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APRIL 2013

New 2013 Bowls season starting soon!

Women’s World Day Of Prayer At Markfield Court

Bagworth Bowls Club is looking forward to the start of the 2013 season with our first game on April 20th. We have a full fixture list through to September with friendly matches against local clubs played on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons plus other competitions at various levels throughout the season. So why not think about joining us? Whether you’ve seen bowls on TV and wonder what it’s all about, if you are now finding football or cricket a bit of a younger man’s game but you still want some exercise or maybe your doctor has recommended you take up some non-strenuous activity you can be sure of a warm welcome from us. Situated at the rear of the Community Centre, Bagworth Bowls Club has been in existence for over 80 years and our green itself is now considered to be of county standard, the friendly atmosphere of the club is warm and welcoming, and the teas served at our Saturday afternoon matches are good enough TURN TO PAGE 3

On Friday 1st March, ladies from the Roman Catholic Church in Coalville, the nursing home and the retirement village and led by Gwen, presented an inspirational service of prayer and music at Markfield Court to mark the year Women’s World Day of Prayer 2013. This year’s service, written by the women of the churches in France, was based on the theme “I was a stranger and you made me welcome.” The service was attended by residents and staff of the Nursing Home as well as residents from the Retirement Village at Markfield Court and the musical accompaniment was provided by Michael Hockaday from the Congregational Church in Markfield.

St. George’s Day Celebrations It is “ENGLAND” day on the 23rd April and the “Ringing for England” campaign is encouraging all church bells be rung at approx 6.00pm to celebrate this special day. St Paul’s and many other cathedrals and churches will participate. To celebrate locally there will be an open evening at St. Peter’s Church, Thornton between 6.30-7.30pm when you are invited to watch the ringers “rise” and “fall” and ring various methods on the bells. There will be an opportunity for you to participate by way of “chiming” or indeed ringing a bell. (No age limit applies!) The celebrations will follow on with an evening at the Bricklayer’s Arms enjoying their “Pie Nite” (delicious pies at £5.95 each) and music by way of “Last night at the proms” with a sing-a-long to such favourites as “Land of Hope and Glory,” “Jerusalem,”etc. There will be plenty of flags and hats on display. The Irish fully celebrateSt Patrick’s Day so come you Englishmen/ women and join in with our St George’s Day celebrations. To help the chef to know how many pies to bake, those who intend to eat please give Ben (01530230808) or Eric (01530 230743) a ring to reserve a pie. Drinkers only are, of course, most welcome.

Eric Roberts

Tower captain, St Peter’s Church, Thornton)

Christian Aid Week Street Collection in Markfield 12th May – 18th May 2013 The Christian Aid envelopes will be delivered this year between 12th and 18th May. We are unable to return to each household to collect the envelopes but we kindly ask those who would like to contribute to return the envelope, with donation enclosed, to any of the addresses listed on the paper which will be attached to the envelope. If you are a UK taxpayer remember to Gift Aid your donation - Christian Aid can receive 25p more from the government for every £1 you contribute, at no extra cost to you. Just fill in the form attached to the envelope and place it in the envelope with your donation. And / Or Drop in to the Christian Aid Coffee Morning on Saturday 25th May at the Congregational Church Hall, Main Street, Markfield, 10am to 12 noon. Thank you all for your generosity.

CTIM (Churches Together in Markfield) NEXT ISSUE OUT: Saturday 4th May- Advert & Articles Needed By 20th April

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The Herald is a monthly local magazine delivered free to approximately 4,000 homes and businesses in Markfield, Field Head, Stanton under Bardon, Thornton and Bagworth.

Contact Mike Wilkinson with your articles, news items or advertising enquiries. Printed by Norwood Press in Ellistown. The opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the Herald Production Team. The inclusion of any group or organisation in this publication does not necessarily imply a recommendation of its aims, methods or policies. The Herald cannot be held responsible for the information disclosed by advertisements, all of which are accepted in good faith. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information in this magazine, but no liability can be accepted for loss or inconvenience caused as a result of error or omission. The Herald reserves the right to amend, shorten or refuse to publish articles and/or advertisements submitted for publication. All contents © The Herald None of the articles or adverts contained in this magazine are to be reproduced in any way without first obtaining written consent from The Herald.

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Badger Baiting Discovered in the Charnwood Forest The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust have recently discovered evidence of badger baiting in the Charnwood Forest near Coalville. A badger sett was discovered which had been dug out and then refilled. The disturbed soil contained badger fur which indicated that one or more badgers may have been killed. Badger baiting has been illegal for over 170 years due the horrendous suffering caused to badgers and the dogs used to bait them. Badgers are normally caught in their setts by blocking the exits and then sending a dog in to corner the badger. The baiters dig down to find the badger. This can often mean digging a hole over 6ft deep. Once found the badger is maimed in order to prevent it killing the dogs too quickly. This usually takes the form of breaking the badger’s jaw or legs with a shovel. The badger is then thrown back into the hole or taken to a prepared location and one or more dogs are set on it in a fight to the death. A spokesman for the Trust said “This is a shocking discovery. This sort of sick blood sport should not have a place in modern life. Unfortunately the people that do this think that digging a wild animal out of the ground, maiming it and watching it fighting dogs is entertainment. To every sane person this would be deemed to be abhorrent. The types of individuals that do this are serious violent criminals. We would urge people to be vigilant when out in the countryside and to report any suspicious activity to the police.” The RSPCA and Police have been contacted and photographic evidence was taken at the scene. The sett in question and those in the surrounding area have been put under regular surveillance and remote cameras will be deployed in the near future. The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust are asking people to be vigilant and report suspicious activity including: • People carrying spades (sometimes fold away spade in bags or rucksacks) when out walking. • People taking small terrier type dogs near badger setts. Look out for radio collars on the dogs as they use this to locate the dog in the sett. • Any signs of recent digging activity on a badger sett.

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‘I’ll put the coffee machine on’ It doesn’t have quite the same ring as ‘I’ll put the kettle on’, but nevertheless, that is what seems to be happening across the country these days. The latest retail trends show that sales of kettles have continued to decline, until now more than one in five of us does not even own a kettle. Meanwhile we are opting for fancy coffee makers, and more than one in five of us can make our own espressos, lattes and cappuccinos.

Bowls season starts soon ... from page 1 to earn the highest praise from our visiting opponents. The game is not arduous in any way and provides a degree of exercise suitable for individuals across the full range of abilities who compete against one another on, quite literally, a level playing field! Perhaps the most important thing in these harsh economic times is that the cost of playing bowls is one of the lowest of the many sports available. The main requirement is a set of bowls which can be expensive if bought new, but beginners are actually recommended to start with a set of second or even third hand bowls, and these are always becoming available among the bowls community. Add a pair of grey and white trousers, a plain white top (we have coloured club shirts once you decide to join us), and a pair of smooth-soled shoes and you’re away! The first year’s membership fee is reduced for new members and match fees are around £3.50 per game. In case you are of the common opinion that bowls is only for rather elderly ladies and gentlemen, let me point out that we have members of all ages, from teenagers to ‘recycled’ teenagers in their eighties! We have families represented over 3 generations, married couples who actually talk to each other and the odd merry widow; it really is a game for everyone! So, if you’ve ever thought you might like to try this wonderful game of bowls why not come along to our new members opening evening on Monday April 15th starting at 5pm. It will cost you nothing at all as we provide all the kit you need whilst you decide if it’s for you. We have certificated coaches among our ranks who would be delighted to give you the necessary pointers to get you started and other club members are always willing to give advice and assistance to make you feel at home. Hopefully we shall see you on the 15th April or in fact any Monday after our start date. If you need any other information please contact me, John Sinfield, on 01530 231273 or email me at

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Extracts from Markfield Parish Council Minutes The following items were among the topics discussed at the meeting of Markfield Parish Council on Tuesday 5th March 2013. The information comes from the unapproved minutes, and therefore may be subject to correction or alteration. POLICE REPORT: February 2013 Crime Figures THEFT FROM STORES x 1 • Shaw Lane – 4 males pull onto the forecourt take no fuel but enter the store and conceal items into their jackets and leave without making any form of payment. BURGLARY OTHER THAN DWELLING • South Charnwood School– Power tools stolen from unsecure working site. • Neville Drive – Garage door forced open by unknown persons and washing machine stolen. DAMAGE • The Chase – Kids’ plastic football goal posts found to be damaged overnight. • The Chase – Wooden fence damaged. • The Chase – Second wooden fence damaged. PCSO Williams reported that youths had now been identified and spoken to by the police for these three incidents above. • Stoney Lane – Graffiti damage caused at farm site by unknown persons. DAMAGE TO MOTOR VEHICLE • Chase – Damage caused to motor vehicle left secure on drive way. • Park Avenue – Damage caused to motor vehicle left secure on drive way. • Hill Lane – Car left secure in car

park, on return owner finds rear windscreen smashed. THEFT • Leicester Road – Freezer left on drive way for collection by council, before council arrive unknown persons take freezer from drive and leave. • Chitterman Way – Suspect arrested, after being seen dumping a stolen moped on the street. • Ratby Lane – High value item of plant stolen from secure working site. THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE • Hill Lane Close Industrial Estate – Front and rear number plates stolen from parked vehicle. • Leicester Road – Catalytic Converter stolen from secure van parked on drive way. • Ulverscroft Way – Fuel siphoned out from parked car. THEFT OF MOTOR VEHICLE • Leicester Road – Moped stolen from drive way overnight. • Billa Barra Lane – Vehicle left secured by owner; on return he finds vehicle is gone. PCSO S Williams reported that the figures were higher than normal this due to the snow and cold spell. Much of the issues that took place around The Chase in Markfield had been resolved or were currently still being investigated by officers. Many of the youths that were involved in causing the damage to motor vehicles were

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also still being dealt with. The clerk had written to Sir Clive Loader; the new police and crime commissioner regarding the Parish Councils’ disappointment that again there was no police presence at the last meeting. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner had replied and had forwarded the letter to the Chief Constable’s office for the matters to be looked into. PC 4675 Katie Harris, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire Police had also responded by informing the clerk that, there was not enough capacity to send officers/PCSO’s to the meetings, however if she was on duty or one of the PCSO’s for the area and were able too they would attend. SID (Speed Indicator Device): Correspondence from Margaret Bowler had been received and in response PC 4338 Harlock had requested that the Parish Council consider installing one in the village at various locations, one of them being Thornton Lane. The Road Policing Unit had conducted speed checks during rush hour, morning and afternoon. The figures recorded showed that a large proportion were over the 40mph speed limit . This was not only cars but also the large HGVS. Mike Wilson, Road Safety Officer (Community Liaison) County Hall had emailed the clerk with details of the

Humans are predisposed to believe in God

scheme (circulated to the members prior to the meeting) In summary the actual cost to the Parish Council would be around £3,300 to install a sign and £350 for the post. Resolved in principle, due to the high cost of the SID the parish council would consider the proposition to purchase the sign in partnership with eight or nine other local parishes so that the sign and costs would be shared equally. If these conditions are met the parish council would install a post on Thornton Lane (exact location to be agreed) at a cost of £350.00. Protection of highways trees within the grass verge on Neville Drive – Installation of bollards: - Mr Lockley had asked Mr M Springthorpe & Cuckoo Gap Farm for revised quotations to install bollards onto the verges.

Car Sales on A50 at the Field Head Roundabout: -There were no car sales at present. Mr D Sprason stated that the matter had been passed onto Lesley Pendleton, county council cabinet member for environment and transport.

Grit bin request 40 Croft Way: Resolved, the grit bin would be sited next to 73 as this was the steeper side and more difficult to exit or outside 13 as this was on tarmac path rather than grass.

Illegal horses and illegal Installation of water supply to Raunscliffe Field; The 4-5 tonne rock had been delivered and installed to block the entrance gate by a local haulier at a cost of £200 approximately. Mr T Lockley would discuss the potential for grazing Long Horn cattle on the field with Mr M Jeeves, Head of Leics & Rutland Wildlife Trust.

British Cycling – BMX Race Track at Jubilee Playing Fields: - Mr D Sprason stated that he thought British Cycling was still interested in using the site for a BMX race track. Resolved, the Parish Council agreed that a deadline of 1st July 2013 should be implemented for the proposal to build a track to move forward in a positive way. After this deadline the parish council would consider the proposal as no longer viable and would start to pursue the proposal to plant a FreeWoods Scheme at the site.

DATES OF THE NEXT PARISH COUNCIL SURGERIES • Saturday 6th April 2013, 11am – 12noon, Mrs Gondolo-Gordon and Mrs E A Cook would attend. • Saturday 4th May 2013, 11am – 12noon

Humans are predisposed to believe in God and in some sort of life after death, according to the recent findings of a threeyear international study.

Religion is “not just something for a peculiar few to do on Sunday instead of playing golf,” says co-director of the project, Prof Roger Trigg, from the University of Oxford. In a study that involved 57 academics in 20 countries across multiple disciplines, “we have gathered a body of evidence that suggests that religion is a common fact of human nature across different societies.” The study found that human thought processes, from infancy, are “rooted” to religious concepts. But people living in cities in developed countries are less likely to hold religious beliefs than those living a more rural way of life. Nevertheless, the findings suggest that “attempts to suppress religion are likely to be short-lived, as human thought seems to be rooted to religious concepts such as the existence of supernatural agents or gods, and the possibility of an afterlife or pre-life.”

St. Peters Church, Copt Oak

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High ground brings wind, snow ... and now turbines Borough Councillor Matthew Lay writes in the Herald We have certainly felt the winds from the east during the past month. It has felt more like deepest winter rather than Easter and the volume of snow was considerable. I am reminded of the old saying that ‘the wind from the east tis neither good for man or beast’. Blowing in straight from the Urals, it has kept the temperatures very cool for this time of year and being relatively elevated in our communities of Markfield and Stanton, we have been affected more than most. The movement of air and its perceived purity was a key reason for the building of a sanatorium at Markfield in the days of more widespread tuberculosis, a condition that affected communities up and down the land and was often referred to as consumption. The sanatorium is of course no more, as modern medicine and improved living standards saw the disease reduce in numbers significantly. The cold temperatures we have seen this winter will have inevitably led many to use more energy keeping their homes warm. Both Gas and Electricity usage is significantly greater than average and of course this will result in higher bills to compensate, as energy costs continue to rise. This rise in bills is relentless and as domestic supply reduces (North Sea gas is set to fall to only 40% of expected demand) we become ever more dependent on overseas supply which itself is more costly and less price stable. We are now

recent closure of Daw Mill colliery in Warwickshire, which pretty much ends any local employment in the industry, merely confirms the perilous state the industry finds itself in. An industry that once dominated both the local economy and its social life. Keeping the power generated is now becoming a bigger challenge especially as a number of power stations are now faced with closure due to age and environmental safeguards. One approach to solving the looming energy crisis has been the development over the last few years of renewable energy production. This takes many forms but we will all be familiar with the growth of solar panels on the roofs of houses and a steady proliferation of wind turbines. Without doubt there is huge potential in this form of production, but it is not without its problems. Solar power needs the sun to shine and wind power needs regular wind to turn the blades. Wind turbines can now be seen in many places and by their very nature the bigger they are the more power they generate. They also need to be built in places that have the right potential for regular sources of wind which is not straightforward and is often controversial. Having last year spent a couple of days at Skegness it was noticeable how many turbines could be seen off the coast. So this is now the subject of much debate at the Borough Council as applications come in to build more and more

A wind turbine being erected recently near the A46 in Groby forced into buying gas which is extracted in far flung places, frozen and transported around the world to the highest bidder. The one fuel we still have plenty of is of course coal, and yet that industry is now literally on its knees and since privatisation has been without the level of investment needed to ensure clean coal technology could be fully developed. I believe this to have been a very short-sighted move, but one that happened and the

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Go Barn Dancing and help Emma raise funds! Local teenager Emma Critchley, a ranger with Markoby Rangers, has been selected to represent GirlGuiding Leicestershire on an international trip around Europe in the summer.

turbines in the Borough and often with a presumption in favour of development, due to national planning guidance. Just recently we have seen two new turbines go in alongside the A46 in Groby and applications have been received for turbines in our community. This is not a surprise to me, because for the very same reasoning that led to the sanatorium being built here will also attract those seeking to build wind turbines. It is however a concern, because the rules governing these installations are limited and the planning safeguards ineffective. Wind power absolutely has a key role to play in any balanced energy policy, but it must be measured and sensitive to the communities that might be impacted by the siting of turbines. Measures such as minimum distances from houses and noise impact assessments should be minimum safeguards and yet presently they are not in this Borough. These minimum safeguards and a general strategic approach to wind power as opposed to the piecemeal development we currently witness, is absolutely required if we are not turn a positive into a negative before the benefits are truly realised. Let’s hope that the breeze blowing in from the East turns out not to be so bad after all.

As part of a group the girls have to visit at least three countries and as many places within them beginning with the letter ‘B’. During the trip there are also various other challenges that have to be completed such as having a photograph with a policeman in every country, eating with a local scout/ guide group and visiting a place of worship. As a condition of attending, the girls have to raise the money for the trip themselves. Emma has already held a coffee morning, taken part in bag packing and served tables at a burns night in order to help her achieve her target. The next event Emma is holding is a Barn Dance at Markfield Community Centre on April 13th at 7:30pm. Tickets are £7 adult, £4 child or a family ticket of 2x2 for £20; included in the price is a ploughman’s supper. Proceeds from the evening will be equally split between funding Emma’s trip and the national charity ‘Over The Wall’. This charity provides lifechanging experiences to children and young people aged 8-17 who are affected by serious and life limiting illnesses. Contact for tickets 01530 245439.

Household bills Household bills have risen by 25 per cent in the past five years, leaving people more worried about living costs than their health. Car insurance, gas, electricity, and petrol have seen the highest increases at 67 per cent, 52 per cent, 32 per cent and 33 per cent respectively since 2008. In the meantime, wages have gone up by just 6 per cent. A survey by has found that the biggest worry for more than half of us (55 per cent) is the rising cost of living, compared with 29 per cent of us who are worried about our health.



Money wise I’m set for life. Providing I die next Tuesday.

Thornton St.Peter’s Church Spot My deadline for this article was given as 23rd March, so I put pen to paper only to realise that it was the day of the Vernal equinox - the first day of Spring, March 20th. (My recollection from an old timer is that birds begin to nest on this day when the day is as long as the night).

Letter from Uncle Eustace

Beware those modern choruses The Rectory St. James the Least My dear Nephew Darren

I am afraid we shall have to agree to disagree on yet another topic – although I suspect the list of items we agree to agree on would be considerably shorter.

I like to think my appreciation of hymns resembles a connoisseur of fine wines savouring a grand cru claret, yours seems to resemble a Russian female tractor driver who is a Hero of the Nation. We at St. James the Least are more than happy with “Hymns Ancient & And yet with bitter winds, Modern” – the original 1861 edition, naturally - the later editions display a freezing temperatures and dangerous tendency towards modernism. Sadly, St. Paul was not able to heavy rains it seems that sing “Onward, Christian soldiers,” but I am sure he regretted the fact that it Spring is still a long way off had yet to be written. The hymns our grandparents pretended to sing when - and I do so want to get on they were in church are quite good enough for the ones we pretend to sing with the gardening! when we sit in the same pews. Spring, as you may gather, is my favourite season of the year with At least when we come to the last verse, we know that we can then sit its promise of all things new and this year, in the Church, both Roman down, mission accomplished. The last time I attended your church, just as and Anglican, with the accession of a new Pope and Archbishop, it is I saw the last words and therefore the finishing line of one of your choruses particularly exciting. I am looking forward eagerly to their respective Easter coming into sight, we were told it would be splendid to sing the thing messages. Nearer to home we shall, by the time you read this, have another three times. At least it gave me another analogy to use when I next celebrated our own Easter Services, from the Good Friday Stations of the preached on eternity in hell. Cross to the Easter Day Holy Communion. And your method of singing would plunge our congregation into an Those of you attending such services will have noticed that my promise to existential crisis. What do they do with their hands when they don’t have you in the last Herald to have the long awaited handrail installed by Easter books to hold and are obliged to look at a screen? To be deprived of being has been honoured. However it must be acknowledged that the new able to hold a book in church is like a smoker who is trying to give up being heating system is giving us some concern. Its complexity is beyond me but unable to grasp a cigarette when in the pub. others, more competent, are working hard to resolve the issues. The ladies do not know whether to clasp their handbags, which then makes The ‘Friends’ held its AGM recently and took stock of a very successful it look as if they suspect the rest of the congregation of theft, or to hold St Michael’s Church year whilst, at the same time, planning a future programme. The first event some flowers, which looks a little too matrimonial. The men experiment is a repeat of last year’s very successful Barn Dance/Hoe Down at Bagworth with putting hands in pockets, which they then realise looks scruffy, so they WMC. Admission to this event, on Friday May 3rd, is by ticket only from try to hold on to the pew in front, which is inevitably too low, so they have Eric Roberts on 230743. to adopt some form of half crouch, which makes them look as if they have recently had hernia operations. Finally may I wish you all, from St Peter’s, a very Happy Easter. with Raffle, TombolaYour choral tradition – if I can flatter it with such a description – also Martin Foster seems to require half an hour before the Service spent singing for our Churchwarden Plant Stall congregation, that time is more usefully spent discussing Government Refreshments incompetence, livestock prices and why Miss Threlfall always wears a red felt hat with her tangerine coat. Should we ever have a joint Service, I can’t imagine how we’ll all get through the first hymn together.

May Fayre

Don’t Forget to SendSaturday Your News! 11th May

If something interesting or newsworthy has happened Church where Hall Congregational YOU live, please drop afrom few lines to Your loving uncle, 10.00 am - 12.00 noon The Herald, PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT Eustace or email the information to:

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Emma Critchley invites you to a ..

BARN DANCE* Markfield Community Centre Saturday 13th April 2013 7:30pm-11pm. RSVP: 01530 245439. The money raised will go to my Jailbreak trip fund and also the charity ‘Over The Wall’. I really hope you can come and have a great night. Get your barn dancing boots on!!

* Tickets £7 adult £4 child or £20 family (2 adults, 2 children).

Ploughman's supper provided and there’s a bar to buy drinks from.

I was given the sack at work today, but that’s what happens when you’re a postman.


Bradgate Lions Club News Things have been rather quite since Christmas, although we did enjoy a post Christmas dinner and Quiz at the Bulls Head, Hinckley Road, Leicester. As part of our social events calendar. On February 23rd. We held ‘A Night at the Races’ at Botcheston Village Hall, This was a Charity Fund Raising event. As well as a superbly presented eight race card, we all enjoyed a ‘Ploughman’s’ type supper midway, and a raffle. All proceeds went into our charity funds ready for allocation to various good causes in May later this year. March 21st. saw us entertain a local group called SWAG’s to Skittles and a Fish and Chip supper at Groby Ex-Servicemen’s Social Club. Swag’s are a group of special needs young people, based in Groby, who challenge us annually to a match, which they always win, and they thoroughly enjoy doing so. This year it was no different, but we were heavily outnumbered March was hectic month for us with our Easter Themed fund raising events. We had our ‘Easter Egg Prize Draw Baskets’ placed in 12 local public houses, to which our members then had to visit to sell to the clientele. We also had our ‘Easter Bunny’ Float touring the streets of Groby, Ratby and Kirby Muxloe, during the month, and a ‘Easter Bunny’ Pub crawl on Good Friday of drinking establishments in Kirby Muxloe, Glenfield, Markfield, Copt Oak, Stanton under Bardon, Thornton, Botcheston and Ratby. On the 23rd. We were to be found in Anstey village centre holding a bucket collection along with our ‘Easter Bunny’, and finally on March 30th. we held an all day bucket collection at the Glenfield Co-op Superstore, for the benefit of DLR. Air Ambulance. On Saturday April 27th. we are holding a ‘GALA CONCERT for St.GEORGE’, at Markfield Community Centre, featuring the Croft Silver Band playing a wide selection of music, and finishing with a proms type finale’ with lot of flag waving and singing. Tickets are £8.00pp. and include a ‘Ploughman’s’ type supper. Tickets can be obtained by ringing Roger on 01530 242912. Ordinary People – Amazing Rewards How would you like to join BRADGATE LIONS CLUB? We are looking for new members with new ideas and bags of enthusiasm to take our successful club into the future. The Bradgate Lions started in 1988 and have raised over £140,000 since then. These funds have been distributed to many deserving charities since then such as:• Rainbows Children’s Hospice • D.L.R. Air Ambulance • Loros. • Wishes 4 Kids. • Children in Need And many more International, National and Local Charities and Good Causes. Bradgate Lions provide community initiatives that are of real benefit to those who are less fortunate amongst us namely:• Westgate School Pupils • SWAG’s ( A local group for young people with special needs)! • Glenfield Hospital Patients. It’s not all just work. Members enjoy camaraderie at monthly business meeting held on the second Thursday of each month, an various social activities arranged by the club. Now we are looking for new members who can contribute their ideas for new activities and opportunities for fun, fundraising and service initiatives. If this article strikes a chord with you and any of your friends, colleagues or partner, then join us at one of our meetings, and meet Club members and learn more. Please telephone Lion Roger Gamble on 01530 242912

Your ideal home? Describe your ideal home. Here is how some others do it: “the perfect home is two miles from a supermarket, 10 miles from the coast, within walking distance of a pub (where the landlord knows your name) and a newsagent, and with kind and considerate neighbours on either side of you. A perfect home itself has off-road parking, a spare room, a nice lawn, an en-suite bathroom, fast internet access, an open fire and privacy. The study by Banner Homes says: “Community spirit is something we still view as integral to being happy with where we live.” Proverbs puts it this way: “Better a neighbour nearby than a brother far away.” (Prov 27:10)

Breedon Chapman delivers his pigeons for a long trip north MRS STEVENSON of Leicester Road, Markfield has kindly lent us a press cutting which includes this picture taken in Main Street, Markfield. It shows local pigeon fancier, Mr.Breedon Chapman (82) taking his birds to be collected for a 414 mile trip to Thurso, where they would be released to race back to their home loft. The newspaper cutting - from the Leicester Mercury, we think - also includes a photo of Mr Melvyn Anderson setting the master clock which controlled the Markfield Pigeon Club’s race timings. Unfortunately, there is no date on the press cutting, but we think it was printed in the late 1960s. If anyone has any more information, Mr Chapman transporting his pigeons to the collection point - on a set of old pram wheels! let us know. • Mrs Stevenson’s late husband Bill was a well-known local pigeon man, whose birds won numerous prestigious races.

Women on Facebook How interesting is your life? Is it anything like what you claim it to be on Facebook? It seems that women consistently use their Facebook page to exaggerate or distort the doings of their everyday lives. So when women claim to be out ‘on the town’, or holidaying abroad, or having a great boyfriend, they are often really sitting alone at home. Their reason for the deception? They do not want to seem dull or boring. Yet psychologists warn that as people attempt to ‘stay connected’, they can in fact be left even more isolated. One says: “Omitting the imperfections of our lives from the conversations with our ‘friends’ online leads to less opportunity to feel empathised with, resulting in a greater sense of disconnection.” The survey was commissioned by Pencourage, a ‘diary style’ social media website.

I never agree with my boss until he says something.


Charity Family Disco / Auction

Saturday 11th May 2013 - 7.30pm Till Late At Markfield Community Centre, Markfield Tickets £2 Per Person Come along and enjoy a good night and help raise money for a great charity. Everyone welcome. There’s a raffle, tombola plus more. A guest star from Leicester City Football Club will be attending. All proceeds are going to Cancer Research 1089464 For tickets contact Diane: 07748 915829

Bagworth Dances The Bagworth Working Men’s Club are holding social dances on Saturday 20th April and Saturday 18 May. Both begin at 8 pm and the tickets for both of these cost £1.50. If you wish to attend, you can buy your tickets on the door. They also include a raffle and a short bingo session. The next Charity dance is on Friday 10th May at 8.00 pm at the Bagworth Working Men’s Club. This is called ‘Memories’ because the event is in memory of friends and club members who have supported the club over the years. All of the money raised will go to ‘Prostaid’, a very worthwhile local charity. They offer local support, information, befriending and raise awareness of Prostate Cancer. They also fund two Prostate Cancer specialist nurses, one at the point of diagnosis and one working in the community giving palliative care for local men with advanced prostate cancer (the first nurses of their kind in the UK). In addition they fund new treatment equipment for local hospitals. Tickets cost £2.50 and can be bought on the door. There will also be a raffle and bingo at this event. This is always a good night which is enjoyed by everyone. Information: 01530 230467.

Ken Hill

Bagworth, Bingo & Band Just a reminder that the Bagworth Forward Group is organising a Spring Bingo on Monday 15th April at 7.30 pm in the Bagworth Community Centre.

Enjoy a Springtime Stroll along our Reservoir Walkway ... followed by a Tasty Meal from our New Menu! Perfect!

The Bricklayer’s Arms 213 Main Street, Thornton Tel: 01530 230808

Wednesday is

“STEAK NIGHT” 2 Steaks, With Hand-Cut Chips, Peas, Tomato, Mushrooms & Two Glasses of House Wine - £18.95

Traditional Sunday Lunch 1 Course - £8.00 2 Courses - £10.00 3 Courses - £12.00

With personal service to your table

Home-Made Pie Night - Tuesdays - £5.95 Lunches & Snacks: Tues-Sun Eves (Tues-Sat): ‘A La Carte’ or Snacks • Weekend Specials A Welcoming Homely Atmosphere, Garden & Great Food!

We are a group of volunteers and all of the money that we raise is used to enhance the life of the village, for example we planted most of the daffodils and other spring flowers that are fighting their way through the snow as this is printed! We are also responsible for the plants and planters that you see around the village. We purchased the containers and we pay to keep them stocked with seasonal plants. This is a prize bingo so please support us and hopefully you will win some excellent prizes and you will also help the village. There will also be a raffle and refreshments. Admission is free. Contact 01530 230347. In addition, the Guthlaxton Band from Guthlaxton College, Wigston will be again playing in the Community Centre on April 25 at 7.30 pm. People who have attended this event over the years have always been very positive about the evening and have been heard to say that it is one of the best events held at the Centre. Why not come and see if you agree. You will meet a delightful group of young people who may well change your view of people this age. Students who take part in the Performing Arts at the College have gone on to become famous, starring in the West End, etc. In years to come you might be watching Saturday night TV and think, ‘I’m sure their face is familiar!’ Today Bagworth, tomorrow the World! Tickets cost: Adults £5, Children £2.50. Contact 01530 230347 or

Bob Austin

If there were no golf balls, how would we measure hail?


Markfield WI News After having to cancel our January meeting due to the inclement weather Markfield WI have enjoyed two very successful meetings in February and March.

We have also welcomed some visitors and also a new member. We hope this trend will continue as we feel that we have a varied and interesting programme to look for ward to in 2013. Remember ladies you can come along as a visitor on three occasions before you are expected to join and our programme is published in the Herald so you can make a note of anything which takes your fancy in the coming months. In February we listened with great attention to a talk by Barry Wilford from the Leicester Street City Centre Pastors. The Street Pastors is an interdenominational organisation who send volunteers out on to the streets of cities, towns and even some large villages on Friday and Saturday nights to support people who may have problems while enjoying a night out. Everything from drink and drug related problems to young ladies who need something other than their six inch heels to go home in. They help the lonely, lost and those who may be injured and frightened and clearly do a wonderful job. We were left wondering how many of us would want to turn out in all weathers at ten o’clock at night until the early hours of the morning to face unknown situations and I think we decided that it was not many of us. Barry outlined how the organisations worked and how a typical night might go and then went on to tell us about the uniform – one item of which is a wonderful, warm coat with many pockets for bars of chocolate to give out, first aid equipment, flip flops for tired and hurting feet. He also said they gave thermal blankets and sleeping bags but they were not in the pockets! He had many stories to tell, some amusing and some very moving and made what could have been a dry subject very interesting. March has seen us being entertained by Margaret Hudson who was a Tiller Girl in her youth. Margaret was a truly wonderful speaker with many tales to tell of her time ‘high kicking across the boards of many a famous theatre’! We heard about her first trip to London at sixteen to begin work and live in a dancer’s hostel in Soho, what a strict regime there was there. She had met and worked with a host of celebrities, most of whom were names from our childhood such as Max Wall, Max Bygraves, Tommy Trinder, Charlie Chester and many more. Margaret had wonderful memories of Royal Variety Performances and had danced at the last one attended by George V1. She had travelled to Scandinavia and South Africa and had finally, somewhat reluctantly, given up to marry but had carried on dancing and teaching dance for many years. We all loved listening to Margaret and we could tell from her presence and wonderful posture that dancing had left its mark on a lovely, lively lady. We are expecting a busy year as usual as we are already committed to organising Markfield Open Gardens on the last weekend in June, enjoying a trip to see My Fair Lady at Kilworth House and having a summer meal out at The Grey Lady Restaurant. There is also talk of a trip to London at the end of August. The skittle team will be playing other WIs in the Bradgate Group and we intend to send a team to take part In the Leicestershire and Rutland Federation Quiz. Please think about joining us, we welcome new members and are always open to suggestions from members who may want to explore different activities. The Leicestershire and Rutland Federation of WIs offers its members all sorts of opportunities to learn new skills and become involved in a wide range of activities, or you could just come along to the monthly meeting in Markfield and enjoy a speaker and some social time over refreshments. We meet at the Methodist Church, Main St at 7.45 on the third Wednesday of the month. For further information please contact: Fran Johnson 01530243350 Jane Barrington 01530243285

How money CAN buy you happiness Money may not buy you love, but if you spend it on gifts for other people, it seems that it can buy you some happiness. A recent global survey of more than 235,000 people has found that whether you are rich or poor, if you spend money on other people, you will be happier than if you spend it on yourself. From poor Ugandans to wealthy Canadians, it seems that those of us who treat our friends and family experience a ‘warm glow’, according to the Gallup poll. As one Canadian professor said, the study showed that helping others is “deeply ingrained in human nature.” And no wonder: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

HAMLIN’S PLUMBING SERVICES All Types of Plumbing Work Undertaken No job too small Call Mick on 01530 245155 or 07813 065538 Qualified Local Plumber with Years of Experience

I tried paying my income tax with a smile, but they wanted a cheque.


NEWS from Markfield Community Wedding Celebration

Skate Park Update As reported in last month’s edition of the Herald we had a meeting with the site manager for GRAVITY to finalise the project plans and some preparation work was due to commence before Easter. However, we have once again been thwarted by the Markfield weather as, you will only be too well aware, that we have once again been deluged by unseasonable snow and not just a smattering but tons of it. So, realistically work cannot take place and even when the snow finally does melt the ground will no doubt be saturated with water and be unworkable for a period of time. I have given up crossing my fingers as the good old Markfield weather always seems to throw a spanner in the works. But WE WILL get there eventually.

Markfield Snow Well what a torrid time we have had recently. However, I am chuffed that my next door neighbours Paul and Abigail took up my challenge in February’s edition of the Herald to build a snowman in their front garden. With daughter Bronwyn they built a strange snow animal that was supposed to be an Easter Bunny but turned out to look more like an Easter Piggy. Talking about snow sculptures, can anyone guess what the snow feature is in this month’s photograph quiz right? A little clue is that it isn’t a sculpture of the Elephant Man.

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day Unfortunately, due to lack of support, we had to cancel our planned RED NOSE event to support this year’s Comic Relief. It was a bit disappointing as we had spent ages preparing a fun evening and I had even written a comedy fun quiz – it is going begging if anyone wants to use it. Hopefully next year’s Comic Relief Fun Run will be more successful.

In stark contrast to the atrocious weather we experienced all day on Saturday 23rd March, villagers Craig and Hannah Tiltman had a wonderful celebration of their wedding. The weather was that bad with heavy snow, wind, freezing temperatures and ice it was nearly called off. However, with a lot of snow shovelling, pavement clearing and gritting the celebrations went ahead. Craig and Hannah had previously got married at Coalville Registry Office on 8th December – it was warmer then. As their wedding was a low key family event they wanted to really celebrate their marriage with their children Gracie, Tamzin, Imogen and Aiden and their family and many friends and colleagues. I understand that their first date was at the Bull’s Head in Woodhouse Eaves where Craig had “wooed” Hannah with the promise of a slap up meal. However they arrived too late and the meal service had closed. So Craig, you still owe Hannah that meal! Everyone had an enjoyable and happy evening despite the weather and having to dig a number of cars out of the ice and snow on the car park. Many congratulations to you both from all at the Centre.

Some Forthcoming Events at the Centre • Barn Dance On Saturday 13th April Claire Critchley is organizing a Barn Dance to raise funds to enable her daughter Emma to travel in Europe with the Girl Guides with the Girl Guides. The aim of the barn dance and the trip is to raise funds for the charity called “Over the Wall”. This charity provides life changing opportunities for children with life limiting or serious illness. For tickets please contact Claire on 01530 245439.

• Markfield “Nights at the Proms” Firstly an apology. I got a bit and incorrectly informed you that it was the Christian Aid event featuring the Ratby Brass band evening on Saturday 27th April – I got my wires mixed up and it is in fact charity Gala Concert evening for St. George. The concert is being organised by the Bradgate Lions Club and will be performed by Croft Silver Band. The finale of the evening will be a Night at the Proms Session and tickets include

a ploughman’s lunch. So, get your flags and hats out and enjoy a rousing evening. You can obtain your tickets by contacting Roger on 01530 242912. • The Christian Aid Brass Band Concert will take place at the Centre on Saturday 15th June and performed by the Ratby Mid Brass Band. Please contact your local church representatives or the Centre for tickets.

• Charity Disco and Auction Dianne Dowell is continuing her amazing quest to raise funds for Cancer Research. Over the past few years she has raised thousands of pounds so, please come along and support her Charity Disco and Auction to be held at the Centre on Saturday 11th May. Tickets cost only £2 and all proceeds go towards life saving research. Tickets can be obtained by contacting Dianne Dowell on 07748 915829.

• Charity Fun Day The Leicestershire Kidney Patients Association is planning a family fun day at the Centre during the afternoon of Sunday 30th June. Watch this space for further details nearer the time.

When a woman says, ‘We need to talk’, why is it never about football?


& Sports Centre And Don’t Forget! • The County Council Local Elections take place on Thursday 2nd May. The Centre is the designated Polling Station for Markfield so, pop in and cast your vote. • The National Blood Service will once again be at the Centre all day on Wednesday 8th May to “harvest” your much valued and appreciated blood donations.

Annual General Meeting It’s that time of year again with the Centre’s Annual General Meeting taking place at 7.45pm on Thursday 23rd May 7.45pm. As mentioned many times before the Centre is a registered charity with a voluntary Management Committee. This is your chance to hear how the Centre is performing, what has happened of the past year and more importantly what it is planning to do for the village over the coming year. This is your chance to have a say and, YES we are looking for new blood to help us develop the centre. So, if you can spare a little of your time, please come along and join in you will be most welcome.

Book Your Money Saving Special Offer 2013 I am pleased to tell you that many people are taking advantage of our offer of free room hire for bar functions. In this time of financial austerity this offer will save you a lot of money if you want to hold a special event, family occasion, party or even a wedding. For further details please contact the Centre. For booking and enquiries please contact Markfield Community and Sports Centre, Mayflower Close, Markfield LE67 9ST, ring us on 01530 242240 or email at Visit our website at to see our facilities, latest news, photo gallery and information about the Centre.

Why you should snoop on your child ... What is your child doing on the internet and who – and what – are they texting? Parents should ‘snoop’ on their child’s texts and social media messages, says David Cameron’s new adviser on childhood, Claire Perry, MP.

Mrs Perry, who has three children, finds it ‘bizarre’ that parents regard their children’s internet and texting activity as ‘private’, when the dangers of going online are so well documented. Would they leave their children alone for hours on end in a roomful of total strangers, and consider it no concern of theirs, as the parents? Society has become ‘complicit’, she says, in allowing a culture where young people can have inappropriate contact with strangers 24 hours a day. The trend of children ‘sexting’ each other – sending explicit images of their bodies to other children on their phones, is “absolutely horrific”, yet is “happening in pretty much every school in the country.” Mrs Perry has called on parents to take responsibility and challenge their children about their use of technology and the internet. She suggested that parents turn off the internet when they go to bed to prevent youngsters being online with who-knows-who until the early hours. Mrs Perry says she is prepared to be branded as ‘the Mary Whitehouse’ of this decade. “When I am finished I want Britain to be absolutely leading the world in online child safety.”

What if the Hokey Cokey really is what it’s all about?


South Charnwood High School becomes an academy South Charnwood High School became an academy on the 1st April 2013, joining the long list of secondary schools in Leicestershire who have already converted. The results of the consultation process showed an overwhelming majority in favour of the school becoming an academy, changing its age range and adjusting its admission number. The results are printed below: S.1 I am/We are happy with the proposal by South Charnwood High School to change its age range from 10-14 to 11-16 and appreciate that this change will necessitate the school converting to an academy. S.2 I am/We are happy with the proposed changes to the admission arrangements for South Charnwood High School outlined above, to take effect from September 2014.

Parent/Carer Staff Governors Community Other All

S1 Total responses

S2 Total responses

S1 Agree

S1 Disagree

S2 Agree

S2 Disagree

S1 % Agree

S2 % Agree

303 37 9 4 2 355

303 36 9 4 2 354

294 37 9 3 2 345

9 0 0 1 0 10

289 36 9 3 2 339

14 0 0 1 0 15

97.0% 100% 100% 75% 100% 97.2%

95.4% 100% 100% 75% 100% 95.8%

Notes 

Parent/Carer category includes parents and carers from feeder primary schools.

South Charnwood will now be applying to the Department for Education to change its age range to 11-16 starting in September 2014. The staff have already been preparing for this exciting new phase in the school’s history, researching GCSE courses and exam boards and talking to colleagues in Key Stage 4. The Business Case written by the school for presentation to the Department for Education is full and comprehensive. The school has already investigated option choices by seeking the opinions and preferences of its Year 8 pupils who will be the first cohort to embark on a GCSE course at South Charnwood. Pupils have found the choice of potential options available to be varied and exciting and staff are equally happy with the variety, breadth and choice that will be available to pupils. The excitement felt by the pupils is shared by staff who are confident in their ability to support pupils on this journey and ensure they fulfil their enormous potential at GCSE. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the school if you would like to discuss any of these matters further or if you have any questions. For a list of frequently asked questions regarding academy status and age range change at South Charnwood High School, please visit www.southcharnwood.leics

My grandfather keeps a record of everything he eats. It’s called a tie.


Markfield Knit and Natter We continue to meet at the Bull’s Head on the first Wednesday of the month, 7pm to 9pm and have a lovely time knitting and nattering.

TABLE TOP & CRAFT FAYRE Bric a Brac, Crafts, Cakes, Refreshments £1 stall & Raffle

We swap ideas and patterns and give each other support with projects and would be willing to help anyone who is new to knitting and crocheting or has returned and needs some support. However we knit at our Wednesday sessions for charities and at present are involved with Intercare. At our last meeting Carol Austin from the charity came and gave us a short talk on the work of Intercare. They collect and send out suitable drugs to clinics in Africa, which have been returned from doctor’s surgeries. They also send hand knitted teddies and cot blankets for women who have delivered babies in the centres. Our group is involved in the knitting of the teddies and the cot blankets, as you can see from the photograph. The teddies are knitted to a standard pattern but the cot blankets can be any design, although not white as that is a colour of mourning. Knitted baby clothes are also required and the charity are grateful for items such as old foreign currency, broken jewellery, inkjet cartridges, mobile phones, spectacles and sunglasses. These latter items can be recycled to raise funds for shipping the drugs, teddies, blankets and baby clothes. We are very much enjoying knitting for this charity as it gives us a variety of projects. If anyone fancies a night out once a month, in good company and an opportunity to enjoy a craft – and a glass of wine or any other drink please come along and join us. If you require any further information please contact

Jane Barrington 01530 243350

SATURDAY 27th APRIL 1p.m. till 3.30p.m.


Admission 50p – children free For further information ring 01530 244229 or 0116 2674746 Ample free parking Proceeds to St. Peter’s Church Copt Oak. Volunteering is good for your health Teenagers who volunteer to work for charity do themselves a lot of good. They become healthier, happier and thinner, according to a study based at the University of British Columbia. After only ten weeks, volunteer 15 and 16 year-olds showed lower levels of inflammation and cholesterol as well as a lower body mass index than the other group. They also reported that their selfesteem and mental health had improved.

High Street Is Missed As ‘Boring’ Internet Shopping Takes Over Boarded-up shop fronts, pound stores and endless charity shops show that the traditional town centre High Street is dying. A combination of the triple-dip recession, out-of-town superstores and the ease of shopping on the Internet mean that many shoppers just don’t need the hassle of heading to the town centre to buy their goods. However, according to research carried out by, customers are finding themselves increasingly turned off by a sterile online buying experience which makes even the most exciting purchase into a dull point-andclick exercise. “People tell us all the time that

they love the convenience of web-based shopping, but they’re finding the same old sites dull, dull, dull,” said Oliver Brand head of customer experience at “I find it so impersonal, just click and you’re done. Where’s the excitement?” internet shopper Johnny Ratclife 33 Leeds said. Others said they were put off by purchasing what they thought was a website bargain, only to be hit at the till by unreasonable postage fees. “£6.95 postage and packing for a book? Is the envelope goldplated or something?” Mel (30, Harrogate, North Yorkshire) told our survey team about her online shopping experience.

“Our survey tells us that people even find eBay shopping a chore these days,” said Oliver, “there’s really little to choose from between dead shopping streets and deathly dull web shopping.” What customers dislike about High Street shopping: • Expensive parking • Boarded-up shops, wellknown chains closing • Lack of choice • Queuing at tills, lack of shop staff • What customers like about High Street shopping: • Personal experience • Banter with the shop staff and keeper • Fun, pleasure and enjoyment

What customers dislike about online shopping: • Boredom • Online fraud • Unscrupulous auction sellers • Inflated delivery charges • No personal interaction “We listened to what shoppers want, and it’s our aim to put the fun back into shopping by giving you the chance to win your item for just a few pounds before making a purchase,” said Oliver. “Of course, if you’re not lucky enough to win our unique price auction game, you can then choose to pay for the item at your discounted price, with nothing extra to pay. We don’t think online shopping needs to be dull.”

I was proud that my dad made a name for himself, although the police called it identity fraud.


Little Elliott’s Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis Elliott Alexander Raynor of Thornton was born on 4th June 2011 and has Cystic Fibrosis (CF). WHAT IS CF? · CF is a faulty gene that controls the movement of salt and water in and out of the cells within the body and causes sticky mucus to form in nearly all of the organs, particularly clogging up the lungs – making it hard to breathe. · The disease is progressive and each respiratory infection will cause irreversible damage to his lungs. Life expectancy is reduced for a person with CF – only half of the CF population will live past the age of 41. · Each week 5 babies are born with Cystic Fibrosis and each week 2 young lives are lost to Cystic Fibrosis. · It also affects the digestive system, making it hard to digest food and gain weight. LIVING WITH CF · Throughout his life, maintaining his lung function will be an ongoing struggle and he will fight life threatening lung infections constantly. He will also suffer with malabsorption and malnourishment and be a high risk for CF related diabetes and arthritis. · CF means hospital admissions, blood tests, x-rays, cough swabs, IV antibiotics and taking lots of medication for the rest of his life. · He endures daily breathing treatments and physiotherapy to try to keep his lungs healthy. WHAT WE - HIS FAMILY - ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE · We are currently raising money to buy Elliott a much needed physio vest which will dramatically change his life. The vest vibrates to loosen & thin mucus on the lungs. · Having a vest will mean freedom for Elliott as he can have his physio whilst doing pretty much anything he wants. Also when Elliott is poorly, he will be very weak and struggle to use his current mode of physio. The vest will solve this problem. · Unfortunately these vests are not provided on the NHS and are very expensive (in the region of £7,000 + VAT). HOW WE HOPE TO DO IT · Some of his family and friends are taking part in the Trans Pennine Walk on 22/23 June. Manchester to Sheffield – 100K – 24 Hours – ‘Team Elliott’! · We would really like to get everyone involved in raising money for Elliott so that he can have a brighter future. Anyone wishing to participate in the walk itself, please contact Stef (Elliott’s Dad) on 07775 562 592. HOW YOU CAN HELP US If you would like to help us raise the money needed for Elliott’s Physio Vest, donations are gratefully accepted in the following ways: · PayPal: (if you make a donation this way, could you please click on the ‘gift payment’ so that PayPal cannot take a % of your donation). · Cash/Cheques: Can be dropped into Dave Smith (who has very kindly agreed to allow his garden centre to be a collection point) at: Thornton Nurseries, Reservoir Road, Thornton. Please make cheques payable to ‘Elliott Raynor’. Please like, share and follow Elliott’s story on Facebook for more information on CF, Elliott’s personal journey and our fundraising events’s-Fight-Against-Cystic-Fibrosis

They told me I was gullible, and I believed them.


Extracts from Stanton under Bardon Parish Council Minutes The following topics were among the items discussed at the meeting of Stanton-under-Bardon Parish Council, held on Tuesday 5th March 2013 at The Youth Club, Stanton under Bardon. Please note that this information is based upon the unapproved minutes, and may be subject to alteration or correction. Community Police Comments PCSO Steve Williams came to the meeting as he is one of the PCSO’s that covers Stanton. Mohammed Musa and Polly Cotton are the ones who are assigned to this village. 1 x Attempt theft - Burglary Everards Crescent 1 x Theft - Stanton Lane (Theft of 15 plastic road barriers) County Councillor’s Report David confirmed that he had spoken to the Borough Councillors with regard to the previous planning issues with the village hall and the windows, but HBBC Planning would not adapt to these ideas. Broadband is still being looked into for Markfield and Stanton but more money needs to be put in from HBBC as LCC have already put their money in. Mrs Briggs raised concerns that Stanton would be forgotten in the updating and that more pressure has to be put on to make sure Stanton is included. Mrs Briggs suggested that The Council could approach Persimmons and David Wilson to see if they would invest any money in this. Jane asked David when the next MQP Liaison Committee would be as the amount of dust seems to have increased in the village and the footpaths on East lane are covered in stones and dirt. Clerk to email MQP asking for this to be cleaned. Borough Councillor’s Report No Report. The Council raised its concerns that no borough Councillor attends the Parish Council meetings and therefore no

feedback or information from the Borough Council is relayed. Clerk’s Report Marc Schulz has applied in writing for permission to use the Recreation Ground for Boot Camps commencing the 13/04/13 from 10.00am to 11.00pm on Saturday Mornings. His Public Liability Insurance has been provided. The Council agreed to this on the proviso of an 8 week trial period to ensure there are no problems or concerns. If there are any problems then the Council withholds the right to refuse this to continue.

Allotments New Agreement was approved by Councillors, to be reviewed in January 2014. A copy will be sent to all Allotment Holders (in March) and until a contract has been signed and given back to the Councillors then no one can use the New Allotments. New Contract to be sent out to Top Allotment holders also. It was agreed that any couples who have got more than one allotment will only get a shed each if there current contacts are separate, any joint contract will only get 1 shed. Harlow’s advised that the sheds would need to have a base put down as they cannot be erected directly on the soil. Planning Applications Mr Milner’s Planning Application is due to go before the committee on the 26th March 2013. Concerns were raised by the Councillors that no correspondence is sent to the Council to let them know if Planning has been approved or refused.

Bagworth WI Member Wins National competition Jane Bowden’s Californian Raisin Apple Duff was a great success with Celebrity Chef Brian Turner and she became one of 4 winners in the competition run by Californian Raisins. Jane will receive Holiday Vouchers to stay at the Butlins Hotel, Bognor Regis and dine at a Celebrity Chefs Restaurant. The Winning recipes will be published in a limited edition recipe book later in the Year. Congratulations Jane! Since Christmas some of our WI members and friends have been busy again, knitting for premature babies. This time it’s a cap which keeps them warm and keeps the wires in place in the incubator. 100 caps have been completed and they are ready to be sent to the unit. They are in demand as mothers are allowed to keep the first one the baby has as a memento. The Bagworth WI are now looking ahead to the spring and a new project. Watch this space

I tried to embrace my feminine side, but it put a restraining order on me.


Thornton Women’s Institute THURSDAY, 11th April 2013 at 7.30pm at Thornton Community Centre

Lace Making

When I started an internet search for the purposes of this article, there was so much to discover about lace that my notes soon became as tangled as some of those early bobbin threads! So, for your enlightenment, I include here only a very few of those facts! In the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, there is to be seen the oldest example of lace traced so far, called mummy lace. This lace was made in Egypt many centuries BC and specimens of it have been recovered from ancient tombs so there is no doubt at all of the early origin of lace-making. Bobbin lace (or pillow lace) takes its name from the way it is made: on a firm pillow to which a prickedout pattern is tacked and each twist of the bobbins is held in place by a pin. It is also known as “Bone lace” because , in earlier times, small pork or chicken bones were used as bobbins. During the course of time the bobbin lace-making industry extended all over Europe, and in some countries, became an important part of the economy. It was so important in France that higher wages attracted skilled workers from Italy. Naturally the Italian government was not happy about this and issued a decree which read: Anyone who practised his art in a foreign land (meaning France) will be ordered to return, should he

disobey this order his nearest of kin will be imprisoned, on his return he will be pardoned for the offence, and employment will be found for him, Should he not return an emissary will be commissioned to kill him, and the next of kin held in prison will only be released on his death. Stern words indeed! ‘Bobbin’ or ‘pillow’ lace was never more than a cottage industry in England, but according to a petition of 1698 more than 10,000 people were employed in the trade. The poet William Cowper (1731 – 1800) wrote: ‘Yon cottager, who weaves at her own door, Pillow and bobbins all her little store; Content though mean, and cheerful if not gay, Shuffling her threads about the livelong day, Just earns a scanty pittance, and at night Lies down secure, her heart and pocket light.’ For the most part lacemaking was an occupation of the poor, mainly women and children, and although the financial rewards were low it often made the difference between independence or the workhouse. How fortunate we are that we now longer live under such a regime! When Heathcotes of Tiverton in 1810-1820 invented the net making machine, it was disaster for the lace makers. When Heathcotes progressed to making lace by machine things were even worse.

However, a great boost was given to the industry in 1839 when Queen Victoria ordered her wedding dress and veil to be made of Honiton lace. She also ordered a Christening robe for her first child which is still being worn by royal babies. Hand-made lace is very exclusive nowadays. We delighted in the lace-bedecked wedding-dress of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. It had handmade detailing symbolizing the nations of the United Kingdom. The dressmakers used a technique that originated in Ireland in the 1820s called Carrickmacross, which involved cutting out lace roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrocks and individually applying them to the ivory silk tulle of the dress’s bodice and skirt. These lace appliqués were handmade by the Royal School of Needlework, based at Hampton Court Palace.

The Speaker & Demonstrator at our meeting is to be BRENDA BROADHURST who is a very skilled craftswoman in her own right and, we hear, an inspiration to others. Brenda is going to bring along some extra equipment so that those who are tempted to do so, may have a try themselves. The MEMBERS’ COMPETITION is for an EMBROIDERED OR LACE ITEM. REMINDER TO MEMBERS: We have a very few places left for our trip to see “My Fair Lady” at Kilworth House Theatre in the summer. So, we would be very pleased to see any of you “Crafty” ladies out there at our meeting. a There is a visitor’s feeChurches of £3, which Together includes refreshments. in Markfield

Muriel Walker


... is an opportunity to relax, find peace within ourselves and 'reflect' on our place in the world. It will offer creative suggestions for reading, thinking and exploring prayer.

Trinity Methodist Church - 6-7pm Wednesdays 16th January, 13th February, 13th March, 17th April, 15th May Come for as long as you wish and leave when you want. No intrusive questions, though people will be around if you need to talk or pray with someone. Refreshments will be available. All are welcome. Further information: Karen (249829) or Rosemary (242844)

“Still Friday” 2013 “Still Friday” encompasses Taizé and Iona Style Services and will also include the occasional Compline or other variations. Each evening will include simple reflective worship songs, silence, prayer, readings and responses and last up to an hour. All are welcome. Come along and enjoy the peace. 18th January 15th February 17th May 21st June 20th September 18th October No service in December

15th March 19th April 19th July 16th August 15th November

All services on Fridays, 8.00 pm at St. Michael & All Angels’ Church

Somebody called me pretentious the other day. I nearly choked on my latte.


The Bricklayer’s Arms 213 Main Street Thornton T: 01530 230 808 QUIZ Nite: Thursdays We now have SKY and ESPN Try our new menus! See ad on page 16. The Club, Thornton Main Street. T: 01530 230251 Open to Non-Members Fri 5th April: Cancelled - Rock N Roll Moved To Tomorrow Sat 6th April: Rockin Robins - Rock N Roll Evening Sat 13th April: The Mighty Gyrators - Rock Covers Band Fri 19th April: Rockin Robins - Rock N Roll Evening Sat 20th April: Dave The Rock Band - Energetic Young Rock Band Sat 27th April: Boneyard Blues Band Fri 3rd May: Rockin Robins - Rock N Roll Evening Sat 11th May: The Decade Runners Fri 17th May: Rockin Robins - Rock N Roll Evening Sat 18th May: Cern - Modern Rock Covers Band We welcome any young bands that would like to play the club on a Friday evening. We also have bingo every Tuesday evening all welcome. Club Thornton The Queen’s Head Ashby Road, Markfield. T: 01530 242 496 ALL SKY SPORTS & ESPN Bagworth Working Men’s Club, Station Road, Bagworth. Tel. 01530 230205 Find us on FACEBOOK search Bagworth WMC New members welcome. Live entertainment – last Saturday of the month Andy’s Charity Quiz £1.50 each last Friday of the month Sequence dances Sunday Nights. £1.50 admission 8 pm Tea Dance Wednesday afternoon 2 – 4 pm. £1 admission. Sat 20th April: SPRING FAYRE - numerous stalls - 12 noon-4pm Sat 27th April: MICHAEL JAY - very good solo artist Fri 10th May: CHARITY DANCE - £1.50 on the door AIR PISTOL SPEED SHOOTING - 1st Tuesday of each month - £2 on the door - winner takes all. Bring your own pistol or use ours. Ask about our free room hire for those special family occasions.

The Field Head Hotel Markfield Lane, Markfield Tel: 01530 245454 Tribute Nights/£2 Entry after 7pm. Fri 12th April: ‘ABBA TRIBUTE’ Fri 26th April: RAT PACK GOLDEN OLDIES See ad on page 30. The Bulls Head Forest Road, Markfield T: 01530 242541 Garden & Pub Games etc. Sat 18th May: The Del Sharrons Sat 1st June: F4C The Coach & Horses Leicester Road, Field Head Tel: 01530 242 312 KARAOKE Nights:Sats 16th March and 30th March with ‘King of the Road’. See ad on page 13. Groby Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Leicester Road, Groby Tel: 0116 287 1809 Friday 5th April: Steve Howe -Good Male Vocalist Saturday 6th April: Limited Edition - A Local Trio Sunday 7th April: Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz Friday 12th April: T.b.a. Saturday 13th April: Total Eclipse - Male/female Duo Sunday 14th April: Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz Friday 19th April: Michael Jay very good solo artist Saturday 20th April: Frantik -quality male/female duo Sunday 21st April: Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz Friday 26th April: Pop+Idol Excellent Male Duo Saturday 27th April: Attitude A - Quality Duo Sunday 28th April: Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz Friday 3rd May: Adam Lowe - very good solo singer Saturday 4th May: Fall Gize Super Male Duo Sunday 5th May: Super Sunday ‘50’ Bingo And Quiz Friday 10th May: Adam James Wilford - Good Solo Performer

Send your Local Live Entertainments and we’ll include a mention here FREE - tremendous!

News from Cross Hills Baptist Church Serving the villages of Thornton & Bagworth plus the surrounding area

Lent Course This year’s Lent Course, led by the Rev David Butcher, was very well attended with up to 17 people coming along each week. We looked at the life of Jesus, as if we had been there during his time of ministry, some of the miracles he performed and the reactions of the people and religious leaders at the time. There was plenty of discussion, all helping us to gain more insight into the remarkable and amazing person that Jesus is.

Easter Egg Hunt We are sorry that this had to be cancelled on 23rd March due to the amount of snow that had fallen and the condition of the roads in this area. We hope that, by the time you are reading this, Bekki’s hard work has meant that it was able to be rearranged for sometime during the Easter weekend and that the children had their “hunt” and managed to “find” lots of eggs!

Church Chairs – in memory In the September, October and November issues of The Herald we gave details of an opportunity for those who may be interested to donate 50% towards the cost of a chair in memory of a loved one. The chair would then bear a small plaque with your loved one’s details and we find that these can bring back fond memories when the chairs are being used in the church. We already have interest from a number of people and will soon need to order the chairs, so if you have been thinking about it, please contact Garry Kelly, either at church or on 07816 616189 as soon as possible. The cost of the donation would be £85. For details of our services, please see the Church Service Information towards the back of this magazine. We are well known as a very friendly and welcoming church and look forward to meeting you. Tea and coffee are always available after our services giving the opportunity for friendship and fellowship together. We are always here for the community’s spiritual needs and our Pastor’s and Parish Nurse’s contact details are below. Contact Numbers Pastor - Garry Kelly: 07816 616189 Secretary - Lynda Kelly: 07910 440243 Treasurer - Glynis Straw: 01530 230272 Parish Nurse - Vera Harding: 01530 230557

Glynis Straw

Treasurer - on behalf of the Cross Hills Church family

I just made my hamster a strong coffee - I don’t want him falling asleep at the wheel.

22 College makes rapid progress

Groby Community College - an Ofsted ‘Good’ School Groby Community College passed their recent Ofsted inspection with flying colours after a team of inspectors said that the college had made such rapid progress in recent months that it was now a ‘good’ school. The inspection team recognised the journey that the college is undergoing in order to become outstanding. The recently published report stated that the principal, leaders and teachers have an “uncompromising ambition for better outcomes for students”. The two day visit at the end of February is part of Ofsted’s new short notice inspections in which schools receive notification at 12.30pm the day before. Principal Robert Coles said that the college was not worried by only a few hours notice as he was proud for inspectors to see the college as it is on a daily basis. “The students did themselves proud during the two days” said the Principal. Inspectors commented on the “good behaviour, courtesy and helpfulness of the young people in the college”. Post 16 behaviour and attitudes are stated as “outstanding” in the final report which was published on both the college’s and Ofsted’s website on Friday 15 March 2013. Robert Coles stated that he was thrilled for the local area to have another Ofsted good school at the heart of community. “Every student deserves to be able to attend a good school on their doorstep” he stated. The Ofsted Report states the following: • Teaching is good and much is outstanding • Teachers have excellent subject knowledge • Students enjoy being at the college and behave well • Marking is used to give students excellent guidance on how to improve The ‘Brookvale – Groby 11-19 Learning Campus’ consists of both Brookvale High School and Groby Community College; both are good schools with outstanding features. This external validation from Ofsted recognises the great progress and high quality teaching that students receive from the Groby schools. The college already has GCSE outcomes which are above the national average and A Level progress which is second in Leicestershire.

Texting at the wheel Please, please do not try this for yourself: texting at the wheel.

Writing text messages while driving is as dangerous as being considerably above the legal drink-drive limit, and could get you killed. The recent study, published in the Traffic Injury Prevention journal, found that road skills decline by an equal amount among those who are 25 percent above the legal drink limit, and those who use their phone for text messages.

Whatever Next!

The Very Best Of TV Ad Songs On 22 April 2013, Sony Music will release a spectacular new compilation featuring some of the most recognisable tracks from TV adverts. Entitled ‘The Very Best of TV Ad Songs’, the 2-CD compilation features the tracks that are gripping the nation as part of the soundtrack to our lives. Hit after hit featured on ‘The Very Best of TV Ad Songs’ has taken on a new dimension, beyond its original success and often re-entered the UK single charts, like Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere from Three Mobile’s current advert which shot back to #15. Notably four of the featured tracks were specially commissioned covers for John Lewis’ famed adverts. Paloma Faith’s Never Tear Us Apart, Fyfe Dangerfield’s She’s Always A Woman, Ellie Goulding’s 2012 hit version of Elton John’s Your Song and the beautifully unusual cover of The Smith’s Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by Slow Moving Mille all had a major impact on the UK singles chart. From Boston’s More Than A Feeling for Barclaycard and Baccara’s Yes Sir, I Can Boogie for British Airways to Primal Scream’s Movin’ On Up for Kellogg’s Cornflakes and Lana Del Rey’s cover of Blue Velvet for H&M, ‘The Very Best of TV Ad Songs’ is a must have collection to finally answer that age old question: Where do I recognise that song from? ‘The Very Best of TV Ad Songs’ is released on 22 April 2013 through Sony Music.

Bowling at Battram & Ellistown Bowls Club This is a very friendly and sociable club on your doorstep, located on Terrace road Ellistown LE67 1GD. The club has been established since 1925 and has over the years provided lots of people and their families with many social days and events including of course playing the game of bowls. Originally founded by the mining community as a social gathering venue for miners and their families, the club now has a reputation of being a friendly club with excellent facilities. So if you are new to the area, retired with time on your hands, tired of all the repeats on T.V. and want to get out in the fresh air and take gentle exercise, meet new people and make friends, learn a new skill, keep fit the easy way then take up flat green bowling. We have members from 16 to 80+ so you are never too young or too old to take up this relaxing sport. Also the cost of playing bowls has to be of the lowest of any sporting activity in which to participate. Our green is of a high standard and is considered suitable for County level matches. Use of the green and facilities are unlimited for club members and there are no hidden green fees or match fees to pay. There is a reduction in the annual subscription for junior members (under 18 at the start of the season) of 50%, and also a reduction for partners who are in a relationship. The season runs from April to October with a variety of weekend fixtures and some games during the week. On Tuesday evenings the club meets from 6 p.m. (starting from 26/3/13). Experienced players are always on hand to give advice and explain the rules etc. So if you are a novice or an experienced player all you need to do is to show up and you will be made welcome. So do come along and meet the members and enjoy our small friendly club, we also organise social functions throughout the year. Interested? And would like more information, contact our Club Secretary Colin Halford on 01530 243928 or e-mail at halfordcolin@ who will be pleased to hear from you and look forward to meeting you.

My mate from the pub said I was posh. Naturally I ordered the butler to show him the door.




Now Op Sund en ay 11a m-4 pm

- 4p 11am







MANUAL, LIFT AND RISE DINING ROOM FURNITURE RECLINER CHAIRS Visit our Large Showroom and see our extensive range of Suites, Beds, Bedroom & Dining Furniture, Manual, Lift and Rise Recliner Chairs and Sofa Beds - all on display


Dawsons Lane, Common) Barwell, Hinckley. 01455 850391 Dawsons Lane, (off(off TheThe Common) Barwell NearNear Hinckley, LeicsTel: • Tel: 01455 850391 Opening Times: Monday 10am -- 5.00pm 5pm, Sunday - 4pm. Opening Times: Monday- -Saturday Saturday 10.00am • Closed11am Sunday


Quality Youngman timber ladder & hatch combined, 100 square feet of loft flooring One 4ft fluorescent light & switch fully fitted

ONLY £585


Quality Youngman timber ladder & hatch combined, 200 square feet of loft flooring One 4ft fluorescent light & switch fully fitted

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UPVC hinge down loft hatch Two section aluminium loft ladder 100 square feet of loft flooring pendant light fitting and switch


Additional boarding to any package £30 per 16 square foot

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SOLUTIONS Balancing on a stepladder, clambering over loft joists with a torch in one hand and a box in another is not only awkward but potentially dangerous.

Boarding, lighting and a ladder not only gives you the opportunity to unclutter your living space, but also creates a cleaner and more useful environment. Solve your storage needs and start utilising the largest space in your home from only £435


Our luxury storage rooms are surprisingly affordable at just a fraction of the cost of a standard loft conversion. Our luxury storage rooms can include the strengthening of loft joists, flooring, lighting, roof insulation, stud walls, roof windows and either plasterboard or skim finish. PRICES FROM £2995

0116 367 9749

07515 526959 / 079615 76020

My girlfriend had a facelift, a tummy lift and a buttock lift. Now she’s nearly two feet off the ground.






Praise for local artist’s illustration of Richard III

01530 244552

Freephone: 0800 0111 222

The discovery of King Richard III’s remains in Leicester has been covered extensively in the press, and most of us are now familiar with the painting of him in the National Portrait Gallery. Local artist, Mick Dolby, who lives in Field Head, was commissioned to produce a series of illustrations relating to the Battle of Bosworth Field - for book covers, promotional leaflets and an exhibition - during the 1990s. Mick has kindly allowed us to reproduce his striking image of King Richard III below. This illustration was highly praised by Dorothy Mitchell, of the Richard III Society, who commented: ‘I like your Richard better than the National Portrait.’

Can we have another half a planet, please? We have got used to hearing or reading dire warnings about the collapse of civilisation hurtling towards us. But are things really that bad, and can we do anything about it? In a paper published earlier this year, the Royal Society posed these questions, drawing attention to the fact that all previous civilisations have collapsed, and our own is now threatened by such threats as extinctions, land degradation, depletion of rare reserves (especially ground-water) climate change and possibly resource wars. To permanently support today’s population with present standards of living (we are told) would require about another half a planet. People who study these things say that the natural resources of our planet can only support, in the long term and at present levels of consumption, a world population of about two billion. ‘Overshoot day’ (the day on which resources for one year are exhausted) comes earlier each year (last year it was 12 August). So we are living on our capital. Experts have calculated that at current rates, with a majority of people probably already below current rates of consumption, those consuming more now would probably have to experience a reduction of six-sevenths or more. This appears to be impossible. One is not talking about luxuries here, but about education, hospitals, water, sewage, food and housing. So it seems that we must try to reduce not only the growth of population, but population itself. Looking, shall we say, a century ahead, the world population will be much smaller than it is now. The question is, will this be the result of civilisation’s collapse, or will it be the result of foresight and radical action? It would seem that population will only become stable when births no longer exceed deaths.

Hear about the detective who thought he’d found a mass grave of 1,000 snowmen? It turned out to be a carrot field.

25 DEFINITION: funny money n. Informal. Counterfeit currency. Money from an obscure or questionable source.

What’s going on under the Blanket? Has it been so cold recently that Markfield & Thornton Theatre Group players have taken to rehearsing under a blanket? Not a bit of it! It’s all part of the plot of “Funny Money”! Judging by the expressions on the faces of the participants, something highly unexpected and amusing is happening ... though what else could be expected of a Ray Cooney farce? Well, what you CAN expect is lots of laughs as the cast happily gambols through the events which happen in the home of Jean and Henry Perkins one wintry night. Little did anyone realise the repercussions which would abound when Henry, on his way home from work, accidentally picked up the wrong briefcase. Instead of half a cheese and chutney sandwich, he now has thousands of pounds. However, the unexpected windfall is “funny money” and an anonymous criminal, ( who will stop at nothing) , is looking for that briefcase! The situation becomes more and more fraught as the arrival of a policeman sends the couple into a spin and they begin the lies which escalate as one situation follows another. Soon the stage is awash as the Perkins are joined by the next-door-neighbours, policemen and a taxi-driver. Then there’s the enigmatic “Mr Big”, a Dutchman who does not speak English, who keeps phoning the Perkinses but remains monosyllabic throughout his calls – only uttering the word, “Brerfcurse”.The characters swap names, identities and relationships so frequently and swiftly that it is a miracle they remember who they really are at the end of the show! So, if you would appreciate a laughter-filled evening out – you know where to come! WE WOULD BE DELIGHTED TO HAVE YOU WITH US! The play will run from Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th May, at 7.30 p.m. nightly at THORNTON COMMUNITY CENTRE. Tickets are priced at £5 Adults and £4 concessions. They are available at “Norm’s”, the Corner Store in Thornton or on 01455 822148.

World Days at South Charnwood High School

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Pupils at South Charnwood High School in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside found themselves competing against young people from all over the world in March as the school participated in World Maths Day. On Wednesday 6th March our computer suites were block booked by the Maths department as class, after class pitted their wits against pupils in Uruguay, China and Italy and many more countries. This has become an annual event which has been enjoyed by the pupils. Two days later the school participated in World Book Day where every member of staff brought in their favourite book (suitable for children) and carried it around all day with them. The pupils were then asked to record the names and titles of the books carried by the members of staff. The member of staff who had their book recorded the most by the pupils won a prize. This year it was Mr Morris. Pupils enjoyed this challenge which promoted literacy and the joy and love of reading for pleasure.

St Michael’s Church

May Fayre with Raffle, Tombola Plant Stall Refreshments

Saturday 11th May Congregational Church Hall from 10.00 am - 12.00 noon

Chu i

Trinity Methodist Church I wish I hadn’t bought that corrugated iron. If anything, it’s made my clothes more creased.

Wednesdays 17th April,


Small Ads • 50 Paperback Romance Novels Price: £2 each or all 50 for £60.00 Call 07944 560925 Just email or post brief details of any unwanted household items you’re selling, together with the price, your contact number and postal address (not for publication) and we’ll include your small ad in the magazine for FREE. How is this possible? Contact details are on page 3.

Desford Bowls Club At Sport In Desford, Peckleton Lane Opposite Caterpillar Works


Saturday April 27th: 2.30pm-5pm Come along, enjoy a cup of tea and have a try. Bowling is a Good Healthy Sport For All You will be made very welcome to our friendly club For more information, phone Brian on 01455 824645 or Terry on 0116 287 3392.

Markfield WI: Next Few Events April 17th: Penny Hodgson - A skeleton in the cupboard: Family History Research May 15th: Resolutions Evening followed by a Take and Share supper

The Institute And Shure Songwriting Award 2013 It’s officially here! The launch of the Shure Songwriting Award 2013 in partnership with the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance has finally arrived. This acclaimed award, which has previously been judged by Amy McDonald, K.T. Tunstall, Paloma Faith and Everything Everything, aims to provide hard working, talented songwriters with the recognition that they deserve. So if you are a songwriter looking to make a career out of your talent, why not take part in this year’s award competition? First prize is a unique opportunity to attend, free of charge, the fantastic one-year Cert HE in Songwriting course at the Institute worth over £5,000! Studying at the Institute, you will be able to take part in regular live showcase events, professionally develop your talent and have direct access to leading industry professionals. The winner will also receive a performance microphone and a studio microphone from Shure worth £500 whilst the runner up will get a Shure SM58 microphone and a pair of Shure SRH440 studio headphones. Last year’s winner Mairead Furlong, who is currently taking full advantage of her award, said: “It was such a privilege to be awarded the Shure Songwriting Award last year. To be given the chance to develop my talent and skills on the songwriting degree course, as well as benefiting from the many opportunities that arise at the Institute to write, collaborate and perform has been such a fantastic opportunity. I am learning so much and having the best year of my life. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who aspires to be a songwriter or an artist performing their own material. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and those who selected me as the winner!” This competition, and the course of study that the winners attend, has a fantastic reputation for developing successful songwriters and this year will be no different. To enter, all you have to do is upload an original song to www. before 29th April 2013. You will then have four weeks to try and gain as many public votes as possible. Finally a combination of an expert panel of judges will select a top 8, the winner will then be selected by a top secret celebrity judge to be announced at a later date. This could be your chance - it could be your song chosen this year! For further details on entry guidelines, terms and conditions or for further information visit the award website, or contact the Institute directly on: 0207 328 0222

Quality Handmade Ironwork 01530-243804

Made to order to your individual design

June 19th: Ian Rogerson Smile Please, Say Cheese

Markfield HomeMakers Markfield HomeMakers meet in the Congregational Hall, Main Street, Markfield, on the second Wednesday of the month at 8pm. Call: Brenda on 01530 242173 or Iris on 01530 242436

Wednesday 10th April: Bill Wells ~ Fire Safety

Last week I bought a fridge magnet. They really work. So far I’ve got 11 fridges.

27 New scheme for considerate parking Did you ever consider that parking on the pavement can be anti-social? The Borough Council has joined up with the RNIB and the Leicestershire Constabulary and other district council in a drive to encourage residents to be more considerate when parking. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of pavement parking and the possible impact it has on people’s lives. Vulnerable people such as the partially sighted, wheelchair users and pushchair users often have to walk on the main road or turn back as they cannot get past the cars. During this campaign, leaflets will be delivered to homes in areas of concern which will highlight the issue and encourage residents to report irresponsible parking. Anyone found parking like this could be fined a minimum of £30.00.

Overhaul planned for recycling banks Due to the success of the current kerbside collection service, it is now time for the Council to make some changes to

Borough Councillors’ Report Chris Boothby & Ozzy O’Shea

the recycling banks. As the kerbside collection is very comprehensive, residents can now recycle more materials more easily. As such, the large plastic and bottle banks are now rarely used so these will be removed during this year. The aim is to introduce facilities to recycle items not yet available with kerbside collections. These items, such as small electrical items (light bulbs, radios, irons, mobile phones and hairdryers and hair straighteners) can be deposited in the new style pink recycling bank that will be rolled out across the Borough. At present, there are 6 locations and the nearest one to you is the Bosworth Academy in Desford. We will of course be asking for one in either Bagworth or Thornton.

Pic a Chic An original application to extend the site on Station Road was withdrawn and permitted development was deemed acceptable. This meant extending the two

buildings by 25% and adding an adjoining building and a walkway. After two public meetings in the village organized by the newly revamped Bagworth Residents Association, it was felt that the village could suffer not only by smell and noise pollution but also by articulated lorries delivering to the site reversing out of the site. We have brought the Police on board to address this issue and they are working closely with us by monitoring the vehicles and speaking with the owners of the site. We have also tried to thrash out another deal for the owners by offering a possible deal which will see 100% housing across the whole Dunlop Site. We felt that this would interest the owner and developers being commercially viable and would stop the possible threat to local residents. Chris has spoken to the agent for the owner and we are waiting for an answer.

Good Friday Site You may be aware that the Traveller site known

locally as the Good Friday Site was granted a 3 year temporary license on appeal by a planning inspector following an illegal incursion that Chris and Ozzy fought against and were first on the scene when it occurred and used the time to instruct our planning officers to issue a stop notice. That 3 year license expired in March and a planning application has now come forward to remove the temporary condition and make it a permanent site. Whilst the site is not in our ward, it is right on the border and we have seen little evidence by the ward councillor Bill Crooks to do anything about this. We are further impeded by the fact that his LibDem Administration have failed to bring forward a site allocations document to detail where across the Borough these sites should go. Again we are at the forefront of fighting this application by calling it into Committee and urge residents to object. The application number is 13/00170/CONDIT and you can do this by writing to the planning dept at HBBC or go online.

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I haven’t seen my wife for three days. I don’t know whether she’s left me or gone shopping.

28 Markfield Congregational Church Sunday 7 April 10.15am Morning Worship followed by Communion Sunday 14 April 10.15am Morning Worship Sunday 21 April 10.30 am United Service at St Michael’s Parish Church Sunday 28 April 10.15 am Morning Worship Sunday 5 May 10.15 am Morning Worship IN CHURCH HALL followed by Communion Sunday 12 May 10.15 am SUNDAY CLUB DAY Joint service with St Michael’s in Our Church Saturday 18 May 2.30 pm SPECIAL CELEBRATION SERVICE - see details elsewhere.

Cross Hills Baptist Church, between Bagworth & Thornton

Church Services Sunday 12th May 10.30am Morning Service 4.00pm Café Church Service Sunday 19th May - Pentecost & Aldersgate Sunday 10.30am Churches Together United Service at Congregational Church 6.00pm No Evening Service Sunday 26th May - Trinity Sunday 10.30am Morning Communion Service 6.00pm No Evening Service

Without Walls Christian Fellowship, 135 Main St Stanton Under Bardon Sunday 7th April Meeting at 10am

There is a Sunday Club in our hall for children & young people during the Morning Service. For further details, our contact list is in the Cross Hills News section of this magazine.

Trinity Methodist Church, Markfield Sunday 7th April 10.30am Morning Service 6.00pm Evening Taizé Service Sunday 14th April - Local Preaches Sunday 10.30am Morning Service 4.00pm Café Church Service Sunday 21st April 10.30am Churches Together United Service at Parish Church 6.00pm Evening Communion Service Sunday 28th April 10.30am Morning Communion Service 6.00pm No Evening Service Sunday 5th May 10.30am Morning Service 6.00pm Evening Taizé Service

Thursday 9th May 7.30 pm Ascension Day Communion at St Peter’s, Copt Oak

Friday 17th May 8.00 pm “Still Friday”

Sunday 14th April Meeting 10am

Sunday 12th May 10.30am Morning Service with the Lord’s Supper

Sunday 5th May 10.30 am Holy Communion 6.00 pm Rogation Service at Little Markfield Farm

Wednesday 10th April Prayer meeting 7pm

Sunday 14th April 10.30am Morning Service with the Lord’s Supper

Sunday 5th May 10.30am Morning Service

Sunday 28th April 8.00 am Holy Communion 10.30 am Open Church 6.00 pm Evening Service

Sunday 12th May 10.30 am All Age Service 6.00 pm Holy Communion

Thursday 11th April Pure Gold drop in 10am

Sunday 28th April 10.30am Morning Service

Sunday 21st April 10.30 am Churches Together in Markfield Service 6.00 pm Evening Prayer

Monday 8th April Coffee morning from 10am

Sunday 7th April 10.30am Morning Service

Sunday 21st April 10.30am Morning Service

Friday 19th April 8.00 pm “Still Friday”

Monday 15th April Coffee Morning 10am Wednesday 17th April Fellowship in community, please call for details 07875378628 Thursday 18th April Pure Gold drop in 10am Sunday 21st April Joint meeting with friends of WOW 10am, lunch served after service Monday 22nd April Coffee morning 10am Wednesday 24th April Bible school 7pm Thursday 25th April Pure Gold 10am Sunday 28th April No morning meeting Cafe 4U at 4pm Monday 29th April Coffee morning 10am Thursday 2nd May Pure Gold 10am

St Michael and All Angels’ Church, Markfield 10:15-11.30am Sunday Club for Children in the Congregational Hall on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays, term time All Age Service in Church on the 2nd Sunday each month. Sunday 14th April 10.30 am All Age Service 6.00 pm Holy Communion

Sunday 19th May 10.30 am Churches Together in Markfield Christian Aid Service at the Congregational Church 6.00 pm Evening Prayer Sunday 26th May 8.00 am Holy Communion 10.30 am Open Church 6.00 pm Evening Service

St Mary and All Saints’ Church, Stanton under Bardon Sunday 14th April 10.30 am Morning Service Sunday 21st April 10.30 am “Something Different” Service Sunday 28th April 10.30 am Holy Communion Sunday 5th May 10.30 am Morning Service

Sunday 5th May 10.30 am Morning Service Wednesday 8th May 10.00 am Holy Communion Sunday 12th May 10.30 am Joint Christian Aid Service at Cross Hills Church Sunday 19th May 9.00 am Holy Communion Sunday 26th May 10.30 am All Age Service

Holy Rood Church, Bagworth Please note: Services will be at Bagworth Community Centre Sunday 5th May 9.00 am Holy Communion

St Peter’s Church, Copt Oak Sunday 14th April 9.15 am Holy Communion Sunday 21st April 3.00 pm Praise Service Sunday 28th April 6.00 pm Holy Communion Sunday 5th May 6.00 pm Evening Prayer Thursday 9th May 7.30 pm Ascension Day Communion Sunday 12th May 9.15 am Holy Communion Sunday 19th May 3.00 pm Praise Service Sunday 26th May

Sunday 12th May 10.30 am Joint Christian Aid Service at Cross Hills Church Sunday 19th May 10.30 am “Something Different” Service Sunday 26th May 10.30 am Holy Communion

St Peter’s Church, Thornton Sunday 14th April 10.30 am Holy Communion Sunday 21st April 9.00 am Holy Communion Sunday 28th April 10.30 am All Age Service

I slept through the alarm this morning. Luckily it was only a small fire.


News from Bardon Park Chapel The home of Bardon Park Christian Fellowship & The Bardon Park United Reformed Church.

Family Worship Service every Sunday morning at 10.30am. Everyone most welcome. Monthly praise evenings are held on the 1st Saturday in each month and the third Monday in each month at 7.00pm. We invite you to join us for a lively time of praise, music, singing, sharing, sound bible teaching and healing prayers. Tea, coffee, biscuits and fellowship after the meeting in the school rooms. The Art Class in the school room has started up again on Tuesdays at 7pm - 9pm (usually 9.30!). John Moore (retired Art teacher) enables all types of art work including watercolour, oils, Lino cuts, carving, modern art, landscapes, portraits etc. etc. For more details contact: Richard on telephone 01530 242 526.

Listening in on other people’s mobiles You were right: having to listen to a loud mobile phone conversation, where you hear only one half of what is being said, IS the most distracting form of background talking. And yes, it is virtually impossible for you not to eavesdrop. Research at the University of San Diego, found that our brains seem to automatically try and fill in the gaps, as we wonder where the conversation is going.

Look What’s On At The Palace, Ibstock 57 High Street, Ibstock, Leics. LE67 6LH • Tel: 01530 267303

~ Forthcoming Events ~ Saturday, 6th April - The Everly Brothers and Friends Tribute Show. This fabulous tribute show to The Everly Brothers plus ‘special guest’ tributes returns to The Palace. Performance starts at 8pm. Tickets £10.00. Available from Halls, High Street, Ibstock, Tel 01530 260460 or contact Steve on 01773 769 372. Sunday, 7th April – The Guitar Workshop Student Show case. 3 – 6pm. Entry on door £2.00. Licensed bar available. A great chance for students, of all ages, from the Workshop show what they can do! Saturday, 13th April – Members of The Concordia Theatre Company present A Murder Mystery Evening. “Who killed the Vicar?” Doors, Box Office and Licensed Bar open at 7.00pm. Starts at 7.30pm. Tickets: £5.00, including refreshments, available from Halls, High Street, 01530 260460. Friday, 19th April - Film Night – ‘The Sapphires’ (PG). Based on a true story by Tony Briggs, the son of one of The Sapphires’ four members. It revolves around three young female Aboriginals who were kept segregated until 1967 and weren’t even regarded as human beings, instead classified as Flora and Fauna. They display a great prowess for singing, but realize that they will never know how far it can take them as long as they remain in their hometown. Doors, Box Office and Licensed Bar open at 7.00pm. Films start at 7.30pm.

Why a cluttered desk could mess up your whole life Never mind hard work and perseverance: have you tidied your desk lately? A clear desk will help free your internal world, and make you more successful. So says an expert, who warns that “clutter in your outer environment is the physical manifestation of all the clutter that is going on inside of you. Clearing clutter has a ripple effect across your entire life, including your work.” Jayne Morris is the resident life coach for NHS online, and she goes on to warn that “the things you are holding on to that you don’t really like, don’t ever use, and don’t need any more.... things that no longer fit or serve you, drain your energy.” Scans have confirmed that victims of hoarding disorder have abnormal activity in regions of the brain involved in decision making. A survey has shown that more than a million people in the UK are compulsive about keeping their possessions.

Spring Craft Fayre At Thornton Community Centre. Saturday April 20th From 10.30am-3pm Large Variety Of Stalls Raffle, Tombola Light Refreshments Available All Day Fund Raising For Centre Improvements Do Support Us.

Tickets: £4.00/£3.00 from Halls, High Street, Tel: 01530 260460. Saturday, 20th April – ‘Family friendly’ St Georges Day Disco Party! With the fabulous John Robson Disco Roadshow! Party starts at 6.30pm until 10.00pm. FREE ADMISSION FOR CHILDREN UNDER 16 (Must be accompanied by an adult). Adults: £2.00 on the door. A family evening of ‘Cool Britannia’ with party games and prizes. Prizes for the best fancy dressed children and adults (Fancy dress optional). Sunday, 21st April – The Guitar Workshop Student Show case. 3 – 6pm. Entry on door £2.00. Licensed bar available. A great chance for students, of all ages, from the Workshop show what they can do! Friday, 26th April - Skittles Night with supper included. 7.30pm start. Tickets: £5.00 from Halls, High Street, Ibstock, Tel: 01530 260460 Tuesday, 14th May – The Palace Community Centre Annual General Meeting. The meeting will be held at The Palace and will begin at 7.00pm. Open to the general public, but membership is required in order to vote. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member contact Tel: 01530 260460.

Playwright to attend Bradgate Drama Society Production Bradgate Drama society’s latest production is ‘Where there’s a Will’, a black comedy by Ian Hornby. Ian is a founder member of Playwright’s Co-operative, a project launched in 1997 to encourage the writing and production of new theatrical works by both amateur and professional writers. Members of the co-operative are always interested in seeing their works in production and Ian has confirmed that he will be attending the Saturday performance of his play. This has created some nervous tension amongst the cast but they are nevertheless confident that what he sees will bear a reasonably close resemblance to what he wrote. If you too would like to see the play which, without giving too much of the plot away, involves a fairly high body count amongst the cast, performances are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 25th, 26th and 27th April in Newtown Linford Village Hall. Tickets are £7.50 and can be obtained from Sally Cook on 01530 242263 or bradgate.drama@gmail. com

The generation that can’t afford to leave home The rise in property prices and student debts have created a generation of young people who leave home for university... and afterwards come right back home again – for years. More than three million people aged between 20 and 34 (the equivalent to one in four of that age group) still live with their parents, according to the Office for National Statistics. When this happens, psychologists encourage parents to treat their returning offspring as a lodger, and charge them food and rent. Not only does this help the young person to ‘grow up’ and take responsibility for themselves, but it can help them financially: one mother firmly took rent off her son for ten years – only to squirrel it away in a savings account especially meant for him.

Insomnia is what you think you’ve got when you lie awake all night for an hour.


Grand National Wordsearch

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Find the names of the last 12 Grand National winners in this month’s Wordsearch puzzle and you could win yourself a meal and a drink. This month we are offering a TASTY prize of: A Main Course for Two, plus A Bottle of House Wine at The FieldHead Hotel. To go into the draw, all you have to do is find - and mark a line through - the names of 12 Grand national winners.



















These can run vertically, horizontally or diagonally (and backwards!). Send your entry to: BECHER’S BROOK,The Herald, PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT to arrive by Friday 26th March 2013. Remember to include your name and address. The first all-correct entry drawn out of the Editor’s crash helmet will win the Meal for Two at The Field Head Hotel. Good luck!

Here are the 12 National Winners you have to find: AMBERLEIGH HOUSE • BALLABRIGGS • BINDAREE COMPLY OR DIE • DON’T PUSH IT • HEDGEHUNTER MON MOME • MONTY’S PASS • NEPTUNE COLLONGES NUMBERSIXVALVERDE • RED MARAUDER • SILVER BIRCH Name: ................................................................................................... Address: ............................................................................................. ........................................................................................................... ................................................................ Postcode: .............................

Last Month’s Competition Winner The winner of last month’s Wordsearch Competition was: Philip Burbidge of Main Street,Thornton. Congratulations! Your prize voucher will be with you soon.

The fixtures are out – team players wanted! It might not have felt like it recently but the tennis season will soon be under way and the fixture lists for the 2013 Leicestershire County Doubles Leagues are out. Oaks and District Tennis Club will be fielding two teams in the Men’s League, one team in the Ladies League and a Ladies Team in the Vets League. Last season the Ladies Team did really well, finishing second in their division. This placing earned them promotion from division 6 to division 5 so this season promises to bring new challenges. Eight years ago the club had been unable to field a Ladies team for over 13 years and it took 3 years before we recorded our first win. Since then the improvement has been steady. We would love to be able to field a second Ladies team next year and are keen to recruit new players to complement the current team and to help form a second team. This will be the second season that we have entered a Ladies Vets team and the standard in this league is very high. Any lady over 40 is eligible to play. Last year our Men’s Teams had mixed results due to a plague of injuries coupled with a number of players moving out of the area. Our first team will still be playing in division 6 this season but our second team will now be playing in division 8. This gives a great opportunity for any new players to come along and swell our ranks. Anyone interested in joining the club and playing for the teams should contact or . For general membership enquiries contact .

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On the 90th day of Christmas, my true love said to me: “You take Christmas too seriously.”



Are you too trusting?

If so, you may have the key to a happy relationship, according to recent research. People who score high on trust tend to remember their partner’s failings with less censure than those who score low on trust, who tend to ‘remember’ failings that never even happened. “One of the ways that trust is so good for relationships is that it makes us partly delusional,” says Prof Eli Finkel of Northwestern University, Illinois.

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I bought a book on obedience seven years ago, but it turns out the dog is a slow reader.

Education and Fulfilment through Challenge and Support

Open Events

OLCS Independent Day School (3-18)

Saturday 11th May, 9.30am to 12 noon t$PFEVDBUJPOBM/VSTFSZBOE1SJNBSZ 4DIPPM o




Open events throughout 2013 - See website for the dates


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