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SATURDAY | June 15, 2013 | Vol. 59 | No. 33 | | @heightsleader

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Celebrating Dad One of the greatest gifts a father can leave is a lasting legacy to his children. We have plenty of men like that in this community. We hope you’ll read about them. Related stories on Pages 4A, 5A, 1B, 2B, 3B & 4B

Honor our hometown heroes in 2 weeks

With our most patriotic holiday approaching, The Leader is seeking to honor our true American heroes – men and women from our neighborhoods on active duty with the military for the Fourth of July. Please email us photos of your loved ones in uniform as jpeg attachments to news@theleadernews. com, along with their name, military branch and rank, current base and duty, name of their high school/college, parents and/or spouse and the name and contact information of the person submitting the information. Submissions may also be dropped off at The Leader, 3500-A E. T.C. Jester Blvd. between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Deadline for photos and information is June 28. So while we get ready for picnics, parades and fireworks, let’s remember those who are living their patriotism far from home by serving their country and protecting our freedoms.

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with a Roznovsky Gift Certificate

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Available five days per week. Latisha, 832-343-4277.

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Speeders Beware

Houston traffic cop keeps area safe

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HPD has hands full with crime increase An attempted smash-and-grab ATM robbery, an assault by car and a number of robberies and assaults kept police in Leader neighborhoods active in recent days.

by Michael Sudhalter

Would-be smash-and-grab robbers hit OF Valero

The Valero convenience store at 43rd Street and Rosslyn in Oak Forest was hit by a messy smashand-grab robbery attempt early Tuesday morning. ABC-13 reported that investigators say a group of five men backed a pickup truck through the storefront about 3:20 a.m., before it opened and no employees were on site. Apparently the suspects fled when the alarm sounded, according to the report. Robbers frequently use that technique to steal ATM machines, but the ATM at the store wasn’t taken. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

At any given time on the 700 block of the Yale Street walkway, people are jogging, walking with their children and riding their bicycles. Houston Police Department senior officer Antonio C. Boutte is there to ensure their experience is a safe one. “(Motorists) are oblivious of the pedestrian traffic,” Boutte said. “Officers are out here for the safety of the public. The speed limit is the safest speed you can drive on these roadways.” Boutte, 51, can tell how fast a car is going by “visual estimation,” but since that won’t hold up in court, he has a laser that tracks vehicles from 1,000 feet away. “The equipment is very efficient – it helps you write tickets,” said Boutte, who estimates that 80 percent of the tickets he writes hold up in court. He has an 11 mile per hour “cushion,” which means that he doesn’t stop cars unless they’re going 11 miles over the speed limit. Some officers, Boutte said, have a 5 mph cushion, and it can vary depending on the officer. The HPD traffic officers drive unmarked black cars, known within the department as “slick tops.”

Timbergrove woman faces charge in assault-by-car

Houston Police Department traffic officer Antonio C. Boutte ensures that motorists follow the posted speed limit, especially along Yale Street near I-10. (Photos by Michael Sudhalter)

see Cop • Page 6A

Reasonable. Call Charlotte, 713-6940003.

The Fraga Family, Page 1-2B

A Timbergrove woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a family member after she struck her boyfriend with her 2013 Nissan Ultima on the 1600 block of Bevis at 3:15 p.m. on June 4. Houston police said Gabrielle Hunter, 19, was arguing with her boyfriend, Terrance Barnes, 20, when he attempted to get away. She followed him in her vehicle and struck him, investigators said. He was taken, in stable condition, to Ben Taub General Hospital with a broken leg and possible fractured skull.

see Crime • Page 6A

Sudden storm leaves mess behind in Oak Forest Sunday provided a sudden and fierce reminder of why this isn’t just “hurricane” season but the time of year to expect severe weather of all kinds. A fast-moving storm packing downpours and wind gusts was routine for most of the Houston area but wreaked havoc on some Oak Forest streets. Centerpoint crews worked quickly to restore power from downed lines, and neighbors helped neighbors to remove fallen trees and debris. Residents’ photographs and written accounts posted on social media showed trees fallen onto a home on Lido Lane, onto a car parked on one street and pulling down power lines. One limb appeared to be hurled,

projectile-style, into the side of a residence. At one point, Centerpoint reported 4,500 homes in the area without power, but crews were dispatched to pinpoint and repair the problems, and by evening, power had been restored to most residences. One resident who was caught outside in the storm described it “like a tornado” with limbs crashing and debris flying, including yard furniture. Another resident said the top of a carport ended up in her yard. ABC-13’s chief meteorologist Tim Heller studied data from the affected area and said it showed no tornadoes. The strongest wind gusts from the storm were only about 35-40 miles per hour, he said. – From Staff Reports

What was described by neighbors as a well-tended 100year-old tree crashed onto this Oak Forest home Sunday in a sudden outbreak of high winds and rain. (Photo from Facebook)

Page 2A • The Leader • June 15, 2013 • @heightsleader

Chamber president could be tapped next week The Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce could have a new president as early as next week, according to the person leading the search committee. In March, Ken Stallman notified the Chamber’s board that he would step down from his position. He became president in the summer of 2009 after a career in banking. Dee Farino, a member of the Chamber’s executive committee, was tapped to lead the search for a new president, and shortly after Stallman’s last day, April 15, the board began taking applications for candidates of the open position. A complete list of those candidates was not

made public, though two confirmed names that were considered in the interview process were Mickey Blake, current chairwoman of the Chamber board, and Terry Burge. Blake owns a marketing company, Marketability Inc., and Burge was the long-time publisher of The Leader. According to Farino, Dee Farino the committee established to find Stallman’s replacement will make a recommendation to the entire board at its next scheduled meeting on

June 19. If the board approves the recommendation, the candidate will then be offered the job, Farino said. If the board does not approve the recommendation, the search committee will conduct more interviews in hopes of finding another candidate. It is not known if either Blake or Burge will be recommended as potential candidates, as the Chamber has been quiet during the selection process. Since Stallman’s resignation, Jacob Milwee, director of member services for the Chamber, has served as the acting president. – Staff Report

A truck and train collided early Monday morning on the Union Pacific tracks on Sherwin Street near I-10. It took hours to turn the truck upright and get the train moving, creating traffic chaos on nearby T.C. Jester and Shepherd/Durham. By the evening rush hour, the accident had been cleared and is under investigation. No one was injured. (Photo from KHOU-TV)

Police Reports, May 28 - June 9 MAY 28


Theft 04:53 PM 700-799 CROSSTIMBERS Theft 06:10 PM 2400-2499 JUDIWAY Theft 05:40 PM 1800-1899 SHEPHERD DR

Concealed Handgun Class: June 22nd



MAY 29

Burglary 09:00 AM 1100-1199 LAWRENCE Theft 09:00 PM 3100-3199 WHITE OAK DR


BLACK GOLD GUNS & AMMO 713-694-4867 875 Wakefield Dr. Licensed FFL/Class III Dealer

MAY 30

Theft 08:50 AM 1400-1499 ARLINGTON


Get the experts on your side

Burglary 10:00 PM 1200-1299 RUTLAND Theft 08:00 AM 1100-1199 PEDDIE

with LegalShield’s

MAY 31

Assault 02:40 AM 4200-4299 KOEHLER Theft 07:00 PM 100-199 YALE Burglary 09:37 AM 2300-2399 LAZYBROOK DR Theft 08:30 AM 7300-7399 ALBA ST Burglary 06:00 PM 1700-1799 HEWITT Burglary 11:00 AM 1800-1899 LIBBEY DR Theft 05:00 PM 2900-2999 SHEPHERD DR

June 1

Robbery 01:20 PM 600-699 35TH ST Theft 12:45 PM 3100-3199 WHITE OAK DR Theft 12:00 AM 2500-2599 T C JESTER BLVD Theft 12:00 AM 1200-1299 DETERING ST

�������������������� Contact Neil McGlone ��������������������� Independent Associate

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Theft 04:40 AM 6900-6999 OVERMEYER DR Theft 08:00 PM 1100-1199 NICHOLSON Burglary 08:40 PM 600-699 REDAN Theft 02:48 PM 5600-5699 34TH ST Theft 08:45 PM 1700-1799 FAWNHOPE DR Theft 04:40 PM 4900-4999 SHEPHERD DR

June 5

June 2

Theft 12:00 AM 500-599 18TH ST Theft 12:45 AM 300-399 16TH ST Theft 05:15 PM 2900-2999 MANGUM Theft 01:30 AM 4000-4099 WATONGA BLVD Theft 11:10 AM 700-799 CROSSTIMBERS Theft 12:09 PM 1800-1899 ELLA BLVD Theft 12:00 PM 2100-2199 NORTH LP W Theft 12:30 AM 2700-2799 MANGUM Theft 09:05 AM 2100-2199 MAIN ST

June 3

Theft 05:00 PM 700-799 YALE Theft 08:00 AM 500-599 CORTLANDT ST Theft 07:30 PM 2400-2499 JUDIWAY Theft 07:00 PM 4800-4899 LAMONTE LN Burglary 06:30 PM 3300-3399 LINK RD Theft 08:00 PM 900-999 WALLING Theft 09:00 PM 100-199 CONOLY Assault 02:30 PM 7300-7399 NORDLING RD Theft 10:00 PM 500-599 FRASIER

June 4


Assault 05:16 PM 1600-1699 BEVIS ST Burglary 07:15 AM 500-599 STUDEWOOD Assault 05:24 AM 2000-2099 CROSSTIMBERS Theft 11:25 AM 1900-1999 MAIN ST

Theft 05:45 PM 500-599 THORNTON Theft 07:00 PM 100-199 HEIGHTS BLVD Theft 06:30 PM 3600-3699 WILLIA ST Theft 06:45 AM 4200-4299 34TH ST Assault 08:30 AM 4000-4099 WATONGA BLVD Theft 05:09 PM 1400-1499 20TH ST Assault 09:35 PM 3700-3799 WATONGA BLVD Theft 05:00 AM 1000-1099 SHEPHERD DR Burglary 05:06 AM 3000-3099 ELLA BLVD Theft 03:20 AM 2400-2499 MAIN ST

June 6

Theft 04:00 PM 800-899 22ND ST Theft 09:00 PM 4300-4399 WASHINGTON AVE Theft 08:15 PM 4200-4299 WASHINGTON AVE Theft 10:50 AM 900-999 NORTH LP W Theft 05:00 PM 1700-1799 DURHAM DR Theft 09:00 AM 1600-1699 WEST 43RD Burglary 01:15 AM 2500-2599 DEL NORTE Burglary 09:09 AM 1000-1099 WALLING Burglary 09:30 AM 900-999 FUGATE Theft 07:30 PM 500-599 19TH ST Theft 09:00 PM 1300-1399 ARLINGTON ST

Burglary 03:00 PM 700-799 28TH ST Theft 06:50 PM 6200-6299 HURST

June 7

Burglary 10:05 AM 1100-1199 16TH ST Robbery 10:15 AM 700-799 11TH ST Theft 12:00 PM 2700-2799 TC JESTER BLVD Theft 06:00 PM 3400-3499 T C JESTER BLVD Robbery 01:00 PM 5200-5299 34TH ST Burglary 11:00 AM 6600-6699 GROVEWOOD LN Assault 11:00 AM 1200-1299 CORDELL ST Theft 08:27 AM 3400-3499 SHEPHERD DR Theft 10:00 PM 5500-5599 WASHINGTON AVE Theft 10:00 PM 800-899 USENER




Theft 12:30 PM 11000-11099 NORTHWEST FWY Burglary 11:00 AM 5100-5199 DE LANGE LN Theft 03:00 PM 500-599 19TH ST Theft 07:15 PM 1400-1499 YALE Theft 10:22 AM 1400-1499 23RD ST Theft 11:42 AM 4600-4699 WASHINGTON AVE Theft 10:30 PM 2100-2199 WASHINGTON AVE Assault 05:10 PM 4200-4299 SHERWOOD LN Theft 12:30 PM 10400-10499 NORTHWEST FWY Theft 09:00 PM 10400-10499 NORTHWEST FWY Theft 11:45 AM 10800-10899 NORTHWEST FWY Theft 10:00 PM 4200-4299 AIRLINE DR


Theft 10:38 AM 1600-1699 TC JESTER BLVD Theft 12:30 AM 1700-1799 EBONY LN Robbery 02:30 AM 3800-3899 MANGUM Theft 01:00 AM 3800-3899 MANGUM Robbery 02:16 AM 5300-5399 NETT Theft 09:45 AM 2300-2399 FORESTER

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We’re located at 2830 Hicks St. From Texas Medical Center campus, go north on Montrose/Studemont, cross Allen Pkwy., after underpass go to first street on right, Hicks Street, turn right.

U PAY LESS - U GET MORE! 2830 Hicks 713-869-8321

Page 3A • The Leader • June 15, 2013 • @heightsleader

Art a la Carte: Summer scene heats up T-Bones Sports Pub 1971 West TC Jester Starters & Sides: $2.75-$8.75 Sandwiches & Burgers: $5.75-$10.75 Favorites: $5-$15.20 Kid Friendly: Any place with Sports Pub in its name is not ideal LE’s Favorite: Sweet Potato Fries

Review: Try the T-Bones fries If anyone has turned to this weekly appreciation of eating and drinking in north Houston, you might can guess that Leader Eater is fond of finding his way to a good spot out for watching sports. And I have used this space to moan about the lack of adequate places in the area to catch sports on TV while getting down on a decent meal. So, I was a little perplexed one recent evening when I was in need of a venue that would guarantee that I could watch both a playoff hockey and basketball at the same time. But T-Bones Sports Pub, a neighborhood tavern anchoring the strip center at the intersection of Ella Boulevard, 18th Street and T.C. Jester, had Leader Eater more than covered. I walked in, and each one of its TVs was flashing the sporting events I wanted. They even had a table across the bar’s wall that opens to a patio that had a pair of big screens sitting side by side: one with hockey, one with basketball. T-Bones is sports lovers’ sports pub. This particular weekday night, there was a full roster of regulars saddled up at the bar, a half dozen tables pulled together for an after-work intramural sports squad still in their matching shirts, and people in the place were giving the games their full attention - actually cheering during the game instead of just catching the action out of the corner of their eye. There are 35-cent chicken wings and $6 pitchers of beer (both of which Leader Eater tested out), and the bartender is genuinely interested in how many fouls Indi-

ana’s big man has. This scene is ideal for feeding your sporting fix, but it’s not like Eater Houston is going to be sending out a breaking news alert on its foodie-follower blog when TBones’ chef jumps ship to another restaurant. Still, this sports pub puts some pride in its chow. Leader Eater came down on that day’s special, a Chicken Caesar Wrap, after warming up with the wings and jug of brew (I chose ZiegenBock but T-Bones has an admirable selection of local brewers – St. Arnold’s and Karbach for sure – on its wall of draught). The chicken Caesar salad and tortilla odd couple can be a soggy mess sometimes, but T-Bones made sure they wrapped the leafy portion of the meal in a fresh tortilla that was lightly grilled on each side. The tortilla’s crispiness not only kept the creamy creation from leaking out, but it provided a tasty texture for the wrap. The Sweet Potato Fries on the side, which cost you an extra $1, caught Leader Eater by surprise. Coming out hot is an instant bonus, and the consistency of the fries was light, almost flaky, rather than a stout strip of fried yam that you tend to get elsewhere. They tasted almost as if the sweet potatoes were made from phyllo dough, possessing a delicate crunch that would have been ruined if they were run through a puddle of ketchup before being enjoyed. T-Bones exceeded expectations with their food, but then again, everything tastes better when you’re consuming it with sports on the big screens.

��������������������� �������������������


Of equal or lesser value. One coupon per table. Lunch only.








Ella Blvd


W. 22nd



������������� ���������������

W. 20 St.

W. 18 St.

Easy access from E. T.C. Jester & 18th St

������������������������������������� ���������������������������������

Hot, hotter and sizzling: This weekend there is a grand opening celebration, a Father’s Day Popup Shop, and an artist closing and talk. Mix in a few open studios, night markets and we’ll wrap it up next Saturday with Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream - Art & Social, with costumes that are as hot as the art. Avenue Gallery’s grand opening takes place from 5-9 p.m. June 15 at 3219 Houston Ave. at Bayland. Artists showcased will cover sculpture, drawings, painting, photography and jewelry including Vivian Mora, April Murphy, Brett Hall, Janise Cookston, Daniel Rocha, Toria Hill, Billy York and SamVanMitch Cohen Bibber. Arts Columnist Gallery founder Taylor Clendennen explained: “At Avenue Gallery, we’re here for the artists first and foremost. As an artist, I understand the business challenges of gaining exposure and working with galleries. We want to give artists more time and freedom to do what they do best: create art.” Clendennen is a practicing jewelry artist and photographer. Her jewelry line, Knots & Leather Designs, mostly consists of fiber based jewelry with natural gemstones and wire embellishment. It has been featured in a number of boutiques and arts markets. Clendennen’s jewelry line will be available at the gallery, along with periodic exhibits of her photography. Local artists will teach classes and workshops focused on photography, jewelry, painting and other art mediums. The gallery’s July class schedule will be available shortly on its website at and Facebook page at

Saturday, June 15

Mister Man: A Men’s Pop Up Shop - Atticus

erance, peace and love. Get your psychedelic colors and paint your heart out.Participating children, ages 3-14, sponsored by the artists. Sponsored in conjunction with The Hardy & Nance Street Studios 3rd Saturday open house. Discovery Green Flea at Night - recycled/ up-cycled, eco-friendly art market now at night! At Discovery Green downtown. 1500 McKinney St., 6-10 p.m. An excellent outing or lastminute shopping trip for Dad.

Thursday, June 20

Daniel Rocha will be among the artists at Avenue Gallery’s opeing. (Submitted Photo) (next to Retropolis) 321-B W. 19th St., Heights, 1-6 p.m. Get handsome just in time for Father’s Day 664150441/ Steve Brudniak - The Science of Surrealism, closing show and artist talk. Avis Frank Gallery, 1606 White Oak Drive, 3-6 p.m. Gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday 11 am - 5 pm & by appointment - the School’s Out! A ‘70s music-themed art show. 5- 9 p.m. Texas Art Asylum 1719 Live Oak 77003 371408136298149/?fref=ts Free admission - music and beverages included. https://www. Children of the Rainbow group exhibit at JoMar Visions, 902 Hardy St. 77002, noon-7 p.m. An event celebrating multicultural tol-

Hipstrict Briefs

Thirsty Explorer Karbach Brewing Co. was acknowledged as the second fastest growing brewery in the U.S. in an article in The New Yorker magazine, that also pointed out how craft beer production in 2011-’12 “grew faster in the south than just about anywhere else.” Karbach, with 1,112 percent growth, was only outpaced by Tennessee’s Blackston Brewer, with 1,190 percent, Thirsty according to data cited from the Brewers Explorer Association.

Tuesday June 18th 5pm Drinks, snacks, doorprizes

Dimitre Dimitrov

Chili cookoff benefit at Cottonwood

The 12th Annual Evelyn Payne Memorial Benefit and Chili Cook Off is June 15 from 2-6 p.m. at Cottonwood, 3422 N.

Running With The Bulls Pub Crawl

“Get ready to grab life by the horns!” The Running With The Bulls Pub Crawl, sponsored by the Texas A&M Howdy

NICK GREER �����������������������������


��������������������� ������������

7 13

Tap Takeover and Food Truck Fest

The Houston Young Professionals are sponsoring a Tap Takeover and Food Truck Fest at West End Public House, 5320 Westheimer Road, from 2-9 p.m. June 15. Karbach Brewing Co. will be taking over the taps with great beer and food trucks on site to sling great cuisine. Houston Young Professionals is a Chamber of Commerce that helps young professionals in their mid-20s to early 40s to connect with like-minded individuals who share the passion of networking,





The news agency Reuters posted one of its 48-hour “Travel Postcard” series on Houston over the weekend, and some Heights locations were on the must-see list. Suggestions: Revival Market, Gatlin’s BBQ, a “stroll down 19th Street,” with stops at Boomtown Coffee and Vinal Edge record store.

business development, and social/cultural activities. For more information, visit or email info@HoustonYoungProfessionals. com.

628 5 5 5 4

Visit Heights Showroom at 728 W. 22nd Sat/Sun Noon-6

Heights on Reuters tour

The Corkscrew, 1308 W. 20th St., is hosting a bourbon, scotch and whiskey tasting from 7-9 p.m. June 19. “Even if you don’t think you like the hard stuff, you will want to have this experience,” the announcement promises. Admission is $35 or $25 for COOL card holders. Register by using the PayPal button at

Houston Re-Market 4302 Harrisburg, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. The goal of Houston Re-Market is to foster responsible consumerism. The market features approximately ten very affordable vendors who use recycled and reused materials and other sustainable practices in their craft. Visitors are encouraged to bring their recycling, swap items, too. Of course you’ll find a food truck or two and live music to entertain. Cohen is the founder and manager of First Saturday Arts Market. Contact him at or visit him on the web at


Oak Forest is making headlines all over North America after the Associated Press distributed a story last weekend about a nonprofit organization beginning to train and arm residents in a neighborhood hit by crime. National (NBC News) and local media from Vancouver, B.C. to the Rockies and the East Coast ran versions of the story with photos that showed the Armed Citizens Project training a single mother on a shooting range. A number of residents reacted negatively on the Oak Forest Homeowners Association’s Facebook page – both to the attention, but especially to the assertion by the director of the project that the organization would post signs at entrances to the community warning that residents are now armed. There was discussion whether such signs would violate HOA deed restrictions. The Leader first ran a story on the project in May, http://www.theleadernews. com/?p=8800.

Bourbon, scotch and whiskey tasting

Saturday, June 22


Oak Forest in the news: armed and dangerous

Club, will take place midday June 15 in Midtown. Registration begins at 11:15 a.m. at Pub Fiction, 2303 Smith St. The dress code is all white with a maroon or red sash. Admission is $25 in advance and $30 at the door, which includes a free drink at each bar, free food and a koozie. For information or to sign up, visit www.

Mini Pops at Avant Garden, 411 Westheimer 77006, 6 p.m. The first evening program for Pop Shop Houston, indie craft under the stars with bands, cocktails, activities and more. https://

M-F 2-7PM SCREENS ON TUESDAYS 11 CRAFT BEERS ON TAP ��������� 5022 PINEMONT 832-767-0085

Karbach one of fastest growing craft breweries in U.S. Shepherd Dr. There will be four different bands offering four hours of live music to help in efforts to raise money to send diabetic kids to Camp Sweeney, one the largest and most effective diabetes educational facilities in the world. At 2 p.m., 11-year-old rising country sensation Abigail Taylor will take the stage. The Dog Party Band, who’s been involved with the benefit since the very beginning, will take the stage at 3 p.m. At 4 p.m. Whiskey Brisket goes on, followed by B.O.O.M. (Brothers of Other Mothers) at 5 p.m. The “Mad-Dog” Chili Cook-Off begins at 3 p.m. For information, visit .

Friday, June 21


Sad news from El Gran Malo The popular El Gran Malo gastrocantina was closed Sunday in memory of Dimitre Dimitrov, who died last week. Dimitrov was one of three owners of the Ella Boulevard establishment, which specializes in infused tequilas and gourmet pub fare. Grieving patrons posted messages on the establishment’s Facebook page, including this one: “An amazing person. So sorry for your loss. Heaven will truly have an epic tequila party. I can’t wait to hear the angels’ comment on the margaritas. RIP, Dimitre.”

TRES | Three Points of View at Native Citizen, 2311 Dunlavy, 77006. 6-9 p.m. Artists Sonya Cuellar, Ryan Fugate and Edgar Medina will come together for the first time to exhibit new works and celebrate the power of art, friendship and collaboration. https://www. All three have been part of the John Ross Palmer Escapist Mentorship Program.


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Harting Automotive

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We Provide: • FREE Shuttle Service to our local customers • AAA Member Discounts • Senior Citizen Discounts

• ASE Certified Technicians • Friendly, Knowledgeable Service Personnel • Estimates and Approval before any work is done. • 10 Service Bays • Modern Equipment • Quality Name Brand Parts • A Clean, Quiet, Comfortable Waiting Room

4934 Acorn | w w w . h a r t i n g a u t o . c o m | 713-688-0967

Page 4A • The Leader • June 15, 2013 • @heightsleader

Statistics don’t have to dictate being a good father M

y Dad and I used to have a fun joke we’d play on people. We’d be somewhere in public and Dad would run across someone he knew, usually from his work as an attorney back home. He’d introduce me as his son, and the new acquaintance would nod with approval and say, “I can see the resemblance.” Dad would carry on about it for a quick minute, say that we heard that all the time, and then get a good laugh as we walked away. The reality is that my Dad and I don’t share an ounce of blood. As I’ve mentioned before, my biological father passed when I was young and my Second Dad adopted my brother, sister and me when he married our Mom. Besides, my Dad has a much larger nose than me (he even says he frequently considers a nose job just to make it bigger). I’d also suggest he’s the wisest man I have ever known, and I obviously miss those genetics from time to time. Today, we’re celebrating Father’s Day throughout the pages of our newspapers, and I’ve got to admit writing a Father’s Day column is a bit harrowing. I consider myself the product of not just one, but two incredible fathers, and


every day I am reminded that it is nearly impossible to live up to the legacy one left and the other still impresses upon me. What’s more, I’m less than four months away from becoming a father for the first time – to my own son. Those should all be reasons for excitement, and you can have no possible idea how excited I am that I’ll have a young boy to hold, to spoil, to wrestle with in the dirt. But there’s something that gnaws at me about being a father, and I think it has to do with the miserable recent history of fathers across this country. In the United States, there are more than 4 million babies born each year – or 10,959 every day. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 33 percent of those children will be raised without a father in the


Faint praise

Dear Editor: My husband and I receive and read The Leader every week and have witnessed and enjoyed how this neighborhood paper has expanded and morphed into a formidable local competitor to the larger news sources here in Houston. Since you assumed your role as its publisher, the paper is not so hastily thrown in the recycle bin. Today, at the breakfast table, both my husband and I were perusing your paper and mentioned aloud that we find it very difficult to read your paper. All the windows were open to the morning sunshine, the overhead kitchen light was on, and yet we were still straining to read the print. I had no problems reading the small home improvement ads or the article headings, but reading the actual articles was difficult. Perhaps the font style, font size and/or the ink itself needs adjusting. (Personally, I think the ink is simply too faint.) I realize it is an expensive process to produce a newspaper and that publishers strive to get the most “bang for the buck” on each page to keep the costs down. But seriously…do you honestly expect us to read your paper without the aid of a magnifying glass?

home. That’s 1.3 million young children each year – or 3,616 children born every day – who will not have a father at home. And then you start reading the statistics about what happens to children whose fathers have gone absent. According to the U.S. Department of Health, 63 percent of teen suicides come from fatherless homes. Of all the rapes that will occur this year, 80 percent of the perpetrators will come from homes with no dads, according to the journal Justice and Behavior. We all know about the alcohol and drug problems facing young people. According to a group called Rainbows for all God’s Children, 75 percent of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from homes where the father is absent. And last, the U.S. Department of Justice says 85 percent of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes. But there’s another side of the story that I don’t think gets told very often. I have a number of people I’d call friends here in Houston, but my two closest friends are young men who did not have a father at home either. One of those guys – we’ll call him Nick – did not have his biological father at home as a child, and

I hope you will seriously consider our comment, Mr. McElvy; I’m willing to bet that we are not the only ones who have noticed this or are having difficulty reading your fine paper. We hope our concern might bring about positive change. S.C.

gest that sitting by a window with the sun glaring in and the light on above actually makes it harder to read the paper. The sun creates quite a glare that isn’t conducive to newsprint. Maybe that will help in the interim. Jonathan McElvy

Publisher’s Response: Dear S.C., Thank you for writing. You are, indeed, about the third person we’ve heard from about what we call “ink density” in this business. Like nearly every small newspaper in America today, we do not own a printing press. Those massive machines cost millions to own and operate, and we aren’t playing in that pond anymore. Instead, we print at another facility, and in all my years in this business, I will say that our printer, on the whole, does a great job with our pictures. Measuring ink is a tough job. If there’s too much, the pictures all become “muddy” (another technical term) and the paper looks horrible. Too little ink and we get your concern. I have sent a note to our printer (and maybe they’ll read it as it comes off the press). Hopefully, we can find the right medium. In the meantime, I’d also sug-

Letters about the letters

Dear Editor: I had to respond to the criticism in last week’s letters against Liz Theiss who had written about her concerns for the Boy Scouts and the growing presence of Islam in society. Adults make judgments every single day. So Ms Theiss presumably believes American culture is being systematically dismantled from its roots and replaced with multi-culturalism. If so, I totally agree with her. On the one hand, Lynn Ashby can regularly inject insulting humor at conservatives and Tea Party members, but the views about absolutes expressed by Ms. Theiss are not fit to print? This is classic! I feel like I’m back on my college campus. Liberals tolerate only liberal ideas and “situational ethics” while conservatives are impugned and—at the federal level—intimidated...The IRS scandal, in particular, will never be a concern of Ashby’s because, like a good liberal,

is now a single father who shares custody of his daughter. Nick’s life revolves around his beautiful girl, even when she’s not around. He is patient with her (I say too patient, sometimes), and I know that no matter what the statistics say, Nick will be as good a father to her no matter how many weekends he’s around. My other close friend, maybe closer than any I’ve had – and we’ll call him Johnny – also was raised in a home where the father left and never really bothered to have a hand in Johnny’s life. The statistics would say Johnny was doomed for a life of crime, or drugs, or some failure too sick to imagine. The statistics would be incredibly wrong. Johnny is the kind of person you want your daughter to marry. He’s a man’s man in every sense of the word, can probably fix a space shuttle, and cares about his family more than any person I’ve known. He has a good job, is a responsible human being, and he genuinely cares about the people closest to him. He’s still single, but he’s going to make the best husband and father to a lucky woman one day. (Feel free to email me if you’d like to submit an application.) There’s a reason I’ve told you about Nick and Johnny, and it’s this: Father-

attacking conservatives is a good thing. It is tolerated. What is most ironic from the letters last week is Russell Sanders’ letter citing his gay lifestyle. Fine, it’s a free country. But try that lifestyle in a predominantly Islamic setting and see how tolerant a few dozen of the 2.1 billion Muslims will be. All things considered, I’d trust Liz Theiss with the keys to my home far more than I would the president and his faceless, unaccountable, unelected, federal agents. Mike Crowe

Another Ashby fan

I was really surprised that anybody demanded that you fire Lynn Ashby. Ashby’s column around 1980 about Metro’s plans to buy luxury cars with giant V-8 engines for its officials was a classic case of how freedom of the press functions. When the plan became public, and the citizens of Harris Co. found out what Metro was planning to do with their money, suddenly Metro didn’t think it was a good

hood is the most important job a man can have, but there are young men everywhere we turn who did not have the same thing I had. There are so many young men around us today who had absolutely no responsibility in their fathers shirking their obligation to their children. But that doesn’t mean our generation has to fail. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have kind-hearted, responsible young men all around us. And that, I believe, is what’s most important now. As we celebrate Father’s Day – or as 33 percent of us ignore this day because it’s too painful – I’d offer something my Dad has taught me for the past 30 years. Being a good man, of character beyond reproach, is not easy. In the end, though, it’s the most important legacy we leave. Whether you’re someone like me, who had the greatest father a man could know, or you’re like Nick or Johnny, we don’t have to fail at being good men. No matter what mistakes we’ve made, we can break this cycle of divorce and abandonment. We can – we should – learn from this fatherless generation that we’re as important as any other influence on a child’s life. I hope I pass that on to my son. Email

idea anymore. Ashby is exactly the kind of writer we need in journalism today, but for some reason there just don’t seem to be any more where he came from. The effect of the Chronicle’s shady buyout of the Houston Post is that Ashby has already been nuked; at this point those who want to see him gone will have to petition the Almighty. George Williams


preaching and journalism. Hey, would we put up with lousy pay and your constant put-downs if we didn’t love what we do? All three pursuits are out to change the world for the better, but as the anti-Obama crowd likes to say: You can keep the change. Why do so many people dislike their work? Forbes ran a study and determined many employees first chose their career at the age of 22 when they have no idea what they want to do with their lives. They have a very narrow view of their options. They feel they need to make money, because they are now independent from their parents. Then, after 7-10 or more years, they feel locked in, they don’t know how to change, and they see a risk to switching careers. So, they do the same thing for the rest of their life. Another survey found that the Number 1 reason for dissatisfaction is their job is boring. Then comes: having a bad boss, no personal time, difficult working environment and in fifth place: low pay. Having a boring job could apply to almost any pursuit. Dentists clean teeth every day, lawyers keep getting the same drunks off DWI charges, after a while all transplanted hearts look the same and Seal Team 6 will never be promoted to Seal Team 7. I was talking to the president of one of the biggest banks in Houston. He made very good money, his expense account covered most of his restaurant meals, his country club membership (golf networking) and other perks like business trips to Hawaii. “So how’s the banking biz?” I asked, trying to sound curious. “Let’s not talk about banking,” he said. “It’s so boring.” Yes, bor-

ing would lead my list. Number 2., bad boss: Do you have a bad boss, or, even worse, are you a bad boss? Psychology Today found six main reasons (we’ve got a lot of lists today): Doesn’t treat employees like human beings. Has completely unrealistic expectations. Fails to see his/her own shortcomings. Punishes first and asks questions later. Is a bully. (This reminds me of the notice put up on a company bulletin board: “The floggings will continue until morale improves.”) Lastly, is dishonest and inauthentic. You might want to cut out this list and anonymously leave it on your boss’s desk. Next: no personal time. I quibble with this gripe unless your boss says, “Forcipes, quick!” and you are using your iPad. As for the complaint that you slave in a difficult working environment, tell that to pig skinners, landfill inspectors and your co-workers who resent your lunch-time accordion practices. Last was low pay. These days any job and any pay are better than the alternative, but what ever you earn is not enough unless you can bat .335, are a hedge fund manager or are an unindicted drug lord. What’s the worst job you ever had? No, not as parent of a teenager. Not the time you were an air traffic controller shouting prayers to crashing pilots. Put down your shovel and think. It could be the one you have now. My worst job might have been when I was making $86 a month as an infantry private in the U.S. Marines. No, I’d file that post under “a calling.” My worst job was one summer vacation in high school when my father got me a position with the Texas Highway Dept. Each scalding day I would go out in one of those big trucks to cut grass (manually), paint stripes down the middle of the county or, if lucky, be put on the Dead Dog Patrol. Don’t ask. Forty-four hours a week earning $44. My father said I was overqualified to be an orange barrel and under-qualified to hold up an orange flag. Ashby’s calling is at

More guns means more shootings, means more killing. Murder was still a crime the last time I checked. So more killing means more crime, not less. D. Alan Curry via

Healthcare standoff

And so who is going to blame the INSURANCE COMPANY ? My guess is that there will also be people blaming Obamacare because, well, they don’t want to blame the INSURANCE COMPANY. How much $$$ is this insurance company allowed to make before it seems ridiculous? Betsy Believe via THE LEADER Facebook page

3500 East T.C. Jester Blvd, Suite A P.O. Box 924487 Houston, TX 77292-4487 Phone: (713) 686-8494 Fax (713) 686-0970 LEADER. @heightsleader

The Puzzles. Solutions in this issue’s ed Page section. Today’s solutions can beclasssi found on 6A

ACROSS Cont... 37. Mediation council 39. Not in use 41. Act as master of ceremonies 43. Skin lesions 44. Stiff bristle 45. Equally 46. Pool dressing room 49. Eyebath 51. Thick piece of something 52. Angry 55. 20th Hebrew letter 56. 3rd largest Colombian city 57. Gum arabics 59. A song of praise to God 60. Dispatcher

The Drudgery Report: Why we hate our jobs THE RADIO – “This is Wednesday. Hump day,” says the DJ. His reference has nothing to do with camels or speed bumps, but rather he means that Wednesday is the middle of the work week and now we are moving downhill and closer to getting away from our jobs. We’ve got Thursday, which is called Friday eve, then TGIF and finally the weekend which means time away from work. The term “hump day” always makes me a bit sad. Is your job so bad, so boring, so unfulfilling that you dread going to work and only look forward to being away from it? That’s not much of a life. But a lot of Americans don’t like their jobs, hate their bosses and want to graze in the greener grass. University business schools and employment agencies, not to mention the U.S. Dept. of Labor, are always doing surveys on the subject, and their findings vary, but they are consistent in showing millions of Americans dislike their jobs. A 2009 survey by the Conference Board research group showed only 45 percent of Americans were satisfied with their work. It was the lowest level ever recorded in the 22 years the board has been studying U.S. workers. Another survey taken last year put job dissatisfaction rate at 70 percent. It’s no wonder Johnny Paycheck’s song, “Take This Job and Shove it (I ain’t working here no more)” was such a hit. Perhaps Paychecks’ slippery grasp of the English language had something to do with his lack of work fulfillment. A Mayo Clinic study found there is a difference in job dissatisfaction, and it has little to do with income. Lowest on the happy face chart are you people who feel that what you do is just a job. The nature of the work doesn’t interest you, and you’ll probably move on. (The average tenure in a given job is now 4.4 years.) Then comes: It’s a career. In this case you’re more interested in advancement, perks, the corner office, no matter what you do 9 to 5. Finally: It’s a calling. I think three lines of work would fall into this category: teaching,

Oak Forest gun giveaway

CLUES DOWN CLUES ACROSS 1. Our 10 numerals 7. Horseshoe cleat 11. Ear shell 12. Soprano solo 13. Vestments 14. Heart’s singer Wilson 15. Set of type in one style 16. Withdraw from work 18. Ancient Hebrew coin 20. Megacycle 21. 26th British letter

22. Colonnaded Greek walks 24. Russian sourgrass soup 26. OK Corral’s Wyatt 27. Cheremiss 28. Schenectady County Airport 29. Laptop 31. Actress Farrow 32. NYSE for Murphy Oil Corp. 33. Talk noisily 35. New Testament 36. Tax collector


1. Word shortening 2. Tore down (var. sp.) 3. 22nd state (abbr.) 4. Tropical constrictor 5. Hostelry 6. Examine and expurgate 7. Small restaurants 8. E. Asian anis liquor 9. Infestation of head louse 10. New Yorker lm critic Pauline 11. An orange-red crystalline dye 13. Indicates position 16. Root mean square (abbr.) 17. Electronic countercountermeasures 19. 12-31 greeting 22. Fastens 23. Himalayan wild goats 25. One who overacts 28. Facial gesture 30. Absence of aggression 34. China 38. Older Bridges brother 40. Plays 42. Term denoting psychic abilities 43. Oral polio vaccine developer 44. Any habitation at a high altitude 46. Hyperbolic cosecant 47. Russian mountain range 48. An aromatic salve 50. Venezuelan fashion designer initials 53. Highest card 54. 5th son of Jacob 58. Music storage device

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HIGHER LEVEL OF CARE In our quest for healthcare excellence, Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital sets the standard. And continuously striving to earn the most acclaimed accreditations ensures we keep redefining that standard. Tina, Kristy, Stephanie, Jason, Justin and Jay Roberts on the South Kaibab trail at the Grand Canyon, where they completed a 21-mile hike with other area residents. (Submitted photo)

A Grand hike for local travelers by Elizabeth Villarreal Tina and Jay Roberts just returned from hiking the Grand Canyon “rim to rim” with their sons and daughters-in-law as well as some friends. Tina said, “It was a 21-mile, 13-hour hike that took us down the south rim, across the Colorado River via the black bridge at the bottom of the canyon and up the North rim - an incredible experience that tested everyone’s endurance while allowing us to take in the beauty of the canyon.” Also on the trip were Donna and Louis Vetrano, Father Clint Ressler, pastor of St. Rose of Lima, Lowanda Ressler, Stephanie Peterson and Lauren Bryce. After a day’s rest on the North Rim, those that dared hiked rim to rim again back to the South Rim. Texas A&M students Teresa Russell (daughter of Kathy & Gary Russell) and Diana Whitefield (daughter of Janeal & Bill Whitefield) received their Aggie rings recently and celebrated with family and friends. The Russell and Whitefield families are very proud of their daughters who will both graduate in December 2013. Happy birthday to neighbors Ross Hobart (June 11) and Donna Webb (June 10). Friends and family wish you many happy returns. Congratulations to Andrew Schlosser whose artwork was once again chosen to compete in the Mari Jon Filla Student Art Exhibit at the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows in Houston this summer. Andrew has a history of artistic talent. After seeing his dog artwork on display last year, local dog owners have asked him to use his colored pencils to draw their pets. Andrew also competed in the 2013 Quick Draw Contest with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo this season and was awarded a scholarship to the Glassell School of Art. Andrew is a student at St. Rose Catholic School and will enter eighth-grade in the fall.

Neighbors send their Father’s Day messages

Happy Father’s Day to Johnny Evanicky from his children Julie

and Jonathan. Jonathan is spending the week with Boy Scout Troop 20 in Arkansas on the beautiful Buffalo River. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads of Troop 20. Lauren Bryce and Melissa Carney, both Oak Forest residents and St. Rose of Lima staff, wish their dad the best Father’s Day ever. We love you Papa Bear! To Mike Grayum: You’re the best husband and father. We love you, Gina & Jaden To Wallace Stewart: You’re the best father we could ever ask for. Love from all 6 of your kids, sons & daughters in law, and your grand kids! I would love to send a shout out to my husband, Martin Poliak, this Father’s Day. We just became a family of four this past Wednesday, June 5, and he continues to be a loving, patient father to our 3-year old son, Joseph, and a gentle, caring father to our newborn daughter, Ludmila. Happy Father’s Day to Frank Duplechain ... from Frankie and Cody. I’d like to send a very Happy Father’s Day out to my dear dad, Donnie Tantillo, and my handsome husband, George Youngblood, father and grandfathers to my sons, Grayson and Gabriel. We love you so very much and are blessed and grateful to have you! We also remember our dearly departed grandfathers Youngblood, Tantillo and Dunson. Hugs and kisses, Shannon Tantillo. Happy Father’s Day to Craig Bell a great man & dad!!! Love you, Clare & Colby Olivia and Sofia Araiza would like their father, Joey Araiza, to know he is the very best as well as the most silly daddy in the world. Joey’s wife, Virginia, also sends her love and her gratitude for Joey’s amazing sense of humor and thoroughly sweet ways with his baby girls. Shari Sacco Beasley of Shepherd Park Plaza shared that her hubby, Dennis Beasley, has a birthday on Father’s Day so that makes him extra special. Happy birthday and happy Father’s Day to you, Dennis. McCoy Kucherka sends a loving shout out to his daddy, Paul. Happy Father’s Day!

Teresa Russell and Diana Whitefield, who will graduate from Texas A&M in December, proudly show off their new Aggie rings. (Submitted photo)

Ranked among Nation’s Top 5 Large Health Systems according to 15 Top Health Systems ® study by Truven Health*

Ranked among America’s 50 Best Hospitals™ by Healthgrades ® four consecutive years (2010–2013)**

Ranked among the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals ® by Truven Health* five consecutive years (2009–2013)**

Recognized by Joint Commissions Disease-Specific care certification program in joint replacement for hip and knee

Cancer program accredited with commendation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer

Awarded Maternity Care Excellence Award and Women’s Health Excellence Award by Healthgrades ®

Recognized as an accredited Chest Pain Center by the Society of Chest Pain Centers

For physician referral, call 713.222.CARE (2273) or visit

*As part of the Memorial Hermann Health System **As part of the Memorial Hermann Health System: The Woodlands, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest hospitals.

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Cop • from Page 1A On Monday, Boutte stopped 17 vehicles and issued 25 citations in less than an hour on Yale. In addition to citations for speeding, parole and probation violators, outstanding city and felony warrants often come up during traffic stops. Some residents have called the 700 block of Yale a speed trap, but Boutte disputes that. “How can this be a speed trap?” Boutte said. “Maybe if I was hiding in the bushes, but I’m standing here in a blue uniform and you can see me two miles away.”

Crime • from Page 1A



Boutte, who plans on retiring next summer after three decades of service with HPD, began his career in patrol and also worked undercover. He’s been in the traffic division for the past five years. On the surface, working traffic may seem less intense than patrol or undercover, but statistically, it’s the second most dangerous assignment in policing, next to answering a family disturbance call. That’s due to the uncertain nature of pulling over motorists. Boutte’s territory in Central Pa-

trol ranges from downtown, the Galleria, U.S. Hwy. 59, 610, the Heights and North Shepherd. He’ll come across motorists who argue with him, which can be difficult, but he said the good and bad usually even out. “The next person (you pull over) may be the nicest person in the world, and that makes your day,” Boutte said. Boutte credited Chief Charles McClelland and Capt. Daryn Edwards with ensuring that the traffic officers can successfully do their jobs.

������������ ���������������

Shoplifting suspect adds on assault charge

The Houston Police Department arrested Thomas Marion Urdiales, 51, and charged him with robbery with a bodily injury. Urdiales was allegedly attempting to shop lift food, soda and deodorant at the Randall’s on 5264 West 34th Street, when he was stopped by the store’s loss prevention officer at 1 p.m. on June 7. Police said Urdiales then assaulted the 42-year-old loss prevention officer, who suffered minor injuries and transported himself to a doctor. No weapon was used in the robbery.

Ruggles Green employee robbed

The new Ruggles Green location in the Heights, 748 E. 11th St., was robbed at 10:15 a.m. on June 7 when a suspect, described as a black male, 20-30 years of age, 5foot-8 and 155 pounds, ran behind a 23-year-old female employee of the restaurant, who had just picked up money from the bank. The suspect wasn’t described as being armed, but police said grabbed the bank bag away with force and fled to a waiting car, which was described as a silver four-door car. The money hasn’t been recovered. The victim was not injured.

Infant assault probe in Oak Forest

HPD, after receiving a call from Child Protective Services, responded to a call at 8:30 a.m. on June 5 at 4000 Watonga for an assault. An infant was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital with skull and rib fractures. No arrests have been made yet, and the case was referred to the juvenile division for further investigation.


Russell arrested for aggravated assault

Roydeshia Russell, 20, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault at 5:10 p.m. last Saturday after she allegedly tried to stab her estranged 21-year-old husband with a knife. Her mother-in-law intervened and suffered a cut on her hand. The victim was visiting his mother at 4211 Sherwood when Russell visited the home and allegedly committed the crime after an argument.

Wells Fargo robbery

Two-to-three armed suspects allegedly walked into the Wells Fargo Bank, 5650 Memorial, at 10:45 a.m. last Saturday. One of them allegedly demanded cash from the teller and left. There were no injuries. The FBI Robbery Task Force is investigating the case.

Robbery on Nett

Three Hispanic males allegedly robbed two women and a man at 2:15 p.m. Sunday in the 5300 block of Nett. The suspects allegedly jumped out of a silver Chevrolet sedan, produced pistols, demanded purses and cell phones from the female victims, then fled the scene. Two of the suspects were described as between the ages of 17 and 25, 5-foot-3 to 5-foot-7 and 140 to 150 pounds. The third suspect fit that description, with the exception of his age, which was undetermined. There were no injuries. – Compiled by Michael Sudhalter


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Haul Flatbed/OD Loads for Trinity LogisticsGroup! Earn $.425-.525 cpm! CDL-A w/2yrs Exp. EEO/AA



TUPPERWARE AVAILABLE: Call JoAnn Lord at 281-9233729. (TF)

SKILL SAW WITH THREE BLADES, one for metal, $125; 220 V electric heater for workWE BUY JUNK CARS: Dead or shop, $60; compressor and alive. 832-468-7140; 281-272- tank, $60; large electric Kitch0840. (6-15) enAid washer and dryer, $600; WE BUY ONE TOUCH ULTRA small refrigerator, $75; small STRIPS: $22 for 100 count box. jack with two stands, $100; 281-764-9615. www.selldiabet- large jack needing repair, $125; maple antique hall bench, $85; Hoover vacuum cleaner, $35; It’s easy to place a Leader clas- Kimball player piano, $45. 713sified. Just call us and charge it 862-6594. to your credit card. When you want results, advertise in The Leader.

Notice is hereby given that the United States Department of the Interior is hereby commencing a forfeiture proceeding against the following items of wildlife or wildlife products, which were seized in the Houston area of Texas on the date indicated because they were involved in one or more violations of any of the following law: Endangered Species Act, 16 U.S.C. 1538(a)(1)(A), 16 U.S.C. 1538 (a)(1)(G), l6 U.S.C. 1538(c)(1) and 16 U.S.C 1538 (e). These items are subject to forfeiture to the United States under Title l6, U.S.C. Sec. l540(e), 16 U.S.C. Sec. 1377, or l6 U.S.C. Sec. 3374 and Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations, Section l4.91(a) and 14.61. Any person with an ownership or financial interest in said items who desires to claim them must file a claim with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Law Enforcement office,16639 W. Hardy, Houston, TX 70060-6230. Such claim must be received by the above office by 7-24-13. The claim will be transmitted to the U.S. Attorney for institution of a forfeiture action in U.S. District Court. If a proper claim is not received by the above office by such date, the items will be declared forfeited to the United States and disposed of according to law. Any person who has an interest in the items may also file with the above office a petition for remission of forfeiture in accordance with Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations, and Section 12.24, which petition must be received in such office before disposition of the items. Storage costs may also be assessed.

Drivers: Want a Professional Career?

RECEPTIONIST FOR CPA OFFICE: Permanent, part-time. 610 N. Loop area. M-F. Professional presentation required. Duties: greet clients, must be computer literate, know administrative clerical procedures, be able to prepare correspondence, receive/sort/send mail, update database, send mailouts, print and assemble reports. E-mail resume to: rayshadwell@tmgcpas. com. (6-15)




Memory Foam Mattresses

FOAM store



Great opportunity for Growth! Ideal for College Students. Must have computer skills, meet & greet customers, help with product selections, ship orders. 4 day work week M-W-F-S 9-5 Call 281-272-1875 ask for John

College students/Retirees Welcome Experience Preferred, but will train. email resume to: or call: 713-686-5427




Comm.-Res. • Trimming • Removal • Stump Grinding • Planting • Pruning • Trash Hauling Free Estimate • Insured Lino 281-704-6828

New Horizons

Lawn Maintenance Landscaping & Design Sprinkler Repair Residential/Commercial Free Estimates Taylor Herrmann

Gilbert’s Landscape Lawn Care

Mowing • Edging • Blowing Flower Bedding • Fertilizing






����� ��������

Residential/Commercial FREE ESTIMATES/Credit Cards


(281) 948-4879

• Landscape Design & Installation • Maintenance • Irrigation • Drainage • Lighting • Pool Design & Installation We accept all major Credit Cards


Lawn Maintenance Landscape & Design Sprinklers/Drainage Systems Free Estimates 20 yrs. exp.

Specialize In Dif�cult Removals, Trimming and Planting of New Trees Free Estimates

713-688-4244 David Bartula

TREE CLIMBERS Expert Tree Services

10% OFF Labor w/ad


Al Rojas 713-863-7310 Cell 713-416-1092

Alfredo’s Landscape


Landscape Renovations

• Mowing • Seasonal Color • Mulching • Wood Fences • Cleanups • Pressure • Tree Trimming Washing



• Landscape Installation • Weather Damage Replacement • Tree Trim & Removal • Lawn & Bed Maintenance • Landscape Lighting • Organic Soil Amendments


Wilber’s Tree Service Complete Tree Service

w Trimming w Pruning w Topping w Removal w Stump Grinding Comm. Res. (of�ce) 713-545-3677 Free Estimates • Reasonable Rates • Insured

Lawn Mowers Chainsaws Trimmers Blowers


Credit Cards Accepted


Fully Insured

Frusco Landscape & Irrigation Co.


LAWN EQUIPMENT PARTS & REPAIR • Tree Trimming • Tree Removal • Stump Grinding


• Removal • Trim • Prune • Spray • Feed • Top • Stump Grinding Fully Insured • Free Est.


Mower Parts and Supply Co. 4560 W. 34th @ Mangum (Next to Fiesta Tacos) 713-686-8306 We service most major brands!

Since 1975

Landscaping • Insured Satisfaction Guaranteed

• Sprinkler Systems • Drainage Systems • Design • Installation • Service & Repair We specialize in Sprinkler Repair

Great work at competitive prices!

Gardening Makeover Specialists


• Mow • Edge • Weedeat • Fertilize Ask for Ronnie

Heights Resident

Lic.# 4876 Joseph Frusco Consultant

(832) 435-8685

Be Your Own Boss!

���� ������������������ �����������������������

Shop Online 24/7 ������������������������ ������������

������������ ����������������

WORK WANTED EUGENE HAULS TRASH: Cleans garages, trims trees. 832-8905453; 713-631-5348. (6-29) C.W. TRASH HAULING: Residential/commercial, clean out garages, tractor work, box blade. 832-434-8863. (7-6) C.W. LAWN CARE: Yard work — cut grass, clean lots. 832434-8863. (7-6)

��������������� Business or Home

• Appliances • Yard Debris Garage Clean Outs Free Estimates CALL Manny Insured


QUICK TRASH HAULING • Garage Cleaning • Lots Tree Cutting • Fence Debris Removal • Demolish Free Estimates • All Concrete

No Job Too Large Or Small


• Tree Removal • Trimming • Pruning • Stump Grinding • Lot Clearing Free Estimates • Bonded - Insured hotmail:


������������������ ������������������������� ������������������������� ���������������� �����������������


Assistant: Infant thru Preschool


������������ �����������������

in a growing, modern office in Northwest Houston. Min 2 Yrs Experience. 401K, paid vacation, travel and other benefits. Send resume 13280 Northwest Fwy. PO Box F368 Houston, TX 77040-6003


2217 W. 34th, Ste. A.

OFFICE ASSISTANT: Full or parttime. Familiar with setup and use of spreadsheets required. Experience with photo editing, DTP, Joomla, cPanel, etc. ... is a plus. Apply in person. 3616 Pinemont Dr. M-F, 9-5. (S)

Apply in person at Hupbcap Grill 1133 W. 19th St. 713-862-0555 •

All Saints Catholic Community


COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING COMPANY is currently looking for leadmen with minimum one year of experience. For more information, please call 713-6882435 or apply at 2048 Johanna Dr. We are an equal opportunity employer. (S) (6-15)

For Taking orders and serving beer. Hourly rate plus tips.

FACILITIES MANAGER 215 E. 10th St. • Houston, TX 77008 • (713) 864-2653 Position Summary The Facilities Manager provides leadership and direction to the overall plant maintenance. He/she directs duties of part-time custodian. Ensures the continuity of production operations and collaborates with other departments/ ministries to ensure overall success of the parish. Please visit for full job description. Resumes may be turned in to the parish office or sent to Michael Cooke, Business Manager/Bookkeeper (

ANIMAL LOVERS NEEDED to volunteer at no kill animal shelter in the Heights. Download volunteer application at www.nokill1. org or visit us in person at 107 E. 22nd Street, Tuesday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. (TF)


Local hauling/home daily. Paid weekly. Paid Orientation. Excellent benefits package. Quarterly Safety and Performance bonus. Class A-CDL-X with T/T experience required Visit us online @: Or in person at: 8450 Mosley Road HOUSTON, TX 77075 John Payne 832/615-0708

� Custom Cut � Memor y Foam � Chair Pads � Couch Cushions � Mattress Foam


for Dry Cleaners

Evenings & some Saturdays. 1362 W. 43rd Call Mike or Steve at 713-227-5461



U S Tree Experts • Tree Removal • Shaping & Trimming Insured • Free Estimates


713-681-4079 • 713-410-4265


Dennis Clooney - Manager 25+ Years Experience • Tree Trimming/Removal • Stump Grinding • Fertilization • Construction Preparation • Residential/Commercial Insured Liability and Workman’s Comp

713-683-TREE (713-683-8733) FREE ESTIMATES


713-529-4174 713-723-9689



SPECIAL OCCASIONS CHARMING VENUE FOR YOUR NEXT GATHERING: Houston Heights Woman’s Club’s Historic Bungalow, perfect for small events. Recitals, luncheons, fundraisers — events up to 100 people. Grand piano, stage, round tables, small catering kitchen. Call Lizz Martin, 281217-6070, regarding this Heights landmark. (TF)


you read this ad, then you know advertising works.



Page 8A • The Leader • June 15, 2013 •




DALMATION MIX AND LARGE CRATE, $50. Trained, neutered, ANIMAL LOVERS NEEDED to shots current, 50 lbs., 1½ years volunteer at no kill animal shelter old. 281-217-7598. in the Heights. Download volunteer application at www.nokill1. org or visit us in person at 107 E. 22nd Street, Tuesday-Saturday, GROOMING noon-6 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. (TF) 39TH ANNIVERSARY

• Cabinets • Sheetrock • Texture • Driveways • Gutters

M&M Pet Sitting

Expires 6-30-13

3414 Ella Blvd. 713-681-6218

Affordable Pet Care In Your Home Will Treat Your Loved Ones As My Own

Haute Dawgs Mobile Pet Spa

Mitzi Bonded

We will meet or beat our mobile grooming competitor’s prices

Royalty Pet Center


• Grooming • Boarding • Pet Supplies 9900 N. Houston Rosslyn

$5 Off

5229 Brinkman St. Houston, Tx. 77091




• Termite/Water Repair • Sheetrock • Painting • Roong Repair/Replace • Shower/Bath Redo • Tile • Flooring/Carpet @ Wholesale Prices Sales & Installations

Satisfying customers for over 25 years Call today


Call Sam 713-582-5500 713-686-2285



ROOFING 29 yr. Consecutive


Leader Ad vertiser


All Types Of Roong

(713) 686-4954



Call Gregory


Serving Inner Loop area since 1978 Fully Insured Free Estimates

832-675-2485 713-864-3755


Call Billy, The



Drywall Finisher Texture Match Interior & Exterior Painting FREE ESTIMATES

Texture Work & Repairs





• Repair Specialist • Springs • Rollers • Sections repaired & replaced • Cables

• Chain Link • Wood • Wrought Iron • Operators 30 yrs. Exp. Free Est.

40 years' exp. • Low Rates

Tony 713-680-9353

$10 off w/Ad (713) 682-3528

Cell 281-787-5942

Match any texture


Roofing Work Carpentry Handyman Services Power Washing Good References



281-807-5588 713-545-3414

(713) 962-3474

Choice Door

Credit Cards Accepted



• Room Additions • Baths & Kitchens • Hardwood & Tile Flooring • Painting • Window Replacement

FREE ESTIMATES Major Credit Cards Accepted

Martin Gonzales 832-472-2427

Did you know you could still le a claim under Hurricane Ike? Call now for a FREE Inspection with an insurance claims specialist.

25 Residential & Commercial Years • Shingles: Flat - Tile - Metal • 5" and 6" Seamless Gutters • Carports • Carpentry • Free Estimates



Independent Master Plumber


ALWAYS UPFRONT PRICE$ “I want to be YOUR plumber” Call Sonny and SAVE! Single Homeowner Discount

MPL # 16533

Est. 1979 Ins. RMP #18131

• Sand • Finish • Installation New or Old Flooring


������������ ���������������

For All Your Plumbing Repair, Replacement and Installation

• Drain Cleaning • Disposals • Tankless Water Heaters • Gas Test Free Estimates

Senior & Veteran Discounts

Call 281-836-6414


Sheetrock • Shower Pans Regrouting • Floor Refinishing Fencing • Install Windows/Doors Roofing/Repair Free Estimate 713-466-7703 10% Off with Ad



� � Residential - Commercial � � WALL TO WALL, WE DO IT ALL! � � • Plumbing • Sheetrock & Painting • Water Lines • Tile & Carpet � • Openers • Cables � • Gas Lines • Siding $35 � • Springs • Sections � • Disposals • Concrete At Reasonable prices discount • Faucets • Fencing � � w/ad •Patios •Driveways • Shower pans & doors • Counter Tops Repaired & Replaced • Sewer Service • Roofing � � •Room Additions • Gas test • Complete Remodeling � 281-352-3350 •Expedient Work COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL PROPERTY PROPERTY � COMMERCIAL 25PROPERTY Years In Business MPL 12701 American Made � 713-545-6162 � MASTER PLUMBER 713-466-8795 “God Bless America” 24 Hrs/7 Days � � ONE CALL – ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED Se Habla Espanol 713-703-8488 Jim � �


High Quality Sheetrock Repair


By Joe Lopez • Installation • Tape & Float • Match All Textures • Remove Wallpaper

Apply Tuscan Trowel Texture

Repair & Installation All Type Fences • Chain link • Wood • Ornamental Iron Small jobs welcome Call 7 Days


Cell (281) 221-0637

Jose `

35 yrs. exp.

HOWDY'S HANDYWORK • Carpentry - Cabinets to Patios & Decks • Painting, Interior/Exterior • Sheet Rock Repair & Installation


$20 OFF


Licensed and Insured MPL #40046

Low Price Guarantee

• Repiping • Water Heaters • Gas Test • Drain Problems • Sewer Camera Inspection • Faucet Installation and Repair • Water Leaks and Much More

Joe Petrovich


Since 1974

PLUMBING Since 1977 Free Est.


Shop 281-442-7863 Cell 281-831-2302

825 Curtin 77018

Drain & Sewer Cleaning #17773 - 7 Days a week

Repairs & Remodels Complete Plumbing Services


Insured • Lic. #M8922



DAVID OJEMAN 713-682-8033

CAMPOS Roong “The Residential Roofing Spe cialists”

Re-roofs • Repairs Hardi Siding • Gutters • Windows


Free Estimates

Gilbert 281-948-4879 ELECTRICAL SERVICES


• Ceramic Tile • Kitchen/Bath • Flood Damage Repair • Painting • Sheetrock, Concrete Small Jobs Welcome Free Estimates



Serving NW Houston Since 1973 FREE estimates

713-688-3277 Adam’s



• ReRoof • Repair • Siding • Windows


Installation Repair Sanding Finishing





• Painting • Sheetrock • Tile Work • Roong • Carpentry • Carpet • Concrete • Power Wash • Burglar Bars • Brick • Trees FREE ESTIMATES - Hector


PAINT ING Interior/Exterior

Sheetrock • Power Wash Free Estimates

Cell: 832-584-0725

AMS Remodeling

COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL • Custom Homes • Garages • Room Additions • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Hardi Siding Free Estimate REMODELING

��� �����


HELP YOU WITH SPRING FIX-IT LIST • Painting • Ceiling Fans & Lights • Drywall • Carpentry • General Repairs • Door Locks

References • Heights Home Owner




���������� ������������




ELECTRICIAN All types of new




Need a little help around the yard? Our Lawn and Garden Guide has just the professionals you want.





�� ����������� �������������

D&E Electric Since 1975 Low Rates

TECL# 43460

(281) 448-8615



TACL B27781E

Don’t Wait Til It Breaks Down!


Call for our Summer Special


A/C & Heating Service

Park your business here.. To Advertise Call

713-686-8494 PEST CONTROL

• Termites • Roaches • Ants • Silversh • Rodents

Free Termite Inspection


Seniors Discount • Most CC Accepted


Licensed & Insured - TACLB019197E

TECL 23126




OAK FOREST APARTMENT FOR RENT: Two bedrooms with laundry room and private patio area. 713-213-4530, 713-6863011. (TF)

FAIR PRICES ON CARPET/ FLOORING SALES, INSTALLATION AND REPAIR: Thirty-five years experience. Carpet, hardwoods, vinyl, ceramic tile. Carpet shampoo and restretch carpet. Dry cleaning now available. 713582-5500. (TF)

FURNISHED GARAGE APARTMENT IN GARDEN OAKS: One bedroom. Single person only. Washer/dryer, water, gas. $800/month + deposit. References. Secure garden setting. 713-862-2849.




OAK FOREST SPACE FOR LEASE 450 sq ft. Great location! $500 a month.

(832) 435-7734



HUNTING PROPERTY/ACREAGE FOR SALE: Terrell County. White Tail, 448 acres at $295/ acre. Mule Deer, 399 acres at $265/acre. Valverde County. White Tail 348 acres at $695/acre. Owner financed, 5% down. HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING 210-734-4009.

RARE PROPERTIES UNLIMITED offers 6,000 sq. ft. building. For sale or lease. Very good condition in the center of the city. Seven minutes from the Galleria. 610/T.C. Jester area. Great for law office, clinic, insurance agent. Includes ongoing casket and monument business. Fixtures and caskets included. Possible some owner financing. Reduced to $535,000. Broker. 713-290-0411.

������������������� ������������


������������������������� �����������������������������


Call us for all your Real Estate needs!!! Residential/Commercial 713-691-6434

Mildred Holeman


Call Charlee

(281) 859-5159

Charlee Peddicord


804 Erin: $79,900 1028 square foot home on a corner lot. Lot size 50x100. Close to Lindale.

Susan Pesl 713-397-1916

LOST YOUR COOL? Need a new high efciency condenser, an entire system or service on your exisiting equipment?



12’X30’ CARPORTS: Perfect for boats, RVs, etc. Call 713-6944647. (TF)




Breaker Boxes • Troubleshooting Underground Specialist New Construction & Remodeling

Timbergrove House For Rent/Shared with 63 year old bachelor. Private Bedroom w/attached bath. Single Man Only. No alcohol. $600 monthly/includes utilities. Call Ron Bailey 713-858-2267


TEL. 17823

Mastercard & VISA accepted TECL 23960




Residential Wiring & Repairs Discounts available

(713) 681-4343 (713) 232-0045


CRAVENS ELECTRIC Commercial • Residential




Refrigerator & Appliance Repair GOFAR Services, LLC.

PLUMBING Washers - Dryers Dishwashers - Ranges 281-350-6255 713-857-2050

Lights-Plugs-Breakers Cover all electric needs

wiring and repairs

Free Est.

American Standard Authorized Dealer


� Painting � Drywall � Hardi Plank Siding � Any Type of Carpentry Work � Complete Remodels

Pressure Washing Painting • Siding


� ������������ � �������������������������

For Your Home Repair Needs: �������������


KINARD’S Appliance Service

� ����������� �������������� � ����������� $20 OFF � ������������ 713-688-6463 with this ad


Same Day Refrigerator Repair


Cooling & Heating Res. - Com.

� Quality Work � Low Prices � � Hand Nailed � Hardi-Siding � Oak Forest Area Resident 40+ years Free Estimates

919 Judiway • (713) 680-3530

30 yr exp - call Ron

All Work Guaranteed 25 Years in Business Tommy Smith



All Work Guaranteed - Free Estimates

Sell & Install WOOD FENCING Blinds & Shades Repair & Install


Specializing in Galvanized Pipe Replacement


• • • •

Ranges • Ice Makers


John Kaminski

Keep it local and call the pros.




Wood Floors R’ Us

Roong, Siding, Painting, etc.


(713) 681-4343 (713) 232-0045

• Refrigerators • Washers • Dryers



Houston Heights

Sales & Service

OAK FOREST REPAIR Refrigerators • Dryers • Washers


Hot Water Heaters Installed




400 W. Crosstimbers


“Insured For Your Protection” All Work Guaranteed



(se habla espanol) OPEN 7 DAYS



������������� ����������


Sheetrock Repair

Repair Specialist



Painting Interior/Exterior


Interior or Exterior

35 Yrs. Exp. & Leader Advertiser


Frank Montes

BURGLAR BARS: Custom made. Residential and commercial. Free estimates. 281HANDYMAN: Build, repair fenc- 448-2759. www.burglarbarsandes, garage doors or decks. (TF) Carpentry — install Hardi-plank, cabinets, windows, doors, locks. EXPERIENCED HANDYMAN Painting, home theater set up. SAVES YOU MONEY: Carpenter, 35+ year Oak Forest resident. plumbing, electrical. 281-660Call David, 713-688-1839, leave 0350. name and number. Your opinion is valuable ... share it with the community in our letters to the editor column.




1st Visit

puddycuts@ 832•654•7475


½ HP Sears Openers Installed


• Interior/Exterior • Sheetrock Repairs • Door Renishing • Wood Repairs • Pressure Washing

Repair or Replace Doors/Openers

Since 1976 PLUMBING


Dog Grooming Boarding

Cell (713)444-8517 (713)682-5246

Ramiro Garcia

House Painting

• Paint • Trim • Siding • Roong • Flooring


������������� $5 OFF GROOMINGS



★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★ I have a BUYER looking for an ★ Oak Forest Fixer-Upper. ★ Call me TODAY if you are ready to SELL. ★ Jones REMAX–METRO ★ Bobbie 713-681-5666 cell 713-203-2568 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

TACL 6413B


Call Your AC Friend Sr. Discounts • Free Est.


���������������������� Repairs • Replacement • Installation Father & Sons Owned & Operated Since 1993 Fiancing Available

TACL B010628




Bob Medeiros, Realtor

Your House Could Be Worth A Lot More Than You Think!

Do you wonder what your home is worth? Call your neighborhood Specialist for A FREE MARKET ANALYSIS



1505 Heights Blvd



�������� ����������������� �������������������������� ���������������������������� ������������������� ����������������������� ��������������������������������


John Kuenstle Electric,LLC

Oak Forest Resident/Ofce • Residential • Commercial • Service Licensed - Insured - 23 Yrs. Exp. �“A” ON ANGIE’S LIST MASTER #178565

TECL #25670

Native Houstonian - 43 Yrs.

832-425-2152 - Free Estimates

Air Conditioning Sales � Service Repairs � Cleanings FREE Service Call w/Repair Senior Discount Credit Cards

Sales, Leasing & Property Management

TACLA 28719E



281-651-STAR 281-651-7827

713-906-5481 Experience and

Knowledge... A DEBBIE Powerful Combination. ELLIOTT Realty Associates

Oak Forest 2-1 rental available July. Updated Kitchen/new cabinets/granite. Covered deck, hdwd floors, storage shed, SS appliances.$1350/mo + dep. 1 yr+ min lease. Mike 713-553-1590


Page 9A • The Leader • June 15, 2013 •

Beat The Market!

Contact Sharon Ettinger 713-299-5149



New Construction 1806 Haverhill • $575,000 G






716 W 16th St $265,000

D L SO 721 14th St Listed $329 SOLD High $320s

5222 Poinciana Dr. $147,000

D L SO 1811 Watercrest Dr. Listed $499 SOLD $530s




4402 Lido Lane $149,000

D L SO 1426 Du Barry Listed $249 SOLD $270s

w w w. s h a r o n e t t i n g e r. c o m


June 15 Section A