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February 2020 - Edition 86









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February Issue

This Edition: page 6 February 2020 - Edition 86

Our Vice President Student Involvement, Christina Demetriou, proudly leading this year's Smile campaign giving out fairtrade bananas and flapjacks for a smile!

University catch up Meet Gavin Irving, provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor as we ask him some questions.


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Tao Warburton • Brooke Pilbeam Christina Demetriou • Athena Pickering • Abby Gray Isabella Cruz • Millie Langton • Lauren Savage Philippa-rose Luckett • Patricia Feiteira • Emily West Andy Shearman • Philomena McShane Zac Saunderson • George Maycock

Women's Officer update We check in with our Women's officer, Kia Wing, to see what is in store for this year's International Women's Day.

Hayley Cruickshanks • Darren Hannay Travis Hoey • Georgia Miller • Jordan Penning

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Kia Wing • Joanna Bouzegzi • Kelly Young Oli Gunson • Charlotte Batterbee Want to see your name in the list above? Want to have your writing or artwork on show to thousands of people? Get involved. Email editor@thebucksstudent.com

Advertising For all advertising and media enquiries please contact the Students’ Union Communications and Marketing department. Simon McDowell - simon.mcdowell@bucks.ac.uk Articles in this newspaper do not necessarily represent the views of Bucks Students’ Union but are that of the specific author. View this edition online at bucksstudentsunion.org/communications.

VARSITY Are you ready to defend the cup? Read this article by our Varsity captains to find out more about Bucks' plans to keep the Roebuck cup.

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LGBT+ History Month Throughout February, our wonderful events team have been working with the LGBT+ society to put on some great events.

© 2020 Bucks Students’ Union

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Florence + the Machine We showcase another photo collection from our very own resident photographer, Zuzanna Majewska.

4 February Issue

Sabb update

By Christina Demetriou, Tao Warburton, Brooke Pilbeam

Christina Demetriou VPSI

Tao Warburton President

Brooke Pilbeam VPEW

February saw the start of “Give It A Go 2.0” where our members were given the opportunity to engage in an array of new and existing activities including recreational activities, competitive and non-competitive sport, societies and of course, volunteering.

A big welcome to the February intake - make sure you check out past copies of the newspaper online and also come down to the Students’ Union and see what you can get involved with. Since the last newspaper we’ve been busy planning and challenging the University to either change or keep to its promises.

I can’t believe I am writing yet another Sabb update!

The all-time favourite ‘Smile Campaign’ kicked off the week, with an amazing involvement of 36 students as well as myself and your VPEW Brooke. Despite the freezing cold and the early start, we successfully turned over 1,000 morning frowns into smiles while handing out Faitrade bananas, flapjacks and coffees. Another exciting project that you can all get involved with is the green initiative ‘Give To Refresh’. In collaboration with the university we will be collecting donations of personal hygiene items from staff, students and the community, all of which will be donated to refugees and those most in need – so be sure to keep an eye out for our collection points. This month was also really important for our Cheer and Dance clubs as they both took part in their first competition of the season after all the hard work and training that they have been putting in since the beginning of October. Our BNU Swans competed in the ‘Legacy – Just Believe’ Cheer competition in the famous Copper Box Arena, where all three teams including Pom, Jazz and Main Cheer came first in their categories. BNU Dance’s 8 teams kicked off the season down in Southampton, where they competed against 10 other universities from across the country. Despite the level of competition being the highest they’ve ever seen the Bucks Warriors came back with 2 firsts, 3 seconds and 2 thirds! Whether it’s volunteering in the community or competing for trophies, the Bucks Spirit is going strong and we’re proud of every single one of you!

We are well into the month of February which is LGBT History month. I was able to make the university change the flags on top of both Uxbridge and High Wycombe campuses to the LGBT flags. We also have major events going on throughout the month with them ending with Latrice Royale which should be a massive hit and a good night out for all. Throughout the meetings I have been in with the University, we have been campaigning for them to agree that 2030 or earlier was the right amount of time to become carbon neutral. We also challenged them to sign that we are in a climate crisis. On the 14th February the university held a ‘Love the Planet’ Day where they signed that we were in a climate crisis and had students and staff pledge to be more sustainable.

Elctions nominations have now closed and I can’t wait to see what the candidates have to say at hustings and during elections week! I am looking forward to see who takes over as the new Officers! We have had ‘time to talk’ day since our last update. Us Sabbs, with some volunteers, went round to halls to drop off some goodie bags. Hopefully if you are in halls you saw them and made a nice cup of tea. As a Union we have been campaigning for paperless meetings and work when possible in association with green impact. We have had a success with this, as not only do the Students Union now do paperless meetings, but we have the school of Media and Creative Industries on board too and will now not be doing paper dissertation hand in’s. Thank you to all staff who have supported this, we can’t wait for it to be University wide! I’ll continue to be in meetings representing you! See you all soon.

Also, if you hadn’t heard, I am running a campaign called ‘Pres Learns To:…’ This is to help increase involvement from the students, to show you that you can still get involved in whatever you want at whatever the time of year. Keep an eye out for what is to come.

Get in touch: Christina: christina.demetriou@bucks.ac.uk Tao: tao.warburton@bucks.ac.uk Brooke: brooke.pilbeam@bucks.ac.uk

Bucks Vpsi

Bucks SU Pres Bucks Vpew

@BucksSUVPSI @BucksSUPres @BucksSUVPEW

Joanna Bouzegzi

Athena Pickering ↑ Hi, I’m Athena, one of your editors. I’m in my final year here at Bucks. These past few months have been nonstop and I know it isn’t going to slow down. What I have found challenging is balancing all my modules and final year projects while also trying to make sure I take care of myself and don’t overwork myself. It is quite stressful as at times you aren’t sure what to focus on first; do I start doing some research for an essay or do I do some more dissertation work or do I keeping editing another project? I’ve found that it is about trying to find the right balance and break anything down into when what is due when but not leave anything last minute. Currently my life has been taken over with one project in particular, where I have created a film company with other members on my course called Half Full Productions and we have made a film which is going to be screened in High Wycombe and London during March. This project has been so intense with

so much to do in a short amount of time which means I haven’t been able to focus as much on my other modules as I would have liked. When it comes to your final year, whatever course you are studying I think it is all about finding a balance. It is a stressful time but you also need to make sure you still try and enjoy it because before we know it, it’ll be summer and then time to graduate. I’ve learnt that when trying to balance everything, it is important to just do a little bit of each module often but don’t forget to find time for yourself and do things that you enjoy. For example, I love going to the cinema and watching the latest films that have been released, I use my trips to the cinema as my down time to relax and not think about how much work I have to do. These final few months will be stressful but remember to take time for yourself but try not to leave everything until last minute as that does make things a lot harder.

↑ Hi, I’m Joanna - half of the editorial team this year. The second semester has officially started so I hope you’ve all adjusted back into your academic routines. Over the half term, I found myself with too much free time, so I decided to search for job placements. Many of you would have been through that process before so you know it’s not an easy one! For anyone who is yet to get a job, when applying I would advise to be prepared for rejection. This doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem with you, but it is common for individuals to not find placement straightaway. The concept was rather strange for me but the more I talked to people, the more I realised it happened to many people. Once you’ve found a placement, it’s important to find a balance. For me, after receiving a

placement, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks balancing my time between academic work, my job and leisure time as after my first week of work, I found myself working hours on end without spending time on academic work or leisure. This was quite difficult at first because I realised I had to cut down my work hours - something I was rather reluctant to do. However, when I developed a schedule for myself and put it into practice, I realised how much easier my days passed and how my time was being spent. Finding a balance is subjective to an individual and it is important for you to find this and embed it within your routine to make sure you are not only overworking yourself, but also not leaving any academic assignments last minute.

As editors, we have big plans for The Bucks Student, and we need you to achieve them! To encourage you to submit your articles, artwork, stories or anything else you could think of, we are running a competition to reward the creator of the best piece submitted to each edition of the newspaper with £25! If you want to be in with a chance of winning, send an email to editor@thebucksstudent.com and we can get you added to our newsgroup meetings, help you with writing and hopefully get you a winning piece! Or, if you see either of us on campus, please come and say hello and we can help in person. Any piece entered in upcoming newspapers (you can submit any time after reading this really!) will be eligible to win. The final decision for 'the best' piece falls to the editorial team and the winner will be contacted via email within a week of the newspaper releasing.

February Issue

By Joanna Bouzegzi, Athena Pickering


Editor update

6 February Issue

A better Bucks

Work with us for a Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gavin Brooks, and SU President, Tao Warburton, talk about why your voice matters and how it can help the experiences of future students at Bucks. Gavin, you have recently joined Bucks. What are the top three things on your agenda? GB: The top three areas that I want to focus on initially are to ensure that: the experience each student receives at Bucks is the best that it can be; the opportunities for progression, recognition and reward for staff are fair; and the University remains financially sustainable for the long term and that our portfolio of programmes, and the partnerships that we establish, are fit for purpose. TW: For me personally, it is great to see that the experience of students at Bucks is a high priority for those in senior positions within the University. It would be amazing to work closely with Gavin on this subject as it is the primary aim of the Student’s Union to make life better for students at Bucks.

Students’ are often asked for their opinion, but does the University and SU really care about students’ feedback?

GB: Student feedback is vital for the University to understand both the good and the less good things that it offers our students. Without such constructive feedback, be it in the form of a mid-module review or national surveys such as the National Student Survey (NSS) or the UK Engagement Survey (UKES), the University cannot respond to, nor improve, the student experience. I also would encourage students to talk directly to their tutor about any aspect of their course that might be worrying them or that they particularly enjoy. Similarly, any student can get in touch with the University’s senior leadership team (that includes the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-ViceChancellor (Education and Digital) and myself) by emailing TalkToUs@bucks.ac.uk. TW: Feedback for the Students’ Union is crucial. We are here to be the voice of students. To make sure their opinion and feedback is heard by the Heads of School and the highest powers at the University. As a

sabbatical officer, without feedback, I wouldn’t be able to do my job and push for change and improvements within courses or extra-curricular activities. If you don’t know how to feedback then I can tell you it is extremely easy! All you need to do is talk to your course rep or your school officer (you can find your school officer on the Union website). If you don’t want to contact them, you can come down to the Union on the ground floor of north wing and we will be able to help you. Or, email surepresentation@bucks.ac.uk if you didn’t want to come and see us in person. But will it really make any difference? GB: Absolutely. Student feedback is vital for, and really valued by, the University so that it can better understand the needs, concerns and requirements of our students. Feedback really can make a difference to the student experience – for instance, there are numerous examples of how feedback received from students in the annual NSS has been acted upon to improve things for future students. You can see some of the actions on the digital screens around campus.

TW: Yes, it will absolutely make a difference. Feedback helps to change things to how you need or want them to be. If you feedback on your course, it will allow for changes in areas that improvement is needed. Or positive feedback could mean that things you love are not changed. Is it really safe to speak up? Will it impact on students if they talk about a negative experience? GB: It is absolutely safe to speak up, and I can assure you that there will be no repercussions if you do so. The values and practices of the University are very clear about this – we respect each other and do not discriminate against any individual. Your concerns will always be taken seriously, and you will be treated respectfully and sensitively. TW: You will have no repercussions. The Union is there to make sure your voice is heard. If you speak up, those negative experiences will change things for you and for future students. Likewise, with the positive experiences, those aspects are more likely to continue if we hear people enjoy them. We want you to have the best experience you can. We are here to support you and will keep your concerns or negative experiences confidential if requested. What about when things are tough and students are struggling with their studies, where can they go to get help? GB: In my experience, it is extremely rare for a student to progress through their entire degree programme without experiencing some personal or study-related issue. The important thing to do when faced with such an issue is to talk to someone about it. While this could be a trusted friend or a family member, there are a number of readily accessible options available at the University, including: your Personal Tutor; Student Support Services which includes the Counselling Service and 24/7 online mental health support from the Big White Wall; and the Students’ Union, which also has a range of advice services.

TW: Whether you are struggling with your studies or struggling with anything else in your life, the Advice Centre is the best place to go. However, if it’s course related, I would say talk to your lecturers first. They know the subject and will probably help you the best. If you feel like you can’t speak to your lecturers, there is always the counselling service the University provides. I have used it when I was stressed as a student and it really helped me, so I would recommend them as well. What challenges are we facing as a University and how will we work together to tackle them?

GB: This is a very challenging time for all UK universities and higher education colleges. The sector is becoming increasingly competitive, and social change and harsh economic realities mean that society is demanding more from its HE providers. Consequently, Bucks needs to be agile and able to respond in a measured way to each of these challenges while maintaining a strong, high-quality student experience. However, I believe that Bucks is well placed to capitalise on its strengths as an employment-focused and skills-based university. Input from the Students’ Union as partners in achieving improvements is essential – we will continue to include them, and the broader student voice, in our governance and development, including programme content and design. TW: The Union will work collaboratively with the University to make sure any challenges faced are communicated well to the students. We will keep challenging and supporting the University to better itself and achieve the best outcomes. What is your dream for Bucks? GB: My dream for the University is to see it continue to grow and flourish as an excellent and respected centre for higher education and professional training, and to be an institution that supports students from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential and to succeed in their chosen career.


TW: My dream for Bucks is for it to be a busier university. I would like it to be as busy and have the same feel as my first year here. I believe the University could become a specialist in the areas that outshine the rest. As for the Students’ Union, I would like us to become Number 1 in the league tables as we were in 2018. I also believe our work around employability is sector leading, as students are more engaged with those opportunities this year than, for example, sports and societies. My dream is for our Union to be the one that other unions around the UK look to, to see what we do to be so good. Why should we be #BucksProud? GB: Bucks is a great place to work and study. We have excellent, committed staff who are proud to work at our Institution and who want the very best for our students. TW: You should be BucksProud because you made it to uni! We are proud at the Students’ Union because we see students come and grow into the person that they love. You should be proud of the things you have achieved and the things that challenge you because it is what makes you who you are. The University and SU want your feedback, you can tell us what you love, or want to be improved, anytime by:

• speaking to you course/personal tutors, course reps or elected sabbatical offers;

• attending Union Council meeting; • visiting the Bucks Students' Union website -


• emailing the University direct at speaktous@bucks.ac.uk


10am Monday 2 March

February Issue

better Bucks

By Kelly Young


A better Bucks

8 February Issue

Inclusion fund

Am I Included? Advice Centre Advice

By Julia Crooks

Bucks Students’ Union

Here at Bucks Students’ Union, we are incredibly proud of the Big Deal which enables you all to take part in social, training, sports and a great range of other activities, completely free of charge. The Inclusion Fund is an extension of our financial support to members who might still be prevented from participating in Big Deal activities due to personal or home circumstances. For example, students who have childcare needs and cannot afford to stay on after lectures for a yoga class because they need to get home to collect their children or a student with a disability may need help with travel costs to attend an event.

• Students would be expected to have claimed for child care costs under their student funding as far as possible and full receipts will be required for any extra childcare/carer costs from a registered childcare provider or registered carer.

2. Travel costs: Travel costs may be included as part of the Big Deal but if your circumstances/disability mean that you cannot use the free transport on offer, or there is no free transport we will consider funding transport under the Inclusion Fund to attend any Students’ Union event or activity as above.

This is a discretionary fund so we cannot guarantee every application will be successful. You can always pop into the Students' Union Advice Centre at either High Wycombe or Uxbridge if you have any questions about the Inclusion Fund, or email suinclusion@bucks.ac.uk with your enquiry.

Bucks Students’ Bucks Union Students’ Union

Look out for the inclusion fund logo on our posters!

Advice in Centre Centre ADVICE CENTRE

The Students’ Union Inclusion Fund is a discretionary fund designed to be as flexible as possible so that we can help you with all sorts of issues, if those issues are preventing you from taking part. You can apply for help to attend a series of activities or to attend a one off event. Here are some of the ways in which the Inclusion Fund can help:

• Students must be registered with the University’s Disability Service and upon application, we will ask your permission to verify this.

Got a problem?

3. Other non-specified costs. We understand that you may have individual circumstances which do not fall into the above categories so even if your costs do not fit one of the above descriptions email us at suinclusion@bucks.ac.uk and we will consider your request.

Tell us what it is

f ADVICE CENTRE ADVICE CENTRE ADVICE CENTRE 1. Childcare/caring costs: We MONEY can provide help with the costs of childcare/carers for those who are attending any of the activities offered by The Big Deal as well as:

We help you find a solution! Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Sk Got a problem? Receipts for any costs applied for will be required before any funds are paid out. The fund is also limited to £100 per applicant per year.

Got a problem? about the fund and how to • campaigning for sabbatical/other Students’ Union posts For more information High Wycombe Campus: gowhat to: www.bucksstudentsunion.org/support/ Tellapply us it is Tell us what it is Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm • course representative meetings

Uxbridge Camp

Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, F • meetings which you are required to attend in your advice/inclusionfund YOUR PE MONEY MONEY capacity as a committeeLEGAL memberISSUES of a Students' Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, fi YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Union club/society Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment.

Weproblems help you find solution! If you have in of we can help:Phone: Phone: 603 016 01494 605 Weaany help you find a areas solution! Please01494 call tothese make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype ap

Bucks Students’ Union ADVICE CENTRE

se call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Evening appointments are available outside Monday of standard opening hoursFriday at High Wycombe Mon-Thur Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm to Thursday 9am-5pm, 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9 INTERN contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor YOUR PERSONAL LIFE High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floo YOUR PERSONAL LIFE STUDE MONEY If you have problems in of 9am-5pm, these Phone: 01494 603 016 areas we can help: Phone: 01494 605 180 If Monday you telephone have problems inFriday any of these ay to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm toany Thursday 9am-4.30pm Phone: 01494 603 016 areas we can help: Phone: 01494 605 180 MONEY COURSE ISSUES YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, or Skype appointment. INTERNATIONAL MONEY Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. ted: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03,of first floor YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Evening appointments are available outside standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hoursISSUES at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm STUDENT contact us to arrange an at a time to suit you. Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 appointment High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: contact Please us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. call to make an appointment at either or cam High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: se call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice Please call make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone Sk Monday tofor Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Fridayto 9am-4.30pm campus a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. MONEY Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm COURSE ISSUES YOUR PERSONAL LIFE ACCOM INTERNATIONAL YOUR PE MONEY MONEY COURSE ISSUES YOUR PERSONAL LIFE Located: Room groundoutside floor, North standard Block Located: Room 1.03, first LIFE floor MONEY YOUR PERSONAL INTERNATIONAL ppointments areN0.03, available opening atMONEY High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm tofirst 7pm. LEGAL ISSUES Located: of Room N0.03, ground floor,hours North Block Located:YOUR Room 1.03, floorPlease PERSONAL LIFE STUDENT ISSUES High Wycombe Campus: Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 STUDENT ISSUES High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: call to 180 make appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Camp Phone: 01494 603 016 Please Phone: 01494 605 Please call to make an contact appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, or Skype appointment. us to an appointment at atelephone time to suit you. suadvice@bucks.ac.uk call to make an appointment atPlease either campus for aanface-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. Please call to make anface-to-face, appointment at9am-4.30pm either or campus Uxbridge Campus: Please callarrange toormake anappointment. appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone orbucksstudentsunion.org/advice Skype appointment. either campus for a face-to-face, telephone Skype suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a telephone Skypefor ap Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm llay to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, F ning appointments are available outside of9am-5pm, standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please pm Monday to Thursday Friday 9am-4.30pm INTERNATIONAL High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Cam Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge ted: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor ACCOMMODATION LEGAL ISSUES High Campus: Wycombe Campus: contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit High you. Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, fi INTERNATIONAL High Wycombe Campus: Campus: Uxbridge Campus: High Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Monday to Thursday Monday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm contact us toto arrange anThursday appointment at a 9am-4.30pm time toUxbridge suit you. Wycombe kMonday Located: 1.03, first floor STUDENT ISSUES to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday Room 9am-4.30pm Monday Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday High Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Monday to 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Phone: 01494 603 016 Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm m-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm STUDENT ISSUES INTERNATIONAL Monday 01494 toLocated: Thursday 9am-5pm, 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday Phone: 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 LEGAL ISSUES INTER Room N0.03,Friday ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.039 Located: Room N0.03, floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor Thursday 9am-5pm, Fridayground 9am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm ACCOMMODATION INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ISSUES Located: N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floor floor, North INTERNATIONAL Phone: 01494 605 180 LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground Block LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room ground floor, North BlockRoom Located: Room 1.03, first floor COURSE ISSUES th Block Located: Room 1.03,N0.03, first floor STUDENT ISSUES ACCOMMODATION LEGAL ISSUES Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Located: Room 1.03, first floo INTERNATIONAL STUDE Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 60 Phone: 01494 603Block 016 Phone: 01494 180 603 016 Room N0.03, ground floor, North Located: Room 1.03, first floor 605 STUDENT ISSUES suadvice@bucks.ac.uk STUDENT ISSUES Phone: 01494 Phone: 01494 605 180 Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494bucksstudentsunion.org/advice 603 016 Phone: STUDENT 01494 605 180 Phone: 01494 605 180 ISSUES Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494 605 180 Evening appointments are available outside of standard ope ppointments are available outside of standard opening hours at605 High Mon-Thurs: 5pm outside to 7pm.ofPlease Phone: 01494 603 016 Phone: 01494Evening 180 Wycombe appointments are available standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thur YOUR PERSO suadvice@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudentsunion.org/advice MONEY dning opening hours atavailable High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm 7pm. Pleasebucksstudentsunion.org/advice suadvice@bucks.ac.uk Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hours atusHigh Wycombe Mon-Th appointments are outside of standard opening hours to at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm outside to 7pm. Please contact to arrange an aph Evening appointments are available of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please YOUR PERSONAL LIFE MONEY contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening Evening appointments are 5pm available outside of standard opening hours Evening at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: to 7pm. contact us5pm to outside arrange an appointment atata High time to suit tandard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: to 7pm. Please appointments are available ofPlease standard opening Wycombe Mon-Thurs: YOUR PERSONAL LIFE contact us suit to arrange an hours appointment at a time toyou. suit you. 5pm contact us to arrangeMONEY an appointment at a time to suit you. n appointment at a time to suit you. ments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm.contact Please us to arrange an appointment at a time to you. contact us to arrange an appointm contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.



range an appointment at a time to suit you.Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. telephone or Skype appointment. contact us to arrange an appointment a time suit you. at either campus for a face-to-face, Please call toat make an to appointment telephone or Skype appointment. COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION COURSE ISSUES Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment. COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION COURSE ISSUES COURSE ISSUES COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION ACCOMMODATION ACCOMMODATION COURSE ISSUES ACCOMMODATION HighHigh Wycombe Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Uxbridge Campus: Wycombe Campus:

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Uxbridge Camp

Women's officer update I’m Kia Wing and I’m a 2nd year Creative Advertising student and social media activist. I am also the current Students' Union Women’s Officer. I applied for the role of Women’s Officer because I think it needed a revamp. Women are typically more commonly oppressed, sexualised and assaulted in every day society; but all genders have their gender-related challenges, and there was no one covering those. I have decided to transform the role into a more gender-based role, covering gender-based issues as well as just women’s. The title remains Women’s Officer, however my focuses are different. It is important for me as a feminist (which should, and most certainly means equality) to also highlight the harassment and oppression that also comes with the trans, gender non-conforming and non-binary community; as well as typical male problems such as the stigma behind emotion and the awful phrase “man up”. My first campaign as Women’s Officer - which ran this Valentine’s Day was called #IAmEnough was about self-love and appreciating yourself, something universal. This was a very inclusive and diverse campaign for all to get involved in. It was based on a universal flaw in today’s society; being unable to recognise your own positive features… whether that be personality; work ethic; social skills or anything else. International Women’s Day is coming up and as Women’s Officer I am going to be heavily involved. It means a lot to me because it’s a day to celebrate ourselves and what women have achieved throughout history. Being a woman, for many, is not about fluffiness, pink and hearts. It’s about being the person you want to be, without letting anyone else hold you back. It’s just a gender but it has picked up a lot of stigmas and stereotypes through the years. Those don’t apply to all of us and that’s what it’s about for me. Celebrating that we are all different. I’d like the event to be highly inclusive, and to celebrate diversity in a group where the only thing that brings us together is our selfassigned gender identity.

February Issue

By Kia Wing


Women's Officer update

10 February Issue

Varsity 2020

By Travis Hoey, Georgia Miller

With Varsity looming now less than 7 weeks away, Bucks New University’s sports clubs have all been stepping up their efforts in an attempt to be one step ahead of our rivals, Roehampton. Your Varsity Captains for 2020 have already begun the work to make sure that our athletes are more than prepared to defend the trophy at home on Wednesday 1 April.

I’m always trying to get as many people involved with the club as possible. This inclusivity is a key part of what our Student’s Union stands for, and it’s a huge part of the plans that Georgia and I have as Varsity Captains. Varsity is the biggest sporting day of the year at our university, and it’s the day that every player on every team will be so very eagerly waiting for from the start of each year. The chance to play your sport in front of so many supporting fans, in such a highly competitive environment, battling it out with Roehampton for the chance to win the Roebuck trophy at the end, is a huge occasion and an honour for anyone on a team. The day shouldn’t just be for those on a team though, Varsity should include everyone. Georgia’s campaign slogan was “United we stand. United we win.” and that’s exactly what we want to do. We want to unite not just the Athletic’s Union, but the university when we try to retain the Roebuck Trophy at home this year on Wednesday 1 April.

As your recently elected Varsity Captain, I would like to introduce myself and your female Varsity Captain, Georgia Miller. Georgia is Netball Chair and First Team Captain, as well as your RAG Ambassador. Georgia puts an awful lot of time into all of her roles, and always exhibits maximum dedication and determination into succeeding in her numerous roles. Georgia most certainly has a winning mentality, and there is no doubt in my mind that Georgia will exhibit that same level of dedication and determination in her role as a Varsity Captain to help us retain the trophy. My name is Travis Hoey, and I am the Chair of Bucks FC as well as the AU Council Chair. I would say that in my roles I am always fully invested and I am certainly someone who is highly driven to succeed. As chair of the biggest club at the university, it’s very important to me that

Using Georgia’s role as RAG Ambassador in our favour, we are aiming to put on some competitions and events that will nicely blend awareness and hype for Varsity with fundraising for our two chosen RAG Charities. With Bucks FC I will be spearheading a 24-hour football game for RAG on 21st March, which is open to anyone who wishes to get involved. I’m hoping this will act as a way of bringing people from across the university closer together right before Varsity while also incorporating some extra fitness work for those who have fixtures! With the help of Rusty Buck, Georgia and I will be running competitions to include as many people as possible in Varsity this year, and the winners will win a Varsityrelated prize so keep an eye out for that on social media! We will also be attending club training sessions to see how everyone is progressing, and along with attending AU Spin Class on a Monday evening we will be putting on extra fitness classes to prepare our athletes for the big day. Varsity is an incredible day for all involved, and the more of us that are there the better. Whether you’re playing or not, please make sure you purchase your tickets on the Student’s Union website for a fantastic day celebrating the sport this university offers.


Film Review.

February Issue

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February Issue


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February Issue

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February Issue



This month the events team have been working hard to try and accommodate events for February's LGBT History Month! With special collaborations from the LGBT society, here are some of the biggest events of LGBT history month... February has been all things rainbow here in the events office; we’ve been working hard with LGBTQ+ Chair Megan Staples to put on at least if not more than one event a week in March for LGBTQ+ Pride month! However, this doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone the events we’ve had and have planned are for all to enjoy! Starting off our Pride History Month Celebrations, we had the famous film ‘PRIDE’ tackling the diversity of a London based group of gay and lesbian activists raising money for mineworkers on strike, we rated this film five stars so if you missed it – get watching. We’ve even turned our famous Frat nights colourful! We especially themed Wednesday 19th Feb ‘All Out-Rainbow Frat’ with rainbow décor, face & bio-degradable glitter paints with the help from LGBTQ+ and Green society. For the first time we brought a Cabaret Night to Bucks, of course sticking to theme this wasn’t any Cabaret Night. We had Drag performances from current students to Cyro & Alice, Oedipussi Rex and Crystal Lubrikunt, with special thanks to our host Crystal P. Enigma for taking us from start to finish, the night was one to never be forgotten! After all the excitement of Pride weekend, we arranged a ‘Post Pride Party’ for all in The Lounge to catch-up on all the exciting events in London! This month has been one for the memory books for new events for students and the public, not only with our first Cabaret Night we’ve also arranged for Travis Alabanza to attend a Q+A in The Lounge Thursday 27th Feb at 7pm! Don’t miss out on hearing from one of the most prominent emerging queer voices as well as being awarded as one of the most influential under 25-year olds in the UK by the Evening Standard. Rounding off LGBTQ+ Pride History Month Glitter bomb is bringing you the royalty of drag, the queen herself Latrice Royale! Glitter bomb nights are open to all and encourage inclusivity, join in the fun and spread the love! Keep any eye out for all our events via the website and social medias! We’re here to try and put something on for everyone, enjoy!

February Issue



Rusty's recommendation.

16 February Issue

Good Luck (You'll Need It!)

By Isabella Cruz, Millie Langton, Lauren Savage, Philippa-Rose Luckett, Patricia Feiteira, Andy Shearman, Philomena McShane, George Maycock

Good Luck (You'll Need It!)

This comedy follows the journey of a mostly dysfunctional, and occasionally committed, group of young people who attempt to ‘wow’ their audience with their ill-considered theatrical experiments. Seizing defeat from the jaws of victory, this hapless bunch tries and fails to make it to the West End. Cringe as their hopelessly chaotic rehearsal process unfolds, and the lines become blurred between personal identity and their characters. What is real and what is acting?

Unlucky, unexpected and unpredictable. You’ll be in stitches while they’ll be needing stitches. Ever worked in a group project and never wanted any form of human interaction again? Deadpan Productions brings you Good Luck (You’ll Need It!). An original piece of devised theatre by third year Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage) students. Inspired by the faultless ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ see our characters try to work together in their brandspanking-new theatre company. Come with us as we explore the complexities of character relationships.

Tune in. Listen up.

Are they submissive? Friends with benefits? Or just plain enemies? With cringe comedy inspired By BBC’S ‘The Office’ you’ll be cringing even more than reading this paragraph. From dance sequences to heart wrenching moments to just plain hilarious instances, we give you an insight as to why people are the way they are. You’ll find yourself relating to the villain and wishing the hero would just shut up already. Come and see us at the Wycombe Swan on Monday 2 March or at the Et Cetera, Camden on the Monday 7 march, so we can turn our shampoo bottles into Oscars already.

They've been scheming away...

GRAD SCHEMES! As your students’ union we don’t want you to miss out on anything while you are here, but also after you leave Bucks. Now the first lot of exams and assignments are over, are you starting to think about what you want to do when you graduate? Maybe you don’t yet know what your next step is and if you are looking for that stepping stone into a specific industry or career, a graduate programme may be just the thing for you. These schemes can provide you with a foot in the door to many large organisations, either in an industry of your choice or just for you to gain basic transferable skills such as communication, leadership, management, finance or negotiation. According to the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers 2019-20 list, the top 5 graduate employers with graduate schemes still accepting applications for September 2020 are: The Civil Service provides an award-winning leadership development programme which develops people from a wide range of backgrounds who have the potential to become their future senior leaders, with competitive salaries starting at £27,000, salary progression on the scheme and earning potential on completion of £45,000 - £55,000. Aldi recruits all year round, but spaces are limited so it is best to get your application in as soon as possible! Offering an impressive benefits package with a £44,000 starting salary and company car (Audi A4 or BMW 3 series), the programme will train you to become an area manager. After completing the programme there are also opportunities for placements within the UK, Europe, USA and Australia! KPMG have graduate vacancies available in a range of different sectors, with a variety of programme locations and lengths you can be sure to find something that interests you here! Deloitte provides more than a world-class training scheme, with professional qualifications, it’s also a permanent job that gives you a market-leading salary, benefits and endless opportunities for learning, development and progression. You’ll work with clients from the start, on projects that have a genuine impact. Teach First is a two year programme where you earn a salary, pay no fees, make a difference and develop skills all employers are looking for! Specific entry requirements are listed on the website. Graduate schemes aren’t just for those of you studying marketing, HR or business…there are schemes for events, product design and travel too – basically in any industry or for any interest you may have. Many of the schemes accept applications year round so it’s not too late to apply. At www.prospects.ac.uk you can search by sector making it really easy to find a scheme that suits you. Other useful websites are; www.brightnetwork.co.uk, www.grb.uk.com, www.savethestudent.org, www.milkround.com.

If you don’t think a graduate scheme is for you, here at the Students’ Union, we can still help you! Whether it’s help with applications, writing your CV or tips on interview skills, we can give you the support you need, either through our group sessions or on an individual basis. All of our group skills sessions are available to book through the ‘What’s On’ page of our website. For individual appointments please contact sutraining@bucks.ac.uk where we can hold a Bucks Award session for you to learn more about how to articulate your skills and experience in an interview setting, or a more tailored session based on your requirements. Alongside all this fantastic support you can access the University’s Careers and Employability department for tailored career advice and guidance. There’s also a vast array of free resources through My Bucks Career, which you can access through the University’s website using your Black Board log in and password.

February Issue

By Emily West


Grad schemes

18 February Issue

Florence + the Machine

19 February Issue

By Zuzanna Majewska

20 February Issue

The Façade

By Abby Gray

The Façade This letter does not necessarily represent the views of Bucks Students' Union. In Scotland 9 years ago, my family were looking round a Scottish conservational park during the two weeks we were camping there – near the Cairngorms. One memory that sticks out from that time was the description on the plaque about the ‘Rothschild’s Giraffe’. Now, the Rothschild family are a very rich family involved in banking. What do they have in common with the Duke of Edinburgh, besides a lot of money? A love of hunting. Which is why they have got involved in conservation. After all, what is the harm in hunting animals for fun if you are personally involved in helping to preserve them? The bonus: when x animal becomes too plentiful, you have even more animals to hunt.

They relate the background of Richard Leakey’s - a conservationist who undermined the anti-poaching war - (p.14): ‘he gave his brother Jonathan a longrunning permit to strip Kenyan forests of the highly lucrative bark of the Prunus Africana tree […]. Jonathan Leaky capitalized on the indigenous knowledge held by members of different African communities who have used the bark of the tree for over 400 years to prevent prostate cancer to rake in hundreds of millions in sales to Bayer Pharmaceuticals.’ The result? This native medicinal tree is facing extinction (as of 2009)2. Meanwhile, theft of land that is the rightful property of African indigenous

This is the sad story. As I have mentioned previously, the WWF was set up by hunters to help conserve huntable animals – this explains why there is much less emphasis by them on preserving indigenous peoples’ rights and the environment, amongst many other ‘conservational trusts’4. Mbaria & Ogada’s book, The Big Conservation Lie paints a very heart-wrenching story that sets a similar scene.

communities, also occurs (p.17): ‘Governor Charles Elliot gave […] Colonel Ewart Grogan a concession of more than 100,000 acres of forest some one hundred years ago. This commenced the destruction of ecosystems in a major way, leading to the loss of more than half of Kenya’s indigenous forests’ by the time it reached independence. Meanwhile, George Adamson, a man with a background in hunting and known for his conservation tendencies (idolised in films like Born Free), the authors contend (p.12) ‘as a game warden, Adamson killed the lioness that mothered the first three lion cubs he and Joy adopted in February 1956.’ And ‘he and fellow hunters killed for fun … [and] contributed to the killing of jumbos as he traded in ivory…‘ Although a view in the media is that trophy hunting of endangered species is the solution to their extinction, this is obviously a clash of interest3. Not a good idea either if you add sloppy laws to regulate this. Mbaria & Ogada speak from experience and their book should be read by all, as there was far too much to fit into this short article!

References and more information: 1: Mbaria, J. & Ogada, M. (2017) The Big Conservation Lie. USA: Lens & Pens Publishing LLC.   2: voanews.com/archive/africas-medicine-tree-facing-extinction-greed-corruption 3: dw.com/en/dw-com-cites-killing-endangered-species-to-save-them-hunters-lobby-wildlife-conference-a-50181323/a-50181323   4. pandaleaks.org/book/

22 February Issue

Bucks Ladies FC / Green Officer update

By Hayley Cruickshanks / Darren Hannay

Bucks Ladies FC

It’s been a while since we’ve given an update, so here’s an insight into what we’ve been up to! Although no longer competing as an 11-aside team, we’ve found great success competing in an external 6-aside league run by the Berks & Bucks FA. Despite 6-aside football being a brand-new concept to the team, they showed great determination and dedication to win the spring league back in March 2019! Fast forward to November and we entered the winter league, with a new group of players and little time to prepare, we still managed to secure a place as runners up. We aim to enter the spring league again this year and finish top again!

per week in the sports hall, which allows us to develop our skills in futsal, and play competitively against each other in preparation for our game vs arch nemesis Roehampton. Our team is made up of 1st and 3rd years mostly, for a few of our players this will be their first varsity experience, and for many their final, so we are determined to come out on top! With only being a small squad, your support would give us an extra boost. We would love to see you there on Sunday 29 March in the sports hall (time TBC)!

We are always welcoming new players! We currently train on Monday’s 5.30-6.30pm in the sports hall and on Tuesday’s at Flackwell Heath 4G 7-8pm. At Varsity, we will be competing in futsal As mentioned above, we are training in as opposed to previous years of 11-aside football. This will be a different experience futsal, so if you’re interested, experienced for our players, and we are excited for the or not, get in contact and come along to one of our training sessions! challenge! We have been preparing for this since returning from the Christmas Contact Hayley Cruickshanks by email break, and will continue to do so up until hayley.cruickshanks@hotmail.co.uk our fixture on the Sunday 29 March. We Or drop a message on our Instagram have now added an extra training session @bucksladiesfc

Green Officer update As part of the role of Green ambassador is to run campaigns that are good for the environment and make each of us sustainable in the resources that we use everyday. Last year my main campaign was two fold, to save students money and the amount of paper that we use to print our assignments or final year project/dissertations. Although I understood that this campaign would need to be run over two years rather than one as the courses prepare all assignments before the start of the academic year. For the first year of this campaign, it was to see which courses are still asking students to print their submissions and those that are solely electronic submissions. Also, at meetings with the Student’s Union only essential paperwork is printed, as I have noticed at Union council and societies council which is a positive step forward in the amount of paper being used. And where paper is used, it is recycled.

To try and make further reduction in paper usage within the University, on the 5th December Union council I asked Professor Nick Braisby why we are still having to print 2 copies of a report that could be over 100 pages and also submit the same document electronically via Turn-it in. While in the Students' Union offices I was informed that Nick had asked all schools to review this policy that the music academic team has taken the first step in removing this requirement for dissertations but the school has said that if a student wishes to print then it would be for their own records. I would like to thank the whole team for the school of Media and Creative Industries for introducing this for their students.

Flying high with

Aviation society The past few months at the aviation society have been very busy, with many trips, guest speakers and socials. In January the aviation society welcomed Stuart Little a NATS air traffic controller to come in and talk to our members/aviation students about the roles at NATS and the application process. This was the most popular event in the 4 years the society has been running with over 80 people attending. We learnt so much about being an Air Traffic controller and what goes on behind the scenes. Also, in January, a RAeS lecture on the UK Space Agency by its CEO was organised by our Chair Jordan Penning, who also advertised it to all air league members within his position as a panel member. This made for a great networking event and a social afterwards at the RAeS bar in Mayfair London.

We then had our first joint social with Snow Soc, this was in the form of pub golf and members got to visit all the pubs that high Wycombe had to offer. We as a society have plenty of more socials in the works, so keep a close watch on the Facebook page. Two days after we then had our trip to the RAF Museum in Hendon , we were able to visit the two new hangers built and gain important information for the Aerochallenge competition coming up in March. This year the aviation society is taking this very seriously with meetings already taking place to discuss topics and organise teams. We hope to bring the trophy to Bucks New University for the first time.

February has been our busiest months so far, at the beginning of the month we had a talk from Senior First Officer Matthew from Flybe who will be visiting Bucks again soon but this time with another Navy helicopter pilot. The talk was very fascinating and went into detail about the various different methods in becoming a pilot and the variety of different pilot roles available in the industry, talking from his experience about the private sector, Military and much more.

Lastly, we were delighted to have Tony Anderson EasyJet’s Marketing Director and EasyJet’s third employee as a guest lecturer! He joined EasyJet in May 1995, six months before the airlines first flight and worked as part of the start-up team launching the world’s first 100% direct sell airline and one of Europe's best-known brands. He has recently published his own book named EasyJet Rising, this was an opportunity for all students to gain an inside knowledge of how an airline its born and a unique opportunity to answer questions to one of the top people in the EasyGroup. This was also an extremely popular lecture and for the first time ever was opened to external air league members across the country, this has been possible from the continued connection that our Chair Jordan has created with the Air League. We have many more exciting trips and guest lectures planned, with a big event coming in April, to keep up to date with what’s going on make sure to join the bucks aviation society 19/20 Facebook page and follow us on Instagram at bucksavsoc.


February Issue

By Jordan Penning


Aviation society

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