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More local land for sale as meadow purchase completed

Norman Griffiths reports that now the fishing lakes are for sale All residents of Groby now have a financial interest in a 4 acre meadow on Newtown Linford Lane, north of the A50, land which was scheduled to be auctioned on April 20th. Over two thirds of the purchase price of £60,000 was raised directly by subscription with individuals contributing £42,000 by buying shares at £200 each. The balance, a contribution of up to £25,000, came from the village as a whole from Parish Council funds. Following discussions with the vendor an agreement was reached on the purchase price thus avoiding the auction, and completion of the purchase was scheduled for May 11th. The price per acre of around £15,000 is said to be around twice the market value but significantly less than the £25,000 per acre which some forecast if there was a bidding war at auction. The land will ultimately be transferred by the Parish Council to a Village Community Trust and although the Council will be the largest single contributor early indications are that the Trust will be structured to ensure that there is a ceiling on it’s voting rights. Residents will continue to be allowed to buy shares if they wish and this will also reduce the proportion held by the Council. It is anticipated that the Community Trust will consult widely on the use to which the land will be put and local

Are YOU Talented? If so, you may be interested in performing at the Groby Street Fair & Ceilidh on 25th June. See pages 10 and 24 for more information about this fantastic community event.

resident Alistair Cooper, who led the bid to buy the land, told the Leicester Mercury it was about giving control back to the residents, adding that it will will not be for building on. As soon as the deal was signed action was taken to prevent unauthorised access to the land by the excavation of a deep trench.

Fishing lakes offered at £480,000 Within a day of the purchase, a more substantial piece of land in the same area came on the market for £480,000, around £9,000 an acre. The 53 acres on offer, which include the fishing lakes and the former pick your own site, are divided into three lots. Lot 1 (19.90 acres) includes the three fishing lakes and the agents say it has potential, subject to consent from the Caravan Club, for a an informal privately-owned caravan site for up to 5 touring caravans. The fishery business currently has a turnover of approximately £15,000. Also included is planning permission for a new facilities building which could house a clubhouse and café, as well as a new car parking area. The area of land between Pheasant Lake and Kingfisher Lake has been identified for the construction of 3 fish rearing ponds. Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council have confirmed that prior approval of the proposed development is not required. Lot 2 (18.05 acres), which is pasture, has planning permission for the removal of the hedgerow and construction of 2 new agricultural storage sheds (5,295 sq ft) in the south western corner of the field. The land is laid to pasture and arable and enclosed by mature hedgerows. The third lot (14.94 acres) benefits from 2 entrances off Newtown Linford Lane, a direct access and a shared access through the entrance to Lot 1 and via a small paddock on the roadside. This pasture land land also has permission for a new cattle shed (2,775 sq ft) on the northern boundary and some footings have been excavated to trigger development. Tim Howard, at Howkins and Harrison, who are handling the sale said that although the land has only been on the market for a few weeks there have been many enquiries.

Groby Gardening Society

Don’t Miss the Annual Plant Sale at Groby Village Hall on Saturday 14th May The Groby Gardening Society Annual Plant Sale takes place on the morning of Saturday 14th May - 10 am start. Be there early to avoid disappointment!

Borough Council Election Results GROBY WARD BATTY, Peter Raymond The Conservative Party Candidate Votes: 1157 ELECTED CARTWRIGHT, Martin Brett Liberal Democrats Votes: 1053 ELECTED LINDSAY, Helen Gillies The Conservative Party Candidate Votes: 994 HOLLICK, Ted Liberal Democrats Votes: 890 GRIFFITHS, Katharine Ann The Labour Party Candidate Votes: 416 HERD, Jeannie The Labour Party Candidate Votes: 265 Turnout: 46.2%

Markfield, Stanton & Field Head Ward LAY, Matthew Russell The Labour Party Candidate Votes: 1391 ELECTED SPRASON, Sue Conservative Party Candidate Votes: 1158 ELECTED FURLONG, Andrew Charles The Labour Party Candidate Votes: 896 JOYCE, Colin George Liberal Democrats Votes: 101 ROBINSON, Noel Liberal Democrats Votes: 91 WHITE, Barry Conservative Party Candidate Votes: 802 Turnout: 52.61%

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After four karate lessons, I can now break a two inch board with my cast.

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Hair-raising moment for Groby store worker

A store worker from Groby went through a hairraising time in April to help his favourite charity.

Nick Sullivan (27) from Midlands Co-operative foodstore in Groby, lost his locks to raise money for his store’s staff-elected charity the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association. Nick said: “I wanted to raise money for our staff-elected charity and as my hair had grown quite long I thought it would be a fun thing to do. We also held a raffle for the charity and between the two events managed to raise over £200 for the MND Association. I would like to thank our customers for their generous donations and my colleagues for their support.”

Composed and published in the Parish of Groby & Field Head. Printed in Ellistown by Norwood Press.

Nick Sullivan before being attacked by Store Manager Paul Simpson (aka the Demon Barber of Groby Co-Op)

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ALL FINISHED - LOOK OUT - IT’S HARRY HILL! Sharon Evans, Store Supervisor, helpfully applies the Pledge.

Crop circles appear on Nick’s head


Meadow purchase is an example of the Big Society in action Following the publication of ‘Groby in the late 1950s’ and my final wish that the residents of Groby continue to fight any plans to develop what Countryside remains around us, the tremendous response to saving the Meadow through funds raised in a Community Trust has been a marvellous example of the Big Society in action. We should be grateful to Alistair Cooper for coming up with the idea and Councillor Peter Batty for galvanising the Parish Council into supporting action and of course the 200 plus Groby residents who bought shares. A wonderful effort in so short a time. My preferred suggestion for its use would be for this area to be replanted and returned to a wild-flower meadow, but have natural pathways formed with a pond and seating so the Community have a pleasant and tranquil place to visit.

David Hartridge

I hate it when my foot falls asleep during the day, because that means it will be up all night.

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LETTERS Lovestruck Robin

My wife has a very tame Robin which will feed from her hand. If he is feeling hungry he comes and sits on the very top of the bird table until he gets my wife’s attention. When she goes out with food he immediately starts feeding while she is still putting food onto the bird table. Yesterday he sat on top of the bird table but instead of feeding as usual he just sat there giving a call then a female robin flew in and he let her feed while he stood guard before helping himself. Do you think he is in love?

John Eley

Praise for new BMX track A big well done with the BMX Track This Easter, with the weather as it is, has had a big turnout by the local children On the new track, it has also been good for the parents to be able to sit out on the embankment watching the youngsters having fun. The only problem is that a lot more litter bins are required for drink cans and bottles, It’s thirsty work on this track, I have seen adults collecting the rubbish, but these good Samaritans can’t be there all the time, then people will start to complain, The kids are off the streets and safe, lets not spoil it.

John Burford Marina Drive

News from the Allotments A report in the Daily Telegraph stated that a third of us would be growing most of our own fruit and vegetables this coming year. Of those questioned 37% said they would grow half or more of their needs. The survey added that in this country the queues on the waiting lists for plots exceeds 91,000 and the sale of vegetable seeds had out stripped the sale of flower seeds for the first time. Our committee is still seeing a constant demand for plots on Ratby Road and Orchard Close sites. February is the rent month when we are able to reallocate plots vacated either through ill health or people moving out of the village. Plots will occasionally be available during the year but February is our busy month. Fourteen have changed tenants, which leaves a waiting list of 14. If you are on the list and wish to know your place on the list and you know the month of your application you can visit our website and view your progress towards receiving a plot Until recently we could accept applications from outside the village but owing to village demand we cannot now do so. Things do change however, so any change in this direction will be pasted on our website ( I was explaining to a lady crossing the plots how allotments were changing and that I was putting this article together. Out of the blue she gave me a first hand account of allotment life in Nottingham when she was young. She would go with her father to the plots on a Sunday morning and come twelve o’clock, she and father would walk to the local pub, she pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with allotment produce. Father was inside drinking, she stood outside the pub door selling the produce. This provided father’s drinking money. The annual weeks holiday for the family was spent on the plot

Christopher and friend enjoying a day on their mother’s plot. living in an old army tent, cooking food from the plot on a pot bellied stove. If broad beans were on the menu and some left over for the following day they would be fried up with bacon. To a child this would be excitement but to parents with very little money to spare, an economical holiday. Times have changed, well the tents have but some sheds now resemble seaside chalets and the plots have formal raised beds and timber edging nicely painted with bark chipping walkways. Comfortable chairs placed either side of the door in which to relax, drink tea or a stronger beverage. Contentedly watching crops

grow sounds idyllic doesn’t it but it comes with a price both in cash and labour. Allotments are hard work, which is sometimes underestimated. It is unfortunate that we have to remind tenants to abide by the tenancy agreement, which isn’t always easily accepted. However as I have said before we manage for the good of our members, which is appreciated. Good news, we have a new committee representative on Orchard Close plots, Mrs.Hayley Gill, plot 6, She will be your direct line to the committee and will have a height barrier key. By now we will all be aware of the forthcoming Street Fair on

Why don’t people who believe in reincarnation leave all their money to themselves?

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Report From John Thornton

Fathers help you cope with stress

Fathers play a unique role in the mental health of their children later in life. Those who have had good and fond relationships with their fathers tend to be less emotional when coping with stressful incidents. The study, carried out at California State University, concluded: “Perhaps having attentive and caring parents equips children with the experiences and skills necessary to more successfully navigate their relationships with other people.”

Markfield Road, which will take place on the 25th June. Our Society will be represented. We are arranging to have a stall which will be selling allotment and garden produce, flowers, herbs and potted vegetable plants, produce from the kitchen, jams, pickles, cakes, biscuits etc. Sadhana will be tempting us with Indian delicacies. We require books and magazines on garden related subjects. Help will also be needed in setting up, pricing and managing the stall. This will only be a success with your help so please contact one of our three

RAISED BEDS: This must be the ultimate in a formal plot complete with an elaborate runner bean “gallows” structure. At the top is a screened seated area, which will eventually have sweet peas, entwined. Superb but expensive and hard work to construct. organisers: janemarston@talktalk. net, Tel 0116 2321384, Sadhana., helen_box@ we look forward to an enjoyable day.

When will you retire?

It seems that nine in 10 of us who are currently in our early 50s are hoping to hang on in there. We are concerned about our standard living in retirement, whether or not we have pensions. (Apparently high earners with pensions in place are nearly as concerned as low earners with no private pension in place.) The research was carried out by the Institute of Education at the University of London.

The only cure for insomnia is to get more sleep.

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Aren’t conspiracy theorists great? They just won’t believe ANYTHING that the authorities tell them. When astronauts are filmed walking on the Moon, these skeptics refuse to accept the evidence at face value. Instead, they pose lots of annoying questions which the experts either ignore, or fail to answer in a convincing way. ‘Why are the shadows convergent on the Moon when they shouldn’t be?’ ask the conspiracy theorists. ‘Why was no moon dust blown up onto the feet of the Lunar Module when it touched down?’ they enquire. ‘And how did the astronauts take such well-framed photos without the benefit of a viewfinder on the camera?’ On 9/11, the conspiracy theorists want to know why three steel framed skyscrapers all collapsed vertically into their footprint, despite being damaged in distinctly different ways. One building (World Trade Centre 7) collapsed as if it had been demolished, without ever being hit by a plane. ‘How come?’ they ask. And, again, the official explanation is unconvincing. Most of us tend to believe what our governments tell us simply because they can’t imagine the authorities being party to such massive deception. When we point this out, the conspiracy theorists then remind us of the Weapons of Mass Destruction which were never found in Iraq... So who CAN we believe? I’ve come to the conclusion that everything we are told needs to be treated with a degree of skepticism. Unless you worked on NASA’s Apollo Moon Missions, for example, how do you know that men actually walked on the Moon? I remember watching the live TV coverage from the surface of the Moon in 1969 - but how do I know that the pictures weren’t being beamed from a film set in Area 51? The answer is - I don’t. And neither do you. IS FRED RIGHT? Is nothing true any more? Or is he turning into a Flat-Earther? In this age of instant information, are we being fed disinformation by the people in charge of the planet? And if so, why?


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Millennium Green News The Easter Egg Hunt which was held on Easter Monday was a great success.

The weather was kind to us, being sunny and warm with only a light breeze. Sixty-two children registered and were rewarded with an egg when they completed the ‘hunt’. Their names were entered into a prize draw for a larger egg at the end of the morning. Older children and some adults tried their hand at a ‘fun’ quiz, all the answers being on the Green. Refreshments were provided and people stayed for a time to enjoy the attractions of the Green. This year has been very good for blossom on the trees and now in the hedges. Not so good for hay-fever sufferers, but lovely to look at. It was colder and more unsettled for the Picnic on the Green to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Only three or four groups took the chance to use the Green for a celebratory tea. However those who did enjoyed themselves and bunting and flags added to the occasion. The Plant Sale is being held on Saturday May 28th from 10.30 to 12.00 (noon) on the Millennium Green. There is usually a good selection of bedding plants for sale as well as perennials. We welcome donations of plants if you have too many for your own use. Please deliver them to the Green on the morning of the Sale or phone 0116 2991868 if you wish to have them collected earlier in the week.

Women who know their place

Barbara Walters, of 20/20 (ABC’s prime time news magazine programme), did a story on gender roles in Kabul, Afghanistan, several years before the Afghan conflict. She noted that women customarily walked five paces behind their husbands. She recently returned to Kabul and observed that women still walk behind their husbands. Despite the overthrow of the oppressive Taliban regime, the women now seem happy to maintain the old custom. Ms Walters approached one of the Afghani women and asked, ‘Why do you now seem happy with an old custom that you once tried so desperately to change?’ The woman looked Ms Walters straight in the eyes, and without hesitation said: ‘Land mines.’

What do Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist have in common? Their middle name.

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New books at Groby Library Aren’t libraries brilliant? You can just walk in - join for free - and then borrow books without paying! Absolutely fantastic. Here are a few of the terrific recent titles available at Groby Library.

Encyclopedia Of Classic Saturday Night Telly By Jack Kibble-White and Steve Williams Reminisce about the shows you loved with this hilarious guide to the nation’s best-loved telly programmes. Saturday night is the happiest night of the week. Most of us have fond memories of sitting on the floor in front of the telly with our family crowding out the sofa behind us. In this witty and nostalgic romp through the highlights and lowlights of Saturday night telly, Jack Kibble-White and Steve Williams remind us of the great, the iconic, the hilarious and the just plain embarrassing moments that have made Saturday night television so entertaining.

The Great Perhaps By Joe Meno Meet the Caspers . . . Jonathan is a palaeontologist, searching in vain for a prehistoric squid. His wife, Madeline, an animal behaviourist, cannot explain why the pigeons she is studying are becoming increasingly aggressive. Their older daughter Amelia is a fervent anti-capitalist and disappointed teenage revolutionary, while their younger, Thisbe, has become a devout Christian. Meanwhile, the girls’ grandfather, Henry, is slowly absenting himself from life. Before he can absent himself altogether, however, Jonathan and Madeline decide to separate – and, suddenly, each family member has to confront their fears about the world in which they live.

Broken Hearts

Mama Dearest

By Grace Monroe Cross your heart and hope to live! Evil has arrived in Edinburgh. When a man’s corpse is found with its heart expertly removed, the gruesome keepsake prompts police and the media to resurrect the name of one of the country’s most infamous killers - Romeo. This twisted modus operandi is identical to a twenty-year-old case, that of Brendan Fallon and Renee Richardson; two ten-year olds found guilty of kidnap, murder and mutilation. But having served their time, the killers were released under new identities and the case was put to rest. Until now! Are the Romeo killings beginning again or is a copycat on the loose?

By E.Lynn Harris Ambitious singer, actress and Broadway bombshell Yancey Harrington Braxton is on top of the world when the sudden reappearence of her long-lost daughter turns her world upside down. But when Yancey learns that her daughter wishes to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she begins to make peace with the past she’s struggled to keep hidden. A sweeping novel about mothers and daughters, secrets and lies, Mama Dearest will capture and enchant audiences everywhere.

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Groby company launches an ‘app that could save lives’ The thousands of staff who work on their own (commonly known as lone workers) could find themselves protected by a new mobile phone app specifically designed to keep them safe. The Lone Worker app from Groby based company Voice Connect, was launched inn April on the Nokia, Apple and Windows platforms. The device allows lone workers to set a remote alarm on their mobile phone so that if they are not out of a meeting or in a location by a pre-planned time, a colleague will be notified that something may have gone awry. In addition, the lone worker’s movements can also be traced online using a GPS signal sent from their phone. “Regular signals sent from the phone are transmitted so that the whereabouts of the worker can be traced to within a few metres of their last signal and can be viewed on a Google Maps aerial view of the location,” explains Voice Connect’s Technical Director David Harrison. “Previous known locations can also be seen so that help can be quickly dispatched if required.” Voice Connect first created a product to help lone workers almost a decade ago and their systems have proved popular with NHS trusts, utility companies and councils. But until now smaller organisation such as estate agents, GPs or companies with a mobile external sales force have been unable to use such systems because of the number of users needed to make them viable. “This new mobile app really changes things,” comments Voice Connect’s MD Stefan Olsberg. “It means that any organisation, large or small, can have a robust system in place to protect staff who work on their own away from the office. They are amongst the most vulnerable employees in the community, but now their location can be monitored and checked, with help sent on its way within seconds.”

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Groby Parish Council needs your help

Village Green

Groby Parish Council are requesting past and present residents of Groby who used the piece of land at Groby Road, Ratby (next to the cemetery and where the appeal was turned down for planning permission to build 133 houses) as recreational space, to come forward with written statements of evidence, including any photographs or maps relevant to the application for registration of this land as a “Village Green”. Any and all information is required to be lodged with the Clerk by FRIDAY 20th MAY 2011. The date for Notice of Public Inquiry Hearing is 13th June 2011 commencing at 10.00am and continuing as necessary on 15th and 16th June 2011.

Are You A Knitter?

We Need Your Help To Raise Money For Local Older People Age Concern Leicester Shire & Rutland is thrilled to confirm that the 2011 Big Knit has just been signed off by Innocent drinks – so it’s all systems go! Once again, we shall be looking for willing helpers to knit the little hats which will then be sold on Innocent Smoothie bottles in November. The donation which we receive is 25p per hat to raise much-needed funds to help older people this coming winter. Peter Ralphs, Business Development Manager for the charity said; “Last year, Age Concern Leicester Shire & Rutland delivered an unbelievable total of 31,700 hats - worth a fantastic £7,925 to help local older people. We shall really need lots of help if we are to match this challenging total, and it would be fantastic if we could break this record! The simple knitting pattern is the same as last year and will shortly be available from Clarence House in Humberstone Gate and Lansdowne House, 113 Princess Road East, by post or online at If you don’t fancy knitting yourself, wool and needles can be donated to Age Concern Centres. For more information on the Big Knit contact Age Concern Leicester Shire & Rutland on 0116 2237344. Please send your knitted hats in to Age Concern Leicester Shire & Rutland (Ref: BDM), Lansdowne House, 113 Princess Road East, Leicester, LE1 7LA by the end of September.

Next time I want to send an idiot on some errand, I’ll go myself.

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Being politically correct means always having to say you’re sorry.

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12 NOON TIL 8PM • Ceilidh will start at 5pm 233487

07/04/2011 18:16

In June, your Lucky Programme can be obtained from various shops in the village for £1 Prizes include: Hamper donated by Sainsbury Cathy Stephens £50 voucher Lunch for a family of 4 at The Old Thatched Inn, Stanton-u-Bardon All Blacks Official World Cup Rugby shirt

Just a sample of attractions at the Fair: Climbing wall • Laser Quest • Bouncy Castles Face Painters • Roundabout • Bungie Run Morris Dancers • Stilt Walker Live Ceilidh Band plus over 35 various stalls Further details for stalls can be obtained from

0116 287 6724 or 01530 243469 Keep watching the Spotlight for more information!

Humans were invented by water, for transporting it uphill.

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Royal Wedding Day at Groby Club


Diary Date

Elizabeth Woodville Summer Fair Don’t miss the Elizabeth Woodville School Summer Fair! It takes place on Saturday 18th June from 11:00am until 1:30pm.


This tale comes from a Roman Catholic elementary school. . .

Groby Club Members celebrated Royal Wedding Day in fantastic style with an outdoor party on the club car park. A great time was had by all - especially the children, who consumed mountains of ice cream! Photo supplied by John Hagan.

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Send us the details, cost of item and your contact phone number for the display box, together with your home address for our purposes only (not for publication). Max 4 items, please. Max price: £300. See page 3 for Spotlight contact details.

Up at the head table in the school cafeteria, one of the nuns had placed a big bowl of bright red, fresh, juicy apples. Beside the bowl, she placed a note which read, “Take only one. Remember, God is watching.” At the other end of the table was a bowl full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven. Beside the bowl lay a little note scrawled in a child’s handwriting which read: “Take all you want. God is watching the apples.”

Local trainees Ian and Melissa build for their futures with Lovell

Affordable housing developer Lovell is giving two construction trainees from Leicestershire their first taste of careers in the construction industry by giving them the chance to work on a major housing improvement programme the company is carrying out in Blaby. Ian McGann, who lives in Groby, and Melissa Everitt, from Newbold Heath, have joined the Lovell team working on a £24 million, four-year scheme to refurbish more than 2,200 homes for Three Oaks Homes. Ian, 19, has been recruited to the company’s apprentice training programme as a trainee carpenter. Melissa, 20, has been taken on as a trainee administrative assistant – a year-long placement which forms part of her Higher National Certificate (HNC) qualification in Business, Law, Marketing and Finance. With support from Lovell, Ian will be working his way towards an NVQ Level 2 qualification in Carpentry and Joinery. In addition, he will attend the Lovell Craft Training Academy at Stephenson College in Coalville on a day-release basis to complete the theoretical side of his studies. Throughout his apprenticeship, Ian will receive expert guidance from Lovell regional training advisor Sharon Tyer who oversees his training. “Working on site has been brilliant – it’s really varied so I’m constantly learning new things,” says Ian. “I want to gain as much practical carpentry experience as I can and then see where that takes me.” Melissa, who is in the second year of her two-year HNC course, will provide administrative support to the Lovell site team and also be the first port of call for any residents whose homes are being refurbished under the improvement programme. Like Ian, she will also attend Stephenson College on day-release to achieve the academic element of her qualification. “I’m really grateful to Lovell for giving me the chance to develop my skills – everyone in the team is really helpful and there’s always somebody to ask if there is something I’m unsure of,” says Melissa. “When I’ve completed my HNC, I’m hoping to pursue a career in either marketing, advertising or human resources. Whatever I choose to do, I know that the experience I’ve gained during my placement with Lovell will stand me in good stead.”

Live within your income, even if you have to borrow to do so.

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Local and national

How to Save an Hour Every Day

From Norman Griffiths

Few takers for Parish Council vacancies

By Michael Heppell

There are 5 familiar faces who will be missing from the new Parish Council, though one of them hopes to be back very soon.

Would you like an extra hour a day, every day of your life, to do whatever you want with? If this sounds like an impossible dream, then here’s the good news: that extra hour really can be yours! This easy-read book is high impact and full of brilliant ideas, tactics and suggestions that are all designed to save you valuable time. If you are willing to invest just an hour of your time to read it, pick out the ideas that leap out to you and put them into action, you’ll create extra time every single day in a way you wouldn’t believe could be possible. Among other things you will: · overcome procrastination and make better, faster decisions · unearth hidden time for you – time to do the important things · discover powerful new ways to organise your time and your life · find out how to deal with the deadly ‘time sappers’ · streamline and simplify absolutely everything you do – both at work and in the home We’re sure you’ll find more time every day. What you do with it is up to you . . . AMAZON PRICE: £6.10 (Paperback)

Groby Village Society Preservation • Conservation • Communal Interests

Forthcoming Events Thursday May 26 Images of Madagascar Miss Pat North Thursday June 23 William Morris & England’s Silk Road Mr. David Ray Meetings are held at Groby Village Hall Starting at 7.30pm. For Further Details Contact Hon. Secretary Mr. P. Castell Tel. 0116 287 9842 e-mail:- Non Members are Welcome

Martin Cartwright, Bob McQuillin, Leigh Quilter, and Janet Smith have all decided to step down. David Stockill will also be missing, but this was unplanned as it was his intention to put himself forward for re-election, but he missed the deadline for the submission of the nomination forms. “A postal error was the reason for papers going missing,” he explained, “it was never my intention not to stand and I just did not get the chance. I do have to say for the record that there is no blame being laid at the door of the Parish Council. I should have collected them, yes, but also should have been informed that they had been posted.” “It is not my wish to stand down, at present I am doing everything in my power to be placed back on the council if that is the wish of the council come the next Council session. I have made it clear that I am happy to be co-opted back onto the council and wish to still be a strong member of the council come it’s new session. I want to still be a part of the Parish Council and be involved in the new foot print of the future of the village,” he added, “so I will be waiting for the chance to have my name reinstated onto the council via any means possible.”

No Parish Council election In contrast to David Stockill’s commitment to the Parish Council is the reluctance of new members to come forward, and this resulted in no election this year as there were insufficient applicants to fill all the seats. There are two new members, County Councillor Robert Fraser and Daljit Ghai, and three vacancies, one of which Mr Stockill wishes to fill. Others may come forward when the vacancies are advertised. When the new council convenes they will have to decide how to fill the three vacancies. If there are more than three candidates this could be by another election. Alternatively it could be left to Parish Councillors to choose by co-option from any names put forward. If there are the same number of candidates as vacancies electors may find co-option satisfactory. But if there are more candidates than vacancies electors - and Councillors - may prefer the transparency which an election brings rather than leaving it to members to make the choice for them, despite the cost.

The rise and fall of the Toad Party One of the odder statistics tucked away amongst the national election results on the BBC website is the news that the Toad Party lost a seat on May 5th. The oddly named party seems to have been active in Rochdale and if the information is correct they held on to a seat on the council for some years after the party was founded by Martin Harwood in 1995, though there seems to be very little information available. Mr Harwood, who gave his address as Toad Hall, died in 2003 at the age of 69. He was educated at Manchester University and worked as a surveyor for Bury Council. He was always a keen environmentalist which led him to

This would be really funny if it weren’t happening to me.

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election review setting up the Toad Party. The party fielded candidates in several wards in the town with Mr Harwood declaring that he was ‘spawning a new political dynasty’. In addition to his environmental interests Mr Harwood was an accomplished musician, setting up the Spodden Valley Jazz Band. He was also a founder member of Rochdale Jazz and Blues Club and played cornet. The party contested at least three local elections. It’s said that the Toad Party was against cruelty to all amphibians - particularly toads – but that behind the humour was a serious message of care for the environment.

Groby voters hedge their bets At the local level it didn’t matter which of the two leading parties took control at Hinckley and Bosworth when the poll closed at 10pm on election day as Groby voters had elected one member from the Conservatives and one from the Liberal Democrats. After an election every party looks for some good news in the result, and last week’s poll is probably no exception. And there seems to be something for everyone to take comfort from, even if they weren’t elected. There was a 46% turnout this time with 1,150 more votes being cast than in the 2007 election, so nearly 600 more people turned out or had a postal vote, assuming that most used both their votes. The Labour Party, who last had a Borough Councillor elected in Groby in 1997, made some headway in what was called a two horse race between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats . Although the Labour Party came third it seems that by putting forward two candidates instead of one the party managed to increase it’s share of the total votes cast from 12% to 14%. Nationally they gained 800 seats and control of another 26 councils. Conservative councillor Peter Batty was returned with 78 more votes than last time, reflecting the national picture which gave the party more than 80 new councillors and control of at least 4 extra councils, which will be considered a good result for a mid term election. By contrast nationally and across the East Midlands the Lib Dems were thrashed and they lost nearly 700 seats and the control of many councils. But in Groby their share of the total number of votes cast increased from 15% to over 40%, resulting in the election of Martin Cartwright, previously one of the Conservative members for the village. When Councillor Cartwright was not reselected as a candidate for the party he said that he had decided to stand for the Lib Dems as he felt that if he was elected he would be part of the controlling group at Hinckley unless there was a change of control. Two Parish Councillors, Helen Lindsay who is Chair of Groby in Bloom and Ted Hollick, who produced the Groby Flyer newspaper for many years, will be disappointed not to have been elected but both can take comfort from achieving a respectable vote for their first attempt to gain a seat on the Borough Council. In Markfield, Stanton and Field Head the two seats were won again by Matthew Lay for Labour and Sue Sprason for the Conservatives. Another Groby Parish Councillor threw his hat into the Borough council ring. Norman McCausland, stood as a Conservative candidate in Barlestone, Nailstone and Osbaston and came runner up to the Lib Dem, polling 367 votes.

Election Results

Candidates for Groby

Party Votes

Peter Batty (Elected)



Martin Cartwright (Elected)

Liberal Democrat


Helen Lindsay



Ted Hollick

Liberal Democrat


Katharine Griffiths

Labour 416

Jeanie Herd

Labour 265 Candidates elected for Markfield & Field Head

Matthew Lay

Labour 1391

Sue Sprason



All statistics based on information available on 7 May 2011

If vampires have no reflection, how come they have such neat hair?



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Loads of fun for all at the Bedford Drive Street Party

We held our street party on Friday 29th of April on “Bedford Drive” Groby between 2.00 - 6.00 p.m.

National Trust Leicester Association Up until the end of last year, National Trust wardens and volunteers had planted 300,000 cottongrass plants to help preserve the peat bogs around Kinder Scout in the Peak District.

We had over 60 people at the party and the weather stayed dry but windy. Most of the street residents took part (except for those away on holidays). We closed the road, decorated the street and laid out the Tables and Benches in the middle of the road. We had an official opening by a local Groby Parish Councillor (Mr. Jim Coley), we had a buffet, games (egg & spoon race, build a hat competition, pass the parcel, etc.). There was also a raffle, tombola, bran tubs, and a name the teddy competition. We had Live Music to end the afternoon. The idea was first mooted to me by a street resident at a New Years Eve Party, and we had our first residents’ meeting in February to discuss this party. At the finish we had 5 meetings, filled in the Risk Assessment and the Forms from the Council for permission to close the road. This was granted. We also had to obtain Public Liability Insurance. Hinckley & Bosworth Council were absolutely superb in helping us. We had even arranged for the Re-Cycling of the Street to be carried out First (to enable us to put up the bunting etc). Our road was serviced by 9.00 a.m.

Ash Kotecha Organiser

Online MORI Survey - HAVE YOUR SAY Do you want the Children’s Heart Centre at Glenfield Hospital to stay open? If you want the Children’s Heart Centre at Glenfield Hospital to remain open, please make your views known by taking part in an online MORI survey at:

I’ve had amnesia for as long as I can remember.

However, over recent years wildfires, overgrazing, air pollution and armies of walkers have had a devastating affect on the vegetation cover to the peat. Heavy rainfall has then washed away the exposed peat, in some areas forming large gullies up to 3m deep. The National Trust is therefore embarking on a radical restoration project to save the whole of the area for future generations. All the land in the Kinder Scout area will be enclosed, for at least a ten year period, with temporary fencing to keep out the sheep, but not people who will still have access. The degraded peat landscape will then be restored by gully-blocking, brash spreading and moorland revegetation. So do continue to walk in the Kinder Scout area but be aware that this huge project is under way to save the landscape. Also remember that slightly closer to home the Trust also owns large tracts of land in Dovedale, the Manifold Valley and the Ilam Park Estate, all of which offer excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. For information on the NT Leicester Association and its Talks Service call, 0116 2229133

Alan Tyler

Chairman, NT Leicester Association

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Proposed introduction of Dog Control Orders

Your Views Needed by 30th June Groby Parish Council recognises that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible owners who pick up after their dogs and keep them under proper control.

However there are minority of people who do not and this creates a number of problems which residents have asked the Council to deal with. In order to provide a safer and cleaner environment for residents and visitors, Groby Parish Council is proposing to introduce dog control orders. Groby Parish Council’s own “Wardens” will be patrolling the village over the next months and have the authority to issue on the spot fines of £100 to dog owners who fail to clean up after their dogs. This can rise to £1,000 for repeat offences or if taken to Court. A public consultation on the proposed new orders is now taking place, and anybody wishing to make a representation about the orders can find further details of how to do this in the information below. The proposed new orders can be viewed at Anyone who wishes to do so may make a representation about these proposals by submitting their comments in writing to The Clerk to the Council, Parish Council Offices, Village Hall, Leicester Road, Groby, Leicester, LE6 0DQ or email The consultation ends at midnight – 30th June 2011.

Whenever I think about the past, it brings back so many memories.


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On Monday 5th October 2009, local BMX enthusiast Jamie West gave a presentation about BMX cycling to Groby Parish Council.

BMX track a huge success Norman Griffiths finds that the cyclists are delighted

Jamie, a father of three who has lived in Groby for 25 years, has been a BMX fan for years. Following his presentation the Council agreed to undertake a tender exercise for three quotes for the design and build of a BMX track at Marina Park along the lines as seen in the presentation and to obtain three quotes for the resurfacing of the car park and associated works. Members also agreed to set aside £1,000 to enable the creation of a BMX Club membership scheme and to cover the associated administration costs.

The wheels stop turning Twelve months later the project had virtually ground to a halt. The Council had wanted to provide a high quality track at an estimated cost of £45,000, but fencing and low level lighting added another £29,000. In order to deliver this scheme, external top up grant funding was needed which would have to be applied for by the proposed BMX club, with no guarantee of success. There was little enthusiasm locally for this arrangement and at a meeting

held at the Village Hall on October 28th to discuss all options, it soon became clear that the preferred option was to use the available funds to provide a more modest track. The alternative of more delays and the uncertainties which applying for grants would bring found little support.

Revised proposal approved By the Parish Council meeting on November 1st the scheme had been revised by dropping the

provision of lighting, the starting gate and the fencing, and that this brought the estimated cost within the cash set aside by the Council. Jamie West, who had played a key role in delivering the BMX proposals, was delighted. “The approved scheme has not compromised the quality of the track being proposed and will provide an excellent facility for today’s young (and old) of Groby as well as for future generations,” he said at the time. “We hope that

a club can be formed as soon as possible so we can start to deliver a structured training to those who want it and provide a safe environment for those who just wish to ride on a casual basis. We expect that once built the track will be a great success and the envy of surrounding villages.” Less than six months later the track is open, with the contractors handing over the site in time for Easter and one older rider enjoying the ride at 5.30am. There is more

Churches Together in Groby

Sun 15th May at 6.30pm at St. Philip and St. James Christian Aid Week is 15th – 21st May and the two churches will be distributing and collecting envelopes as in previous years. If we don’t manage to call in your street, all is not lost. Drop a donation in to either church, in a clearly marked envelope. The Groby collections are always very successful; we regularly raise over £4,000 …let’s keep it that way! Information about Christian Aid’s work is available at There’s a lot we can do.

Help people in poverty out of poverty

Fair Cuppa: an opportunity to meet with friends at the village hall. All tea/coffee is fair-trade Every Thursday, 10.00—11.30am.

Urban Saints During term time, held at the URC chapel: games, friends, crafts and a Christian basis to discussions. - for 5’s to 14’s on Mon evenings at 3.45pm, 6.30pm or 7.45pm - for 15-18’s on Wed evenings at 7.30pm - for 15-18’s o Fri at 7.30pm More details on the church websites Sunday services: please see websites and church magazines St. Philip and St. James Revd. Louise Corke 231 3090 United Reformed Church Mrs Norma Whittaker 287 6606 Children/Youth Worker Deb Goodhead 07730 596309

I bought a house on a one-way, dead-end road. I don’t know how I got there.

Groby & Field Head Spotlight • Mid-MAY 2011 • Tel: 01530 244069 work to carry out with car park resurfacing taking place provisionally on 17th May, followed by the line painters shortly after completion, then the shelter installation and signs. The work is likely to be completed by early June.

Track delights users Jamie West is thrilled by the public response following the opening of the track. “It has been a resounding success,” he said, “and at one point on the opening weekend it was observed that there were in excess of 50 riders using the track at any one time along with a similar number of people/families spectating from the bank. Hopefully we will be able to form a club very soon with a view to offering coaching for beginners through to the more experienced riders and anyone interested should visit for the latest news.” Last Saturday afternoon there were more than a dozen young cyclists on the track all having fun and co-operating in a trouble free atmosphere, clearly demonstrated when one lad took a tumble. The boy behind him immediately dismounted and flagged down the approaching riders to prevent a collision. The early opening of the track brought some teething problems, as might be expected. The grass seed

planted has failed to germinate because it has been so dry and the unseasonally warm spring has highlighted another issue. BMX riding can be a high energy activity, so it has been very important for the well being of riders that they stay hydrated and take water or soft drinks with them. When riding these may be left alongside the track and could be wrongly mistaken for litter. With so many youngsters in one place there may inevitably be some empty bottles and cans as well and one of the issues identified by the early opening has been the need for more litter bins. The Parish Council has ordered two concrete bins and when delivered these will be emptied twice a week. There will be an additional bin for the shelter when it is installed. In the meantime the cyclists have taken ownership of the problem and the Parish Clerk says that local BMX enthusiasts have placed a plastic dustbin there. In addition the users are carrying out a daily litter sweep to keep the site safe and tidy. Jamie West drew attention to an unexpected consequence of the opening of the track. “By all accounts,” he said, “the litter dropping around others parts of Groby has drastically improved since the track opened, particularly the spinney area!”

Designer Clothing Sale at Elizabeth Woodville School The Parents’ Association at Elizabeth Woodville Primary School are organising a fundraising Designer Clothing Sale on 25th May. Proceeds from the sale will go towards the provision of new tables in the school dining hall. The current tables date back to when the school was built, and they are now very tired, splintered and very heavy to manoeuvre. New tables will help to improve the school lunchtime and dining experience. Limited tickets:- £5 including a glass of Pimms available now. Call into the school office or telephone Elizabeth Woodville Primary School on (0116) 2876050 or Emanda Kerr on (0116) 287 3942.


I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of person.






01530245013 07957282677




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Groby WI News from Margaret Gamble Things certainly hotted up in April, weather wise and the WI. We have had quite a few events in and around the County. One such occasion was the annual SOS Fashion Show at Glenfield, a charity event. Members who went said it was a good evening. The lady running the show explained she sold excess of orders from well known manufacturers. All the clothing is new, well known companies always over manufacture to cover damages etc. The clothes are all genuine brand names plus a few samples of Italian garments which are quite expensive. As you can imagine, the changing rooms are a sight to see. The Italian clothes were most in demand but as they are usually samples in 10 or 12 size the sight of ladies trying to wriggle into them left a lot to be desired. The models were WI members but willing as they were, Naomi Campbell has no need to fear competition. Afterwards, watching these ladies trying to get out of the car park spaces, is yet another experience not to be missed. Another yearly do is a visit to hear Ratby Brass Band who played at Bosworth College in Desford. Quite a few of our members are regular Band “followers”, mostly they say some relation is or used to be in it, some, of course just love Brass Bands. There have been two theatre visits. I went to the first one, Spamalot. Now this only appeals to those who like daft comedies and this was certainly one. A musical based on a Monty Python sketch (which I never liked originally) but it comes off a treat on stage. It is based on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. At the beginning a chap with a cart appears carrying “corpses”. He is trying to round up a chappie in a shroud who vigorously protests

occasions she must wear one. As well as the bones, which by the way are great for posture, older ladies never appeared to slouch, laces had to be tightened. The sigh of relief from her when the stays came off. Maggie brought back many memories, nylons in boxes and rubber roll-ons, which when taken off left dimple marks all over the stomach. She produced a knitted underwear set, bra and panties and baby doll nighties. Also shown was a bra with pockets underneath. Now I can see the reasoning for school knickers with pockets in, where else would you put your hankie or secret toffee but what would you put in a pocket under your bust? By the way, Maggie is desperate to get her hands on an original Liberty Bodice, does anyone have one in their attic, it’s amazing what turns some folk on. If you do have one please pass it to a WI member who will pass it on to Maggie.

A recent meeting of Groby WI? (no,it’s the cast of Calendar Girls) he is not dead, bash, bang on the head he is told he soon will be. This brings on a song, “He is not dead yet” and the corpse collector shouting out, “alms for the dead”. This sounds quite sickly but is very funny. Later we all joined in singing “Always look on the Bright Side of Life”. Then some members went, fully clothed, to see “Calendar Girls” which everyone knows about. At our monthly meeting, I began to think members would be following suit and stripping off it was so hot but we didn’t think it would go down so well in Groby or would it? Three of us represented Groby at the Bradgate Group Meeting held at Astill Lodge. Astill Lodge is a fairly new Institute and as you can image struggles to make a go of it but the few belonging members are very determined and do wonders. Anyway it was well attended and their speaker was a lady who goes by the name of “Our Flossie”. She had a great voice and never stopped singing for an hour. The songs varied from music hall days, the twenties, war time etc. Each era demanded a change of clothes. Within seconds, thanks to

laggy waistbands and Velcro, she managed to dress for the occasion. I really enjoyed singing along, I always thought I sounded rather like Vera Lynn, unfortunately my husband doesn’t concur. After the entertainment we had a lovely supper. Our speaker this month was Maggie Rampling who spoke on “Corsets, Camis, Swimsuits and Smiles”, a very entertaining speaker. I went back years when I was shown a pink whale boned corset (‘stays’). I can remember struggling to get my mum in one and who insisted that on best

As I said things are warming up. On 14th May the Village Plant Sale in the Village Hall is being held, cakes etc being supplied by our members. We also have a skittles match. Our monthly meeting on Thursday 19th May is our Resolutions meeting but we also have Geoff Smith the fuchsia expert. We and Geoff will be at the Village Hall as usual at 7.30pm and we welcome any lady who wishes to come along. We may not be the Calendar Girls nor are we all Jam and Jerusalem but we do enjoy ourselves.

IDC Home Maintenance Painter Decorator and Property Maintenance NO JOB TOO SMALL From changing a light bulb to complete house re-decoration. For all the jobs you need to do but simply don’t have time.

For a free quotation please call Ian on:

01530 245461


07885 541428

3 The Nook, Markfield, Leicestershire

Web site: Listed @

Full Tradesman Liability Insurance held

Mobile phone: A way to speak to yourself without anyone noticing.

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Could this idea solve Groby’s parking problems? I was pleased to read that the council is planning changes to the parking restrictions to try and ease the congestion in the village. My concern is that there is no additional parking available and as most of the problems are caused by those who commute to the village by car to work it will just push the problem further into the streets around the centre. If the existing car park at GE Sensing is full to capacity surely the only solution is more off street parking, but where? It may seem outrageous to suggest Quarry Park as an overflow car park but it does have the advantage of access from the new GE car park above their compound. Quarry Park itself has its problems. I’m told the football club prefers not to use it because of drainage issues and the proposed swimming pool and leisure centre suggested has never materialised. There’s even been speculation in the Spotlight about the suitability of the land for such a development. If part of the field was used for parking the children’s play area could be retained or even extended and there could even be an improved parking provision for parents taking their children to school. The employees might not find it as convenient as parking on the street as there may be more queuing to get out but it does seem right that they should have the inconvenience that their commuting causes and not the rest of the villagers. GE may not like the thought of more expense for parking provision but they cannot evade their responsibilities and are, after all, one of the world’s richest companies. If such a suggestion had been made to me a month ago I would have objected to using the land in this way despite its obvious limitations for recreation. But things have changed and the village now has the meadow on Newtown Linford Lane safe from development thanks to the timely intervention of the 500 Club Community Trust. No doubt there will be discussion in the coming months about what we do with the meadow and using it as a replacement for the open space at Quarry Park may be worthy of consideration. The purchase of the meadow could solve two village problems, not one.

Name and Address Supplied

Ratby Cooperative Band will perform a Concert of Popular Music at Thornton Church

Saturday 4th June at 7.30pm Admission £7.50 • Accompanied children – FREE Please pay on the door

Contact : Kathryn 01530-230372 A ‘Friends of St. Peter’s’ event.

Went to the corner shop - bought four corners.


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Campaign for an Independent Britain

On 11th April Lord David Stoddart of Swindon and Sir Richard Body retired as long serving co-Presidents of the Campaign for an Independent Britain. I was unanimously elected as President after serving as Chairman. Existing Vice-Presidents remain in place Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Sir Teddy Taylor, Leolin Price QC, Sir Robin Williams and Nigel Spearing previously MP and Chairman House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee

CIB was formed in the early 1070s. It is non party political, supported by public donation, all unpaid members, with our national committee meeting each month in Parliament. Our objective is to leave the European Union and reassert the supremacy of our own Parliament. The majority of British people now support that view. We were never given an opportunity to vote to join the Common Market. I sat in the Strangers Gallery of the Commons the night Heath took us into the Common Market by deceit and on a narrow majority of 8 votes. I remain Independent. Over the years I have been very active politically. Please see our website including the many films I have had made.

George West Groby

Too much TV

Teenagers who spend long periods watching television or playing computer games have worse relationships with their parents than do other youngsters. Spending more time reading and doing homework seems to help nurture the emotional bonds of the family. The study, carried out at the University of Otago in New Zealand, also found that a bit less TV (even though you may miss the popular shows) does not damage a teenager’s peer relationships. Another study, carried out in Britain by a government expert, found that children with middle-class parents who are very busy with their careers can lose out on the traditional social interaction of family life and family meals. These children have greater difficulty in expressing themselves verbally.

Homeowners turn to architects for ongoing help with renovation and extension projects A Leicestershire – based architectural design consultancy is building a reputation in the private residential sector as homeowners seek its professional expertise with renovation and extension projects. From drawing board through to completion, The Martin Design Partnership in Wigston is using its extensive knowledge of commercial sector work to assist householders at every stage of their individual schemes. The demand for the company’s new service has been fuelled in part by economic necessity – with many more homeowners preferring to improve and extend their existing homes rather than sell up in a tough housing market. Additionally, a fear of being conned by ‘cowboys’ is also encouraging householders to turn to professionals who can oversee all aspects of their project – including managing the builders and subcontractors. The Martin Design Partnership – which recently completed the transformation of Sturgess Jaguar’s new flagship showroom in Leicester – believes that the philosophy it employs when working with commercial clients applies equally to private residential contracts. Partner Stewart Martin said: “Whether working with a commercial client or a private residential client, we establish a strong relationship right from the outset and review progress at every phase of development. “We work with only reputable builders and subcontractors, managing the whole project and controlling costs. We wouldn’t for example, pay a roofer or an electrician until they had finished all the work they were supposed to have done and we’d control all materials costs by ordering via the main contractor. “With home extensions, the architect’s role is usually confined to ensuring the homeowner’s plans comply with building regulations. Our service completely transcends that so clients can be confident that every part of their project is finished to a high standard and is within agreed budgets and timescales. Stewart added that the consultancy’s service – for which it is paid a management free – was not only cost-effective but offered much greater peace of mind. He said “The media is awash with stories of unsuspecting householders who have fallen victim to rogue traders and cowboy builders. Sadly in straitened financial times like these the potential for sharp practice in the construction industry increases. “Regular viewers of reality housing make over programmes may also get the impression that anyone can manage their own redevelopment project. “Unfortunately, as we see time and time again on TV, most homeowners don’t have the time, know how or experience to manage a team of subcontractors effectively and when something goes wrong their DIY approach can be quite costly.”

Start every day with a smile. Then you have the rest of the day to do other stuff.

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for Beginners

Is it magic, science, supernatural powers or just a load of old nonsense?

Accountants & Tax Consultants 26 Fosse Road Central, Leicester LE3 5PR ESTABLISHED FOR OVER 50 YEARS

Have a go with rods or pendulum and decide for yourself with this basic introduction to an ancient and useful art. This event is being held on Saturday 21st May at Beacon Hill Country Park at a cost of £25 per person plus car parking. Pre-Booking is essential as places are limited. T: 0116 305 8790.

Children Need To Be Loved ...



Phone: 0116 262 3202

Foster Care Fortnight 16th – 28th May

A major UK-wide recruitment campaign to promote fostering and encourage more people to become foster carers will be taking place this May. Foster Care Fortnight, which runs from Monday 16 to Sunday 29 May, is the annual campaign co-ordinated by the Fostering Network, the leading charity for everyone involved in fostering. Under the strapline fostering: time to care, it will highlight the urgent need for more foster carers. There is a shortage of at least 10,000 foster carers across the UK, at a time when more and more children are entering the care system. An extra 3,700 children needed a foster family in 2010 compared with 2009. This means that more foster carers are urgently needed to provide children with safe and caring homes while they are unable to live with their own families. A diverse range of people with the right skills and qualities is required to meet the needs of children in care. During the campaign, the Fostering Network will encourage people to get behind fostering and support children in care, and will reach out to those who have the right skills and qualities to foster. Louise Groves, 33, is a foster carer from Essex: “Having fostered over 40 children in the last five years I am aware of the range of needs of young people in care. Mostly they need to feel safe and secure, but ultimately they need to be loved. “What many may consider to be a ‘normal’ childhood experience, such as a bedtime story read in a nurturing and caring manner, can become the most precious memories you give these children. “At a time when there is much uncertainty it is important to value the skills and qualities we have and to think about how we can use them to help others. If you have thought about fostering or are considering applying, now really is the perfect time. “As a foster carer you are part of a professional team that can make a real difference to children’s lives. In my opinion there is no greater role.” SEE ADVERT ON PAGE 23






0116 2879715 / 07814224630 Is it OK to listen to the AM radio after noon?

Fax: 0116 261 9186


Groby & Field Head Spotlight • Mid-MAY 2011 • Tel: 01530 244069

Groby Gardening Society News At our April meeting we had a slight departure from our usual subject matter.

Council launches microchipping service for dogs A NEW micro-chipping service for pet dogs has just been launched by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s Dog Warden Service. Micro-chipping is now the quickest and easiest way for a lost pet to be identified by the Dog Warden, or by a vet, and returned to its rightful owner. Without microchipping, it is estimated that less than half of the animals that go missing each year are reunited with their owners. A microchip is a small electronic device, which is the size of a grain of rice. For a cost of £18 the Dog Warden will implant the chip under the skin using a special implant gun. No anaesthetic is required and the procedure should cause no more discomfort than a standard vaccination. Each micro-chip has a unique identification number, which is registered to the animal and the owner’s details are placed on a national database. This number can then be read when a scanner is passed over the chip, enabling the Dog Warden to search the national database to find the owner’s details. The owner can then be contacted and reunited with their dog. However, it is important that owners update their dog’s registered details if they change, such as moving house. According to figures from the Dogs Trust, since being introduced in 1989, over four million dogs and cats have been micro-chipped, and this number continues to grow at an estimated 8,000 registrations per week. Rob Parkinson, the council’s Chief Officer for Environmental Health, said: “Getting your dog micro-chipped gives the assurance that if it becomes lost, or stolen, it is more likely to be returned to you safe and sound. If immediately returned, you may also avoid paying the stray dog fees.” If anyone would like to discuss the micro-chipping service they can do so by contacting the Dog Warden Service on 01455 238141.

We welcomed Mary Matts from Foxton whose passion revolves around waterways and their attendant wild flowers. If you know Foxton Locks, then you may be able to place the house where Mary lives. It is at the bottom lock and her involvement with the shop and inn provide her livelihood. She brought a wonderful collection of slides depicting flowers found around the waterways of Britain, but mainly focused on Foxton and its surrounds. Being with a group of enthusiastic gardeners, she admitted being somewhat embarrassed in claiming that some scenes she had captured equalled anything that a gardener could produce. She need not have worried since no one at the meeting would have disagreed, as some of her pictures were utterly captivating. The way in which many of these plants spread and cling tenaciously to life was illustrated by a slide taken by a canal within the Manchester area. Here we saw a marvellous floral display, backed by the waterway, only to have the unseen surrounds described as a completely developed urban area complete with Tesco. Another fascinating feature of Mary’s presentation was her enthusiasm for plants, including algae, that seem to live without soil and with minimal nutrients. Many of these she observed on the brick and woodwork of the lock system.

The Society’s Plant Sale - HURRY! If you are reading the Spotlight early on Saturday 14th May, you may just have time to visit the Plant sale. More likely you have missed it! Hopefully, you will have been before this publication is delivered.

The Show Last month, the Children’s section of the Show was highlighted, but another feature deserves a mention. Our Show would not have the same traditional feel to it if the Cookery and Preserves section was absent. The array of mouth-watering exhibits is a popular attraction and if any envious feelings surround the judges, it must be in this section. Ample evidence awaits the visitor that the judges have tried and tasted every exhibit and the urge to follow suit has to be tightly controlled! This year the schedule includes Savoury Flans, Victoria Sandwiches, Apple Pies, Weetabix Tealoaves, Marmalades, Jams and a Fruit Jelly. The schedule (available on the Spotlight website or from the Library) includes some recipes. Again, without people prepared to enter, even if their hopes of winning are slight, there would be no show. So get your copy of the schedule, see what is involved and have a go!

Forthcoming events May 14th

The Plant sale at The Village hall

June 9th

Evening Visit to Hebb’s Farm

July 22nd/23rd Visit to Liverpool, Chester & Ness gardens August 11th

History, Mystery and Management

August 12th

Trip to Shrewsbury Flower Show

August 20th

The Village Show

We always welcome new members and casual guests at our monthly meetings that are held at 7.30pm on the second Thursday of the month, usually in the United Reformed Church rooms on Chapel Hill. Details about membership and the events programme can be obtained from Alvar Johnson. (Tel. No. 01162877870) or E mail

Alvar Johnson

Fathers and daughters

A young father was taking care of his baby daughter while his wife went to town shopping. He decided to go fishing and he had to take the toddler along. “I’ll never take her along with me again!” he told his wife that evening. “I didn’t catch a thing!” “Oh, next time I’m sure she’ll be quiet and not scare the fish away,” his wife said. The father said gloomily. “No, it wasn’t that. She ate all the bait.”

You make the beds, you do the dishes, and six months later you have to start all over again.

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GLEN PARVA CLEANING SERVICES Your Local, Reliable Window Cleaner Fully Insured and Health & Safety Compliant

Windows cleaned

UPVC Fascias cleaned

Conservatories cleaned

Gutters cleaned

Please call John on

0116 224 6136 or 07803 142933 Email: Website:

If things get any worse, I’ll have to ask you to stop helping me.



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Maps, Books & Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast 0116 2874440

Tobacco Grinder Found But Who Does It Belong To?

Asks Norman Griffiths As the Groby Street Fair and Ceilidh draws closer the organiser’s plans for the day continue to take shape and the number of stalls booked grows. The programme has yet to be finalised and there’s still time for additional organisations and stallholders to come forward. A pitch costs £20 with the money going towards the substantial costs of running the event. As evening approaches, three hours of music and dancing will begin under the guidance of Leicester’s Malarkey Ceilidh Band. The ceilidh will be a lively event and the organisers have planned that during the day there will be entertainment including a bouncy castle, small children’s roundabout, bungie run, climbing wall, lazer quest, stilt walker and Morris dancers. They had also hoped that it would be possible to find local musicians, bands, entertainers or buskers who would enter into the spirit of the day and perform without charge, using the day as a showcase. So far they have drawn a blank, which has surprised them as there is little doubt that Groby has talent, though sometimes residents don’t realize it. Groby’s Aynsley Lister is a good example. His name is probably one which most residents will be unfamiliar with as his route to global success wasn’t through mainstream pop music and it wasn’t through a TV talent show. By the time he was sixteen he was being described as the best blues guitarist since Eric Clapton. “Classic Rock Magazine” looked at the future of blues rock music around the globe and highlighted 10 acts. Only one was British: Aynsley Lister. His band does seem to have a gap in its European tour

schedule on June 25th so if anyone can persuade Aynsley to drop in and play a short acoustic set the organisers are sure to be delighted! Aynsley was a great entertainer before he was recognised as world class and there must surely be others with a talent that they would be happy to share with visitors to the Groby Street Fair. If you have talent you may not think of yourself as world class but that’s not important, this is a chance for you to enjoy the appreciation of those who you entertain on the day. On the other hand if your ambitions are to be stars you can give the rest of us the opportunity to say “I knew they would make it when I heard them perform at the Groby Street Fair.” If you want to know more about helping with the entertainment or booking a stall please contact the organisers on 0116 2876724 or 01530 243469. You can also email Much more information about the street fair and ceilidh, together with a profile of Malarkey, can be found on

This tobacco grinder was unearthed by a tenant on Ratby Road allotments. It measures 50mm x 12mm and is professionally made in aluminium. An inscription is engraved into the lid, which tells us that a lady presented it to the rightful owner. If anyone can help us locate that person please contact me on 0116 287 6087 or John Thornton

Miss Sixty • Next Bench • Diesel River Island M&S Oasis Henry Lloyd

I don’t necessarily agree with everything I say.

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Fall in crime welcomed News that Crime across Hinckley and Bosworth has plummeted by 13.7% over the last year has been welcomed by Liberal Democrat councillors. Cllr David Bill, Deputy Leader of Hinckley and Bosworth council and community safety spokesman said “This is very good news, these figures mean there were 918 fewer victims of crime in our area. “The Lib Dem led council believes in working closely with the police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. “This drop in crime shows our approach is working. We cannot be complacent though, crime still happens and victims suffer. Tackling it will continue to be a top priority for local Liberal Democrats.” The crime figures are the best for six years. House burglaries have fallen by more than a quarter (28.4%) Violent crime down by nearly a third (32%). The total number of anti-social behaviour incidents reported to the police in Hinckley has also reduced by a huge 28.4% compared to the previous year.

Crime Figures for April 2011 The following incidents were reported to the Police in the local area during April 2011. Description


Field Head

House Burglaries Actual: Rookery Lane Attempted:

1 Actual 0 Attempted


Garage, Shed, Outbuilding Burglaries Actual: Woodbank Road Attempted:

1 Actual 0 Attempted


Theft of Motor Vehicle:



Theft from Motor Vehicle: Castell Drive, Pymm Ley Close



Damage to Motor Vehicle:



Non-Domestic Assaults



Anti Social Behaviour Incidents



Crimes That Don’t Affect Residents Homes or Cars



TOTAL (Actual)



TOTAL (Attempted)



Theft: 3 / Damage: 2 / Other: 9

PC 0918 Ned Kelly • Sergeant Matthew Trott Local crime news in more detail is available at Information supplied by Martin Cartwright, Secretary - Groby Branch Neighbourhood Watch Tel: 0116 2874500 • Mobile: 07850 707050 Email: In An Emergency dial 999. Contact the local police on 0116 222-2222. Next meeting: Thursday 9th June 2011 at 7.30pm at Groby Village Hall

I’d love to make up my mind, but I can’t remember where I left it.


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~ New & Forthcoming DVD Releases ~ The Next Three Days (12) Starring: Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks

Schoolteacher John Brennan (Crowe) is stunned when his wife Laura (Elizabeth Banks) is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. As he watches her emotional decline behind bars, he becomes determined to break her out of prison--and The Next Three Days tracks his meticulous efforts, including wrong turns that threaten to capsize everything. The movie is most compelling in how it follows Brennan’s wrenching emotional changes. He’s not some cold, focused secret agent--he’s torn between his painful devotion to his wife and the frightening possibility of what could go wrong, including the possible cost to their son.

Morning Glory (12) Starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford

Morning Glory showcases the comedic (and romantic) talents of two cute couples of different ages--Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton (never sparklier) and the adorable Rachel McAdams and Patrick Wilson.

True Grit Starring: Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin True Grit is a powerful story of vengeance and valour set in an unforgiving and unpredictable frontier where justice is simple and mercy is rare. Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld), is determined to avenge her father’s blood by capturing Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin), the man who shot and killed him for two pieces of gold. Just fourteen, she enlists the help of Rooster Cogburn (Academy Award® Winner Jeff Bridges), a one-eyed, trigger-happy U.S. Marshall with an affinity for drinking and hardened Texas Ranger LaBoeuf (Academy Award Winner Matt Damon) to track the fleeing Chaney. Despite their differences, their ruthless determination leads them on a perilous adventure that can only have one outcome: retribution.

127 Hours (15) Starring: James Franco and Kate Mara A triumphant true story from Danny Boyle, director of Slumdog Millionaire. The incredible true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston’s (James Franco) remarkable adventure to save himself after a falling boulder crashes on his arm and traps him in an isolated slot canyon in Utah. With only a day’s worth of water, a blunt penknife and an unwavering will to survive Aron does everything he can go make it out alive.

Just Go With It (12) Starring: Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston

Love can bloom, no matter what time of life, or, as the setting of Morning Glory underscores, no matter what time of day. McAdams is excellent and darling as an ambitious TV producer who vows to turn around a sinking morning TV news show by bringing in a heavyweight anchor (Ford) to pair with the lighthearted, deft Keaton. But Ford wants none of the “news lite” that morning shows need to surface, so sparks fly between the bickering co-anchors almost immediately. In a parallel story, McAdams’s Becky is pursued by Wilson’s Adam, which takes Ms. Focused Career Girl (if not the viewer) by surprise.

Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) meets the girl of his dreams (Brooklyn Decker) but has to enlist his loyal assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his soon-to-be ex-wife in order to cover up a careless lie. When more lies backfire, Katherine’s kids become involved, and everyone heads off to Hawaii for a ridiculous, outof-control weekend that tests the limits of how far we’ll go for love.

Vuja De - The feeling you’ve never been here before.

Visit a farm on Open Farm Sunday ... and discover the story behind our food

A day for everyone to meet the people who grow our food and care for our countryside.

12th June 2011 Where: Little Markfield Farm, Forest Road, Markfield, Leicester, LE67 9UN. Time: 10.30am to 5pm Contact: Brenda 01530 242173 or 07774047571

Activities Come and see sheep being sheared, wool being spun, Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Chickens with their babies; feed the lambs! Farm walks, Hot dogs & Beef Burgers using farm produce, Home made Cakes & Pies, Beer festival, Meet Pen the Red-Tail Hawk Modern & Vintage machinery, Crafts stalls, Sausage making Pumpkin growing competition for the children, £1 entry fee per adult Children Free We will be raising money for LOROS, Rainbows and Markfield Churches

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Letter from Uncle Eustace

On simply getting to church now that petrol’s gone up... The Rectory St. James the Least of All

My dear Nephew Darren


ince your parishioners live in an area of half a square mile, where their only concern in getting to church is whether to take the underpass, or to risk a dash across the ring road, you may have little understanding of the problems our folk have in travelling miles along country lanes to church, now that it requires a loan from the International Monetary Fund to fill the car with petrol. Several now only arrive half way through the Service, having underestimated the time it takes to park a pony and trap and the noise they make at the back of church, removing waterproofs, propping up whips and looking for somewhere to stow travel rugs even drowns out “Onward Christian Soldiers”. Those who arrive on horse, leaving them to graze in the churchyard, have had to be reminded that flowers in memorial vases are not fodder; neither were the imitation ones on Lady Metropole’s straw hat, left in her open topped car. But having our verger standing outside for an hour holding the reins of half a dozen horses is not, as he loudly points out, part of his job description. Apart from which, restraining his amorous charges from visiting the local stables during Mattins is beyond his strength. Major Crompton’s discovery that the fuel for his sit-on lawnmower is considerably cheaper than petrol has inspired him to travel to church on it. Since he is unable to uncouple the mowing apparatus, the tarmac on his 4 mile drive is acquiring interesting patterns. His drive at 2 miles per hour along narrow lanes means he arrives leading a procession of cars with drivers given the opportunity to exercise their gifts of Christian tolerance and forgiveness. It doesn’t help that he uses his stately journey to finish his breakfast of bacon and eggs, with his wife walking by his side with the coffee pot. The majority, naturally, arrive on foot, having negotiated fields, stiles and assorted cattle. The countryside may well praise God, but one does wish they wouldn’t bring quite so much of it into church with them. Lord Lipton who “is in oil” – which makes him sound like a sun-dried tomato – is apparently trying to come to some private arrangement with a Shiekh of his acquaintance. Should he be successful, while life in your city may grind to a halt, rural Evensong will be able to continue on its serene way, floating on an ocean of cut-price petroleum

Your loving uncle, Eustace

Anstey & District Funeral Service Independent Family-Run Funeral Directors

We take care of every detail, advise and help you every step of the way. • •

• • • •

Traditional hearse & fleet Horse drawn carriages, motorcycle hearse & alternatives available Memorial showroom Extensive car parking Private catering suite Private chapels of rest Funeral arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home if preferred

0116 234 0548 Talbott House, Leicester Road, Anstey, Leicester LE7 7AT


        


    

My wife made me join a bridge club. I jump off next Tuesday.

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Name: .................................................................................................

AQUEOUSHUMOUR CANALSOFSCHLEMM CHOROID CILIARYMUSCLE .................................................................Postcode: ............................. CONJUNCTIVA If CORNEA you can find 12 PARTS OF THE HUMAN EYE in the IRIS Wordsearch grid above, you could win A £25 Meal Voucher toLENS spend at Frankie & Benny’s New York Italian Restaurant & Bar at Meridian Park, Leicester - or a £10 DVD Hire Voucher OPTICNERVE toPUPIL spend at Glenfield Moviezone (see ad on page 17). AllRETINA you have to do to go into the draw is find - and mark a line through VITREOUSHUMOUR - the names of 12 parts of the human eye. These can run vertically, Address: ................................................................................................

horizontally or diagonally (and backwards!). Send your marked entry forms to: PEEPERS, Groby & Field Head Spotlight, PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT to arrive by Wednesday 1st June 2011. Please remember to fill in your name and address. The sender of the first correct entry drawn out of the hat will win the Frankie & Benny’s voucher and the sender of the second will win the Moviezone DVD hire voucher. Good luck!

Here are the 12 EYE PARTS you have to find:


Last issue’s winners Last issue’s first prize winner was MRS. L. BARTON of Overdale Avenue, The Brantings, Glenfield. You win a £25 Meal Voucher to spend at Frankie & Benny’s New York Italian Restaurant. The winner of the second prize - a £10 DVD Hire Voucher to spend at Glenfield MovieZone - was BRADLEY HUCKNALL of Lancaster Court, Groby. Congratulations! Your vouchers will be with you within 21 days.

Special offers encourage residents to start composting NOW that summer is on its way, residents in Hinckley & Bosworth are being encouraged to discover the benefits of composting their kitchen and garden waste. It’s easy to do, it’s inexpensive, it’s natural, and transforms the waste into a valuable nutrient-rich food for the garden. To encourage everyone to get composting, residents of the borough can take advantage of some special offers on compost bins. Prices start at just £8 for a 220 litre (dalek style) bin and £9.50 for the 330 litre size (plus delivery charge). There is also an offer to ‘buy one get one half price’. Around 30 per cent of garden and kitchen waste is suitable for home composting, including all the cores and peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds, and for those who have natural fibre carpets, then even the contents of their vacuum cleaner. To take advantage of this offer visit or call 0844 571 444 (please quote reference LEL015L). For more information about composting, visit compost, call Jane Green at Borough Council on 01455 255979 or send an email to



As part of our aftercare service, we now offer a monthly Bereavement Aftercare & Support Group, which has been set up to provide a FREE support service, not just to our clients, but to ANY bereaved person, irrespective of their age, creed, religion and length of bereavement. The group meets on the 3rd Saturday of every month in the catering suite at Anstey & District Funeral Services between 10am and 12noon.

Next dates: Sat 21st May and Sat 18th June ARRAN BRUDENELL, Tel: 0116 234 0548

Not only do I not know what’s going on, but I wouldn’t know what to do about it if I did.

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What’s On At Our Local Pubs & ClubSs Groby Ex-Servicemen’s Club Leicester Road, Groby Tel: 0116 287 1809 NOTICE TO MEMBERS New Members Welcome Fri 13 May: ROB MARSHALL Sat 14 May: The Shannon Bros. Sun 15 May: Super Sunday ‘50’ Fri 20 May: SAM ROSE Sat 21 May: Brothers in SOUL Sun 22 May: Super Sunday ‘50’ Fri 27 May: STEVE DEAN Sat 28 May: AARON LEE Sun 29 May: Super Sunday ‘50’ Fri 3 June: FIOR Sat 4 June: The FALL GIZE Sun 5 June: Super Sunday ‘50’ BIG SCREEN SKY SPORTS (See Ad on P.10)

The Stamford Arms 2 Leicester Road, Groby Tel: 0116 287 5616.

(SUNDAYS are 3 ~ 6pm) Sat 14 May: JAMES BROTHERS Sun 15 May: AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ Sun 22 May: COLIN KASEY (TBC) Sat 28 May: FINGERS & FUMBS Sun 29 May: Welland Valley Stompers Sun 5 June: New Orleans HOTSHOTS Sat 11 June: FIRE & SKILL KARAOKE ~ Every Wed OPEN MIC ~Every Thurs QUIZ – General Knowledge + Find the Joker ~ EVERY Sun QUIZ – Music ~ EVERY Tues

The Nag’s Head Station Road, Glenfield T: 0116 287 2794 Every THURS 9pm – QUIZ (General Knowledge) Free to Enter. Win Beer. SKY SPORTS (See AD on P.15)

The Field Head Hotel Markfield Lane, Markfield Tel: 01530 245454 Tributes/£2 Entry after 7pm. Fri 20 May: MADONNA Fri 27 May: BEATLES Fri 10 June: MOTOWN Quiz Nite: Every 2nd Tues

The Coach & Horses Leicester Road, Field Head Tel: 01530 242 312 KARAOKE Nights:Sat 21st May (Fortnightly) (’King of the Road’) Sat 28 May: 2nd Garden PARTY (Family FUN DAY) The Bricklayers Arms 213 Main Street Thornton T: 01530 230 808 QUIZ Nite – Thursdays Classics Donington le Heath The Manor House Barn T: 01530 817214 Sat 28 May: Pirates of the Caribbean (Meal etc) £30 - Booking Essential.

MARKFIELD OPEN GARDENS Organised by Markfield WI and Trinity Methodist Church 18th June:11am-5p.m. • 19th June:12noon-5p.m. 20 Gardens open around the village. Admission by programme - Adults £3 - accompanied children free.

Programmes available from The Methodist Church, The Scout Hut or the Gardens Lunches, Teas and refreshments available. Sue Gammon, on behalf of the Organising Committee

The best thing about a hobby is that it gives you something to do while you’re worrying.


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News in Brief with Norman Griffiths

Libraries, amnesties and Michael Wood Self service is certainly spreading. We queue for the ATM for cash, we use the automatic check outs in supermarkets, fill up our petrol tanks and now we are encouraged to use self service machines in our libraries. Leicestershire County Council installed the machines in 16 major and shopping centre libraries across the County a year ago and have found that 85% of all stock issued from these libraries was through the use of self-service machines. This equates to 2,330,000 books borrowed by adults, 840,500 children’s books, 90,000 DVDs. There were also 70,500 talking books taken through the self service, perhaps making up for the lack of talking library assistants. But clearly it’s a hit with the public. The Council has been able to save approximately £330,000 in staffing costs through natural wastage and some redeployment. There have been no compulsory redundancies. It is hoped that in the future, self-service machines will enable the public to pay for other council services such as council tax, car park fines and leisure centre bookings as well as library transactions. For those who prefer to deal with a person the good news is that there are not currently plans to introduce the machines in Groby Library where there is normally only one person on duty.

The machines are probably not cost effective in this situation. Meanwhile down in the City the Central Lending Library has re-opened after its transfer from Belvoir Street to the former reference library in Town Hall Square. If you have just found a book under the bed from the Central Lending Library that’s years overdue here’s two tips for you. Clean under the bed more often and get down to the library by May 14th. To celebrate the opening the City Council is offering an amnesty on outstanding library loans and charges to encourage any lapsed users back to experience the new services on offer. Library customers visiting the new Leicester Central Library before Saturday 14th May will be able to return overdue loans without incurring a charge. One of the first events in the new premises will be a visit at 7pm on 19th May of TV historian Michael Wood who will be talking about his television series “The Story of India.” Michael recently did a TV series on the history of Kibworth in Leicestershire, and if you have the book of the series there will be an opportunity to have it signed by him. This is a free ticket only event and if you want to know if there are any left contact libraries@leicester., call 0116 2995401 or drop in to Central Library.

Library opening hours to be cut Another Spotlight and another public consultation to tell you about. This time it’s all about your use

of your local library to find out if you approve of the proposed cuts in opening hours. It’s not about whether cuts are going to be made but what cuts will be made. A separate consultation about the opening hours of museums and the Record Office is also being undertaken. Consultation will take place until May 31st for museums and the Record Office and until June 24th for libraries. Any reductions in opening hours approved will be implemented from October 2011 for museums and the Record Office, and from April 2012 for libraries. Local Authorities have a statutory duty to provide a “comprehensive and efficient” Library Service as outlined in the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964. In practice this means the provision of books free of charge, and other media for loan, that meet the general and specific requirement of adults and children living within its boundaries. However, responses to the council’s budget consultation last December showed that people wanted savings to be made from museums, arts and the Record Office (63 per cent of respondents) and libraries (56 per cent). Following an independent review, the county council agreed to save 40 per cent from the £10 million libraries, museums and arts budget over the next four years, as part of its £79 million savings. Under the proposals Groby Library would open on 2 mornings a week, Thursday and Saturday. It would also open for 4 afternoons, Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It would close all day Wednesday instead of Tuesday and would not be open on Saturday afternoon. Markfield Library would be open all day Monday, closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, open Thursday afternoon and Friday and Saturday mornings. The consultation, which runs until June 24th, gives you the opportunity to say at what times you would prefer to use the library and whether you would be

prepared to volunteer to undertake unpaid work in your local library if this becomes an option. Questionnaires are available at the libraries or online at http://www.

Bus passes In April the County Council cut back on the concessionary travel benefit that over 60’s receive in order to help with budgetary cuts. Half price travel before 9.30am on Monday to Friday was withdrawn along with concessions on train fares. Most travellers are probably unaffected by the changes or were aware that they had happened. Some however may not have been aware until they were embarrassed on trying to use their pass before 9.30am or at the rail station, as pass holders were not individually notified of the changes. A County Council spokesman explained how they had approached the change. “In March, we advised bus and rail companies of the details of the scheme changes which were publicised at rail stations and on buses. Changes to arrangements were covered in the media during the consultation and decision process on which discretionary elements would be retained,and in addition to this, details have been published on the County Council’s website.”

Klondyke Court Injunction Leicester County Court has issued an injunction restraining named persons and ‘persons unknown’ from undertaking, encouraging or permitting, any action constituting a breach of planning control at the land known as the Klondyke on Newtown Linford Lane for a period up to 1 June 2011. The injunction covers such activities as road making, providing utilities or the provision of hard standing and the siting on the site of caravans or mobile homes.

Some people say I’m superficial, but that’s just on the surface.

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Maintenance-free hanging baskets with a football connection!

Molly Matson and Di Marinari have hand knitted flowers in the colours of Leicester City & Leicester Tigers Football clubs to make up maintenance-free hanging baskets which have been hung from Pricegate in Groby.

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