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Achieving excellence is the norm for A largest salmon producer



assal has made its name in capturing delicious, fresh and healthy salmon from the Tasmanian Atlantic and bringing it to tables across Australasia. In 30 years, Tassal has grown from a privately-owned operation to a major public company and leaders in producing Atlantic salmon in Australia. In 1986, the company built its first home farm for salmon in Dover’s pure waters and developed a hatchery in Tasmania’s Central Highlands. Tassal’s priorities have been clear since its inception. To grow premium healthy and tasty salmon in and environmentally and socially responsible way. Achieving this operational excellence, while protecting

its core values around quality, community and the environment, is what Tassal strives for every day. QUALITY PRODUCE Tassal operates three main hatcheries that have the capacity to produce ten million smolt (young salmon) annually. These smolt come from broodstock which are grown from an industry selective breeding programme. Five million smolt are kept at the state-of-the-art Rookwood Road Hatchery, which is undergoing an expansion project close to completion. This will increase capacity to 10-11 million smolt. After 8-12 months at Rookwood Road these smolt are transferred to sea. Tassal’s six marine regions, where the standard pen has a volume of 11,600 cubic metres and holds enough salmon to produce 120 tonnes once harvested. Then, salmon are kept in these large sea cages between 1218 months and continue to grow until they are ready to be harvested at an average weight of 5.0kg live weight. PROCESSING Onto processing, and Tassal has three sites including a smokehouse that produces an average of 15.4kg finished product per minute (or 3,048 tonnes every year). Each of these sites, which are all located in Hobart, Tasmania. Each plays a different role in the post-harvest, value added production of quality Tassal products. With facilities in Dover, Margate and Huonville, the company allow for many jobs in small rural/semi-rural communities.

BRANDS Tassal has a range of products to cater for the consumer market. Its quality Tasmanian salmon is packaged fresh, smoked, canned and frozen for distribution in retail and wholesale channels throughout Australia and export markets. Understanding that customers have differing needs and preferences, Tassal has developed a range of brands, the selfnamed Tassal, Superior Gold and Tasmanian Smokehouse. The Tassal product range is labelled as an everyday protein choice, whatever the occasion, with a range of salmon products in fresh, smoked, canned and frozen categories. Superior Gold is the connoisseur’s choice, says Tassal. It is superiorly fashioned, from the finest curing ingredients and

Nets Tasmania Pty Ltd Makers of all Tassal netting equipment

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sophisticated smoking techniques to the care and passion with which its products are produced. Independent retailers stock Tasmanian Smokehouse, which is cured and traditionally smoked with a subtle smoky flavour. For wholesalers and consumers, De Costi Seafoods provides consumers, food services and wholesalers with a large array of seafood options. ZERO HARM “Zero Harm for Everyone, Everywhere is our focus and we continue to firmly believe that no job is so important that it cannot be done safely,” says Tassal. This approach sees Tassal aspire to be among the global

Nets Tasmania Pty Ltd. One thing, and One thing only, Custom made Aquaculture nets Our claim is that no net making company puts more effort and commitment into delivering the est a uaculture nets to fish farmers worldwide. he uni ue factor in our companies operation is the direct involvement that Don Latham has with each and ever net that leaves his net sheds, in their design, develo ment, supervision and skills training of his staff to achieve just the right net built for the customers’ requirements. he KGrid range of nets eing su lied to assal farms e em lif a fish stoc enclosure s stem which is highl effective in oth redator e clusion and fish stoc handling, and when de lo ed with a com ati le cleaning e ui ment will allow the net to sta in seawater ermanentl he ustralian wa of innovation in the use of materials and understanding the needs of fish farmers from ver ractical long standing e erience, has established our company’s unequalled track record in the specialist business of aquaculture net making.





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best practice companies in health and safety, committed to a safety agenda that delivers on a vision for zero harm. “Building in a tolerance for anything less than zero harm is not acceptable and we are continuously working to identify, eliminate or mitigate risks and hazards that potentially compromise the safety of our employees.” Unfortunately, the Tassal community has experienced the great sorrow associated with a workplace fatality. This, it says, has hardened its resolve to ensure such a tragedy is not repeated. Commitment to Zero Harm from both the company and its members of staff was enshrined in a comprehensive safety partnership agreement devised in 2013 which applies to all staff, contractors and visitors. FOOD QUALITY ASSURANCE Tassal uses an Integrated Management System (TIMS) and HACCP framework to help continuously monitor its production process and pro-actively manage risk. “TIMS is an integral part of ensuring that elements such as food safety and quality expectations are achieved in a reliable, productive, safe and environmentally sensitive manner,” states Tassal. “We have extensive policies and procedures in place aimed at the consistent production of high quality, safe food for all customers. Our dedicated quality and production teams work together to ensure that these objectives are achieved. To support this platform we also have our extensive external 3rd party audit reviews that underpin our certifications.” On top of all this, Tassal is committed to the welfare of its salmon throughout its lifecycle. To this end, Tassal has

dedicated fish health professionals on staff, including two fish veterinarians. “To maintain healthy fish populations we work closely with our fish veterinarians and fish researchers to implement proactive fish health practices,” Tassal adds. “We have internal ‘Fish Health Management Plans’ in place and a robust Zero Harm for Fish program based on the UK RSPCA Freedom Food Animal Welfare Standards for Salmon.” WORLD LEADER Inlate2015,Tassalwasnamedtheworld’stopseafoodcompany in an international report compiled by seafoodintelligence. com that rates businesses for sustainability reporting and transparency. Tassal was the only Australian company listed in the report and achieved a Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility rating of excellent, only one of four companies in the top 100 to do so. This is testament to it ongoing growth and continues success in a thriving industry.

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