Bunnik Creations

Bleiswijk, Netherlands


A family tradition is being continued through Dennis Bunnik, eldest son of Fred Bunnik (Bunnik Plants). Dennis Bunnik is working with a highly enthusiastic team to help Bunnik Creations, a promising and energetic entrepreneurship, grow up to become something truly spectacular.

In 2005 Bunnik Creations came into existence as a ceramics department within Bunnik Plants. Recently it has gained independence in the shape of a flourishing limited company within Bunnik Companies. How has it been possible for Bunnik Creations to have grown so steadily and so successfully? And in the face of the global financial crisis, how is it possible for Bunnik Creations to continue to grow, even today?

That is because we who work at Bunnik Creations are always busy inventing new designs and thinking with their clients. Because we understand the consumer, we feel the same things. We know what is going on in consumer space, and we have intuitions on what the future may bring.