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Inspirations PA I N T I D E A B O O K

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MANUFACTURER’S MAIL-IN REBATE FORM Complete this rebate form entirely and mail it along with original receipt(s) and original barcode(s) to receive up to $20.00 mail-in rebate. BUY: Up to 5 gallons of Elan® Kitchen & Bath, Elan® Wall and Trim, Medallion® Interior, Medallion® Exterior, Integrity® Interior, or Integrity® Exterior paint products at a participating Do It Best Retailer between February 1 – December 31, 2013. SEND: 1. This mail-in rebate form flled out completely and clearly, including name, address (P.O. Boxes accepted only when accompanied with a street address), city, state, and ZIP code. 2. The original dated store identifed receipt(s) with the purchase price(s) circled. 3. Proofs-of-purchase: original UPC bar code(s) from qualifying products. MAIL TO: Valspar - Do it Best Rebate Department 8642 P.O. Box 5012 Stacy, MN 55078-5012 Receive By Mail: You will receive one rebate check by mail (maximum $20.00 per household) on qualifying purchases of Elan® Kitchen & Bath, Elan® Wall and Trim, Medallion® Interior, Medallion® Exterior, Integrity® Interior, or Integrity® Exterior paint product(s) purchases (minimum 3 gallons): 3 Gallons purchased - $10.00 mail-in rebate (gallon size only) 4 Gallons purchased - $14.00 mail-in rebate (gallon size only) 5 Gallons purchased - $20.00 mail-in rebate (gallon and 5 gallon size only) See reverse side for rebate form and terms and conditions.

Wall & Trim


KiTchen & BaTh




color Tips







268-6 Toasted Cinnamon

262-3 Cloudy Amber

inTerior sTain


exTerior sTain


Colors shown are printed in ink and depict color as accurately as possible. See store to view actual paint swatches before making your fnal color selection. 2

Inspirations PA I N T I D E A B O O K

E-MAIL (Optional)





Fill out completely and legibly.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Maximum rebate $20 per person, household, and/or address except where prohibited by law. Limited to a maximum of 5 gallons. Ofer limited to Elan® Kitchen and Bath, Elan® Wall and Trim, Medallion® Interior, Medallion® Exterior, Integrity® Interior, Integrity® Exterior paint products purchased at a participating Do it Best retailer’s between February 11, 2013 and December 31, 2013. Gallons may be purchased in multiple transactions, but must be sent in on one submittal. Requests from P.O. Boxes accepted only when accompanied with a street address. Lost, late, damaged, misdirected, incorrect, illegible, incomplete, mutilated, or postage-due requests will not be honored, acknowledged, or returned. Commercial or group requests will not be honored. Original receipt(s) must be submitted with rebate form. Void if copied, transferred, purchased, or sold. May not be combined with any other ofer. Cash redemption value: 1/100 cents. Void where prohibited, licensed, restricted, or taxed by law. Ofer only available in the United States. Offer expires December 31, 2013. Must be postmarked by January 30, 2014 and received by February 15, 2014. Allow 8-10 weeks (unless specifed by law) for delivery of rebate check by mail. PROOF OF PURCHASE REQUIRED. If you wish to check on the status of your rebate, call 1-888-505-0344.


Sample bar code — 12 digits

M Make your home look its best.

249-4 Rainy Day

264-4 Apple Butter

W23 Crinoline

Quality really does matter when it comes to things that are meant to last. So when you decide to paint your home, choose from our selection of top performing Valspar Paints™ and watch it stand the test of time. After all, you’re not just investing the efort to paint – you’re investing in the beautiful results.



Leather Moccasin

Turkish Harvest



It isn’t often that paint can claim to be unique, but ElanŽ Wall & Trim does just that! The luminous pearl fnish gives walls a soft, sophisticated look that is all its own. Best of all, the low odor, low VOC formula ofers beauty without sacrifcing performance.


Jupiter Rocks



Stone Lotus


Swiss Cofee

Elegant Can paint really give one-coat coverage, survive multiple scrubbings, and still look great? It can if it’s Elan® Kitchen & Bath paint! It’s ideal for high-moisture areas! Engineered with ceramic technology, this low VOC formula primes and paints for a lasting fnish. 6


Graceful Gray




Vibrant 20069 Joyful

30071 Rojo

Paint and primer rolled into one for excellent coverage – that is what MedallionŽ paint is all about. This forward-thinking formula saves you the extra step of priming before painting. Quite simply, it’s a paint whose time has come. 8

Peaceful 20021 Grand Loyalty

30034 Wasabi

30038A Italian Lace



Get Inspired

We all know that color can bring about a subtle mood change when you frst see it. After all, who can remain sad in a sunny yellow room or resist a moment of relaxation in a soothing lavender room? For every color in the rainbow, there is usually some association with familiar things that evoke certain feelings. Think of valentine pink, robin’s egg blue, or sunset gold – and then think about how each color makes you feel. As you select paint colors for each room, think of the things that capture the feeling you want to convey and use them as inspiration. The result will be colorful reminders that make your home feel as good as it looks.

Choose a Color

Choose a Finish

Trying to decide which color would work best in a room depends on several things. Is the room large or small? Light colors expand the space visually and dark colors shrink it. The paint color should complement (not match) the items in the room that won’t change – such as furniture, carpet, and drapes. Two-thirds of the color in the room should come from the walls and the rest should come as accent colors from furniture, carpet and accessories. Bring home paint swatches and view them in the light of the room. The swatch you see in the store may vary from what you see in the lighting of your home. View the swatch at diferent times of day to see how the color changes as the amount of light in the room changes.

The type of room you are painting and the way you use the room will determine the fnish you need.

Using More Than One Color If you like the idea of using two complementary colors, in most cases it is better to use the darker color on the bottom and lighter colors on top. The light color will open up the space visually and the dark color will have a grounding efect. However, if the ceilings are quite high and you want a cozy efect, paint the ceiling and the top portion of the wall a dark color and use the lighter color at the bottom. Keep in mind the feeling you want to achieve – open or cozy.


Flat: Because it absorbs light, a fat fnish makes minor wall imperfections less noticeable. It also gives a softer feel to the room. It’s not as washable as other fnishes, so it is better to use it in rooms that receive little wear and tear. Satin and Eggshell: These in-between fnishes are popular for walls because of the light sheen. They combine the desirable characteristics of soft, minimal shine with better cleaning ability. Semi-Gloss or Gloss: Both are quite shiny and refect a lot of light. They also hold up extremely well to cleaning. These fnishes are often used in kitchens (for washability) and on trim to make it stand out.

Dreamy 222-3 Neptune


If your dĂŠcor changes as often as the world of fashion, then IntegrityÂŽ is the paint for you. When the latest color trends give you the craving to mix it up a bit, paint is the most afordable update you can make without denting your budget.


267-5 Clove Scent

Comfortable 12


D40-4C Deep Scarlet

40039A Cosmopolitan White



H80-4D Indigo Shade

30022A Rich White

J100-10A Autumn Smoke

Classic The exterior of a home says much about the style of the residents within. Whether your choices are earthy, bold, sedate, or even fanciful – we‘ve got the color you have in mind. Try Valspar Medallion® or Valspar Integrity® paint when it’s time to update your home. 14

311-4 Grove of Pines

20064 Pomegranate Tea

20065 Happy As A Peach

Historic 15


When you think of the loveliest home you’ve ever visited, chances are there was a stained wood feature somewhere within it that continues to stand out in your memory. When you choose Cabot® stains for your woodwork, you’ll make your home memorable, too. 16

Extraordinary 17



Few brands of exterior stain can accentuate the natural wood depth and patina of exotic wood like CabotŽ exterior stains. That’s why millions of homeowners trust it to beautify their teak and mahogany furniture, wooden decks, and siding.

Durable 19

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Inspirations PA I N T I D E A B O O K

Colors shown are printed in ink and depict color as accurately as possible. See store to view actual paint swatches before making your fnal color selection. Do it BestÂŽ stores are committed to truthful and accurate advertising. While every efort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this advertisement, descriptive, typographic and photographic errors are subject to corrections and Do it Best stores shall have no liability of any kind for such errors.

2013 Paint Idea Book (RC) Š2013 Do it Best Corp.

Inspirations Paint Idea Book  
Inspirations Paint Idea Book  

Valspar paint color combinations, ideas, hints and tips. Be inspired and color your world.