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Bury Grammar pupils were over the moon with their stunning sets of record breaking GCSE results.

Record breaking results across the

board! Boys’ overall grades are the best in more than a decade, making them a stand out generation. In a year when the GCSE system had been reformed and many subjects are now graded 9 to 1, while others, including some IGCSEs continue to be graded A*-G. The extent of the success achieved by our GCSE pupils would not necessarily be easy to appreciate, were it not for the fact that BGS pupils have excelled themselves and quite clearly smashed records. Around one in three grades is a coveted A* / grade 8 or 9 and approaching nine in ten grades are at the impressive A*to B / 9 to 5 level. In total, Bury Grammar pupils have gained 320 A* / 9-8 grades between them this year. The new grade 9, referred to by some as A** or ‘A double star’ and previously thought beyond the reach of all but a top elite, features on the results slips of a magnificent third of Bury Grammar School pupils. Fifteen very hard-working pupils were rejoicing at having gained at least nine grades all at the A*-A / 9-7 level.

The pass rate at grades A*-C / 9-4 is a fabulous 97%.

* 18 grade 9s in the Sciences * 13 grade 9s in Mathematics * 11 grade 9s in English Language

Molly Whitlow, said, ‘I am completely


We are extremely proud of so many of our young people, not the least of whom are those who have shown true character in overcoming significant challenges and who have surpassed all expectations.

A knock out ‘century’ of grade 9s: a stunning 100 grade 9s were awarded to Bury Grammar School pupils this year. * 18 grade 9s in English Literature

overwhelmed with my results. They have exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled to be starting my A-Levels at Bury Grammar Sixth Form, surrounded by the same incredible staff who I know will support me all the way.’

Rebecca Froggatt, said, ‘I’m over the moon with my results. I never expected to do as well as I did! The teachers have massively helped me achieve my grades. I have never been so shocked and happy! Mrs Newbold has been one of my biggest supporters along with Miss Khan, Miss Elliot and Mrs Rumboldt. I cannot thank them enough! I am also so excited to come back to Sixth Form at BGS to study Psychology, Art and Business Studies.’


John Whitlow, said, ‘I am extremely proud of Molly who has achieved amazing results. She has natural ability but I am most proud of the incredible hard word she has put in over a number of years. Many thanks to the school and staff for all their support.’

Martyn Jones, said, I am so proud of my daughter. Her results are amazing. Thank you to all the teachers and the school for these wonderful results. She is so excited for the future at Sixth Form at Bury Grammar School.

‘Out of reach’ grade 9s (referred to by some as ‘A**’) achieved by one in three Bury Grammar School pupils Twins Eve and George Armstrong had nineteen grades at A*-A / 9-8 between them. Eve had two 9s (A**), four 8s (A*) and three 7s (A), while George had five 9s (A*), four A* and one 8 (A*).

Molly Whitlow had seven grade 9s (A**), two 8s (A*), one A* and one A.

Janvi Patel had four grade 9s (A**), five grade 8s (A*) and one grade B.

Family Success

Mrs Froggatt, said, ‘Sensational results for Mr both Rebecca and Dan. Many thanks to all the teachers at Bury Grammar who have been so supportive throughout. Very proud parents!’.

William Mau had six grades 9s (A**), four A*s and one A.

Quotes from the Heads Headmaster, Mr Devin Cassidy: ‘I could not be more pleased with these GCSE results which are the best for over a decade and are absolutely outstanding. In a year when the reformed GCSE has made achieving top grades more difficult our pupils have very much bucked this trend and they should be very proud of their achievements.201 of the grades achieved have been at A* or equivalent. But these results are not achieved by accident. They are the result of determined hard work by the pupils, passionate and expert teaching and a strong partnership with parents. I warmly congratulate the pupils on achieving these phenomenal results: I am absolutely over the moon for them.’

Bury Grammar School sixth formers celebrated stellar A Level results, as they achieved the spectacular feat of surpassing last year’s outstanding results at every level – an achievement all the more remarkable in view of the greater intellectual challenges presented by this year’s linear, tougher A Levels.



Results up at every level

Going for


1 00 % PASS RATE

More than 70% of grades achieved were in the top A*-B categories, the ‘gold standard’ for A Level, which opens so many doors to highly competitive university courses and rewarding careers. Furthermore, for the second year running, more than a third of grades were at the elite A and A * level in our high performing Sixth Form. Thirteen pupils excelled in obtaining a string of A/A* grades and, in total, thirty-four pupils achieved the gold standard of A*-B in all of their subjects, achievements of which they all should be very proud.

Quotes fr om the H eads

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Bury Grammar sixth formers are in the fortunate position of enjoying superb examination results which will stay with them forever. However, this is by no means no the only thing they take away with them from BGS for the rest of their lives. Alongside phenomenal academic success, among our sixth formers are elite sportsmen and women, super talented musicians, Gold Duke of Edinburgh award students and gifted actors who have stunned us in school productions over the years.


An all-round education – the best preparation for life beyond school


Eryn Reiss gained 2 A* and 1 A grade and will be going to Durham University to study Modern Foreign Languages. Olivia Belle gained 1 A and 2 B grades and will be studying Law at Liverpool. Charlotte Carter has 1 A* and 2 As and is going to Durham to study Geography. Alice Cromey gained 2 As and 1 B and will be reading English at Nottingham. Elizabeth Drake has four A grades and is going to Sheffield ErynBiology. Reiss also gained 2 A* and 1 A grade and will be to read

going to Durham University to study Modern Foreign

Zara Dunn-Cassidy obtained 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B and has a place Languages. at the University of Leeds to study Business Management.


Olivia Belle gained 1 A and 2 B grades and will

studying Law at Liverpool. Joebe Edgar, School Captain, obtained three A grades and has·a place at Warwick University study History. Charlotte Carter has 1 A*toand 2 As and is going to Durham to study Geography.

Gabriel Harlick gained 2 As and 1 B and will be reading · Alice Cromey gained 2 As and 1 B and will be History at Lancaster.

reading English at Nottingham.

· Jackson, Elizabeth grades and iswill going Lucy DSMDrake in the has CCF,four has A three A grades be studying Earth Sciences at Durham. to Sheffield to read Biology. ·

Zara Dunn-Cassidy obtained 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B

Ananya Majumdar has 3 A grades and 1 B and is reading and hasScience a placeand at the Universityat ofEdinburgh. Leeds to study Computer Mathematics

Business Management.

Jonathan McCay obtained 1 A* gradeobtained and 2 As and will · Joe Edgar, School Captain, three A be studying Computer Science at Warwick. grades and has a place at Warwick University to study


Eleanor Mockford gained 1 A* and 2 Bs and is studying · Gabriel HarlickUniversity. gained 2 As and 1 B and will be Geography at Sheffield

reading History at Lancaster. Elissa A* and BsCCF, and will going · Shang Lucyobtained Jackson,1DSM in2the hasbe three A to Leeds to study grades will Neuroscience. be studying Earth Sciences at Durham.

· Sumner, AnanyaRSM Majumdar hashas 3 A won grades and 1 B and is Harry in the CCF, a prestigious reading Computer Science and Mathematics Edin- at scholarship to study Engineering and ArchitecturalatDesign University burgh. College London, thanks to his A* and two As. ·

Jonathan McCay obtained 1 A* grade and 2 As

Georgia Willetts, Deputy Head Girl, obtained 3 A grades and and will be studying Computer Science at Warwick. will be going to Leeds to read International Business and · Eleanor Mockford gained 1 A* and 2 Bs and is Spanish.

studying Geography at Sheffield University. Gary obtained 1 A*, 1 A and11A* B and reading · Yang Elissa Shang obtained andwill 2 Bsbeand will be Mathematics at the University of Leeds. going to Leeds to study Neuroscience.

· Harry Sumner, theisCCF, has won a presAli Chalabi gained 1 A andRSM 2 Bsinand studying Medicine tigiousRuskin. scholarship to study Engineering and Archiat Anglia tectural Design at University College London, thanks Monisah to hisAhmed A* and obtained two As. three A grades and will study Medicine at Sheffield in September 2019.


Georgia Willetts, Deputy Head Girl, obtained 3 A

Phenomenal university outcomes Many sixth formers have achieved higher grades than they could have hoped for and the vast majority of BGS students will be embarking upon their first choice course at the highest performing universities next month, thanks to expert UCAS and Higher Education advice from our outstanding Sixth Form Team.

And the news is even better for the next generation From September we will be offering an enhanced curriculum throughout the School to strengthen further the quality of education we offer – ensuring breadth alongside academic challenge – to enable pupils to obtain the very best examination results of which they are capable and to open doors to even greater opportunities in the future. As BGS pupils, parents and teachers will already be aware, from September 2018 more teaching time will be devoted to each GCSE and A Level subject and pupils going into Year 10 will be the first cohort to have the opportunity to study for the HPQ (Higher Project Qualification) which will prepare them so well for Sixth Form. We have achieved great success over the years with the HPQ's older sibling the EPQ. We are thrilled that 90% of girls achieved an A or A* in the prestigious Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which provides an opportunity for students to extend their abilities beyond the A-Level syllabus. This combined with the additional teaching time in our new Sixth Form curriculum ensures that our students have every opportunity to achieve their academic ambitions and can look forward to their university studies with confidence. The taught curriculum is only part of what we do at BGS: with 162 extra-curricular activities and their associated experiences and skills, BGS pupils learn from everything they do at school, both inside and outside the classroom. Curriculum 2018 is about all these opportunities. For the first time in the School’s history, the whole Bury Grammar School curriculum has been reviewed from Pre-School through to the Sixth Form. This year-long process has allowed us to devise a new ‘all through’ curriculum which best prepares our children for the challenges which lie ahead and at the same time remains true to our tradition of providing an independent, unique and inspirational grammar school education. The new curriculum model will allow our pupils to meet the changing demands of Higher Education and of life beyond BGS; it will also deliver an enhanced extra-curricular and co-curricular offering, to maintain our strong tradition of nurturing fully-rounded individuals who have the edge when it comes to embracing life’s opportunities.

Grammar Schools Tel: 0161 696 8600 Email: admissions@burygrammar.com


An additional 2.5 hours teaching per subject per fortnight equates to 45 extra teaching hours per subject over the course of an academic year!

The future is bright at BGS, & Bury Grammar School pupils really are

on the up!

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BGS Success booklet