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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A15

burnaby board of trade

Voice of Burnaby official newsletter of the most progressive business association in burnaby

may 2013

burnaby business day tradeshow & expo May 23 @ Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre the keys to growing your business seminar May 23 @ Delta Burnaby Hotel – Firenze Room high tea dim sum May 29 @ Fortune House Restaurant wine at the woodworks mixer May 30 @ BC Woodworks spring economic update featuring 2013 bbot agm June 5 @ Hilton Vancouver Metrotown mixer at the quay June 27 @ Inn at the Quay


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vancity ceo tamara vrooman talks philosophy of sustainability at bbot forum

Pledge for a Sustainable Community of*cia99y 9auncDe" aC <uECainabi9iCy an" BuEineEE ?oru& michael keller

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The Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre provided the setting for this year’s Burnaby Board of Trade Sustainability & Business Forum on May 1st. The event, which was presented by the BCIT School of Business, Encorp Pacific, Electronic Arts, and FortisBC, was particularly unique this year, with the BBOT taking the

opportunity to officially launch its Pledge for a Sustainable Community initiative. The Pledge is an online resource where businesses can find tips, links, and case studies on how to reduce their environmental impact and at the same time save money in energy costs. Since the soft launch of the website ( in August last year, over 80 businesses – of all sizes, sectors and industries – from across

the Lower Mainland have taken the Pledge. The event also featured tabletop displays of some featured Pledge Takers, and an introduction from Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan. The Mayor spoke at length about the City’s upcoming Environmental Sustainability Strategy, and their own recently announced Pledge commitments, including ongoing incorporation of green continued on pg. 3

A16 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

all state of the city photos: tiffany brown cooper

a collaborative community model involving businesses, not-for-profits, academia, citizens and all levels of government.

Mayor Derek Corrigan speaks on Burnaby's complete community

06%#H .#HHAF6$ "J9A>JHE 5+83 <C6CJ #I CDJ .AC% 6""HJEE Urban development in Burnaby’s four main town centres, along with social and environmental sustainability were the key themes of Mayor Derek Corrigan’s speech at his State of the City address on April 17th. The event, which took place at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, is an annual luncheon organized by the Burnaby Board of Trade for its membership and the business community at large. “Our planning framework, developed many years ago, envisioned four distinct and complete town centres – Edmonds, Metrotown, Brentwood and Lougheed,” said Corrigan. “Each represents a quadrant of our city and, along with the urban villages within them, offers unique business, entertainment and recreation opportunities, rapid transit and a full range of housing and services.”

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“This provides a complete community, giving residents the option to walk, bike, take transit or drive to a local destination where they can access goods and services to meet their daily needs. These four Burnaby Communities now uniquely reflect our city’s diversity and each has developed based on your input, as citizens, business owners and non-profit organizations.” The Mayor described Metrotown as Burnaby’s urban focal point, and noted its commercial significance and its role as the city’s main transportation hub. Major development of Station Square by Anthem Developments and the Beedie Development Group will create new pedestrian-oriented and mixed use space. The Brentwood area also has major development plans, as the area will

grow into a high density residential community while maintaining a strong commercial area. In the Edmonds neighbourhood the vision for an inclusive, transit connected community with a broad range of housing options will be discussed at length with the public. Finally, in the Lougheed area, where the Mayor acknowledged growth has been slow, Skytrain expansion is expected to help the area transition from a largely “mall-based” economy to more compact, high density development. In addition to Burnaby’s four major centres, Corrigan also discussed changes to the city’s industrial and business centre in the Big Bend area. “Construction on the Burnaby Business Park, along North Fraser Way, is nearing

completion. Discussions have also begun between the City and Oxford Properties on conceptual planning for a new business park on the former Norampac Burnaby Mill site,” he said. “The concentration of available and flexible office and industrial space has attracted many businesses to Burnaby. This has established the area as an economic generator, not only for the city but also for the province.” From a financial position and outlook, Burnaby remains strong with the City’s 2012 year-end financial statements reporting an increase in Net Financial Assets of nearly $51 million. The City’s investment portfolio earned an annual yield of 5.0% and income of $37.7 million that year, although projections for 2013 are slightly lower with an expected annual return at 4.75%.

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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A17

an authoritative voice for the community.

sustainability forum

all sustainability forum photos: tiffany brown cooper

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Mayor Derek Corrigan listens intently

state of the city continued from pg. 2

In the arena of sustainability, Corrigan spoke at length about the City’s Social Sustainability Strategy and the forthcoming Environmental Sustainability Strategy – the former of which has won the City two planning awards. “Since [the environmental sustainability strategy] was implemented in 2011, we have been busy acting on priority recommendations, with a Phase 1 implementation plan now in place.” Continued Corrigan: “The new Environmental Sustainability Strategy will ensure the City continues to recognize the importance of environmental stewardship. The twenty-three member steering committee – which I chair … is comprised of a wide range of Burnaby citizens who are providing leadership and vision as we develop this city-wide strategic policy. The

steering committee is currently preparing for the first wave of public outreach.” “The number of new projects and initiatives happening in Burnaby’s major centres is almost overwhelming,” remarked Burnaby Board of Trade Chief Executive Paul Holden. “It’s no wonder that the rest of Canada looks to our city as a model for planning and sustainability and management. This is exactly why our business community enjoys Burnaby so much for working and doing business, and this is why we have continued to succeed while so much of the rest of the world struggles in the global economy.” The State of the City address was presented by Simon Fraser University and Telus, and sponsored by ABC Recycling, Encorp Pacific, the Burnaby Now, and SW Audio Visual. !

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building technologies and protection and conservation of water resources. To conclude the afternoon, attendees were treated to a keynote discussion with Vancity CEO Tamara Vrooman and Sustainability Expert Coro Strandberg, who spoke about the leadership role businesses can take in the area of sustainability. “Hearing from Tamara and Coro was a unique opportunity for attendees to

better understand the business case for environmental sustainability,” commented Burnaby Board of Trade President and CEO Paul Holden. “Vancity is an excellent role model for corporate social responsibility – they do the right things and because of that they are extremely successful.” Businesses interested in learning more about how to reduce their environmental impact can visit !

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A18 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

encouraging the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Burnaby Business Day

trade show &expo :DJ /@H$64% /@EA$JEE -6% :H6"JED#( #IIJHE IHJJ EJ&A$6HE 6$" $JC(#H;A$F #!!#HC@$ACAJE, how to sell to the city 1:00pm

Learn about what the City buys, how the process works, and how how your business can take advantage of opportunities to do business with the City. Presented by Gisele Caron, Purchasing Manager with the City of Burnaby.

the keys to growing your business 2:00pm

Find out how managing cash and cash flow can make all the difference for your business. Presented by Kevin Walker, Manager Small Business at Scotiabank and Jim Green, Regional Manager Small Business Development at Scotiabank

the secret to getting more referrals 3:00pm

How to optimize your marketing and networking efforts to increase your sales by developing referral relationships. Presented by Sue Clement, Speaker, Author and Business Coach of Success Coaching

FREE ADMISSION! 5+83 /@H$64% /@EA$JEE -6% :H6"JED#( ) B'!# Join over 50 exhibiting businesses and 400 attendees for a day full of valuable networking, informative seminars, product samples, and great prizes.

may 23, 2013 12:30pm – 4:30pm delta burnaby hotel & conference centre For more information visit or call 604.412.0100. platinum sponsor presenting sponsort

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attend the tradeshow on may 23 for your chance to win great prizes such as: 5 23%$#;8FD 0?<>F$3!A :+ ><$6F>A 5 -F>D#!#4<A / -F>D#>#(% A?#!!<%B A!DFFA 5 7<E> 13A6F>A 5 23%$#;8FD +3%3"<3%A *+F4F1D<>& E#D 3 73'F) @3$63BF 5 9FA>3;D3%> 7<E> +3D"A 3> =,C 9FA>3;D3%> 5 :DFF >;<><#% 3> .A?>#% +#44FBF 5 @43&43%" 7<E> @3$6

All seminars are held in the Delta Burnaby Hotel's Firenze Room

Strengthening Our Community ABC Recycling has been active in our community for almost a decade. Our metal recycling yards are not just for business, you can recycle your old appliances, cars and car parts. For more ways we’re using our inner strength to build a stronger community go to our website.

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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A19

we are the economic development arm of the city.

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Burnaby Business Day

trade show &expo

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//G: .699E #$ =#>JH$&J$C I#H =HJ6CJH ?A9& 7$"@ECH% <@!!#HC =#>JH$&J$C 1(6HJ$JEE 2JJ; May 20-24, 2013 is Local Government Awareness Week in B.C. This week helps you ‘get to know’ your local government, and to learn more about the many programs and services that the City of Burnaby provides. This year, the theme is ‘Support Burnaby Business’ to highlight the role the City plays in economic development and to celebrate the many excellent businesses that call Burnaby home. Burnaby is also lucky to be home to the dynamic Burnaby Board of Trade, and to active business associations, including the Heights Merchants Association and the North Road Business Association. To find out how you can get involved in supporting Burnaby business, visit the City of Burnaby website. !

In recent years, governments in other jurisdictions have created film and television industry tax policies which are now drawing productions away from BC. Despite BC’s various natural advantages, the local film and television industry is now at risk due to the increasingly aggressive tax policies in these other jurisdictions. In recognition of this, and the importance of the film and television industry to the strength of the BC and Burnaby economies, the Burnaby Board of Trade is calling on government to increase its support of film and television production in BC by helping the industry regain its tax competitiveness. In its Economic Development Strategy (EDS) 2020, the City of Burnaby identifies film and television as a key economic sector. As the economic development agency of the City, the Burnaby Board of Trade recognized the risk facing the local film and television industry and the potential implications of a deterioration of the industry, and drafted a statement of support outlining the economic benefit the industry provides to BC and to Burnaby. “The Burnaby Board of Trade is the voice of our local business community, and with 62% of the Lower Mainland’s studio space located here in Burnaby, we are keenly interested in the strength of the film and television industry, both here in Burnaby and across British Columbia,” states Paul Holden, Burnaby Board of Trade President & CEO.

In BC last year, the industry created over 25,000 jobs and generated over $1.2 billion in direct production spending, much of it flowing into the BC economy from outside of the province, as well as countless more in spin-off and tertiary economic spending. The impact of the film and television industry on Burnaby’s economy specifically is equally dramatic. In 2012, the film and television industry generated over $400 million in spending for the Burnaby economy, directly supporting dozens of local businesses and creating 2500 local, well-paying jobs. In addition, the City of Burnaby earned $2.3 million through permits, property taxes, services, and rental fees and the local school district benefitted from nearly $50,000 in fees paid for the rental of school facilities by the industry, further underscoring the importance of this industry to Burnaby’s economic vitality. In addition to the substantial spending the industry contributes to

BC’s economy, the film and television industry is also a driver of economic innovation and diversification. “The film and television industry is able to attract top talent from across North America to relocate and work here in BC,” says Holden. “Having that caliber of people working here in BC will help create the environment of innovation and creativity that will create all sorts of spin-off benefits down the road. For all of these reasons, the Burnaby Board of Trade is calling on government to help support the competitiveness of our film and television industry.” ! The Burnaby Board of Trade’s official statement of support for the film and television industry can be read at

Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A21

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Voice of Burnaby - May 2013  
Voice of Burnaby - May 2013  

Official newsletter of the Burnaby Board of Trade - the most progressive business association in Burnaby.