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A milestone of service, care By Kim Hogstrom For The Leader We have all driven by the tidy Harris County medical clinic on 34th Street, but how much do we really know about what it does? In most cases, not much. The clinic, called the Northwest Health Center, is part of the nonprofit Harris Health System. It opened in 1990 to provide adult and pediatric care to residents of near northwest Houston. In addition to primary care, the center offers OB/GYN services, ophthalmology, psychiatry, case management for HIV/AIDS, and pharmacy services. The 28,300-squarefoot facility handles 32,000 patient visits annually. There’s been a lot of discussion about healthcare on the national level recently, but Harris County stepped up to take care of its most vulnerable citizens years ago. The Harris County Hospital District was created by voter referendum in 1965, and renamed Harris Health System in 2012. The system provides medical care on a sliding scale based on a patient’s income. The financial operations of the system are overseen by Harris County Commissioner’s Court under the watchful eye of Judge Ed Emmett, and funded several ways, including property taxes. “Harris Health System is more than just a safety net,” stated Judge Emmett. “We must keep our citizens safe,

and I don’t mean just healthy. We need to have a system in place in the event of a pandemic. Many people think of Harris Health System as an emergency health provider, but it is so much more than that. For many in the community, it is their home for all aspects of medical care.” Patient Care Technician Level 1, Janet Curry, grew up in the Heights and has worked for Harris County Health for 35 years. Curry and her family first used the services of the system’s West End Clinic located at 190 Heights Blvd. Curry received her medical training there; it was the same clinic she and her 10 siblings visited for medical care as children. “When I was a kid, I loved watching the nurses and doctors working there,” said Curry.” I was so impressed with how they helped people. I remember wanting to be one of them. Little did I know that, in the future, that would be me.” In 1981, Curry started at the West End Clinic full-time in pediatrics. In 1990, Harris County turned the clinic over to the city, and the county opened the larger, modern Northwest Health Center. Curry moved to the new county center where she remains today. “I committed early to a career of service to our patients. Growing up, we didn’t have much, but my mother instilled in us the importance of giving back. She was proud that this is what I chose; she

Preferred Health Directory chiropractic care

Northwest ChiropraCtiC George G. Junkin, D.C. D.A.C.B.N. Nutritionist 11500 NW Frwy - Suite 201 Houston, Texas 77092 Tel: 713-686-0828

Major Hospitals

ABOUT Harris Health System Photo supplied Heights resident Janet Curry, Patient Technician Level 1, has been serving the medical needs of residents of the near Northwest for 35 years.

had such high regard for the organization. I love my job, and I love the amazing team I am blessed to work with.” Eventually, Curry’s mother fell ill, and was cared for to the end by the professionals at Ben Taub Hospital. “My mother put her trust in the See Harris P. 6B

Harris Health System is a fully integrated healthcare system that cares for all residents of Harris County, and one of the largest in the US. The system includes three hospitals, Ben Taub Hospital, Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, and Quentin Mease Hospital. There are an additional 19 outpatient care centers staffed by physicians from Baylor College of Medicine and UTHealth. Harris Health System also operates: • Two large multi-specialty clinics • Six same day clinics • Five school-based clinics • One free-standing dental center • One dialysis center • One geriatric assessment center In 2016, Harris Health System’s outpatient clinics handled 1,947,989 visits.

Memorial Hermann Greater Heights 1635 North Loop West Houston, Texas 77008 Tel: 713-867-2000 Physician Referral 713.222.CARE

St. Joseph Medical Center in The Heights 1917 Ashland Street Houston, Texas 77008 Tel: 713-757-1000 Physician Referral 713-757-7575

Medical Suppliers

Life-changing weight loss surgery offers fresh start

To learn about starting the weight loss journey, join Dr. Amr for a free informative seminar on Thursday, Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights. Attendees may also observe a support group at 7 p.m., if desired. To register for either or both sessions, please call 713.222.CARE (2273). You can also make an appointment with Dr. Amr by calling 713.426.2400 and referencing Greater Heights.

This time of year we tend to make a list of things we would like to change or accomplish in the New Year. This year, try something different; choose one goal to focus on instead. Small changes lead to big results when done consistently. For instance, if you were to leave three bites on your plate that you would normally eat at lunch and dinner for one year, you will lose 20 pounds. Changes are easier to make when you are not overwhelmed from the beginning. You are more likely to stay consistent and follow through with one sole focus. Here are a few tips that will help you find that one goal that is important to you this year and stick to it. Be Specific If you decide that you are going to increase your exercise in 2017, pick the type of exercise, the duration, and when you are going to carve out time in your schedule to do it. The more specific the goal the more likely you are to reach it. Say it Out Loud Share your goal with at least two others to

increase your accountability. In order to follow through with your goal, you need to be comfortable with it, own it! Make it Simple The easier the goal is for you to accomplish, the more likely you will be to stick with it. If your goal is to cook more, pick the number of days of the week that are reasonable for you to accomplish. Anticipate Obstacles Obstacles occur more often when you are out of your routine. Plan ahead when you know your routine will be different to help you stay on track. Learn From Setbacks Studies show that athletes who display self-compassion often perform better because they can tolerate losses. You want to do the same with your goals. See your failures as learning experiences, not character faults. Then determine the reasons that caused your slip up and make a plan to overcome the obstacle the next time around. This year remember to be kind to yourself and do not lose sight of the end goal.

Texas Medical Supply, Inc. 1906 W 18th St. Between Ella Blvd. & 610 N. Loop West Tel: 713-864-7636

Pharmacy al

Solutio ing ns

st o n

gery requirements. Determining which minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgical technique to use – gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or adjustable gastric banding – is based on each patient’s medical conditions. The Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Weight Loss Program healthcare team is committed to empowering patients to lose weight and keep it off. In addition to affiliated board-certified surgeons, specially trained nurses, registered dietitians and behavioral health specialists, physical therapists teach patients how to increase their mobility following surgery

Life-changing Surgery Dr. Amr’s decision to seek fellowship training in bariatric surgery and perform weight loss surgery came from seeing the dramatic improvement in patients’ medical conditions after surgery. “As the weight goes away, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol improve,” says Dr. Amr. “Frequently, patients can discontinue their medications for these conditions, and they enjoy life more.” “Our patients just need extra help to lose weight,” he said. “Weight loss surgery is the best tool for that if they’re motivated because they can maintain the weight loss the rest of their lives.”

What is Your Wellness Goal for 2017?

H ou

Dr. Ziad Amr

through exercising. Weight loss continues after surgery as does support from the healthcare team. According to Dr. Amr, patients lose 20 to 40 pounds within the first two months following surgery. Overall, patients can expect to lose one-half to two-thirds of their excess body weight within two years after surgery.

1714 W. 18th Street (At Ella Blvd) Houston, TX 77008 Tel: (713) 880-4000


Increased mobility, more energy and the absence of knee and back pain are just a few of the benefits patients enjoy following weight loss surgery. With the start of the New Year, now is the time to resolve to achieve a healthy weight and see just how much you can gain by losing those extra pounds. The weight loss program at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital is the perfect place to start. “Weight loss surgery is a journey,” says Ziad Amr, M.D., an affiliated general and bariatric surgeon who serves as medical director of the Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Surgical Weight Loss Program. “When patients come to us, they’ve struggled to lose weight through dieting, exercise and medications. Typically, they’re having problems with weight-related medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and are ready to start enjoying life with their children.” Patients qualify for weight loss surgery if they have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 to 39.9 and two weight-related medical conditions, or a BMI of 40 or higher. BMI calculators are widely available online and only require one’s height and weight. Following the initial visit with a bariatric surgeon, the weight loss surgery journey involves consultations with several medical professionals. Dr. Amr asks his patients

to meet with a registered dietitian to learn healthy food choices. “We like our patients to lose a minimum of 8 to 15 pounds before surgery,” says Dr. Amr. “This shows us their commitment.” Patients also need evaluations from their primary care physician and a psychologist. Typically, it takes 3 to 6 months to complete pre-sur-

Catherine Kruppa, MS, RD, CSSD, LD For The Leader

Advance H e

Memorial Hermann Greater Heights For The Leader

Complete Medical Supply


Advance Healing Solutions of Houston 5740 W. Little York Houston, Texas 77091 Tel: 281-447-7648

Women’s care

Sharon Smith, M.D. & Amber Dobyne, M.D. The Preserve 2010 N. Loop West, Suite 260 Houston, Texas 77018 Tel: 713-697-8555

It’s not an emergency, but it’s still urgent to you. Now there’s a new option from Houston’s acknowledged emergency care leaders. Introducing Memorial Hermann Urgent Care. Walk in and get the care you need when you need it – without the wait.

Now open in Heights area 4500 Washington Avenue, Suite 300 Houston, TX 77007 713.861.6490 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Daily Walk-ins welcome

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Photos supplied. Pictured: Harper Grace Allen, above and Graham Major Allen, right.


Congratulations to Eric and Paige Allen of Shepherd Forest who welcomed precious newborn twins on Christmas Day 2016. A beautiful little girl, Harper Grace, and her handsome brother, Graham Major, were born at 9:21 AM on Christmas morning, several weeks early and quite unexpectedly. Mom Paige chose the babies’ first names, while Dad Eric chose the babies’ middle names; the four names are treasured family names. Paige, who attended Waltrip H.S., and Eric, a Scarborough H.S. alum, are overjoyed with the birth of their sweet babies who were born at 34 weeks and 5 days gestation. Harper weighed a dainty 4 lbs., 3 oz. and was 16 ¾ inches long and Graham weighed in at 4 lbs., 13 oz. and was 17 ¼ inches long. Proud grandparents Liz Allen and Debbie and Ray Elliott of Shepherd Park Plaza are ready to babysit, and aunt Sara Elliott is over the moon. Although born early at Texas Children’s Women’s Pavilion and in the NICU their first

Staying active is key to staying healthy. That’s why Joint Center specialists use the most advanced treatments to get you moving again. From new prescription options, to

Christmas brings the gift of twins to the Allens By Elizabeth Villarreal

Contact a Memorial Hermann Joint Center. And start living pain free.

week, the twins had no trouble eating and were doing so well, they were allowed to go home on New Year’s Eve. Paige and Eric were overjoyed cuddling their babies as they rang in the New Year in their home. Welcome to the world, Harper and Graham! Our neighbor Linda Thompson of Forest Pines has special news to share of her daughter, Aubrey Bennett. Aubrey and her husband Matt Bennett both serve our country as Naval pilots. Aubrey, a 2007 graduate of Waltrip H.S., was honored to be chosen to fly one of four F-18s in the flyover during the National Anthem at the beginning of the playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants in Green Bay, WI, this past Sunday. Aubrey was introduced on the field at halftime. Such an exciting experience! Aubrey then made a little more history as she was videotaped providing a hair tie to one of the big and burly football players, offensive tackle David Bakhtiari, on the sidelines, and actually put his hair up for him.

minimally invasive surgical interventions, our affiliated body of experts is ready to help you find the best path to the life you want to live.

Call 713.272.1888 or visit for more information or to make an appointment.

L O C AT E D AT 61 0 A N D E L L A B LV D

Your Neighborhood Physician

ana M. Torres, M.D., P.a.


CHangE YouR BoDY CHangE YouR MinD “60 LBS Lost To Date!” - M.S.

Call for a FREE consultation

427 W. 20th St. Suite #503 Houston, TX 77008

Services include • Wellness exams • Immunizations • Flu Vaccines • Weight Loss Program • nutrition classes for children • chronic Disease Management • same Day Appointments • saturday Appointments Available

now accepting new Patients!

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Women’s Health Directory of local female health service professionals. Dr. Stephanie Fulton Dr. Fulton is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her practice consists of obstetrics, gynecology, and cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal. She is a graduate of the University of Texas and completed residency at St. Vincent’s Medical Center where she was a Chief Resident. Dr. Fulton volunteers as part of the health team ministry of her church. 1740 W. 27 St. Suite 301 • Houston, TX 77008 713-880-2727

Dr. Alexandra Pellicena Dr. Pellicena is committed to providing state-of-the-art health care services in an environment where patients always come first. She is bilingual English-Spanish and an experienced doctor in women’s care. Her goal is to provide firstclass medical care that consistently surpasses patient’s expectations. 1919 North Loop West, Ste#215 • Houston, TX 77008 713-370-7325

Dr. Rosemary Buckle Dr. Rosemary Buckle specializes in knee and hip joint replacement surgery, treatment of adult and pediatric fractures, and treatment of sports injuries. She is a native Houstonian and a competitive athlete and relates to her patients in a way that brings her advanced medical knowledge to life. She has over 20 years of orthopedic surgery experience using a wide range of technologies. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon 427 W. 20th St., Ste. 303 • Houston, TX 77008 713-756-5546

Dr. Kim J. Horn Dr. Kim J. Horn, is board certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine. She sees patients with Kidney Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes. Dr. Horn graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. She completed her medical training at the University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston and San Antonio. She is a native of North Houston. 1740 W. 27th St., Suite 209 • Houston, TX 77008 713-863-7063

Dr. Amy Haase Dr. Amy Haase, a podiatrist with a medical degree from Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, is board-certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. And is also a graduate of Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science degree. Being a mom has better helped her deal with child foot and ankle problems. She seeks to help patients using pain-free methods. 1740 W. 27th Suite 110 • Houston, TX 77008 713-862-3338

Dr. Erica Davis Dr. Erica Davis completed her residency at Baylor College of Medicine. She has practiced community pediatrics at Texas Children’s since 2008. Dr. Davis is committed to improving the health and well being of Houston area children through the discipline of evidence based medicine and patient education. TCP Heights 2600 N. Loop West Suite 100 • Houston, TX 77092 713-869-1692

Dr. Julia Kovacs Dr. Julia Kovacs has more than 20 years of experience practicing primary care and internal medicine in Houston. She focuses on preventive medicine and the management of chronic diseases including diabetes, thyroid disorders, HIV and hypertension, among others. She graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine and did her internship and residency at Baylor College of Medicine. Board Certified Internist 427 W. 20th St., Ste. 303 • Houston, TX 77008 713-231-1880

Dr. Becky J. Fredrickson Board Certified Ophthalmologist. Dr. Fredrickson has been practicing ophthalmology for over 10 years. She routinely sees patients for diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and ocular infections. She specializes in surgical procedures including eyelid lifts, eyelid cysts, cataract, Botox and Juvederm, and pterygia. 1740 W. 27th St. Suite 180 • Houston, TX 77008 713-864-8652

Angie Nobles, LCSW Angie Nobles is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in counseling and therapy services for women and adolescent girls. Her passion is empowering women to better manage emotions, anxiety and depression as they face life challenges and transitions. She received her Masters in Social Work from UH and has provided counseling services in schools/agencies in the Heights area for close to 20 years. 733 E. 12½ Street • Houston, TX 77008 713-355-7155

Dr. Denise Zertuche Dr. Denise Zertuche completed her residency at Baylor College of Medicine in 2010. She has been practicing at TCP Heights since November 2014. Dr. Zertuche is fluent in Spanish. Dr. Zertuche is a compassionate pediatrician with special interest in infants, breastfeeding, asthma, and obesity. TCP Heights 2600 N. Loop West Suite 100 • Houston, TX 77092 713-869-1692

Dr. Attiya S. Khan Dr. Khan focuses on the prevention of heart disease through early diagnosis and provides the latest interventional techniques to treat coronary and peripheral vascular diseases. She is one of the few female interventional cardiologists in Houston available to perform emergency angioplasties and stents for patients who are experiencing a heart attack. 1631 North Loop West, Ste. 220 • Houston TX 77008 713-365-0786

Dr. Dora E. Cantu Board Certified Ophthalmologist Dr. Cantu has been practicing ophthalmology for over 20 years. She sees patients daily for ocular problems including glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and ocular infections. Her passion in cataract and pterygium surgery. Dr. Cantu has been recently named one of the Leader’s best ophthalmologist! 1740 W. 27th St. Suite 180 • Houston, TX 77008 713-864-8652

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Assisted Living

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MECHANIC WITH EXPERIENCE on Econoline vans needed. Experience with A/C, alternators, brakes and suspension. Tools required. Salary commensurate with experience. 713-681-3600. (TF)

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Home, Small Ofďƒžce Computer Repair Upgrades, Installation, Conďƒžguration (Virus-Removal) Home - NetWorking


SPECIAL OCCASIONS CHARMING VENUE FOR YOUR NEXT GATHERING: Houston Heights Woman’s Club’s Historic Bungalow, perfect for small events. Recitals, luncheons, fundraisers - events up to 100 people. Grand piano, stage, round tables, small catering kitchen. Call Shea Hill, 713449-1850, regarding this Heights landmark. (TF)

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ROOFING REPAIRS AND INSTALLATION, flat roofs also. FENCING installation and repairs. Call Sam, 713582-5500. (TF)

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25 Residential & Commercial Years • Shingles: Flat - Tile - Metal • 5" and 6" Seamless Gutters • Carports • Carpentry • Free Estimates

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HD Contractors Paint, Sheetrock, Trim Carpentry, Bathrooms & Kitchens Elec. Lic. 250906 409-256-0329 Pete’s Quality

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CRyptO fun

Answers: A. office B. commute C. employ D. supervisor

Page 6B • Saturday, January 14, 2017

For The Leader Founded in 1946, Our Savior Lutheran School offers a thoroughly classical and authentic Christian education to students from Preschool to 8th Grade. The school is located on a beautiful 64 acre campus only minutes from Downtown Houston at 5000 West Tidwell Rd., 77091. Our Savior Lutheran embraces a tradition in education that reaches back to Aristotle and Augustine of Hippo. They use time-honored tools of learning that modern progressive schools have rejected to their folly. With an emphasis on language arts, Latin, his-

tory, and mathematics, our classical syllabus builds the following: Memorization Penmanship Phonetic Decoding Reading Comprehension Research Computation & Cumulative Mastery of Mathematics Our Savior Lutheran is not a secular school with religion “sprinkled on top.” Indeed, we believe Proverbs 9:10 that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Faith is the path to wisdom, not an obstacle in front of it. At Our Savior,

Christ is Lord in every aspect of our curriculum. We teach our students to develop an integrated Christian world-view that will serve as a foundation of wisdom and virtue for the rest of their lives. We are blessed with a professional faculty with a love for Christ, learning, and children. Moreover, with an average tenure of 12 years, the faculty is committed to Our Savior’s educational program. Our Savior Lutheran offers gymnastics, Drama Club, Chess Club, Dance, Band, Lego Robotics, Choir and Video Game Programming.


Expect More

of e s t 20


Our Savior Lutheran offering authentic education for all

The Leader Awarded THE LEADER

Readers' Choice

Our Savior Lutheran School Classical Christian Education

Best Private school 1st Place 3 Years in a row Best learning center 1st Place

Enrolling now! 2017-2018 School Year • Grades 1 - 8 Half Day & Full Day Kindergarten Available Offering Preschool 3 and Pre-Kindergarten Classes 3 Day | 4 Day | 5 Day options • Extended Care Available

Middle School Preview January 18 • 7:00pm Kindergarten Preview January 25 • 7:00pm

Free Bus Service from Immanuel Lutheran School in the Heights.

Photo supplied Students at Our Savior Lutheran School proudly display the results of their November school drive.

For more information please contact Diane Guevara @ 713-409-7692 or email

Serving Families for Jesus Christ

Harris from P. 1B people at that hospital, and they were so good to her. There is no place in the world that she would have received more compassionate, professional and quality care. I am forever grateful to them,” she

explained. “If I win the lottery, I’m going to use the money to add a wing to Ben Taub and name it after my mother. If there’s any money left, then I will retire. But I just don’t see my-

self sitting around at home. I would probably volunteer for Harris Health instead,” Curry concluded. For more information about Harris Health System, go to


5000 West Tidwell • Houston, TX 77091 •

At }ÙÄұ–Ýññ¨ÓÄұĂÒұ}ÙÄұ2ÄÝÓÙĦĝ you don’t move here just to live. You move here to Live Life Well™. Our Residents’ care is our passion and we are committed to exceeding your expectations. At The Village we don’t just care for you - we care about you and helping you live life on your terms.

Are you ready to LIVE LIFE WELL™? The Village of the Heights IS!

ћұtt6t}ұI6–6Q, ћұPPYmұm

Move in Today! NOW OPEN Special Introductory Savings End Soon

713.802.9700 ϸϻϷϾұtĦĬ¿ÄŀĂĂ¿ұtĦĖÄÄĦұћұ2ĂĬĝĦĂùѝұ}œұϾϾϷϷϿұћұIݹÄùĝÄұѡұϸϻϺϻϷЀұћұŀŀŀѢĿÝññ¨ÓÄĂǭÙÄÙÄÝÓÙĦĝѢ¹Ăø

The sports. Saturday, January 14, 2017 • Page 7B

Local gym drawing elite athletes from all levels of training fight. Williams has trained several MMA fighters at the gym and said that it is more difficult to integrate them into the classes since their training needs to be so specific. Although PAC(K) was created with athletes in mind and has started to establish an athlete-based clientele, Williams believes that anyone can partake in the workouts. “We’ve built a really cool culture where there’s no – this is going to sound backwards almost, because we’re talking

By Jonathan Valadez For The Leader The League: Elite Training Facility isn’t just another group exercise class. Working out at The League offers regular fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to train like a professional athlete with their meticulously planned and carefully designed routines. “It’s real deal drills that you would get if you were in a sports practice versus a group exercise class,� said owner and lead trainer Terry Williams. “It’s bringing that unique, authentic sporting edge into a group exercise environment.� Williams, who designed the League’s PAC(K) training system, which stands for power, aerobics, circuit training and the gym’s mantra, keep moving, spent time as a personal trainer before realizing that he was unfulfilled with the monotonous nature of spin, kickboxing and boot-campstyled classes. “I liked being in fitness but not necessarily that angle,� he said. “So I started working with athletes on the side, and it would be a guy who’s from Houston and now lives elsewhere because he’s playing sports somewhere, and in the offseason, he’s back home.� Williams would start by finding out which sport the athlete plays and would then conduct extensive research on what type of movements and exercises would be the most beneficial for that particular player’s sport. After a while, and with experience and knowledge at hand, Williams decided that he could design group exercise classes that would target the masses and were modeled after what he had learned by training actual athletes. He opened The League and began training individuals from all over the fitness spectrum, including the ev-

ery day, avid gym-goer, to the newbie who wants to shed a few pounds, all while using the workouts that he built for the professionals. While he was offering group classes at the gym, Williams was still training professional athletes on the side until, eventually, the two client bases crossed paths. Williams was introduced to Christian Covington, who plays defensive tackle for the Houston Texans, outside of the gym and when it came time for the lineman to start preparing for the season, he called Williams to see if he could put together a regiment for him. “It’s definitely some work to try and put a program together specific to his position and certain technique-based things for that position,� Williams said. “We had a followup conversation, kind of presenting ideas, and he was like, ‘you know what? I think I just want to jump in the classes. I think that’d be fun.’� Covington wasn’t the only athlete to start using the PAC(K) method, either. Sheanon Williams, formerly of the Houston Dynamo, has gotten in on the training, as well as University of Michigan quarterback John O’Korn and others. The most recent athlete to come through The League and train in the classes, though, was University of

Texas linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch, who used his winter break from school to train and prepare for next season. While she hasn’t mixed in with the classes, mixed martial artist Bi “Killer Bee� Nguyen is also using Wil-

about sport-based strength and conditioning, but nothing is competitive about our workout environment, which is so cool,� he said. “That is one of our big differentiating factors from a lot of stuff out there. We don’t get into the ‘let’s see who finishes first.’ We don’t believe in keeping score in a workout.� “It’s all set up for you to win,� Williams said. “A lot of people don’t even care to play a sport, but they just want to look better, lose 10 pounds.�

Mixed martial artist Bi “Killer Bee� Nguyen training at The League Elite Training Facility with owner Terry Williams (photos by Jonathan Valadez).

liams’ expertise at the gym to help prepare her for her next

Pk4-8th Grade 55 years of Faith, Academics & Service

Open House

• January 29, 2017 - 11 am-2 pm • January 30, 2017 - 9 am-2 pm “Here, we are Familyâ€?


8825 Kempwood Dr. • Houston, TX 77080 713.468.7946 • w w w. s t j e ro m e c s . o r g

St. Mark Lutheran School has integrated Christian principles and values with a demanding academic curriculum since 1949.

Get notice in the neighborhood by associating your business with THE LEADER's Schedule a personal tour

KINDERGARTEN: Ranked in the 99th percentile on standardized tests for the past 9 years

BEYOND 8TH GRADE: 14 SML graduates named Valedictorian or Salutatorian at five area high schools since 2004

Community Photo Contest Only 1 Week to Enter FundLeft Raiser

Crossroads School, Inc. serves the educational needs of K-12th grade students with learning differences.

713 255 3617 or

▪ Houston’s only 2E Program for gifted & talented students with learning differences including ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia ▪ Innovative teaching methods ▪ 8:1 Ratio ▪ Individualized curriculum ▪ Emotionally safe & supportive environment

1515 Hillendahl 77055 6 Weeks - 8th Grade

Located in Spring Branch, just minutes from the Heights, Oak Forest and Garden Oaks! 5822 Dolores St. (Galleria area) 713-977-1221 TAAPS accredited, non-profit 501 Š (3) organization



t s e t n o C Photo



The Leader has partnered with Heights-based Friends The Leader partnered with or Life as the recipient of proceeds from has this contest.

Photo Contest - Fund Raiser

Heights-based Friends for Life as the recipient of proceeds from this contest.

Leader Lovables, our search for the cutest and most adorable pets in the market, kicks off Thursday, Jan. 5 and culminates with the winners being announced in the Feb. 11 edition of The Leader. EnterPublications Your Leader Lovable Today Contest Voting Details Four Consecutive plus Online Any person in the community who thinks they have the

cat, can enter their pet in w w wcutest .the l edog, a dbird, e rfish n eorwother s . cpet om

this contest. The cost for entry is $20 and there is no limit on the number of pets a person can enter.

The Leader Lovable nomination period will last until Friday, Jan. 20. 1. Log on to and press the Leader Lovables tab at the top right of the page, or; 2. Email a picture of your pet and a contact number to and someone will contact you for payment options, or; 4UPQCZ5IF-FBEFSPGmDFBU&BTU5$+FTUFS#MWE  Suite A, and drop off a picture and payment.

0ODFBMMQFUOPNJOBUJPOTBSFTVCNJUUFECZ+BO WPUJOH will begin immediately via our website and through in-person ballots at The Leader office. Voting on the contest will last until Friday, Feb. 3, at noon. There will be three categoSJFTJOUIFDPOUFTU$BUT %PHTBOE0UIFS From the votes cast between Jan. 20 and Feb. 3, the Top 5 vote getters will become finalists. The Leader will then bring in a panel of 3 judges who will select five more finalists in each category. 0O'FC BTFDPOEQBOFMPG KVEHFTXJMMCFCSPVHIUJOUP select the first and second place winners of each category. The winners of each category will receive a basket full of gifts and services and will have their picture published in The Leader on Feb. 11. For more information, log on to and get the details.

Call today or come by and visit us.

Houston, Texas 77008

Introducing the

Weber Genesis ii lineup

Purchase any new Weber Genesis II Model Gas Grill and Receive Free Assembly and Delivery.

20th Streeet


1903 Lawrence St.


Tru-Lite Inc.

610 Shepherd

(713) 682-2053

19th Streeet

Planning your

outdoor upGrade? tru-Lite is your one stop shop. Checkout our u.s. manufacture lineup!

Excludes natural gas installation.

your GiFt

Mention The Leader and receive as an added bonus a free IGRILL 3 Wireless Thermometer at no charge. a $100 dollar Value!

FirE Magic Built In Gas Grills

Twin EaglEs Built In Gas Grills

TEc inFrarEd Built In Gas Grills

Warehouse ClearanCe

loG sale 25% oFF Save on in-stock warehouse items

aMErican FyrE dEsign Wave Urn

Leader1 14 b  

January 14 Section B

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