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Egoli Gas The clean and

reliable energy option

The clean and energy option

From its base in Johannesburg Egoli Gas is helping to supply an increasing number of domestic and commercia customers with a constant supply of natural gas

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Egoli Gas

Egoli Gas


o many, natural gas is thought energy-efficient natural gas and is committed of as being the most important to providing an uninterrupted flow of natural energy source of the future. gas, ready to use when it’s needed, safely. Egoli Gas acquires its natural gas from The abundance of natural gas coupled with its environmental integrated energy and chemical company soundness and multiple applications across Sasol. This gas is stored at a secure facility all sectors, means that it will continue to play in Langlaagte where it is carefully monitored an increasingly important role in meeting and controlled. The gas is reticulated to Egoli demand for energy in the years to come. Gas’ Cottesloe premises where it’s stored in A hugely versatile energy source, natural low pressure holders before being reticulated gas has a number of applications in our daily to homes and business across the city. lives including domestic uses like home heating In order to service the needs of its 6,000 and cooling, cooking, fuel for transportation, plus domestic customers the company has steam heat production, electrical generation established locations across the majority manufacturing and industrial uses like of Johannesburg’s larger suburbs, however producing steel, glass, forest its pipeline infrastructure products, clothing, cement, extends much further afield, fertilizer and petrochemicals, a fact that is crucial to and creating polyethylene servicing its commercial and polymers, which is the most industrial clients. Johannesburg actually widely used plastic. Domestic customers To date the natural gas holds the distinction of served by Egoli Gas industry has helped generate being the only South African city to possess piped gas billions of dollars in revenue, created millions of jobs and as the cleanest infrastructure. Originally managed by the burning fossil fuel, has the potential to reduce Johannesburg Council’s Department of Water the harmful emissions generated by oil and and Gas which, from 1928, operated from coal. Abundant supplies of this domestic Cottesloe, the city’s gas infrastructure relied resource will provide a secure and stable on highly pollutant, hydrogen-rich, coal energy future while reducing greenhouse gas based gas for a number of decades. It wasn’t emissions for generations to come. until during 2004 and 2005 that the entire Based in Johannesburg, Egoli Gas is a pipeline network, as well as approximately natural gas reticulator, servicing more than 35,000 individual gas fired pieces of 8,500 domestic, central water hearing, equipment of consumers, was successfully commercial and industrial businesses in converted from hydrogen-rich coal based the metropolitan area of South Africa’s gas to methane rich, natural gas due to the most populated city. The company offers change specification of gas by the supplier. environmentally-friendly, safe, reliable and As such, Egoli Gas’ footprint now extends


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Egoli Gas from Midrand in the north Hatfield VW Braamfontein to Orange Farm in the south At Hatfield VW Braamfontein, there are no middlemen. Your and from Roodeport in the service consultant is also your auto technician. Having west to Bruma in the east. recently achieved the highest customer satisfaction index There are a host of in the country, we at Hatfield VW Braamfontein continue to benefits when it comes to strive for service excellence. using natural gas as an With supreme customer service being top of mind and a partnership that has thrived for over six years, it is no energy source, benefits that wonder that Hatfield VW Braamfontein and Egoli Gas have are clearly appealing to both jointly been associated as the leaders in customer service domestic and commercial in all aspects of their respective businesses. users as Egoli Gas’ customer The success of this partnership is based on an open, honest base continues to grow. and frank relationship and having an understanding of Arguable at the top of each other’s business and its needs. Together, Hatfield VW the list of plus points for Braamfontein and Egoli Gas continue to set the benchmark in supreme customer service. domestic users are the cost savings associated with its use. Natural gas is widely recognised as being more efficient and effective than many other energy sources, and it has the ability to reduce one’s monthly power costs by as much as 50 percent. As has been well documented numerous times in the past, natural gas is also a much more environmentally friendly alternative than many other sources of energy. Releasing 45 percent less carbon dioxide into the air than other forms of energy, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It is also seen as a much safer form of fuel, seeing as it is colourless, soot-less and sulphur-free, and Pressure meter on natural gas pipeline

“Releasing 45 percent less carbon dioxide into the air than other forms of energy, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel”

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“Egoli Gas has made national headlines by signing a number of on-going multimillion-Rand contracts” being lighter than air it naturally disperses upward when leaked. In the last five years Egoli Gas has made national headlines by signing a number of on-going multimillion-Rand contracts with various businesses wanting to implement alternative energy solutions. As part of some

of these contracts the company has since implemented solutions for the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, financial services provider Absa, cellular network provider MTN and, more recently, financial institution Standard Bank South Africa’s Rosebank business centre.

Egoli Gas

Rand - glass blown with Egoli Gas

Amid rising power costs and climate change concerns, Egoli Gas says it is committed to helping companies reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and electricity burden. It also aims to improve the promotion of natural gas as an alternative form of energy for the greater Johannesburg metropolitan area. In South Africa, the natural gas industry competes with electricity, coal, heavy and light fuel oil, liquid petroleum gas, paraffin, as well as diesel. As a proponent of natural gas, Egoli Gas believes the benefits of its product far outweigh those of other types of energy sources, especially as it is one of the safest, cleanest and most efficient

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forms of energy. Moreover, natural gas requires low maintenance and can be used domestically and commercially, with industrial applications ranging from steam processes to power generation. “We believe in supporting the initiatives of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa and the City of Johannesburg in meeting the growing demand for energy in the area,� the company states. For more information about Egoli Gas visit:

Egoli Gas

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