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Oracle Essbase Product Sheet


Oracle Essbase with CXO Software: Simpler, Faster, More Agile When connecting to their Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) source system, many organizations still rely on distributed data exports, which allow for manual manipulations and require IT maintenance. A cumbersome, inefficient process results in major drawbacks for the Finance team: control is lost, errors are introduced. The entire financial reporting cycle slows down, leaving little time for true, value-added reporting insight. What’s more, the final output is tough for senior management to analyze and digest. And it’s extremely difficult to distribute via mobile devices. But it doesn’t have to be this way… CXO Software for Oracle Essbase puts the Finance team in control – by eliminating the need for inefficient spreadsheet-based reporting processes. Our innovative, yet simple solution turns the Excel-based reporting process into a dynamic, web-based and highly mobile reporting platform for all your Essbase data. In just one week. With CXO Software, your Finance team can maintain dashboards and financial reports – including mobile output – via the same web-based interface. And without the need for expensive business intelligence (BI) tools or IT projects. Find out more about the benefits of Essbase reporting with CXO Software in this product sheet.

Why the right EPM connectivity matters Generic BI =

CXO Software Essbase Solution =

• • • • •

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Error prone Limited Finance team control Lack of real-time reporting insight Static numbers, easy to manipulate Low-value paper reports

Drill-down functionality Full implementation in days 0% programming Built-in commenting functionality Mobile compatible

CXO Software gives you more from Oracle Essbase • OPTIMIZE the reporting cycle – shorter, cheaper, far less error prone. • DELIVER key financial information via web browser or mobile device – in a clear, intuitive format. • S IMPLIFY the report building process – with pre-built Best Practice reporting templates. •A DD flexibility to the reporting cycle – using a fully Finance-managed tool. •L EVERAGE your company’s existing EPM financial intelligence in Essbase. •C ONNECT directly with Oracle Essbase – for deep real-time insight.

“ A great Essbase dashboarding tool, with easy implementation” - Financial Database Manager in the Financial Services Industry


Connect to Oracle Essbase – and start leveraging your EPM financial intelligence CXO Software is ideal for organizations that don’t want to source data out of Oracle Essbase into another tool. It connects live to Essbase data, and retrieves data directly from Essbase cubes in real time. The key differences between the CXO Software reporting platform and generic BI software is that generic tools expect the source data structures to be designed for reporting. Financial consolidation systems are designed for input, calculation and processing. Not for reporting. The data structures (OLAP Cubes) and hierarchies in EPM systems will never be ideal for financial reporting with generic BI software. CXO Software’s Essbase solution is built specifically for financial reporting, and it performs its role in an intuitive and highly intelligent way. Direct connectivity allows users to present and visualize the data in a clear, logical format. The data is then ordered exactly how the CEO or CFO would look at it, rather than how it’s stored in the hierarchies. The result is a system that offers the perfect balance between flexibility and maintenance – essential for excelling in financial reporting, and for visualizing the data in a way that really makes sense.

3 innovative forms of EPM connectivity 1. M ulti Source EPM connectivity CXO Software allows users to combine multiple EPM sources into a single reporting environment – for a complete 360° view and actionable insights. 2. P re-Built EPM connectors CXO Software EPM connectors link directly to the EPM source and inherit key metadata – such as hierarchies and definitions. The Oracle Essbase connector is pre-built and configurable to your own reporting needs. It comes pre-packaged with best reporting practices and financial intelligence. 3. D ata Warehouse Adapter The Data Warehouse Adapter (DWA) allows Essbase users to upload raw, unstructured spreadsheet data to CXO Software – in any shape or form. With in-depth analytical detail and rich, value-added insight, users can now build dynamic new reports, or transform and enhance existing statements.

“ Very smart, easy to use and reliable visualization front end – especially for Essbase.” - Senior Team Manager


Discover more unique functionalities with CXO Software As a CXO Software customer, you’ll gain access to a multitiude of unique value-added services and functions – all delivered through a single, easy-to-use platform. They include:

Multi Source

Use multiple EPM sources within CXO Software to generate integrated


reports – either custom-made or standard.

Data Warehouse

Allows users to upload all forms of spreadsheet data to CXO Software. This


new source can then be used to build new reports or enrich existing outputs.


Customers have access to our unique business reporting rules library,


providing Excel-like formulas, centrally managed by Finance.

Reporting Rules Predictive

By merging predictive analytics with traditional data, users can foresee


trends and focus on the data that actually matters.


Gather all Key Performance Indicators in a single overview. Enjoy the


quickest analysis and easiest comparison – for a broad, in-depth perspective.

Best Practice

CXO Software comes with 18 highly flexible out-of-the-box Best Practice


financial reporting templates.

Free Format

With our highly adaptable, free format templates, you’ll have the freedom to


build any type of output or report you desire.


Fully mobile EPM reporting with mobile dashboards and reports.

Dashboards &

The CXO Software app comes with full end-user functionality – so that


financial reporting and analysis is available anytime, anywhere.


Capture, manage and distribute comments and narratives within the

and Narratives

application – for increased collaboration throughout the reporting cycle.


Users can compose interactive reporting packs, with selected Points of


View and comments that convey the message behind the numbers.

Be part of a thriving customer community Around the world, leading organizations are benefitting from our innovative Essbase connectivity solution. Current users of CXO Software for Oracle Essbase include:

“ From pre-sales, through implementation and support, our experience has been phenomenal.� -S ystem Manager in the Manufacturing Industry


Adaptable Best Practice Templates CXO Software comes with 18 highly flexible Best Practice financial reporting templates, as well as a custom free format template for creating your own bespoke output from scratch. These are just some of the Best Practice templates available to our customers:

Multi Scenario Analysis Allows users to combine several scenario-trends in a single axis-frame. Quickly compare and contrast actuals until the end of the current period; or compare the end-of-year forecast with the annual budget.

Compared Trends Developed around a request from CXO Software users wanting to analyze two related accounts in the same graph. Typically used to analyze receivables and days receivable, or price and volume.

Relative Trends The ratio analysis is typically used to detect unusual movements in certain revenues or costs. By analyzing cost types as a percentage of the total costs or total revenues, high volatility in the graph flags any abnormalities.

Benchmarks Ideal for benchmark comparison of one or more peer groups – on an account, or on a specific KPI derived from the underlying EPM system.

Component Graphs Enables analysis of different components of an account, such as working capital. The user is able to analyze the composition of an account, and can also see the trend per component for two different categories.

Portfolio Graphs This innovative template allows users analyze the relationship between three accounts within an analytical or entity dimension.

Let’s get started... We’ll help you create a robust business case for introducing CXO Software to your organization. Our Proof of Concept (PoC) service provides prospective customers with a bespoke pilot system, configured to the Finance function’s own Essbase source. Pilot test CXO Software using your own Essbase data. With direct EPM connectivity, our professionals will create a fully working PoC in just four days – utilizing the data and metadata structures from the Finance team’s Essbase application. Prove the benefits to key stakeholders. The PoC is tailored to your organization’s specific reporting requirements – for maximum reassurance and support. We’ll deliver, design and present the end result of your transformed financial reporting to key stakeholders.

About CXO Software CXO Software is an independent provider of financial and performance reporting platforms. Established in 2007, our unique approach to financial reporting was born out of a growing frustration with time-consuming and error-prone Excel-driven processes; the low ‘financial intelligence’ of generic BI tools; and, most importantly, the lack of time allowed during reporting cycles for value-added analysis and insight. CXO Software’s financial and performance dashboards offer in-depth actionable insights – to enhance the work of end-users as well as C-level executives.


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