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Quarry Park plans discussed

LETTER Amber’s sponsored haircut update MY DAUGHTER Amber King wanted to say a very big thank you to all the lovely Groby Spotlight readers who donated to her sponsored hair cut at the end of March.

THE PLANS for improvement to the facilities at Quarry Park have taken a step forward with the Parish Council considering two quotes for the proposed work. The larger development has been dropped in favour of a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) similar to the one illustrated. The floodlit MUGA will be around 18m by 37m with a 3m high fence which will keep balls within the games area and provide security. The project will include changes to the parking arrangements, an overflow car park and the relocation of the outdoor gym equipment. In addition to soccer and basketball the facility will probably enable users to play Street Snooker. “It’s the latest idea that a lot of places in London have adopted as this can be played by either kicking the football at the snooker board, or throwing the ball at the board thus enabling disabled individuals, say in wheelchairs, to be able to participate alongside able bodied individuals,” explained Parish Clerk Beverley Greenwood. The quotations received will be examined by the Quarry Working Party and the Parks and Cemeteries Committee before returning to the Parish Council with a recommendation. The proposed changing rooms and showers have been dropped, reducing the project cost by about £125,000. The latest quotations are under £200,000 which it is hoped will be funded by grants in addition to funds already set aside by the council.

She had over a foot of hair cut off. Her hair was posted to the Little Princess Trust straight away for them to be able to make a wig for a child who has lost their hair due to their Cancer treatment. Amber also managed to raise an amazing amount for the Trust, and her total now stands at £1000.00. Thank you once again to the Groby Spotlight readers and a special Thank You to Jane from Snips Hair. Amber could not of achieved such an total without you.

Mandy Cooper ( Amber’s mum )

Lady Jane Grey Primary School Wolsey Close, Groby

Summer Fair Saturday 15th June 2013 ~ 11.30am-2.00pm Admission Adults 50p • Children Free Fun family day, bouncy castle, BBQ, Grand Raffle and many more fun games with great prizes to be won. Everyone welcome.

Norman Griffiths

Quick Reminder no Spotlight in July July is holiday time for everyone associated with The Spotlight so there won’t be an issue next month. We’ll be back again - all being well - on 10th August - full of vim and vigour!

Groby WI’s “Pink” Walk WHY NOT come along and join us in our “Pink” Walk around the village in aid of the Glenfield Breast Care Unit. We held the first one last year and it was a really happy, enjoyable event raising quite a lot of money. This year we would like more entrants, the more the merrier. It is open to absolutely everyone. Fancy dress welcome or wear something pink. It is on Saturday 3rd August at Groby Village Hall starting from 10.00 am. It is £2.50 per entry which includes a cuppa and biscuit at the end. We also welcome those who wish not to do the actual walk but would like to come along to support us. Refreshments will be available in the hall. So why not come along and either join our fun walk or enjoy a cuppa all in the aid of this great cause. For further details please ring Fran on 0116 224 5479.

Groby WI

NEXT ISSUE OUT: Saturday 10th August - Advert/Articles needed by 27th July


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M.O.T Sturgess reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Offer ends 31/12/13.

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They say you need to listen to what your body is telling you. But mine just points and laughs.


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Traditional Summer Fair Saturday 29th June 12pm – 2.30pm Martinshaw Primary School, Forest View, Groby, LE6 0BB Entrance 50p per adult, children free. Bouncy Castle, Laser Quest, Welly Throwing, Face Painting, Homemade Cakes, Bbq, Coconut Shy, Refreshments, Raffle, Toy Tombola And Many More Table Top Games. Come Along And Enjoy A Family Friendly Afternoon.

Christian Aid Thank you, Groby! THANKS to everyone who collected or donated to this year’s Christian Aid Appeal. A total of £4,400 was raised from the Groby Community. Here is a message from Zibusiso a member of a small team running a community food—processing centre in Zimbabwe: “Your support helps us to preserve excess fruits and vegetables from local farmers so that there is nutritious produce available all through the year. Thank you.”

Open day to celebrate 30th anniversary for Groby dentist CROFTON House Dental Practice is celebrating 30 years of looking after patients and we are having an open afternoon on Thursday 1st August 2013. We’d like to welcome old and new patients to join us in a celebratory drink between 3pm and 6pm. As you may know we have limited space so we would appreciate it if you would inform us if you would like to come. We have been proud to have provided quality care with modern technology for the past 30 years and we will continue to do so for many years to come. Looking forward to seeing you. Tel 0116 2876722


Groby Scouts Litter Pick A GLORIOUS sunny afternoon, twenty willing volunteers, and two hours results in eighteen black bags of rubbish!! With the support of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (Thanks Luke!!), Groby Scout Group walked through Cowpen Spinney in Groby litter picking resulting in eighteen bags of litter. This is part of Scout Community Week, where members of the Scout Association support the wider community. The work of the Scouts collecting eighteen bags of litter is part of a national event running from 3rd – 9th June, celebrating the work of the Scout Association within the wider community. A special thank-you to all those who helped!!

Paul Wren Group Scout Leader. 73rd Leicester (Groby) Scout Group

Celebrations at Lady Jane Old Pianos Needed Grey Primary School Urgently!

LADY Jane Grey Primary School invites you to join us as we celebrate 25 years at the heart of the community.

Lady Jane Grey (LJG) converted to academy status on October 1st 2012. This conversion has removed the academy from the control of the local authority and as a direct result of this LJG has far greater control over its own destiny. Of course it’s early days yet and a full academic year has yet to be completed but the biggest potential benefit is the control over the taught curriculum. As an academy, we have the freedom to exercise our professional judgement about what aspects of the National Curriculum we teach and how we arrange learning within the school day. We can set our curriculum to directly meet the learning needs of all the children who attend here. Furthermore whilst we have lost some services that were provided by the LA, we have had the freedom to replace the same services with better service providers on the market. The Academy will be having a year of celebrations organised by the Jubilee Committee, staff and pupils to celebrate25 years of educating local children. The celebrations start with a spectacular Summer Fete on Saturday 15th June from 11:00 a.m. onwards, everyone is welcome. Were you a pupil, a parent or involved with Lady Jane Grey over the last 25 years? We would love to hear from you so that we can capture your memories, memorabilia or photographs. Please email or post these to Sally Boaden We can guarantee all your memories will be well looked after! These will be displayed at our exhibition which is open to the community on Wednesday 25th September from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.The exhibition will be of the past, present and future of Lady Jane Grey Primary School. Throughout the year, the HSA will be organising the following events: • Launch of the new Jubilee Library • 80s dress up day • Time capsule • Church Celebration • A commemorative Sculpture and planting the jubilee garden • Whole school garden party More detailed information will be displayed on our website ( or follow us on Twitter for instant updates @LJG_cps.

DO YOU have an old, unwanted piano? If so, please get in touch with Ben or Jan at The Bricklayer’s Arms in Thornton. An important part of the Bricklayer’s Arms Annual Village Fundraising Extravaganza is the piano-smashing contest. Several pianos are needed for each event, and the stocks are running low! So, if you can help - or know someone who has an old piano which they’d like to donate to a very good cause - please telephone Ben or Jan on 01530 230808. Collection and storage can be arranged.

Two cows in a field, one turns to the other and says: “It’s a bit cold today isn’t it?” The other cow replies, “Flipping heck! A talking cow!” I can’t understand the critics saying that only an idiot would like that television programme. I really enjoyed it...

Honey, do you have anything you’d like to say before the football season starts?


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WO YEARS after the purchase of the meadow on Newtown Linford Lane by a consortium, made up of residents that bought shares at £200 each and Groby Parish Council, the work to create the Community Interest Company(CIC) that will own the land continues. When this is completed the Parish Council will still have an interest but with limited voting rights. The aim of the organisation is to preserve the meadow, protect it from commercialism and have it as an amenity for the Parish for all to enjoy. But money is needed to facilitate the management of the site and so a bid is being made for funds at the Markfield, Ratby and Groby Community Forum to be held in Ratby on 27th June at 6pm. With the publicity given to the efforts of Prince Charles to protect existing meadows and create meadows across the UK this bid could be quite timely. Prince Charles has expressed alarm at how many meadows had been lost across the country following a report that examined wildflower losses over the past 60 years. Around 97 per cent of wildflower meadows have been lost due to the spread of intensive farming and urban development since the1930s. “This year we are celebrating my mother’s coronation so surely there is no better moment to end this destruction and to stimulate a new mood to protect our remaining meadows and to use them as springboards for the restoration of other sites and the creation of new meadows right across the UK,” he said.

Aims of The Coronation Meadows project 1. The identification of a Coronation Meadow in each county. Over 80% of the 60 meadows identified so far can trace an undisturbed history beyond the

The Meadow - how YOU can help raise £3,454 in one evening Norman Griffiths suggests you put 27th June in your diary

Coronation. The oldest so far is Loughborough Big Meadow which can be traced back to 1762. 2. Identify sites within each county where green hay and seed from the Coronation Meadow can be used to restore or recreate new meadows, so fulfilling the Prince’s original vision. 3. Map the UK’s remaining meadows with the help of the public. The Coronation Meadows website explains what it hopes can be achieved over the next three years. “Each Coronation Meadow will be used to literally ‘seed’ new meadows within each county. This will usually be done by collecting “green hay” from the donor meadow which is then spread onto the receptor site. Green hay is ordinary hay that’s cut just before it’s normally ready. By harvesting in this way, more seed is retained within the hay bales and more is transferred to the new meadow, increasing the chances of success. Green hay has many advantages over commercial seed. By using seed from the donor site, the local

character of each meadow is retained – the mix and proportion of different flowers that make each meadow unique. So a Wiltshire meadow established with green hay will remain full of Wiltshire character, and a Yorkshire meadow will retain Yorkshire character. As well as being cheaper, the range of species is also greater and the seed is fresher. There is also evidence to suggest that green hay is a good way to encourage colonisation of new meadows by orchids and other rare species. During 2013, we aim to get restoration underway using green hay from Coronation Meadows in five counties. Over the next few years, more and more new Coronation Meadows will be established as donor sites are found and work gets underway.”

How the Community Forum works Timely though the grant application is supporters of the Meadow Project will need to be prepared to travel to Ratby to vote at the meeting to be in with a chance of success, as the allocation

of funds follows a secret ballot on the night. Markfield and Ratby both have 3 projects each seeking funding but this is the only Groby bid amongst the nine community projects which will be competing. Anyone who pre-registers to attend will be entitled to vote for their favourites at the meeting. The County Council guidelines say that “you are welcome to encourage further project supporters to attend.” A spokesperson added that “only people that live in the Markfield, Ratby & Groby Community Forum area will be able to vote on the night. We welcome as many residents to come along and take part in the evening.” If there are more applicants than voting places there will be a draw for the places, but this is unlikely. Those bidders that are best able to motivate their supporters to attend stand a better chance of winning. Supporters of a particular project may also be tempted to give preference to other projects from their home village or to do deals and use tactical voting. On the

I may not be the only egomaniac in the world, but I am the only one who matters.

Groby & Field Head Spotlight • Mid-June 2013 • Tel: 01530 244069 other hand everyone who attends may be completely altruistic and cast their votes on the basis of the merit of each of the projects, which is no doubt the hope of the County Council. But some of those who have attended previous award nights have formed the opinion that the merits of the project are not the deciding factor and the only way to get a bite of the apple is to ensure you have as many supporters there as possible. Registering as soon as possible and attending the Forum is important if you would like this project to win all, or part of, the funds it needs. In total there is £12,500 available for distribution on the night.


Protection of the land from commercialisation. “Access to the Meadow and paths would be via gates and entrances which would allow disabled access, some paths would be developed to ensure that people with limited mobility could at least use parts of the meadow. The project will provide a secure green area which can’t be developed or abused.” The security of the land is the first stage of the project to ensure it is sustainable. The costs are as follows Entrance gate height restrictor • pedestrian gate £1,964 Kissing gate £320 • Bridge over Stream £470 • Land clearance entrance hard • standing £450 Fence repair on boundary • £250 Total project cost and amount requested - £3,454 At the forum the individual project sponsors will have 2 minutes each to sell their bid to the voters. If you would like to see up to £3454 come to Groby and have an interest in the Groby meadow or the Prince’s meadows initiative it could be a couple of hours well spent, as you also get to hear of projects planned for neighbouring villages. And participating will cost you nothing.

The CIC bid The bid document does not associate itself with the Coronation Meadows Project and concentrates on the immediate issues of site security. The grant application says that since the ground has been cleared it is apparent that local people are using the land for exercise and recreation. The gaps that have been created in the undergrowth indicate that people are using the meadow to make short cuts, therefore to establish proper paths would go further to promote its use. There would be benefits from the land being properly secured and developed as a natural meadow. “The Meadow is strategically placed and can link several footpaths to enhance existing paths. It is the first thing people see as they enter from the bypass and the aim is to present a pretty meadow, which enhances the entry into the village.” The project is to develop land purchased by people of Groby for the enjoyment of all and the objectives are the Protection of the local • environment and promotion of wildlife flowers. Provision an amenity for • parishioners and visitors to use with footpaths that link with existing paths


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Find out more You can read about all 9 projects online at markgro/your-voice--view-andcomment-on1.html where you will be able to add your comments. You can also register online to attend at http://www. cfb2013-booking-form215.html, but you must do this by noon on Thursday 20th June at the latest. To find out more about coronation meadows visit For one-click shortcuts to these pages go to: (See brief details on page 15)

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It takes 43 muscles to frown, and yet it’s still not an Olympic event. Ridiculous.


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Jottings News in Brief with Norman Griffiths

Groby Sings tickets on sale THE TIME is drawing near for the big performances of Groby Sings Les Miserables and Oliver. Audiences can also join in the fun and expect a bit of a sing-a-long as well. Tickets for our newest community group will cost just £3.50 and are fittingly available from Chaplins butchers on Leicester Road, one of our oldest businesses. The concerts at Groby Community College Sports Hall are at 7.30pm on Saturday 29th June and 3pm on Sunday 30th June. Parking will be available and there’ll be a bar is booked during the interval. Rev Helen Hayes, Assistant Curate for Groby, Ratby and Newtown Linford will be conducting and the choir will be supported by pianist Paul Cox, bass player Leighton Mead and drummer Jamie Howard. Cliff Ashby has played a key role throughout the project as rehearsal pianist and has also arranged much of the music on which the project depends. “Nothing could have prepared me for the response this project has received with over 210 people taking part over the last 12 weeks,” said Helen. “Excitement is running high as we draw nearer to the concert. The tickets are going fast and we are hoping for a packed

house so need as much support from our village as possible.”

Here comes the A46/A50 congestion PLANS are in place for work to start this July or August on the improvements to the A46/A50 roundabout and approaches. New traffic lights will be installed and the work should last about five months. After years of waiting the improvements have become feasible because Wilson Bowden Developments are required to provide financial contributions towards local services as part of the planning conditions attached to the massive commercial and residential development to the south of Kirby Road, Glenfield. Approval was given to the Optimus Point development in 2011. At the time it was known as the Glenfield Park development. The planning conditions don’t require the work to be undertaken this early in the development but public support is being made available from a fund designed to promote delivery of key infrastructure with the hope that it will generate jobs and new homes. The roundabout improvements will increase the number of lanes

available, provide a dedicated left turn lane from the A50 from Glenfield into Leicester Road, and provide traffic signals on parts of the roundabout. A plan showing the improvements can be viewed on the scheme website at gpfgp001.001_h1_1_8_information_ drawing_gpfgp001-3.pdf or more easily by following the link on www.

The history of Lady Jane Grey THE BEAUMONT Leys Library Club, which meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 10.30am - 12 noon, has something which might interest Groby residents on Wednesday 3rd July. Sally Henshaw, speaker on famous historic personalities and events, will be giving an insight into the

life of Lady Jane Grey. Hear about her connections to Bradgate Park, her claim to the throne and how she spent 9 days as Queen of England. It’s a free event, but booking is essential. To book your place call 0116 299 5460, email or visit Beaumont Leys Library on Beaumont way, Leicester LE4 1DS.

Majestic Wine recall OCCASIONALLY one reads about a recall of foodstuffs in the papers. They are, however, more frequent than you think. So far this year the Food Standards Agency has issued alerts about products from Asda, Thorntons,

I used to like the mirror that I had in 2002 much more than the one I have now.

Groby & Field Head Spotlight • Mid-June 2013 • Tel: 01530 244069 Kingshill Bakery, Nestle and KP snacks amongst others. Normally they are for products fairly low in value and not worth the effort of returning but this certainly isn’t the case if you have a wine rack with some Chablis Jean Bourguignon 2011in it. These sell at between £7 and £8 and are being recalled by Majestic Wines as a number of bottles have been identified as containing elevated levels of sulphites which could pose a risk to health. If the yellow screwcap of the bottle shows lot number LA64526 you are advised not to consume the product and to return it to the nearest Majestic store for a full refund. Alternatively if you would like Majestic to collect the wine, please contact the their Head Office on 0845 605 6767.

Do you need more fibre? IF IT’S dietary fibre you’re short of it’s a problem easily solved and one you can sort out yourself. But if you’re talking broadband and the higher speed and reliability that fibre optic cabling can bring you still have to rely on others. Groby is edging closer to becoming part of the fibre network and new telecoms cabinets are popping up at the roadside. Does anyone know if there’s anything in them? The new cabinets are essential to anyone wanting to join the fibre revolution but at the moment it’s still not clear which parts of the village will have them and which parts are considered not economically viable. BT have been asked for their roll-out plan but haven’t been forthcoming. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Groby Street Fair GROBY Parish Council has decided to help the finances of the 2013 street fair with a grant of £1,000 towards the cost of providing entertainment and toilet facilities. The Street Fair gives local businesses a boost on the day and the organisers would be pleased to receive sponsorship as every contribution helps make the event a success. In addition to providing the public address system for the 2012 Groby Street Fair Parish Council Chairman Jim Coley also entertained the audience. He’s going to be back on stage this year, but this time he’ll be fronting Wreckless Venture,the band in which he’s both vocalist and guitarist. Other confirmed entertainers include folk duo Dave & Julia Taylor from the village.

You missed it BY THE time you read this Spotlight a public inquiry you probably know nothing about will have taken place. The result may be that very little changes in the centre of the village. But if the determination of the inquiry goes the other way residents may have to learn to live with five heavy goods vehicles and trailers operating from The Rookery with all the congestion, noise, pollution and fumes that they might bring. Vehicles may also be serviced and repaired at the site. Although there seems to be very little information available about the matter it’s thought that there may be HGV movements at what most people would consider to be anti-social hours, though those who enjoy being awake for the dawn chorus may disagree. It seems that residents who have contacted Vehicle and Operators Service Agency were told that it is too late to register to attend the hearing at the Field Head Hotel on 13th June because the advertised deadline to

register has passed. Localism isn’t a word we seem to hear much any more.

Yellow lines are on the way

THE NEW street parking regulations have cleared the final hurdle and will now be implemented. It is hoped that by limiting waiting times to 2 hours on parts of Markfield Road, Ratby Road, Rookery Lane and Fir Tree Lane both local businesses and customers will benefit.

Returned to sender A TOWN near Madrid in Spain has found a way of reducing the amount of dog


mess it has to clear up. It estimates that there has been a 70% reduction in the problem following its experiment which lasted a week in February. The Council has a pet database which includes dog names and breeds, a tool not available to Groby Parish Council so you’re unlikely to see it happening locally.

A team of volunteers looked up the addresses of residents who did not clean up after their pets. The dog mess collected was then packaged in a box marked “Lost Property” and became one of 117 shipments sent to the owners’ home by courier. The idea was conceived by an advertising agency and won an award at an advertising festival. It wasn’t the first novel idea tried by the council - the year before offending dog owners were chased by a remote controlled dog mess on wheels. What ideas do you have to tackle the problem?

If a man said he’ll fix it, he will. There is no need to remind him every six months about it.

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Groby Gardening Society News May Meeting ON THE evening of May 9th we were pleased to welcome an old friend of our Society to talk about auriculas and astrantias. This was Bob Taylor who some readers will remember from his days at Warren Hills Nursery. He is now a joint proprietor of Field House Nursery at Gotham in Nottinghamshire.

A brief history This characterful primula is thought to have arrived in the East End more than three centuries ago and its cultivation became a tradition among the weavers of Spitalfields. Traditionally auriculas are shown off in a Victorian-style theatre: a black backdrop dressed with exquisite jewel-like show plants, set in traditional terracotta pots – a most attractive partnership! The colourful varieties we find so hard to resist descend from a hybrid between two European alpine primulas, the yellow Primula auricula and the purple and white Primula hirsuta. Beginners are encouraged to join in the fun as there are many easy ways to cultivate varieties that can be grown in pots, alpine troughs or even outside in the garden, where they will need a well drained, semi-shaded position.

Primula auricula, often known as auricula, mountain cowslip or bear’s ear (from the shape of its leaves), is a species of flowering plant in the family Primulaceae, that grows on basic rocks in the mountain ranges of central Europe, including the western Alps, Jura mountains, the Vosges, the Black Forest and the Tatra Mountains. The specific epithet “auricula” means “ear-shaped”, and refers to the shape of the leaves. At Gotham, Bob is custodian of The National Collection of Auriculas and his talk was laced with the projection of wonderful photographs of an amazing variety of these attractive plants. He brought along a selection of beautiful plants to sell and after the talk members took advantage of this sale in an enthusiastic manner! The second part of his talk involved Astrantias, The National Collection of which he also houses at Gotham.

Many strains of Astrantia have been selected for their value in the garden, where they grow well if given reasonable soil, some shade and moisture. Their unusual pincushion flowerheads provide summer colour in shades of red, pink and white. Astrantias have been cultivated in Britain since the 16th century and have numerous common names, such as melancholy gentleman, Hattie’s pincushion and masterwort. They are at home in the cottage garden but work equally well in modern-style plantings. They have been high in the fashion stakes for years and are often seen in gold-medalwinning gardens at Chelsea. Flowering is from late May to August for most varieties. Astrantias are also superb when dried for arrangements. Cut the stems before the seed sets, then turn the flowers upside down and hang them to dry in a cool, airy place. Planting tips : Use towards the front of a sunny yet moist border, where the flowers can be fully appreciated. They do not like to dry out. Incorporate plenty of organic matter when planting and water well in dry weather, especially newly established plants. Lift and divide large clumps in early spring and apply a generous 2-3in mulch of well-rotted manure or garden compost around the plant.

Outings We are looking forward to our day trip to the Cotswolds and Coughton Court on June 21st and we shall set off with the coach full of members and friends. Do remember to bring your National Trust membership cards if you have claimed the reduced price. If going, and you have not yet received your bus seat number, don’t despair, Alvar will have it as you board the coach. A signing list is now available for all who wish to visit the private garden at Saddington on August 8th.

The Plant Sale Once again we are indebted to all those members who donated plants and who tirelessly helped on the day. Without such support the event would not have been such a great success. The W.I. effort in the adjoining café was again a wonderful success story.

Forthcoming events June 21st - Day trip to Cotswolds and Coughton Court July 10th/11th - Two day trip to The Great Yorkshire Show and Brodsworth House & Gardens August 8th - No meeting at U.R.C., but an evening trip to a private • garden at Saddington. Our monthly meetings are held at 7.30pm on the second Thursday of the month, usually in the United Reformed Church rooms on Chapel Hill. Details about membership and the events programme can be obtained from Alvar Johnson. (Tel. No. 01162877870) or E mail • •

Alvar Johnson

£100K Capital Grant Programme to help rural enterprise growth AS PART of Leicestershire County Council’s Economic Growth priorities, the 2013/14 Capital Grant Programme is designed to help rural enterprise growth and development. Businesses are urged to bid for grant support which is designed to assist the rural economy and create local jobs. A total of £100,000 is available to help small companies who work in the land-based, food and drink, tourism and creative sectors. The grants will be given out by Leicestershire Rural Partnership (LRP), which aims to improve life for those living and working in rural areas. For further information concerning the programme, please download an application form and accompanying guidance notes from uk/rcp.html or contact Peter McLaren, Policy & Partnerships Manager: Email; or Tel; 0116 3053910. Interested businesses should consider their eligibility as outlined in the ‘scheme criteria’ and follow the ‘application process’ as referenced within the guidance notes. Applications to this round of bids are requested by no later than 5.00pm, Wednesday 10th July 2013.

I don’t have a problem with willpower. It’s won’t power I have a problem with.

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LANDLORDS PAY NO V.A.T. ON OUR FEES & FULL MANAGEMENT AT JUST 8% Due to overwhelming success we urgently require properties in the following area's RATBY, GROBY, KIRBY MUXLOE, GLENFIELD AND LEICESTER FOREST EAST

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Women are smarter than men, but men have the advantage of not knowing this.

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Fundraising Fun Day on 30th June

National Gardens Scheme

Garden to open for charity

Groby Village Society Preservation ~ Conservation Communal Interests

Forthcoming Events Thursday June 27 - Egypt the Ancient Land of the Pharaohs - Mrs Anne Halsey Thursday July 25 - Hey Diddle Diddle - Mrs Sally Leong Thursday August 22 - Awaiting Details Thursday September 26 Chris & Ken The Railway Men (Part2) - Mr Ken Issitt & Mr Chris Bates Meetings are held at Groby Village Hall Starting at 7.30pm. For Further Details Contact Hon. Secretary Mr. P. Castell Tel. 0116 287 9842 Email: groby.villagesociety@ Non Members are Welcome

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The Leicestershire Kidney patients Association are holding a Fundraising Fun Day at Markfield Community & Sports Centre on Sunday 30th June. There will be various stalls, children’s games, bouncy castle & slide, food and drinks, a sponsored Golden Mile Walk and much more. The day starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm, with registration for the walk at 10.30am. The walk starts at 12 noon.. Sponsorship forms can be downloaded from the website at - or ring Ann Carter on 01530 481221.



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A LOCAL garden has been accepted by the National Gardens Scheme and will open for the first time this summer to raise money for charity. Mike & Liz Newcombe’s garden, situated halfway along Ulverscroft Lane between Newtown Linford and Ulverscroft, will be open this summer on consecutive Sundays - 28th July and 4th August – 11.00am – 5.00pm. They will also, for the second time, provide the venue for the Newtown Linford Gardening Club’s Summer Party on Tuesday 23rd July. This 2-acre SW facing garden has beautiful views across Charnwood countryside. Near the house are patios, water features, flower and shrub beds, fruit trees, greenhouses and vegetable plots. Lawns then slope down to a gravel garden, a large wildlife pond with waterfall and three small areas of woodland, with pleasant walks through many species of trees. The lower two thirds of this garden has been created since 2004, with over 150 conifers and deciduous trees planted. There are several places to sit and relax around the garden. There will be a plant stall and a craft stall, selling jewellery, scarves etc. Light refreshments will be available. Admission for adults is £3.50, children are free and dogs on leads are welcome. The full address is – ‘Mountain Ash’, 140 Ulverscroft Lane, Newtown Linford, LE6 0AJ. For further details and some photographs of the garden see the NGS website – – Amongst the many charities supported by the NGS are Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Help the Hospices, Carers Trust and, this year, Parkinsons UK.

Creative Leicestershire Mentoring Scheme CREATIVE Leicestershire is pleased to announce that the next round of mentoring is open for applications. We are looking for 10 individuals at any stage of their career, to be a part of our mentoring scheme for 2013/14. Over a 6 month period you will work with a mentor who will help you with your professional development, as well as receiving £500 towards any training and/or professional development activities that will help you with your career development. To apply you must be: based in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland • over 18 years old • currently working professionally in the arts sector (full or part-time) • If you are interested in applying, please go to http://creativeleicestershire. If you have any questions regarding the scheme, please email lucia. . Deadline to apply: Monday 1st July.

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It’s a humbling moment when you realise your dog or cat has actually trained you to do something.


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New roles for local councillors GROBY Borough and Parish Councillor Peter Batty has been elected as leader of the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council Conservative Group (leader of the opposition) and Ratby Borough Councillor Ozzy O’Shea has been elected as the new County Councillor to represent Groby and Ratby. Ozzy commented that these new areas of influence will be very positive for the local communities of Groby and Ratby because Peter and I already work very closely and successfully together along with Groby and Ratby Parish Peter Batty (left) and Ozzy O’Shea at the entrance to the Klondike Councils to promote the best inspecting the site, and discussing the compulsory purchase plans. interests of our 2 communities. Our new roles will provide opportunities and some additional influence that we can use for the benefit of the local area. Peter fully agreed with Ozzy’s comments and pointed to just one important example; we are working closely together to encourage Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council to follow through on their promise to complete a compulsory purchase of the whole of the Klondike site on Newtown Linford Lane in Groby, the support of our County Councillor will be essential as we will need the full support of the Highways Department if this is to go through and Ozzy has already playing his part in that direction. Ozzy echoed Peter’s determination to ensure that the Borough Council should finally accept their responsibility to resolve this long running completely unacceptable situation that has been a blight on the local landscape for a number of years, all as a result of the Borough Council having ignored clear warnings from Groby Parish Council and local residents and failing to take action when necessary to stop blatant planning breaches, failing to enforce High Court Orders and turning a blind eye to unlawful uses of the site such as large scale tipping of waste materials. Ozzy went on to say that Peter has been fighting almost a lone battle at Hinckley on behalf of the local community who have had to put up with this intollerable situation for so long but he now has my full support as well and that of the Conservative group which has elected him as leader. Peter and Ozzy agree that getting things done is all about teamwork, we work very closely with local Westminster MPs Stephen Dorrell and David Tredinnick and with Euro MP Emma McClarkin and together we make a very good team. Contacts: Peter Batty 0116 291 2284 email: Ozzy O’Shea 0116 239 4336 email:

Sure, I’m willing to put in longer hours at work. As long as they’re lunch hours.

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Be an Egg-cellent Gardener GARDENERS are being urged to take extra care this spring and summer. The promise of warmer weather gets many of us thinking about trimming or removing garden greenery, but at the same time our feathered friends are busy building their nests, laying their eggs and munching their way through caterpillars and other pests. Although all nesting birds have legal protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act from the moment they start building the nest until the young have fledged, it only takes a moment for a nest to be accidentally destroyed. Birds such as robins, sparrows and blackbirds are in decline and need all the help they can get, especially after a harsh winter. Neil Pilcher from the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust said “We ask everyone to be careful as dense hedges such as Leylandii are good nesting sites, but any hedge, tree, shrub or ivy should be quickly checked just before starting work. If not doing the work themselves, householders should ask their contractor to check for nests too. If in doubt, the work should be postponed until the end of August when the breeding season is over “. For further advice contact the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust on 0116 2720444 or e-mail


‘Developing Local Solutions to Local Needs’ on Thursday 27th June 2013 at 5:30-8.45pm at NSPCC Conference Centre, Gilmore Close Beaumont Leys Leicester LE4 1EZ Booking Essential: on line via Volunteers, community groups and community activists are warmly invited to attend a celebration to show-case successful community-led projects around Leicestershire and Rutland. The event is to celebrate the fantastic achievements made in communities by community groups and volunteers; it will also be an opportunity to share good practice and promote community initiatives. The programme will include inspirational speakers from successful community projects, information for voluntary and community groups about current funding opportunities, refreshments and a ‘market place’ with stalls. “We hope this celebration will inspire volunteers and community groups!” says Cath Walker Big Society Network Development Officer. “It will be a great opportunity to hear about some of the fantastic achievements happening across the Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.” The celebration: ‘Developing Local Solutions to Local Needs’ is part of the Big Society Network Project, a partnership between the Rural Community Council (Leicestershire & Rutland), Voluntary Action LeicesterShire and Voluntary Action Rutland. To a book place at the event, please follow the link: or if you’d like further information phone Cath on 0116 268 9711 or email


Care For Ladies LEICESTERSHIRE County Council registered & accredited PA/Carer has vacancies for ladies within the local area. Personalised care packages available to assist clients to live independently within their home environment. For further details contact Vicki on

Leicester Host Lions Club Summer Fair Sunday 4 AUGUST 2013 11.00am - 3.00pm At 34 THE RIDGEWAY, ROTHLEY, LEICS Variety of Stalls, Refreshments, Music by: Hiss & Boo Band Admission £2.00 Children £1.00

If you lined up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. But so was yesterday, and look how you messed that up.

I try to stay in touch with reality but lately it won’t return my calls.

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“Leicestershire’s very own Gareth Malone” receives High Sheriff Award LESIA SMADITCH, musical director of Musical Village, a group of local community choirs, was presented with a High Sheriff Award by outgoing High Sheriff for Leicestershire, Richard Brooks, at a concert held at Brockington College, Enderby on Sunday 19th May. Mr Brooks said ‘In my capacity as High Sheriff, I was introduced to Musical Village and some of their adult singers, as well as talented and charming children, when they sang for us at the Court Opening Service for a visiting High Court Judge at St Mary de Castro Church last April. They sang beautifully, and I discovered that their ringleader is Lesia Smaditch, Leicestershire’s very own answer to Gareth Malone’. Mr Brooks added ‘Lesia has been the inspiration and driving force behind Musical Village over the past 5 years, and has encouraged a wide variety of choral singing in the community. As such, I am delighted to present her with a High Sheriff Award for her outstanding dedication and service to the singers of Blaby District. They so evidently love the fun, enthusiasm and camaraderie fostered at Musical Village. Long may it flourish.’ As well as leading Musical Village, Lesia provides individual singing lessons to both adults and children. She is also choir teacher at Elizabeth Woodville Primary School in Groby and peripatetic music teacher at St Crispin’s School in Stoneygate, where she works with children from age 5 years through to 14. Musical Village itself is based in Leicester Forest East where its 3 choirs rehearse on a weekly basis. The Community Choir and Singers is open to everyone, including complete beginners and whether or not they can read music. Members of the Musical Village Chorale are selected by informal audition and do need to be able to read music. The Youth Chorale, which is open to children of all ages, also meets weekly in LFE. The choirs sing an eclectic mix of music to suit all tastes and they perform in at least two Musical Village concerts each year as well as at various events such as the Court Opening Service and ‘Music in the Garden’ at A Place to Grow’, Enderby’s community gardens. The choirs have also entered competitive music festivals including as far away as Huddersfield. For the last two years Musical Village has been awarded the Leicester Mercury Challenge Bowl as overall winners of the Championship Choir at the annual Leicester Music Festival. Lesia said ‘It was a privilege for our choir and children to be invited to sing at the Court Opening Service. All of our singers have worked hard to reach a high standard but we always try to have fun along the way. I was shocked and delighted to be recognised personally by the High Sheriff through this award.’ For further information about joining our choirs please contact Lesia Smaditch on 07894 073621 or email info@

Colour of Ribbons - Sunday 16th June at LOROS REMEMBERING a loved one on Father’s Day - local Charity LOROS invites members of the local community to celebrate the lives of those close to them at their annual summer event. The annual Colour of Ribbons event is to be held at the LOROS Hospice on Groby Road on Sunday 16th June. Visitors will have the chance to remember a loved one – a family member, friend or a colleague, by tying a ribbon to a tree. Ribbons are available in different colours to suit the person being remembered and there are three time allocations available on the day (prior arrangement is necessary); 10.00am, 11.30am and 1.00pm. There will be no official service as part of the Colour of Ribbons event, but access will still be available to the Chapel/ Prayer Room during the day.

Mike Howitt, who recently completed a 10,642 mile overland journey from LOROS to Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa will be tying the first ribbon on the day. Mike’s wife of 55 years, Diana, spent her last days and hours at LOROS and Mike, as a consequence has an ongoing and deep appreciation of all that was done for her at that time. Light refreshments will be available, and there will be the opportunity to purchase cakes entered into a cake bake off which will have taken place in the Hospice on 14th June - an opportunity for staff at LOROS to challenge one another and demonstrate their cooking skills! All funds raised from both the bake off and the Colour of Ribbons events will be for the benefit of LOROS Hospice, a local charity providing free palliative care to 2,500 patients and their families every year.

The Hospice provides holistic care to patients, aiming to help with physical, psychological, spiritual and social issues. Patients are cared for based on their medical illness, regardless of their background or ability to pay. LOROS offers a range of services including being admitted to our 31 bedded ward, specialist palliative care nursing support in patients’ own homes and our day care service. Support and advice is also available to patients, carers & healthcare professionals 24 hours a day from our ward nursing team and medical staff. Whilst our services are free to patients and their families, they cost £7.5 million a year and we rely on the generosity of our local community to raise two thirds of this amount. The Colour of Ribbons is by booking only. For any further information please contact the Fundraising Department on 0116 231 8431.

Special deal on dog microchipping

A SPECIAL event will be held in June as part of a campaign by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council to encourage more dog owners to have their pets micro-chipped. For a cost of just £10, the Dog Warden will micro-chip any dogs that are taken along to the Earl Shilton Community House, at Peggs Close on Wednesday 26 June at the same time. No appointment is necessary. Micro-chipping is now the quickest and easiest way for a lost pet to be identified by the Dog Warden, or by a vet, and returned to its rightful owner. Without micro-chipping, it is estimated that less than half of the animals that go missing each year are reunited with their owners. A micro-chip is a small electronic device, which is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin using a special implant gun. No anaesthetic is required and the procedure should cause no more discomfort than a standard vaccination. Each micro-chip has a unique identification number, which is registered to the animal and the owner’s details are placed on a national database. This number can then be read when a scanner is passed over the chip, enabling the Dog Warden to search the national database to find the owner’s details. The owner can then be contacted and reunited with their dog. However, it is important that owners update their dog’s registered details if they change, such as moving house. Rob Parkinson, the council’s Chief Officer for Environmental Health, said: “Getting your dog micro-chipped gives the assurance that if it becomes lost, or stolen, it is more likely to be returned to you safe and sound. If immediately returned, you may also avoid paying the stray dog fees.” If anyone would like to discuss the micro-chipping service they can do so by contacting the Dog Warden Service on 01455 238141.

Being married is like having a best friend who doesn’t remember anything you say.

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Nine projects pitching National Trust Leicester Association NEWS 50 things to do before for Forum cash NINE Project Proposals have been submitted for Markfield, Ratby & Groby Community Forum area. Each of these projects has requested a share of the £12,500 allocated to the Bosworth Community Forum area. To view and comment on proposals visit the Leicestershire Forums website markgro/your-voice--view-andcomment-on1. The comments help inform discussions at the Community Forum Budget Decision Night and can be used by projects as supporting evidence for other funding bids. Please note comments do not count towards the voting on the Community Forum Budget Decision Night, Finally please encourage residents and other members of the Markfield, Ratby & Groby Community Forum area to register for a place at the Markfield, Ratby & Groby Community Forum Budget Decision Night, Thursday 27th June 2013, 6pm to 9pm, in Ratby. They can register on-line www. your-choice--discuss-projects-an1 or by calling 0116 305 7034 before 20th June 2013.

The Nine Projects 1. 2.




6. 7. 8. 9.

Groby CIC New Community Multisport Area – South Charnwood High School Staying Alive – Markfield Community Association Upgrading Bagworth Community Centre Kitchen New Balls Please - Bosworth Beez Volleyball Club Markfield Colts Equipment Reviving Community Events in Ratby 2012 Legacy Project – Ratby Sports Club Ratby Community Cinema

you’re 11¾

IN 2012 the National Trust launched a campaign to get more kids doing adventurous outdoor activities at their properties. It has been so popular that the 2013 list of activities has been expanded and the campaign includes roadside billboard advertising. The aim is to get kids – and their families – out of doors, doing something different. Activities include Climb a Tree, Explore inside a tree, Hold a Scary Beast, Go on a nature walk at night, Find a geocache and many, many more. As kids complete each activity, it is ticked off on a list (or there is an online version with games and challenges). The 50 things website ( has loads of great information to help you tackle the 50 Things adventures. Sign up online and receive: Top tips and guidance for each activity • Secret challenges to unlock • Special rewards for the best explorers • The wild test will help you find our what sort of explorer you are • Your very own virtual explorer to guide you through the 50 things. • 50 Things scrapbooks will be available free at over 350 participating properties (subject to availability). Visit for more details of fab places in the Midlands to begin your 50 things adventure, including a downloadable planner, or share your stories on Twitter (@NTMidlands) and Facebook (NTmidlands). You can find the ultimate list of 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ at So, as the weather improves (hopefully), put on the appropriate clothes and footwear, take a picnic or snack and get out there and play! For details of the National Trust Leicester Association and its Talks Service, please call 0116 2229133.

Alan Tyler


My grandfather was shrewd. People threw small mammals at him until he suffocated.


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Spotlight Small Ads

Village or City? I HAVE Just moved back to Groby from Guildford, Surrey where I spent three years studying English Literature with Crea•ve wri•ng. A lot of young people will be doing the same. It’s likely the M1 will be lined with parents and students in a car so full of bed linen and saucepans you can’t see through the back windows. But are all these freshly graduated young people excited to go home? I loved university. Living away from home, gaining valuable independence and making life long friends not to men!on of course, ge"ng an educa!on, was fantas!c. But Guildford was never quite like Groby. It has undoubtably posi!ve a#ributes of course - it is forty minutes from London on the train and young people are never short of something to do with the Guildford Spectrum, Lido and the High street on their doorstep. So why did I never feel quite at home? It’s simple, I grew up in a village. I recognise most if not all people I see when I walk my dog through the field between Groby and Newtown linford. I have the opportunity to get involved in the community and there is a feeling of “togetherness” that you just don’t get in commuter town Guildford. Many of the people I studied with were from London or surrounding areas and couldn’t imagine living in a village. I’m not for a moment sugges!ng that those moving from Groby this september to live in ci!es and big towns wont enjoy it. But I can’t imagine living anywhere else but a village. Groby will always be home.

Jessica Hunnybun

• Two reclinable folding PATIO CHAIRS in white plastic. Price: £25 the pair, or near offer. • Two folding BISTRO CHAIRS, made in steel, padded, green in colour. Price: £15 the pair, or near offer. Tel: 0116 287 6844 • Single 3 ft. Kozeesleep Supremo GUEST BED (pulls out to make a double bed). Very good condition, hardly used.Price: £100 Tel. 0116 2874920 • Dualit Expressiv COFFEE MACHINE complete with instruction book and accessories. Can use either ground beans or pods. Good condition. Price: £30 • GIRLS’ BIKE. Raleigh Diva; 50 cm frame; green and purple. Not sure how old it is but previous (and only) owner now 22! Price: free to a good home. Tel: 0116 2311 401 • GREENHOUSE for sale. Dutch-type greenhouse, aluminium frame. Approx. size: 7’6” wide by 10’3” long by 6’8” ridge height. Eaves height 4’6”. Single sliding door, two opening roof vents. Sale includes staging and a greenhouse heater. All of the above in good condition. Buyer to dismantle and remove from site. Price: £100 or very near offer. Viewing by appointment only. Tel: 0116 287 3556.



Phone: 0116 262 3202

Fax: 0116 261 9186 I taught my dog to beg. Today he came back with £12.50.

• Icecrypt FREEVIEW BOX, complete with remote control, SCART cable and instruction book. Price: £10 Tel: 0116 287 6684 • Webb 12” CYLINDER MOWER, car battery powered, complete with grass box. Fully serviced and in excellent condition. Can deliver locally. Price £50 • Electric GRASS TRIMMER, as new, used once only, Can deliver locally. Price £15.00 Contact Tel No 0116 2876 715 Trading Standards Advice Sellers of second hand electrical goods are responsible for ensuring the goods meet legal safety requirements and sellers may be liable to pay compensation if they sell unsafe goods and they cause injury or damage. If the equipment you are selling complies with an acceptable standard - for example, a British/European Standard - it will normally meet safety requirements.If you sell second hand electrical goods which are unsafe or incorrectly labelled and you haven’t taken reasonable precautions to avoid this, you may be prosecuted.

Advertise Your Unwanted Household Items For Sale Free To Spotlight Readers! SEND us the details in writing - BY POST OR EMAIL - with the cost of the item and your contact phone number for the display box, together with your home address for our purposes only (not for publication). Max price: £300.

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Letter Groby’s Coronation Celebrations of 1953 AS AN avid reader of Spotlight, and in this 60th Anniversary year of the Coronation, I wondered if the enclosed programme of events would be of interest to Groby residents. My father, Mr.W.K.Shooter (Bill Shooter), who is now aged 87, was Chairman of the Groby Coronation Celebrations Committee and my Great Aunt, Mrs.A.Nocton, was asked to organise the ‘Old people’s Tea and Outing’. I am sure that there may be some elderly residents who will remember this event.

Mrs. Susan B. Lawrence

Sports Events There were 17 sports events, comprising: Flat races for Boys and for Girls, in four age groups. Mixed three-legged races for three age groups A 100 yard flat race for Gents An Egg & Spoon Race for Ladies An Obstacle Race for Ladies and Gents A Pensioners’ Race: 65 years or over A Tug of War Wallace Drive v Groby Football Club, and Groby Church v Groby Granite. Winners to Pull in the Final. Treasure Hunt for children up to 15 Skittling for a Live Pig


Programme of Events MONDAY 1st JUNE, 1953 4.0 for 4.30 Old people’s Tea in The Council School. (Will everyone kindly bring a knife, fork and spoon). 6.0 pm Old people’s Outing starting from the School. (All those not going on this outing will receive a Souvenir).

CORONATION DAY, 2nd JUNE 1953 Prior to 9.0 am Peal of Bells from Groby Church 9.0 am United Service in the Church. (Combining the Church of England and Congregational Denominations). 10 am onwards. Television Relay of Coronation Ceremony and procession, etc. in the British legion Concert Room. Tickets (limited to 200) are available from any member of the Committee. 4.0 to 5.0 pm Children’s Teas and Distribution of Coronation Mugs. 5.0 for 5.30 pm Sports in Sharp’s Close. 8.0 pm to 1.0 am Dancing in the Council School to jim Cave and His Dusty Mountaineers. 9.0 to 9.30 pm judging will take place at the Dance and a prize awarded for the best fancy dress in each of the following categories (children are included): (a) Historical (b) Modern 10.30 pm Firework Display in the Field behind the School.





0116 2879715 / 07814224630

The man who created the design for deckchairs died last week. It took four attempts before they got him in the coffin.

Parish Council Office Village Hall Leicester Road Groby Leicestershire, LE6 0DQ Opening Times Mondays 11.00am to 2.00pm Tuesday s 11.00am to 2.00pm Wednesdays 11.00am to 2.00pm Thursdays 12.30am to 3.30pm Fridays 10.00am to 12.30pm Outside these times by prior appointment Parish Council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7.00 pm in the Council Chambers within the Village Hall. Planning Committee meetings are held every two weeks, usually on a Wednesday evening at 7.30 pm. Forthcoming Meetings June 26 Planning Committee July 1 Full Council Meeting 8 Parks Committee 8 Finance Committee 10 Planning Committee 24 Planning Committee August 4 Full Council Meeting 7 Planning Committee 21 Planning Committee September 2 Full Council Meeting 4 Planning Committee 18 Planning Committee October 2 Planning Committee 7 Full Council Meeting All meetings are Open to the Public.

A word from the Chairman of Groby Parish Council – Cllr. Jim Coley “It has been rather a busy time for your Council with much being achieved and much more on the verge of achievement and I feel that over this year your Parish Council have worked really well as a team. Not everything has been a success, as is visible by the Wind Turbines over towards Anstey. The Parish council and your Borough councillors worked hard to try and prevent and then remove them but so far with no success! A subject that is a constant question from parishioners is the situation of the long awaited revised waiting restriction scheme in the village! This is one of the “verge of achievement” items in that all being well it should be completed by July this year. I've been involved with this project as part of the working party over the past 3 years and I realise that it does seem to be taking an inordinate time to complete, however the democratic process involved to allow feedback from those affected and then to build those changes into a revised plan and then get more feedback etc takes time and unfortunately we were also caught up in a major re-organisation within County Hall which didn't help! The budget had been ring-fenced for this project some time ago so a start WILL be made towards early June giving a successful conclusion by July. The financial situation for the following year (2014/15) is certain to be much tighter due to the revised changes to the finance structure of local government which were part of the 2012 budget (introduced in April 2013). We were advised only in late December last year that some of the changes which were originally ONLY going to apply to County and Borough level would NOW be applied also at Parish Council level, this was much too late in the day to allow us to include this effect in the current (2013/14) year's budgeting but it is almost certain to cause some belt tightening in future years in line with Government Policy, however rest assured your Parish Council will endeavour to continue to limit the effects on services within our Parish. I must mention the Meadow and the CIC (Community Interest Company). Those of you who have been involved and who have contributed to this project may be wondering what is happening. GPC, the “Meadow”/CIC organising committee and our solicitors have been working hard to achieve a fully working, democratic and independent structure whilst still protecting the interests of the Village at large. We are now in the final stages of this process so all of those contributors, please look out for calls for meetings to set the final management of the CIC in place. Remember that it's a COMMUNITY project and therefore needs the community to take a part”. Extract from the Annual Report 2012/13 – full details can be found on

RESOLVED, that the Parish Council write to Leicestershire County Council expressing their dissatisfaction at their proposal to remove the defunct light columns from Sacheverell Way .... RESOLVED that the Parks & Cemetery Committee arrange a meeting with H&BBC to discuss the proposed “Dog Fouling Campaign “. Extract from Minutes 04/03/2013

RESOLVED, under its General Power of Competence, to contribute the sum of £1,000 towards the entertainment costs and costs of providing toilet facilities for the 2013 Street Fair ....... RESOLVED that the following sites be nominated to be placed in the Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust Programme: · · · · ·

Quarry Park Marina Park Stamford Memorial Park Butler’s Field Beacon Field

RESOLVED that the Parish Council send their proposals to register their interest in participating in the National Citizen Service Programme 2013. Extract from draft Minutes 20/05/2013

Official Opening of the new Garden of Remembrance

Groby Parish Council is made up of 16 unpaid members. They are supported by a full time employed Clerk, a part time Admin Assistant, the Cemetery Sexton, a Parks Keeper and two other part time Grounds Maintenance Operatives. Parish Councillors

One of our big projects this year has been the commitment to providing an impressive “Garden of Remembrance” at the Parish Council Cemetery which will be officially opened on 19th July 2013 by the Rt. Hon. Stephen Dorrell M.P ably assisted by two other nominees from the village. This is a project that the Parish Council is really proud of and for which the Parish Council was able to put in place funding all of which and almost certainly more will be recovered in future income from the extra cemetery services that the Parish Council are now able to offer. As a bonus, additional funding was secured from sponsorship from several businesses and the Parish Council’s bid for a £5,000 grant from the Borough Council’s Parish and Community Initiative Fund towards the scheme has been approved.

Cllr. Jacqualyn Batty - 2912284 Cllr. Peter Batty - 2912284 Cllr. Sylvia Beck - 2876716 Cllr. Jim Coley – 3272606 (Chairman) Cllr. Richard Douglas. JP - 2877065 Cllr. Liz Emmerson - 2312111 Cllr. Rob Fraser - 01530 244175 Cllr. Daljit Ghai - 2872703 Cllr. Ted Hollick - 2875955 Cllr. Sandra Jones - 07977746108 Cllr. Helen Lindsay - 2314487 Cllr. Eileen Marvin - 2876799 Cllr. Norman McCausland - 2321165 Cllr. Leigh Quilter – 0772523033 Cllr. Cathy Thompson 01530 249203 Cllr. Keith Yarwood – 2870252 Parish Clerk

Drainage works at Quarry Park – now completed The Parish Council in partnership with Groby Juniors FC and Groby Memorial FC had planned to develop an improved football facility at Quarry Park but unfortunately the adult football team unexpectedly disbanded and Groby Juniors are now actively looking at the possibility of buying land to be able to develop a site large enough for their needs. However, to secure such a facility may take several years and in the meantime the Parish Council has committed a substantial investment and laid new drainage channels in the football pitch, the path from the A50 into the park and around the play area to improve the drainage at Quarry Park. During the last 12 months the Parks & Cemetery Committee has had a busy year, with a number of challenges not least of which was planning Village in Bloom themes to coincide with both the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics. While doing this we took the opportunity to improve or replace old floral planters and also added a number of more substantial displays. During 2013/14 we shall continue this programme of improvements which will include more structural perennial planting and hard landscaping rather than a complete reliance on summer bedding plants. Got a concern the Parish Council needs to know about? At the beginning of every Parish Council meeting, time is set aside for Public Participation. This is an opportunity for you to talk to us about any parish matter. The Parish Council may not be able to give you an answer straight away but your comments will be acted upon either by the Council or by signposting to another agency. There is also the online “contact us” form on our website that enables you to report anything directly to the Parish Clerk.

Beverley Greenwood. MBA.BSC.AILCM 0116 2876985

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Councillors Cllr. Peter Batty - 2912284 Cllr. Martin Cartwright – 2874500 Leicestershire County Councillor Cllr. Ozzy O’Shea – 0116 2394336 / 07808585825 Member of Parliament Mr Stephen Dorrell - 2608609

We hope you will find the newsletter and our website interesting, informative, useful and easy to access. Whether you are a resident, newcomer or visitor to the parish, don't hesitate to contact us.

This newsletter is also available on the Parish Council website


Groby & Field Head Spotlight • Mid-June 2013 • Tel: 01530 244069

AT THE beginning of this school year the PTA at Elizabeth Woodville Primary School was able to spend thousands of pounds on new books for the school. New books are always a good way of encouraging reading and the children at the school are enjoying the new stories and non-fiction texts. However, this is not the only positive thing to come out of the project… In order to make room for the new books, staff at Elizabeth Woodville sorted through all the books in the library and classrooms resulting in two big boxes of books, which were in good condition and could be sent to a new home. But where should that new home be? Where were the books really needed? Where would they really be appreciated? I lived and worked in Zambia, in Southern Africa for just under 11 years. For the first four years I was a lecturer at a College of Education, and as part of my job I visited many Primary Schools. I saw for myself the difficult conditions in which children learn and teachers teach: schools in Zambia lack many of the things we take for granted here in the UK, including books. I contacted a former colleague of mine who now leads a Primary School in the rural town where I used to live. He was immediately excited about the prospect of receiving books for his school; the books were sent to him and arrived on Christmas Eve! So the books which used to belong to Elizabeth Woodville are now at Miselo Kapika Primary School in Serenje Zambia! Miselo Kapika is a pretty typical Zambian Primary School. There are 588 children at the school most of whom walk between 40 minutes and an hour in order to get to school. Most of their families are subsistence farmers, eking out a living from the land. Many of them are orphans – HIV and AIDS has devastated families in Zambia. The ages of the children ranges from 7 – 16 yrs. This is because children from poor families cannot always afford to go to school – they may be needed to help in the fields, or the family cannot afford the required equipment and children have to pass each grade before moving into the next year group. The school has ten classrooms, but 18 classes. Because of this the children attend school in shifts, some starting early in the morning, others at

My wife’s carrying our first child. I told her: ‘He’s nine; he should be walking by now.’

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LOSING SLEEP OVER PERSONAL OR BUSINESS TAX OR OTHER FINANCIAL MATTERS? Is this anxiety damaging your health and/or relationships? I can help you feel in control – feel less intimidated – and to take action. How can I help you?

lunchtime. The school has no school hall, no computers, and no staffroom. The school has no library…but, at least now it has books! And this is not the end of the story! Mr Ngosa (Headteacher of Miselo Kapika ) and Mr Pridmore (Headteacher at Elizabeth Woodville) hope to develop a link so that the children in both schools can learn about each other’s lives. This has already begun to happen. I have been into Elizabeth Woodville to talk to the children about Zambia, Serenje and Miselo Kapika in two assemblies. From personal experience I was able to share with them the difficulties that the children at Miselo Kapika face, and share how proud, smart and friendly Zambian children are.

I am skilled and experienced in dealing with tax problems, including investigations and complaints, and in making you aware of any tax saving opportunities so as to reduce your tax payable to the minimum required by law. I am well known and respected countrywide by tax agents and tax officers, including those at the highest level, which is of benefit to me in providing effective solutions to clients’ tax problems. This is because of my ten year national involvement in the new way of working known as ‘Working Together’ which is designed to make the tax system more user-friendly. This work involved being persistent, determined and forthright, yet supportive, all in equal measure. I have received awards from the Government and national tax bodies to recognize my ‘outstanding personal contribution’. Many know me as Trouble Shooter and others see me more as a trusted mentor and guide with whom they can confidentially discuss the choices available to them. As you may have already discovered, it can sometimes be lonely, particularly at times of crisis. My wide network of professionally qualified contacts locally and nationally can be called upon to deal with any crisis. Even, for example, at times of bereavement, combining with my own caring approach at such time. I have been helping and advising businesses and individuals locally, nationally and overseas to manage their business and personal affairs in over 30 years of experience as a self employed chartered accountant.

Through this ‘twinning’ the two schools hope that all of the children involved will learn about a different country and a different culture; that they will appreciate what they have and the way in which their lives are different. Personally, I also hope that they will learn that children on ‘the other side of the world’ are just like themselves. Children all over the world have the same hopes and dreams, for a safe, happy and peaceful future. Let’s hope as a friendship is developed between the two schools this future becomes more of a reality for all of the children involved.

Ruth Mwenya Parent at Elizabeth Woodville

I have also travelled and studied worldwide to broaden my horizons from a business and personal perspective and am a former Groby Borough and Parish Councillor. SIMPLY PHONE ME 07710 035 620 to arrange a free no obligation face to face meeting, or just a telephone chat to discuss what help you need. Or email me:

Richard Shooter Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me, either. Just leave me alone.

FCA Chartered Accountant

You can say anything foolish to a dog and the dog will give you a look that says, “My God! You’re right! I would have never thought of that!

A guy just yelled at me for texting and driving. I told him to get off my bonnet and mind his own business.


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‘A Century of Song’ at Thornton Club Saturday 3rd August MAKE A note in your diaries for this one – the wonderful Natalie Nightingale will be performing in a charity concert at Thornton Club raising money for two charities: Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary, Markfield and St Theodora Children’s Trust, for children in hospital. Many people may not have heard of it, but if you are ‘on-line’, do look at their website: www. Natalie, who used to be a volunteer at Redgate, now works for the Children’s Trust, so both charities are close to her heart. During the concert, Natalie will sing well-known songs from every decade 1910 – 2010 and will include plenty of Blues, Motown and Pop as we get nearer to the present day. Entrance fee will be just £5 per person on the door and the concert will start at 7:45pm. Try to get there earlier to be sure of a seat. There will be generously filled cobs available from the bar if you get peckish. And don’t forget to bring some money for the raffle ! Redgate has lots of dogs, cats and rabbits (and soon some kittens) for re-homing to their forever homes, so do come and visit us at Shaw Lane, between Markfield and Coalville by the side of the A511. Telephone 01530 243 925 between 10:30am – 4:00pm.

Community groups share over £80,000 COMMUNITY groups in parishes across the Borough are celebrating after learning that their schemes have been awarded a share of this year’s Parish and Community Initiative Fund. The aim of the Fund, which is administered by the Borough Council, is to enable people who live in the parishes to improve local facilities and the quality of life in their communities. A total of £80,562 will be awarded to 24 schemes this year. Since 2005 the Fund has awarded over £660,562 for 142 schemes to local parishes and voluntary organisations. Councillor Bill Crooks, the Borough Council’s Executive Member for Rural Affairs, said: “This is a great use of this fund with 18 villages across the borough benefitting. “We are the only district council in Leicestershire that provides grants specifically for the rural areas. “The fact that nearly £700,000 has been paid out since 2005 is brilliant and this is on top of the £500,000 in New Homes Bonuses paid to the parishes, which again is a one-off in Leicestershire.” This year’s successful projects are as follows: • St Peter’s Church Thornton - £500 for a new handrail along a tarmac path to the church entrance. • Elohim Church, Barlestone - £3,910 for the rebuilding of dilapidated outbuildings to provide an additional community building. • Barlestone Parish Council £6,090 for the installation of outdoor

fitness equipment at Bosworth Road Park Barlestone. • George Ward Centre, Barwell - £1,224 for landscaping part of the grounds of the George Ward Centre. • Barwell Parish Council - £1,036 for the renewal of the pathways at Kirkby Road Cemetery. • Burbage Parish Council £9,250 for the installation of a new tarmac footpath at Hinckley Road Recreation Ground. • Cadeby Parish Council - £5,767 for repairs at All Saint’s Church. • Desford Lawn Tennis Club £450 for a new gate and entrance to the tennis courts. • Desford Free Church - £300 for the design and painting of a mural with a youth group. • Sport in Desford - £5,000 for the refurbishment of the sports club’s car park and entrance. • Earl Shilton Town Council - £1,669 for the installation of new planters at Mill Lane Cemetery, together with new seating and a pergola. • Groby 73rd Scout Group - £5,000 for the improvement and renovation of the scout hut toilets. • Groby Parish Council - £5,000 for the creation of a new garden of remembrance at Groby Village Cemetery. • Market Bosworth Hall Management Committee - £7,000 for the development of a new annexe at Market Bosworth Parish Hall.

• Market Bosworth Sports and Social Club - £3,000 for the installation of drainage at the club ground to improve pitch quality. • Markfield Parish Council £10,000 for the installation of a new concrete skate park. • Nailstone Parochial Church Council - £630 for the replacement of leaded windows and associated metal work. • Newbold Verdon Parish Council - £830 for the replacement of six parish notice boards. • Peckleton Parish Council - £2,493 for new hard surface area around basketball hoop at Kirkby Mallory recreation ground. • Ratby Parish Council - £1,743 for improvements to the entrance of Ferndale Park. • Without Walls Christian Fellowship, Stanton under Bardon - £1,275 for the replacement of a dilapidated carpet. • Stoke Golding Parish Council - £4,995 for an outdoor fitness and gym trail. • Twycross Village Hall - £2,900 for the kitchen replacement. • Norton Juxta Twycross Village Hall Institute - £500 for loft insulation and draught proofing at the village hall. The council’s Executive is being recommended to add the fund’s £18,820 underspend to its £40,000 allocation to support the provision of superfast broadband in the rural area.

My local grocery store uses four checkouts. Unless it’s really busy - then they use one.

Groby & Field Head Spotlight • Mid-June 2013 • Tel: 01530 244069

Get knitting! AGE UK Leicester Shire & Rutland and Innocent are delighted with the response of local knitters to their Big Knit campaign to raise much-needed money for the charity to help keep older people warm this coming winter – but many more are needed! Local supporters have already knitted over 5,000 little woolly hats which will sit on innocent smoothie bottles in November at Sainsbury’s and Boots stores nationwide. For each hat-wearing smoothie sold, Innocent will give 25p to the charity. However, Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland has been challenged to make 28,000 hats to raise much needed funds which will be put towards its winter warmth campaign. Knitters can get the simple pattern from any of the local shops, the website ( or by calling 0116 223 7344. Anthony Donovan, Executive Director at Age UK, said: “The more hats we make, the more money we can raise. It really is fun and relatively quick to do as the hats are so little. Anyone can make a hat for us, and good knitters could use this opportunity to share their talents by teaching someone else how to make one. Our target of 28,000 is a huge challenge and we need to ask our band of knitters to really rally round if it is to be met. We are so grateful to them.” The hats will adorn innocent drink bottles in chilly refrigerated cabinets at Sainsbury’s and will remind people of the difficulties older people face when the temperature drops. Nearly 90 per cent of all excess winter deaths are of people over the age of 65. Older people can be less resilient to cold-related illnesses especially if they have existing health problems. Older people are also the most likely to be affected by fuel poverty, so often cannot afford to heat their homes properly. The deadline for sending the knitted hats in to Age Concern Leicester Shire & Rutland, Lansdowne House, 113 Princess Road East, Leicester, LE1 7LA is 30 September 2013.


Letter from Uncle Eustace The Rectory St. James the Least

My dear Nephew Darren Since I happened to be in your area last week, I tried to call in at your church, and was sorry to find it was locked and bolted, with surveillance cameras watching me. We tend to be a little more relaxed about matters of security. The key to the medieval lock was lost some time during Queen Victoria’s reign and never replaced. How someone managed to misplace a foot long piece of cast iron, weighing about 10 pounds is a mystery. If it had fallen out of someone’s pocket, it would certainly have broken their foot. Ever since, no one has bothered with locking the door – which makes me wish our burglars last year had thought of trying it, before wasting so much energy smashing a stained glass window when they visited in the early hours one morning. On the other hand, were the key still in use, I should probably be arrested these days for carrying an offensive weapon. As with most rural churches, keys which open just about everything in the village are hidden in various parts of the church. The vestry key is under my seat cushion, the organ key under a vase on the altar, the church hall key on top of the hymn book cupboard, and Miss Simpson‘s spare front door key inside the font. I have never been certain whether the latter is there for safety, or as a general invitation. I am sure someone could usefully produce a book suggesting the many places keys are likely to be found secreted in churches for the use of vergers, flower arrangers, cleaners – and thieves wanting to save themselves time and effort. I suspect that the burdened look that many urban clergy wear is not because they are weighed down with parish troubles, but because they are obliged to carry with them a superfluity of keys needed to negotiate every door in church, hall, school and vicarage. And why is there always one for which no one has any idea what it opens? The only occasion I have ever thought it would be useful to be able to lock a church is when you have a party of visitors inside. So often, on hearing the words “let us pray” or the start of an appeal for funds, they bolt for the door. Your loving uncle,


The last time someone wanted me for my body I was filling out an organ donor card.

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HEY must be desperate. Our President rang to say - well, she tried to say - that she had a dreadful cold and could hardly talk, so guess what? I came out of my retirement to be President at our May meeting. Now it had been decided that the meetings needed some reorganisation so, of course, it had to happen that night. We sat in a semi circle, the idea being that every one could see and hear the President and Secretary. Well they got me instead. We began the meeting with a lovely, local Nurse, Karen Hassell, from the Glenfield Breast Care Unit coming to thank us for the two iPads which they purchased from the proceeds of our “famous” Bra Walk around the Village last year. Karen said all thought they were great as it enabled ladies with breast cancer to be shown exactly what was going on. Karen drew on an imaginary patient where the cancer was, also showing the lymph nodes where it may have spread to. The patient was then given options of the various ways of dealing with it i.e. what reconstructive surgery she could have, and if possible, a choice of treatment. Previously all the information was given verbally with photos of different ladies ops and leaflets. Now they can actually see personal pictures especially pertaining to their particular cancer. Just a reminder that we are doing a “Pink” walk again this year on Saturday 3rd August. All shapes and sizes of chests welcome.

Resolution Also it was our Resolution meeting where we are called to debate and discuss what we shall be pressing our Federation to call for support for. This year our Resolution is “The decline of our

Groby WI News high streets and town centres”. It calls for every member of the WI to support their local shops and make the high Street their destination of choice for goods and services. We want decision makers to work collectively, at all levels, to ensure that high streets flourish and provide a focal point for local communities. In other words if we don’t use our local businesses we lose them, e.g. Post Offices, local grocers etc. It’s not just the out of town shopping centres - we also have the internet to contend with. Both of these are often more convenient but can you, for example, get the personal attention and information you need, get the individual, not the mass produced article or the friendliness of the local shopkeeper? After various points raised by members, it was passed with a majority vote. Our Representative will now go to the AGM in Cardiff in June for the national debate etc on this subject. I have never been but it’s said to be a great day out and quite an experience. The speakers this year are William Shawcross – Chair of the Charity Commission; Griff Rhys Jones – comedian, actor, presenter and author; and the renowned author, journalist and broadcaster, John Humphrys, sounds great to me.

Staunton Harold Church Churches are notoriously cold especially on the day when I had arranged for a few members and

one brave fellow to have a tour of Staunton Harold Church. A fellow volunteer from Calke Abbey, a most knowledgeable lady, met us there. A small Church which has lot of history, a rare one as it was built when Cromwell was busy pulling them down. Even today the old custom of gentlemen sitting on the right, ladies on the left is still carried on. The Hall was the traditional home of the Shirley family who later become the Earl Ferrers. There was a lot to take in but I enjoyed hearing about Laurence Shirley 4th Earl Ferrers who was a real rotter to say the least. He was noted for excessive drinking and a violent temper. His wife did a very rare thing in that time applied to Parliament to get a divorce on the grounds of his cruelty. This Deed of Separation required a Receiver to be appointed to more or less keep the books. This task fell to an old retainer, Johnson who did a good job. One day the Earl and Johnson were discussing business matters and there was a slight disagreement. The Earl solved the problem by saying “Your time has come” and shot him. Johnson was seriously injured but was taken home by servants but sadly he died.

Groby WI Programme 2013 •

June 20th: Birthday - 60th Birthday Dinner at Beaumanor Hall

July 18th: Librarian To The Rich & Famous At Royal Ascot - Penny Hodgson

August 15th: Laughter Yoga Leader - Marlies Flintham Local Walks Last Wednesday In The Month At 2pm Derbyshire Walks – To Be Arranged By Margaret Gamble

Shirley was arrested for murder and tried in Westminster Hall. He conducted his own case pleading insanity but he did the job so well that he was convicted of murder and found sane. He went to Tyburn where common criminals were hanged. This was done more or less as a favour as had he been beheaded in The Tower all his lands would have been confiscated. He was driven in his own carriage and was offered the privilege of being hanged with a new rope but he rejected this and tradition has it that he was hanged with a silken one on account of his rank. We came out from the cold into even colder air which we remedied with a lovely meal and hot drink in the café.

Country walk It so happened that I had arranged on another day, a walk from Staunton Harold. It was a better day and we all enjoyed it. Everywhere was a lovely green with bright bluebells. We passed young calves and lambs, what more could we have asked for. I need not tell you that we finished up again in the café, they are beginning to recognise us now.

Plant sale Another event, was the Village Plant Sale. This is to raise money for our Annual Village Show, which by the way, is on Saturday 17th August. For our part we did the refreshments and sold cakes, I am happy to report that it was a sell out. Jean’s scones, as usual, were on the black market (not sure if the younger generation knows what that means). Next month’s meeting, well there isn’t one. It is our special birthday, 60 glorious years. We are off to a dinner at Beaumanor Hall, I will give you the gossip next month. By the way Evelyn was, whilst I was flogging myself to write this, on holiday in Ibiza. Not to be outdone, I am going abroad to the Isle of Man this month, it is possible that any tan I get may be rust.

Margaret Gamble

Council Approved

FUN FACT: The Mamas & Papas song ‘Monday, Monday’ was inspired by the Beatles song ‘Eight Days A Week’.

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Newtown Linford Gardening Club

Fascinating talk on climbing plants

WE HEARD a fascinating talk on climbing plants from Hilary Hutson who came down from Sheffield to visit our club last month. We discovered that some plants lean on others for support, other plants twist themselves around, some curling clockwise and others anti-clockwise, and some plants exude their own version of superglue to secure a hold against a tree, a fence or a wall. As well as the trusty favourites of clematis, honeysuckle and ivy we were introduced to a wide range of climbers. Many were new to our members, especially a group which could be termed dwarf climbers which would suit a pot on a patio or on an obelisk in a border. We also saw the results which occur if a plant is just left to ramble, with some dominating an area like a pernicious weed. July and August see us spending our time outside. Our traditional Summer Garden Party will again be held at Mike and Liz Newcombe’s lovely garden which overlooks woods and fields and is currently featured in the National Garden Scheme Booklet. In August we visit Ashwood Nurseries in South Staffordshire and its next door neighbour John’s Garden which contains many interesting plants including a wide range of more unusual ones, some of which we should be able to buy at the nursery. The visit of Christine Walkden on October 22nd continues to cause a lot of interest. Around 80% of the tickets have already gone and only 30 or so remain. We are being joined by members of other gardening clubs and by members of the public who want to hear this effusive TV gardening celebrity speak. If you want any of these last remaining tickets they cost £10 or else you can become members of the club for the year for £12. Just contact the secretary (tel. 242452 or e-mail , or come to one of our meetings to see how you like it before making a commitment (£2 for visitors). Alternatively give us a ring and ask for a copy of our programme for the coming year and we will be pleased to send one to you.

Love Parks Week 27 July - 4 August 2013 MORE THAN 30 million of us in England make good use of our parks – a tenth of us visit one daily, and more than half of us visit one every week. Now there is even a week to ‘celebrate’ our local parks. Certainly a daily walk in the park has been found to be good for your health: not only does the exercise help prevent serious diseases, but it has been found that walking in green spaces can help to reduce stress (unless your dog has run off and vanished!) This year, Love Parks Week will celebrate our parks with everything from jazz nights to nature trails to street dancing. For a list of what you might find near you, visit

Anne and David Couling




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I’m at that age where I’m ready to settle down with strangers from the internet.



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Creepy House - Summer It’s all go at Glenfield U3A Reading Challenge 2013 AN EXCITING reading challenge for children will take place once again in all of Leicestershire’s libraries this summer! Children aged 4-12 years can take part in a spine-tingling exploration and hair-rasing adventure in ‘Creepy House’, from 6th July until 7th September. The challenge is to read six books and explore the ‘Awful Upstairs’, the ‘Frightful First Floor’ and the ‘Sinister Cellar’. Goodies include a fold-out Creepy House poster, stickers, key ring, a certificate and medal. All children taking part are also entitled to free admission into Snibston Discovery Museum and Bosworth Battlefield by showing their Creepy House sticker poster at reception (one child per full–paying adult). We also have a special event for 5-11 year olds: ‘Things that go bump…in the library!’, which will include crafts, stories and activities with a ‘creepy’ theme. Tickets are £1 per child and will need pre-booking: • Groby Library: Monday 5th August, 10.30am-12noon (0116 3053601) • Ratby Library: Monday 5th August, 2.30-4.00pm (0116 3053668) • Markfield Library: Monday 12th August, 2.30-4.00pm (0116 3053642) • Desford Library: Tuesday 13th August, 10.30am-12noon (0116 3053581) • Market Bosworth Library: Tuesday 13th August, 2.30-4.00pm (0116 3053624) • Hinckley Library: Wednesday 14th August, 10.30am-12noon (0116 3052500) • Newbold Verdon Library: Wednesday 14th August, 2.30-4.00pm (0116 3053661) Burbage Library: Monday 19th August, 2.30-4.00pm • (0116 3053558) Barwell Library: Tuesday 20th August, 10.30am-12noon • (0116 3053547) Earl Shilton Library: Tuesday 20th August, 2.30-4.00pm • (0116 3058392) For more information about Creepy House call in at your local library or visit the website

Summer Charity Craft Fayre (March of Dimes for Premature Babies & The Children’s Trust for Disabled Children)

Sunday 23rd June, 2013 11.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Forest Suite, The Charnwood Arms Hotel, Beveridge Lane, Coalville, Leics., LE67 1TB

FREE ADMISSION Variety of quality stalls including Home-Made Preserves, Jewellery, Cards, Soaps, Cupcakes, Salt Dough, Art, Honey, Ice Cream!, Raffle and much more ......



HURRAH, Spring has arrived at last and members of the U3A gardening and history groups are enjoying their programme of Spring and Summer outings.

This month the gardeners visit Coton Manor and are having a social evening/plant swap. Followed by a visit to Easton Walled Gardens in early July. The history group is off on a guided walk of the New Walk area in June. The walking groups have shed their waterproofs and thermals at long last and the cyclists are out on their bikes. It’s all go! The U3A’s 60’s Night with the live band “60’s Sound”, held at the church centre on Friday 10th May 2013, was a resounding success with just over a hundred attending the event. The group are now considering holding a Barn Dance at the same venue later in the year. Three new groups started last month, with several members signing up for the Photography, Table Tennis and Flower Arranging groups. Just a reminder to members and those considering becoming members of the Glenfield U3A - the monthly meetings are held at St Peter’s Church centre at 2pm on the FOURTH Thursday of the month (not the last Thursday – sometimes there are five in the month). The church centre is closed in July so the monthly meeting will be held in the new sports pavilion on Gynsill Lane. Following on the success of the strawberry cream tea at the meeting in August last year this is to be repeated again this year, tickets will be on sale soon. Whilst there is no specific age qualification for the U3A it is an organisation aimed at the retired and semi retired and the age of the members tends to be between 55 and 100. Many new friendships and interests have been created over the three years since our local branch formed at a meeting in October 2010. The ‘third age’ is the time for learning for fun and enjoying all the things you never had time to do whilst working. If you are interested in joining the U3A (University of the Third Age) then why not come along to one of our monthly meetings. There will be a U3A member there to meet and greet and answer any of your queries. The cost of attending one of these meetings is £1 which is refunded if you subsequently become a member. Or contact Chairperson Carol Knill on 0116 2919464.

Gill Tapping Publicity Officer, Website & Newsletter Editor

BOOKSPOT: Off The Chest: Confessions Of Match-Fixing In The Premier League WRITING under the pseudonym ‘Striker’, the author of Off The Chest, has written a novel about match-fixing in the Premier League based on actual events. It is the confession of an anonymous footballer, charting his descent - from the glittering heights of the Premier League - into a degenerate world of gambling, sex, drug taking and ultimately match-fixing... Having worked his way out of a broken home on a housing estate, our narrator - desperate to fund his gambling addictions and rid himself of a mounting debt - commits the ultimate act of treason: he fixes a game. This lovable anti-hero finally frees himself from the terrible grip of his blackmailers, but will have to live with the consequences forever. Sportsmen and bookmakers have always been too close for comfort with both wanting something from one another - the player a line of credit, the bookmaker turnover and information. Match-fixing is a crime that funds other crimes. There are reports that match-fixing gains have been used for terrorism and drugs and that murders have been committed in order to protect these rackets. What is known is that much of the world’s football match-fixing has been organised by a relatively small group, operating out of Singapore. Our anonymous footballer is tempted into this corrupt world by a Jamaican gang leader based on one of the world’s leading match-fixers. On a similarly dark note, the book tackles gambling addiction, which is often one of the reasons a player eventually turns to match-fixing.

How can my mirror and my camera have such completely different ideas of what I look like?

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- 4pm 11am

Now Op Sund en ay 11a m-4 pm







MANUAL, LIFT AND RISE DINING ROOM FURNITURE RECLINER CHAIRS Visit our Large Showroom and see our extensive range of Suites, Beds, Bedroom & Dining Furniture, Manual, Lift and Rise Recliner Chairs and Sofa Beds - all on display


Dawsons Lane, Common) Barwell, Hinckley. 01455 850391 Dawsons Lane, (off(off TheThe Common) Barwell NearNear Hinckley, LeicsTel: • Tel: 01455 850391 Opening Times: Monday 10am -- 5.00pm 5pm, Sunday - 4pm. Opening Times: Monday- -Saturday Saturday 10.00am • Closed11am Sunday My boss needs to stop holding secret meetings about my paranoia.


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Thornton Fashion Show & Sale THE ‘Friends of St. Peter’s’ charity will be holding a ‘Fashion Show & Sale’ at the Community Centre, Thornton June 29th at 2.30pm; admission is £2.

L Fashion Show &

Sale High St.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see clothes actually modelled before you buy, and then after the at less than show you can browse the rails and try on any of the clothes. You’ll be able to pick up some Price real bargains as the clothes are less than half the price of the original ‘SOS FASHIONS’ invite you to browse through the rails at the end of the Show High Street stores. Admission Saturday 29thJune (accompanied Would you like to be a model at 2.30pm under 14’s Free) for us? We’re looking for ladies At Thornton Community Centre of all ages to model these A fund-raising event by the ‘Friends of St. Peter’s’ fashion items. If you fancy it would you be good enough to contact Kathryn on 01530-230372.





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Baby Blackbirds doing well

Dentures At Home Emergency Mobile !Emergency Denture Repair Service 7 Days a Week !"#$%&'()*!+*,)#-*./.$(-*!.*).!(0(&%(1%* !!!23!4**5!6!37!+(8.9 !:(0*!8;#!<;)!(!.$(-*!.*)!;=!+*,)#-*.> !?;=)!%;4*-!+#$%&'()*!+*,)#-*.!(0(&%(1%* !@(-<*!-(,<*!;=!(%%!A#(%&)8!)**)B!(0(&%(1%* !!!6!('-8%&'!);!$;-'*%(&, 30 years experience to the TRADE

WE THOUGHT Spotlight readers would be interested to see our beautiful baby Blackbirds. All three eggs were hatched safely and the Blackbird ‘triplets’ now reside in the play tunnel on our back wall!

Groby Nursery Playgroup

David Smith - 1 The Burrows, Narborough

0116 275 0101 (home) 07880 973 742 (mobile)

When I was young, I had to walk all the way to the TV to change the channels.

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Transport - more County Council cuts on the way

Discounted Advance National Forest Wood Fair Tickets Now Available ADVANCE tickets are now on sale for the National Forest Wood Fair. With 20% discount on the gate prices, book in advance and get a fantastic family day out for just £20. Go online and book now for a brilliant end of summer hols event. This year’s National Forest Wood Fair takes place on Bank Holiday Monday 26 August at Beacon Hill Country Park, and will be packed with activities for everyone to enjoy. Children will love the climbing wall, the birds of prey, paddling a coracle, eco art and ranger-led craft activities. There will be plenty for parents to try as well – whether it’s pole lathe turning, willow weaving or pulling a draw knife on a shave horse (nothing to do with the fourlegged variety!) The sawdust will fly once the lumberjacks take the stage, and the chainsaw sculptors slice and tease magnificent shapes out of lumps of wood. See massive log chippers in action, and the wood mizer slice through planks of wood like butter. Richard Drakeley, Tourism Development and Promotions Officer for the National Forest Company said: “The National Forest Wood Fair has a reputation for being a fun, family event, a perfect day out for families who like things to do, with quirky activities to try, and plenty of good value, beautiful things to buy. Don’t forget the charity auction at the end of the day, when hand-crafted items from many of the stall holders are up for sale to the highest bidder.” The opening hours for this year’s show have been extended, with admission from 9 am until 6 pm, giving visitors even more opportunity to make the most of all the attractions on offer. A free park and ride service will be available from Leicestershire County Council’s County Hall at Glenfield, Leicester. The National Forest Wood Fair is run by the National Forest Company in partnership with Leicestershire County Council. It is held in the stunning setting of Beacon Hill Country Park, just five minutes from the M1, junctions 22/23. On the gate admission will cost adult £9; concession £6; family (two adults and three children) £25. Buy in advance and save 20%: adult £7.20; concession £4.80; family £20. For more information and to buy tickets visit www. , or buy in person, or over the phone, at either Ashby de la Zouch or Swadlincote Tourist Information Centres.


Norman Griffiths looks at how the money is spent


OME READERS may feel that the County Council is sending out mixed messages about public transport. On the one hand residents are told that travelling by bus is a good thing and money is spent trying to improve the experience. On the other hand bus subsidies are under scrutiny and this may hit hard those families whose children travel to school by bus, as well as other users. The new bus gate traffic lights on the A50 near the A46 roundabout is designed to “improve the journey times and reliability of local bus services and

to encourage more sustainable travel.” It saves buses turning north up to the roundabout before resuming their route to the city. The lights change within 10 seconds of the bus arriving and there can be no doubt they shorten the journey time. Useful to Groby residents but perhaps a blessing to those who have travelled from Coalville on Arriva Service 26, as previously they have may have lost the will to live before they reached the A50. Perambulating through Hugglescote, Ellistown, Bagworth, Thornton, Newtown Unthank and Ratby they eventually arrive at Groby Post Office 34 minutes after leaving Coalville. If they have dozed off during the journey they may have set the alarm on their smart phone to wake them up as soon as they pass Groby cemetery. They won’t want to miss the new Olympic sport for Arriva’s drivers – navigating the latest supersize buses off the main road and through the narrow streets of Groby without damaging any of the strategically placed commuter cars. As they move away from the post office they will be pleased that the remainder of the journey time has been cut by a couple of minutes by the new bus gate, though their pleasure may be dispelled if they knew it had cost them £230,000. In fairness there is more to it than just a bus gate, as it also allows pedestrians and cyclists to stop the traffic so that they can safely cross the road and if one life is saved then it must be worth the investment, though some say they’ve seldom seen anything other than a bus crossing. Those who don’t travel by bus may have mixed feelings about the cost of the project. Whether there are similar small capital highways projects throughout the county is something an enthusiastic reader might like to research so that we can estimate the overall cost and

compare it to the savings that the County Council needs to make to it’s transport subsidies. These cuts are an altogether more serious matter for many families. Another consultation Yes, there’s another consultation underway, but the proposed cuts will do nothing to help the objective of encouraging the use of public transport. Like all authorities the council is faced with the dilemma of where it makes cuts. It seems it has to be done, but what do you cut? The consultation is on proposed changes to financial support and travel arrangements in the county. It hopes to save £1m per annum by cutting subsidies to school transport and £300,000 by changes to concessionary travel subsidies. Annual charges for transport for pupils over 16 years of age would increase from £240 to £425 whilst transport to faith and voluntary aided schools would cost £640 if the subsidy is withdrawn.

Concessionary pass holders travelling after 11pm on weekdays would have to pay the normal fare in accordance with the national concessionary scheme. Free travel for the disabled before 9.30am and after 11pm Monday to Friday would be withdrawn. Vouchers worth £33 per year for those with disabilities who cannot use the bus service and for residents who live over 800 metres from an hourly bus service would also be withdrawn and so would half fare on Community Transport Services. Those who receive assistance with transport as part of a community care assessment are not affected but if you are you should have your say. The consultation will end on Sunday 30th June. Unable to view the consultation online at www, You can request a copy of the form by calling 0116 3050002 or emailing

THE NEW BUS GATE: Cyclists and pedestrians can also cross safely

You know you’re getting old when you have to turn your music down to park your car.

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Painting exhibition in Woodhouse Eaves The Bricklayer’s Arms 213 Main Street Thornton T: 01530 230 808 QUIZ Nite: Thursdays We now have SKY and ESPN Try our new menus! The Club, Thornton Main Street. T: 01530 230251 Open To Non-members Fri 14th June - ROCKIN ROBINS - Rock N Roll Evening Sat 15th June - To Be Confirmed Fri 21st June - Karaoke / Plug And Play Evening Sat 22nd June - MICK RIDGWAY’S MOJO HAND BAND Fri 28th June - ROCKIN ROBINS - Rock N Roll Evening Sat 29th June - RIOT ACT - Rock Covers Band Sat 6th July - BONEYARD BLUES BAND - Rock And Blues Covers Fri 12th July - ROCKIN ROBINS - Rock N Roll Evening Sat 13th July - DEVILS REJECTS - Rock Covers Band Sky Sports Are Back - Bingo Every Tuesday - No Membership Required - Club Thornton The Queen’s Head Ashby Road, Markfield. T: 01530 242 496 ALL SKY SPORTS & ESPN Bagworth Working Men’s Club, Station Road, Bagworth. Tel. 01530 230205 Find us on FACEBOOK search Bagworth WMC New members welcome. Live entertainment – last Saturday of the month Andy’s Charity Quiz £1.50 each last Friday of the month Sequence dances Sunday Nights. £1.50 admission 8 pm Tea Dance Wednesday afternoon 2 – 4 pm. £1 admission. Sat 15th June - SOCIAL SEQUENCE DANCE - 8pm start - £1.50 on the door. Sat 29th June - SEAN LANEY (in the lounge) - free admission; THE UPBEATLES & 60s DISCO (in the Concert room) - in support of MacMillan Cancer Support - 7pm start - £5 on the door. AIR PISTOL SPEED SHOOTING - 1st Tuesday of each month - £2 on the door - winner takes all. Bring your own pistol or use ours. Ask about our FREE ROOM HIRE for those special family occasions.

The Field Head Hotel Markfield Lane, Markfield Tel: 01530 245454 Tribute Nights/£2 Entry after 7pm. Fri 14th June: DIVA DANCE NIGHT TRIBUTE Fri 5th July: JULIA MARTIN’S 70s CAR WASH TRIBUTE Fri 2nd August: GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS TRIBUTE See ad on page 34. The Bulls Head Forest Road, Markfield T: 01530 242541 Garden & Pub Games etc. The Coach & Horses Leicester Road, Field Head Tel: 01530 242 312 KARAOKE Nights:Sat 22nd June with ‘KING OF THE ROAD’. Sat 29th June - HEY BEATLES Groby Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Leicester Road, Groby Tel: 0116 287 1809 Fri 14th June - STREET LIFE Fantastic Male/female Duo Sat 15th June - FRANTIK Another Quality Duo Sun 16th June - Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz Fri 21st June - DAKOTA - Brilliant Male/female Duo Sat 22nd June - DOUBLE TROUBLE - Fun Female Duo Sun 23rd June - Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz Fri 28th June - LEE RICHARDS - Excellent Male Singer Sat 29th June - RENEGADE Quality Male Duo Sun 30th June - Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz Fri 5th July - VELVET SOULS - Very Good Duo Sat 6th July - LAURA ELSON Great Local Singer Sun 7th July Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz

Tell us what’s happening in YOUR local pub or club and we’ll give you a free mention in LIVE & LOCAL. Tremendous!

A LOCAL art group is getting ready for it’s tenth annual painting exhibition to be held the13th and 14th of July at Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall Annexe . ARTform Summer Exhibition 2013 will feature more than 100 pictures and include of a range of prices, styles, and subject matter. ARTform was started in 2003 by members of local artist Mark Wilde’s painting classes who wanted to show off their watercolour work to the public. Now in its tenth year, the group has taken off in many directions to include pastels, acrylics, and oils. Opening times are 12 - 5pm on Saturday, and 10am - 5pm on Sunday. Refreshments will be served and admission is free. For more information, ring mark on 01509 673064 or email


" # $%&

I really wasn’t planning on going for a run today but those cops came out of nowhere.

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Leicester Limited - EST 2005 Windows & Frames Cleaned Car Port Roofs Cleaned & Repaired Fascias & Soffits Cleaned Driveways & Patios Cleaned Door & Porches Cleaned Block Paving Cleaned & Resealed Guttering Cleaned & Repaired Decking Cleaned & Restained Conservatory Roofs Cleaned External Wood / Masonry Painting (Full Valet Avaliable) (NVQ Qualified Tradesman) Remove the grime, bring back the shine Give your UPVC that freshly installed look For a free quote and advice call Graham

TEL. HOME 0116 2386774 / MOBILE 07928 644 287

Quality Local Tradesman

Glenfield Millennium Green News

Join us for a picnic!

What’s on at Donington le Heath Manor House

Bradgate Lions Club News

Wednesday 19th June 2013 - 7.30pm Pride & Prejudice outdoor theatre production Enjoy Jane Austen’s much loved story in the lovely surroundings of Donington le Heath Manor House with the ever popular Chapterhouse Theatre Company. Tickets: Adult £15/Concessions £13/ Child £9/Family (2 Adults 7 2 Children) £40. (10% discount for parties of 10 or more) Tickets available on site in advance and on the gate.

SINCE our last report, we’ve had a very busy time what with our Easter Fundraising, some of which we had to miss out on because of the appalling weather conditions, but neither the less we did manage to do our Easter prize draw baskets in the local pubs, where we raised over £1000.00 and we held a bucket collection at Glenfield Co-op for the DLR Air Ambulance where we collected £462.00. so altogether it was quite a pleasing time. We have now completed our fundraising for the current fiscal year, (July 2012 – June 2013) and have held our cheque presentation event where donations were made to the various charities and good causes we that have supported. During the current year we have raised and donated £4550.00 to national and local charities such as Air Ambulance, Rainbows, LOROS, Wishes4Kids and many more besides, in total 17 groups have benefitted from this year from our efforts. On June 23rd. We will be holding our 24th. Charter Anniversary Dinner at Forest Hills Golf Club and in the intervening years since our inception in 1989 we have raised and donated over £146,000. A figure which we are very proud of. But in order to continue with our work we do need to recruit new members. If you would like to find out more about Bradgate Lions and what we do, (Its not just fund raising, we do enjoy a brilliant social life as well,) give me a call on 01530 242912, I will be pleased to help you. At the end of June we will be holding our change over event when we will welcome our new President for the next twelve months, there’s not much change there, as our current President Jill has agreed to remain in post for another year, but we will still go ahead with the ceremony and we wish her another successful period of office.

Sunday 30th June 2013 - 11am to 4pm. World War II Experience Come to Donington and meet members of ‘Up an At Em History’ reliving aspects of WWII. Meet soldiers and civilians doing their bit. FREE entry - small charge for activities. Sunday 30th June 2013 - 1pm-3pm Classic Car & Motorcycle Rally Public admission free. Saturday 6th July 2013 - 10.30am to 1pm Summer Reading Challenge Launch Celebration A celebration event to mark the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge, with a variety of activities including trails, crafts and story telling. Free admission. Saturday 6th July 2013 - 2pm to 5pm Bluegrass Gospel Harmony Singing Workshop The workshop will teach a range of bluegrass songs in 3 and 4 part harmonies which will be performed as part of the Big Summer Sing Concert that evening. Tickets: £10 - includes free admission to the evening concert. Tel: 07968 419158.

LAST YEAR the Picnic held on the Millennium Green to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee was so popular that we have decided to have another. Come along on Saturday June 29th with your picnic, a gazebo (it might rain) and some games to share with friends and neighbours. There will be a variety of races for children, not highly competitive but ‘fun’, and for adults too if they feel energetic! You could organise a game of rounders or kwik cricket or relax and watch others enjoying themselves. You can come as early as 12.30pm and we expect ‘things to happen’ until 4.30pm. Posters will be displayed on notice boards around the village during June. Ideas and offers of help to make this a really good community afternoon are welcome. Please contact 0116 2991868 for more details. After such cold weather this spring, and low temperatures and hail showers leading up to the bank Holiday weekend, we were pleased that the sun shone for our Plant sale on May 25th. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported us by growing plants for us to sell, helping on the day and coming along to buy. We raised a grand total of £350 which will help towards the essential repairs to the path around the Green completed the day before the sale.

Chris Tordoff I used to play tennis, baseball, basketball and chess, but I stopped after my son broke my PlayStation. The other day I sent my girlfriend a huge pile of snow. I rang her up and asked, ‘Did you get my drift?’


Saturday 6th July 2013 - 7pm The Big Summer sing Concert A lively programme of gospel and bluegrass singing by a selection of local choral groups and a touring Austrialian group ‘Salvation Jane Reunited’. Tickets: Adults: £8/Children £4. Tel: 07968 419158. Saturday 20th July 2013 - 8pm-1am Ghost Watch with Haunted Heritage See what spooky secrets hide in this wonderful 700 year old house with experienced paranormal investigators ... Supper included. Tickets: £35 (booking essential) Sunday 21st July 2013 - 11am-4pm The Romans in Britain A fun family event exploring life in Roman Britain, with a chance to handle real Roman objects, meet early and late Roman soldiers and learn about leicestershire’s Roman Heritage. A Festival of British Archaeology event Adults: £2/Children: £1 with small extra charge for craft activities. Sunday 11th August 2013 - 11am-4pm Redcoats and Rogues Discover 18th century costume, language, food, crime and punishment, and life in the army, plus much more in this exciting family event. Tickets: £2

Roger Gamble

A lie is a very poor substitute for the truth, but it’s the only one discovered so far.

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Affordable housing still elusive in Groby Norman Griffiths looks at the draft report of the Housing Needs Survey EARLIER this year a new Housing Needs Survey questionnaire was circulated with the Groby and Field Head Spotlight in order to produce an up to date review of the need for affordable housing within the parish. The response was excellent with a a return rate of about 28%. A total of 806 completed survey forms were received. Richard Windley, who organised both the current and earlier survey, has now left his post as Rural Housing Enabler. One of his final tasks was to prepare a draft report of his findings and this has been submitted as an interim report to the Parish Council. His work is being looked after by a Project Delivery Manager at Midlands Rural Housing whilst a review into rural housing in Leicestershire is completed. He will be liaising with Groby Parish Council to see what the next steps are once the final version of the Housing Needs Survey Report is published.

The last survey Six years ago Richard’s report concluded that Groby needed to find a site to build a new development of up to 24 affordable homes to help residents who could not afford accommodation locally to stay in the village, or those with a strong local connection to return. Many were currently having to share homes with their family or friends. Once the report was accepted by the Parish Council his next task was to try and find a suitable plot of land for a small development of affordable homes. In order to keep the cost of development down and to make the homes affordable the search was on for what is known as a ‘rural exception site’. This is usually land on the edge of the village which would not normally be given planning permission for development. The land would cost much less than land with normal planning permission for development. But after three years he had to concede that he had not been able to find a suitable site. “Despite rigorous searches by me, the Parish Council and Val Bunting, the Housing Strategy & Enabling Officer from Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, we have been unable to locate a suitable site in the parish with a willing vendor for rural affordable homes - a Rural Exception Site,” said Richard.

The 2013 draft report The latest report showed there is now a need for up to 30 affordable homes and 4 open market (sale) homes for local people enabling them to be suitably housed within the community and also concludes that they could be developed on a Rural Exception Site, if available, or as part of a larger development – a so-called “Quota Site.” The current study looked at house sales in Groby over the last 12 months to try and determine the lowest entry point to the housing ladder for a

Local artist Patricia’s first exhibition LOCAL artist Patricia Hardy is holding her first exhibition ‘My World in Watercolour’ in the Stables Gallery at Shuttlewood Clarke’s Ulverscroft Grange from 1st July to the 28th July. She will be there every Friday in July demonstrating Americal traditional Quilting. She will have hand made cards based on her paintings and also photographic items the profits from which will go to the Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation. Patricia is a volunteer at the foundation, so come along for a chat and to see what a wonderful local charity we have.

small family home. It was estimated that with a 20% deposit and a mortgage of about 3.5 times annual income a housebuyer would need an annual household income of around £34,000 to buy the cheapest 3 bed home currently on offer. Income statistics from 2007 suggest that currently less than half of the households in the parish could comfortably afford an entry level home if they were not already satisfactorily housed. Those households who felt that they were adequately housed and would not be looking to move to alternative accommodation within the next 3 years accounted for 772 of the 806 returns. Only 34 returns had a qualifying affordable housing need. There were 4 returns having an open market housing need. Concentrating on the needs within the next 3 years the suggestion for homes in the Parish is as follows -

Type of home

Affordable or social rent

Shared ownership

Open market sale

1 Bed Flat 1 Bed Bungalow 2 Bed Bungalow 2 Bed House 3 bed House 4 Bed House Totals

5 4 4 2 2 1 18

1 8 3



1 4

“This suggested requirement of up to a maximum of 30 affordable rented and shared ownership homes will meet the current housing need for those who, being in housing need and wishing to stay within the parish of Groby, are unable to secure a suitable affordable home,” the report concludes. “However a rural exception site would not normally be larger than 10 properties, so the need will most probably be met over a number of sites.” This is, of course, a draft report and the figures may be subject to change in the light of further community consultation.

Bradgate Flower Club News AFTER A summer break in July, Bradgate Flower Club meets next on Wednesday 7 August at 7.30. Club members have been invited to demonstrate their interpretation of the theme “Inspired by Gertrude Jekyll’. This will follow a short presentation on the work of the celebrated plantswoman and garden designer. The demonstration will be held in Newtown Linford Village Hall (LE6 0AE). Visitors are welcome - a charge of £5 is made. Details from Lilian Coleman on 0116 2363191. • DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: Bradgate Flower Club are holding a Bridge Drive on Thursday 17 October in Newtown Linford Village Hall, starting at 1.30 for 1.45pm. If you would like to book a table, contact Sue Howard on 01530 245373. The fee is £6 per person including afternoon tea. A donation will be made to ‘Canine Partners’

Geraldine Abbott

“Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They’re about to announce the lottery numbers.” What is the difference between a dog & a cat? A dog will drop everything & come when you call. A cat will check its schedule, and fit you in.

I’d love to make money at home in my spare time. But counterfeiting is harder than you’d think.

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RELATE advice for managing holiday stress WITH the long school holidays approaching, Relate Leicestershire is very aware of the pressures that can be put on families and relationships over the summer break. Juggling child care, work and family holidays can put couples under an increasing strain so instead of enjoying a break from the routine, they can become stressed and overwhelmed. Relate Leicestershire has some tips to help families cope over the summer break : Planning is crucial so sort out child care arrangements in plenty of time so • that it is one less thing to worry about. And take advantage of local play schemes because they offer great activities for youngsters. • Managing expectations before you go away could reduce family arguments. Getting family members to talk to one another about what they want can help iron out problems before they arise. • Checking your finances before you book your holiday will help avoid the stress of returning to an overloaded credit card or overdrawn bank balance. • If you are not going away, there are many traditional activities that families can enjoy together such as picnics, outdoor games and outings. These activities help families bond together and learn to support one another. This can be especially helpful for stepfamilies. • Lay down some simple ground rules for children such as remembering to tidy up toys or fixing a pocket money spending limit for older children. Do this together as a couple, because it is all too easy to fall out over this sort of thing. • Keep an eye on summertime drinking. It is so easy to over do the wine sitting in the sun and over indulgence can spark disagreements between partners. • Plan to spend some time together as a couple – to keep in touch, agree on actions and enjoy each other’s company. Relate Leicestershire Centre Manager Suzanne Prince said: “We all look forward to a break from the routine but sometimes our expectations are not fulfilled. Talking to one another and to the children can help couples get the most from their summer break.”

Fair Cuppa:

an opportunity to meet with friends at the village hall. Every Thursday, 10.30-12.00

Urban Saints is held during term time, at the URC chapel: games, friends, crafts and a Christian basis to discussions. - for 5’s to 14’s on Mon evenings at 3.45pm, 6.30pm or 7.45pm - for 15-18’s on Wed evenings at 7.30pm - for 15-18’s on Fri at 7.30pm More details on the church websites More details on the church websites

Youth Worker Ruth Cross 07759 087804

For further information please see websites and church magazines St. Philip and St. James Revd. Louise Corke 231 3090 United Reformed Church Revd Sue McKenzie 232 1733

Catch meets for play, craft, story & chat for preschool children with a parent or carer. Every Friday in term time, 9.30-11.30am, at the URC.

My dogs are *excellent* guard dogs. As long as the burglars remember to ring the doorbell.

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‘Seaside Holiday’ Wordsearch Find 12 things you might find on a seaside holiday in this month’s Wordsearch puzzle and you could win yourself a meal and a drink. This month we are offering a tasty prize of: A Main Course for Two, plus A Bottle of House Wine at The Fieldhead Hotel. To go into the draw, all you have to do is find - and mark a line through - the names of 12 items you might associate with the seaside. These can run vertically, horizontally or diagonally (and backwards!).

















Send your entry to: OFF TO SKEGGY, Groby & Field Head Spotlight, PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT to arrive by Saturday 6th July 2013. Remember to include your name and address. The first all-correct entry drawn out of the Editor’s suitcase will win the Meal for Two at The Fieldhead Hotel. Good luck! Here are the 12 seaside items you have to find:

AMUSEMENTS • BREAKWATER • BUCKET AND SPADE CANDYFLOSS • CARAVAN PARK • COCKLES DECKCHAIRS • FORTUNE TELLER • JELLYFISH PROMENADE • SEAWEED • STICK OF ROCK Name: ................................................................................................. Address: ................................................................................................ .................................................................Postcode: .............................

Last Month’s Wordsearch Winner The winner of last issue’s Wordsearch competition was: JOHN CHESTERFIELD of Lime Avenue, Groby You win a Main Course for Two plus a Bottle of House Wine at The Fieldhead Hotel. Congratulations! Your prize will be with you soon.

CLUELESS visits Open Farm Sunday at Little Markfield Farm RADIO LEICESTER’S cult Sunday morning treasure hunt ‘Clueless’ visited Little Markfield Farm on Open Farm Sunday - 9th June 2013. Every Sunday between 9am and 12 noon, Julie Mayer is out and about in Leicestershire trying to solve cryptic clues set by the Dastardly Doctor. She is guided on her way by her studio-bound husband Tony Wadsworth, who takes calls from listeners who help to solve the clues. Visitors at Open Farm Sunday looked on in amazement as Julie leapt from the BBC Radio Car and hot-footed it to a massive tractor, which concealed the clue. Once in the driver’s cab, Julie DRAMA! Julie Mayer finds the clue! lowered the bucket of the fore-end loader, with the help of farm owner Brenda Featherstone, and retrieved the clue, which was taped to the front of the machine.

Give fat people a break. Don’t they have enough on their plates?

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Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your own children.




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I eat cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.

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