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Of the  things  we  think,  say  or  do   Is  it  the  Truth?     Is  it  FAIR  to  all  concerned?   Will  it  build  GOODWILL  and  better  FRIENDSHIPS?   Will  it  be    BENEFICIAL  to  all  concerned?    

—  Neiva s History  and  Geography   —  Reynaldo  Matiz  Trujillo  and  other  schools     —  Neiva  Rotary  Club  and  Participants   —  Matching  Grant  Specifics   —  Future  possibilities  for  collaboration   —  Purpose   —  Funding   —  Timeline   —  Administration  of  the  program   —  Feedback  and  yearly  visits  

Capitol of Colombia, Bogota Population: 7 million Elevation: 9,000 ft

•  The  first  photo  is  Reinaldo  Matiz,  my   mother's  father,  the  founder  for  which  the   school  is  name  after.  Next  photo  is  my   mother's  mother  (my  grandmother)  during   her  married  life  Tulia  Guzman  at  the  age  of   19.  Other  photo  is  during  their  wedding   (date)      

President Sandra Fernandez 2010-2011

Ramiro Munoz Calderon 窶的nternational Service

Rotary Active Women Members

President Sandra Hernandez and Vice President Ramiro Munoz of the Neiva Rotary Club present Margarita Martin with an Honorary Membership which she accepts in behalf of Monarch Beach Sunrise Club

—  Reynaldo Matiz  School  located  in  Neiva,  


—  1,000 Elementary  and  High  School  Students  

School Director and Program Director

85 Scholarships for Kids 2011

Rotary VP, School Director, MM ,President, District Governor

—  Our Scholarship  Children  2011   —  We  yearly  benefit  85  children  with  Tuition,  Uniforms,  Books,  and  Shoes.  

—  Opening the  Project  to  the  Community  

—  Monarch Beach  Sunrise  Rotary  Club   —  Laguna  Niguel  Rotary  Club   —  Rotary  Club  of  Villa  Park   —  Rotary  Club  of    Yorba  Linda   —  Neiva,  Colombia  Rotary  Club  

2 playgrounds

What is to be accomplished with our Grant? •  Playgrounds for 4 different Schools in the area of Neiva and Caguan. These areas have been highly affected by the violence in Colombia. •  It will benefit the children between the ages of 5-13 years of age. • It will compliment the education program given at the Boys & Girls club Club the NIÑOS y NIÑAS a pilot program opened 2009. •  We are giving School uniforms, Sport uniforms, shoes, backpacks and educational materials. •  Internet Capable Computers and 1 year internet Service. More Education Opportunities, More Minds to Be Enriched

Neiva Rotary Club Matching Grant Playgrounds, Colombia  
Neiva Rotary Club Matching Grant Playgrounds, Colombia  

This is a Power Point presentation of the Neiva Rotary Club Matching Grant Playgrounds in Nieva, Colombia. In this presentation you will lea...