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Intelligent Reporting Solutions


CXO Software Get ready for a whole new Finance landscape.

CXO Software is an independent provider of financial and performance reporting platforms.

Established in 2007, our unique approach to financial reporting was born out of a growing frustration with time-consuming and error-prone Excel-driven processes; the low ‘financial intelligence’ of generic BI tools; and, most importantly, the lack of time allowed during reporting cycles for added-value analysis and insight. As the challenges and demands on the Finance office grow and intensify, it’s time for organizations to dispense with spreadsheets and low-intelligence performance reporting processes in favor of smarter, sophisticated, purpose-built solutions. CXO Software’s financial and performance dashboards offer in-depth actionable insights – to enhance the work of end-users as well as C-level executives. Explaining, commenting and financial storytelling also requires collaboration. That’s why financial reporting software that drives standardization, accountability and efficiency across the organization, while enabling digital collaboration, has never been more important.



Contents 1 Challenges in the Office of Finance


2 Financial Intelligence 3.0 – Unleashing the Potential of Finance


3 The Right Tool for the Job


4 Flipping the Financial Reporting Paradigm


5 Our Unique Functionalities


6 Direct EPM Source Connectivity


7 Multi Source Support – Whatever your EPM system


8 Data Warehouse Adapter – Making Best Use of Non-Financial Data


9 Commentary and Narratives – for Effective Communication


10 Financial Storytelling: Reporting Storyboards


11 IT-Independent Reporting with CXO-Designer


12 Adaptable Best Practice Templates


13 Our Services


14 Our Locations



Challenges in the Office of Finance As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, the days of the Finance function simply playing the role of the company record keepers should be long gone.

Today’s CFO is expected to be a go-to business advisor for the organization, providing strategic insight, quicker, more accurately and more efficiently – anywhere and anytime.

And with reporting cycles typically taking anywhere from 5 to 15 days, Finance staff face an uphill battle to provide colleagues with value-added analysis and actionable insights.

Meanwhile, the Finance function, as a whole, should be actively communicating with the entire organization – helping to analyze the past and provide guidance on the future.

It’s little wonder that – according to a recent EY study – only 48% of CFOs say their team’s reporting is effective in securing the confidence of the board.

However, financial reporting teams often lack the support they need to become drivers of strategic change. With limited time at their disposal, many still rely on manual performance reporting systems. These inefficient processes leave them struggling to meet fixed deadlines and ever-rising quality benchmarks.


It’s all about finding the right tool for the job. Luckily, you just did!


Financial Intelligence 3.0


Unleashing the Potential of Finance With the right foundations in place, the Finance office can become a financially intelligent entity – whose managers demonstrate superior understanding over their business. It’s the intelligence that comes with performing traditional tasks better and faster; and then leveraging new technologies and functionalities to deliver superior, value-added insight to executive users. At CXO Software, we call this level of understanding Financial Intelligence 3.0.

“This is not an information age. It’s an age of networked intelligence.” — Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics



The 4 Pillars of Financial Intelligence 3.0 1. Routine robotization a ruthless focus on automation, industrialization and process optimization

2. Guided storytelling 100% more insight with 20% of the data

3. Secure mobile governance protecting ‘the single point of truth’

4. Q2 insight building a holistic understanding


The first step toward financial intelligence 3.0 is minimizing valuable time spent on non-valueadded manual routines and repetitive tasks. This means exchanging error-prone and inefficient 1980s spreadsheet technology for specialized Finance-owned financial reporting tools. Financial intelligence 3.0 involves a radical shift from poorly presented, static data to the four pillars of effective communication: relevance, optimal visualization, zero-ambiguity interpretation and dynamic storyboarding. Managers are guided through a story, rapidly assessing situations and identifying the right actions to take. Amid concerns over a growing cyber security threat, governance and control over sensitive financial data is critical. Finance (and the business) has seldom had the tools to fulfill this mission. Financial intelligence 3.0 provides accountability – with control. But financial data alone is not enough. Financial Intelligence 3.0 requires Q2 insight – the integration and central governance of two traditionally separated information flows: the quantitative (data) and the qualitative (narrative). It’s a convergence that allows deeper insight and clearer understanding.

The Right Tool for the Job CXO Software helps the Finance team make the transition from report-generating cost center, to a value-added provider of strategic insight for the entire organization. We offer an alternative to outdated, error-prone manual processes, and lengthy reporting cycles. In their place, we provide a centralized model that allows users to work smarter, and where both financial and non-financial data can be brought together within a single, easily accessible location. This system connects seamlessly with the various data sources across the organization – without the need for IT.

“Organizations that make better use of non-financial data analytics are more than twice as likely to be able to turn around their forecasts within 24 hours.” — FSN ‘Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting’ survey


CXO Software gives you: Bespoke reporting solutions – fully integrated with your EPM source system Receive real-time, actionable insight into all leading EPM source systems – including Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Oracle Enterprise, Oracle Essbase, SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC), SAP Business Warehouse for NetWeaver (BW), Tagetik, OneStream and PBCS. EPM reporting – without Excel or BI Online and mobile reporting and analysis solutions – the perfect cost-effective alternative to outmoded Excel reporting and generic BI platforms (which claim to work with your EPMrelated data, but really don’t). CXO Software is a Finance-driven solution. It’s designed specifically for the Finance function, and can be managed by the very same staff responsible for performance reporting.

“A great product, which is extremely easy to implement as an Essbase dashboard reporting solution. It can easily be used by a business analyst with knowledge of Essbase reporting. There’s no requirement for an IT programmer to develop and maintain reports.” –F  inancial Database Manager in the Financial Services Industry


Flipping the Financial Reporting Paradigm Most traditional reporting cycles are riddled with time-consuming inefficiencies. With limited time at their disposal, a reliance on these cumbersome, manual processes leaves the Finance function struggling to meet fixed deadlines and ever-rising quality benchmarks. And with that all-important board meeting on the horizon, there’s no such thing as, “I need a couple more days to get this right!” Through process standardization, a modern, dynamic reporting dashboard can enhance all aspects of the reporting cycle – shifting the emphasis from basic, manual tasks to actionable, value-added insight and analysis.

“CXO Software is now a central part of our normal financial reporting routine. In fact, there has been a significant change in our thought process – before commencing any new work, we always ask the question “What would it look like in CXO Software?” — Director, Financial Reporting in the Manufacturing Industry



The traditional ‘manual’ reporting cycle

Step 1 getting hold of the numbers

Step 2 integrating non-financial data

•R  etrieving essential information – including consolidation and enterprise performance management (EPM) tools – can consume as much as 60% of a standard reporting schedule. • Skilled team members spend much of their time chasing down the various data loads needed to manually feed Excel tables.

•F  inancial indicators alone are no longer enough to steer a course through complex and competitive markets. • However, outdated or disconnected systems make it difficult to pinpoint the most useful nonfinancial data, and to extract it from convoluted systems and functional silos in a timely manner.

Step 3 building the story

Step 4 adding the finishing touches

•G  etting hold of useful qualitative insight involves controllers and heads of FP&A sending frantic emails to executives across the organization. • Storytelling rarely goes beyond annotating financial statements with a few simple footnotes.

•T  he little time left to the Finance team is spent consolidating and standardizing data, commentary and other information from disparate sources. • With the reporting deadline expired, users receive rudimentary, static data presentations that add little value.

traditional analysis



value-added a



Intelligent reporting with CXO Software

Step 1 getting hold of the numbers

Step 2 integrating non-financial data

•C  XO Software links directly with your organization’s EPM data source, making it quick and easy to source and compile data. • Supported by automated data flows, reporting teams have access to the numbers they need to begin analyzing business performance from day one.

•C  XO Software provides a centralized repository for collating data, which is secure, nimble and easily compatible with different data collection formats. • With data from across the organization now easily accessible, users can quickly analyze and eliminate discrepancies, building up an insightful, granular picture of the future.

Step 3 building the story

Step 4 adding the finishing touches

•R  eport commentary is consolidated quickly and easily, either within the report itself or a within a single application. • CXO Software’s unique storyboarding functionality allows different users to add value, allowing for a compelling, rounded narrative. • Dynamic graphics help to highlight key data points and bring the story to life.

•W  ith labor- and time-intensive manual processes eliminated, highly skilled staff are freed up to focus on creating intelligent insight that truly adds value. • The reporting team can now spend time refining and enhancing; ensuring their insight is clear and actionable. The final output is easily digested by executives across the business.

CXO Software analysis


titive tasks


Our Unique Functionalities CXO Software offers customers a wide range of value-added products and services – all delivered through a single, easy-to-use platform. They include: Direct EPM Source Connectivity Pre-Built and configurable adapters that engage directly with the multi-dimensional data of all leading EPM systems. Multi Source Support Use multiple EPM sources within CXO Software to generate custom or standard integrated reports. Data Warehouse Adapter Allows users to upload any kind of spreadsheet data to CXO Software. This new source can then be used to build new reports or enrich existing reports.


CubeCalcs Managed Reporting Rules Our business reporting rules library with Excellike formulas, centrally managed by Finance. Predictive Analytics Merging predictive analytics with traditional data enables users to foresee trends and focus on the data that actually matters, to help the business move forward. Enhanced Analytics Gather all Key Performance Indicators in a single overview for the quickest analysis and easiest comparison to gain a broader perspective and overview.

Best Practice Templates CXO Software comes with 18 highly flexible out-of-the box Best Practice financial reporting templates.

Commentary and Narratives Capture, manage and distribute comments and narratives within the application, for increased collaboration throughout the reporting cycle.

Free Format Templates The highly adaptable, free format templates allow users the freedom to build any type of output or report they desire.

Dynamic Storyboards Enable financial storytelling by composing interactive reporting packs, with selected Points of View and comments to convey the message behind the numbers.

Mobile Dashboards & App We provide mobile EPM reporting with mobile dashboards and reports. The CXO Software app has full end-user functionality for iOS and Android devices, making financial reporting and analysis available anytime, anywhere.


Click here for more information on the unique solutions we can offer your organization

Direct EPM Source Connectivity The unique EPM source connectivity of CXO Software eliminates the need for inefficient spreadsheet-based reporting processes. Say goodbye to convoluted distributed data exports and manual manipulations…

“Due to the very tight integration with HFM our reporting process is fully automated, making it much quicker and far less error prone. The delivery of our HFM data via the iPad has also been of huge benefit to our management team and board members.” – Chief Financial Officer in the Consumer Goods Sector


We deliver two innovative forms of EPM connectivity: 1. Multi  Source EPM connectivity CXO Software allows users to combine multiple EPM sources into a single reporting environment, ensuring a complete 360° view and actionable insights. Strategic performance reports can also be enriched with un-modeled non-financial data through the Data Warehouse Adapter. 2.Pre-Built EPM connectors The CXO Software EPM connectors link directly to the EPM source and inherit key metadata, such as hierarchies and definitions. The direct connection ensures a single authoritative, up-to-date version of the truth. All connectors are pre-built and configurable to your own reporting needs. They come packed with best reporting practices and financial intelligence. CXO Software is fully compatible with all leading EPM source systems, including… • • • • • • • • •

Oracle PBCS Oracle Essbase Oracle HFM Oracle Hyperion Enterprise SAP BPC SAP BW Tagetik SQL Server Analysis Services (MS SSAS) OneStream

Continue reading to learn how CXO Software connects with your own EPM source system…


Multi Source Support Whatever your EPM system. Type of EPM system CXO-Cloud for Oracle PBCS

Key benefits with CXO Software

A single FP&A platform connecting directly to Oracle

• Boosts Finance team collaboration

PBCS – offering the financially relevant features found

• Allows dynamic reporting and data Visualizations

in Oracle’s BICS, EPRCS, FRCS and DVCS.

• Creates centrally managed narratives

CXO-Cloud comes with pre-built templates for FP&A, commentary and collaboration.

Reporting solution for Oracle Essbase

Transforms an Excel-based reporting process into a

• Shortens the reporting cycle

dynamic, flexible web-based and mobile reporting

• Reduces costs and prevents errors

platform for all Essbase data.

• Delivers key financial information intuitively over

Allows users to maintain all dashboards and reports,

• Simplifies report building with pre-built templates

maintenance software – without lengthy (and

• Fully leverages existing Essbase EPM financial

expensive) BI or IT projects.

Reporting Solution for Oracle HFM

web or mobile

including mobile output, via the same central


A powerful alternative to spreadsheets and generic

• Allows visualization of HFM data

BI tools, which minimizes time-spend, complexity and

• Delivers CubeCalcs & KPIs direct from source

reporting errors.

• Better leverages the EPM financial intelligence

Enables Finance teams to build interactive, flexible

• Real-time HFM data access – anytime, anywhere

and dynamic web-based reports with unmatched

• Web-based and mobile dashboards

commentary and narrative, guided analysis and collaboration functionalities.

Reporting Solution for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise

Provides web-based and mobile dashboards and

Reporting Solution for SAP BPC

A fully integrated and cost-effective reporting

• Simplifies the reporting process

solution for SAP BPC (BusinessObjects Planning and

• Accesses BPC data in real time anytime, anywhere


• Single suite for report building, mobile access and

reports from a single reporting environment.


Users can directly access the correct key financial

• Simplifies the report building process

information – anywhere, anytime.

• Out-of-the-box Best Practice reporting templates • A Finance-managed tool

Provides web-based reports and mobile dashboards from a single unified reporting environment. Eliminates errors associated with native reporting tools.


• Better utilizes the EPM financial intelligence in

web dashboards • Easily managed by EPM and Finance teams

Type of EPM system Reporting Solution for SAP BW

Key benefits with CXO Software

A simplified reporting process with easy maintenance

• Real-time SAP BW data access – anytime, anywhere

to put the Finance team in control. Turns SAP BW into a

• Web-based and mobile dashboards

dynamic web-based and mobile reporting platform.

• Single suite for report building, mobile access and

The CXO Software Reporting Suite seamlessly connects

web dashboards

to the SAP BW Infoprovider cubes, unlocking the full

• Out-of-the-box Best Practice financial reports

power of SAP BW in financial reporting and mobile

• Easily managed by Finance


Reporting Solution for Tagetik

Reporting Solution for SQL Server Analysis Services (MS SSAS)

A fully integrated reporting solution for Tagetik,

• Dynamic reporting platform for all Tagetik data

providing web-based and mobile dashboards.

• Web-based and mobile

Reports from a single reporting environment, eliminating

• Supports all Tagetik dashboards and reports

the need for multiple paper reports. Its simplicity

• Easy to learn

enables users to better utilize the Tagetik analytics cube.

• Maintained in tandem with Tagetik

Built on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (MS

• Transforms Excel-based reporting processes

SSAS) technology to leverage the multi-dimensional

• Agile and dynamic dashboard based reporting

data models of EPM / CPM systems. CXO Software connects seamlessly to any other MS SSAS cube.

process • Interactive live dashboards offering actionable insights to executives • Guided insights - for full multi-dimensional financial data modeling

Reporting Solution for OneStream

CXO Software is the first partner to offer a financial reporting solution in the OneStream XF MarketPlace.

• Makes financial reporting cycle shorter, cheaper and less error prone

OneStream customers receive a fully integrated financial

• Web-based and mobile compatible

reporting solution, accessible within a single, centralized

• Simple pre-built Best Practice templates

reporting environment.

• Flexible, Finance-managed tool


Data Warehouse Adapter Making best use of non-financial data.

From sales details, product forecasts, HR overviews and HSE reports, non-financial data now comes in many shapes and sizes: Sales Details from your CRM system, HR Overviews from your HRIS, Sustainability monitoring data, and much more besides. The Data Warehouse Adapter (DWA) allows the end-user to upload raw, unstructured spreadsheet data to CXO Software – in whichever form they like. This new source can then be used to build dynamic new reports, or transform and enhance existing statements through in-depth analytical detail and rich, value-added insight.


DWA allows users to… Centralize unstructured, and scattered data files By importing scattered Excel or other local files into CXO Software, our customers gain access to powerful and interactive reports that provide deeper insights. Share data safely and securely – without compromise The right people in each department always have access to the most valuable, up-to-date information, and can access it securely – whether from the office or on the go. Create high-impact, multi source reports DWA allows users to condense multiple data sources into a single report by connecting newly uploaded data to already existing core EPM data. Existing reports are enriched, allowing business users to dive deeper into the data.

Three steps to enriched reports with DWA… 1. Create Create a report in the CXO-Designer with additional input fields. 2. Enrich Simply copy & paste your spreadsheet data into the Data Loader Report. 3. Analyze Review and share the complete view on your CXO Software dashboards.



Commentary and Narratives For effective communication.

For the Finance office, the ability to clearly communicate corporate performance is a major competitive differentiator. However, traditional integration of narrative into performance-reporting processes is manual, ad hoc, and highly error prone. CXO Software enables managers to streamline internal and external reporting processes, combining quantitative data with value-added narrative in a single, secure, collaborative environment.

Say goodbye to repetitive manual tasks and generic office tooling with… Flexible narrative functionality, allowing users to… • Automate, copy, roll-up and lock comments • Start a conversation with the right people at any time • Save the current Point of View (PoV) • Share the exact report view with other participants • Chat in real time and drive conversations about report information • Receive incoming notifications instantly via email Unique commenting features, including… • PoV comments: specific to a certain point of view and report • Line item comments: comments can be added to all levels, views and hierarchies • Audit trail for commenting: logs all changes to the comments added to reports, leaving a valuable audit trail for the reporting narrative • Bookmark comments: generates a unique URL link, which can be shared securely with other CXO Software users



Financial Storytelling: Reporting Storyboards.

Effective ‘storytelling’ involves more than simply distributing monthly financial statements with a few accompanying footnotes. It should be about conveying business performance powerfully and interactively, and leveraging input from different operational departments. Told well, this story will guide executives directly towards the key insights behind the data.

CXO Software storyboards bring the story to life...

…through enabling collaborative story crafting CXO Software users can share storyboards and edit them as a team. The dashboard makes it quick and easy to select the right reports to tell the story. Reports can then be ordered to form a logical story of performance. …by making reporting packs more dynamic The basic narrative is enriched and made truly interactive through the addition of key operational details. Background information and explanations are brought to life: …with selected Points of View and comments Variances and outliers in the data are easily highlighted through iterations, including interactive charts and graphics. …through automating reporting packs With CXO Software scripted storyboards, reporting packs generate automatically and include all updated content, thus eliminating a number of repetitive manual tasks. …by exporting storyboards Once created, the storyboards are easily exported to traditional platforms, such as Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.



Visit the CXO Software-Academy YouTube channel to see how CXO-Designer puts Finance back in control with a fully self-managed reporting solution.

IT-Independent Reporting with CXO-Designer

The purpose-built web-based CXO-Designer administrative interface hands control back to the Finance function. CXO-Designer enables the reporting team to create, manage and distribute new reports and dashboards with maximum ease and flexibility – without the need for IT support or external consultants. Finance users can also centrally manage rights and roles, business specific reporting rules, and EPM metadata.

CXO-Designer offers users… Agility This innovative solution is 100% web-based. It can be accessed through any web-browser – whenever and wherever. This unique solution allows Finance to self-manage the entire reporting process… and respond swiftly to new reporting requests. Control CXO-Designer puts Finance teams in full control with a flexible security model, offering both data-based and report-based security. The strong audit trail functionality lets users know who viewed which reports and when. Collaboration Multiple report creators work together on a single report or visualization simultaneously. Users attend to new reporting needs – with superior speed, flexibility and control versus Excel-based reporting.

Welcome to the age of true Finance-managed reporting!


Adaptable Best Practice Templates The CXO Software Reporting Suite is a truly ‘Finance-owned’ financial reporting solution. Since the launch of the first version of the platform in 2007, the Best Practice financial reports of our global customer community have been gathered, and now come pre-packaged with every new installation. The result? New customers have full access to more than 10 years of combined knowledge and experience from CFO offices around the world. What’s more, CXO Software comes with 18 highly flexible Best Practice financial reporting templates. It also includes a custom free format template, so you can create your own bespoke output from scratch.


Here are just some of the Best Practice templates available to CXO Software customers... Multi Scenario Analysis Allows users to combine several scenario-trends in a single axis-frame. It’s possible, for example, to quickly compare and contrast actuals until the end of the current period; or compare the end-of-year forecast with the annual budget.

Compared Trends This Best Practice report was developed around a request from CXO Software customers wanting to analyze two related accounts in the same graph. Typically, this graph is used to analyze receivables and days receivable, or price and volume.

Relative Trends The ratio analysis is typically used to detect unusual movements in certain revenues or costs. By analyzing cost types as a percentage of the total costs or total revenues, high volatility in the graph flags any abnormalities.

Benchmarks This Best Practice report is ideal for benchmark comparison of one or more peer groups – on an account, or on a specific KPI derived from the underlying EPM system.

Component Graphs Enables analysis of different components of an account, such as working capital. The user is able to analyze the composition of an account, and can also see the trend per component for two different categories.

Portfolio Graphs This template helps users analyze the relationship between three accounts within an analytical or entity dimension.

Click here to explore the full selection of CXO Software Best Practice report templates.


Our Services At CXO Software, we understand the specific challenges, pressures and issues that Finance professionals face on a daily basis. We provide both current and prospective users of our software with a broad range of supplementary services, so they can achieve the full benefits of an optimized performance reporting process. CXO Software provides the following services: • Proof of Concept • Implementation • Consulting services • Competence Center • Training

Proof of Concept Our Proof of Concept (PoC) service is designed to establish a strong business case. It provides prospective customers with a bespoke pilot system, configured to the team’s own EPM source. Pilot test CXO Software using your own EPM Data Direct EPM connectivity means that our professionals can set up a fully working PoC in under four days, regardless of which EPM source is in use. The Proof of Concept will be built upon the data and metadata structures from the Finance team’s own EPM application. Prove the benefits to key stakeholders Our Proof of Concept will be based on your organization’s specific reporting requirements for maximum reassurance and support. As part of the PoC process, we will deliver, design and present the end result of your transformed financial reporting to the relevant stakeholders. Proof of Concept will… • Demonstrate easy connectivity of the CXO Software Performance Reporting Solution to your own systems • Showcase the solution to stakeholders based on your own EPM data • Confirm that CXO Software meets your business needs Contact us today to arrange a Proof of Concept consultation. “CXO Software’s PoC delivered around 80% of the final product rolled-out to Management in just three days.”


—V  ice President of Finance in the Manufacturing Industry

Three-Step Implementation The unique pre-built content and functionality of CXO Software makes implementation quick and easy. Full implementation takes 15 days on average, depending on the specific installation and training requirements of the customer. Implementing CXO Software is a simple three-step process… 1. Install the CXO Software Reporting Suite 2. Set up performance reports 3. Train your report builders With full functionality in place, you’re now ready to share reports with co-workers, build storyboards and make informed decisions based on a controlled and trusted single source of truth.

“CXO Software as a product clearly stood out in terms of ease of implementation. The time to design, build and deploy was two weeks – unheard of in any previous implementations.” — IT Director in the Manufacturing Industry


Training & Support CXO Software has been designed as a highly intuitive and user-friendly solution. It means only employees directly managing the software, such as administrators and report builders, have to be trained. We have developed four training workshops. They are deliverable on-site, or at the CXO Software offices. Admin training For: New CXO Software Administrators Workshop participants learn the ins and outs of CXO-Designer. Learn how to create reports and maintain security, as well as more advanced applications. Report creation training For: New CXO Software Report Creators This workshop is aimed at all employees involved in report creation. Hands-on training provides users with the knowledge needed to create reports, maintain lists and work with different formats. MDX training For: Professionals aiming to build more advanced calculations and dynamic lists Get maximum reporting flexibility while guaranteeing full governance by harnessing the power of MDX with CXO Software CubeCalculations™ and CXO Software MDX lists. Data Warehouse Adapter training For: Users creating multi source reports through the Data Warehouse Adaptor (DWA) Learn how to add data to CXO Software with DWA. Understand how the DWA works and how to set up a model for manual input.


Follow this link for further information on our range of training solutions.

Competence Center

Consulting Services

CXO Software has introduced a Competence Center to help customers secure expert consulting support at preferential rates.

The built-in financial intelligence of CXO Software makes it a complete and easily deployable ‘out-of-the-box’ solution.

How it works… • Our consultants evaluate your requirements and then determine the number of consulting days you will need over an agreed period of time.

However, we recognize that every situation and every organization is unique. At the core of our mission is enabling our customers to meet their specific business objectives.

•W  e work out a preferential rate based on the block of days required. We’ll then schedule time for a dedicated Competence Center consultant to visit you at your location. Get in touch and find out more about CXO Software’s Competence Center services.

CXO Software offers a wide range of consulting and functional customization services, including… • Adding additional information (not stored in the EPM system) to dashboards • Adding specialized calculations on top of your EPM data • Expert consulting support • Assistance in report building, based on best practices in reporting

“The quality of support from CXO Software is really exceptional. The consultants are all highly knowledgeable and responsive. The product itself is excellent and relatively inexpensive compared to similar products.” —G  roup Reporting Systems Director in the Services Industry


Our Locations Headquarters Europe CXO Software B.V. Herculesplein 48 NL 3584 AA Utrecht The Netherlands Phone: (+31) 85 043 2265

North America CXO Software USA Inc.​ 11097 Houze Rd 250 Roswell, GA 30076 USA



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