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Consolidated Water Water in a time of drought

Water in a time of drought A Nasdaq listed company that provides the commodity that, after air, is the most essential to life: it uses the latest technologies in the interests of the populations that depend on it

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Consolidated Water

Consolidated Water


esalination is an increasingly salt-water seepage and a deterioration of viable solution to providing potable water underground. All this amounts potable water in places with to a serious problem that is not going to limited fresh water on land but get any better without intervention. The plenty of access to coastal water best available option, well tried and tested – almost a dictionary definition of a small over the world, is desalination, though island. The islands of the Caribbean are not the cost of plants is still high enough to traditionally thought of as arid but water deter many governments. This is where Consolidated Water comes supplies in the region are under stress as populations increase, and climate change is into its own. Consolidated Water is a company not helping the situation. Intense rains were that designs, builds, operates seawater reported in some Caribbean areas in 2013, reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants but that doesn’t always result in an increase and water distribution systems in several in fresh water supply. Heavy Caribbean countries, where rains mean there’s not enough the supply of drinking water time for water to soak into is scarce and the use SWRO the ground as it quickly runs is economically feasible. off. In addition, the cost of Consolidated Water has water treatment increases, a diverse customer base, Desalination plants in and many islands instead made up from government five countries shut their systems to prevent owned utilities, private bulk water customers and retail contamination. And climate change is causing concern. customers. It also provides engineering Parts of the Caribbean have experienced and management services through eight uncharacteristic drought. In August 2012, subsidiary and affiliate companies. some islands reported extremely dry There are two principal methods of weather, including Grenada and Anguilla. desalting: thermal distillation and membrane By July of 2013, according to the Caribbean separation. Due to the lower energy costs Institute for Meteorology & Hydrology those required for membrane separation methods, conditions had spread to Trinidad, Antigua, it is the preferred technology globally. St. Vincent and Barbados. Jamaica, Trinidad Specifically, reverse osmosis membrane and Barbados ordered rationing last year, separation is the mostly widely used technology with Barbados reducing pressure and used for brackish and seawater desalination. intermittently cutting off supply to some Reverse osmosis is a fluid separation process areas. The island also began to recycle water, in which the saline water is pressurised, with officials collecting treated wastewater and fresh water is separated from the saline by passing through a semi-permeable to operate airport toilets, for example. Overuse of wells elsewhere has caused membrane that rejects the salts. For some


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Consolidated Water and our ability to maximise the production of our facilities CLYDEUNION Pumps, an SPX brand has been providing while controlling costs, pumps, engineering support and technical services to the which ultimately benefits our Consolidated Water Company (CWCO) for over 25 years. customers and shareholders.� Working together with CWCO’s team of professionals on Revenue comes from RO plants built, acquired and operated in the Caribbean, three sources, retail water we have expanded our knowledge and expertise in the desalination arena. We look forward to solving new operations, bulk water application challenges and further developing process operations and engineering innovations for CWCO in this most important industry. and management services. The retail business produces and supplies water to endusers, including residential, commercial and government customers in the Cayman Islands under an exclusive retail license issued by the government to provide water in two of the most populated and rapidly developing areas. Bulk water is supplied to government-owned distributors in the Cayman Islands, Belize and the Bahamas and engineering services, accounting for around 20 percent of turnover, are sold to desalination projects, including designing and constructing desalination plants, and managing and operating desalination plants owned by other companies. In 2003, Consolidated Water completed several acquisitions which expanded its geographical coverage to the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Barbados, and further expanded its business in the Cayman Islands, including a bulk water business, which serves the government-owned water utility outside of Consolidated Water’s exclusive retail franchise area in Grand Cayman. In 2006, it completed its large Blue Hills desalination plant in Nassau, Bahamas, completing an expansion of that plant in November 2012


which brought the capacity up to 15 million gallons per day. The company was listed on the Nasdaq stock market in 1995 and today it operates 14 desalination plants of various capacities in five countries – the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the BVI and Belize. Consolidated Water installed its first SWRO plant in 1989 so now it has more than 25 years of design

insight and operational experience with this technology under its belt. From being purely a regional player, Consolidated Water is now expanding into other markets, with active projects in Bali, Indonesia, Mexico and Southern California. “Development activities involving our Rosarito desalination plant and conveyance pipeline project in northern Baja California, Mexico,

“Our ability to maximise the production of our facilities while controlling costs, ultimately benefits our customers and shareholders”

Consolidated Water

continue to progress,” observed McTaggart “Over the last three months, we have held technical and financial meetings with officials from the Government of Baja California and the public water utility in Tijuana, Mexico, Comisión Estatal de Servicios Públicos de Tijuana(CESPT), and we expect to reach certain important project milestones shortly. In addition, we continue to work closely with the Otay Water District in San Diego County, California, and expect to soon deploy additional water sampling and piloting programs in support of Otay’s efforts to obtain necessary regulatory approvals in California.” He believes that the northern Baja California and southern California region, which has suffered extreme drought conditions,

desperately needs new drinking water sources and that the Rosarito project provides an economical and practical solution to meet this need. An environmental assessment (EIA) has been submitted, and in October last year the company’s Mexican subsidiary NSC Agua completed the first phase of the pilot plant testing program for the 379 million litres per day desalination plant: it has now started on detailed designs for construction of the plant and a pipeline to deliver water across the US border. For more information about Consolidated Water visit:

Consolidated Water

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