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Business Development Group organize ROAD SHOW IN ROMANIA FOR DUTCH WATER COMPANIES, October 2012, Second edition

The Organizers 

Romanian and Dutch partners were involved in organizing the Road show: Dutch associations,Local Councils, Public administrations, Business Networks, Regional Operating Companies, Romanian Water and Engineering Associations, etc. List available. Business Development Group( A Romanian based management consultancy COMPANY with over 20 years experience in business development in the Netherlands and Central and Eastern European markets.

Partners Road Show co-funded by PARTERS VOOR WATER Program

Why a Road show in Romania? 


Custom made event , answering to customized requirements. Easy and fast to realize it. It has a direct impact on your sales. Makes you aware about possibilities in new markets. Inform the local Romanians about your brand and products. Making PRO ACTIVE the Dutch interested teams, for selling in Romania.

Why in water sector in Romania? Romania proved lack of technologies and management to develop reliable water project in time, at EU standards. Road show can facilitate the cooperation between Dutch and Romanian companies in water projects. To present directly to the Romanian key decision makers and partners, the Dutch technologies and products. To make Dutch participants aware about the new strategic developments and Romanian priorities in water sector for the next EU financing program 2014-2020.

Why going to Romania now?  

In Romania, water is a natural resource; big water market. The second household consumption in the world,in 2010 ( as Deutsche Bank Research report ,1 June 2010). Actual consumption hides big water looses (more than 50% from distributed water). Current projects improve situation but introduce new challenges( new projects and management assistance). Romania=no.8-th in the world in preferences of Dutch companies for projects (EnquĂŞte Landen Focus Studie Watersector ,vraag 5.2, Aidenvironment, 2010). Several Dutch water sectors pilots consists the roots to increase the market share.

Who from Netherlands 

Water companies with interest and potential to develop, together with Romanian companies , projects in water sector.

Suppliers of technologies and equipment.

Suppliers of know how and able to assist the Romanian partners and clients to improve their management abilities in solving (mainly) the technical issues in their companies (preparation of projects, acquisition phase, implementation phase).

Who from Romania 

Selection of 3 Romanian counties to be visited. Local public administration of territorial units and regional operational companies and contractors present in meetings.Possible set of counties : Cluj, Mures, Alba.

Regional Romanian construction contractors interested in water supply, waste water, decentralized water solutions, interested in cooperation with Netherlands water companies.

What we offer ? 

A comprehensive presentation of current projects and future EU financing priorities for period 2014-2020 in water sector in Romania, focus on 3 counties. Full professional support and logistic package services ,during preparation and execution of the Road Show. Financial support from Netherlands(percentage).



Preparation Session in Netherlands: September 24th, 2012, between 15.00-17.00hrs WTC Schiphol Holland Gateway Road show starting visiting 3 Romanian counties in October 22nd ,2012 Road show to end on October 26th, 2012

How to participate? 

In case you are interested or invited, you should send company presentation & road show application to

Business Development Group in Bucharest, Romania at: or call +40-21-3179870 DEADLINE REGISTRATION:September15-th, 2012 Contact person: Ciprian Nanu Mobile:+40-744-298803

Estimated costs 


Organization fee paid to BDGroup:750 euro (include full package of business services like matchmaking, rent halls, bus ,coffees&catering, translation, etc). Flight costs:250 Euro. Local Hotel costs 3-4 nights:250 euro(estimated). Food and others :50 euro Total estimated costs per Dutch company:1300 euro. Questions? Road show co-funded by Partners For Water to cover main costs of the Road Show.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GROUP Phone: 0040 21 317 98 70 Fax: 0040 21 317 98 71

Email: Website:

PVW,Cluj Business and BDGroup partnering for Road Show in Romania in water sector 2012  

Presentation Road Show water sector, October2012.

PVW,Cluj Business and BDGroup partnering for Road Show in Romania in water sector 2012  

Presentation Road Show water sector, October2012.