Cirque, Vol. 10 No. 1

Page 18


A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim

Volume 10 No. 1

FICTION Martha Amore Winterkill 19 Julien Appignani Slattery’s, Capel Street, 1999 23 S.W. Campbell An Apple A Day 27 Paul K. Haeder Lost Spirits of the Lake Where a Mother Found the Face of a Mountain 28 Ken Post Walking Out 32

NONFICTION Jean Anderson Shadow Play: Writing Introspective Fiction in an Action Oriented Land 38 Judith Barrington Atlantic 44 Jordan Luz Orientation 45 Ryleigh Norgrove The Individual 48 K.M. Perry I Was Raped Yesterday 50 Brenda Ray The Most Beautiful Thing 52

POETRY Kari Nielsen Amlie Christmas in Patagonia 57 10-Minute Lunch Break Poem 57 Diane Averill After World War II 58 Chaun Ballard My Father as Daedalus 59 Carol Barrett Seascape 60 Barry Biechner Full Cowboy 61 Rachel Barton Long Stint in King Salmon 61 Stephen Bolen Markings 62 Abigail B. Calkin April in America, 1995 63 Kersten Christianson Hygge and Sisu in 3 Parts 65 Margaret Chula On the Slopes of Ch’an Mountain 66 Nard Claar Blue Wheelbarrow 66 Tiffany Rosamond Creed Window Seat, 153 67 Lin Davis Pantoum for Pulse Orlando 67 Kemuel DeMoville “the capacity or power to do work is not a magical cloud of consciousness” 68 Alayna Doyal the sign of the crossing of legs 68 Angela Dribben Good whiskey burns 69 Judith Duncan Gathering Eggs 69 Robert Fagen Milkweed Field 70 Barbara Flaherty The Seduction of Walrus 70 Andrea L. Hackbarth Almost Spring 71 the morning after 71 Jim Hanlen Back of America 72 Esther Altshul Helfgott Abe’s Red Suspenders 72 Sarah Isto Year Without Winter 73 Susan Johnson Along Scatter Creek 73 Desirée Jung Reconciliation 74 Aurelia Kessler Magpie 75 Eric le Fatte Chief Joseph Pine 76 Alex Leavens The Crows that Live Across the Street from My Mom 76 Peter Ludwin Collage 77 Shawn Lyons Sea Birds 78 Kilmeny MacMichael The ‘F’ Word 79 Ruth Marcus Apple 79