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Some of the dancers at the Mela during Gala Week in Burbage. The costumes were beautiful and brightly coloured and made everyone feel happy.


CONGRATULATIONS To Gavin and everyone involved for all their time given and hard work done in organising such a splendid week of events for our



I’m sure I can speak for everyone and say that we appreciated your efforts. Even the weather was kind and the sun smiled down on us. If you have been encouraged and inspired by the community spirit of the week, PLEASE OFFER YOUR HELP to the Village Hall Trustees. They are all busy people, just like you, but have given some extra time towards getting our Village Hall up and running once again. [2]



following a Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 10 July 2017 Neighbourhood Plan: The Parish Council formally approved the revised plan at the meeting on Monday 10 July 2017. It has been forwarded to Wiltshire Council and copies of the final versions of the documents have been placed on the Parish Council website. I will post an update on progress in due course.

Council Summer Break: The Parish Council is taking a break over the summer and will return to business in September. Meanwhile, please raise any issues or concerns with the Clerk and send a copy to me (email addresses at the bottom of the last column ).

Public Nuisance: The following issues are not widespread but are of concern and need to be resolved within the community before the police are involved. We have had a number of complaints about noise and children continually kicking a football against the boundary fence between Martingale Road and Suthmere Drive. Residents are asked to be considerate to neighbours – old and young are asked to be sympathetic to the others’ needs and expectations and behave accordingly. Please do not let your children damage crops – there have been recent reports of crops being pulledup. This needs to stop before it becomes a matter for the police. Grafitti: Cleaning-up graffiti is expensive and the cost is borne by those of us living in the Parish. Like litter and dog pooh, we have to pay to clean it-up and there are better ways of spending Parish monies.


Contact the Clerk: If you need to contact the Parish Council on any matter please do so through the Parish Clerk, Joyce Turner, at Councilors may, of course, be approached informally but individually they have no authority. Directing matters to the Clerk will ensure the matter is recorded and dealt by the Council appropriately. The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday 13 September 2017 in the Church Centre commencing 7.45pm. Steve Colling

Pedal to Paris 2017 – Fund Raising for the Royal British Legion I’m cycling from London to Paris with many others in this annual fund raising event. It’s two hundred and eight five miles over four days in August – so quitea challenge.

I will also write a short summary outlining my findings. You should note that the results of my research are entirely dependent on what’s available which in some cases could be very little and I can only research UK Residents. However, I would expect to spend several hours researching each individual.

For a donation of £10 to the Royal British Legion on my JustGiving Page, I will research your First World War Navy, Army or civilian relative and send you an email copy (or paper copy for Burbage, Wiltshire residents) of all pertinent documents that I can find including service records, medal roll card, Silver War Badge entitlement, London Gazette entries, Commonwealth War Graves detail (where appropriate) and UK Census Returns for 1871-1911 listing your relative.

So take this opportunity to find out more about your Great War relative and support the work of the Royal British Legion. Go to and follow the link to the Pedal to Paris page for more details. Many thanks, Steve Colling



Three very brave ladies doing a sky dive to raise £8,500 towards fitting out the school’s new classroom and developing the school grounds as an outside classroom. Nicola Coupe, Principal of Burbage Primary School joined by Bev Thompson, Receiption Class Teacher and Anita Campbell, a

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BURBAGE PRIMARY SCHOOL Nicola Coupe, Principal of Burbage Primary School, is one seriously devoted head teacher! Nicola did a jump out of an aeroplane at 15,000ft to raise money to develop her ‘growing school’. On the 17 June, Nicola, who has an inherent fear of heights, took the plunge in a bid to raise £8,500 towards fitting out the school’s new classroom and developing the school grounds as an outside classroom. This will include the creation of a butterfly-friendly wildlife area, fencing for the school’s chickens, vegetable and flower plots and a mud kitchen. The school is looking to develop its ‘growing school’ status by improving the facilities for outside learning, which is a strong focus. The school team believe that learning outside the classroom and gaining real-life experience enables students to become globFal citizens. Nicola says: “It’s not only about what the children learn but how and where they learn. Outdoor lessons add value to classroom learning, helping to raise achievement and supporting development of key life skills such as problem-solving, co-operation and communication.

The children at Burbage Primary School love our outdoor spaces as they offer opportunities for them to explore their creativity and sense of adventure!” However, with crucial funds required for the development of the outdoor space, Nicola found herself agreeing to do a sky dive in order to raise money. At 15,000ft, Nicola did the highest skydive available in the UK and was freefalling for 60 seconds. Nicola explained: “I couldn’t think about it too much as I was utterly terrified at the prospect. A whole minute felt like a long time to be falling through the sky but, at Burbage Primary School, we encourage our children to challenge themselves and that is exactly what I did when I agreed to jump out of an aeroplane! It was a real moment of facing my fear!” Nicola jumped with ‘GoSkyDive’ near Salisbury, and Nicola was also joined by the Reception Class teacher, Bev Thompson and one of the parents at the school, Anita Campbell, offered their support by agreeing to jump too!

Nicola Coupe began working at Burbage Primary School as Executive Principal in April 2013 when the school converted to an Academy as part of the Excalibur Academies Trust. She was appointed as Principal in November 2014. Founded in 2012, the Trust prides itself on a special blend of independence and collaboration, which is demonstrated in everything that they do. The academies and partner schools are exceptional – delivering an education which ensures every student achieves and enjoys success. Burbage Primary School


WOMAN’S OWN adventures on the high seas sailing tall ships as a volunteer of some fifty years with the Rona Sailing Project. Sometimes the voyages are local -around the Channel, perhaps over to France, others are Trans Atlantic or across to Scandinavia. Roger has had many of those years as skipper on the tall ship voyages, sometimes as the winning vessel in races - and he shared images and anecdotes of these with us. We were fascinated and questions flowed from the floor.

On April 20 the members’ birthday celebration took place. It seemed unbelievable that a year had gone by since our big 50 Birthday! There was a good turn out for the buffet supper. Traditionally a selection of savoury dishes are provided by members, and desserts by the committee, expertly coordinated by our catering member, Elaine Dutton and most ably assisted by Kay Francis. The quality was of the usual excellent high standard and little remained after second helpings all round!

The Rona Sailing Project (formerly Rona Trust - London Sailing Project) is one of the oldest Sail Training organisations in the UK, established for over Fifty years.

There was quite a challenging quiz for each table to complete as a team effort - no prize, just the satisfaction of being on the winning table.

It has over four hundred volunteers, skippers, mates, watch officers and watch leaders. As well as accompanying voyages, each volunteer has to undertake regular safety training sessions at sea. The aim of Rona is to provide opportunities for young people from varied backgrounds to acquire those attributes of a seaman:

It was a most enjoyable evening with everyone mixing well; wine and conversation flowed! On May 18 we welcomed Roger Pearce as our speaker. An experienced sailor, he spoke about his [8]

WOMAN’S OWN Responsibility, teamwork and resourcefulness that will serve them throughout their lives. These youngsters are taken from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, from the well adjusted to those under the care of the social and probation care services. Many of those who have deviated in some respects from that which one would hope are turned around by the experience that Rona provides. In just over Fifty years Rona has taken over Twenty thousand young people to sea and given them the experience of a lifetime, greater self-confidence and a new perspective on the world. All of them benefit in some way. Find more about Rona on and follow their adventures on Facebook.


WOMAN’S OWN On June 15 Eileen Devenish MBE, Chair of Marlborough Riding for the Disabled (RDA) brought Vice Chair, Trish Street, to provide a double act! Between them they gave a truly inspirational, illustrated talk. Both ladies enjoyed riding so much, and recognising the therapy it was for them as busy young mothers, had the idea to set up a branch of RDA in the Marlborough area. From fairly humble beginnings at Manor Farm, Wilton, and later Suddene Farm, they now operate at Manton Grange with wonderful indoor and outdoor facilities, freely provided by owners Mr and Mrs Goltz, six instructors and over forty volunteers, meeting every Monday in term time. The benefits riding provides from stimulating and strengthening muscles to encouraging coordination, communication and concentration make it ideal for children with physical and emotional special needs. They are taken from local schools, selected by their teachers. Lessons also incorporate games and exercises linked to the National curriculum so that they are not missing out in the learning of skills that they would do in school. The lessons are fun and relaxed so

as to improve the learning experience, and children are helped to work towards grades and certificates, giving them a sense of achievement. Close liaison with the school is maintained and these achievements are also celebrated in school assemblies along with the other pupils. The pupils take part in an Annual Regional Dressage competition and Mid West Musical Rides in which Eileen and her team choreograph the moves. Examples of the latter have been Harry Potter, Chariots of Fire, the Circus. The sheer pleasure, tangible results and ancillary learning through the associated games and activities make it such a very worthwhile activity for all concerned. We are so fortunate in having such a dedicated team of volunteers and branch of RDA on the doorstep. Anyone interested in volunteering as leaders, drivers, in administration, or in fundraising or donating of money or equipment can contact Caroline Pearson 07974 40022 or Elizabeth Morgan-Smith 01672 861646

Some of the equipment used for (RDA) children to make life a bit easier whilst learning to ride.


BURBAGE FLOWER CLUB The photos are from the NAFAS Lonely Bouquet event that took part across the country on the 5 May 2017. For all the flower arranging clubs this was an amazing event to take part in because we could demonstrate the passion that we have but also to share this with those who found the bouquets. These bouquets made people smile and bring it a bit of brightness to their homes and we are so happy we could do that. We placed them from Pewsey to Oxenwood, from Gt Bedwyn to Easton Royal and in between. The post we put up about this reached nearly 7,500 people - and that is amazing for Burbage Flower Club.



I wonder who found all the bouquets? Does anybody ever get in touch afterwards? .


BURBAGE FLOWER CLUB MAY MEETING We met on the 11 May 2017 for a demonstration by Area Demonstrator, Rosemary Kerr entitled “These boots are made for walking�.

She delighted us with her walking trip in the snow and despite having a fantastic time and wanting to do it for so long, she confirmed that being in the cold, because she spent a lot of it falling down, it wasn't all that she had imagined it.

Rosemary made walking seem so exciting; I personally don't enjoy it but listening to her stories made me wish I did.

The lovely arrangements were raffled off.

The arrangements below told us the story of her life, her marriage, the countries she visited and her passion for walking and obviously flowers too.

We had several visitors attend this meeting as a direct result of the Lonely Bouquet Event. Visitors are always warmly welcomed.

We were taken up mountains and this was both here, France and Italy - did I say Rosemary was well travelled. They all had things in common though - the potential to either fall off or come down on your bottom.

Our next meeting will be on 10 August and will be a freestyle evening.

On one of her trips she visited Poland, Yugoslavia and Hungary. Now this demonstration made us feel a bit peckish but after hearing how many times they had to eat goulash & potatoes we could empathise how some people struggled by the end of the walk.

We meet on the second Thursday of the month in the Church Centre. at 7.30 pm

We were treated to a demonstration on the flowers from her garden which were varied and beautiful.


The one involving being underground was a bit squirmy - I don't like small spaces or spaces where you could have walls collapse and potentially drown but Rosemary made it seem so exciting and easy. She was in a sewer and a place where you can pot hole - honestly it sounded like fun.

New members are always welcome.



The five different arrangements created by Demonstrator Rosemary Kerr. All raffled off at the end of the meeting.


IT’S A STITCH UP We have continued to attract many ladies to our sessions this Spring. In May and again in June we had more beautiful fabrics and notions to choose from, brought in by Pat Eley. Donations to Mencap were requested and over £60 raised. Many of us found some useful and desirable treasures to add to our personal stashes! In June, Kim returned for a visit, bringing a friend whom we hope will join us; it was good to hear how well she has settled in her new home and that she still wants to come back to see us! There have been some fascinating projects on the go, some interesting departures from the familiar. In June a few of us cut out pennants for a bunting to adorn the “posh picnic” table at the Gala Week Picnic in the Park We also collected items for the Gala Week display, which I hope will be much admired!

All meetings are advertised in the Burbage News and by posters nearer the time. We will continue to meet throughout the summer, finishing the year in November.

DO GIVE IT A TRY! We charge £3.50 and provide tea, coffee and biscuits


CONTACT Helen tel: 810949 or Kay tel: 811093

Once a month


LOOK OUT FOR: Posters around the Village, or in the Burbage News printed edition


A selection of photos showing the variety of work done and techniques used during a session of “It’s a Stitch Up”. Some very talented ladies in the group. Why don’t you give it a try?

DO GIVE IT A TRY! We charge £3.50 and provide tea, coffee and biscuits


CONTACT Helen tel: 810949 or Kay tel: 811093

Once a month


LOOK OUT FOR: Posters around the Village, or in the Burbage News printed edition


DO GIVE IT A TRY! We charge £3.50 and provide tea, coffee and biscuits


CONTACT Helen tel: 810949 or Kay tel: 811093

Once a month


LOOK OUT FOR: Posters around the Village, or in the Burbage News printed edition

BURBAGE & DISTRICT CAMERA & VIDEO CLUB Our plans to visit the bluebell sites in May were abandoned because of the exceptionally high rain fall during the evening of our Meeting and we had to revert to our alternative proposal of examining and critiquing our prints. Members brought in their work on paper prints and on USB sticks for projection on to the screen. Subjects included Silbury Hill and Marlborough Town Hall lit by car light trails and the floodlight at the Town Hall. In addition, we reviewed images of past bluebell shots, the Crofton windmill at night and some portrait work taken by our members. Our plans for the June session will be a visit to a Farm near Avebury to photograph rare breed cattle weather permitting of course. We are exhibited our work during the Club Day section of July’s Gala week which received much interest from visitors who attended. We welcome new members from Burbage and the surrounding villages all of whom are welcome to join us in sharing this exciting hobby.

Bluebell photos taken on previous visits to the woods

For more information please feel free to call Sonny Hamid tel: 01672 811 933 or Mike Bird tel: 01672 810 574



Two photographs submitted by Mike Bird. The one of the robin was taken from indoors through the window and using a long zoom. The swan was taken on the River Kennet. The white subject against the dark background worked well. Some great reflections too!


BURBAGE & DISTRICT CAMERA & VIDEO CLUB Photos submitted by Sonny Hamid during a visit to Columbia Road Flower Market in East London. Sonny has prepared an illustrated talk on the history and subsequent developments on this area over the last four hundred and fifty years and is willing to deliver his talk to Community Goups. Contact Sonny for more information. Tel: 01672 811 933




Burbage & District Model Railway Club The Club held its April session a week later than usual owing to the Easter Monday Bank Holiday. As usual, Members were busy working on the construction of the Club’s layout which this month included the construction of two very attractive tunnel mouths which has taken weeks of work In addition, two Members were assigned the task of constructing two low relief buildings including one which was a model of a “Wilkinson” store.

keen to help children getting involved together with their parents to develop an interest in this miniature wonder-world hobby. The Club welcomes new members and also any donations and gifts of unwanted 00/H0 gauge model railway items.

The BDMRC meetings are held on the Third Monday of the Month at a Members workshop starting at 19:00

Work had also been undertaken on a layout we are constructing for a disabled child who has seen the layout we are making for him and he is now looking forward to taking it home so that he may complete the layout with the help of his parents. The Club is

If you would like to try your hand at this hobby or have some equipment you are not using, please feel free to call me Sonny Hamid, on tel: 01672 811 933


Burbage & District Model Railway Club

The BDMRC meetings are held on the Third Monday of the Month at the British Legion Hall, Burbage starting at 19:30. [23]

Burbage & District Model Railway Club

Some of the tools used in constructing the layout


Burbage & District Model Railway Club

During the Club’s May meeting, our Members undertook several different construction tasks for the Club’s layout. These included adding more scenery, building low- relief buildings and some carpentry for adding more detail scenery. A variety of tools were in use including soldering irons, clips, the WorkMate bench and saw, all happening together!

We are also planning and preparing special displays of working layouts constructed by our Members and a demonstration of modelling work all of which will be presented during the Club Day organised as part for the Gala Week. Hope you will visit our Stand and see our work and displays.

As a gesture of kindness, some Club Members have pooled together their resources to build yet another layout to donate to a young fan who would also like to have a layout but does not have the experience and all the tools required to undertake the building work himself. We hope to hand over the small, partfinished layout to him over the coming weeks so that he may continue to build the remainder of the layout himself.

The Club welcomes new members and also any donations and gifts of unwanted 00/H0 gauge model railway items. So, if you would like to try your hand at this hobby or have some equipment you are not using, please feel free to call me Sonny Hamid, on 01672 811 933.

A lot of hard work lies ahead!


BURBAGE GALA The 2017 Burbage Gala provided an opportunity to stage the very first Burbage Mela which was held in the Village Hall on Saturday 8 July, 2017. This event is probably the first Mela to be held in a Wiltshire Village.

Introduction to Indian Dancing Indian dancing is a generic term as dancing styles on the Indian subContinent are very different in regions and nationally. There are three basic types of styles: South

We are very grateful to our MP Mrs Claire Perry who so kindly formally opened the Mela. Mrs Perry later commented “It was a pleasure to join everyone at the Burbage Mela on Saturday afternoon and enjoy a brilliant celebration of South Asian arts, culture and food. The Mela was part of Burbage Gala Week which ran from 1-8 July with many fantastic events taking place in the village. My thanks and best wishes go to everyone involved in organising this great community event.”

Indian, Bollywood and regional styles such as the Punjabi Bhangra. It was the first of the two styles that were performed at the Burbage Mela. Introduction to the dance performances The South Indian dances were performed by young students from the Swindon Tamil Association (STA). The children performed classical Bharatha Natyam. In this style of dance facial expressions, hand and foot movements are important. They performed two dances including Jatheeswaram which has some complicated foot movements and Gowthvam which is danced in praise of Lord Shiva.

The word “Mela” is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language and means a “gathering” or a “fair” and is a demonstration of South Asian arts, culture and food and its purpose it is to achieve greater community cohesion.

This act was followed by Bollywood dancing mainly performed by children from community groups in Swindon.


BURBAGE GALA Other attractions Other attractions included a Sari tying competition and a group performance by the audience led by Dorothy dancing to “Jai Ho� from the movie Slum Dog Millionaire. The later item had to be repeated again as the audience just loved the routine! There were several Stalls staffed by professionals who provided services featuring Henna Painting, Sari Tying, Indian Beauty treatment and some excellent Indian Street Food freshly prepared and served by Mr and Mrs Bipen.










Want to meet people and make more friends? Like to give something back to your local community? Have a couple of hours a week to spare? Come and help us at the Friends’ Hospital Shop. The Friends of Savernake Hospital and Community run a small shop at the Hospital. Open 9.30am - 3.30pm, Monday to Friday, it’s there for everyone - patients, staff and visitors. The Shop is run by a team of wonderful volunteers who each give around 3 hours a week to keep the shop open, take the trolley on to the ward, and chat with our many customers. We’d love to have more volunteers! It’s the loveliest little shop, packed full of useful stuff and helps raise funds so the Friends can award grants for local healthcare needs. It also runs a Trolley Shop up on Ailesbury ward each morning, taking newspapers, sweets and smiles to the patients. We have regular Afternoon Tea meetings, a discount at the hospital café, and a free minibus transfer to the hospital from the free parking at Elcot Lane.

If you’d like to find out more, please email, ring Juliet Bonser on 01672 513862, or visit





Every week someone wins £1,000. You could also win a 2nd Prize - £100, plus 2 prizes of £50, 4 prizes of £25 and 20 prizes of £10 Playing the Prospect Hospice Lottery make a real difference to people's lives, enabling us to continue giving expert care and support to patients and their families. "I play the Prospect Hospice lottery every week, and it’s a really easy way to support a charity that means so much to me. Prospect cared for my wife Barbs, both in the Day Hospice, where she met so many people who were going through similar experiences, and in the care she had at the very end of her life. The team there was wonderful. Just £1 a week is a small amount of money but it makes such a big difference. What’s more, if you keep playing, you might even win a prize – I know, because I did!” Paul Charlwood, Swindon

How our lottery works 1

Each chance in our weekly lottery costs £1. You can have up to 20 chances each week.


For each chance you purchase you will be allocated a unique number


The draw takes place every Friday and you will automatically be entered into the draw for each week that you have paid your subscription


28 lucky winners are selected at random by our lottery computer. Someone will win the £1,000 jackpot every week.


All winners’ cheques are sent by post automatically but you can check the winning numbers on our website TICKETS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AT LOCAL SHOPS!


Health Trainer service from Wiltshire Council

Improve your health,

make positive lifestyle changes! Do you want to: t improve your general wellbeing t build your self confidence and motivation t eat healthier food and be a healthy weight t reduce or stop smoking t be more active t drink less alcohol?

Are you over 18? A dedicated health trainer can assist you every step of the way in achieving and maintaining your goals. They can also help you find other services and activities.

Call us: 0300 003 4566 Email:

helping you to help yourself [35]

Health Trainer service from Wiltshire Council My name is Sanj and I am the health trainer for Pewsey and the surrounding areas including Burbage. It is a free and confidential service. Health Trainers work on a one to one basis with individuals to support behaviour change and improve health. We meet with our clients in places such as the local library, leisure centre etc. We can work with clients who want to improve their wellbeing, including looking at areas such as;

Building self-confidence and motivation Eating healthier food and becoming a healthy weight Reducing of stopping smoking being more active drinking less alcohol I can also signpost and support people to access other services and activities. As a Health Trainer I can work with my client for six sessions building motivation and confidence to enable the client to help themselves and to maintain the changes. I look forward to hearing from you, Sanj.

Appointments can be made by self-referral via or telephone 0300 003 4566


Help and support for people who care According to the last census, there are 47,608 people in Wiltshire providing care and support to a relative, child, partner or friend who would not be able to manage on their own. There are many reasons why someone may not be able to cope unaided including physical or mental disability, old age, long-term illness, special educational need, eating disorder or a problem with drugs or alcohol. It is estimated that 3 in 5 people will become a carer at some point in their lives. The problem is that most people will not identify themselves as such – people simply consider themselves as a spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent or friend doing what they would be doing anyway. Many also mistake the word ‘carer’ with

those providing paid care work in a residential home or domiciliary agency capacity. Carer Support Wiltshire is a charity with a team of support workers who can provide information and support to carers living in Wiltshire, at the other end of the telephone, or face to face, along with accessing to counselling and advice relating to your role. All of our services are free and confidential for anyone aged 18 and over and we can offer you the chance to have a break through social cafés, days out, activities, craft groups and complementary therapies. We will shortly be running a monthly carers cafés in nearby Marlborough where you can come along to chat with other carers over a hot drink or two. To find out more about us, or to register for some support, please visit our website, email or freephone: 0800 181 4118 (01 380 871 690 from a mobile).


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The Burbage News Quarterly - the online-only sister magazine to the printed and freely delivered Burbage News monthly. The BNQ is full of gr...

BNQ Summer 2017  

The Burbage News Quarterly - the online-only sister magazine to the printed and freely delivered Burbage News monthly. The BNQ is full of gr...