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Bias Against Textured Hair

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Well, I’ve been talking to OG’s in the beauty business & others about business in general. The consensus is expectations, and the way we do everything has evolved.



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That being said, how do we produce a beauty show in this youtube it, DIY, Naturlista, Beauty Service Specialist and overwhelming products selection environment? So, here’s what we’ve come up with, it’s a interactive experience where beauty pro’s touch, feel & consult with consumers. Offering personalized RX on hair re-growth, texture management, skin care, body sculpting, wellness & so much more. While product companies offer sampling with deals the latest product, services & technology in the world of beauty, health & lifestyle. Oh, yes entertainment. So, until Smell It & You Touch It TV…...BUOR

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During some recent research our team ran across this study & survey results that was released earlier this year. The study done by Perception Institute was the ―First Hair Implicit Association Test‖ to explore the ―Explicit and Implicit Attitudes Toward Black Women‘s Hair,‖ This ―groundbreaking study examining attitudes toward black women‘s hair.‖ For most Black Americans it confirmed what we already knew. Inspired by Shea Moisture‘s provocative ―Break the Walls‖ campaign, which highlighted the divisive constructs of beauty by challenging traditional aisle ―segregation‖ of hair products by race‖ we’ll talk about that campaign in a panel discussion at BUOR Live 2017.

Perception Institute Creates First Hair Implicit Association Test to Measure Bias Against Textured Hair

The study included 4,163 participants: a national sample of 3,475 men and women, and a sample of 688 ―naturalista‖ women from an online natural hair community.

The ―Good Hair‖ Survey also explored the concerns, social pressures and experiences women have related to their own hair. We found:

Using the Good Hair Survey and the Hair IAT. The survey assessed women‘s explicit attitudes toward black women‘s hair, hair anxiety,  and experiences related to their own hair, and the Hair IAT assessed  implicit attitudes toward black women‘s hair. ―Statement from Alexis McGill Johnson, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Perception Institute: ―The beauty industry has long offered us ways to find our best selves. But how is it challenging us to see the best in each other – without bias? Many black women will feel affirmed by the Good Hair Study – it is what they have always known and experienced: wearing natural hairstyles has deep political and social implications. Our hope is that those who create the images we see in our daily lives will consider how bias against natural hair can undermine the ability for black women to be their full selves and affect their professional trajectory, social life and self-esteem. Moreover, we hope to encourage researchers to use intersectional approach to design new metrics, such as the Hair IAT, to drive new and nuanced conversations.‖ The study suggests that a majority of people, regardless of race and gender, hold some bias towards women of color based on their hair. It also offers promising evidence that the effects of bias can be overridden. Millennials showed far more positive attitudes toward textured hair than their older counterparts, while a majority of black ―naturalistas‖ showed either no bias or a slight preference for textured hair. Some key insights from the report include: 

Black women in the natural hair community have more positive implicit

and explicit attitudes toward textured hair than all other women, but they nonetheless perceive the social stigma of wearing natural hair.  Black women experience more anxiety related to their hair and greater social and financial burden of hair maintenance than white women. Black women are twice as likely to report social pressure to straighten their hair at work compared to white women.  Millennial ―naturalistas‖ have more positive attitudes toward textured hair than all other women. This is consistent with past studies showing that millennials identify as progressive, confident, self-expressive, and open to change.  White women demonstrate the strongest bias -- both explicit and implicit -- against textured hair, rating it as less beautiful, less sexy/attractive, and less professional than smooth hair. However, white women who engage regularly with naturalista communities have lower levels of bias.

Almost all women worry about their hair to some extent; black women experience high levels of anxiety more than white women. One in three black women report that their hair is the reason they haven’t exercised, compared to one in ten white women.

One in five black women feel social pressure to straighten their hair for work — twice as many as white women.

Black women are more likely to report spending more time on their hair than white women.

Black women are more likely to report having professional styling appointments more often than white women.

Black women are more likely to report spending more money on products for their hair than white women.

One in four black women have difficulty finding products for their hair—more than half have not been able to find products for their hair.‖ The survey assessed women‘s explicit attitudes toward black women‘s hair, hair anxiety, and experiences related to their own hair, and the Hair IAT assessed implicit attitudes toward black women‘s hair.

What’s Your Hair Bias?

Go to our website to Take the Hair IAT & to learn more What is ―Good Hair‖?

by Ariel Worthy

Birmingham Times The comedy veteran tours all over the country, but that still does not stop his stage fright from happening.. ―I get so nervous, going on stage,‖ Brown said. ―I get nervous going up on my own club. I have the worst case of stage fright ―I do lots of cussing, so Christians if you‘re coming to the J. Anthony Brown Show, pray up and don‘t be shocked. Once you get past that you‘ll see it‘s not like the radio.‖ We all know him from the Tom Joyner Morning Show, murdering hits and being the butt of many of Huggy Lowdown‘s jokes, but his résumé goes beyond that. J. Anthony Brown has been seen on TV, but radio is where his heart is. (Currently on ―The Steve Harvey Morning Show‖ ―I love radio; it‘s the best medium in the world,‖ Brown said. ―I can do a whole interview with Bill Cosby using old sound bites; I could never do that on the television. It‘s so much fun; the hardest part is waking up at 2:00 in the morning if I‘m in LA.‖ As a writer for the Arsenio Hall Show in the 90s, BET‘s Comic View host for two seasons, as well as an actor on shows such as Moesha, The Parkers, Living Single, as well as movies Mr. 3000 with Bernie Mac, and Drumline with Nick Cannon it is obvious Brown is no stranger to TV either. Brown‘s newest TV venture is definitely one to challenge old relationships. ―It‘s called ‗Doing it with My Ex.‘ It‘s the reverse of the Newlywed Game.‖ Brown explained. ―We get couples that used to date and ask questions about their relationships. The winning couple gets to play against each other for $5,000.‖ A show like that sounds like it could get messy pretty fast, but Brown said it actually was not that bad. ―We‘ve seen that you don‘t really hate your ex; most of the people were pretty cool and they seemed to find out things they didn‘t know. They were very honest with their answers.‖ Throughout the years Brown has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy, including George Wallace, Steve Harvey and Bernie Mac. He says the internet has crushed a lot of younger comedians. ―It just really made it so that they think they are bigger than they actually are because they have internet friends,‖ Brown said. ―You can have a comedian that‘s very popular on the internet, but you put him on stage in front of a crowd and they would die. Making short little funny film clips versus standing in front of a crowd of about 400-500 people and making them laugh for an hour is a whole different concept. You might end up being a great film producer, but that ain‘t standup.‖ Brown is also a businessman. He owns the first black-owned comedy club in Los Angeles, The J. Spot. ―Tom has this theory and it‘s absolutely right: It doesn‘t matter who makes it first, it matters who makes it famous. I‘m trying to make it famous.‖ For those who follow J, you have also heard him talk about his hot sauce: Hotter Than A Mofo. ―People are fascinated by the name. I wanted to call it Hotter than a… you know, but everyone kept telling me I couldn‘t put that on the label, so Hotter than a Mofo stuck.‖ J Anthony Brown now a member of The Steve Harvey Morning Show..


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So, the fashion industry is on this thing, about creating fashionable designs for what’s being coined as + size women. Curvier is another article. This new awareness for designers is great, I don’t know where they’ve been. But now is better than later. Ok, so we did took a look at several studies about American Women clothing sizes. What we found was, well, you’ll see. We looked at fashion industry studies here’s what we found. The average American woman is size 18, but designer’s use those same measurements and label garment as size 16, this being an overall increase in measurement of 2.35” over the past 10 years. No, wonder we can’t figure out your size, and the largest of the studies found that Black Women are dual size, just meaning our curves make more difficult to be properly fitted. Also, we spend more on clothing any other group. My query is why designer & retailer alike are just coming around to serving this market.

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However, there’s good thing is the internet has set the opportunity for small retailers, designers & online store to cater to this niche with trending & classic fashion. Major designers & retailers are also offering a wider range of fashion to their collections. All any Woman wants is to find her style of clothing that fit.

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