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ur C o Y p i D PlastiDip

2014 Volume 1

For over 35 years we have offered PlastiDip liquid plastic to our customers to coat everything from tool handles to fishing weights. Now people are coating their cars with PlastiDip for a unique stealth finish that can peel off back to the original finish when you want a change. Great for protecting expensive wheel rims from road salt and other elements. Larger sizes available on request. 311g spray.

Disinfectant Cleaner Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes surfaces by killing odour-causing microorganisms, mold and mildew. It is a no rinse, 1-step disinfectant cleaner that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, and will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew and their odours when used as directed. Designed for both household and industrial 946 ml cleaning. 32 oz size.





no rinse formula This revolutionary, patent-pending, “No Rinse” concentrated cleaner specially formulated to remove green and black stains caused by algae, mildew, moss, mold and lichen on all types of siding, wood & composite decking, brick, stucco, flower pots, patio furniture, pool surrounds and other exterior surfaces. Spray & Forget is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-corrosive, noncaustic, non-acidic product that does not require damaging power washing and/or brushing techniques. In fact, no rinsing is required and your landscaping will not be compromised. Also an excellent preventative!



General Purpose


A waxed orthophthalic general purpose polyester resin used in marine, automotive and general repair, as well as sundeck and other do-it-yourself applications. We have a wide selection of reinforcing materials to complete your glassing project. Our experts can help you find the perfect 4 litres resin for your needs.






99 1.8 9 L

Repair leaky seams and rivets in aluminum boats with the Aluminum Boat Repair Kit. Each kit contains 8 ounces of G/flex 650 epoxy, adhesive filler, application syringes, mixing pots and sticks and protective gloves. Illustrated, detailed instructions explain how to repair leaking seams and each rivets in aluminum boats.








► Less

Overspray Finish ► Less Sanding ► Less Clean-up ► Smoother

The Accuspray Gun utilizes a closed cup system with an inner plastic liner to minimize clean-up. It is ideal for small to medium Gel Coat repairs.


…is a strong, glass-filled waterproof polyester putty that can be sanded. Duraglas comes with its own coloured BPO catalyst for easy mixing. Extra catalyst is available.


…is USC’s best-selling lightweight body repair filler with superb spreadability and workability. The smooth, creamy formula is easy to apply and sand, tack free, clog free and virtually pinhole free. Extra catalyst is available. Size .75 Litre & 3 Litre.

Long’n Strong

…is the strongest of the waterproof polyester putties as it has a high fiberglass strand content. Use where strength is required. Comes with its own coloured BPO catalyst for easy mixing. Extra catalyst is available.

An orthophthalic general purpose polyester laminating resin which exhibits a moderate exotherm temperature and cure to allow for thicker laminate applications.




50 Sq. Ft.

Mat Cloth roving


An unwaxed orthophthalic polyester laminating resin which exhibits high heat distortion ideal for fibreglass mold making, outstanding corrosion resistance and physical properties.


An unwaxed orthophthalic polyester water clear casting resin designed for applications in which extreme clarity and freedom from colour when cured are required. Suggested applications include decorative castings, art objects, biological encapsulating, etc.


A waxed, orthophthalic, U.V. stabilized, water clear polyester surfboard finishing resin specifically designed for surfacing surfboards, sailboards, boats and other applications.

Let us show you how you can have a beautiful, waterproof worry free Sundeck for years by coating your deck surface with our Kontractor’s Deck Grade Resin. When applied to new plywood on a structurally sound deck, Fibreglass will out perform any other deck coating! Stop by any of our 8 locations to see just how easy it is to enjoy a maintenance free Fibreglass Deck!

nempac carbon kevlar POLYESTER


fibreglass sundeck


INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS has a complete line up of glass fabrics for your projects

custom colours available

A surface coat providing a cosmetic enhancement and exposure improvements to a fiberglass laminate. Stock colours are White, Off White, Gray and Neutral (colourless) and are a brushing viscosity. Custom colours and special matches are available in 5 gallon sizes.



Uses Micron® Technology to provide excellent, long lasting antifouling protection against all types of fouling. Controlled polishing rate reduces build-up of old coatings and minimizes sanding. Haul and re-launch without repainting. Micron Technology uses less copper - more efficiently than old-fashioned highcopper bottom paints.

sculpwood SculpWood is a 2-component, solvent free, kneadable epoxy resin putty. It is moldable, carvable, lightweight, strong, and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is easily sanded and will accept paint, screws and nails.




rot fix

Rot Fix is an easy to use, low viscosity epoxy wood sealer, primer, and consolidant for repair and restoration of rotted, deteriorated, dried out or spongy wood.




$ 99


PREVAL is a Professional Grade Spray Gun where no compressor is needed. Simply fill the glass bottle with the paint or gelcoat of your choice, choose the correct nozzle and spray away!


west system


system three


WEST SYSTEM epoxy cures to a high-strength plastic solid at room temperatures, by mixing specific proportions of liquid epoxy resin and hardener. This highly moisture-resistant plastic adheres to a wide range of materials, making it ideal for projects that require water and chemical resistance, and strong physical properties for structural bonding.


Sound Damping • Fire Retardant • Abrasion Resistant • Can be Top Coated • Adheres to Most Surfaces

SilverTip Laminating Resin is a medium-low viscosity, liquid epoxy resin system that has been optimized for coating and reinforcing fabric saturation in wood-composite boat building.


QuikFair is a lightweight, microballoon-filled, fastcuring two-part epoxy fairing putty with excellent moisture resistance. The two colour-coded parts have a non-sagging, butter-like consistency and are easily mixed to form a third colour.

EZ Fillet

Available sizes: 600ml spray, 4 litre or 19.5 litre

EZ-Fillet is a wood flour-filled two-part putty specifically designed for stitch-and-glue wooden boat construction. It’s ketchup-like, self-leveling consistency allows it to be measured by volume or weight.


StarBoard marine grade

Laminating Resin


The Environmental Air Sponge cleans the air, removing odours. The power behind the Environmental Air Sponge is a dynamic technological breakthrough. It works by dissolving into the air, releasing microscopic molecules that interact with and eliminate odour and pollutant molecules as well as dust control.

King StarBoard® is the original marine-grade polymer and the industry standard. It is the product of a proprietary process called K-Stran™, the most advanced manufacturing process available for producing consistently flat continuous sheets. King StarBoard is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest marine conditions. It will not rot or discolour like teak and other solid woods, and it will not delaminate like wood laminates.

gorilla Gorilla products work when others fail, the first time, every time, helping people around the world build, create and repair.

Guaranteed HANDS & FEET for



Hypoallergenic Non Greasy Odourless

Got Mold? Get...

Moldex gives you professional-grade solutions to solve Mold & Mildew problems. Moldex provides the three steps necessary for effective mold removal.



Peel Away® Marine Strip paint remover is optimized as a boat bottom paint stripper that provides antifouling paint stripping where the epoxy barrier coat is to be left intact. Peel Away® Marine Strip is an alkaline paste and in a single application, will strip all antifouling coatings on boats. Peel Away® Marine Strip is troweled or sprayed with a HD airless sprayer over the surface to be stripped. Peel Away® Marine Strip paste is then covered with Dumond® Laminated Paper which controls evaporation and is left on until all of the paint is dissolved. The Dumond® Laminated Paper is then removed with the bulk of the paste and coatings attached. The stripped surface should then be washed with clean water. Neutralize the surface using our new Citri-Lize™ neutralizer included in the kit. Peel Away® Marine Strip paint remover does not contain methylene chloride, MEK or any other highly-flammable solvents and easily clings to a vertical or overhang surface. Peel Away® Marine Strip covers approximately 20 square feet per gallon.

1. Cleans and disinfects mold growth. 2. Removing stains and cosmetic damage. 3. Protecting surfaces from mold growth by applying an antimicrobial (mold-proof) coating.


ELASTOBARRIER A premium roof & deck base coat that stretches up to 1200% to expand and contract with the substrate. Elasto-Barrier is formulated to be top coated with either Safe-t-Deck or Maximum Stretch.

SAFETY DECK A premium deck surface coating, when combined with an undercoating of Elasto-Barrier, forms a strong, flexible roof/ deck coating.

MAXIMUM STRETCH Maximum Stretch is a premium, thick, high solids, high grade, white roof coating that stretches with the surface up to 750%.

SUPER PRIMER A primer and adhesive for concrete, brick, tile, EPDM rubber, stucco, wood, metal, and many hard-to-stick surfaces. The Ultimate undercoat bonding primer.


Ames’® Blue Max® is a special blend of adhesive, high strength elastomeric liquid rubber. It is a new, impenetrable, rubber technology for waterproofing in extreme wet situations such as flat roofs, below grade foundations, basement walls, cisterns, water troughs, catch basins, ponds and fountains. Ames’ Blue Max is impervious to water when applied in a uniform and seamless fashion with adequate millage. It flows into cracks and crevices as a liquid and sets up as a durable rubber to seal leaks wherever they occur. Cracks, joints and corners, including floor to wall joint, must be sealed with Ames Seam Tape.


• PATIOS • RAMPS • STEPS • WALKWAYS • TENNIS COURTS • ATHLETIC FIELDS • CONCRETE POOL DECKS An extremely durable, skid resistant finish for interior and exterior concrete or asphalt. It may be applied to tennis courts, patios, walkways, steps, ramps, concrete pool decks, etc… Sure-Step offers excellent abrasion resistance as well as exceptional colour retention, even when exposed to bright sunlight. This coating, when cured, is very resistant to ponding water.

SmartStrip Environmentally-Friendly

A revolutionary paint remover that is safe for the user, the substrate, and the environment. The Smart Strip™Advanced Paint Removal System is an eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, water-based, and odour-free paint stripper that is extremely effective in removing multiple layers of architectural and industrial coatings from all interior and exterior surfaces. Removes paint from wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone, plaster, and most fiberglass and plastics.

A natural paint hardener for ALL types of paint: acrylic, oil-based, and water-based. Available in 2 quart bags, 1 gallon bags and shaker bottles for easy pouring. ► Safe to Handle ► Carcinogen-free ► Silica-free ► Safe to Use ► Non-Toxic ► Fast-Acting ► Easy Disposal Also available CocoAbsorb - the real environmentally-friendy spill absorbent. A natural absorbent for oils, chemicals, paint, and grease. Available in a variety of sizes, including Spill Kits and Boom Socks.


• Highly-Effective Mildewcide • The Professional’s Choice • Self Priming Superdeck® Self Priming Solid Colour Stain & Sealer is an acrylic latex solid colour coating that is fortified with a ‘super bonding’ alkyd resin that provides priming and penetration, plus additional adhesion to chalky surfaces. Durable enough to stand up to demanding deck applications yet has the flexibility to withstand the challenges of siding. The performance of this product is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 15 years on Siding applications and 5 years on Decks (see product label for complete details).

For wood decks - fences - siding - shake outdoor furniture - most exterior wood Superdeck® Exterior Transparent Stain & Sealer is a high solids, professional-grade wood finish developed to give superior protection and beautiful colour to exterior wood. Transparent Stain & Sealer is available in nine (9) natural wood tones that highlight the wood’s grain pattern and texture, giving a translucent and lustrous sheen.

$4899 US Gal 3.79 L



deck & dock

elastometric coating Boat docks and decks are the outdoor enthusiast’s platform to adventure! However, wood that is outdoors year round is constantly exposed to nature’s elements and can become very cracked and damaged over time. Bring new life to your platform to adventure. Deck & Dock can save these old surfaces by filling in cracks, so you can revivie your decks and docks without the cost of total replacement. Let the action begin!

DUCKBACK® Premium Translucent Finish is for vertical wood such as siding, trim and doors. The durable and flexible alkyd resins provide superior water protection, while the highest quality transparent iron oxide pigments reflect harmful UV rays that fade and damage wood. Excellent for picnic tables, natural wood doors and trim!


Can also be used on plywood decks with the application of new Duckback Seam Tape!


Peeling Paint PRIMER Don’t let peeling paint stop you from refinishing old surfaces! With P-3 Peeling Paint Primer you can lock down peeling paint and re-coat the surface DUCKBACK® P-3 Peeling Paint Primer is a 100% acrylic exterior elastomeric stabilizing primer with advanced adhesive technology specifically designed to lock down old peeling paint like glue. P-3 Primer’s glue-like adhesive properties acts as a super bonding agent for all top coat solid colour paints and stains.



99 US Gal 3.79 L

US Quart .946 L

Also available in gallons



MASON’S SELECT Epoxacryl Solid Colour Concrete Stain is a unique blend of epoxy resin and 100% acrylic latex. This advanced technology offers the maximum durability of epoxy and the ease of application of 100% acrylic latex in a ready-to-use one part system. Epoxacryl beautifies concrete surfaces while offering maximum resistance to chemicals, marring, scuffing, and hot tire pick-up making it ideal for interior and exterior concrete surfaces including garages, driveways, patios, porches and walkways.




Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet GALLINA Twinwall sheet combines the characteristic strength of polycarbonate with insulation. This yields a strong, insulating lightweight, attractive sheet for varied roofing, cladding, and glazing. GALLINA is used in markets as diverse as construction, agriculture, industry, DIY and advertising.


Sheets 48" x 96" , 60" x 96", 72" X 96" Thickness: 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 9.0 12.0 mm

FOMECOR is a versatile, all-around graphic and display board with memory. It consists of resilient extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of bleached, semi-gloss white clay coated paper. Ideal for screen printing, die cutting, mounting, framing and prototypes.


Hi-core/Coroplast is a profile sheet with 2 skins separated by vertical ribs. These ribs create a series of “flutes” that run the length of the sheet. The square box shape of the flutes makes the sheets rigid and strong. The skins and ribs are very thin making the sheets lightweight.



Industrial Plastics & Paints’ Sanalite®­is a premium cutting board material with a surface that is easy on cutting blades. Sanalite­is used in a wide array of applications – from home use to commercial food preparation and some of the largest packing plants in North America.


Lexan polycarbonate is one of the most widely known “plastics”. Lexan sheet with its unique combination of high impact strength, flame retardancy, and thermoformability makes it ideally suited for security applications. No other plastic can match Lexan’s combination of light transmittance (clarity), and the ability to withstand extreme impact.

plexiglas acrylic sheet

Available Sheet: 48" wide x 96", 144" & Custom Lengths

High Density Polyethylene

polycarbonate sheet

ABS Sheet

ABS is a low cost thermoplastic material with outstanding impact resistance, machinability, and thermoforming characteristics. It is an excellent choice for machine housings, retail store fixtures, and point-of-purchase displays when impact resistance or durability is required. Available in Black or White Sheet size 48" x 96"


Sheets 48" x 96" , 60" x 96", 72" X 96" Thickness: 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 9.0 12.0 mm

Acrylic Sheet is a tough, highly transparent material with excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering. These properties make it ideal for many applications including airplane windshields, skylights, automobile taillights, and outdoor signs.

Lighting panels Industrial Plastics & Paints offers a wide selection of acrylic & styrene Lighting Panels in standard sizes for ceiling fixtures. We also offer Cut to Size services and Custom Bending & Fabrication.

FRP panels

FRP textured panels are the solution we recommend for wall linings of industrial and commercial structures, from Sheets: 48" x 96" food processing plants to car washes! Install over existing wall materials. Matching mouldings and caulking available. Also available in smooth finish!

Ideal for Emergency Supply Storage!



These Boxes are moulded from ‘Structolene’ a co-polymer resin that is impervious to most chemicals, petrol and oil etc. Structolene has a very high stiffness to weight ratio making it stronger weight for weight, than steel. They feature steel pin hinges, moulded-in locking hasp and carrying handles.




NEW Urethane Formula



• UK3725W - 37.75" L x 22.75" W x 19.75" H • 3514BK - 35" L x 14" W x 13" H • W3725 - 37" L x 21" W x 20" H




Protective Cases

Transform a 5 gallon bucket into an easy opening, air-tight, pest-proof storage container with the universal Gamma Seal Lid.


The Ultimate Bungees are made of a special polyurethane formula that won’t crack, break, split, become brittle or scuff, and can withstand exposure to salt water, oil, ozone and more. They are safe to stretch up to twice its original length and has excellent memory retention. The Ultimate Bungee is guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects when used as directed.

A. Bungee with Metal Hooks B. Cord with Nylon Hooks C. Loop End Cord D. Marine Mooring Snubbers





boat & rv TANKS Potable Water Marine Fuel

Black Water Grey Water

Industrial Plastics & Paints offers a complete line of purpose made tanks for the Marine and RV industry. Water tanks are sold with standard fittings in place, however fittings can be altered to fit individual situations.

Above Ground

liquid storage Whether you choose a vertical, loaf, truck or open top tank you will get a high quality seamless tank made with virgin material. IPP Roto-moulded tanks are made from FDA approved polyethylene, and are UV stabilized. They are lightweight and easy to move when empty.

Custom fitting placement can be arranged to meet your needs.

Industrial Plastics & Paints is the place to come for a large selection of Tarps. We stock Polyweave Tarps in 3 Grades to fit every pocket book and required use. We even stock Camouflage Tarps in a 6 oz. 14 x 14 weave.

economy grade TARP 2.4 oz. 8 x 8 weave

general Duty TARP 3.5 oz. 10 x 10 weave

H.D. industrial TARP 6 oz. 14 x 14 weave

CAMOuflage TARP 6 oz. 14 x 14 weave


InnerCreteTM Membrane Technology

Permanent, Spray-on Waterproof & Protection Latest in technology innovation for concrete, construction and maintenance.

Protecting Concrete from the INSIDE... OUT!



with InnerCreteTM Technology

Stops Water Penetration



with InnerCreteTM Technology

Stops Water Penetration & Repels Surface Liquids with SURFACE SEALANT

CONCRETE cleaner & surface ETCHer

A non-toxic and fully biodegradable 2-in-1 product that quickly etches concrete to prepare for optimal painting/coating adhesion while also cleaning and removing deeply imbedded dirt and stains. Eliminates abrasive profiling methods and requires no special neutralizing agent.

PERMANENT WATERPROOFING & PROTECTION VersaGuardTM is easily sprayed on wet or dry concrete. It chemically changes the substrate to create the permanent InnerCreteTM waterproofing barrier just below the surface. The surface profile is maintained and the InnerCreteTM barrier prevents water migration through the substrate making VersaGuardTM the ideal treatment choice before painting, coating or flooring projects.

PERMANENT WATERPROOFING & PROTECTION DualGuardTM is easily sprayed on wet or dry concrete. It chemically changes the substrate to create the permanent InnerCreteTM waterproofing barrier just below the surface with the added protection of a super sealant for repellency on the surface. This added surface protection makes DualGuardTM the ideal treatment to reduce concrete maintenance in Parkades, Patios, Stairwells, Pool Decks and other high traffic areas.

efflorescence remover

A fully biodegradable product safe for delicate surfaces. Contains no hydrochloric or muriatic acids. Easily washed away and neutralized with water. Use VersaGuardTM or DualGuardTM as a secondary treatment to inhibit efflorescence from recurring.

ATTENTION… MOULD MAKERS & ARTISTS Industrial Plastics & Paints now offers the complete Smooth-On Product line of Mould Makers Supplies.

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