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Bahrain Airport Services

Bahrain Airport Services


here may not appear to be much the airline industry can do to make itself look environmentally friendly. True, the introduction of larger aircraft and efforts to optimise flight patterns have done something to cut some of the waste, but the industry is saddled with being one of the world’s largest emitters of hydrocarbons. So it is encouraging to find a company that is entirely dependent on aviation, and located in an oil state to boot, taking care of some of the details that contribute to the 1.5 per cent annual improvement goal that the industry has set itself. Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) is introducing environmentally friendly baggage tractors: being electrical they have no emissions, and they are also designed to be user friendly with a lower centre of gravity resulting in less operator fatigue. The four vehicles already purchased will be joined by others as ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturers develop machines with better fuel consumption and lower emissions. BAS was founded 34 years ago to provide a comprehensive ground handling, cargo, catering, and engineering service to the many commercial airlines, charter flights, royal & private jets, courier & cargo freighters and military aircraft flying into and out of  Bahrain International Airport. Today, BAS has grown to become one of the six largest employers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is not surprising considering the growth the airport has experienced over recent years. As well as being the home base for Gulf Air and Bahrain Air, it is used by 27 different passenger airlines and

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Bahrain Airport Services

We want to be one of the leading ground services companies regionally when it comes to safety and security a dozen cargo carriers. It is a busy place, and is undergoing a further expansion project that will boost capacity by 50 per cent, from the current nine million passengers to 13.5 million. The expansion at the airport will be a challenge for BAS and its newly-appointed CEO George Saounatsos, a seasoned aviation industry professional who has been brought in to deliver improved service performance and financial results. Saounatsos has the advantage of having worked on the airframe side of the business, as a senior Airbus executive, as well as in airport management—he has published extensively on a wide variety of industry issues. The scope of BAS’ operations is already extensive. As well as all those passengers, it has to manage their transit lounges and handle

seven million of their bags and more than 240 tonnes of freight every year. Its catering department prepares eight million in-flight meals and oversees the terminal catering facilities. Additionally, its engineering services inspected and valeted more than 16,000 aircraft of different types last year. Its engineering department is an internationally recognised and accredited provider of aircraft engineering training services, and its GSE workshop provides maintenance for more than 700 items of ground support equipment—including those new eco-friendly baggage tractors. BAS even runs a fleet of air conditioned buses for transporting passengers and aircrew from the terminal to the aeroplane. All these figures are soon going to be out of date as Bahrain International Airport expands.

Bahrain Airport Services The expansion is driven by Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, which aims to move Bahrain’s economy from an oil-driven economy to a global, competitive economy driven by the private sector across a variety of sectors and industries. Its objective is that every Bahraini household should have at least twice as much disposable income as it currently has—in real terms—by 2030. “The plans we are initiating for an expanded international airport are essential to Bahrain’s continued development,” said Bahrain Airport Company’s chairman, Khalid Al Rumaihi. The expansion will increase the airport’s footprint by an additional 40,000 square metres, including more than 3,000 square metres of new retail facilities. It will also create four to five

and special duplex fresh air handling units are provided in the food preparation and kitchen area. Working tables with refrigerated surfaces, 35 modular cold rooms, modern blast freezer and chillier equipment and defrost rooms with temperature control facilities have also been installed. Food types are separated to avoid cross-contamination and the loading bays are designed to maintain the optimum level of temperature control. Whether in the kitchens or the engineering workshops, safety has always to be the first concern. BAS has world class systems in place to monitor and check the work that has been done, but without the engagement of staff in the process this will never be enough. BAS has

Whether in the kitchens or the engineering workshops, safety has always to be the first concern additional contact gates, nine remote gates and 40 more check-in counters, as well as an enlarged transfer facility amongst several other capacity improvements and value added facilities. BAS will not have a problem meeting the required standards. The world class premium lounge that it operates round the clock, 365 days a year, was voted by Priority Pass members as Best Lounge in the Middle East and Africa for four consecutive years up to and including 2011. BAS also played pivotal role in helping Bahrain International Airport win the prestigious Skytrax Best Airport in the Middle East award in 2010— BAS Airport Catering Services has built up an enviable reputation for service and quality at competitive prices. Operating out of a 12,000 square metre catering centre with a staff of 360, an average of 20,000 meals a day are prepared in HACCP audited premises. All working areas are air-conditioned

been trying to see what it can do to achieve and surpass the requirements of ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) and came up with the idea of a staff reporting system. The Open Reporting Policy encourages staff members to feel free to express any concerns about safety, security, quality, environmental practice or any other hazards in complete confidence. “Frontline operational personnel are often in the best position to observe hazards that have the potential to cause accidents,” said deputy CEO Salman Al Mahmeed. “However people will not come forward it they fear the result may be disciplinary action. We want to be one of the leading ground services companies regionally when it comes to safety and security.” Far from being penalised, under the new initiative, employees submitting reports will be considered for safety awards, he says. BE


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