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MOTORING Plainfield race car builder celebrates 15th anniversary

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aron Stapleton Driving a fast car a lesson early: than just possessing means more He has since that under the hood. powerful engineknowledge into a business that a decade. translated for more than the 15-year g has flourished is celebratin Fast Forward Stapleton y of his business, which builds anniversar Inc., in Plainfield, pro street Race Cars, and rods, as street cars cages, as well race cars, cars and roll header design, racers, muscle work, tin tubeand provides custom welding, machining and custom is able to bending services. weeks, Stapleton functional In just 12 car into fully in each a shell of a pride transform and he takes work on racing machine,“Even to this day, I car he builds.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Plainfield North girl is kicker on sophomore football team By Suzanne Baker Enterprise reporter


f there’s no crying in baseball, then crying in football is definitely out. Just don’t tell Morgan Hundley. Tears of joy streamed down the Plainfield North placekicker’s face after the sophomore football game Sept. 13 at Plainfield South.The teen was overcome with an overwhelming sense of team pride and spirit after she kicked what turned out to be the gamewinning field goal near the end of the fourth quarter.

While fans in the stands on the Plainfield North side of the field jersey knew No. 1 was female, most on the South side had no clue. The only obvious giveaway was the French braid that stuck out from the back of her helmet. If observers looked close enough, they might notice the pants and jersey don’t quite fit the same as the other players. “It’s kind of like a dress on me, but I tuck the jersey like everyone else,” Hundley said. Soccer is Hundley’s first sport. See KICKER, page 3



t Plainfield North teammates Matthew Hosler (88) and Trevon Anderson (22) hoist Morgan Hundley (1) on their shoulders after the Sept. 13 football game at Plainfield South. p Hundley (left) shares a hug with his older sister, Taylor, after the Sept. 13 Plainfield South game. “She is my hero,” said Taylor, who came home from college to surprise her sister and see her kick the field goal that won the game.

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