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How One Houston Area Beauty School Survived. Come along as one Beauty School Director tell her story expressing her uncertainty before the storm, allowing us to see their doubts as their optimistic side battled their pessimistic side during the storm, and share with us their reality after the storm. “How did your Beauty School Business fair with the devastation that Hurricane Harvey caused”? As we reflect on how we were affected, what comes to mind is our Mental, Physical, and financial wellbeing before, during, and after Hurricane Harvey. With any storm the outcomes are unpredictable, yet we rely on the media to keep us informed. At our School we base our decisions on two things, the safety of our schools culture to include our Students, Staff, Clients and secondly the health of our business. Therefore, when Mother Nature decides to interrupt our flow for any amount of time, we feel it. But, it’s how we recover that’s the most important.

of harm’s way or in the eye of the storm with one slight directional change. Morning came and we quickly realized there was no escaping. Tropical Storm Harvey had turned into Hurricane Harvey on a path of destruction heading right for our area. “So now that it was apparent Hurricane Harvey was laser focused on visiting and maybe even staying for a while how did your school prepare for the unwanted company”?

Once Hurricane Harvey’s destination was confirmed we closed the campus. We really care about the safety of our people which is more like a family to us. Staff got the word out to our 298 students 14 instructors and a full Admissions department to go home to their families, stay safe, and most of all, communicate their whereabouts daily. I was one of the last Staff members to leave the building. As I was heading out I looked back at the empty offices, classrooms, spa beds, and salon chairs. I quickly said a prayer that this place would once again be filled with “So you have quite a large campus, what about 300 footsteps, laughter, education, and legendary customer students? Not to mention you’re Staff. Can you service. describe the process on how your company proceeded once you knew escaping Hurricane Harvey “You mentioned you asked everyone to commuwas not an options? nication their whereabouts, with all the flooding I imagine the communication was not all good”? As Tropical Storm Harvey was brewing we were hoping it wouldn’t cause much damage for anyone; however, No, it was not all good communication. We all watched with the news we feared the worst. the news and tried to stay optimistic that everyone We questioned, “Is this deception or is it time to make a would be ok. The optimism began to fade when our city decision. Do we close, do we stay open, do we evacuate, starting turning into an ocean and the boats started to or do we ride it out”. arrive. Some of our staff and students lost power for We decided to stay open and take more of a day by day days, while others were taken to shelters. As the days approach. This was an easy decision because the mayor went on we watched as thousands of Houstonians lost of the city encouraged everyone to stay put. everything. We looked up and suddenly the rain had As history has it, it is possible for a storm to change its another purpose, it could hide the tears on all our hopecourse overnight. We understood that we could be out less faces.

By: Racheal Young Ogle School Campus Director “Wow that was well said. And Then”? And then the rain stopped. Reality set in. We wanted to help each other, asses all damage, and clean up. The goal was to put our lives back together and re-introduce normalcy. “What was it like when you first went back to the campus? Was it a lot to clean up? What was the morale like after the storm and how did your company regain the week that was lost due to Hurricane Harvey”? I experience the worst cabin fever ever! I wanted to get out and help, but I couldn’t get anywhere because so many streets were still under water. But when I was able to get back to the campus it was the greatest feeling! We were grateful to walk back into the campus and see minimal damage, with just a few roof leaks. Although grateful, we were equally sympathetic to those less fortunate then we were. Slowly one by one Staff members and Students made their way back to the campus. We all laughed and cried together as we shared heartfelt emotional stories with each other. Our reality is we did not all return the same, some of our lives drastically changed. But, the point was we were all together again. Yes, the business did suffer. Nevertheless, the love flourished and the morale is positive. We as a company will continue to prosper because our values are grounded in Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, & Service to the Customer. But, our story doesn’t end here. On Oct 17, 2017 from 11:00AM – 2:00PM we are partnering with Glynn Jackson’s Heal Houston, where we will graciously give back to the community by offering free hair and facial services to Houstonians affected by Hurricane Harvey.


here are corporations that actively give back to the community and yet we can do more. In the wake of all the social injustice and civil unrest surrounding our communities and today’s youth, we all thirst to make a difference. The time has never been more appropriate than now if you desire to make a global impact, reprieve is just over the horizon!

Louisiana’s own, Glynn Jackson, returns for one night at the Belle of Baton Rouge at the Atrium on Sunday, July 10, 2016. Come out and support this hometown hero as he celebrates the best that Louisiana has to offer! Ambassador of Goodwill – Hair Historian – Fashion/Beauty Impresario over the past 25+ years, The President and CEO of “Glynn Jackson/The Agency,” has established himself as the “Maven of everything fabulous”. Mr. Jackson’s humble beginnings started in New Roads, Louisiana Pointe Coupee Parish. He sprouted his creative wings as a novice producer in the 9th grade. These amazing shows culminated in a gymnasium of the local Rosenwall High School. Glynn Jackson was packing them in; 100’s of people would attend. His creative genius found fertile ground where he served as class president for every year of high school. Carved in stone, Mr. Jackson conceived, created and implemented a statue honoring the entire student body with their names. Mr. Jackson obtained donations from the community in order to create an amazing landmark. He recalls an experience when he and his best friend Eric Moore, took all of his mom’s living room curtains out of the house and created a haute couture clothing line. They took great risk to ensure that “the show must go on!” Glynn Jackson states, “I will always be indebted and grateful to some of my early year mentors who saw the value in me; Mr. Joseph, Mr. Nelson (former principals), Ms. Yvonne Celestin, Ms. Nora Palmer, Ms. Rose Jackson, Ms. Taylor, and Ms. Annette Dunn (educators). I am especially grateful for Mr. Miles, a local 4-H agent. They all had an amazing impact upon my growth and development.

They put so much time and effort into me; a priceless investment for a young man with hopes and dreams. Their skills, devotion and consistent support nurtured my talent and set the stage for my lifelong learning and success.” “I had the privilege to go overseas three times, prior to graduating from High School,” stated Jackson. “These folks hosted teas and fundraisers to support my efforts and to permit me to travel in a time when it didn’t happen for poor boys down South. My journey to success was cultivated by my maternal grandparents,Velma and Gus Dukes, Sr. My grandfather was a local mechanic. To these two people, I will be forever grateful; they made me the center of their life.” The Creative Director and Founder of the Golden Scissors Awards Program continually sets precedence in producing the highest caliber hair event. There are a number of hair shows, yet none are as meticulously staged as that of the Golden Scissors Awards, which is perceived as the pinnacle of the hair industry. Over the last 25 years, Fortune 500 companies have sought after the Glynn Jackson experience, as a catalyst to thrust community give-back programs. Glynn Jackson’s largesse is incomparable. The Golden Scissors Awards program, alone, has provided a national and international showcase for the unsung and undiscovered hero. It has further spawned other projects of notoriety and longstanding. HairTopia (5-city tour), Proctor & Gamble, Wella Color Charm, HairIdol (5-city tour), Sensationnel, Hair Diva/Miami, Bijoux, Hair Icon-Jacksonville FL, Sensationnel, HairTropica/Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, Milky Way, Beauty Evolved, Nassau Bahamas, Beauty Schools of America/Miami, HairBoss-Atlanta/Washington, DC, Midway International, Bronner Brothers International Hair Show, BobbiBoss/Los Angeles. Glynn Jackson can develop a customized community program that jointly increases brand equity and your community involvement. For more information, visit us online at The national hotline is 202-452-7445, Ext 1.

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BUOR Live 17 Special Edition  

BUOR Live Beauty Show 2017 Special Edition Issue. Thanks to #SheaMoisture BUOR Live Lead Sponsor & #TrendsBarberCollege

BUOR Live 17 Special Edition  

BUOR Live Beauty Show 2017 Special Edition Issue. Thanks to #SheaMoisture BUOR Live Lead Sponsor & #TrendsBarberCollege