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Vo l . 7 N o . 1 my father, I have taken it and been able to be something generations of families hope for in a single child. A man of substance who actually does something with his talents and potential. My buddy Rock on the other hand is hoping to create what has already been created in me. I cannot engage in the mindless flooding of the planet with unnecessary offspring as my sole purpose in life. You’d be surprised how many people’s lives sum up to that: I live for my kid to have a chance. To have a kid. To have a kid. To have a kid. You get the picture. These people are no different than ants. I don’t live my life for that goal. I don’t live my life to worship a creator. I live my life to produce content. This content can serve as a mirror for society to look back at itself and see some little bit more than it could before my effort. That is what the thousand generations before me worked for: a kid who can get the job done. So now you know Aaron Kruger. Foxtail Barnwood My son Luke Asher McLaughlin having been co-opted into an Irish Clan is stuck trying to build an Apex. He has denied his position in the Zorea Hierarchy and stands in the “McLaughlin” pyramid for his own purposes. Undoubtedly he is fit for the task.

And my dad’s “new” kids are set trying to realize His Goals for them. They had none of the changes and flux that folded the metal of my spirit over and over into a different kind of steel. They were born into a kind of sameness and dependability that was not part of my parents’ early lives as peripatetic students. They are different people than the ones who patented me. You couldn’t imagine Gabriel Nicodemus Zorea writing One Dog Died, a novel about a family living on a farm that moves to Israel to become Hasidic Jews and there deals with the consequences of their father shaving his beard in the small village. and announcing to his rabbi that he is a Christian. Gabriel Nicodemus Zorea’s small head would

103 explode as he has lived in the same house and same room his entire life with my parents while I lived in 26 different houses before I was 16 yoa. My father was a liberal reformed Jew, then a Hasidic Jew, then a Baptist, then a Salvationist in the Salvation Army, then a Catholic, then a Russian Orthodox Catholic, and now he is back to Rome as a Catholic. He was born Barton Taylor Wilson Jr. And he named me Barton Taylor Wilson III. At 15 years of age when I was Sgt. at Arms and Star Greenhand in Future Farmers of America and husbanded a prize collection of breeding hogs on a ten acre farm and helped care for the 90 animals we had, I was told one August day that we were selling the animals and I was going to live in Israel as an Orthodox Jew. Needless to say I was not happy about this change and losing my long worked for status in FFA and the quality of my beloved hogs. But I joined the program and moved to Seattle and studied Hasidism there off the UW campus living in a Chabad House. We were reviewed by the Bet Din in Berkeley, CA and then ritually Robert Bharda circumcised in order to become Baal Teshuvas or newly minted Jewish souls. We moved to K’far Chabad and myself, my brother Isaac, and my father studied in the rabbinical academy there called a Yeshiva Gedola. We stood on the side of the road in downtown Tel-Aviv and wrapped tefillin around the arms of soldiers in the IDF to allow them to say their daily prayers and the amida. We cheered grooms and traveled the whole country to act as joyous participants to Hasidic weddings and Sheva Bruckas. We prayed at the Wailing Wall and sat for shabbas meals with ancient tzaddiks in Mea’sherim in Jerusalem. And then one day my father told me that he didn’t believe that any longer and he was now a Christian. We starved some, and couldn’t buy food in the local village and reached out to the Christian Community in Jerusalem to survive. My dad bought all of the translations of the Bible then available with any money he did get. I read the New Testament in four different translations and much against my will became a Christian too and left behind all my friends and my entire life as a yeshiva student to follow my father and keep the family together.

Cirque, Vol. 7 No. 1  

A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim

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