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Pirate Profiles

Pirate Profiles Article by Melissa Plunkett

Melissa Plunkett always had a desire to return to New York City. After 17 years in High Point, N.C., she went not only went back to the Big Apple, she also interned with MTV. Before MTV, Plunkett interned with WITN-7 news station in Greenville, N.C. But, suffering from, as Frank Sinatra would sing, “these little town blues,” Plunkett wanted to intern in Manhattan. She got her wish. MTV Studios is located in the middle of a busy metropolis, right at a major intersection, Manhattan’s Time Square. Plunkett mingled with celebrities like the cast members of Jersey Shore, and reality stars Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. Simultaneously, she was able to take what she learned in the classroom and incorporate it into an internship. “You attend class, because you want to learn. You attend an internship because you want to learn. The difference is an internship allows you to put what you learned to use.” After working for MTV Studios, Plunkett has this advice: Remember that networking is extremely important. “Never burn any bridges with former employers, you don’t know whose help you’re going to need in the future,” she said, also relating that hard work pays off and evening small tasks and project can be truly important.

“Rememeber that networking is extremely important.” Photo of Melissa Plunkett at MTV courtesy of Melissa Plunkett

Work Hard

Article by Sarah Lloyd

The road to finding a job after college can be more challenging for some than others. Students who participate in real work experiences such as internships have been proven more likely to receive jobs after college. According to, students who completed an internship had a 60 percent better chance of landing a full time job after college. East Carolina University graduate and Greenville native Megan Hannon fell into this category.

Hannon graduated from the School of Communication with a concentration in public relations in May 2008 and went on to receive a master’s in health communication in December 2009. The summer between her junior and senior year, Hannon applied for an internship in New York City. “I had an internship with Berk Communications in New York City and I worked mainly with the events team within the public relations portion of the company,” Hannon said. Dr. Linda Kean, director of the School of Communication, believes that an internship position is extremely beneficial. “First, it allows an individual to test out a certain professional area. Additionally, students can gain amazing skills in an area that can be put to use in the next position,” Kean said. After receiving her master’s, Hannon decided to apply for another internship in New York City in the summer of 2010. She had the opportunity to work for Harrison and Shriftman, a public relations, special events and marketing firm. Hannon said she worked primarily with promotional events team. While Hannon was in search of a job, she was contacted by her supervisor from her internship at Harrison and Shriftman regarding a job opening at Tiffany and Co. in New York. After an interview, Hannon was offered the position of special events and promotional assistant for Tiffany and Co. She advises those following in her footsteps to have confidence. “By being a communication major we have to be personable. Apply to many places when looking for a job and always remember that the interview process is priceless.”

Play Harder Article by Kristie Russell

As a junior at East Carolina University, Kelsey Brosi was on the Woman’s Swim team while studying Broadcast Journalism. “I finally decided I wanted to be a broadcast journalist and looked into ECU’s School of Communication,” said Brosi, who added that all of the classes seemed extremely interesting. A concern on every student's mind is whether the classes they’re taking are really going to help them in the future. The lessons and assignments taught within the School helped prepare Brosi for her summer internship with Sirius XM Radio. In turn, the internship taught Brosi how to write and record show promos, create show pitches to be used on air, and edit audio. The opportunity with Sirius XM radio was “unbelievable” and the hands-on work helped to further her knowledge and experience in the field. With the help of instructors and communication classes, Brosi was prepared to handle the fast paced internship. Brosi also attributes a lot of her success as an undergrad to the sport of swimming. As many student-athletes will tell you, without hard work, dedication and large amounts of caffeine, being successful is not an option. Not only was she able to maintain a GPA of 3.6, and hold a varsity record as one of East Carolina’s fastest swimmers in school history, she also went on to do another internship with E! Entertainment Television in California.

Photos of Kelsey Brosi

Pirate Profiles

Pirate Profiles

Article by Justin Bolton

When Rich DeVita was a senior at East Carolina University obtaining his undergraduate degree in Communication with a concentration in public relations he did an internship with the Orange Bowl. “The Orange Bowl is a non-profit organization that puts on many events in the South Florida community headlined by the Orange Bowl football game in January,” said DeVita. He interned in Miami, Fla., from May to August 2011. “I worked primarily with the sponsorship sales department,” says DeVita. “We worked on contracts with companies to sponsor events. I also ran important errands, did research on companies, worked in marketing, and helped organize and run an FIU football camp.” DeVita gained a lot of memories while working with other interns in Florida. “One of the best was going to a Heat/Bulls Eastern Conference Finals game, which Miami won. I also spent lots of time on South Beach.” He related that he got to put his skills to use during his internship. “My communication skills were very important when talking to companies about sponsoring events,” says DeVita. “It also helped me with my research in marketing and sales. Being a good communicator can help in any situation or business.” Likewise, his internship prepared him for life after college. “I know that an internship can help prepare you for the real world,” says DeVita. “It gave me real experience working in a real office. I learned all about what I want to do for my career. There is no question that internships prepare you for a career.”

“I know that an internship can help prepare you for the real world”

Photo of: Rich DeVita

East Carolina University has a proud heritage. From early days as a

school for training teachers to a national doctoral research university, we have continually served our region with quality and commitment since 1907. Our commitment is an expression of our motto, Servire, or To Serve. We believe that no university has done a better job of public service than East Carolina University, and we wil continue to be a national model for how to use university resourcesfor the greater public good. ECU is committed to the three traditional missions of the public university: service, teaching, and research. We take great pride in the record of achievement and success that has been established by our many alumni. We remember the many hard-fought victories that make up the storied tradition of Pirate athletics. We are proud of our national and international leadership in medicine, health sciences, and teacher preparation. We are proud of our award-winning excellence in the visual and performing arts. Above all, we are proud of the vital contributions our people and programs have made for the betterment of North Carolina.

Communication has been an active force on campus and signifcant

contributor to East Carolina University since 1989 wehn ECU began offering a BA in Communication in a Department of Communication. We have come a long way since 1989. Today we are the School of Communication, housed in the College of Fine Arts and Communication. We offer a BS in communication with four different undergraduate concentrations--interpersonal and organizational communication, media studies, journalism, and public relations. In fall 2006 we began offering our MA in communication with an emphasis in health communication. Our interpersonal/organizational concentration is also offered completely online for distance education students. In total, the School of Communication now has more than 1,000 students and more than 30 faculty members and staff. Photos courtesy of School of Communitcation

School of Communication, East Carolina University, 102 Joyner E., Greenville, N.C. 27858 252-328-4227

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