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Burbage Bypass 21st Birthday Bash On Saturday August 25th At the Royal British Legion Club This celebration party is open to everyone - membership/signing in rules have been suspended for the party It’s a Karaoke/Disco night ~ Buffet ~ Licensed Bar Doors open no later than 7.30pm right through until midnight Come and dance the night away!


August. Aka ‘Summer’ Burbage News Editors Well at the time of going to press do we really believe that the jet stream will move north and let us have some sort of summer weather? Especially as it will be Olympic time as well as the children’s summer holiday. The feedback from quite a few readers on the new shiny paper used for the last edition made the text clearer to read and the black & white photos look better: Good choice, Gavin. Well the BIG news has to be the village winning the Best Kept Large Village competition for the Kennet area and now we go into the Wiltshire competition. From usually being last or second to last, this is a major achievement and a lot of thanks has to go out to the Parish Council maintenance team and the small band of monthly litter pickers and those who regularly collect litter in-between the picks. Just think if you could help once a month how much better the village could be in appearance for the benefit of all. As the magazine goes from strength to strength in regard to its contents and design, the pressure of keeping the monthly editions grows. So once again Gavin & I are asking for help, and this month we are focusing on distribution. Would you like to help? There are a couple of areas which need distributors so if you can help by delivering the magazine in any of the following areas, please get in touch: Savernake Forest, Durley, Wolfhall and the southern area houses along the Hungerford Road, Pewsey Road and Collingbourne Road. We would like to have a few people on standby to cover in the case of holidays/illness etc. Would YOU like to manage the distribution network? The magazine is finished and collected on a Friday

afternoon/evening, when it gets sorted and delivered to the distributors around the village for them to deliver over the weekend. A permanent manager for this would be greatly appreciated! Finally, two diary notes so that you do not forget to purchase your tickets. On Thursday 11th October the Burbage News is trying to raise funds with the Kevin Brown Quartet playing in the Village Hall. The other event we are arranging is the popular Festive Celebration on Sunday December 9th, to coincide with the Christmas Tree Sale and Market. Is there anything specific that you would like to see at the Festive Celebration? Let us know. This year there will definitely be a 15 minute break from the action! I can only hope none of you are now going ‘They’re not talking about Christmas already???’ Look out for the article further on about the Burbage Walks 2013 Project - this is your chance to be immortalised in print, for the good of all So whether you are covered in sun blocker or wearing a raincoat, we both hope that you enjoy this latest edition of the Burbage News and that you will contact us at with any articles, letters or entertainment suggestions you wish to have published. Keith & Gavin

COVER ARTWORK BY BURBAGE ARTIST Bill Mather Email: Telephone: 01672 810 924


Your Letters to the Burbage News Thank you I would like to thank those who gave donations to help with the cost of flowers that were arranged in the Church to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. June 2nd arrived with the Church bells ringing loud and clear to welcome us all to the events of the day, including a full programme for the children. The Burbage King and Queen made a never to be forgotten entrance in their wonderful coach. Afternoon tea and fantastic cake was served by the ladies in the Church Centre. In the evening the Hog Roasts and a display of fireworks to finish off a memorable day. Our thanks must got to Mike Vardy and his team of helpers who planned such a wonderful day for us all to remember. The Church flower arrangers were delighted to decorate our lovely Church for the occasion. I hope you enjoyed seeing them Lilian Richardson Westcourt Jubilee Raffle On behalf of Bill and Val Titmuss, Alison and myself, we would like to thank all of you who participated in the Jubilee Celebration raffle which

raised an amazing £500 towards the cost of the event. The first prize (£50) has been claimed, but the second (£25) and third (£10) have not. The outstanding winning ticket numbers are Green 391 and Pink 491. Please contact me on 810652 to claim your prize. If they are not claimed by the end of August the £35 will be given to Mike Vardy and the Jubilee Committee. David Line The Annual Burbage School Fair The Burbage Village Fair, held at the school on Saturday 30th June, was a fantastic success, with villagers enjoying a splendid afternoon in a rare moment of sunshine. There were stalls and activities available for everyone. The superb Wacky Races ran in the front playground, Phoenix Brass Band played in the back field, and children and adults alike showed off their dancing skills in the main ring. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped to make it such a wonderful community event. Thank you to all the village organisations that ran stalls, games and competitions to raise funds for their causes. Thanks also to all those who donated prizes, judged competitions and to everyone who came along to take part. As well as being a thoroughly enjoyable event, it also raised money

7 for some very special causes, including the Burbage defibrillators, Burbage Primary School, SMS Foundation, RNIB and Red Cross. My very special thanks go to the wonderful team of people who helped to pull the whole thing together, ran some great competitions and without whom the fair would not have happened. Thank you, Emma Butler Dog Poo - A Response As responsible dog owners we feel obliged to respond to the letter in last month's issue on the above subject. Whilst we have every sympathy with the writer's experience, we would ask that you PLEASE do not put all dog owners in that category. There are, sadly, still a few who, for whatever reason, do not feel the need to clear up after their dog, or equally infuriating are those who do and then dump the bag and its contents in undergrowth. As regular litter pickers we can vouch for this disgusting practice. You have only to check the contents of the litter bins around the village to see that they are predominantly full of poo bags which is clear evidence that a lot of clearing up does go on. There is a new bin at the High Street end of Long Drove, a path we walk daily, yet someone persistently allows their obviously large dog to foul the path and grass bank, often within meters of the bin why? We can only apologise to the writer

for their unfortunate experience and hope that a way can be found of "naming and shaming" those who are causing this to be such a problem in our village David & Alison Line Bible comments I am compiling a list of ‘Things they say about the bible’ -e.g "Jesus was an illiterate peasant" and "Jesus couldn't have walked on water, but obviously stood on a sandbank to create that impression" - (there are obvious answers to these). Since churchgoers rarely come out with things like these two statements, I wonder if anyone reading these letters could supply other instances of immediate reactions to the Bible. I'd be grateful and will acknowledge help. Revd Brian Green 01672 811655

The next Litter Pick day is Saturday 18th August Meet outside the Village Hall at 10.30am, for a maximum of 2 hours and help care for our village. A special THANK YOU and welcome to Burbage newcomers Hannah and Jacob who brought Mummy Becky along to the July litter pick, and doing such a fantastic job around Barn Meadow - Wow! What a lot of rubbish collected! Do please come along and join us!


Savernake Forest Scout Group – we rocked, did you? Over 150 young people and one young mum took on the challenge of the climbing the wall at Burbage’s village fair this year and we were kept very busy on all our stalls. Thank you for your support and thank you to the people that made it happen, in particular Geoff Henderson and Oxenwood Outdoor Adventure Centre, Waitrose for the fresh fruit prizes and Bayan Audio for the generous donation of a Bayan 3 iPhone Speaker Dock auction prize. Thanks also to the parents and leaders who helped on the day and enabled us to give so many young people a great experience. The funds raised on the day went straight into taking a coach full of Beavers and Cubs to visit Cotswold Wildlife Park. We are now into our summer break and won’t be back until the first full term of the school year. Our beaver colony has extended to 15 beavers with three colonies, Thunder, Lightening and Raindrops (which we thought was very suitable for the weather we recently experienced). We did some tracking in the grounds of the hut. This was enjoyed by all, particularly when the beavers laid tracks for the leader on to the bonfire, can't imagine why? Our singing is going from strength to strength and we performed some lovely singing while playing our shakers that we had made in a previous meeting. Some of our beavers have been awarded Activity Badges this term and we are hoping to complete a Challenge Badge early next term. Our waiting list is looking healthy and we will have three new beavers starting in September. As

already mentioned, the culmination of this term was a trip with the cubs to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, where we had a lovely day looking at all the animals. The scouts have had a busy term with some hiking and tracking in the forest, and learning some international cooking and outdoor cooking back at the scout hut. We’ve also been working towards the Emergency Aid Level 2 activity badge, which has taught us how to get help from the emergency services and what to do at the scene of an accident. We finished the term by going to Tree Runn er s in A ndo ver f or s om e excitement and thrills on the high rope course and tree to tree zip wires. Finally, we would like to say a big you to everyone who has helped us during the last year, to the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and their parents, to the Leaders and Assistant Leaders, to all the executive committee and volunteers who helped us along the way and to everyone in Burbage for your support. Long may Burbage continue to have an active scouting movement giving so much to so many young people. If you or your children would like to join us in the fun and adventures we have, please get in touch. You can contact us at: or by calling 01672 567007, or call in and see us for Beavers on a Monday 17:30 , Cubs on a Wednesday 18:30 or Scouts on a Friday 19:00 during term time in the East Sands Scout Hut, opposite the cricket field.

Dogs: New Laws. A New Approach. Our Village, Our Homes. NO MESSING AROUND.


The Best Doggone Diet John Ritchie If you are a dog owner you undoubtedly want the best life possible for your pet. But you could be killing your dog with kindness if you are not controlling their diet properly. A new App available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and any Apple computer not only helps you to assess your dog’s current physical condition it also advises you on how to reduce your dog’s weight safely and then how to maintain that ideal condition. The Apps database not only lists 2,000 different dog foods, it allows you to enter your dog’s particular favourite, so that you can find out exactly how much of that food you should be giving to your pet. The App allows you to factor in treats, your dog’s exercise regimen, and helps you monitor your dog’s progress to maintain their weight within 5% of its optimum value.

Patient Liaison Committee June Brew, Chair We hope all of you that attended the Village Fete enjoyed it as much we did. It was good to see such a wonderful turn out, and it did not rain! We mentioned in our May article that we are hoping to set up an introductory course to first aid. We are doing this in conjunction with the ladies running the defibrillator machines. Although it is in its early stages we would appreciate any expressions of interest from patients which can be made via our email. Don’t forget we meet regularly, and we would like to have some feedback from patients before we meet, indeed if there is anything you would like to draw the Doctors attention to please let us know.

Developed by a vet with nearly thirty years work in Clinical practice, himself a dog owner, this is an easy to use application that will help to ensure your dog’s life is good as it can be.

Please could we remind you about your summer holiday vaccinations or medication. Before you go you can visit a website called 8 weeks to go, the address is This website provides information regarding vaccination requirements and travel risk worldwide. Please make sure you contact the surgery six weeks before you go.

Treat your dog to a better life for just £1.99.

Have a wonderful month and we look forward to hearing your comments.

Find the Best Doggone Diet App here: Or scan the QR code:

Sports Club 200 Winners Results for the July draw:£5 £5 £10 £10 £50

2 85 59 29 95

Betty Dawes Kevin McGowan Tony Dobson Louise Crawford Cheryl Cranswick

For more information contact: Ros McGowan (01264) 791324 or Daphne Carter (01672) 810461


We are pleased and we are to announce that hoping for some Burbage Baby & Toddler Group . we have a new sun! Our first day committee for the autumn term and back in the new term is 11th we are lucky to continue as normal September. and keep this wonderful group running. Our sessions are held every Tuesday during term time from 9:30am to We had a great time completing our 11:30am at Burbage Village Hall for Barnados 'super heroes' Big Toddle children aged 0-5 and their parents or for our last session before the carers. It is a very friendly group with holidays. We decorated super hero lots to entertain the little ones and masks and paid a donation towards fresh coffee, cakes and plenty of chat Barnados charity. for the grownups! We look forward to welcoming you soon. We look forward to a fun programme of summer activities, planned for the For further details please contact: Tuesdays throughout the holidays, Hannah McNicholas - 07833934074.

Now it is the summer break so we would like to wish all the children starting primary school in September well and extend a big welcome all our children starting again in September. The school year was rounded off by showing and talking about our favourite toys which was very popular! Finally, a great fun was had by all at a lovely party and a presentation to the children leaving. Burbage Pre-school is open for children from 2½ - 5 years during term times. Morning sessions are: Monday – Friday 9.15am – 11.45am,

Lunch club is Monday – Friday 11.45am – 12.30pm Afternoon sessions are Monday & Wednesday 12.30pm – 3.00pm. Anyone interested in their child joining the Pre-school can contact our Pre-school Leader, Mrs Janet Burstow, on 01672 811420 during Pre-school hours or 01672 810736 at any other time. Our website is : You are welcome to visit us at any time, we are located behind the primary school, however access is via the footpath opposite the church.


The Burbage Walks 2013 Project Burbage News Editorial Team When the 'Burbage Village' website was created back in 2008, I was asked, and occasionally have been since, "Are there any leaflets on walks around Burbage?" The simple answer is: No So we have now started the Burbage Walks 2013 Project What's it all about? Quite simply, we would like you to help us with at least 12 short walks (for Part 1) in and around our village. The walks you send us will then be published and this could be in more than one format (I.e. calendar, leaflets, Burbage News item etc) For Part 1, the approximate timed length of the walk in normal circumstances should ideally be between 15minutes and an hour. Information needed: 1. Time How long would the walk take? 2. Distance Approximate/best guess is ok 3. Difficulty Easy going/hilly/strenuous etc? 4. Ground Cross country/pavement/footpath etc? 5. Starting point 6. Points of Interest Any special landmarks or feature? 7. Description Please describe the actual route in about 120 words 8. Accessibility Is the route suitable for walkers only, or dog walkers/pushchairs/wheelchairs/ mobility scooters/etc? 9. Name It's your route - give it a name! That is all there is to it, for Part 1: If we can get 12 routes that will be enough for the Burbage News 2013 Calendar (one free for each contributor), and a set of leaflets.

Even a simple 15 minute circular stroll could make an interesting walk Part 2 will be to get about 10 longer walks of 3+ miles (or 1+ hours) with a fuller description of the route and what to look for as you go along. These will be made into a small booklet and should have at least one photograph (free from copyright and royalties), but you can submit as many as you like for us to choose from. Criteria as for part 1, but you can write up to 1,500 words for the route description All authors will be credited for their work unless they wish to have their details withheld Any profit from sales of the routes will go towards keeping your Burbage News going! If you are stuck somewhere in the middle, do a route description of 500 words maximum and we will feature it in a future edition of the Burbage News if nothing else! Please note: A map is essential for all routes. To assist with copyright and royalty issues it is best if these could be hand drawn by the author. If not, don't worry: Mark it on a map (or phone us) and we will make a hand-drawn copy Finally, please let us know in advance if you intend to submit a route. We will give you a route number and also check that the route you design is not likely to match anyone else's Thank you; and please, give it a go! Email: or telephone 01672 811990


Wildlife Watching - The Devil Bird Andrew Dawes, BBC NHU Radio researcher/producer

One of our most familiar but also one of our most mysterious birds will now be leaving our shores for Africa. I’m talking about the Common Swift (Apus apus); known also as the “Devil Bird” on account of its mystery, attracting the folklore of fear. These remarkable birds are with us for just a few short months from the end of April until early August. Each year I eagerly await hearing my first “scream”, a call which gives swifts their collective noun. This for me is when summer finally arrives. On the precious few warm sunny evenings this year I have been enchanted by these chocolate brown scimitars scything their way through the sky above in an explosion of speed. Superbly adapted to an entire lifetime on the wing, upon fledging, the life of the young swift, until now sedentary, instantly changes to one of flight. Once they leave the nest they’re on their own. From that day they will feed, drink, preen, sleep and even collect nesting material on the wing. They also fly huge distances with estimates averaging about 500 miles a day which, over a lifetime, can amount to well over a million miles. They are also fast. The peregrine falcon is our fastest bird, but only in a dive. The swift is now recognised as the fastest bird flying horizontally under its own power, with one bird reaching a speed of 69.3mph Consequently, they have few natural aerial predators except the hobby. Pairing for life, they even mate in

flight, the only known group of birds which do this. I spent an entire Sunday afternoon in May watching for the distinctive V-wing shape the female makes to show her willingness to mate. The male will then fly to her and with a flick of the tail mating is over. Blink and you will miss it. The only time they land is to prepare the nest, lay eggs and feed their young. Consequently they have very weak small legs and feet, in fact their scientific name is derived from the Greek apous, meaning ‘without feet’. But Swifts are in trouble. They may be familiar, but they are now a species of Conservation Concern as numbers have declined rapidly in the last decade. Why this is so remains a mystery. For such a familiar bird of our towns and cities it was only recently that we began to understand something of their biology. Pioneering work by David Lack began to unravel the mystery of these birds in his book 'Swifts in a Tower' (1973) documenting his studies at Oxford’s Museum of Natural History. Recently advances in technology have allowed organisations like the British Trust for Ornithology to attach data loggers. Swift A320 became a cause celebre this year as its geolocator finally revealed some of the secrets of swift migration. Sadly they’ll soon be gone but come May next year, once more I’ll await the Devil Bird’s return. BTO data loggers:


Milestones: Can you help? The image below is of a Milestone located in the Marlborough Road/ Stibb Green area. The Maintenance Team would be grateful for ANY information, especially photographs, of this stone with its original inscription. The Parish Council Maintenance Team are tasked with the general maintenance and care of the village and will approach Wiltshire Council (Conservation) initially for advice on the cleaning and restoration of our stones The more obvious milestone is opposite the Post Office, and in much better condition. These are both Grade II listed items and have to be treated with care

Coffee N Browse NEXT ONE: 9.30 -12.30 Friday 3rd August Church Centre Thank you to all those who attended July’s Coffee n Browse, raising £47.25 for Farm Africa - fantastic. It’s great that £26 of this was raised by the ‘Bake & Books’ stall run by Year 6 of Burbage Primary School. Their cakes were delicious, I had one with a hidden strawberry in it, how did that get in there!! The next Coffee N Browse will start at the slightly later school holiday time of 9.30 am to 12.30 and there will be a activity table too, when all ages can have a go at making something for a small donation. That’s thirsty work, so come and have a hot cuppa, endless refills, a yummy doughnut & a good chat too all for £1.50, with children’s at 50p! There’s also the free Roses competition to have a go at along with the chance to browse at tables of quality locally produced items to buy. Table holders make a donation of what they wish and all proceeds from the beverages goes to Farm Africa, helping to end hunger and grow farming in Africa. We also hope to be joined by Gila from Farm Africa’s London office too, which will be great, she’ll either be on the book swap stall or helping on the Scottie’s bric a brac stall. See you there! Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Browsing!!

1st Friday of each month in Burbage’s Church Centre MEETING LOCALLY HELPING FAMILIES AFAR


BURBAGE SIGNING CHOIR. Jean Bierschenk We are continuing to meet and practise for the coming season. We have already been asked to "sign" for Mothers Union in Hungerford on 16th October and of course we will be at the Christmas Festival in the village hall. For that, we have got something special up our sleeves which should be a lot of fun. I was recently asked to teach the cubs the Cubs Law in sign language which I'm sure they enjoyed and as a thank you they raised £100 at a Tombola at the village market for my chosen charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The picture is cub member Ebony, presenting me with the cash. We continue to raise interest in deaf causes and have fun at the same time and anyone is welcome to join us. Contact Jean on 810451 or Cynthia on 810026

Burbage Film Club

Watch the notice boards for the next meeting (or the website diary) Bring your own work: knitting, crochet, patchwork, hand or machine sewing, etc, etc… Help and advice always available Contact Helen 810949 or Kay 811093 for details

Films are shown in the Royal British Legion Club (Skittle Room). New members and guests always welcome Film details from Steve or Sandy at or phone 810854 August 8th – Doors open 7.30 Film starts at 8 pm August 22nd - Doors open 7.30 Film starts at 8 pm


Burbage Flower Club

The first Burbage Flower Club meeting was held on the 19th July and was a great success, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you that came along and supported the evening. I am delighted to advise that there are enough people interested to start this club in the village and take this club forward, which is fantastic news. We will not have a meeting in August but will be back in September date to be confirmed. Fore more information please call Julia 01672 810829 - 07969311153 or email

BRATS proudly present4 The Kevin Brown Quartet

Hailed as offering ‘so much more than your average slide player’ by Mark Knopfler, Kevin Brown is one of the UK’s finest acoustic blues guitarists on the circuit today. From the main stage of Glastonbury to the beer joints of Texas and with 11 albums to his credit, Kevin has a growing number of loyal fans who not only love his touch and tone but have grown to admire his heartfelt songs, often delivered with a great sense of humour and dry northern wit. ‘What singles him out is his voice,’ The Guardian The guitar, keyboards, double bass and drums of the Kevin Brown Quartet provide music for the heart and feet the perfect village hall treat! Come and dance or just enjoy Kevin’s earthy songs.

Burbage Village Hall Thursday 11th October Tickets: Adult £8.50 Concession £7.50 Children £6.00 Call 811350 for tickets


Train of Thought David from Burbage For a change, it was a fairly bright morning on the 13th of June. I had occasion to travel on the 10.35 a.m. train up to Reading. As usual, I had left it to the last minute before setting off to Great Bedwyn, parking my car in front of one of that fair village’s long-suffering resident’s High St house and legging it to the station just down the road. Arriving somewhat breathlessly, I was informed by the electronic station announcer that my train would, in fact, be delayed by approximately ten minutes and that I needn’t have jeopardised my blood-pressure by rushing around. Something caught my attention to my right and glancing towards the road bridge, I noticed several people with camera equipment set up, with their tripods and such pointing towards the up-line in the direction of Hungerford. There were two people on the up-line side and one on the down-line side. “Ha!” I thought, I bet they are steam railway enthusiasts and there must be a steam train due, to excite these buffs (nay, buffers) and possibly, somehow, the cause of the delay to my own transportation. Just then, a slightly dishevelled man in, I guessed, his late middle-age peered into my face through spectacles with heavy glass lenses and announced, “They’ve got plen’y o’ time!”-“It’s ‘ung up at ‘Ungerf’d!” I thanked him for this un-wanted titbit and as I watched him shuffle off towards the station shelter, no doubt to continue his Paul Revere mission with the other unsuspecting passengers, the unmistakeable shriek of a steam-train’s whistle could be heard in the near distance. Coincidentally, a wave of almost palpable expectation swept along the station as my portly trilby-hat wearing would-be cameraman on my side of the platform was seen gesticulating and commanding us would-be travellers to “Stand back!” –“So I can get a good shot!” Well, being British and in no mood to acquiesce to any dictator’s order to give up our territorial rights, he was met with a wave of almost palpable indifference, in any case, the sound first, and then the sight of an enormous black, smoke-belching steam train very slowly coming towards us caught everyone’s attention. Rounding the curve and shuff-shuffling into the station from the Hungerford side, it shook the platform with the same sort of rumble you would expect from an Army tank rolling down my native Burbage High Street. Then, with the almost theatrical timing of a star-turn gliding on stage at a Command Performance, my Reading-bound First Great Western made its morning debut; its diesel engine drowned out by its grandmother on the other side of the line. Passing under the road bridge and completely obliterating the portly dictator’s only chance of a decent video, it came to a halt, entirely masking its still-beautiful counterpart on the other platform. Whether or not the other intrepid train-spotter on that side ever got his shot, I will never know, but as I embarked onto my stationary carriage, I could not help saying to one of my fellow passengers, whilst indicating the avid video-maker by the bridge, “I don’t think it would be a good day for him to do the Lottery!” Smiling, he agreed and pointed out that it was indeed, Wednesday, - Lottery day.



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23 Savernake Team Letter August 2012

Revd Linda Dytham Associate Priest 01672 811025

Dear Everybody Running the Race ...let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1 As you read this letter, the 2012 London Olympic Games will be well under way. It is a once in a lifetime event for most of us to be able to experience them in our own country! Whether we are sports minded ourselves or didn’t even enjoy the egg and spoon race in our school Sports Day, we cannot fail to be impressed and be in awe of the amazing accomplishments of so many great athletes and the dedication, commitment and perseverance that has gone into their training schedules in order to have reached this pinnacle in their lives. We can all be spectators to these amazing achievements but actually, in life we all have a race to run! In 2009, I was fortunate enough to watch my daughter-in-law run in the Boston Marathon. At the 19th mile she came to Heartbreak Hill. Here, even world-class runners hit the wall. It’s the longest, steepest part of the race and by the time you reach it your muscles are screaming for oxygen. – here she had an overwhelming feeling to give up…but she didn’t, she persevered, finished the race and in a very respectable time and position. Perseverance helps you in the face of setbacks and gives you the tenacity to perform despite your heavy heart! At the 1968 Mexico City Olympics a solitary figure wearing the colours of Tanzania limped into the stadium. He was John Steven Aquari, and his leg was bandaged because of an earlier fall. He came in last. As he crossed the finish line a spectator shouted, Why didn’t you just quit? With quiet dignity Aquari replied, ‘My country didn’t send me 7,000 miles to start this race, they sent me to finish it!’ The writer of Hebrews mentions this kind of perseverance in Chapter 12:1. Life is a journey and we all go through many kinds of set backs and difficulties along the way. Whatever you are going through, remember, God didn’t just send you to start this race, He created you for a purpose and He wants you to complete and fulfil that purpose, he wants you to 'run with perseverance the race marked out for you!' Keep your focus and enjoy The Games! With every blessing Linda Dytham

24 Ladies Group @ All Saints’ Church Burbage

Please join us for a Ladies’ Breakfast Saturday 22nd Sept at 9am In the Church Centre Enjoy a continental breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere and listen to

Sarah Musgrave who is going to share her journey of faith with us For more information on this event contact Debbie Brown on 01672 810853 or any of the other ladies on the committee: Linda Dytham, Heather Moore, Kay Francis, Joyce Kennington Val Nelson Piercy and Sue Goalby


Savernake Team

Travel through the Bible with fun activities and crafts For Children aged 5-11 10:30 till 3:00 £2:00 per session packed lunch required, we are limited to 40 places this year Pre-booking strongly advised, book any date or all dates 2nd August 9th August 16th August 23rd August 30th August

Noah Moses Jonah Paul Ourselves

Collingbourne Ducis Church St Katharine’s Church Shalbourne Church Burbage Centre Great Bedwyn Church

Sunday 2nd September 11am Family Service Burbage Church Contact Debbie Brown—Burbage Parish Administrator Tel: 01672 810853 E-mail: Or with Sue Challen Tel: 01672 870202






During the Clergy Vacancy

From the registers:

For enquiries about : Weddings, Funerals or Baptisms, go initially to Mrs. Debbie Brown, Church Administrator, who will liaise with the appropriate people; Debbie is in the Church Office every weekday morning: 01672 810853 For problems which you feel need the help of a minister: For questions concerning Young People’s worship: go to Rev. Linda Dytham: 01672 811025.

Memorial May they rest in peace

We remember their families and friends in their grief.


For matters which Lay Pastoral Assistants may be able to help with, go initially to Mrs. Sue Masey, who will liaise with the appropriate people: 01672 810308.

Baptism For House groups, cell groups, the first Wednesday of the month Mid Week meetings, the Renewal Day and the parish weekend at Ammerdown (including bursaries), go to Mr. Barry Smith: 01380 860593

May they grow in the Christian faith: Rupert Alexander George Smith Jude Xavier Angel We welcome them into the life of the Christian Church.

On Sunday the 16th September 6pm – 8.30pm


We’ll be meeting again in the church centre for a different look at the Christian faith! If you’re secondary school year 7 to secondary school year 11 please come along and join us for the evening. Please contact Alan & Debbie Brown for further details - 810357

Weddings Wishing every blessing and future happiness for those couples who have recently married


From the Diary Further events/dates: 5th Aug

09.30am Family Service with Communion— the only service on the 5th please make note of the time.

5th Sept

Mid Week Meeting with Felix Smith - 8pm at All Saints Church Felix is Liz & Barry Smith’s son and has grown up iat All Saints Church, Burbage. Felix used to play regularly with the worship band here. He has a degree in Divinity from Edinburgh and is currently studying Theology at Oxford. Felix is a gifted speaker! Please come along and support Felix!

8th Sept

Wiltshire Historic Church’s ‘Ride & Stride’—Andrew Simmonds is Organising this, look out for posters or contact Andrew on:

16th Sept

Youth Group—See Debbie & Alan for further details on 810357

22nd Sept

Ladies Breakfast— contact Debbie Brown 810853 for further details

28th Sept

Mums & Tots coffee morning—9am in the church centre—all welcome

Please see our website for further information on any events or services detailed in this section:

REGULAR EVENTS Fill The Gap-are taking a break during August, please join us again in September, every Thursday between 12 and 2.00pm for ploughmans lunch. Coffee ‘n’ Browse First Friday of each month 9am-12noon in the Church Centre, meeting locally to help families afar! See you on Friday 3rd August

Booking the Church Centre: Please contact: Rob Hartwell on 01672 810839 or email:


Who’s Who at All Saints’ Team Vicar .......................

Vacant ............................................

01672 810258

Assoc Priest......................

The Revd Linda Dytham.................

01672 811025

Asst Curate .......................

The Revd Robert Grist ..................

01672 811431


Joy Guy .......................................... Peter Devenish ...............................

01672 810767 01672 810296

Church Life Coordinator ...

Barry Smith.....................................

01380 860593


Debbie Brown .................................

01672 810853

Church Centre Manager ...

Rob Hartwell ...................................

01672 810839

Lay Pastoral Assistants ....

Sue Masey......................................

01672 810308


August Service Pattern 5th Aug


Family Service with Communion

12th Aug

08.00am 11.00am

Morning Prayer Family Service

19th Aug

8.00am 11.00am

Holy Communion Family Service

26th Aug

8.00am 11.00am

Morning Prayer Family Service & Baptism

Every Friday Morning


Morning Prayer



U rennans b f j iltshire Z roundwork 9 [ aulage V ontractors

Driveways ~ Tarmac or Gravel All Weather Gallops Road Surfacing & Horse Menages Drop Kerbs Aggregates Car Parks Supplied Soakaways Top Soil Concreting Tipper Hire Block Paving Digger Hire Patios General Haulage

For FREE Quotations & Advice Tel: 01672 810380 ~ 07802 217301 Local Authority Approved

Spirals Market Online Art and Craft Market Hand made products by artists and designers in the South West of England. . Sell your handmade products online or at local craft markets. Please call 07979498876 or email




Luxury boarding Open all year round Telephone: 01672 810 704

Foot Clinic Do you have problems with your feet? Want them treated in the comfort of your own home? Judy Brooks’ Mobile foot Clinic will come to you. A wide range of treatments to care for your feet are offered, including nail trimming, hard skin and corn removal, and treatment of cracked heels and nail infections.

Judy Brooks MCFHP MAFHP RGN Member of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals

NEW - Clinic at The Equilibrium Clinic Woodborough Garden Centre For appointments call 01672 861737 or 07901 556799


WHISTLEY CANINE COUNTRY CLUB The New Luxury Holiday Venue For Our Four Legged Friends Spacious Suites Under-Floor Heating Day Care Facility Inspections Welcome Potterne Devizes 01380 738189/726330 Please see our website for more details

The original oven cleaning specialists

Local Professional Affordable Let us do the dirty work with tender loving care ( and a thorough clean ) of your oven, hob, range, Aga, microwave, extractor, or BBQ, using the unique, eco friendly and non caustic Ovenclean system Call now on 01672 556404 or 0800 840 7127 The same family run business but with a new telephone number Visit :


RM GARDEN SERVICES General landscaping: patios: fencing Garden/ground maintenance Hedge cutting/reducing, mowing Stump grinding, pruning etc. FULLY INSURED

01488 683795 07763 978247



Heritage Roofing Specialists in: Roof Tiling, Slating, Flat Roofing,Leadwork & Exterior Refurbishment

Unit 8, Lowesden Works Telephone: Lambourne Wodlands, 01488 71117 Hungerford, Facsimilie: Berkshire. RG17 7RU 01488 71118 Email:


Burbage Community Defibrillator Fund Update Cassi Vaughan & Sally Flippence Sally and I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know how the fundraising is getting along for our next defibrillators. As you know we already have the first one at the White Hart and we now have another one ready to be installed shortly at the Three Horseshoes which has been funded by the Parish Council. We would like to send a big thank you to the staff and customers of the White Hart for their continuing support of the Defibrillator Fund through their quiz nights being held the first Thursday of every month. A massive thank you goes to Dave Burton who successfully raised over £400 by completing a 100 mile cycle ride in aid of the defibrillator fund. We would also like to thank the Burbage Fete Committee for their generous donation of £100 which means that along with our Great Burbage Swish and Burbage Fete events we have managed to raise a

fantastic £1450. We are now well on the way to our target of £1750 to fund the third defibrillator for the village but as ever we need your help in order to achieve this. If you have any suggestions/ ideas for fundraising or would like to get involved in any way, shape or form then Sally and I would love to hear from you. If you would like to make a donation no matter how large or small our contact details are at the bottom of this article. Thank you to everyone who has attended our events, donated items, played our games and who have helped us on the days. We could not have achieved what we have done without you. Cassi Vaughan: Telephone 01672 810 336 Sally Flippence Telephone 07880 717 462

Burbage Good Companions Club Bernard Patterson On Wednesday 27th June many members enjoyed an evening mystery coach tour to the north of the village viewing the green countryside of Berkshire and Gloucestershire later joining other members in The White Hart Burbage of a hearty supper. At the meeting in the Village Hall on Wednesday 18th July the Chairman Mary Powell welcomed visitors and new members. She congratulated members Mike and Margret Slater who recently celebrated th eir Diamond wedding and Rodney Stone who celebrate his golden wedding. The speaker, local resident, Tony Toller who for 30 years wrote scripts and

directed TV advertisements for his agency for Brooke Bond PG Tips Tea. The well loved PG Tips Chimpanzees, the longest running theme for an advertisement, gave him many happy years of employment as each 30-second advertisement took some 9 months to produce from the submission of the first script to showing on ITV of the film. He illustrated his talk with many of the advertisements from 1956 and anecdotes of the behaviour of the chimps and film crews much to the amusement of members. The next meeting Wednesday 15th August “A Trip to Dobbie’s Garden Centre” leaving the Village Hall at 1pm. This trip is open to visitors who should contact Mary Powell 811117 to book a seat. Fare £5.00.


Meet Your Community – Tony and Joan Dobson Many of us have days or incidents that stand out in our lives. One of Tony’s most vivid memories came on 2nd January 1946 while he was minding his own business loading mangles, to feed the cows where he worked, at Park Farm on the edge of Savernake Forest. He told me that he heard an explosion and t h o u g h t nothing of it as he often heard them before while troops were training. Then, he said, this was followed be a m a s s i v e explosion which knocked him off his feet. His memory of this was unforgettable as he, and his cows, were showered by stones and shrapnel. As he looked up he saw a tarpaulin sheet flying through the air and coming in his direction! He was working about four hundred yards from the railway siding where the explosion happened and where, sadly, several people were killed. The whole area was a complete mess he told me. They were all moved to the American Army Camp on Salisbury Hill to live until the mess had been cleared up. Tony is very much a local lad, being born just up the road at Cadley. His father, who worked for the Council and was also a coach driver, sadly died suddenly while in a cricket match, when he was just a two year old toddler. This meant that his mother had to work as a domestic servant at ‘High Trees House’ to support the family; Tony and his baby sister Joy. He remembers how much the folk in Cadley supported their family at

that difficult time. Tony went to secondary school St.Peters School in Marlborough, back in the time when this was a secondary school, which he left when he was fourteen. Joan was born a bit further away at a farm cottage in Hurcott, near Salisbury. She moved with her family, when she was six mo nths to Burbage and lived in the High Street. She has a yo un g er , Barbara, an older brother, Lesley. She went to secondary school at Marlborough Grammar School until she left at sixteen. Her working life started in The Crown Estates Office which some people will remember being at Burbage Wharf. She remembered looking at the plans for the proposed Burbage Bypass that were revised and discussed over the years until it was eventually opened in 1991, twenty one years ago. (Don’t forget to buy a commemorative T-shirt and mug in aid of the village defibrillator fund.) Joan told me that the original plans were nothing like what was eventually decided on and built. Tony and Joan, then in their late teens, first met when they went to a dance being held at The Town Hall in Marlborough, back in the early fifties. Romance then blossomed and they were married 1957 at Burbage Church by Rev.Harris, who was the vicar at that time. Their first home was at Great Lodge Farm, Cadley where they lived until 1961, when they first moved to Burbage to their

39 present home in Eastcourt Road, which was called Easton View in those days. They recalled that in those days there was no sewage system. They have two children; Bill, who still lives in the village and Lilah who lives in Avebury, who are both married and had two children each. They are also great grandparents to seven children. Tony and Joan celebrated their Emerald Wedding back in April. Didn’t they do well! After he left St.Peter's School Tony started his working life in the old rope factory, which used to be in Marlborough. After a bout of shingles his doctor suggested he might be better off with an outdoor job. His first farming job was at Park Farm, Cadley, which was where he was nearly blown to ‘kingdom come,’ which I have already described! Working on a farm meant that he was able to escape having to do his National Service. Then he had a number of driving jobs, which included some trips to France and Switzerland. He still keeps his hand in at farming and often helps local farmers out with odd jobs such as helping with lambing. Tony and his son Bill are keen members of The Wiltshire Agriculture Preservation Group. You will see Tony’s grey ‘Fergie’ (Furgeson) tractor parked in the front garden, along with various ploughs, covered by a tarpaulin sheets. If you look at the Wiltshire Agriculture Preservation Group’s website you will see pictures of

Tony and his tractor busy at ploughing matches. He has won quite a number of shields and a cup for his ploughing. Though Tony’s front garden looks like an old tractor park, if you are allowed to the back garden you will see the results of his other interest; gardening. There you will see masses of different flowers and vegetables, as well as a lawn, an arbour made of ivy, a gazebo, a fish pool, fountain and many ornaments. Really made me feel how pathetic my little garden is! Although they are now retired they still continue as busy people. As well as their gardening and vintage tractors they find time to get away on holiday. This year they went to explore the ‘Garden of England’ when they stayed in Canterbury. Mostly these days they go places at home, though in the past they have been abroad. Some years ago they spent three weeks at Maryland in the United States for a family wedding. In 1972 they went to visit an uncle who lived in a village near Milan in Italy. This uncle had married an Italian girl after he was released from a P.O.W. camp at the end of the war. Those of us who are a bit older and are members of The Good Companions Club appreciate the work Joan does for us there, especially as the ‘Raffle Ticket Queen’ which helps pay for the cost of hiring the Village Hall. They say that she has done this job for as long as anybody can remember! Long may she and Tony reign Interview by John Guy

Crofton Beam Engines The Engines will be in steam again over the August Bank Holiday (25/26/27th) Also on the same weekend the 4th Annual Produce & Flower Show is being held at Crofton Pumping Station. The show open to anyone includes classes for Vegetables, Flowers, Baking, Bread making, Preserves, Photography, and Children's classes. If you would like more information please phone Kerry Pycroft on 07530 290700. If you want an entry form either download an Entry Form and Schedule from our website: Alternatively, phone Crofton 01672 870300, or visit the station to collect one.


Burbage Parish Council From Desk



Village Maintenance: Major improvements have been made during July and will continue into August. Wiltshire Council attended a meeting in the village during July and saw at first hand what areas of the new contract the Parish Council were concerned about. Within a couple of days a team of workers were in the village and on the first day 4 tons of vegetation and waste was removed. With the village winning the Best Kept Large Village in the Kennet area, it was agreed by the Parish Council that a one off contract would be awarded to get the bus shelters, post boxes, road signs, notice boards, grit bins, the recreation ground play equipment and a few other items thoroughly cleaned to remove green algae. This would have been considered later in the year but to try and win the Best Kept Village in Wiltshire the expenditure was brought forward. Consideration will be given to awarding a quarterly cleaning contract should this one off contract be a success. Anyone who has a concern regarding an area of the village that they believe has been missed out of the maintenance review should contact the Parish Clerk who will pass the information on to the Parish maintenance team for action if appropriate. Review of possible development by Seymour Pond by Persimmon Homes: Wiltshire Councillor Stuart Wheeler advised the Parish Council that

a meeting to discuss the Pewsey Neighbourhood plan is scheduled for 6th September. He further advised the Council that the Housing Minister will appoint an Inspector whose purpose will be to assist local Councils in formulating their Neighbourhood plans. The Parish Council were also advised that Persimmon, the company who had intended to build 54 homes on the land near Seymour Pond had accepted the ruling by Wiltshire Council that the land was outside the Village’s Development envelope and therefore required Burbage to produce a Neighbourhood Plan that would accommodate the development. Any Neighbourhood Plan must be approved by an independent planning inspector and would, in addition, have to be consistent with the Wiltshire Core Strategy. In the event that these criteria were met, it would require the further sanction of a public vote that must be at least 50% in favour of the development of those villagers attending the meeting. Wellbeing and maintenance: During August the Parish will again make use of the Community Payback Scheme and get the railings at Seymour painted. If anyone has any ideas of areas of the village that could benefit from some maintenance, please contact the Clerk. One project being considered is to get all the public seating in the Churchyard and other areas to be cleaned to get rid of any mould and then to get the wood preserved ready for the winter months

41 Burbage Youth Council: For all the good intentions of a few of the youths in Burbage, I am sorry to report that apathy rules within the 12 to 19 year olds. The vast majority do not appear to want to get involved with trying to organise any fund raising projects to get better amenities for themselves. Therefore as the BYC appears to be defunct, the Parish Council will look after the small amount of funds that the BYC has in a separate account until such time as the BYC is to be resurrected.

powerless to take any action as it is either a police matter if parking is taking place on pavements, or are parked where it would stop emergency vehicles from access. If the requirement is to get yellow lines put down to stop parking in certain places then that is a matter for the public to raise with Wiltshire Council Highways department. As a Parish Council all we can ask is that consideration is given by all who park in East Sands be it they live there or leave their vehicles outside Mundy’s yard when going to cricket, tennis or scouts.

Street Parking / Community spirit: A call was received from a resident on Sat 30th June who had just read the July edition of the Burbage News and did not believe that the article reflected the level of concern. The person stated that at least 6 families have made a complaint to either the Parish Clerk and or the Police about this on-going problem on East Sands. Whilst the Parish Council does understand the concerns expressed by the residents, the fact remains that the Parish Council is

Do you have any issues within the Parish that you would like to be actioned: Contact myself or the Clerk with any issues, good or bad, that you would like to see actioned. If you wish to use e-mail to contact the Parish Council the email addresses are: Or - Until next month Keith Amiss Chairman Burbage Parish Council.

Wild Flowers Cllr Geoff Hill This autumn the Village Hall and the Parish Council will be working together to sow two of the boundaries of Barn Meadow with native wild flower seeds. If everything goes to plan, this will result in a blaze of colour next spring and summer. The areas selected are along the fence where the recycling bins are currently sited and along the hedge line on the northern edge of the field. In both cases the strips of wild flowers will be around 4 ft wide so that they extend just beyond the lines of trees.

Two approaches to planting will be tested. In the recycled bin area the turf will be removed as the experts from Wiltshire Council Biodiversity Team have advised the soil fertility needs to be reduced. At the northern end of the site the grass will just be strimmed very hard then raked clean. Volunteers will be needed to help with this the work so if you are interested please look out for more information in the September edition of Burbage News and on notice boards around the village. Or email:

42 The following are edited extracts from the report submitted to The Campaign to Protect Rural England judges of the Best Kept Village competition First place: BURBAGE (Kennet District Round). We now go through to the County Round! Volunteer work: Ongoing work is carried out by volunteers such as Parish Councillors, village At the 2011 Annual Parish Meeting we chose residents doing monthly litter picks, or Street to adopt a village logo. This friendly, colourful Wardens keeping an eye on the general image gives a tiny glimpse into the feeling or our village and it has already been adopted by several appearance of the village. local ventures and businesses, as an emblem that Village Maintenance: Burbage has in the last identifies them with Burbage. two or three years really turned around from being a quiet village, into a busy community. We have developed the Parish Council and Being a large, sprawling village makes regular Village websites as well as enabling people to maintenance a massive task and with help from follow us on Twitter! Wiltshire Council, we are getting to grips with all the regulations and requirements that are now Village Wellbeing: Our first defibrillator has now been installed at The White Hart pub demanded from the caretakers of any village. (donated by the Burbage News, with the Friends New litter bins have appeared around the village of Savernake). We are about to install number primarily to tackle the issue of dog fouling. We two at the Three Horseshoes pub and have have also been working with the Community already raised over £1,000 towards number three. Payback Scheme which has tackled the removal Once these funds are secured the Parish Council of autumn leaf fall, clearance of footpaths, and will fund match and buy the fourth defibrillator and therefore should cover the whole of the clearing up after the Royal Wedding Street Party. village. We joined in the great Jubilee Trees initiative and to our amazement, all but one of our 180+ Village Events: The Royal Wedding Street Party trees have taken well - an incredible achievement was a massive success, arranged by volunteers, as since we were told to expect a fail-rate of around is the next one for the Diamond Jubilee. 10%! Some areas of grass will look unkempt and this is where we are promoting wildflower areas, Burbage has a growing Neighbourhood Watch having been advised that the best time to plant Scheme, with nineteen Scheme Coordinators at will be between now and autumn. This is present. Our aim is to increase this to 100% working with our ‘Nectar Corridor’ scheme as village coverage by the end of the year well as helping awareness for the various ideas being put forward for Flower Club, Gardening Recently a monthly ‘Saturday Market and Meet’ was started, where you get to peruse various Club and Allotments Society stalls of local gifts, local food, local cards, local Village Communication: Our village magazine, jewellery and anything else local, with stalls for the Burbage News, has to be one of the best the Scouts (Savernake Forest Scout Group is Parish Magazines ever. A great A5 monthly ONE YEAR OLD in May!), Beavers, Cubs, all magazine, put together and delivered by a small raising funds through the sale of hand-made team of volunteers. IT IS FREE TO EVERY goodies. The twist for us is it is also a ‘Meet’ HOUSEHOLD IN THE PARISH whereas almost come along to chat with various groups who send every other Parish Magazine in our area has a volunteers to man a table to chat about their group or organisation: Burbage News, Parish price so does not enjoy 100% distribution. Council, Neighbourhood Watch, Dance Classes We have increased the number of village notice and it even helps establish new and exciting boards to better enable the Parish Council in groups such as the Burbage Theatre Group informing the residents not only of meetings (amateur dramatics), and the Flower Club. being held and minutes of previous meetings, but also to give general information to residents and Dear reader: Do you need any more reason to be proud of living in Burbage? visitors alike.


Village Maintenance Team Councillor Geoff Hill Over the past few weeks the Council has received a number of adverse comments regarding the state of the footpaths and of grass cutting around the village. The problems have now been resolved and hopefully both will remain in a good state throughout the rest of the summer. We would apologise for the inconvenience caused. It might be worth giving some detail regarding the background to these problems. Historically the work of grass cutting and footpath clearance was divided between two contractors resulting in duplication of effort. In addition some work was not included but was occasionally done as a favour. Earlier this year the Council went out to tender for a single contract to cover all the work and also include leaf clearance in key locations during the winter. Wiltshire Council won the contract and took over all the work from 1st April. Unfortunately a couple of paths where inadvertently omitted from the tender. Making matters worse Wiltshire Council was caught out by the sheer speed of vegetation growth due to the wet conditions. The contract has now been amended and at the same time extra work at clearing the edges of paths/pavements included. A detailed inspection of the playground equipment has been completed by specialists and a substantial sum is needed to bring it back into a good state of repair. The sum involved means that the work would need to be spread over a number of years if it is to be fully funded from the precept. We are now examining whether any grant aid can be obtained so that the work can be completed sooner. Any items identified as dangerous will of course be dealt with promptly. Although the current situation of the Youth Council is unsure, we have agreed the basketball court can be used for skate boarding, as this facility does not currently get a lot of activity. The Council is looking at providing secure storage facilities on the site over the summer for the equipment used. The maintenance team is looking to install white “Village Gates� on the four key roads entering the village. Evidence from other villages indicates these gates have helped to reduce the problem of speeding at those locations The Maintenance Committee is open to members from the community who would like to assist with the care of the village. You can get involved with a specific project, or help out with general tasks, whether physical or administrative, such as obtaining grants or becoming a liaison between the committee and another organisation (or department within Wiltshire Council). If you would like to help in any way, please email the team at: Please use this email address to report any problems as well

Thank you


Saturday Market and Meet in the Village Hall July report The Market and Meet on Saturday 14th July included Will Stevenson with his Olympic Torch, Arthur and Jean’s Harley Davidson Motor Bike and Tony’s Tractor, all of which visitors could have their photos taken with or on, for a small charge. Will Stevenson was also attending to promote an understanding of Smith Magenis Syndrome, and a raffle was held in aid of this Charity. Many thanks must be expressed to all the contributors, people who bought raffle tickets, and those who helped sell the tickets. The Torch was also taken to Good Companions meeting on Wednesday and the Charities funds were further increased with photos taken with the torch there. The total raised, for raffle ticket sales and photographs with the torch, amounts to £312.00. My personal thanks must also go to every

volunteer who has helped make each Market from March to and including July run smoothly and be a success. Future Markets There is a break for August and the Market and Meet will be back on Saturday 22nd September. A Christmas Market (no meet) on Saturday 10th November will then complete the year. The Christmas Market will include additional stallholders not seen before to offer a large varied selection of gifts, for all ages, including some very unusual ideas. Any business, or organisation, in Burbage is especially welcome to book a table. Also any suggestions or offers of help will be gratefully received. Registration forms can be found on Village Hall –Saturday Market or contact Sandy 810854. Police and Crime Commissioner information site An information site about the election of the first ever Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire has been launched.

seven day transition period before the commissioner takes office on Thursday 22 November.

The area on the Wiltshire Police Authority's website - includes details about the role and responsibilities of the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner and how they will be scrutinised.

The Wiltshire Police area Police and Crime Commissioner will replace Wiltshire Police Authority, the group of 17 councillors and independent members who currently oversee Wiltshire Police.

Much like the existing police authority, the Police and Crime Commissioner will be responsible for overseeing Wiltshire Police on behalf of all residents in the Force area. They will represent people living across Wiltshire and Swindon. Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners take place on Thursday 15 November 2012. There will then be a formal

You can find out more about Police and Crime Commissioners on the website As well as information about their role, it includes a timeline highlighting key dates in the transition from Wiltshire Police Authority to the Police and Crime Commissioner, details about the election, a news section and links to useful documents and other websites for potential candidates.



Burbage & Easton Royal British Legion Club Telephone 01672 810369

The August Newsletter For members old and new, or not yet joined - this is the Official Club Newsletter By Gavin Ketchen, Chairman. What a busy month we have lined up for August! As you can see from the schedule, there’s a lot happening this month in your Royal British Legion Club. I won’t dwell on that here - other things to be mentioned… As many of you are now aware, the wall outside the British Legion and Village Hall has been taken down. This was done for safety reasons as a section of it had already collapsed (admittedly, with a gentle nudge from yours truly) and the remainder had cracks large enough to see right through the other side. It was clear the whole wall would not survive another winter, or nudge. We both (VH & BL) have to decide the fate of the trees as the roots are causing problems: This is the main reason the area has not been cleared yet. Both VH & BL need funds to make the area good and before you say it, we’d rather have a complaint that the area looks a bit scruffy, than be facing a complaint from a parent whose child has been injured from a crumbling wall falling on them. So with the approaching summer holidays, the removal was more urgent despite the BL not having sufficient funds to effect an immediate replacement. We will be looking to raise funds for this project so we can get the work done as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for posters and messages from the Club and please remember - we need your support in order to survive and thrive

What’s happening this month at the Club? Every Sunday night is Bingo night, Saturday 4th August: Live Band - another great band appearing at the British Legion Club. Doors open 7.30pm Wednesday 8th is Film Club Night - see the article in the Burbage News for more information Saturday 11th: Disco Night! A great DJ will be playing the best pop tunes for everyone to bop away to Doors open 7.30pm Saturday 18th August: The 4th Annual Burbage Garden Produce Show - can you provide an entry that beats the weather? See article opposite Wednesday 22nd: Film Club. Doors open 7.30pm, film starts 8.00pm Saturday 25th: The Legion Club proudly hosts the Burbage News ‘Burbage Bypass 21st Birthday Bash! Buffet! Raffle! Open to everyone (membership and signing in suspended for the event) Doors open no later than 7.30pm, going through non-stop until midnight Thursday 30th: Super Bingo Night! (Date subject to confirmation). Another chance to come and win £100 with the Big Proze Flyer. All cash prizes for the Bingo games, and a great raffle to be held during the break. Check posters appearing shortly for confirmation of date and details ‘Ladies Nights’ We hope these will be back soon. Watch out for details here, in the Club and online! Snooker, Pool & Darts These are regularly played in the Club and we have some great darts teams as well as friendly snooker matches. Ask in the Club for more details


The 4th Annual Burbage Garden Show Burbage & Easton Royal British Legion Club O E V PE N ER T YO O NE !

Saturday 18th August 2012 Entry forms are available from the Club Forms were also in last months Burbage News, on the reverse of the pull-out diary page 09:30 - Staging of exhibits (10:30 Last time for entries) 11:30 - Judging 13:00 Public admission 14:00 Presentation of prizes 14:30 Auction & Raffle


Burbage and Easton Royal Cricket Club Home Fixtures for August Red Lion Field, East Sands, Burbage, SN8 3AS

West of England Premier League, Wiltshire Division All matches start at 1.00PM unless otherwise stated 4th B.E.R.C.C 1st XI v Lechlade 11th B.E.R.C.C 2nd XI v Devizes (1.30PM) 18th B.E.R.C.C 1st XI v Nationwide House (12.30PM) 25th B.E.R.C.C 1st XI v Marshfield (12.30PM) Wednesday Evening League All matches start at 6.15PM 1st B.E.R.C.C Younguns v Marlborough Wiltshire Division 2 South Under 11 Matches start at 10.00AM 12th B.E.R.C.C v Cannings / Potterne 2 Wiltshire Division 2 Under 15 Matches start at 2.00PM 19th B.E.R.C.C.v Cannings / Potterne

Helping older people to live at home for longer The Bedwyns, Burbage, Grafton, Tidcombe and Fosbury Contact Mary Soellner 07557 110418

The season ends with the annual Beer Festival at Red Lion Field on September 7th. The Music Night the next evening is preceded by the Burbage Beer Festival Sixa-side Tournament when the best teams in the district battle for crowing rights. If we don’t see you before please make sure you don’t miss the Festival. Should you feel the need to practice before then you’re really welcome to come and enjoy a beer or glass of wine in good company and pleasant surroundings to the sound of leather on willow. We’re child friendly - we’ve one hundred juniors on our books - so bring the kids too. The bar stocks soft drinks and snacks especially for them and there’s ample space they can run around in and meet new friends. Well-behaved dogs are also welcome. So come along and make the most of your community club.


Presenting Burbage and Easton Royal Cricket Club’s

Please don’t drink and drive. It’s your village so protect it.

Beer Festival & Music Night Friday 7th and Saturday 8th September, 7 - 11pm Red Lion Field, East Sands, Burbage 40 guest beers and ciders, plus the Pavilion Bar will be open for those misguided souls who prefer lager or wine. Friday night will rock to the acclaimed band, Humdinger. Saturday’s band is to be will be equally as good. For those of you who know the merits of laying the foundations for a good night out, a pork roast and BBQ is thoughtfully provided. The events are entirely family friendly. We see no reason for the kids to miss out. Professional and courteous security staff will also be on hand at all times to pick you up, should you trip over one of the marquee’s guide ropes. Apparently, it’s a well-known hazard at our Beer Fest (see our lion above). 10.00 AM Saturday sees the start of our annual season closer on the field of play with The Burbage Beer Festival Six-a-side Tournament. Some of the best teams in the district will be hotly contesting crowing rights for the next 12 months. Entrance fee: £6 for either night, or £7.50 for both, kids free. Tickets are available from the PO, Village Store or Garage, or on the gate on the night, if not sold out.


September 2012 Edition Please send your news and articles from around the village by no later than: Wednesday 22nd August. Use these details for Classified Ads, letters and messages: Email: You can post or deliver articles by hand to the editors below:

Keith Amiss Willow House, 3 The Withies Burbage SN8 3TT

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UNIQUE LIVERY OPPORTUNITY A small picturesque yard just outside of Hungerford has livery spaces available. This peaceful 10 box yard also has a fantastic Monarch horse walker, a Martin Collins surfaced outdoor arena, plenty of turn out and miles of local hacking right on the doorstep without having to go on a single road. Whether it’s part, full, competition, schooling livery or even somewhere to send your horse to be cared for whilst you are away on business/holiday we can offer all of this and more.

For further information contact Amy on: 07768648787

52 “We’d definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to purchase a sound system”



A BRAND NEW RANGE OF STUNNING HIGH DEFINITION iPOD SPEAKER DOCKS DESIGNED IN THE UK – listen to what your ears have been missing Go to for more details Special Burbage News Reader Offer Email: 14% saving off normal retail price – limited offer apply today!

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