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Tim Pilgrim Little adobe something-or-other in Santa Fe 60 Diane Ray Restorative Yoga 60 Matthew Campbell Roberts Out of Emptiness 61 Deborah Chava Singer Her Own Name 61 Judith Skillman The Watched Pot 62 Jennifer L. Smith Joanna’s Child 63 Richard Stokes Waxwings in the Ash 64 Karin Swanson Catalpa Grandma 65 Jim Thielman Clouds Out a Train Window 66 Joanne Townsend Ancestors 66 Trust 67 Richard Widerkehr Allegiance 68 Tonja Woelber Light 68 Changming Yuan There Is No Life Without ‘If’ In It: Selected Word Idioms 69

NONFICTION Annie Boochever Gretchen Brinck Matt Caprioli Heather Durham Marc Janssen Cassandra Rankin Jen Soriano Jim Sweeney Joan Swift Jean Waight Avraham Zorea

The Evening Ritual 71 Editing Leota 72 Ringlets 76 Destiny Manifested 82 Windsong 85 Good Morning Rooster and a Moose in the Barnyard 86 Making the Tongue Dry 88 Break Shack 89 Dacha 93 Through the Floor 95 You Are No Paul 102


Housecleaning 105

F E ATU R E S Tom Sexton Always a Laureate: The Writing Life 106 Tom Sexton 48 Oak Street: A Memoir 109 Sandra Kleven Coining A Poem 117

REVIEwS Paul Haeder Water Like Beer – Old World Dreams Transformed Out West in the Shape of a Brewer’s Rite of Passage. A Review of Michael Strelow’s Henry: A Novel of Beer and Love in the West 119 Christianne Balk Walking the line in Judith Skillman’s House of Burnt Offerings 122 Rebecca Goodrich A Review of Sandra Kleven’s Defiance Street: Poems and Other Writing 125


Interview with Michael Strelow, October 2015, on the Willamette, querying him about the intricacies of writing his book Henry: A Novel of Beer and Love in the West on a real historical character, Henry Weinhard, and the role he played as literary puppeteer and historian 127

C O N T R I B U T O R S 129 how to sub m it to cirque 136

Cirque, Vol. 7 No. 1  

A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim

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