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The boom just won’t let up; home sales continue surge Just when you thought the pace of Houston home sales – including those in Leader-area ZIP codes – could move no faster nor home prices climb any higher, they do. May marked the 24th consecutive month – two straight years – of positive sales, and brought a continued flurry of home buying that accounted for the largest one-month sales volume of all time and record-high pricing. This buying frenzy caused a further shrinkage in the supply of homes on the market. Leader neighborhoods almost uniformly showed both sales figures and

prices increasing in double digits in the year-over-year comparisons for May. The 77007 ZIP posted the healthiest growth once again. There was a 32 percent increase in sales over May of 2012, with 360 homes sold, and the average price of a single family home streaking up 22 percent, to $473,239. Heights communities were strong performers too. The 77008 ZIP showed 368 homes sold, an 18 percent increase over last May, with the average price increasing by 11.5 percent, to $395,249. In ZIP 77009, 168 homes sold, an increase of 35.5 percent, and average prices were up 7 per-

cent, to $312,925. The hot 77018 ZIP code saw 228 homes change hands in May, up 17.5 percent over this time last year, and the average price went up 17 percent, to $347,826. Although sales figures aren’t as sizable, the 77091 ZIP posted a whopping 53 percent gain over May 2011, with 56 homes selling, and prices rising 36 percent, to an average of $127,871. Sales were flat in the 77092 ZIP – 78 for a 1.3 percent gain – but values there jumped by 18.9 percent to $158,724. According to the latest monthly report prepared by the Houston Association of

REALTORS® (HAR), home sales jumped 28 percent compared to last May, with contracts closing on 7,794 single-family homes. The last time the market approached that volume in a single month was in June 2006 when 7,688 transactions closed. Housing inventory, which reached a 13-year low of 3.6 months during the first two months of the year, dipping to 3.5 months in March and 3.4 months in April, stood at 3.3 months at the end of May. The median price of a single-family home—the figure at which half the homes sold for more and half for less—rose 11.9

percent to $188,000. The average price increased 9 percent year-over-year to $256,790. Both represent the highest prices of all time. All housing segments experienced gains except for those priced under $80,000. Homes selling between $150,000 and $500,000 registered the greatest increase in sales volume. “The Houston real estate market has held to positive territory for two years running and you’d be hard-pressed to find a market anywhere in the U.S. as vibrant as ours,” said HAR

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A Do-it-Yourself Do-Over in Sunset Heights

The La Vano Catholic Church incorporates a number of architectural influences. (Photo by Everett Denson)

Architecture guide shows local treasures by Betsy Denson

Frugal decision works for local couple by Cynthia Lescalleet For The Leader There’s nothing quite like a looming 30 percent apartment rent increase to rethink your homeownership financial equation. Or so the 2012 newlyweds discovered soon into their new life together. Since accounting consultant Lisa and energy trader Ian, both 27, didn’t want a large mortgage either, they opted for a fixer-upper. Call their do-it-yourself decision a frugal financial choice, a bonding experience or even an early test of their vows. Finding a home to morph into their starter dream home took some persistent looking, however, given what Ian called a “brutal” market for buyers in the Heights and its hinterlands. After a few false starts (Translation: competing bids beat them out of several listings they liked), the couple lucked into an “adorable cottage that was pretty decent, except for the kitchen. So we began there,” he described in a quip-filled emailed account of their project in Sunset Heights. “The initial scope was to tear out the

counters and floors, pop in new ones and we would be done in a few months. Easy peasy.” The actual scope for their steeply gabled 1930 home, however, encountered the usual roadblocks and a few just-do-it temptations to overhaul more than planned since construction chaos often does that. “Once you start digging into the bones of an old house, you realize both a.) ‘Wasn’t that adorable how naïve I was?’ and b.) ‘Wow, I am in pretty deep here.’”

Just tooling around

Still, they stuck with the DIY approach, Ian explained in a follow-up interview. Their thinking was: “There’s no way we’re going to pay a contractor to do it and have all that fun.” Getting into the demo gear was a real high point, he added. Down came the kitchen cabinets and up came the floor. That’s when they discovered the drywall was “thin, ancient, and worse for the wear.” So, down came the drywall.

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What didn’t appear to be a daunting makeover of this Sunset Heights kitchen took on added layers once the homeowners started the renovation. The end result was an expansion, with new cabinets and flooring. (Submitted photos)

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Architecture may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about Houston, but considering the way we love to build things, there’s certainly a lot to contemplate. What’s more, famed architectural historian Stephen Fox has done all the heavy lifting for you. The AIA Houston Architectural Guide 3rd Edition has been out since October of 2012. A five-year labor of love for Fox, it is an update of the 1999 2nd edition and contains 1,391 entries. Two of the sections will be of special interest to Leader readers – Tour H-1 which covers The Heights and Tour M which includes Garden Oaks and Oak Forest. Some examples from both tours offer a window to past and present. •Tour H-1 – The Heights includes 93 sites of interest, almost half of them residences. Fox writes, “Houston Heights was no mere ‘addition’ to the city of Houston. It was the first large, planned community undertaken locally, and its central thoroughfare, Heights Boulevard, was the first divided boulevard laid out in the Houston area.” •H-3 Citizens State Bank Building [now Rockefeller Hall], 3620 Washington Avenue – built in 1925, Joseph Finger. Fox says that “Finger’s classically detailed façade still stands out from, yet is still a part of, the strip of commercial buildings along Washington.” He also gives props to the rehab of the façade by Taft Architects in 1978. •H-14 Dow Elementary School [now Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts Center], 1900 Kane Street – built in 1912 , C.H. Page & Brother. Austin architect Charles Page “specialized in

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Attention • from Page 1B school design, and versions of Dow can be found throughout Texas.” After HISD closed Dow, it got new life as a community center. Fox notes the work done by Patrick Peters and the University of Houston Graduate Design/Build Studio and Galveston architects Michael Gaertner & Associates. •H-29 Jefferson Davis Hospital [now Elder Street Artists Lofts], 1101 Elder Street – built in 1924, W.A. Dowdy; 2005, W.O. Neuhaus Associates. Originally built as a public health hospital - and then rebuilt in the 1930s because of the increased demand for services - the hospital was named for Jefferson Davis because of the Confederate cemetery on which part of it stood. Abandoned for a time, in 2002 the hospital was repurposed as a home for artists. •H-72 Immanuel Lutheran Church, 306 East 15th Avenue – built in 1926, 1932. Fox says that the church “exhibits the hard-edged planar interpretation of Gothic architecture characteristic of the 1920s and 1930s.” It was spared from demolition in 2010 and the congregation, which owns the church but no longer uses it for services, is working to raise funds to convert it to a community center. •H-82 Heights Theatre, 341 W. 19th St. – built in 1934; 1988, Robert Morris.

The drive-through stations of the cross (left) and Heights Theatre are on sectional tours of Houston’s architecture. (Photos by Betsy Denson) Another site which was successfully saved was rehabbed by architect Robert Morris as well as by artist Sharon Kopriva and her husband Gus. Fox says that the Heights Theatre’s “neo-Modernistic exuberance animates the street.” •Tour M – Hempstead Highway/ Garden Oaks/Acres Homes has 31 listings. Fox notes that “Houston is home to a pair of adjoining neighborhoods that stand out in the local history of real estate subdivision: Garden Oaks, developed beginning in 1937, Houston’s first Federal Housing Administration-insured residential community, and Oak Forest, developed by Frank W. Sharp in 1946, the largest

residential subdivision in the post war U.S. until surpassed by Levittown, [NY].” •M-4 Brookhollow Central II and Brookhollow Central III, 2900-2950 North Loop West – built in 1980, 1982, 3D/International Fox notes that “the intersection of Loop 610 and the Northwest Freeway provided just the site for the play of oval geometries embodied in these two speculative office buildings, both constructed by P.I.C. Realty Company.” •M-6 James M. Delmar Field House, 2020 Mangum Road – built in 1958, Milton McGinty. It’s the “thin-shell paraboloid roof canopy” of the gymnasium

that gets notice from Fox due to its “rare local use of a technology that was quite popular in American architecture during the late 1950s and early 1960s.” •M-9 General Service Administration Regional Field Office Building, 1 Justice Park Drive – built in 2009, Leo A. Daly/LAN and PageSoutherlandPage. The “sunscreen of green glass projected out in front of the building’s aluminum-clad walls” is definitely noticed by drivers on Northwest Freeway. •M-26 Art Guys World Headquarters, 5757 Knox Street – built in 2005, Cameron Armstrong The “world headquarters” for conceptual and performance artists Jack Massing and Michael Galbreth is “a live/work, metal-faced, steel-framed barn in the rustic setting of Acres Homes.” Armstrong has since built other studio houses there. •M-31 Our Lady of La Vang Catholic Church, 12311 Old Foltin Road – built in 2001 This “fusion of Chinese, Vietnamese, and European architectural traditions with Houston spatial and construction practices” also offers a drive-though Stations of the Cross. Copies of the guide are available at Architecture Center Houston, 315 Capitol, Suite 120 or from certain area bookstores. Area libraries will soon have a copy of it, as well.

sides -- is linked to homebuilding. Just a whiff of cedar transports him to being age seven, he said, when his father bought a teardown and eventually converted it into a two-story home. The early DIY lessons stuck with him, re-enforced more recently by a relentless chain of mesmerizing remodeling shows. Lisa, however, had previously escaped living in a construction zone, though she took well to the power tools and the retro tiling, her husband noted. Among his DIY takeaways is that “... if your wife discovers how much fun demolition work is, you might not get your air chisel back for the rest of the day.” Despite the “shock” and “horror” of discoveries along the way to a tuned-up 2-bedroom, 1-bath nest, the couple stands by their DIY approach to getting a home to their taste and in their budget. They’re all but done with their remodeling, he said. At least for now. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with DIY, he said, waxing a bit philosophically about establishing a new order, a fresh stamp, as it were. And having been in, on and under the house, he knows it well. And yet, “It’s really nice when you get to the end.”

Tips and trip-ups

Lesson 1: Internet training and skill-building videos can impart the basics for many remodeling tasks -- except, apparently, crown molding.

“Just don’t,” he says. “I got three pieces on the wall and it looked like the equivalent of finger painting. “You can do the big stuff if you aren’t scared. We saved a fortune on labor doing it ourselves,” he says. “You still will want to pay up for things that require big tools, lots of manpower, or serious finesse (or all three, like drywall) but you can DIY almost everything.” Lesson 2: “Get serious and creative about saving money.” The couple found windows on overstock clearance at a local building supply company and paid an estimated 20 percent of retail price. They sold their old washer and dryer and found a set of gently-used front loaders, again for less than 20 percent of retail. The no-longer-needed chimney bricks? They gave them away and saved the dumpster charge. Even printable coupons reduced their expenses. “Little savings add up on a big project, and big-ticket items can often be had at huge discounts if you play your cards right,” he advised. Meanwhile, to help fend off the inevitable flashpoints and flare-ups of remodeling, here’s one of Ian’s suggestions: “Remember to often just set your tools aside and spend plenty of time with your co-renovator away from the big project. It’s tempting to just focus 100 percent on your big to-do list, but you have to make time for life, too.”


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Sales • from Page 1B Chairman Danny Frank with Prudential Anderson Properties. “We continue to see multiple offers on homes, in many cases before the ink has even dried on the listing agreements. There are also many cash offers. We need to carefully watch pricing, however. A disproportionate appreciation in home prices could suggest a bubble, and Houston is very fortunate to have avoided that so far.” Houston’s relentless surge in home sales continues to be fueled by further job creation, with the Texas Workforce Commission reporting the addition of more than 111,000 jobs over the past 12 months. Continued low interest rates have also made conditions more appealing for home buying, although rates have begun creeping up in recent weeks.



Sunset Heights • from Page 1B Ditto a “defunct” two-story brick chimney that ran through the corner of the kitchen. A pantry added by a “previous, previous, previous” owner surrounded it. The current owners, however, considered it unattractive and a poor use of space. The power tool period followed. Among the tasks: opening up a bit more square-footage in the galley-style kitchen to accommodate the refrigerator. Using the equipment proved so addictive that they also worked over the adjacent mudroom and its uneven flooring and such while they were at it. “At a certain point, we had two empty rooms, one without a floor, and one with large holes in the floor and ceiling where a chimney once was,” his account said. They shared “a (very) deep breath, and then we rebuilt.” That means the pair repaired everything structural and reinforced as needed, from windows to door framing to crown molding to plumbing and so on. The new finishes included “give-it-a-throwback-touch” mosaic floor tile, fresh drywall, and custom cabinetry, fresh paint and bead-board in the mudroom. What began as a three-month blitz “was more like our fall-winter-spring” lifestyle, he said. “It’s more work than you think it will be.” For Ian, the all-consuming project was not entirely new territory. His family -- on both

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Foreclosure property sales reported in the HAR Multiple Listing Service (MLS) declined 33.7 percent compared to May 2012. Foreclosures currently make up 9.4 percent of all property sales, down from 10.4 percent one month earlier and 19.7 percent at the beginning of the year. The median price of foreclosures rose 3.8 percent to $85,000. May sales of all property types in Houston totaled 9,245, a 28.0 percent increase over the same month last year. That marked the largest one-month sales volume since June 2006. Total dollar volume for properties sold jumped 38.1 percent to $2.2 billion versus $1.6 billion a year earlier.

Market Comparison

May delivered more positive



results to the Houston’s real estate market when comparing all sales categories to May 2012. On a year-over-year basis, total property sales, total dollar volume and average and median pricing were all on the rise. Month-end pending sales totaled 5,115, a 14.3 percent gain over last year and a strong indicator of another sales increase when the June figures are tallied. Active listings, or the number of available properties, at the end of May declined 23.8 percent from May 2012 to 32,214. After holding at 3.6 months in January and February and slipping slightly in March to 3.5 months, housing inventory declined from April’s 3.4-month reading to 3.3 months in May. Those levels are comparable to figures last seen

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Houston is leading the booming energy sector. Our energy economy in Houston accounts for roughly 3.4 percent of the city’s employment, more than five times the national average of 0.6 percent, give or take. This is huge when you are relating this to our real estate economy. Houston is Hot and its good to be here. This trend happened back in the spring of 2001 when we bought our home and it eventually leveled off and slowed down for a few months. Real estate comes in waves, and right now we are at a high point.

Courtney Patel Patsy Bushart/Houston City Living

We do not anticipate a slow down in the near future. Interest rates are changing and we believe many people will begin to see the necessity of home purchase now before any huge interest rate hike.

Single-Family Homes Update

May sales of single-family homes in Houston totaled 7,794, up 28.0 percent from May 2012. That marks the 24th consecutive monthly increase as well as the largest one-month sales volume ever recorded. Home prices climbed to record highs during the month. The single-family median price rose 11.9 percent from last year to $188,000 and the average price climbed 9.0 percent yearover-year to $256,790. – From HAR

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Each month, we ask a panel of Realtors and business people in the area for an opinion on a specific topic. Here was the question this month, and their answers below. The May statistics from the Houston Association of Realtors, released this week, mark two consecutive years of booming sales and home prices and tight inventory. Do you see any signs of a slowdown? What will finally cause this trend to level off?

here in the late 1990s. For perspective, the inventory of single-family homes across the United States stands at 5.2 months, according to the latest report from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

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Page 3B • The Leader • June 22, 2013 • @heightsleader

Despite the increasing value of property in the area, the mobile home park at West 11th and Allston in the Heights is there to stay -- for at least a while. (Photo by Michael Sudhalter)

Saving it for the son Mobile home park on Allston not for sale by Michael Sudhalter A mobile home park at the corner of West 11th Street and Allston may seem out of place in the Heights - and appears to be a prime area for development. But it’s not going to change any time soon, its owners say. Osvaldo and Guadalupe “Lupe” Fernandez bought the 13,200 square feet of land, where the eight mobile homes sit, in 1992. They live across the street but own one of the mobile homes. The other seven are independently owned residences, but the Fernandezes own the land under

them. Lupe said the couple has received multiple offers to sell the land in an area that has become prime real estate. They receive letters inquiring of their intent to sell frequently. And each time they tell the would-be buyers the same thing. “It’s going to my son,” Lupe said. “Whenever he’s ready, he’s going to build there.” Their son, 30-year-old Josh Fernandez, recently got married, but Lupe said it’ll probably be four or five years before he builds a home there on the property that currently shows a land value of $356,400 on HCAD. The parents’ property across the street has a value of $366,000.

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Get to know Oak Forest via bike tour The Oak Forest Homeowners Association is hosting its first Le Tour de Oak Forest bike ride through all 18 sections of the deed-restricted community at 9 a.m. June 29. The 11-mile course is designed as a leisurely ride to show the size and features of the community, the third largest collection of subdivisions in Harris County. Neighboring residents are welcome to participate. Citizens Patrol and other volunteers will help with crossing major roads, and an emergency vehicle will be on standby to assist with any bicycle issues. REGISTRATION: In-person registration only at The Chill Icehouse (Oak Forest/Judiway) from 6:30-7:30 p.m. June 25-28, as well as at 8 a.m. on the morning of the ride. A registration fee of $10 includes a Le Tour

de Oak Forest shirt, available in adult sizes as long as supplies last. RIDE: Begins at 9 a.m. from The Chill. Directional signs will be posted throughout the route to ensure no one gets lost, and a map will be provided at registration. Helmets are required. AFTER-RIDE: Gathering at The Chill to cool off and fill your bellies. Good Dog Hot Dog and Yeti Sunshine snow cones will be parked at The Chill at 10 a.m., ready to serve. Both accept cash and credit cards. Section Leaders will help in creating signs so that the riders will know what section they are in and will have water stations available. Residents are being encouraged to be outside along the route to cheer along the participants.

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����������������������� ���������������������� ��������������������� ������������������

Bicyclists joining Le Tour de Oak Forest can expect to pedal 11 miles, getting an idea of the size of the community, one of Harris County’s largest. (Submitted art)

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Oak Forest-Garden Oaks become muse for poet by Michael Sudhalter Chuck Taylor, a Texas A&M professor of literature, composition and creative writing since 1989, was en route to a poetry reading last month in Oak Forest, when he got lost trying to find the Houston Public Library’s Oak Forest branch. “I can’t think of that happening (before),” Taylor said. “I’d gotten lost in Houston many of times but never wrote a poem about it. I wanted to take a negative and make a positive. Getting lost is great for exploring the city.” Taylor was inspired by his misfortune and ended up turning it into a poem, “Survival Guide to Houston.” He still made it to the event, since he allowed himself two hours of “lost time” in Houston. He’d traveled to Houston several times, but said it was “fun to discover” Oak Forest for the first time. “It’s a really lovely library with its linear, abstract architecture,” he said. “It was a really good audience.”

His wanderings around Oak Forest-Garden Oaks neighborhoods after becoming lost proved rich material for poet Chuck Taylor. (Submitted photo) Kind of survival guide to somewhat Swampy Houston. For the Out-ofTowner, Driving in Houston and finding where You need to go is like those early Barnstorming days of aviation, when Those pioneer pilots were happy just

Survival Guide to Houston by Chuck Taylor As I walk by a large neighborhood yard Dedicated to the love of the Southwest, Containing ocotillo, agave, and prickly pear Mixed between flat sandstone boulders, I am thinking of making this poem a

To make their destinations. There’s A magic to the streets of this oil city. They change names and then change Locations. Some streets just up and Vanish, like Enron. Realize the idea Of the interval in traffic belongs to The horse and buggy days. You must

Use a rolling turn to change your lane, Or the car behind in your side mirror Will speed up. Driving in Houston runs On dog-eat-dog, unfettered capitalism. Stop at a convenience store and ask For help. The worker behind the counter Will shake a head and say, “Hey, I’m As lost as you are.” Fill up with gas Since you may not spot another spot For hours. Don’t expect too easily To find a hamburger joint or a coffee shop with free wifi to check directions. Don’t view yourself as lost, out of Towner. This is adventurous touring. Here’s a neighborhood near downtown With ditches to drain off the rain, and Over here, Look!--a lovely old Sears, still Doing its business thing, that looks As if it were built in the early ‘60s when tie-dye hippies often strolled The streets. The buildings and sign Show the influence of abstract art, Designed, perhaps, you fantasize, By famous Houston author Donald Barthelme’s famous architect dad Who did up much of downtown.

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���������������� ���������������������� �������������� ��������������� � ����������������������� ����������������������

��������������� **Member of the Greater Heights Chamber**

����������������������� Feature is optional. Bonus applied as a credit to your next renewal bill provided no claims are made during the preceding annual policy period. Subject to terms, conditions, and availbility. Savings vary. Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance: ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Northbrook, IL. © 2012 Allstate Insurance Company **Member of the Greater Heights Chamber**

I have buyers, need listings. Thinking of selling your home? Give me a call. Helping You Find Your Way Home... 1121 E. 26th St. Houston, TX 77009 713-876-1572 • 281-536-4323 Se Habla Español

Page 4B • The Leader • June 22, 2013 •

Heights resident upset about tree removed from his property

In this great big city, only one media source produces a publication strictly devoted to covering Real Estate in the Heights, Garden Oaks and Oak Forest.


by Michael Sudhalter

Heights resident Earl Bergeron has created art from the trunks of the tree that he said were cut down without his permission by ROC Homes, which built the home next door his home on 1434 Nicholson. (Photo by Michael Sudhalter)

Heights resident Earl Bergeron said a double trunk tree that was unfairly removed by a homebuilder in 2010 has been consuming his life for the past three years. Bergeron, a 69-year-old furniture repairman and self-described inventor, said that Brady Burnett, the vice president of operations for ROC Homes, went to his home at 1434 Nicholson and said that an 80-year double trunk tree would be removed, without his permission, because it extended over the property line. Bergeron said the tree didn’t need to be removed, only a small portion of it. He claims that double trunk tree provided insulation for his house, and he hadn’t spoken to the next door neighbors, who have since moved out. Burnett had no comment on the matter, but deferred to ROC Homes owner Eric Hymowitz, who didn’t respond by press time. Bergeron said he simply wants a formal apology from ROC Homes, so that he can move on with his life. He doesn’t want others to face a similar situation where a tree is unnecessarily removed. Bergeron, who has lived in the home since the early 1980s, has the support of the non-profit Trees for Houston, according to its executive director Barry Ward. Ward said the double trunk tree being cut down was “egregious” and resulted in “thousands of dollars in property destroyed.” Ward said Bergeron should have an arborist value the tree and present ROC Homes with a bill for the damage done.


����������������������������� ����������������������������������������

832-661-4749 �����������������������������

YOUR FULL SERVICE NEIGHBORHOOD BROKER ������������������������������������������

������������� MILDRED HOLEMAN REALTY The Office with a Heart


Could you or a loved one benefit from CareBuilders at Home? • Companionship • Homemaking • Overnight Care • Meal Preparation • Live-In care • Respite Care

THE PERMITS. The following are permits issued by the city of Houston in recent days in Leader ZIP codes for the demolition or renovation of structures on properties. The number listed in each item below is the permit I.D. You may obtain additional information about a permit by visiting or by calling the Code Enforcement Group at 832-394-9000. If you live in a deed restricted community and suspect violations -- building use, setbacks, lot and/or building size, building height, number of structures on a lot -- you should contact the city’s Legal Department at 713-247-1296. If you do not have a copy of your deed restrictions, you may obtain one from the Harris County Clerk at 713755-6411 or visit the website at

DEMOLITION 77007 2013/06/10 77007 2013/06/10 77007 2013/06/12 77007 2013/06/14 77007 2013/06/14 77007 2013/06/13 77008 2013/06/11 77008 2013/06/11 77008 2013/06/11 77008 2013/06/12 77008 2013/06/11 77008 2013/06/13 77018 2013/06/14 77018 2013/06/10 77018 2013/06/10 77018 2013/06/10 77018 2013/06/10 77018 2013/06/12


BUILDING PERMITS 77007 2013/06/13 13018611 4205 CENTER ST CONVERT AUTO STORAGE TO GYM 1-1-2-A3-B 2006 IBC 77007 2013/06/11 13034455 3412 HICKS ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE (1-2-5-R3-B) 06 IRC 77007 2013/06/14 13045206 4410 ELI ST NEW S.F. RES W/ ATT GAR (REPEAT PLAN KM-WEB 1R) 06 IRC 77007 2013/06/13 13048151 1027 W 7TH 1/2 ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE (1-2-5-R3-B) 06 IRC 77007 2013/06/14 13048389 5609 COHN MEADOW ST 4 STORY RES W/ ATT GARAGE 77007 2013/06/14 13048394 5613 COHN MEADOW ST 4 STORY T/H W/ ATT GARAGE 77007 2013/06/14 13048398 5607 COHN MEADOW ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE 77007 2013/06/14 13048401 5611 COHN MEADOW ST NEW S.F. RES W/ ATT GARAGE 77007 2013/06/14 13048402 5615 COHN MEADOW ST NEW S.F. RES W/ ATT GARAGE 77007 2013/06/12 13050036 4310 FLOYD ST A NEW S.F. RES W/ ATT GARAGE 77007 2013/06/12 13050048 4310 FLOYD ST B NEW S.F. RES W/ ATT GARAGE 77007 2013/06/10 DEMOLITION 13050799 5805 DARLING ST 77007 2013/06/12 DEMOLITION 13056381 2304 ARABELLE ST DEMO BLD/SEWER DISC 77007 2013/06/10 13056820 6011 FLOYD ST NEW RESIDENTIAL FENCE 77007 2013/06/14 DEMOLITION 13057331 5925 KATY ST DEMO RES /SEWER DISC 77007 2013/06/12 13058294 640 E 8TH 1/2 ST RESIDENTIAL FOUNDATION REPAIRS 77007 2013/06/12 13058326 205 E 5TH ST RESIDENTIAL REPAIR AS PER SPEC SHEET. 77007 2013/06/14 DEMOLITION 13058773 4604 FLOYD ST DEMO RES/SEWER DISC 77007 2013/06/13 13058920 602 SAWYER ST FL 2 HIGH RISE OFFICE RESTROOM REMODEL 77007 2013/06/13 DEMOLITION 13058930 501 OXFORD ST DEMO SHED & CARPORT/NO SEWER DISC 77007 2013/06/14 13059467 2110 KANE ST RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS PER SPEC LIST 1-2-5-R3-B 06 IRC 77007 2013/06/14 13059486 24 CRESTWOOD DR RESIDENTIAL REMODEL 77008 2013/06/14 12111076 6325 HURST ST NEW CHURCH/1-2-2-A3/A2-B/SPRINK/ALARM/2006 IBC 77008 2013/06/14 13018322 1340 W 25TH ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT. GARAGE (1-3-5-R3-B) 06 IRC 77008 2013/06/14 13018323 1356 W 25TH ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT. GARAGE (1-3-5-R3-B) 06 IRC 77008 2013/06/14 13018325 1360 W 25TH ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT. GARAGE (1-3-5-R3-B) 06 IRC

Care Builders can assist you and provide you with peace of mind around the clock

832-209-8839 • 77008 2013/06/14 13018342 1404 W 25TH ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT. GARAGE (1-3-5-R3-B) 06 IRC 77008 2013/06/14 13023304 281 E 27TH ST NEW 4 STORY S.F. RES. W/ ATT. GARAGE 77008 2013/06/14 13023307 242 E 28TH ST NEW S.F. RES. W/ ATT. GARAGE 77008 2013/06/14 13027662 806 ALGREGG ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ DET. GARAGE (1-2-5-R3-B) 06 IRC 77008 2013/06/13 13031583 235 W 25TH ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE (1-2-5-R3-B) 06 IRC 77008 2013/06/13 13031588 233 W 25TH ST NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE (1-2-5-R3-B) 06 IRC 77008 2013/06/10 13035830 739 W 20TH ST NEW S.F. RES & DET GAR W/ QUARTERS ABOVE 77008 2013/06/10 13035832 737 W 20TH ST NEW S.F. RES & DET GAR W/ QUARTERS ABOVE 77008 2013/06/10 13035835 735 W 20TH ST NEW S.F. RES & DET GAR W/ QUARTERS ABOVE 77008 2013/06/14 13035836 733 W 20TH ST NEW S.F. RES & DET GAR W/ QUARTERS ABOVE 77008 2013/06/10 13035837 731 W 20TH ST NEW S.F. RES & DET GAR W/ QUARTERS ABOVE 77008 2013/06/10 13035839 729 W 20TH ST NEW S.F. RES & DET GAR W/ QUARTERS ABOVE 77008 2013/06/11 13040210 2064 OXFORD ST PRESCHOOL ADDITION 1-1-5-E-B 2006 IBC 77008 2013/06/11 DEMOLITION 13046052 1247 ELLA BLVD DEMO BLD/SEWER DISCONNECT 77008 2013/06/11 DEMOLITION 13046052 1247 ELLA BLVD DEMO BLD/SEWER DISCONNECT 77008 2013/06/11 DEMOLITION 13046052 1247 ELLA BLVD DEMO BLD/SEWER DISCONNECT 77008 2013/06/12 13046164 1264 NELSON FALLS (PVT) LN NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE 77008 2013/06/12 13046167 1256 NELSON FALLS (PVT) LN NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE 77008 2013/06/10 13053239 444 W 24TH ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION/REMODEL 77008 2013/06/13 13053928 1324 RUTLAND ST RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS PER SPEC LIST 77008 2013/06/12 DEMOLITION 13054889 1028 W 22ND ST DEMO RES/SEWER DISC 77008 2013/06/11 13056962 2410 RUTLAND ST RESIDENTIAL REMODEL 77008 2013/06/11 13057072 642 W 17TH ST NEW RESIDENTIAL SWIMMING POOL 77008 2013/06/11 DEMOLITION 13057420 347 W 27TH ST DEMO GARAGE/NO SEWER DISC NEEDED 77008 2013/06/12 13058003 1121 CORTLANDT ST NEW RESIDENTIAL SWIMMING POOL 77008 2013/06/12 13058004 1125 TULANE ST NEW RESIDENTIAL SWIMMING POOL 77008 2013/06/12 13058240 707 E 10TH ST NEW RESIDENTIAL POOL 77008 2013/06/13 DEMOLITION 13058424 1424 WAVERLY ST DEMO RES/SEWER DISC 77008 2013/06/13 13058749 1111 NORTH LOOP WEST 715 HI-RISE OFFICE REMODEL 77008 2013/06/13 13058900 1232 NICHOLSON ST RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS PER SPEC LIST 77008 2013/06/14 13058943 1648 CORTLANDT ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION 77008 2013/06/14 13059107 1423 LAWRENCE ST RESIDENCE ADDITION/REMODEL 77008 2013/06/14 13059286 329 W 21ST ST RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS PER SPEC LIST 77009 2013/06/12 13025075 3548 PINERIDGE ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION/REMODEL 77009 2013/06/13 13045859 320 PECORE ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION/REMODEL 77009 2013/06/14 13051548 608 VINCENT ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION/REMODEL 77009 2013/06/13 13056382 810 E 26TH ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION & REMODEL 77009 2013/06/13 13056382 810 E 26TH ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION & REMODEL 77009 2013/06/13 13056382 810 E 26TH ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION & REMODEL 77009 2013/06/11 13057115 3113 NORHILL BLVD RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS PER SPEC LIST 77009 2013/06/10 13057133 301 DELL CT RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS PER SPEC LIST 77009 2013/06/11 13057503 706 REDAN ST RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS PER SPEC. LIST 77009 2013/06/12 13058018 521 OMAR ST RESIDENTIAL REPAIR AS PER SPEC LIST. 77009 2013/06/14 13058854 1121 RYON ST RESIDENTIAL ADDITION 77018 2013/06/10 13042088 1522 WAKEFIELD DR NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE 77018 2013/06/14 13045209 1826 CANDLELIGHT PLACE DR NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE 77018 2013/06/14 DEMOLITION 13045827 1713 CHANTILLY LN DEMO RES/SEWER DISC 77018 2013/06/12 13048146 1328 LAMONTE LN NEW S.F. RESIDENCE W/ ATT GARAGE 77018 2013/06/10 13048294 1316 WOODCREST DR RESIDENTIAL PATIO COVER 77018 2013/06/10 DEMOLITION 13050797 1611 EBONY LN DEMO RES/SEWER DISC 77018 2013/06/10 DEMOLITION 13051210 1651 EBONY LN DEMO RES/SEWER DISC 77018 2013/06/13 13056296 1115 DU BARRY LN NEW RESIDENTIAL SWIMMING POOL 77018 2013/06/10 DEMOLITION 13056776 1326 MARTIN ST DEMO RES/SEWER DISC 77018 2013/06/10 DEMOLITION 13056781 1326 CHANTILLY LN DEMO RES/SEWER DISC 77018 2013/06/11 13057144 2026 LATEXO DR RESIDENTIAL ADDITION 77018 2013/06/12 DEMOLITION 13057348 1360 CHIPPENDALE RD DMEO RES/SEWER DISC 77018 2013/06/12 DEMOLITION 13057358 1229 WAKEFIELD DR DMEO RES/SEWER DISC 77018 2013/06/12 13058082 1039 RICHELIEU LN RESIDENTIAL REPAIRS PER REPAIR LIST 77018 2013/06/12 13058286 1333 MARTIN ST RESIDENTIAL REMODEL 77018 2013/06/14 13059089 5007 HAPPY HOLLOW ST RESIDENTIAL REMODEL

������������������������� ���������������������� ������������������ �������������������������� ��������������������

������������ ����������������������

���������������������������������� �����������������������������

Heights Office

2222 North Durham Houston, TX 77008 281.517.8760 Scott Lester - Bank Office President Margaret Vandever - Senior Vice President Amy Ritter, Banking Officer/Lender

Construction Financing Made Simple. When Business Is On The Line ��������� ��������



HANDY ANDY JOCO Houston’s House Husband Bath & Kitchen Specialist All Phases of Home Repairs & Remodeling

Ad # 37424

Oak Forest Resident


��������� �������������� ������������ �������������� ������������ ����������������������� ������������������������ ����������������

�������������� ������ ������������ �������������������������

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�������������� ����������������� �������������� ����������������� ������������������� �����������������

������������������ �������������������������� ����������������� ��������������������� �������������������������� ���������������������

�������������������� �������������������� ������������� ����������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������� ������������������������������� ��������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� ������������������


4001 N. Shepherd, Suite 121


Page 5B • The Leader • June 22, 2013 • @heightsleader

Beat The Market!

Contact Sharon Ettinger 713-299-5149 E


1806 Haverhill • $575,000





5222 Poinciana Dr. $147,000

D L SO 721 14th St Listed $329 SOLD High $320s

4402 Lido Lane $149,000

D L SO 1811 Watercrest Dr. Listed $499 SOLD $530s

D L SO 716 W 16th St Listed $250 SOLD $270s

D L SO 1426 Du Barry Listed $249 SOLD $270s

w w w. s h a r o n e t t i n g e r. c o m

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Cub Scouts start summer right with camp

�������������������� ��������������������� ��������������������������������������

There’s a timeless quality about Cub Scout summer camp. Youngsters at the Skyline District Twilight Day Camp at Our Savior Lutheran worked with patient leaders on hands-on crafts and developing an accurate aim on the firing and archery ranges, among a variety of activities that have been handed down for decades. (Submitted photos) The Skyline District Cub Scout Twilight Day Camp, “Catch a Wave at Cub Bay,” was recently held on the Our Savior Lutheran Church Campus. The Cub Scouts had an opportunity to participate in making a puppet and a bird feeder. They worked on Belt Loops for archery, BB gun, basketball and ultimate. They participated in activity

badges for flag etiquette, sportsmanship and made a leather- work bottle carabiner. One hundred eighty six Cub Scouts, of various rank, and 89 adults registered for the Twilight Day Camp. The camp directors of the Skyline District Twilight Day Camp were the Big Kahuna and Mrs. Kahuna, Todd and Terri Guerra. Russell Holliman served

as registrar. Other leaders were the Shooting Sports Staff, Program Contributors, Nurse Lori Woods and Numerous Walking Den Leaders. Stephen De Leon is the Senior District Executive of the Skyline District. Anyone interested in Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts should contact him at 713 756-3394.

������������������������� ������������

������������ ���������������

Oak Forest native gets first novel published by Michael Sudhalter Oak Forest native Terry Lee volunteered with Houston Hospice, which she described as a “phenomenal experience.” “The training itself was wonderful,” Lee said. “The opportunity to be there with people at the end of their lives was a very rewarding experience.” Lee, who graduated from Stevens Elementary, Black Middle School and Waltrip High, also came up with an idea for her first novel. “People would talk to people on the other side,” said Lee, a licensed substance abuse counselor who now lives in Sugar Land. “The medical community writes it off as hallucination. I started wondering what (my parents’) life is like, life after life.” Lee wrote “Saving Gracie,” which is about a mother who became very overprotective of her daughter. The mother passes away and continues to look after her daughter. While trying to get the book published, Lee received several rejection letters, but she ultimately signed with WorldCastle Publishing out of Pensacola, Fla. The book was released last July, much to Lee’s delight. “It’s been so much fun,” Lee said. “It’s something I’ve never done. Everything has been a first for me.” Lee said she became interested in writing through her late father, Bill Lee, who graduated from Reagan High, and her grandfather, William Herbert Lee, who passed away before she was born but had been a published writer. Growing up in Oak Forest during the 1960s, Lee has fond memories of it. “It was friendly,” she said. “Our moms kicked us out of the house in the morning, we went back in for lunch and didn’t come back home until it was time for dinner

or it was dark.” The Galleria area is the setting for Lee’s second novel, “Partly Sunny,” which will be released in early September. It’s about a thirty-something woman who puts a great deal of emphasis on materialism, only to have a change of heart.

Terry Lee



�������������� FREE summer meals are available for youths ages 1-18. No registration is required to eat; just show up at a site near you!

From June to August In more than 460 operating sites Lunch 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Snacks 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. For a Summer Food site near you, call

(713) 676-6832 or 2-1-1 Sponsored by Houston Parks and Recreation Department

Chairs - $60/ea. Tables - $100/ea. Full Set - $325 (4 chairs, 1 table)

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean you have to throw it out. Powder coating, which lasts longer and is more environmentally safe than just a fresh coat of paint, can restore almost anything



From patio sets to fences to old sinks or bath tubs,LONESTAR POWDER COATING is a perfect alternative to refurbishing items inside and outside of your home.


AND, we don’t just specialize in small jobs. If you’re remodeling a home or have other metal products that need protection from the elements, we have a commercial-strength shop with quick turnaround – pick-up and delivery available.

���������������������� �����������������������

We handle more than just furniture. For information on powder coating any item inside or outside your home, please call us at the number below.


More than 150 colors available.

For more information, call

(903) 723-2208

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SPECIAL OCCASIONS CHARMING VENUE FOR YOUR NEXT GATHERING: Houston Heights Woman’s Club’s Historic Bungalow, perfect for small events. Recitals, luncheons, fundraisers — events up to 100 people. Grand piano, stage, round tables, small catering kitchen. Call Lizz Martin, 281217-6070, regarding this Heights landmark. (TF)

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SEWING ALTERATIONS: Reasonable. Pick up and delivery. Charlotte, 713-694-0003. (TF)

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YARD SALE: Saturday, June 22, 7-? 1218 W. 31st.

GIANT SALE Double Decker Flea Market

GARAGE SALE: 5827 Autumn Forest, Friday, June 21. Halfprice on everything.

FRI • SAT • SUN 10AM - 9PM 2602 Campbell Rd. HELP WANTED 713-239-0291

ESTATE SALE: Vintage items, furniture, refrigerator, washer, dryer, kitchenware, miscellaneous. 1913 Chippendale. 8 a.m., Friday - Saturday, June 21-22.


Antiques, Knick-Knacks, Furniture, Tools & Garden Items 1349 Thornton Fri-SatHELP June WANTED 21st & 22nd 9AM-5PM

To Advertise Call A Local Sales Rep 713-686-8494 HELP WANTED

FLEET MECHANIC $1,000 Sign-On Bonus! Excellent Pay, Benefits! Own Tools req. CDL a plus! 5yrs exp. w/Tractor Trailers. 817-716-9746


Friday 6/28 8:30-1:00 & 5:00-7:00pm Saturday 6/29 8:00-3:00pm Community wide sale Saturday with booth space for rent. St. Timothy United Methodist Church 8787 N. Houston Rosslyn Rd., Houston 77088 Call 713-819-8456 / 713-466-5500

MANNA - DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Your neighborhood thrift store appreciates any and all donations. We can arrange pickup for large items or large donations. Call 713-686-6440 or donate at 1806 W. 43rd St. Thank you. (TF)

Phase I of the Jack & Jane Scott Estate Sale starts Friday 6/21

987 Chamboard, corner of Alba and Chamboard. Friday 9-3, Saturday -25% off day 9-3 and Sunday 50% off day from 11-3 For a complete up to date info go to Full home, combining 2 households into 1. Full kitchen, garage, outdoor furniture, concrete table and benches, large craft room, antiques, Wedgwood, various collectables, Victorian sofa, vintage & retro! Costume jewelry galore. This is part 1 of 3 upcoming sales to liquidate 2 full homes. 52 years living in 1 of them. Avid dog lover - tons of animal items.

BARMAID/WAITRESS NEEDED: Apply in person. FT/PT, days, nights, weekends. Catty-Corner Ice House, 895 Wakefield. 713-294-2054. info@cattycornericehouse. com. (6-29)

GARAGE SALE 748 W. 43rd Friday June 28 • 7-3 Saturday June 29 • 7-1 Military, Art, Furniture, H&H Decor, Jewelry. Rain or Shine




er d. R Blv d.

E. 11th St.

Pecore St.

White Oak Dr.

Watson St.

Memorial Dr.

Yale St.


Katy Rd.

Heights Blvd.

W. 11th St.



610 Washingto n Ave.

Crockett St.

Go online for our WEEKLY map page

SKILL SAW WITH THREE BLADES, one for metal, $125; 220 V electric heater for workshop, $60; compressor and tank, $60; large electric KitchenAid washer and dryer, $600; small refrigerator, $75; small jack with two stands, $100; large jack needing repair, $125; maple antique hall bench, $85; Hoover vacuum cleaner, $35; Kimball player piano, $45. 713862-6594.

GUNS & AMMO 3344 E.T.C. Jester


Memory Foam Mattresses the

FOAM store




� Custom Cut � Memor y Foam � Chair Pads � Couch Cushions � Mattress Foam

2217 W. 34th, Ste. A.



ANIMAL LOVERS NEEDED to volunteer at no kill animal shelter in the Heights. Download volunteer application at www.nokill1. org or visit us in person at 107 E. 22nd Street, Tuesday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. (TF)

Drivers: Want a Professional Career? Haul Flatbed/OD Loads for Trinity LogisticsGroup! Earn $.425-.525 cpm! CDL-A w/2yrs Exp. EEO/AA

������������������ ������������������������� ������������������������� ���������������� �����������������

Drivers-Co & O/O’s. $2,000+ Sign-On!CDL-A End Dump & Tanker. Apply or 31203 Hwy 90. Brookshire. 281-693-4587

DOUBLE GARAGE DOOR W/OPENER: Four panels, 6 ft., 9 in. x 9 ft., 4 in. with all hardware. $200. Heights. John, 713-264-2240.

TUPPERWARE AVAILABLE: Call JoAnn Lord at 281-9233729. (TF)

E. 20th St.

Greater Heights

N. Shepherd Dr.




ps te


Berry Rd.

Airline Dr.

W. 20th St.

N. Durham Dr.

He m

T. W. Ella Blvd.

Post Oaks Rd.

Westview Dr.

Lazybrook Timbergrove

Fulton St.




ster B


Silber Rd.

Wirt Rd.

Antoine Dr.

W. 18th St.


Bingle Rd.

.J e

5 N. M

Yale St.

W. 34th St.

610 E. T .C

Longpoint Rd.


N. Shepherd Dr.

Ella Blvd.

W. 34th St.

. lvd


Crosstimbers St.

Oak Forest Garden Oaks


Spring Branch East





.J .C .T W



Rosslyn Rd.



Hammerly Blvd

T.C. Jester Park

Tidwell Rd. Pinemont

Candlelight Plaza Shepherd Park Plaza


W. 43rd St.

Wat on




W. Tidwell Rd.


Langwood m ps


Bingle Rd.




Kempwood Dr.

E. Parker

Strong office, organizational, & people skills. MS Office & Publisher required. MediaShout or ProPresenter preferred. Send resume to

for Dry Cleaners

Evenings & some Saturdays. 1362 W. 43rd Call Mike or Steve at 713-227-5461

������������ �����������������


P/T Church Secretary Fairbanks UMC

We have a small staff here at The Leader, so sometimes we don’t know about everything that’s going on in our area. If there’s something of concern in your neighborhood, please let our editor know and we’ll follow up on it.


TEACHERS/NEW STUDENTS INTRODUCTORY CLASSES: Jackie Sorensen’s Aerobic Classes. Eight fun-filled classes July 1 thru July 31 at Advent Lutheran Church, 5800 Pinemont. Mondays and Wednesdays 5:45 p.m. WE BUY/SELL GUNS: Top cash Fee $45. Call Anna at 713-817paid. FFL concealed handgun 0778. (6-29) classes. 713-694-4867. (TF)


Call: 800-533-7862

APPLY NOW at or call (800) 871-4581



out of Pasadena, TX for Dedicated Out and Back Regional & OTR (10-14 days out) positions! We offer competitive pay, medical benefits for you and your family, paid training on product handling, paid uniforms, paid vacations, 401K & MORE! 1 year tractor-trailer experience, Tank & Hazmat endorsements (or ability to obtain) & safe driving record required.

BLUE MOON ANTIQUES: Antiques and collectibles. We do estate sales. 3311 Ella. 832-2867882. (TF)


Greater Inwood

.M W

Wheatley St.

Antoine Dr.

Hollister Rd. Rd

BUS DRIVERS NEEDED FOR CHURCH SHUTTLE: Approximately six hours a week. Must have CDL and passenger endorsement. Call 713-681-3600. (TF)

Transport Service Co. is hiring Class A CDL DRIVERS


W. Tidwell

COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING COMPANY is currently looking for a licensed chemical applicator with a valid Texas license. Good salary and benefits. For more information, please call 713-688-2435 or apply at 2048 Johanna Dr. We are an equal opportunity employer. (S) (6-29)

out of Pasadena, TX! We offer competitive pay, medical benefits for you and your family, paid vacations, 401K & MORE! Submit your resume to to apply!

you read this ad, then you know advertising works.

W. Little York


Transport Service Co. is hiring 2 MECHANICS

10539 Twilight Moon Dr. Friday & Saturday 9:00AM-4:00PM 281-384-1474 Furniture, tools, appliances, AVON, 1995 Suburban, clothing, Commercial Tent

Garage Sale Shopping This Weekend?


MECHANIC WITH EXPERIENCE on Econoline vans needed. Experience with A/C, alternators, brakes and suspension. Tools required. Salary commensurate with experience. 713-681-3600. (TF) 24/7 ANSWERING SERVICE seeking a (Spanish) bilingual representative with call center customer service experience. Employment Line. 713-8664490. (7-13)

• Sprinkler Systems • Drainage Systems • Design • Installation • Service & Repair We specialize in Sprinkler Repair

• Mow • Edge • Weedeat • Fertilize Ask for Ronnie

Since 1975

Gardening Makeover Specialists Heights Resident

Lic.# 4876 Joseph Frusco Consultant

(832) 435-8685

Great work at competitive prices!


Ranger Tree Service

Specialize In Dif�cult Removals, Trimming and Planting of New Trees Free Estimates



• Landscape Design & Installation • Maintenance • Irrigation • Drainage • Lighting • Pool Design & Installation We accept all major Credit Cards


• Tree Removal • Trimming • Pruning • Stump Grinding • Lot Clearing Free Estimates • Bonded - Insured hotmail:




Dennis Clooney - Manager 25+ Years Experience • Tree Trimming/Removal • Stump Grinding • Fertilization • Construction Preparation • Residential/Commercial Insured Liability and Workman’s Comp

713-683-TREE (713-683-8733) FREE ESTIMATES



Comm.-Res. • Trimming • Removal • Stump Grinding • Planting • Pruning • Trash Hauling Free Estimate • Insured Lino 281-704-6828


Al’s Experienced


File No. Seizure Value Item 2013202040 04/18/2013 $11,956.00 One (1) wooden desk with African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) ivory inlays, Twelve (12) Rhinoceros (Rhinocerotidae)Leather chairs

LAWN & TREE SERVICE Landscaping • Insured Satisfaction Guaranteed

Al Rojas 713-863-7310 Cell 713-416-1092

Mowing • Edging • Blowing Flower Bedding • Fertilizing

Expert Tree Services

• Removal • Trim • Prune • Spray • Feed • Top • Stump Grinding Fully Insured • Free Est.

Lawn Care

New Horizons

Lawn Maintenance Landscaping & Design Sprinkler Repair Residential/Commercial Free Estimates Taylor Herrmann


10% OFF Labor w/ad


U S Tree Experts • Tree Removal • Shaping & Trimming Insured • Free Estimates


713-681-4079 • 713-410-4265

YOUR AD CAN RUN HERE Call 713-686-8494 For Details



(281) 948-4879

����� ��������

Residential/Commercial FREE ESTIMATES/Credit Cards



Lawn Maintenance Landscape & Design Sprinklers/Drainage Systems Free Estimates 20 yrs. exp.

713-688-4244 David Bartula


• Landscape Installation • Weather Damage Replacement • Tree Trim & Removal • Lawn & Bed Maintenance • Landscape Lighting • Organic Soil Amendments


Lawn Mowers Chainsaws Trimmers Blowers

Mower Parts and Supply Co. 4560 W. 34th @ Mangum (Next to Fiesta Tacos) We service most major brands!


WORK WANTED ��������������� Business or Home

• Appliances • Yard Debris Garage Clean Outs Free Estimates CALL Manny Insured


QUICK TRASH HAULING • Garage Cleaning • Lots Tree Cutting • Fence Debris Removal • Demolish Free Estimates • All Concrete

No Job Too Large Or Small ASK FOR

713-529-4174 713-723-9689



EUGENE HAULS TRASH: Cleans garages, trims trees. 832-8905453; 713-631-5348. (6-29) C.W. TRASH HAULING: Residential/commercial, clean out garages, tractor work, box blade. 832-434-8863. (7-6) C.W. LAWN CARE: Yard work — cut grass, clean lots. 832434-8863. (7-6) WOMAN WANTS SITTING OR CLEANING: Four to five hours per day. 713-697-3605. ODD JOBS: Painting, clean-ups, landscaping. Have pickup. Call Jim, 281-520-1604. (7-6) ELDERLY CARE: Dependable, experienced home health care aid with transportation available. 832-381-4170. GENERAL LAWN CLEAN-UP: Yard and flower bed work. Henry, 713-686-4773.




Notice is hereby given that the United States Department of the Interior is hereby commencing a forfeiture proceeding against the following items of wildlife or wildlife products, which were seized in the Houston area of Texas on the date indicated because they were involved in one or more violations of any of the following law: Endangered Species Act, 16 U.S.C. 1538(a)(1)(A), 16 U.S.C. 1538 (a)(1)(G), l6 U.S.C. 1538(c)(1) and 16 U.S.C 1538 (e). These items are subject to forfeiture to the United States under Title l6, U.S.C. Sec. l540(e), 16 U.S.C. Sec. 1377, or l6 U.S.C. Sec. 3374 and Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations, Section l4.91(a) and 14.61. Any person with an ownership or financial interest in said items who desires to claim them must file a claim with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Law Enforcement office,16639 W. Hardy, Houston, TX 70060-6230. Such claim must be received by the above office by 7-24-13. The claim will be transmitted to the U.S. Attorney for institution of a forfeiture action in U.S. District Court. If a proper claim is not received by the above office by such date, the items will be declared forfeited to the United States and disposed of according to law. Any person who has an interest in the items may also file with the above office a petition for remission of forfeiture in accordance with Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations, and Section 12.24, which petition must be received in such office before disposition of the items. Storage costs may also be assessed.

• Mowing • Seasonal Color • Mulching • Wood Fences • Cleanups • Pressure • Tree Trimming Washing


COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING COMPANY is currently looking for English speaking foreman with one year+ of experience. Good salary and benefits. For more information, please call 713-688-2435 or apply at 2048 Johanna Dr. We are an equal opportunity employer. (S) (6-29)


Gilbert’s Landscape


COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING COMPANY is currently looking for leadmen with minimum one year of experience. For more information, please call 713-6882435 or apply at 2048 Johanna Dr. We are an equal opportunity employer. (S) (6-29)

All Saints Catholic Community

Alfredo’s Landscape Landscape Renovations

for small family owned dry cleaning business. 2908 Fulton Mon-Fri Call Mike or Steve at 713-227-5461

215 E. 10th St. • Houston, TX 77008 • (713) 864-2653 Position Summary The Facilities Manager provides leadership and direction to the overall plant maintenance. He/she directs duties of part-time custodian. Ensures the continuity of production operations and collaborates with other departments/ ministries to ensure overall success of the parish. Please visit for full job description. Resumes may be turned in to the parish office or sent to Michael Cooke, Business Manager/Bookkeeper (




LAWN & GARDEN GUIDE Frusco Landscape & Irrigation Co.


• Tree Trimming • Tree Removal • Stump Grinding


Credit Cards Accepted


Fully Insured

Look For Professional Help In Our Lawn & Garden Guide



Page 8B • The Leader • June 22, 2013 •



FIND YOUR FRIEND FOR LIFE: Adopt or foster a shelter animal. (TF) FOUND FEMALE KITTEN: Gray and white, 3-4 months old. Call Jane at The Leader. 713-6868494.



FIND YOUR FRIEND FOR LIFE: BURGLAR BARS: Custom made. Adopt or foster a shelter animal. Residential and commercial. Free estimates. 281-448-2759. (TF) (TF) ANIMAL LOVERS NEEDED to volunteer at no kill animal shelter in the Heights. Download volunteer application at www.nokill1. Call Billy, The org or visit us in person at 107 E. 22nd Street, Tuesday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. (TF)

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M&M Pet Sitting


Affordable Pet Care In Your Home Will Treat Your Loved Ones As My Own


Cell (713)444-8517 (713)682-5246

Mitzi Bonded

Expires 6-30-13

3414 Ella Blvd. 713-681-6218

Haute Dawgs

Royalty Pet Center

Mobile Pet Spa

Since 1976 PLUMBING

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• Grooming • Boarding • Pet Supplies 9900 N. Houston Rosslyn

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GENERAL HOME IMPROVEMENTS HANDYMAN: Build, repair fences, garage doors or decks. Carpentry — install Hardi-plank, cabinets, windows, doors, locks. Painting, home theater set up. 35+ year Oak Forest resident. Call David, 713-688-1839, leave name and number.

40 years' exp. • Low Rates

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½ HP Sears $ 00 Openers GENERAL HOME IMPROVEMENTS Installed

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AMS Remodeling

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Repair & Installation All Type Fences • Chain link • Wood • Ornamental Iron HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRICAL SERVICES Small jobs welcome Call 7 Days

Jose `

References • Heights Home Owner

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Lights-Plugs-Breakers Cover all electric needs

TECL# 43460

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TEL. 713-721-5490 17823

We have a small staff here at The Leader, so sometimes we don’t know about everything that’s going on in our area. If there’s something of concern in your neighborhood, please let our editor know and we’ll follow up on it.

Air Conditioning Sales � Service Repairs � Cleanings

John Kuenstle Electric,LLC

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We have one of the highest rated delivery systems in the country, but mistakes can happen. If you don’t receive your Leader any week, we’d sure appreciate it if you’d call and let us know so that we can correct the problem.

FAIR PRICES ON CARPET/ FLOORING SALES, INSTALLATION AND REPAIR: Thirty-five years experience. Carpet, hardwoods, vinyl, ceramic tile. Carpet shampoo and restretch carpet. Dry cleaning now available. 713582-5500. (TF)



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Oak Forest 2-1 rental available July. Updated Kitchen/new cabinets/granite. Covered deck, hdwd floors, storage shed, SS appliances.$1350/mo + dep. 1 yr+ min lease. Mike 713-553-1590

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TACLA 28719E

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Covering the Real Estate Market in the Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and North Houston

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• Residential sales statistics for the Houston area and by ZIP code in our communities on single-family, townhomes and condos. • Periodic survey of residential rental markets in our coverage areas. • Commercial activity, including office and retail. • Features on how to increase the market value of a residential property, including a recurring profile of a remodeling/renovation project, “staging” of homes and curb appeal improvements for home sellers and more. • Advice for first-time buyers. • Information about financing and refinancing and options, such as reverse mortgages, for seniors. • And much more.

To advertise call a sales rep today!

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Page 9B • The Leader • June 22, 2013 •

St. Pius X to compete in state private school 7-on-7 tourney this weekend by Michael Sudhalter

St. Pius X sophomore quarterback Timmy Ware and the Panthers will compete in the state private school 7-on-7 tournament on Friday and Saturday in Dallas. (Photo by Michael Sudhalter)

The St. Pius X 7-on-7 football team will compete in the private school state championships on Friday and Saturday at the Episcopal School of Dallas. “It’s not going to make or break a season, but we want guys to get out there and give a good effort,” SPX football coach Blake Ware said. St. Pius X will open against Addison Trini-

ty Christian in the tournament, and Houston Christian is also in its pool. Lutheran North competed in 7-on-7 but didn’t qualify for state, and St. Thomas plays in a weekly league but didn’t want to participate in state. The Panthers finished 8-4 last season, reaching the TAPPS 5A State Quarterfinals. Senior quarterback Kohl Stewart, an AllAmerican in football and baseball who was drafted by the Minnesota Twins earlier this month, suffered a season-ending injury in the regular season finale last season.

Then-sophomore Sean Kilpatrick led SPX to the second round of the playoffs, and he’s currently competing with sophomore Timmy Ware for the starting quarterback position. Coach Ware said he’s been impressed with senior wide receiver Brian Newman and junior wide receiver Sam Vitulli. “Vitulli is improving every time we go out,” he said. “Newman has been lights out. He’s going to do a great job this year.”

In the Driver’s Seat

Pictured: Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, right, advises Donald Driver Football Camp athletes on a route-running drill. Driver, a 38-year-old Houston native, returned home earlier this week to conduct the free camp at Delmar-Tusa Stadium for 300+ athletes, ages 7-to-17. Left: Donald Driver’s older brother, Marvin (the camp director), addresses players after Monday’s camp. (Photos by Michael Sudhalter)

Packers legend returns home to host football camp Story, Page 10B

Pius hires Westbury Christian’s Carr as boys basketball coach Russell Carr has been named head boys basketball coach at St. Pius X High School. “We are extremely excited to welcome Coach Carr to our school community,” SPX athletic director Jason Kimball said. “His accom-

plishments as a coach and an educator are quite impressive and we are eager for him to get to work.” Carr comes to St. Pius X after serving as a basketball coach, teacher and administrator at Westbury Christian School where

he compiled an overall record of 202-45 (.818). In six years as the head boys basketball coach, Carr led his team to six straight undefeated district championships, six state final four appearances and three state championships (2009,

2010, 2013). Carr finished two seasons ranked in the top 50 in the country and was selected as a TAPPS All-Star Coach and as a Texas ShootOut All-Star Coach. In addition, he has coached over 16 players to earn collegiate basket-

ball scholarships at varying levels. Prior to his appointment as the WCS head boys basketball coach, Carr spent six years as the head girls basketball coach and won his first state title for the Wildcats. He is a member of the Texas Associa-

tion of Basketball Coaches and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. “I’m very excited about the chance to work with the staff, par-

see Carr • Page 10B

Athlete Spotlight:

Waltrip’s Michael Miata by Michael Sudhalter Waltrip High senior baseball player Michael Miata made quite an impact in the classroom and on the baseball field this spring. Miata, 18, graduated 10th out of 299 students in Waltrip’s Class of 2013 on June 9 at Texas Southern University, and he started in left field for the Rams’ Class 4A-District 21 runner-up team. A Forest West resident, Miata attended St. Ambrose Catholic School from Pre-K through eighth grade before enrolling at Waltrip as a freshman. His older brother and sister, Tony and Kelly, and his father, John, all graduated from Waltrip. Growing up, Miata competed in both the Candlelight Little League and the Timbergrove Sports Association.

The Timbergrove Thunder 8U Team, (bottom first left to right) Austin Brown, Kyle Kruppa, Connor Woods, Justin McCoy, Roman Ramirez Henry Wright, Tony Botello, Braydan Salinas, Luke Rives, Liam Murphy Jon Salina, Roger McCoy, Brandon Brown, Glen Rives Not pictured: Sean Guynn, Senator Flood, Landon Croker and Jackson Mobley. (Submitted photo)

Timbergrove Thunder 8U team wins Clear Lake tournament The 8U TSA Thunder (Timbergrove All-Star Baseball Team) won the N.A.S. Closed Base Shoot Outtournament at Clear Lake Dads Club this past weekend, defeating the Angleton Horns in the final. The team played teams from West U (Rangers), Lake Jackson (Rangers) and Angleton (Horns) to win the title. The championship game was a thriller

that the Thunder won by a run on their last at bat. This was a great victory for the Thunder and their first machine pitch tournament. The team showed great determination to battle in the heat in all their games which were close. Next up is the Junior RBI Tournament held at Sylvester Turner Park. --Submitted Story

What did you learn from Waltrip first-year head baseball coach Mike Evans “I learned that hard work definitely does pay off, and you have to put out work to receive what you want. You can’t just go out there and expect to play. You have to earn it.” You were one of 13 seniors on the WHS baseball roster. What was that like? “We’re a good group of close friends, and we’re definitely graduating as a family. We’re all pretty close-knit within the baseball team as seniors. We just bonded over the years, starting in freshman year.” In Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs, you delivered a two RBI single that tied the game at 6 in the fifth inning of a 13-6 loss to Fort Bend Ridge Point. Describe it for us. “I really wasn’t expecting it to be honest. It just kind of happened. I was in the zone, and it just came off. It didn’t hit me until I got back in the dugout. You didn’t realize what you did until later. It was a really great feeling knowing I tied up a playoff game and gave my team a chance.” How did you choose Texas A&M? “My mom’s side of the family went to A&M. We’re

Michael Miata, a 2013 Waltrip High graduate and former Rams outfielder, is the featured athlete in the Athlete Spotlight, a new feature in The Leader, that will highlight a local athlete. (Submitted photo) big Aggie fans, and my sister, Kelly, is graduating from there this fall. It’s a huge school, and it’s really nice out there. I’ve just heard numerous good things about it. I’ve always looked forward to it as a kid to go there.” Outside of sports, what has been the highlight of your senior year at Waltrip? “Enjoying the last year of friendships with people that I made friends with and sticking to my role of doing well in school.” Other than Coach Evans. one teacher, who was the teacher that you learned from the most? “Ms. Simonario, my Spanish teacher. She’s very friendly and helped boost my confidence, going into a public school for the first time. It was a little rough at first.”

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Carr• from Page 9B ents and kids at St. Pius X,” Carr said. “I hope to bring some excitement to the basketball community – that same excitement that has been generated by the consistent success seen in other sports at SPX, especially in both baseball and football. It will be a great challenge going from Class 4A to 5A, but one I am ready for. I look forward to building a program that is not only strong within Houston, but recognized throughout the state.” A native of Guntersville, Ala., Carr graduated from Guntersville High School. He received his bachelor’s degree in social science with an emphasis in criminal justice from Faulkner University, where he was a member of the basketball team.

Russell Carr Carr and his wife, Shara have three children: daughter Evelyn (5) and sons Jackson (3) and Wyatt (1). – Submitted Story


HIGHER LEVEL OF CARE In our quest for healthcare excellence, Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital sets the standard. And continuously striving to earn the most acclaimed accreditations ensures we keep redefining that standard. Ranked among Nation’s Top 5 Large Health Systems according to 15 Top Health Systems ® study by Truven Health*

Ranked among America’s 50 Best Hospitals™ by Healthgrades ® four consecutive years (2010–2013)**

Athletes at the Donald Driver Football Camp competed in drills earlier this week at Delmar-Tusa Stadium. (Photo by Michael Sudhalter)

Ranked among the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals ® by Truven Health* five consecutive years (2009–2013)**

Recognized by Joint Commissions Disease-Specific care certification program in joint replacement for hip and knee

Donald Driver stays true to hometown by Michael Sudhalter Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver won a Super Bowl, was named to the Pro Bowl four times and was part of the winning pair on Dancing With The Stars. But the 38-year-old Houston native said it’s important for him to be true to his hometown roots. Driver hosted the free-of-charge Donald Driver Football Camp on Monday and Tuesday at DelmarTusa Stadium. Three hundred-plus campers, ages 7-to-17, attended the camp, which included lunch. “It’s always special to have a camp in your hometown,” Driver said. “I’m supporting the people who supported me all my life.” Driver, a 1993 Milby High graduate, retired from the Packers after 14 seasons. He finished as Green Bay’s all-time leading receiver with 743 catches for 10,137 yards. “If the Packers need me, I’ll come back, but I won’t play for any other team,” Driver said. “I’m going to follow whatever God has in store for me.”

On Tuesday, Driver made his way to all of the different drill stations, providing encouragement and advice for all of the campers, who all sported yellow t-shirts that said “Donald Driver Football Camp” with the No. 80 on the back. Driver has held the camp for a decade and said he’ll continue to hold it as long as he’s “alive and well.” After the Houston camp, Driver and his older brother, Marvin Driver, who is the camp director, hosted a similar camp in Cleveland, Miss. -- near Driver’s college alma mater, Alcorn State. The camp has about 15 volunteers, including 10 coaches, said Marvin. “He wants to give back and give kids something he did not have growing up,” Marvin said. Delmar-Tusa Athletic Complex director Mike Truelove, who was Driver’s football coach at Milby, was impressed with the camp. “There’s a lot of people that put a lot of time into it,” Truelove said. “Donald’s presence is great. They’ve got a lot of folks helping out and doing a great job.”

Cancer program accredited with commendation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer

Awarded Maternity Care Excellence Award and Women’s Health Excellence Award by Healthgrades ®

Recognized as an accredited Chest Pain Center by the Society of Chest Pain Centers

For physician referral, call 713.222.CARE (2273) or visit

*As part of the Memorial Hermann Health System **As part of the Memorial Hermann Health System: The Woodlands, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest hospitals.



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