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Anstey’s Monthly Community Magazine • Late-September 2010

Anstey’s Sure Start Chrysanthemum Society Shows to be held in Anstey Centre plans rejected

Plans for a £350,000 Sure Start centre to support disadvantaged young families in Anstey have been rejected by Leicestershire County Council because trees would have to be chopped down to make way for the building. Anstey county councillor David Snartt said “I am very disappointed that a site could not be found for this excellent project within Anstey. “This in my view would have had many benefits for Anstey families for years to come. I understand that the money for this project had to be spent this financial year, therefore I am sorry to say it is unlikely that we will now see this centre within Anstey.” Anstey Parish Council Clerk John Alexander said: “We await news of what is to happen but for now we are working with the organisers to see if events can take place in Jubilee Hall, when we have times available.”

The Leicestershire Chrysanthemum Society is to be holding its annual shows in September and November in Anstey. Founded in 1886, the Society caters for chrysanthemum, dahlia and vegetable growers as well as hosting competitions for other disciplines such as flower arranging, home crafts and junior activities. The early annual show will take place on Saturday 18th September at Brookside Nurseries and the late show will be held on Saturday 13th November at Jubilee Hall - both in Anstey. Both shows are open to the public from 2.30pm and exhibitors must be a member of the Society with subs being just £2 per year. For an application form and more information about the shows please contact the President, Steve Budding, on 0116 236 4564 or visit

Make and Move at Anstey Library

Anstey Christmas Day Lunch

Free under-5s sessions started at Anstey Library on 16th September and will take place every Thursday between 2pm2.45pm for 12 weeks. The fun will include creative play, singing, ribbon sticks, hoops and many more fun activities and wacky play. For more information, call Anstey Library on 0116 305 3536.

Dave Ford of Anstey based Africa Aid will be hosting the 5th Annual Christmas day Lunch on December 25th At St Mary’s Church Rooms Anstey. The day is open to all those who would normally be on their own at this time of year. For more information, tel: 0116 236 8811. More details will appear next issue.

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    

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 

  


    


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his past month has brought up several items that we would like to tell you about:

Anstey Parish Council News

Trees The parish council is responsible for over 800 trees, many being large mature specimens. It is over 2 years since we last had them professionally inspected so this is due to be repeated later this year. This is mainly to identify problems so that the council can address them. With so many trees there are instances where due to the circumstance we have to take action. Some of you will have noticed a few problems with a couple of trees near Packhorse Bridge. This has been a particularly dry year and have been advised by the experts that as willows take up a lot of water they are under stress, hence the broken boughs. May we take this opportunity to thank the members of the public who have reported these problems. We try to keep watch on all of the trees but as you appreciate this is not always possible.

Cemetery As reported previously we have identified a number of unsafe headstones in the cemetery. We are now finalising the plans to

From John Alexander (Clerk to the Council) Email: • Tel: 0116 236 2646 Website: make these safe. Once we have exact details we will update you all. Inevitably with over 100 to deal with this will both take time and be costly. For the moment may I take this opportunity to ask those with relatives in the cemetery to check the headstones of their relatives? If it has a yellow band on it please contact the parish council office. The council is also looking at creating a children’s area in the cemetery. This is in the very early stages and we will update you when we can. We are also going to work on parts of the lawned area which have been cultivated. This is to keep it looking neat and tidy out of respect for all, to make it safer when less mobile people walk around and lastly to mean that when mowing the grass we can ensure that we do not damage any plants.

Cemetery plots advice To remind you, when someone dies as part of the process of arranging the burial a plot is purchased, normally through the funeral director. A deed of grant is then issued to confirm the right to inter in this plot. This deed is in the name of the next-of-kin and it is important that when the person named on this deed passes on, the deed needs to be formally transferred. This is necessary as the named person automatically has the right to be buried in the plot subject to there being space, when they pass on. Many cemeteries ask to see the deed before interment. Burial plots are normally for two with cremated remains being for four sets of ashes. Please talk to the Clerk in the council office if you have any questions or concerns.

Sure Start Centre

If you look after a grave in this lawned area that is cultivated, please contact the Clerk to the Council as soon as possible to discuss. We do not want to cause upset or concern.

The news is that the county council planners refused to allow it to be built next to Jubilee Hall. We await news of what is to happen but for now we are working with the organisers to see if events can take place in Jubilee Hall, when we have times available.

John Alexander Clerk to the Council

Oil painting demonstration entertains Anstey WI Jayne Good gave Anstey WI a thoroughly entertaining meeting in September. She demonstrated the wet on wet oil painting technique developed by American Bob Ross. The premise is that anybody can do it, and Jayne certainly made it look easy. Using deft brushstrokes, in less than 50 minutes she produced a superb flower painting, all the while chatting away about what she was doing, and how becoming an instructor has changed her life. She was able to move from a job she hated to one she clearly loves, and her wry sense of humour and likeable personality contributed much to a most enjoyable evening.

Sheila Timms

I used go out with an anesthetist – she was a local girl…

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

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Join Leicestershire Cricket Society

The Leicestershire Cricket Society meets monthly throughout the close season in the Charles Palmer suite at Grace Road where the meetings commence at 7: 30pm, usually on a Thursday. There is a raffle which has enabled the Society to to support the County Club by match ball and player sponsorship. There is a bar and book stall too. Apart from the monthly meetings there have been outings to Lords, Trent Bridge and Edgbaston where members have enjoyed guided tours and seen behind the scenes.There are plans to visit the Oval next year. All of this for a fantastic £15 annual subscription, unchanged since 2002, despite ever rising costs. Visitors are welcome at a charge of £4. The Society has a website at Information can also be obtained from the membership secretary on 0116 238 7497. The first meeting on the 30th of September has broadcaster Pat Murphy as its gueat speaker. Later in the year former County stars Darren Maddy and David Milnes return.

I like to play chess with bald men in the park although it’s hard to find 32 of them.

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Latest News on Ashton Green Development Further to my report in last month’s Clarion on the Ashton Green development, I can now report the proposal went before the Development Control and Regulatory Board at the County Council. This was a consultation document which gave a recommendation that the County Planning Authority objects to the proposed development due to the perceived insufficient amount of employment land allocated within the application, the Transport Assessment being deficient in several important aspects, giving rise to doubts over the impact upon the County’s highways and concerns on waste management provision along with phased development of education facilities. I am pleased that the issues with the impact on the County roads has been added to the recommendation, especially as I have been raising this problem for some time.

Erection of a New Sure Start Centre Adjacent to Jubilee Hall For some time now I have been involved in trying to bring one of these excellent facilities to Anstey. Sure Start Children Centres are facilities where a range of support services, primarily for parents of children aged 0-5 years are provided in one place. The majority of services provided at centres are focused on parents and children who need extra support with the intention that early intervention can prevent difficulties happening in later years. The centres are also places where parents with shared issues and needs can meet and gain support from a variety of specialist staff. I was grateful for the support of the Parish Council when they resolved to allow the siting of a centre on land close to the Jubilee Hall. However at a meeting of the Development Control and Regulatory Board at County

David Snartt reports... County Councillor for Anstey within the Bradgate Division Hall, the members upheld the recommendation to refuse planning permission due to the removal of several trees which in their view would have caused a unacceptable adverse impact upon local amenity, albeit the proposal included replacement planting. I am very disappointed that a site could not be found for this excellent project within Anstey. This in my view would have had many benefits for Anstey families for years to come. I understand that the money for this project had to be spent this financial year, therefore I am sorry to say it is unlikely that we will now see this centre within Anstey.

Highway Safety Due to several accidents at the junction of Leicester Road and the bottom of Gorse Hill (near the tennis courts) proposals are coming forward to help provide safety measures in this area. These include a new vehicle activated sign showing a junction ahead sharks teeth markings on the road and other markings at the 30mph sign. I have also made inquiries about highway safety measures on Bradgate Road. I understand that this is high on the list of proposed schemes. I will know more about this when we have the budgets for this type of work next year.

Balancing the Licensing Act I have recently been involved in a Home Office consultation looking at Rebalancing the Licensing Act. This was seeking views which included the way forward on licensing legislation, dealing with the problems associated with late night drinking, protecting children from the harm of alcohol and banning below cost sales. I have welcomed this chance to contribute to the way forward, I have been concerned

A new report warns the Council faces additional savings of more that £22 million as the Government balances the books. That comes on top of the £66 million in savings agreed by the County Council in February this year. The Cabinet will discuss plans to ensure residents have their voices heard on budget priorities and savings through an extensive series of local meetings, questionnaires and surveys over the web. Those results will feed into the Council’s budget plans, which will start to take shape after the Government unveils its national spending targets in the comprehensive spending review on October 20th.

Domestic Burglaries

David Snartt for some time about the problems with alcohol fuelled crime, leading to violent crime incidents and antisocial behaviour. This, in my view, has placed a heavy burden on the agencies involved in dealing with this type of crime and anti-social behaviour including the costs involved. I also attended a consultation meeting with the Home Office where I was given the opportunity to express my concerns directly, especially on late night drinking and the impact on residents living nearby, also the sale of alcohol to under age young people, which is not only an health issue but in many cases can cause anti-social behaviour in local neighbourhoods. If any residents have any comments to make on this subject I would be pleased to receive them.

County Council to ask Residents Leicestershire’s residents will be asked to help the County Council plan its budget as the Government unveils its spending plans for the nation.

There has been an increase in domestic burglaries in the Charnwood area during the month of August. This coming after a reduction in incidents during the first half of the year. As Chairman of the Community Safety Partnership I have in the past alerted residents about the simple precautions that may help to reduce and prevent some of the burglaries happening. Just to remind you of three of these about which the Police are advising residents. When going out, make sure you lock your doors and close your windows, even if you are going out for a short time. “Hiding “ spare keys outside your home is an open invitation to thieves, also avoid leaving keys in an obvious place near doors and windows inside your property. When buying new electrical items such as DVD players or video recorders, don’t leave the empty boxes on display near your bins.

If you need to contact me on any issues please write to: 10 Groby Lane, Newtown Linford, Leicester. LE6 0HH e-mail david. or telephone 01530 244804.

IDC Home Maintenance Painter and Decorator Full interior and exterior painting service for your home also wallpaper hanging, tiling and laminate floor fitting. For a free estimate please call Ian on:

01530 245461 or 07885 541428 NO JOB TOO SMALL

When it comes to cosmetic surgery… a lot of people turn their noses up.

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069


plumbing & heating

Central Heating Breakdowns and Repairs Boiler Installations / Replacements Free Quotes 30 Years Exp. Landlords Gas Safety Certificates No Callout Fee 10% Off for OAP’s System Power Flushing 0116 2879760 / 07925 802265 Servicing

One of the perks of ageing is that, whatever you buy new, it is unlikely that it will wear out.

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Charnwood Borough Councillor’s Report From John Sutherington Hope you all enjoyed the last Bank holiday before Christmas, the nights are steadily drawing in and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees as residents on Church Lane regularly inform me! I understand Charnwood Borough Council road sweepers both mechanical and manual are keeping them down to a tolerable level? Looking round the village one or two roads still have weeds growing out of the guttering but the majority are looking fairly tidy let me know if yours isn’t. One or two things to report this month ...

Leicestershire & Rutland Playing Fields Association They are there to help with interest free loans to members. I am on the executive committee of this organisation. Maximum loan is £5,000. Repayment Terms 5 Annual instalments. This scheme is to cover capital projects and may be useful in filling in a funding gap for your organisation.

Starter grants: The association

also operates a starter grant scheme to help “New Clubs” starting up, to purchase equipment or to existing clubs that wish to establish a new age group and so need new equipment. Maximum grant is £500. Become a member now and see what benefits L&RPFA could bring to your club or organisation. Both Anstey Cricket and Football clubs have benefited over the years. For an application form and more information. Ring Chris Walpole on 0116 268 9704.

Packhorse Bridge Looking good now repairs have been completed to the vandalised wall, more expense to your local council via YOU the tax payer though. This in turn means we have less to spend on play equipment and village improvements... If the villains would care to write to me, anonymously if need be and tell me why you do it I would be very interested to learn just where you are coming from…

Charnwood Sports awards 2010 This will be the second year this event has been held. Last year we saw Anstey lad Dan Greaves, Paralympics Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist discus thrower,

Anstey Players present

A Murder Mystery ... with supper! The Anstey Players Drama Society present “What Miss Snooper Knew”- with supper included - at the United Reformed Church, Bradgate Road, Anstey on Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd of October. Please bring your own drink. The fun begins at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £7 with concessions £6. Please tel: 0116 288 6846 to book.

Adopt a bench? receive the Charnwood Borough Council Disabled Sportsman of the Year 2009 award. Nomination forms for this year are available at Anstey Library, CBC and Anstey Parish Council Offices or by ringing 01509 634560. All forms to be returned by Friday September 24th. 2010. Incidentally Dan will be featured on a Channel 4 programme in the near future. Look in your TV magazine.

Leicester Road VAS This proposed Vehicle Activated Sign and “sharks teeth” really should not be needed there in my opinion! There is enough “Clutter” on this stretch of road now. Lets face it, motorists should be driving within the 30 mph speed limit in this area and taking in the 2 lovely Swans and their 5 cygnets, The Green and the newly repaired Packhorse Bridge, instead of trying to get to Beaumont Leys or Leicester at breakneck speed. More clutter on the side of the road, because of a minority of motoring mad heads.

The Friends of Castle Hill Country Park have installed about 30 benches on the park in the last year. They do need a little care and attention from time to time, so if you can spare a few hours a month we’d like to hear from you. The City Council’s mower man does his best to get near to the benches, but often they are left with long grass and nettles swamping them. We are asking for a few County side volunteers to adopt one or two of the Nothill or floodplain benches, and then pop round now and again with some shears. If you’d like to help, you have to become a member first to get authorisation from LCC Parks Services to do work on Castle Hill, and so you’re covered by our insurance. You can do this by just logging on to our Facebook page and leaving a message, emailing- or phoning (0116) 210 8818. For further information on Castle Hill Country Park and other green spaces each side of the A46, you can also try looking on the Castle Hill User Group’s Facebook page.

Dave Vale

Anstey & District Funeral Service Independent Family-Run Funeral Directors

Olympic Panel I shall be serving on this new panel at Charnwood Borough Council to help make sure that all goes well within Charnwood for the 2012 games when Loughborough University will be hosting both Team GB and the Japanese Olympic team.

We take care of every detail, advise and help you every step of the way. • •

And finally ... for those who spotted the job application in the Daily Mail July 15th. Charnwood Borough Council “Access to nature Officer” £17161£19,126. This post has been funded by I believe by Natural England not CBC, thankfully. Any problems you think I can help you with please get in touch, and I’ll see what I can do to help you, in strict confidence. Yours Sincerely Cllr John J. Sutherington 43 George Street Anstey Leicester LE77DT Mobile 07939 070603. cllr.john.sutherington@

• • • •

Traditional hearse & fleet Horse drawn carriages, motorcycle hearse & alternatives available Memorial showroom Extensive car parking Private catering suite Private chapels of rest Funeral arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home if preferred

0116 234 0548 Talbott House, Leicester Road, Anstey, Leicester LE7 7AT

As a kid I was made to walk the plank. We couldn’t afford a dog.

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Peru News - from Jill Abell

A little Peruvian boy doing his washing... Jill Abell of the Peru Children Trust has written to the Clarion to explain why the Trust will not have a stall at the Anstey Gala this year. Jill says: “We decided after careful consideration not to have a stall this year, as we felt that the cost of the Insurance would have taken much of our profit, which as our regular customers know goes direct to Peru where the children have so little. “I have have just returned from Peru, and I hope to arrange for a Coffee morning, venue to be decided, sometime during October, when you will be able to buy your ‘stocking fillers’ for Christmas. “Thank you for understanding, and trust we will be able to see you sometime.” Editor’s Note: Anstey Gala Committee have informed the Clarion that thankfully, they are fully booked with stalls, despite the new requirement for stalls selling food to have Public Liability Insurance. They say that - weather permitting - the Gala should be as good as ever, despite the recession.

My brother went on that new brandy diet. He lost 4 days last week.

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Tribute to Tracey Easingwood Tracey had been dedicated to childcare for over 25 years having had two boys of her own and setting up a Mums & Toddlers group to cater for the needs of new mums in the Anstey area. She along with other staff members also managed the Anstey Centre Playgroup, which many adults and children in Anstey remember well. Remember the trips to Sundown Adventure Park and picnics on the local park? In recent years with Government changes and standards of childcare improved the Centre became known as Brookview Preschool, and was registered with Ofsted, again with Tracey at the helm. Many of the original ‘Playgroup’ children are now married and have children of their own at the setting. 17 Years ago I was one of many mums who was new to Anstey and was grateful to use this facility. I made new friends, we swapped ideas and welcomed some time to ourselves over a coffee whilst the children were happy to play and socialise. Tracey helped many new families over the years offering advice to new mums and establishing good relationships with them. This was evident at her Funeral with so many people attending - St Marys church was full to standing room only and just as many people were outside. She was always there ready and willing to help other people and pointing people in the right direction if they needed advice, especially with childcare issues. She has left a big gap in many people’s lives. Tracey worked very hard to establish the Pre-school and I am so fortunate to be able to continue the work she founded. Over the last couple of years, with her illness, she found it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with yet more Government changes but she battled on with the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) even taking her laptop into hospital with her when she was having treatment. The team of staff at Brookview have worked hard to keep the Preschool running in her absence over the last couple of years and I am sure she would be happy to know that we will endeavour to continue to do so. From September Brookview Preschool re-opens under New Management but with the same dedicated staff, three of which have worked there for over 10 years and two have recently gained a Level 4 Certificate in Early Years Practice. There are improvements that need to be made in order to bring the setting more up to date but these are beginning to take shape, one of which is to provide an outdoor space / garden which is accessible while the children are at preschool. We are grateful to Brookside Nurseries for their offer of help and advice in this venture. Brookview Preschool is open termly Monday - Friday mornings 9:15 -12:15 at the Scout Headquarters, Leicester Rd., Anstey. At this moment there are still spaces available for the Autumn Term (beginning September) for 2 - 4 Year olds. Free places are available through Government Funding for Over 3’s. So if you would like to pay a visit or enrol your child please get in touch with me, Sue Simpson, on 07855 052724.

Sue Simpson

A season to remember?

A season that started with so much hope and promise at Anstey & Glenfield Cricket Club has unfortunately ended in disappointment, especially for our 2nd XI who despite acquiring 202pts. which would have seen them safe in any other division, were relegated by just 1 point by Sapcote CC on the final day of the season. The 1st XI fared a little better in Division 1 and should finish just below half way. We managed to field two full Saturday sides throughout the season, but it was hard work for our long suffering Captains Iain Marjoram (1st team), Charlie Wilkes (2nd team), plus myself and Colin Bennett who somehow between us, with a little friendly persuasion and the odd twisted arm, managed to fulfil every fixture in the Leicestershire Senior League - despite the lack of commitment of some players! Now what’s that Billy Ocean song called ... “When the going gets tough” - I’ll say no more. However things are starting to look up for 2011. A new groundsman has been found to take over from Richard French, whilst a new Secretary and Treasurer should be with us very soon. We are still looking for a New President. A millionaire would be nice? So as one difficult season comes to an end the committee at A & G CC are looking forward, so far at least to a promising future. Our Annual Presentation Evening for Seniors and Juniors plus their Families and Friends will be held on Saturday 2nd October 2010 at Anstey Nomads Football Club. It’s a FREE and easy evening with a Raffle and Disco with “Technaudio” and maybe yours truly singing the odd Rock & Roll song here and there. We hope to have a special guest to present the awards to all trophy winners. Come along and see who it will be…from 7pm onwards. ALL WELCOME. If you can spare any time to help at the club, however little it may be, please get in touch. Email M. 07939 070603 or ring Colin Bennett 0116 236 3939.

John J. Sutherington Chairman. A & G C.C.

Two fish are in a tank. One said to the other “I’ll drive, you man the guns”.

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Neighbourhood Watch News

I would like to welcome the residents of Martin Court, Caters Close and Falcon Road to the Anstey NHW scheme.

I hope you all enjoyed your launch meetings and found your welcome packs informative. Many thanks to Connie Flaherty, and her assistants, Bob Cadman and Roma Kaproski, for setting up their scheme in Martin Court. Also to Roy and Stephanie Webb in Caters Close and Ken Schofield for Falcon Road. I hope you find your schemes help to keep your communities a safer and a friendly place to live. If anyone else is interested setting up a scheme in their neighbourhood, please get in touch with me. Or come and see us and have a chat at the Anstey Gala. A big thank you those people who went round getting the signatures, and to everyone who has signed their Pledge of support to the Community Speed Watch. Also to those who have said that they are willing to be a volunteer with the speed guns. I will be in touch with everyone as soon as I have more details about training dates etc. The Anstey NHW will be holding an engraving session at the Anstey Gala for all bikes, so come along and get you bike engraved with your house number and post code. The cost is just £1 per bike. The session will be from 1.00 pm till 2.30 pm. See you all at the Gala. My contact details are: Phone no: 0116 2365745 or e-mail

Diane Tillotson

Anstey NHW Beat Cascade Manager

Churches Together in Anstey Calendar St. Mary’s Parish Church, Bradgate Road Anstey Fridays 2nd October - Saturday

9..30 - 11am

Coffee morning & second hand book sale


Auction in Church Rooms

The Methodist Church, Cropston Road, Anstey 28th Sept. - Tuesday

Harvest Supper

23rd October - Saturday

Church Anniversary Dinner

United Reformed Church, Bradgate Road, Anstey 10th October - Sunday


Village Service

St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester Leicester Christian Fellowship (Anstey house group) Please contact Mr Steve Saulsbury telephone no. 0116 2218576, for details of meetings & services.

Wise Words A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. Bob Dylan

I went to see a concert in Bermuda and the guy playing the triangle just disappeared.


ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Waffling Wesley He Makes It Up As He Goes Along There’s been a lot of talk recently about Quangos. In my day, there was only one quango - Johnny Kwango - and he was a black wrestler. His specialist move was a swift headbutt. He’d wrestle normally for a few rounds then, after his opponent had pulled a few strokes on the ref’s blind side, Johnny would lose his rag and nut him. His heading technique was a bit unusual, though. He used to slap his hand on his opponent’s forehead and then butt his own hand. The other wrestler would go down like a sack of spuds and be spark out for a week, but - strangely - Johnnie’s hand escaped unharmed. Julien Morice was a Frenchie with a similar style to Kwango. When Julien got mad, he would resort to the Swinging Backbreaker, and his opponent would be carted off to have his spine reset. George Kidd, on the other hand, was a scientific wrestler, who could escape from any hold. Apparently, he learned these Houdini-like tricks during his life as a pirate captain in the Caribbean. It would have been interesting seeing him escape from a Johnny Kwango head butt. Wrestling was an elite sport in those days with members of the ruling classes fighting regularly at Brent Town Hall. In fact The Royal Brothers were the country’s favourite tag team and they wore white trunks. They used to have to fight against dirty cheats every week, but always managed to win by two falls to one before the football results came on at 5 o’clock. Oddly one was called Bert Royal (he went on to appear in a Caroline Aherne comedy series) and the other was Vic Faulkner. How peculiar for brothers to have different surnames. The Beverley Sisters, on the other hand, were all called Beverley - even Beverley Wright, who played 105 times for England. But they were never successful as wrestlers because their name was too girly. You’ve got to have a macho name to make it big in the grunt and groan game. Take Billy Two Rivers. When he was known as William Thames and Severn, his opponents used to wipe the floor with him. A quick change of name, and a war dance or two, and he became a star attraction. Talking of dancing, it didn’t do Joyce and Lionel Blair any harm. They gave up tag team wrestling to appear on the Max Bygraves Show, and never looked back. Their son Tony did pretty well for himself in politics and once said that he would wage war on quangos. In my day, there was only one quango - Johnny Kwango and he was a black wrestler ...

Bradgate U3A (University of the third age)

“Tiller Girls” With Margaret Hudson

It is every little girl’s dream to be a star dancer and be able to dress up in beautiful gowns performing on the stage of a world famous theatre. In the case of one little girl from Leicester this did happen. In the early 1950’s Margaret Hudson was taken to see a pantomime in Leicester. In this pantomime was a chorus line of children called “The Sunbeams” and she made up her mind to become one of these dancers. The next year her mother took her along to audition for a part in the production of “Mother Goose”, Margaret was 11 years old at the time. After a lot of questioning and, in her mind, not a lot of dancing she obtained a part, not as a sunbeam but in the main production itself. In this production she and another girl where fitted with a costume that included a harness to which were attached two ropes and at the appropriate time in the show a man pulled the ropes and she flew high above the stage to meet the other girl in the middle. If it was not done to perfection, a terrible crash may have happened in full view of the audience. After this first run Margaret did a further four pantomimes in Leicester. Later she was asked if she would like to do a show in London, which of course she accepted. The role was in a chorus line and it meant appearing in a different theatre each week. This chorus line eventually became “The Tiller Girls” and one of the girls within the troupe at the time, Betty Boothroyd, was to become famous in later years as Speaker of the House of Commons. Whilst in London she stayed in a hostel with all the other girls, whilst very convenient to all the theatres, Greek Street, for that is where

it was, was also in the middle of Soho’s red light district so the doors were always well bolted at night. After a number of years in London, meeting many of the stars of the theatre, she requested a transfer to a show called “Out Of This World” at “The Winter Gardens” Blackpool as she had heard that the dressing rooms for the girls there where so much better that those she was used to in the old theatres of London. She did not realise it at the time but her next show would have been at the “London Palladium” but that was to come later. At The Winter Gardens she was doing two shows a night and with all the rehearsals, she did not get to see much of the seaside. She did however take part in a charity football match organised by Charlie Chester and Nat Jackley as the Stars vs. Blackpool Football Club which was refereed by Stanley Matthews. Her role was to run across the pitch in a very skimpy costume causing a diversion to both the players and the spectators who all cheered and whistled. This event raised £408 for the local TB hospital A 10 week run of shows followed at the London Palladium with top of the bill artists like Gracie Fields and Max Miller, then it was back to the Winter Gardens for “Aladdin” where a young Millicent Martin was just beginning her career together with a 16 year old Jean Marsh who Margaret understudied but never had to do the role. Various tours abroad followed, Gothenburg, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm then a tour to Cape Town in South Africa. After all the high life of the theatre, meeting the stars of stage and screen, Margaret came back to Leicester and married a local man settling down away from the

theatre. A reunion of past Tiller Girls was organised in 1986 when the pink champagne flowed once again over tales of past shows and long forgotten exploits in theatres long since demolished. • Our next meeting will be on the 6th October at the Jubilee Hall, Stadon Road, Anstey starting at 2.30pm when we will hear about “Dogs for the Disabled”.

Brian Rowlinson

Bradgate U3A Celebrates Two Years We are now well into our second year and what a journey we have had! At present we have 19 interest groups ranging from walking, theatre visits, games such as scrabble, mahjong, etc together with various crafts and of course our renown choir who have sung at a number of venues. As you can see there is no need to be alone, join with us and make new friends, rekindle old hobbies and venture into something different. Come and see us at the Anstey Gala and talk to us about the role of the U3A in the community.

Barbara Bradshaw Groups Co-ordinator.

         


    

My memory’s not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory’s not as sharp as it used to be.

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Changing Scenes Old photos of Anstey Village - from the Millennium Collection

Anstey Barrow Races 1961-4 John Sutherington being pushed by his mate Ritchie

The Old Hare & Hounds 34 Bradgate Road, ANSTEY T: 0116 236 2496 EVERY Thurs: QUIZ (Free to Enter-various prizes) EVERY Day: WII Games The Coach & Horses The Nook, ANSTEY Tel: 0116 236 5816 Sat 2 Oct: SOUL/MOTOWN EVERY Tues: KARAOKE EVERY Thurs: QUIZ (Music & General) EVERY Sun: FOLK/Acoustic Stadon Sports & Social Club 62a Bradgate Road, ANSTEY Tel: 0116 236 4542 New Members Welcome. Sat 25 Sept: JULIAN STONE Sat 30 Oct: LEE RICHARDS BINGO ~ Every Tues ~ 9pm Start. QUIZ 9pm Alternate Thurs: Sept 30th, 14th & 28th Oct (With Free Supper) The Crown INN Bradgate Road, ANSTEY T: 0116 235 0505 Every SUN: QUIZ Night/8.30pm

Groby Ex-Servicemen’s Club Leicester Road, GROBY Tel: 0116 287 1809 NOTICE TO MEMBERS New Members Welcome Sat 18 Sept: DAWN FURY Thurs 23 Sept: CHARITY SHOW Fri 24 Sept: PHIL JAMES Sat 25 Sept: CHRIS JONES (Buddy Holly) Fri 1 Oct: JAMIE LEIGH Sat 2 Oct: CHRISSY Fri 8 Oct: SWEET DEFINITY Sat 9 Oct: AJAY Sundays: Super Sunday ‘50’s The Field Head Hotel Markfield Lane, Markfield Tel: 01530 245454 Fri 8 Oct: Special :CHARITY RACE NIGHT All Welcome ~ 8pm TRIBUTE Nights All £2 Entry after 7pm. Fri 1 Oct: LILY ALLEN Fri 15 Oct: MADONNA

These days about half the stuff in my shopping cart says, “For fast relief.”



ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

A well-adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous.

ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Anstey Post Office has a permanent sub-postmaster

In our September 2010 issue, ANSTEY CLARION reported that Anstey Post Office had re-opened following a temporary closure. The re-opening was made possible when previous sub-postmaster Mr. Satish Popat took over as temporary sub-postmaster. Anstey Clarion has just been informed that Mr. Popat has decided to take on the post office officially on a permanent basis, and was appointed the sub-postmaster on August 1st 2010. He is now the official postmaster permanently until he chooses to sell. The Post Office situation has therefore been resolved fully, which is excellent news for Anstey villagers.

Charity coffee morning

A charity coffee morning was held at The Conservatory on Bradgate Road in August in aid of ‘Coping With Cancer’. A big thank you to all those who made the host of beautiful cakes, and thanks also to generous Anstey businesses - Brookside Nurseries, Broughtons & Forget Me Not, who helped Sharon Porter & her friends make the event a terrific success!

Sharon Porter Wise Words The world is a looking glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. William Makepeace Thackeray


New season, five wins, a draw and a narrow loss Certainly one of the best starts to a season for your local rugby club was had on Sunday 29th August when the day was spent at the Birstall Sevens tournament. Our first game was against the men of Birstall 2nds who looked the part and gave the impression they would be a hard nut to crack. From the start Anstey tore into them with the forwards making life difficult for the Birstall players. Anstey continually sucked in defenders and having made space put away the wide runners and ran out comfortable winners by 45-0. Our second game pitted us against the useful Burbage side who we had watched dispatch Castle Donnington. The opening exchanges were tense with Burbage having most of the ball but again the Anstey defence was top drawer and held. Anstey finally got their hands on the ball and immediately put scrum half Jon Bale in for the opening try. From then on it was all Anstey and the side ran out 26-0 winners. Anstey next played Castle Donnington who were improving with each game. The game was a little fractious mainly due to the opposition scrum half. Anstey scored first and led 7-0, however seemed to lose the composure and were drawn into a war of attrition and allowed the opposition to come back at them and win 10-7. The final league game was against Birstall who talked the talk and said they walked the walk. Anstey backed by the wind dominated the first half and led 10-0 at HT. Birstall though came back and drew level with 2 tries of their own making the final score 10-10. The draw for the semis saw Anstey pitted against Birstall 1s again. Anstey though had learned from earlier and upped their game. An early try saw Anstey lead 7-0 and although Birstall tried to fight back they were lacking the defensive cohesion of the Anstey side. In the second half Anstey scored 2 more tries and ran out 19-0 winners. In the final Anstey met Burbage who had again beaten Castle Donnington in the semis. Anstey knew they had the beating of them but had to prove it. Once more aching limbs were taken to the pitch and again the team ethos kicked in. The players put their bodies on the line for each other. Tackles rained in and Burbage were quite literally submerged in a sea of Black and silver. Having built a 31-0 lead Anstey relaxed and allowed the opposition a consolation try but in the end had won well. So Anstey won the Cup! The following Saturday, 4th September and back to the full 15 a side game. Anstey’s good start to the season continues with a workmanlike performance at Coventry Saracens. Dave Bucknor was first to score., following which Anstey dominated proceedings, however the home side defended well spoiling and slowing the ball at every opportunity, but it was Bucknor again who tapped and went from a penalty and scored his second try. Saracens responded well and took the game to Anstey. Defence though was good however just before the break Saracens scored a converted try and at half time Anstey led 7-10. The second half was much of the same. Anstey produced perhaps the best period of fluent play resulting in try’s for back rower John Gough and centre Shane White. One was converted by fullback Hobbs and Anstey ran out winners by 7-22. Home games are coming up in September where we entertain Coventry Tech and Coalville Social and aim to maintain the excellent start to the 2010/11 season. Anstey RFC are pleased acknowledge the financial help from our sponsors Words & Graphics with MyOwnPhotos

Chris Apperley, Chairman Anstey RFC visit for more information


Owning a pet comes with responsibilities Have you ever lost a much loved pet, especially a dog or a cat? Pet ownership is a big responsibility, especially if you own a dog. Owners need to be aware of the numerous laws relating to dogs and their rights and responsibilities in order to protect themselves and their dog. The Animal Welfare Act of 2006 increased and introduced new penalties to tackle acts of cruelty and neglect. It has also introduced a duty of care for all pet owners to provide for their animals. The Clean Neighbourhood Act of 2005 transferred the responsibility for strays from the Police to the local borough council. Neither is it the responsibility of the RSPCA. When a dog is lost or goes missing owners are advised to contact their local authority, Petlog, vets, dog shelters and the police - and put up posters in the area where it was last seen.

Get your pet micro-chipped In Charnwood the dog control officer regularly tours all parts of the borough and will seize and detain any stray dog he finds in a public place, either on patrol or in response to a complaint. Strays on private land can be captured, with the landowner’s consent. Under the Control of Dogs Order 1992 all dogs in a public place are now legally required to wear a collar and tag giving the name and address of the owner. It is an offence for a dog to be without identification. As a collar and tag can be easily lost it is advisable to have your dog / cat microchipped. Dogs with suitable identification will be returned to their owners free of charge on the first occasion. Dogs found without adequate identification, or which have strayed before, will be taken to the authority’s contractors’ kennels at College Garth in Hathern. The dog will be kept for the statutory 7 day period and if unclaimed will be made available for re-homing. Before a dog can be reclaimed by its owner, a fine, daily boarding charges and any veterinary fees incurred must be paid.

If You See a Stray If you want to report a a stray or lost dog, call 01509 634628 during office hours ( Monday to Thursday 08:30 to 17:00 and Friday 08:30 to 16:30). The dog control officer provides an out of hours collection and kennelling service from Mon to Friday 17:00 to 22:00 and Sat and Sunday 10:00 to 22:00 for stray dogs that have been reported to him and are in the possession of the finder. He can be contacted on 07895 490589.

Ken Schofield

Office: A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life.


ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

Two Prizes This Month! Win a £20 Red Lion Voucher Word Search Puzzle OR a Cream Tea for Two at Little Acorns Tea Rooms A K W I D G M T Y P K H J Q D















Name: ................................................................................................................


Address: ............................................................................................................. CHERRYLIPS

COLABOTTLES DOLLYMIXTURE ............................................................................Postcode: ............................. FLORALGUMS If FLUMPS you can find 12 TYPES OF SWEETS OR FRUITSALAD CONFECTIONERY in the Wordsearch grid above, you could win a £20 Dining Voucher to spend at The Red Lion in GOBSTOPPERS Rothley (First Prize) or a Cream Tea for Two at Little Acorns JELLYTOTS Tea Rooms, Inside Sevenoaks Garden Centre, Newtown LOVEHEARTS Linford. MIDGETGEMS All you have to do to go into the prize draw is find - and mark a line REFRESHERS through - the names of 12 TYPES OF SWEETS. These can run vertically, horizontally or diagonally (and backwards!). Send your marked entry forms to: SUGAR RUSH, Anstey Clarion, PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT to arrive by Friday 1st October 2010. Please remember to fill in your name and address. The sender of the first correct entry drawn out of the hat will win the £20 Red Lion Voucher (see advert opposite). The sender of the second correct entry drawn out of the hat will win the Little Acorns Cream Tea. Good luck!

Allotments Members & Friends Day The Cropston Road Allotment Association Members and Friends day took place on Saturday 21st August between 10am and 4pm and the cup for “Best Kept Allotment” was presented by Cllr. David Snartt to this year’s winner Mr. David Pollard.

Mr.Pollard’s name was engraved on the cup, and he also received a £20 voucher kindly donated by Brookside Nurseries in Anstey. There were also vouchers donated by Brookside Nurseries for “Second”, “Third”, and “Highly Commended” places in the judging. These went to Jack Flashman assisted by Jim Andrews, Robert Hill, and Ivan Leach respectively. There was a further prize for a newcomer - Martin Wormleighton for his half plot designated “Small but perfectly formed”. The weather was variable - sunny periods and showers and so it finished somewhat early. The event was supported by the local company “White Young and Green” and the “Anstey Co-op”, and Graham Barnes FCA audited the accounts of the Association.

Created by Puzzlemaker at, sponsorship by Scotc

Here are the items you have to find:

Richard Younie


Last issue’s TWO winners The winner of the Red Lion Voucher was: MRS SUE HARDY of Falcon Road, Anstey. The Little Acorns Voucher was won by PAM JONES of Link Road, Anstey. Congratulations! Your vouchers will be with you within 21 days.

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.


ANSTEY CLARION • Issue 22 • Late-SEPTEMBER 2010 • Tel: 01530 244069

LETTER Traffic problems in Andrew Road I am a resident of Andrew Road in Anstey and would like to express my concerns of the volume of traffic coming along our street. Due to the recent houses that have been built to make Palmerston Close facing and backing onto Kitchener Road, Roseberry Road and Andrew Road, I have noticed a signifcant difference in the volume of traffic travelling up Albion Street and along Andrew Road, and the speed at which the traffic travels is extremely alarming. There are a lot of children living in this area and I feel that it needs to be brought to the attention to the people who use this road to travel home to slow down or find a different route, The other problem that adds to this is the number of cars that are parked along the streets. This has been made worse by the recent development of houses being built within the area. I think that residents need to start being more neighbourly towards others with the respect that if you have a driveway or parking area to begin using it even if it’s at the back of your property. Some residents can have up to two or three cars to one household which tends to take up a lot of space, and there are some residents with small children and young families that have to park such along way from their property which can become stressful and hard work to take in shopping etc. This street is becoming more of a problem to a lot of residents and I feel as though these issues need to be raised before it gets worse. The new development that has been built on Albion Street Riverside Rental Accommodation will be the next thing to cause concern as yet more traffic will be travelling along Albion Street and Roseberry Road. The Council need to start considering the fact that us residents have to live here and accepting new developments being built in the area are creating us more problems and stress for traffic and parking. I feel that some sort of one way system should be put into place around this area to cut down the volume of traffic before it gets worse, Simply adding more double yellow lines to the streets is clearly not an option for the residents.

ENJOY DRUM LESSONS • Full Ebony/Gold Plated Premier Signia Kit Provided • All Grades (Trinity Guildhall-Rock School)/All Ages/All Areas Rock/Pop/Jazz/Orchestral Qualified Professional Drummer Home Visits If Required. Beginners (& Advanced) Welcome • KIT(S) BOUGHT & SOLD • • • •

A Friendly & Effective 1-2-1 Learning Experience

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Mrs Geary

Country Market - first Friday of the month

Following a successful trial run, the Women’s Institute Country Market will be coming to Anstey Methodist Church in The Nook on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month, every month, 9.00am -11.00am for home made cakes, savouries, (gluten free available also) jams, chutneys & marmalades, home grown plants, fruit & veg, hand made cards, crafts & jewellery: LOROS bookstall, Tea/Coffee. Free admission - Everyone welcome.



As part of our aftercare service, we now offer a monthly Bereavement Aftercare & Support Group, which has been set up to provide a FREE support service, not just to our clients, but to ANY bereaved person, irrespective of their age, creed, religion and length of bereavement. The group now meets on the 3rd Saturday of every month in the catering suite at Anstey & District Funeral Services between 10am and 12noon.

Next dates: Saturday 18th Sept & Saturday 16th Oct 2010 ARRAN BRUDENELL, Tel: 0116 234 0548

One armed butlers – they can take it but they can’t dish it out…

Funeral Plans from Anstey & District Funeral Service Ltd

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

� you pay today’s prices, no matter when you need our services � a guarantee to cover every cost within our control � your wishes are made clear well in advance, so you can ensure they will be carried out � you can choose from a range of plans or personalise your own � by making arrangements now, you will spare your loved ones the responsibility at a sad and difficult time � Save £100 if you purchase before 30 September 2010

(0116) 234 0548 or call in at

Anstey & District Funeral Service Ltd, Talbott House, Leicester Road, Anstey, Leicester LE7 7AT

• Wills & Probate • Personal Injury • Lasting Power of Attorney • Buying & Selling a Property • Re-Mortgages • Transfers of Ownership • Debt Recovery • Divorce & Separation • Tenancy Agreements & Disputes

Call Victoria or Kathryn on 01530 243 441 for free initial advice 181 Ulverscroft Lane, Markfield, LE67 9PL


Like many people, you may be considering making arrangements for a funeral. Pre-paid funeral plans offer a number of advantages and are becoming increasingly popular. At Anstey & District Funeral Service Ltd we’re proud to work with Golden Charter, the country’s leading provider of plans to independent funeral directors like us. This is why we recommend their plans –

If you’d like to discuss a funeral plan in confidence, we’ll gladly go through all the details with you. Please call us on

For all your legal requirements locally. We can help you with:


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