinued to grow and develop, their longtime home fell victim to the wrecking ball and The Green Bean and The Chowder House found themselves in search of a new home. “We decided to close The Chowder House while keeping some of its popular menu items,” explains Beddoe. “At the same time we wanted to expand our catering capabilities and run a vibrant, manageable restaurant and bar.” The Green Bean moved into its new home at 550 6 Avenue SW across from the courthouse on July 1, 2012 – a feat BedBed doe is proud to say took only one day. “We didn’t lose a single day of business in the move,” he says. “We moved our stoves, all of our equipment – everyevery thing in a day. What a team!” The new space is clean, elegant and bright in the dindin ing room and alive with the clamour of culinary creation behind its swinging doors. On one side is a large commercial kitchen where the aroma of a freshly roasted turkey swirls around busy staff turning brightly coloured, fresh produce into sandwiches, fruit and vegetable trays and other delights before they’re whisked away by an army of delivery people to the offices and boardrooms of the city’s core. On the other

Catering kitchen hard at work

The dining room

side, steaks sizzle, soups bubble and baked goods brown while chefs weave and duck and flip and pour with such dexterity, you’d think it was choreographed. Jackie Tyler, one of Beddoe’s business partners, says the staff of about 40 is the reason The Green Bean has been able to build a reputation for coming through with quality in challenging situations. “They’re the entire reason we’re able to do what we do,” she says. “We don’t say no because we’re confident our team can fulfil our clients’ challenges every time.” And sometimes those challenges can be a little daunting – well – for someone who isn’t on Steve Beddoe’s team. “One of our clients called us at 11:39 to order lunch for a big meeting,” says Beddoe. “We had it delivered by noon. We use the latest technology and keep our focus to the downtown core. Combined with a great team, we’re able to do these things for our clients.” And Beddoe doesn’t just talk the talk. When the lunch rush hits, he hits the streets, delicious deliveries in hand. “It’s important to me to be involved in the business,” he says. “I see the kitchen every day, I see the creation of our

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Quick Facts • The Green Bean’s New Location: #102 550 6 Avenue SW • Serves breakfast and lunch every weekday • Happy hour specials on Thursdays and Fridays • Last-minute catering emergencies? Call directly at 403 232 1122. Owners (L-R): Steve Beddoe, Jackie Tyler, Owen Beddoe

product every day and I see our clients every day. I can feel the pulse of the business.” While still heavily involved in the day-to-day operations at The Green Bean, the partnership with Tyler and his son, Owen Beddoe, is part of a succession plan that will allow him to wind his nearly 40 years of serving Calgary’s business community down into retirement. “Jackie and Owen are the future of the business,” he says. “It’s up to them to take it to the next level.” That next level means looking for new opportunities to grow the business. Owen, who has been called in to help with the family business his entire life, says he came on as a partner three years ago with a vision to find areas the company could refine its offering and explore new possibilities – like events. “We have a great space in a great location,” he says. “There is a lot of opportunity for us and for our clients to use this space in creative ways.” Another way the team is taking The Green Bean to the next level is catering to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated customer. “All of our food is handmade so we can tell our clients exactly what has gone into their meal and that we source our products responsibly,” Tyler explains. “For example, we’re Ocean Wise certified to support sustainable fishing practices.” The Green Bean is also a green company having been “foam free” since 2009 and recycling everywhere possible.

Their disposables and plastics are biodegradable or comcom postable. They’ve purchased locally for many years, and are always looking to expand their local supplier. And while the leadership team always has an eye on future innovations, for now, they’re focused on continuing to serve great food with great service from their new location. “You’re only as good as your last sandwich,” says Beddoe. “It’s important to remember that quality product and skilful care in preparation goes into every single thing you do.” •


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