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• The Student Hotel: everything under one roof for one price • Room types: The Standard, The Junior Suite, The Suite and Super Suite • Facilities and services • The Kitchen • Flexible contracts and online booking II. THE STUDENT HOTEL: COMPANY & MODEL

• Company & vision • Management model • The Student Hotel offers value for money • Current & upcoming locations: Liège, Amsterdam and The Hague

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The demand for accommodation in Rotterdam is evolving. Students, interns and researchers increasingly require flexibility, quality and comfort. Security and certainty ahead of time are very important aspects for our guests. The Student Hotel offers exactly this: fully-serviced, affordable and furnished hotel accommodation right in the heart of Kralingen Rotterdam. You can book now! The Student Hotel offers guests:

• Fully-furnished rooms with private bathroom. • Choice of several room types and sizes. • Flexible length of stay: one (5 months) or two semesters (10 months), one month, one week or just a few days. • Hotel rooms designated for visiting family members and friends. • Many inclusive services and shared facilities, such as high-bandwidth internet, the use of lounges, study rooms, the library, fitness room, an own bicycle and all expenses for gas, water and electricity.

• Access to on-site bar/restaurant. • Always available: on-site staff and security. • Rooms can be reserved in advance through an online booking system. Who are our guests?

• International & Dutch students. For many of our students, The Student Hotel represents the first time they live on their own. The security and reliability ensure peace of mind. Staying with many other students from the Netherlands and around the world, the communal facilities and the optional social, sports and cultural activities facilitate socialising and making friends.

• PhDs, interns, teachers & Professors. Scholars and academics often come to town for conferences, research, internships or to teach. They look for affordable accommodation with the comfort of their own home, a stylish room with a comfortable bed, private bathroom, working space and free WiFi.

• Friends & family of long-term guests. Many of our guests that study for shorter or longer periods of time in Rotterdam have family and friends visiting them at some point, whom are looking for quality accommodation in the near proximity. The Student Hotel designates hotel rooms specifically for family and friends.

• The urban traveller. The tourists keen on making short term visits to cosmopolitan cities for shopping, culture or particular events/festivals, find themselves looking for affordable yet comfortable accommodation in a young, stylish and urban environment.




The Standard Room: modern design and fully furnished

Communal live-in kitchen



THE STANDARD The Student Hotel Rotterdam offers guests a choice of different types of rooms. The Standard is a luxuriously furnished room. It provides all necessary amenities such as a private bathroom, internet, flat screen TV and study desk. The kitchen is shared with other guests. The Standard:

• Rooms from 15 m2 • Full, modern furnishing with high-quality finish • Private luxury bathroom, shower, toilet, washbasin • Beds from 120 cm wide with quality mattress • Soft duvets and pillows (linen can be purchased) • Desk and chair • Closets with ample storage space for clothes and books • Modern furniture and full-length mirror • Flat screen television with broad selection of international content • Individually-adjustable air conditioning and heating • Ability to freely decorate • Blackout curtains • Intercom Communal kitchens

• equipped for clusters of 5 rooms • tastefully furnished and equipped with large refrigerators, freezer with personal compartments, several cookers and microwave ovens and sitting area with TV

Layout of a typical communal kitchen and Standard room


THE SUITE The Suite: more space and more private amenities



THE SUITE For guests who require more space and privacy, The Student Hotel has created a suite. The Suite is a spacious and fully equipped room. The Suite has a kitchenette, two-person bed and bathroom with bath. In Rotterdam we offer three different suite types: The Junior Suite, The Suite and The Super Suite.

Advantages of The Suite:

Private bathroom with bath

• Suites starting from 19.5 m2 • Luxurious bathroom with private bath, toilet and washbasin • Private kitchenette • 140 cm wide bed with quality mattress • Fully furnished and designed with style • Soft duvets and pillows (linen can be purchased) • Desk and chair • Large closets with plenty of storage space for clothes and books • Modern furniture and full-length mirror • Flat screen television with broad selection of international content • Individually adjustable air conditioning and heating • Blackout curtains • Intercom

Layout of typical Suite The Suite: extra space and more private amenities Ample storage space and flat screen TV


Reception and 24 hour security


Lounges and library

Games room





The Student Hotel distinguishes itself from traditional student accommodation through a unique Live & Learn concept. Guests and students enjoy meticulously developed facilities for learning, resting and meeting new friends. Which is important if you are starting a new study and don’t know anyone yet. The shared facilities and hotel services are all part of the all-inclusive rates. Our Live & Learn philosophy is present in all the state-of-the-art hotel amenities, such as a fitness centre, library and the study rooms. Safety is ensured with a reception and 24 hour surveillance service. And each guest can get a bike so he or she can get to the city and the university quickly. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, guests can visit the bar-restaurant. The available all-inclusive facilities and services of The Student Hotel are:

Everyone gets their own bike

• Lobby with reception and 24 hour security • Lounge with tables and chairs where students can relax • A games room with pool tables, table tennis and table football • Restaurant / Bar, open from morning until late evening with varied and affordable meals • Fitness with modern equipment for cardio and strength training and other forms of sport • Library and study rooms conducive to quiet studying • Laundry with washing machines and dryers • A bike with covered shelter • 10 MB/second internet (wifi) connection, • Cable television with international channels

The Suite: extra space and more private amenities Bar-restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack

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THE KITCHEN HEART OF THE COMMUNITY • The heart of every home is the kitchen. That’s where we meet our old and new friends, where you get your coffee and take a break. It’s where we enjoy a meal and have a conversation.

• Every Student Hotel includes therefore an unique and high quality on-site Food & Beverage concept called The Kitchen.

• The Kitchen is the heart of The Student Hotel. Here international and local students and their guests mingle from early in the morning till late in the evening.

• The Kitchen is public so people from surrounding neighbourhoods can also benefit from a Berlin-style bar-restaurant where you can meet, hang-out, eat, work and study.

• The Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks seven days a week. • The Kitchen is developed and managed by Jelle Maijer, founder of De Stadskantine. • Jelle Maijer and his team are specialised in providing healthy, fast and affordable food within an environment in which people feel immediately at home .

• The target group and innovative F&B concept provide an unique platform for partners to raise brand awareness and introduce their best and latest products and services.

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THE EASE OF FLEXIBILITY AND THE SAFETY OF ONLINE BOOKING At The Student Hotel, guests can choose and book rooms and suites through our own online reservation system. Certainty ahead of time is ensured.

• The Student Hotel offers contracts from one night up to two semesters. This enables us to cater to the accommodation requirements of different types of guests. This is particularly advantageous for students with divergent study programs.

• The Student Hotel offers parents, brothers, sisters and friends the possibility to spend the night at the same place as the student himself – and is the only student accommodation provider in the Netherlands to do so.

• During the summer months (July/August) the rooms are available for students and teachers of summer schools and exchange programmes, interns and tourists.

The online booking system of The Student Hotel enables quick and easy room reservations:

• The website provides a very complete picture of what the guest can expect, with detailed description, pictures and references. All this information can also be found on Facebook for each location, where one can become a member of the community and get insights into the activities and background of the other students and visitors.

• There is 100% clarity about the rate at the outset, and about what is part of the all-inclusive package. This provides security and trust.

• One may book the desired room, make the first payment online, and directly receive a confirmed reservation, thus providing a feeling of full certainty within a few minutes.

• After booking, along with the reservation, the student receives a link to a private ‘portal’. This portal is where The Student Hotel shares all the relevant information with the students and parents.

See for yourself how you can book a room in 6 easy steps on WWW.THESTUDENTHOTEL.COM

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COMPANY AND VISION The Student Hotel is a brand and formula by City Living. The formula – all-inclusive student accommodation – enjoys international success.

• In the next few years, City Living will open more than five thousand rooms under the brand The Student Hotel in university Groningen

cities across the Netherlands.

• In Liège, Belgium, our pilot project has been open since 2008 and 100% occupied every September. Rotterdam Student Hotel opened in september 2012 and was fully booked before its opening.

• Based on the occupancy, prices and origins of the students, City Living’s product is especially popular amongst international and first-year students. They are willing to pay for the extra quality and comfort which City Living offers them. Amsterdam Leiden


professionals with years of experience in real estate development and the hotel and student accommodation businesses.


Den Haag Delft

• City Living is the management organisation behind The Student Hotel. City Living is led by a small group of enthusiast

Rotterdam Nijmegen

• City Living is supported by its main equity partner The Carlyle Group. • City Living and partners have already secured five projects through which the first 1,700 beds will be created through 2014. Based on our business plan, we have identified seven new locations with the potential for more than 3,000 beds.

Tilburg Eindhoven

• With a high quality product, professional management and solid investors, City Living is a logical partner for universities to develop and manage student accommodation in the quality segment.

Maastricht Luik

bestaande Student Hotel locations Student Hotel locations geplande Student Hotellocations locations Future Student Hotel

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MANAGEMENT MODEL City Living is responsible for the management of The Student Hotel brand and locations. City Living is a professional management organisation led by a team with many years of international experience in real estate development, hotel and student accommodation.

• City Living was created by the MacGregor family from Edinburgh. Since 1982 in Great Britain, together with partners, they have developed a portfolio of more than 20,000 rooms. Based on the thirty years of experience in Great Britain and four years of operational experience in Liège, City Living has chosen for a centrally-led organisational model.

• Every location is supported by the operational City Living organisation This is where fifteen people carry out marketing and distribution, finances and control and operational management. Our online booking system, reservations and other customer services are also supported from the main office.

• The staff at the branch level has operational functions, aimed at the students and guests in house. For each location, a regular staff with one location manager, one assistant manager and three all-round staff members for cleaning and maintenance are available. In addition the cafe restaurant operates with additional hosting staff.

• The development model of The Student Hotel formula is comparable with that of a regular hotel formula. But the duration of the stay of the guests and the type of service expectations differ. This is why a skilled and efficient organisation is sufficient at the branch level. It focuses on the daily routines and looks after hygiene, safety and hospitality at the location.

• During the summer months of July and August with many short hotel stays, an external staff is available for cleaning and reception services.

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THE STUDENT HOTEL OFFERS VALUE FOR MONEY The Student Hotel is created for international & Dutch guests with stay durations from one night up to one academic year.



The Student Hotel provides an attractive alternative in the current market situation in Rotterdam:

• • Structural qualitative shortage in the Rotterdam student Fast-growing number of international students.

• The following table gives an indication of the value of The Student Hotel all-in pricing. We have compared furnished rooms as provided by national housing providers such as

The Student Hotel offers, as a first in the Netherlands, a commercially attractive accommodation formula which matches the wishes and requirements of students, their parents and the knowledge institutions.

DUWO (1,200 units).

accommodation market.

• Worsened investment opportunities limit traditional student accommodation.

• Very few experienced and specialised providers of Short Stay and all-inclusive student accommodation.

Product and quality level are competitive:

• The demand for quality and furnished student accommodation is increasing.

• The Student Hotel as a brand and product matches international trends.

• Liège and Great Britain’s track record shows concept popularity amongst international students.

• The all-inclusive prices of The Student Hotel seem higher than the Short Stay supply of social housing corporations. But if the costs and convenience of the facilities are factored in, The Student Hotel provides students a competitive price.

* Based on review (location IJburg). DUWO offers private studios up to €900 per month at Science Park. ** Assuming a student has to buy or subscribe to these products and services. In case of one time acquisition, prices are divided by 5 months. *** Based on review of supply at

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CURRENT & UPCOMING LOCATIONS THE STUDENT HOTEL LIÈGE Since 2008, City Living has been operating a student hotel in Liège. It was a pilot project to

International students choose us in particular. Since the opening we have accommodated over

test the market outside the UK, and has proven successful. Within fourteen days, all the

600 students from more than 50 different countries.

rooms and suites were booked. Students in Liège have ample choice for privately owned rooms, but our students clearly choose for quality, community and the flexibility of short

The operational student accommodation in Liège with 146 rooms is the property of City Living.

contracts. During the summer, we have about 50% occupancy for summer school students.

Thanks to a purchase agreement of the adjoining car park, City Living has the opportunity to add another 210 rooms to this location, for a total of 356. The envisioned opening date is August

Countries*and*regions*of*origin*of* 600+*City*Living*Liege*tenants*(200882011)** Northerrn&African& 5%& Eastern&Europe& 4%&

Other& North&America& 1%& 2%&


Benelux& 11%&

The Suite in the Liège branch South&America& 1%& Britain&&&Ireland& 1%& Africa& 2%& Northern&Europe& 1%&

France& 17%&

Spain& 32%&

Greece& 2%& Portugal& 4%&

20 |

Asia& 2%&

Middle&East& 2%&

Italy& 11%&

Germany& 1%&


THE STUDENT HOTEL AMSTERDAM The Student Hotel Amsterdam is a true community located adjacent to the metro station Jan van Galen. The former Elsevier office complex at Jan van Galenstraat 335 has been the property of the City Living since 2007. Through a redevelopment of the two existing office buildings and a new construction, a total of 709 rooms will be created. The construction permit was issued on 20 December 2011. The full project will be operational in June 2013.

THE STUDENT HOTEL THE HAGUE Through a redevelopment, 309 student rooms will be created in a former nursing home on the Van Limburg Stirumstraat in The Hague. The construction permit has been requested so the accommodation can open in September 2014. The Student Hotel The Hague will be located next to Hollands Spoor station.

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MORE INFORMATION. For more information, a visit to our showroom or an introductory conversation about collaboration, please contact: Frank Uen tel: +31 10 760 2000

For bookings & reservations visit:

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COLOPHON The Student Hotel Rotterdam Oostzeedijk 182 3063 BM Rotterdam The Netherlands T: tel: +31 10 760 2000 E: W:Â Copyright: 2013 City Living


The Student Hotel Rotterdam- Brochure  

The Brochure presents The Student Hotel in Rotterdam.

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